also i cant take photos right

Part two of mads’ cryfest: Saturday night was a whirlwind of carrying Rissa bridal style to the panel room (if anyone has video of that plssss let me know!!) to taking mystery pearl photos for fun to ACTUALLY confessing to each other that we like each other a whole lot and wanted to start dating. I’m on top of the world right now and I wish this weekend didn’t have to end but I’m so unbelievably thankful that I was able to come and enjoy this weekend with everyone. Now I gotta go before I start bawling on this megabus 😭😭😭


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On June 26,2014 i went to Warped tour. I was so excited to go to Warped tour, because so many people who have saved me where performing, from Falling In Reverse to Attila. I got to see Falling In Reverse front Row, and every other band front row. But there was 3 certain people i ment and that was Bryan Stars and Damin Fizzy, and lets not forget Ghost Town. Meeting Damon and Bryan was hard because i didnt have a ticket and i was told i couldnt meet them i started to cry. Finally i asked if i could go look at the tent and the security gsurd said yes, and as i walked up to the tent BRYAN STARS walked out i was so happy i asked him for a picture,and he said yes, so we took a picture and then i went to the tent and Damon walked right behind me and put his hand on my back, and i almost freaked out, but i didnt so i asked him for a picture and he said yes and i git to take a picture with him and after that i saw him everywhere that was the best day of my life. And i also met all of Ghost town, when i met them i freaked out, kevin was just amazing and so was everyone else, i still cant believe i saw them live, and or met Damon or Bryan. All of the photos are from that day that changed my life.