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Chapter 3 of “The Newsflash That Broke Emma Swan”

Warning: In this chapter, Emma tells Codfish about her love for Regina, so he’s in it. Also because he’s in it, there is an “unwanted” kiss, as well as a brief mention of their relationship. Another trigger warning is “domestic abuse” (when did you think you’d ever see THAT in a juicecupswanqueen post?).  I promise you, there is no other kisses betweem Emma and Codfish ever again.  This is very much a Swan Queen Story.


The dark of night shrouds the house in shadows when Emma creeps in through the front door.  She hopes that he’s asleep. Please, let him be asleep.

Now, that she has had hours to replay the scene from that afternoon in her head, guilt and shame weigh heavily.  Her swallow is hard to force down as her insides thrash about.

She tries to dissect her feelings.  There is no shame in loving Regina; she has always loved Regina.  But, there is disgrace in how she behaved so wantonly, while still attached to someone else.

All those years ago, when she arrived that first night in Storybrooke, she was instantly fascinated by Regina Mills, and over the next few weeks, it turned into an embarrassing crush, but she hardly admitted that to anyone, including herself.  Then, as time went on, it transformed into deep caring, though she tried to convince herself it was because Regina was Henry’s other mother and he cared about her.  She hadn’t expected to forge such an important connection to a woman, who by all means, was trying to kill her.

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Alright, I’m going to address a deleted post right now.

No idea who this is, but let’s just go into it. 

Using a meme poking fun at the fact that the ship Yume is not endgame, because it isn’t, is not bullying. 

Using a meme that is direct to the ship and not the shippers is not bullying. 

Anti-ship memes have been made for years and years and aren’t going to stop anytime soon. Anti-ship memes that were not even TAGGED anti yume or yume means that they WEREN’T SHOWING IN YOUR TAGS, YOU HAD NO REASON TO SEE THEM UNLESS YOU WERE LOOKING THROUGH OUR TAGS AND ON OUR TUMBLRS FOR AN ARGUMENT.

Also the only thing that’s a sham is the false victimhood you’re showing right now. I think you’re trying to say “shaming” but y’know. 

Expose us for what? If you as a collective fandom did not have such disgusting behaviours evident to even the newcomers, like myself who was treated like shit by one of YOUR people just because I got something wrong when I didn’t even know anything about the ship war, it wouldn’t be like that! When is she going to apologise for that? When are any of YOU going to take accountability for the times that YOU fucked up, calling US “idiot sandwiches” and stupid shit like that. 

Furthermore, when are you going to apologise for stealing PSDs and edit styles and passing them off for your own with no credits or inspo? When are you going to apologise for belittling our analysis posts but then doing it yourself like a bunch of hypocrites? When are you going to be thankful for the majority of Zekis who bring you the VK Memories content you otherwise likely would not have? What’s immature is biting the hand that feeds you and acting hypocritically on a consistent basis.

Do you know why there’s only Anti-Yume blogs? It’s not just because of the ship, it’s because of the SHIPPERS who treat other people disgustingly bad, even new people who are just trying to have fun and get into the fandom. I can’t help your reputation. 

The point is, you can feel free to ship whatever the fuck you like. I can feel free to criticise that ship, think that ship is shitty as fuck and criticise the people shipping it for their shitty behaviour. 

I ship problematic ships too and I get fucking shit for it all the time. You know what I do when I see hoards of anti-memes and posts about why I shouldn’t ship it? I put on my big girl pants and I get the fuck over it. Sorry, but I’m done too. If my disagreement with the ship that’s not even personal to an individual hurts you that much, why are you on the internet?

I’m sorry for hurting your sensibilities. I’m not sorry for calling out a shitty ship and the shitty behaviour of its shippers. 

Also, I’ve blocked Yumes for the purpose of them not showing on my dash or having any content near me or having my content show on their feed. I cannot help it if my fellow shipmates don’t block you, but I wish they would.

Thank you and goodnight.

