also i cant do the posing thing

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Hi! I've fallen in love with your art; it's very inspiring! I was wondering if you had any advice for drawing poses and also getting the right proportions? I've always struggled with this. Thanks so much!

Hello, thank you!. Lets see advice that i can give. First of all do anatomy study, not so full, you dont have to know every muscle just basic stuff. About proportions there many tutorials but main thing is heads. You dont have to sit with ruler at your drawing just compare sizes ( like your palm cant be longer than your face etc.).    I ve talked about this already here and here .

So i will focus on poses now. 

Ive come to the point when its not a problem, to draw pose, hard to choose it ( like i cant think about anything than standart “my hand on my hip’ pose) so my drawings start with looking for refs. (use them this is important)

Second thing i think this is obvious but never start your pose with drawing face!

Your 1 sketch should be genral proportions and movement ( make pose more alive) Use transform tool as much as u want this is easy to fix everything on 1 stage and it not take much time but extremly inportant. 

On second draw everything else, someone make 3 sketch more clean but i am fine with just 2. 

Tip: dont ever use completly straight lines.

And dont struggle sketch poses this is kinda fun, just relax , when you are relaxed poses will be look more relaxed and natural too.

 Lineart! this is what not fun at all!

Well cant think about anything else, if you have more questions i will always answer. 

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Hi there! I love you and your art and was wondering, as an artist, is there anything about your own art that you don't like, or anything you want to improve on? I always get envious of really skilled artists like yourself but I don't often think about the struggles you may face when creating art. Thanks for your time, have a nice day!

Hey! Thanks !
There is things i dislike yeah- it often outweighs the things i do like. (thats a personal thing tho) I struggle with dynamic poses, expressions, and masculine characters. (although ive noticed myself improving a bit on that part) Everything i draw seems very lackluster to me and i cant seem to be more creative like i used to be in 2013.(where i went crazy w details and the meaning behind a picture was interesting) I feel like ive hit a dead end and can only draw boring portraits.   
I also suck at perspective– backgrounds and with characters? I get frustrated enough that i just take my ass to sims 4 and take screenshots and reference it off that ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; 
This is all stuff i hope to improve on this year- as well as developing a better self confidence lol……………………….
Im not rly that skilled honestly, im only rly good at painting faces i think. Focus on yourself, your art and turn that envy into encouragement ?

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Hey, so i have spent the last couple of days reading you story! You may have seen a few of my likes here and there. I love. I just fucken love it... I'm still reading through it and i've been trying to ignore the recent posts but i cant. Its so weird I have the earliest things of the stories and whats happening now but i'm still to find out what happened inbetween. And i can't wait. I adore Murphy's Law and also you editing. Can't wait till i finally catch up! <3

Okay this gif describes the way I’m feeling rn because shy aaaah~ when I saw your first likes on my story i was like dead. I adore your blog so, so much! Everything you do, poses, buildings but most of all the writing. You are the best writer I know on here so excuse me if I get all sappy now <3 

I’m so happy you like my story!! And my mess of Murphy lmao, I know he can be nuisance~ Thank you for making my day!! :)

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not to be THAT person but i think it’s incredibly bullshit writing that dean, who spent at least one entire storyline hating himself for the danger he posed to others with the mark of cain (probably another one too but i cant remember), not empathizing with jack. sam ALWAYS has to pull the emotional weight, even though it would make more sense for DEAN, who always had a stronger connection to their mother, to want to use jack as a way back to her, LET ALONE how he should be able to see himself in jack.

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everyone: OMGEEZ DAN IS SO FLEXIBLE??? I WONDER WHAT H E USES HIS FLEXABLENESS FOR?? vs me an intellectual: *my legs take up 2/3 of my height, i cannot do a split to save the life of me, on my period and dying of cramps, the most inflexible person born and clumsy as fuck* ok dans poses cant be THAT hard right? *does pose 1* what the fuck this is the easiest thing i ever done?? *does pose 2* ok a little bit harder but i still got it? yall be lazy as F U C K IF I CAN DO THESE THEN SO CAN YALL

i think it’s just that he’s so tall, you know? also i think it’s just weird seeing his legs lmfao sometimes i forget he has them 


When it’s close to a con and you still haven’t finished Reapertale Chara. Resort to a think you have never seen before in your life.

I give you Fresh!Chara. I took reactive insight on what they could possibly be wearing since I haven’t seen any Fresh!Chara yet. 

I literally bought most of this today. The tights, glasses, suspenders and the gloves and the mood locket. The wig and knife where bought around November time I believe. The shorts where things I wasn’t comfortable wearing in summer and that t-shirt… Who knows. I need shoes and already have my eyes on a pair that I plan to get. For now the t-shirt is temporary. I think I’m gonna get something along the lines of this with the ridiculous panels but looking more 90′s style. 

But yes Fresh!Chara. Rest in piece anyone who encounters them.

Fresh and the Parasites that make you into a Fresh character belong to @loverofpiggies 

Edit: Heres the new updated version on what I am officially wearing



ok so im a senior in high school this year, and i’ve been working my lil booty off saving money and applying to scholarships, but i have a very bad feeling that that wont cut it by next fall, so this is kind of a plea for help (but you leave with something too which is cool right)


-Leave me an ask so i can expect an email!
Dont know how to word an order? i made an outline. youre welcome.
1. your name and tumblr
2. character ill be drawing (be it you, an oc, or a fandom character)
3. references of your character/you! (you can also add things like a specific color palette/pose/clothing you want!)
4. how should it be done? (headshot, waist up, fullbody)
5. any other details? (any date you need it by? any backstory that’s critical for your characters?)
if that seems like a lot of work, just talk it out with me, we’ll figure it out B)


-sfw (lets keep it pg13 people)
-half animal/half human (like cat ears or centuar/fawn)
-you (of course)

-heavy mecha (i cant draw a transformer guys, sorry)
-anything to do with alcohol/drugs
-heavy gore

paypal: (will be given after an order is accepted!)

sorry this is a bit long B0
boosts are very much appreciated! <3 thank you all!