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v0idfiish  asked:

How do I tell my mom I’m dating someone on here?? She’s already a believer that internet friends aren’t “real friends” and is a really skeptical person in general (she mentioned once that she was worried that person might be a cultist or something lol) but I’ll feel bad if I don’t tell her about it

I know exactly how you feel! I went through the same thing when I started talking to my boyfriend online. I think the way I did it was just say like “oh I’m just going to make a phone call to my friend” and then when she started noticing that I did that a lot she started to ask like “are you just friends?” And I basically just gave her little bits of info now and then until she got the whole puzzle put together. Also, my mum was worried too about him being a cultist or whatever and to resolve this I just let her briefly speak to my boyfriend whilst I was FaceTiming with him and then she felt better about it. Just do what feels right for you
Good luck 💗

anonymous asked:

Why did you choose that song for the last chapter? Sorry but I don't think Reese is pretty on the inside tbh I think she is really ugly on the inside.

Okay so here’s the thing, I didn’t choose that song for the lyrics, I chose it for the way it sounds, and to me it sounds like self destruction which is pretty much the theme of this whole story. Now for Reese not being pretty on the inside. Reese is legitimately sick,she is struggling through a pretty serious drug addiction and she also uses sex as coping mechanism, those two things don’t make her ugly on the inside.She has a good heart and she would never do anything to intentionally hurt someone.I dunno to me she isn’t a bad person, shes just got problems. I understand that we are like a quarter of the way through this story and there is no resolution in sight, but it’s coming. Just be patient, or you know unfollow, whatever. 

partlycloudii  asked:

Where was Slav in season 3???? Did he miss Shiro???? Was he holed up somewhere thinking through all the possibilities of things that happened to him?? If he's still on the castle ship and then why didn't he talk to anyone abt the different possibilities of where Shiro went?? If he's gone then?? Where did he go?? Dreamworks what the Fuck I have so.. many questions... just let Shiro and Slav be in love why r u making it so hARD

slav wasnt in season 3 bc he would have known right away shiro was a clone

also the possibilities  of where shiro went would have been uhhh superhelpful?????????????

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I haven't watched MLP in awhile and I don't harbor any super negative feelings towards it but I did think their villain redemption stuff got sort of tiring. Like, I know, magic of friendship and all that, but you do eventually need to find a balance between "friendship is a great and powerful thing" and "there's fucking terrible people in the world" but MLP forced some characters through "redemption arcs" that were just plain awkward and forced

However, while I know equestria girls gets a lot of hate, Sunset Shimmer had imo one of the best redemption arcs I’ve seen in a series in awhile, and the way her guilt but also acceptance towards her past, her desire to prove herself and change, and the genuine effort she puts forth to prove she’s changed was. Actually done quite well and I was impressed by how three dimensional her struggle is at points.

I feel you anon. On the one hand I understand the want to constantly redeem characters because at the end of the day, this is a show intended for very young children. But the writers always knew who to go for. No one would redeem characters like Chrysalis, Tirek or Sombra, they have 0 redeemable qualities with goals that are only made to fuel their selfish desires. 

Idk why Starlight gets to be redeemed simply because one unfortunate thing happened to her, Rather than accepting it and moving on, she decided that no one can feel more special and important than her and even has the fucking nerve to blame her friend for her bullshit.

I won’t lie, Sunset was a pretty terrible villain and her turn around at the end of the first film was laughably bad. But writers fixed it by actually making her face consequences and work to prove herself. 

Starlight is just… lord i dont even know

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Do your alters ever respond or post here? Is there an etiquette when talking to an Alter?

Yeah, they do! I try to get us all to tag is with “(our name) speaks” so you all can tell. But sometimes even I forget to do this haha. Bael speaks the most often, then Sion after that. Little Arien and Ava haven’t yet spoken on this tumblr account. 

Etiquette-wise, I think the most crucial thing is to treat each alter like you would any other person. I, Arien, talk on here the most but I’m still an alter just like the rest of our system. So as long as you treat us each the same (like as individuals with full senses of self), then I think that’s all the etiquette needed! If you’re every talking like through messaging or in verbal conversation with someone with DID, then I’d also suggest asking what alter is out so you can use the right name. 

Help me fundraise for a service dog? I just reached the halfway mark and I’m almost to my goal! <3

so just for reference

Lotor’s Elite Generals

Ezor - aloof, cheerful, excellent in hand to hand combat, also has throwing knives, basically space Tai-Lee, can turn invisible, calls the lions ‘kitties’, im gay for her

Zethrid - L E M M E S M A S H (no thats not a joke she literally wants to blow everything up), ridiculous amount of strength, a bit of a hot head, basically galra Jasper, when she’s not using her fists shes got a big gun

Narti - blind, mind control powers (works at close range), has a tail that she uses in fights, very lizard like, sees world through cats eyes, doesnt speak?

Axca (or Auxia?) - gun baby, team’s head of info, seems to have the closest attachment to Lotor out of the 4, weblum galra 


The Original Paladins of Voltron (excluding Alfor and Zarkon)

Gyrgan - “AM I A LEG??”, this guy would think of Hunk as his son okay

Trigel - wise, sassy, witty, awesome

Blaytz - he’s like older Lance, i shipped him with alfor for a minute, he’s also gay (did you catch that?), im also pretty sure he’s from some water based planet because he’s got gills on his neck

“Let the hate go.” he said. “Let it all—go. The burdens that you’ve been keeping inside your heart. The darkness that surrounds it. Please do not keep that baggage with you forever. I know, it’s the hardest thing to do, but how will you be able to know if it’s worth it, if you wouldn’t even want to give it a try? This time, listen to your heart carefully. Close your eyes and let it flow. Let the feelings run through. Darling please remember, that we aren’t living in the past. You aren’t in the same position as you were ten years ago. This is the present. This is what you should be thinking of .” he held her hand tightly and said, “I am not him. And he was not me. And just because I am asking you to forgive him, that doesn’t mean that I am also asking you to forget everything he did. I am just asking you not to let him ruin everything we have right now. Because I love you. And I can never afford to lose you. Please darling, not you”.
—  ma.c.a // Past and Differences

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bts as bff guy friend?


  • the loud guy friend 
  • calls u out on ur shit
  • protects u from fuckboys
  • is super outgoing 
  • finds a new cafe to eat at every week
  • drags u out of ur bed when ur feeling lazy or sad
  • literally drags u
  • always cracking jokes and making u laugh 

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  • the guy friend who always cheers u up
  • knows ur starbucks order by heart
  • surprises u with coffee in the morning when u look dead
  • gives u better advice than ur girl friends
  • super chill
  • ur drinking buddy on the weekends
  • has a crush on u but is too shy to admit it

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  • the wild guy friend
  • drags u to a random party every weekend
  • “my close friend is throwing this one i promise it’s gonna be fun”
  • “hobi u have a thousand close friends”
  • takes u shopping or out to eat when ur sad
  • sees u as his little sister
  • lowkey a fuckboy 
  • but on the inside he’s a sweetheart

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  • the helpful guy friend
  • need help with an assignment?
  • he got u
  • need 20 bucks?
  • he got u as well
  • probably the only reason u passed ur classes
  • keeps u focused 
  • and alive
  • binge watches netflix with u

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  • the popular guy friend
  • known by everyone in the school
  • always has 700 text notifications
  • and 50 girls chasing him
  • but is too nice to reject any of them
  • “y/n could you uh pretend to be my girlfriend for like a month”
  • supports u so much
  • a sunshine who never fails to brighten ur day

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  • the weird guy friend
  • u really don’t know why or how u became friends 
  • but u did
  • and now u two are attached at the hip
  • he gets along with literally everyone 
  • makes weird faces at u from across the room to make u laugh
  • uses an excessive amount of emojis
  • doesn’t understand the concept of personal space
  • kinda all over the place but always pops up in ur life right when u need him

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  • the annoying younger brother friend
  • teases u 24/7
  • communicates through memes
  • actually super reliable
  • even tho he groans about it he’s always happy to help u out
  • the type to do what this guy in this tweet did aka the best thing ever
  • will fight anyone who messes with u
  • “is that guy over there annoying u??? ya know i can take care of him”
  • “kook calm down it’s fine”
  • everyone thinks u two are dating

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i really really love the cold open in the b99 pilot, like it’s the perfect introduction to the show. dan goor said he wanted jake to solve a case in the first scene of the show to make sure people know that even if he’s stupid and goofy, he’s still a really good cop. and not only did they do that, but they also introduced the jake/amy dynamic perfectly. she complains about him being annoying and apologizes to the store owner on his behalf (while also sneaking in the fact that he had a rough childhood). but then when jake starts talking to her through the teddy bear she doesn’t get annoyed at him, she smiles and shows that she’s not as serious as you think she is. idk what this is I’m just really proud of b99 for nailing their character exposure


YOI Future!Verse ABO AU - 4 Koma

Baby Bump

Yuuri is used to gaining weight. He’s not so familiar with pregnancy.

well, y’all asked for it! :P

*If the comics are hard to read, tap on the image first to bring it up in the Tumblr viewer, THEN right click view image for the unaltered slightly higher resolution.


IF YOU ARE NEW TO THIS AU: It’s a Yuri!!! on Ice AU, Yuuri-centric with end-game polyamory in an ABO setting, Yuuri gets married to four mates (Victor, Yurio, Phichit, Minami) and they have OC kids.

BASICS and timeline of this AU

INTRO to how ABO works in this AU

A SUPER DETAILED world-building headcanons post on ABO+ in this AU

OTHER POSTS (comics + illustrations) in the Future!Verse ABO section of my YOI Masterpost.


Please keep ship bashing out of the comments/tags. Don’t like, just skip <3 Thank you.


PLEASE DO NOT REPOST, EDIT, TRANSLATE, OR OTHERWISE USE MY ART. More detailed rules available on my Rules & FAQ Post.

listen as someone with ptsd its so fuckin important to me that keshas new album focuses on moving on and forgiving /yourself/, but not forgiving your abuser

theres so much out there thats like ‘forgive everyone!! you can  never be happy until you learn to forgive those who did you wrong!!’ and ?? cant relate to that at all?? so its so so important to me that someone who also suffered through trauma has stood up and essentially said: ‘no. you dont have to forgive them. some things cannot be forgiven. whats important is learning to love yourself and move on and be happy’  

kesha is learning to love herself and working through her own struggles and trying to help others do the same and i didnt think my heart could be so full of love for one person but here we are thank you kesha 

Best and worst parts of a potential V route:


  • seeing this man smile
  • taking away some of his pain
  • encouraging him to trust and confide in his friends 
    • you can’t do it all on your own, v 
    • you don’t have to take everyone else’s burdens, v 
    • let us help you
  • more information about all the other characters
    • yoosung and his high school days 
    • pretty much anything about jumin since dude never shares the past
    • zen’s wilder teenage years 
    • more about jaehee, i don’t even care what, just gimmie 
    • more about rika and hopefully whatever the hell her real name is
    • seven and saeran and things about the choi bois that aren’t pure angst
    • driver kim and his favorite dad jokes 
      • v making dad jokes with him
  • new phone calls! 
    • v has the voice of an angel and i am ready to sin
  • new chat rooms!
  • new text messages!
  • new CGs! 
  • v getting his own emojis! 
  • learning about his childhood 
    • finally figuring out what happened to his mother 
  • talking about succulents and cacti and his love of desert plants
  • hearing why he named elizabeth the 3rd that
    • learning what other odd names he comes up with 
  • passionate rambling about photography 
  • seeing more of v’s photography!
  • if they include mint eye, actually learning about it 
  • why does he have 20 spoons in his house??? v, tell us your secrets 
  • watching v be a philosopher 
    • while jumin is a scientist 
    • their banter though
  • yoosung hopefully producing some hilarious rants about v 
    • and them making up and both finding peace
    • watching the rants stop being sad and funny and then just funny 
    • v please play along 
  •  more shitposting
    • oh boy 3 AM! 
  • v trolling the chats 
  • potential new ending where some people aren’t worse off than at the beginning 
    • yoosung and zen aren’t in the dark 
      • and yoosung isn’t idolizing rika anymore
    • jumin isn’t miserable and alone 
  • rika is held accountable for her actions 
    • the people she brainwashed and hurt get justice 
  • getting this man out of the horrifically abusive and toxic relationship he’s in
  • watching him heal
  • jihyun kim being happy 


  • those bad endings are going to be bad
    • who is up for sacrificing their soul and getting them first to spare the rest of us the pain?
    • y’know. like v does. 
  • watching v idealize rika and not see what their relationship is truly like
    • having to see more of what she’s put him through
    • the abuse is bad enough, don’t let it get worse 
  • v possibly making more mistakes
    • “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”
  • new information about other characters being depressing as hell
    • good that we know more about them
    • but how much more can my heart take?
  • watching yoosung and jumin Suffer™   
    • hello potential unrequited love, how are you today?
  • probably more things that the good parts override because this man being healthy and happy is so important!!
Ten eclipse tips

1. Never look directly at the sun. This makes the sun uncomfortable, and may be interpreted as an attempt to establish dominance. The sun almost never attacks unless eye contact is made first. Always practice sun safety!

2. Similarly, do not try to photograph the eclipse. Solar eclipses have no reflections, cannot be viewed in mirrors, and require a constant supply of blood. As a consequence, they are unphotographable and you should probably avoid them after dark.

3. If you are still planning to use your camera during the eclipse, we recommend using a delayed-release timer. This should give you enough time to flee to a safe distance. Remeber to etch your camera body with your name so that you can identify the remains afterwards. A silver memory card is also a must if you insist on retrieving the pictures, although we cannot think why you would want to.

4. Plan your trip to the area of totality beforehand. Choose an area that has viable escape routes, is not downwind of any volcanoes, and contains no graves. Note that this includes fossils: be sure to check ahead of time!

5. Never watch the eclipse whilst driving. You should only drive away from eclipses, which, as previously noted, will not be discernable in the rear-view mirror. If you do look behind you whilst fleeing an eclipse, the eclipse may not be allowed to return to Earth and you may end up being torn apart by either maenads or eclipse hunters of the future.

6. No matter how exciting your picnic plans may be, never bisect a piece of raw meat inside a circle of salt at the moment of greatest darkness.

7. During the eclipse, birds may get confused and wander off. If you encounter any disorientated birds, treat them kindly and give them directions back to the sky. It may also start raining men. This is not normal and should be reported to the authorities.

8. Make sure to look at your shadow during the eclipse. I mean, when did you last look at your shadow? Really look? The poor thing is feeling neglected and goodness knows they get anxious during periods of partial darkness. Give it a little hug if you can and make sure it knows you’re thinking of it.

9. Look out for light beaming through the canyons of the moon. If you can record these points on a moon map, you too may be able to cash in on the lunar light-mining revolution which is soon to come. In the future years of darkness you will be very glad you did this.

10. After viewing the eclipse, you may feel a chill hollow at the very heart of your being, as though the circle of darkness had sucked a portion of your soul away with it. But be honest: this is how you felt before the eclipse, isn’t it? We find it reassuring to know that experimental theologians have comprehensively debunked the soul-extraction eclipse theory. That awful absence most likely comes from creeping nightwalkers or the things without lanterns instead.

Don’t Doubt Your Writing

Anonymous asked: “Any advice for the crippling self-doubt with writing? I do short stories and I never think they’re good enough.”

Get ready for probably one of the worst pep-talks ever written. The first time I heard someone say (and not to me actually), “No one asked you to be a writer,” was probably the first time I realized I didn’t actually have to write. 

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You know, when I first met you, you were Johnny Jaqobis. Lover of ponies. Sunshine optimist. You weren’t a murderer. And I won’t watch you turn into me.


Also on ao3

Based on a post that @catsforartists made!


When Amanda woke up, she decided to crawl out of bed to get a bowl of cereal. And eat it on the couch, of course.

“Ain’t nothing beat couch cereal.” She declared to the empty room and dug into her delicious and dangerously sugary cereal.

Almost immediately after taking a bite out of her cereal, she heard footsteps coming from her dad’s room, but, when she glanced up, she saw Damien walking by her.

“Good morning, Amanda dear.” Damien greeted.

“Mornin.” Amanda responded. She KNEW it. Her dad and Damien had been getting pretty close, so it wasn’t a completely wild assumption that they would start dating. And, of course, the footsteps she heard must be…

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lapis is probably going to leave

@thelightwithinthedark said:

I want to ask you something. From the lines that was said on the trailer for the new season five episodes of Steven Universe. Lapis said “Their gonna take their anger out on this planet just like they did before.” “I won’t let myself get caught up in another war.” What is your take on this and could this give us more of Lapis’ arc? Also I want know on what do you want Lapis to go through so she can have character development? I’m really worried for her and I love her so much. Your very logical.

i think lapis is leaving the barn. it’s been foreshadowed for a very long time, and this was never a mutually happy thing. it was her and the crystal gems trying to coexist, and it mainly worked because they were always avoiding a core issue: they’re determined to defend earth. lapis is not.

why don’t you put that corn in a mirror for thousands of years and then see how it feels about the table? (laughs) it would really… hate the table!

the ‘table’ is earth. and that… never changed. remember, this was long after steven tried to show her the beauty of earth, by way of uh… leaf. and cities.

of course that wasn’t going to be enough.

lapis tried to be positive, because it’s steven, and he’s her friend! she wants him to see her best, and she knows he’s the reason the other crystal gems let an old enemy live on earth, despite trying to kill humans (and their boy).

connie: you almost drowned me when you tried to steal the world’s water

lapis: …i almost drowned a lot of people.

she feels guilty for some of her actions, but after her breakdown, she’s gone back to avoiding all these things. she doesn’t really want to address bad blood with these people when she has nowhere else to go.

that’s why people often remark that she seems ‘out of character’ when talking to steven - she’s actively trying to be the beach summer fun buddy.

life on earth is really confusing… it took me a long time to get used to it. i’m still getting used to it.

but things aren’t so peachy. there are too many reasons she hates the earth, too many tensions between her and the crystal gems, too many things lapis avoids talking about (connie, steven, jasper, greg, the crystal gems as a whole)… it was only a matter of time before the fragile truce was challenged. 

the other CGs don’t have much nice to say about her either.

steven: visiting peridot and lapis will be so much fun!

amethyst: …yeah, cause when i think fun, i think lapis.

pearl was nothing short of scornful of lapis in ocean gem. that never really changed. she’s only tolerating her, even in gem harvest. lapis feels the same, judging by their history, and the malice in her voice when saying peridot should be ‘the pearl’ when pretending to be crystal gems. 

garnet has sympathy for malachite, but even that was with the careful neutrality of “yikes. those two are really bad for each other”. alexandrite agrees, suggesting “you two should spend some time apart”.

you ran? from blue and yellow diamond?!

the benefit of pretending everything’s fine was that lapis was left alone, without having to face more severe consequences, and for the crystal gems, that this very powerful gem didn’t give them any trouble

but... with the diamonds setting their sights on earth, that peace is in question.

they’re gonna take their anger out on this planet just like they did before. i won’t let myself get caught up in another war.

lapis looks out for lapis - that’s always been part of her. she cares for her friends, but she’s also determined to live. despite her guilt, she can be calculating, vicious and desperate to keep the status quos that benefit her. when that is no longer possible, she adapts, lashes out… or flees. 

in other words… the crystal gems will fight for earth. lapis doesn’t want to.

i think acknowledging this is good. lapis’ challenge should involve facing consequences and figuring out what’s right for her now. because this isn’t it.

peridot: earth is our home now! isn’t that worth fighting for?

peridot wants to believe she will stay, but… judging by the lighting, their eye-contact and the angles, we already have lapis’ answer:

Guys, I have so much to tell you about Will Roland

I may die penniless, unwed, and forgotten, but I will still die happy because I spent four hours of one long-ago summer in a song interpretation master class taught by Will Roland. 

I don’t even know where to BEGIN. To quote Rachel Bay Jones, Will…*bursts into laughter* oh my God, there’s so much Will.

Ramblings about Will Roland under the cut. This is my day with Will Roland.

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