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Consider. Fashion Designer Eunwoo and passerby Moonbin with the perfect proportions. My cousin is a FD Major and one time really needed a model so she just screamed at someone passing by in the quad to be her model and they got so shocked they dropped their coffee and just stared at her like she was insane after she ran all the way form one end of the quad to where they were. And that's how she found her husband-I mean model

ayO I’M SO SORRY THIS TOOK SO LONG dfjkahsdlkjfh is your cousin still dating them holy shit that’s so cute ;A; when will these ever happen to me asdjfhlkasjdhf you make me wish NYU had a quad when all we have is fricking washington square park


  • MJ pouting at Eunwoo because: “I really, really, really need a model by Thursday and I know you really do too so can we please be each other’s models" 
  • Eunwoo, giving MJ’s designs a once-over: “whoever you designed for is a lot shorter than I am” before going back to his own sketchbook 
  • MJ flushing and protesting because !!!!!!! firstly how did Eunwoo know he designed with someone in mind !!!! 
  • Doesn’t matter that MJ’s been sighing over an architect major every five minutes for the last month 
  • How did Eunwoo know!!! 
  • And secondly Jinjin isn’t that much shorter than Eunwoo!!!!!!!
  • MJ: 
  • MJ, pouting: 
  • MJ, pouting more: 
  • Eunwoo, finally: “just text him, I’m highkey sure he’ll do anything for you" 
  • MJ: “who are you planning to ask then?" 
  • Eunwoo flipping through his own sketch book in frustration because wow truly he really has good ideas but if he can’t find someone to model for him he’s screwed for the midterm 
  • And he’s designed for someone more or less built like him so it rules MJ out 
  • Damn 
  • Eunwoo snapping the sketchbook closed and peeking at MJ, who’s tapping rapid-fire on his phone 
  • "Can we go get coffee? Before I go insane?" 
  • Cue MJ and Eunwoo bouncing (MJ bouncing, Eunwoo striding) downstairs 
  • MJ rattling on about how Jinjin smiled at him this morning 
  • And they’re on their way to their campus cafe when suddenly 
  • Eunwoo sees him 
  • All long legs and lean body, broad shoulders and strong arms 
  • He looks like he’s waiting for someone, leaning against a lamp post, beanie on and earbuds in, scrolling on his phone and sipping coffee 
  • That’s it, that’s him, that’s the one Eunwoo needs 
  • And damn if Eunwoo isn’t going to catch him 
  • Cue Eunwoo going off at a dead sprint across the quad 
  • MJ: ??????? 
  • Eunwoo dipping in and out of pockets of people, keeping his eyes trained on this effortless model in a black shirt and jeans that he needs, absolutely needs to meet 
  • Binnie peeking at the time and frowning because Rocky is LATE 
  • Binnie even got coffee and he’s finished half his latte already and Rocky isn’t even close 
  • Binnie, sighing because forget it, he’ll go to meet Rocko at his classroom building instead 
  • Bin pushing off from the lamppost and turning to leave 
  • Eunwoo, scREAMING 
  • "HEY YOU" 
  • Bin tapping a message on his phone to Rocky
  • "HEY HEY" 
  • Bin looking up because what the hell is that noise 
  • Wondering the same thing as about a hundred other people staring at a beautiful guy in a dress shirt and vest and slacks tear through the park, sketchbook sandwiched under his arm and pencil behind his ear and measuring tape at his waist flapping out behind him 
  • Bin doesn’t know how to respond because wow this guy may be beautiful but he also looks like a madman running towards Bin 
  • "BE MY MODEL!!!!!" 
  • Bin:
  • Bin, blinking: 
  • Bin: 
  • Bin: 
  • Eunwoo, skidding to a stop in front of Bin, hair in a mess and doubled over panting: 
  • Bin: "um" 
  • Because I mean wow this man has impeccable taste in clothes he’s in a fricking vest 
  • And also really long eyelashes 
  • But that’s not the point 
  • The point is that this man ran through half the park screaming at him,,,,,,,, to be his model???
  • When Bin is on laundry day and is in his last clean black shirt that seemed a size too small when he pulled it on this morning????? 
  • Eunwoo, finally straightening and tugging his collar and looking up at Bin 
  • Wow, Bin’s brain comments, his eyes
  • Bin: "um" 
  • Very coherent, Bin’s brain muses
  • He’s beautiful, Bin’s brain adds 
  • Marry him, Bin’s brain suggests 
  • Bin: wait no wait I'm 
  • Eunwoo, opening his sketchbook and jabbing at a page: "I need a model for midterms and you’re beautiful please be my model" 
  • He thinks you’re beautiful, Bin’s brain whistles 
  • Option 1) act cool 
  • Option 2) stumble over yourself 
  • Option 1 please, Bin thinks 
  • Option 2 it is!! Bin’s brain cheers 
  • Bin: wAIT 
  • Bin: "um ah ok but you’re beautifuller???" 
  • Eunwoo: 
  • Eunwoo: 
  • Bin: "right yes ok but u can’t model ur own clothes right gotcha" 
  • Bin: "wait you want me to whAt
  • Eunwoo thinking that wow this boy has perfect proportions and a gorgeous smile and the brightest eyes but really, 
  • He isn’t the sharpest tool, is he 
  • Forgive him, Eunwoo, he’s too stunned by you ;;;;; 
  • Bin watching Eunwoo explain his midterm and practically begGing Bin to agree 
  • But frankly nothing goes into his head, he’s too busy looking at Eunwoo’s nose and his eyes and the way his soft lips round out his words 
  • Eunwoo: "please?”
  • Bin, automatically: “ok yeah" 
  • Bin: wAit ,,
  • Eunwoo almost breaking down in tears in relief
  • Rocko, finally appearing: "ayO bin what’s up?” the same time MJ appears: “hey Eunwoo found your model?" 
  • Rocko staring at Bin because wow Rocky leaves him alone for twenty minutes and he’s a model now???? 
  • Rocko staring at Eunwoo smiling at Bin: wow his model???????? Modelling for someone who should be a model???? 
  • Wow 
  • Rocko turning to look at Bin who’s smiling at Eunwoo 
  • Wow ok he hasn’t seen Bin blushing this much at a boy ever oOoOOoOoOooo 
  • Huh
  • Perhaps Rocko should be late to their meetings more often


  • Eunwoo, with pins between his fingers: "Stay still!! If you wiggle anymore the needles will shift!!" 
  • Bin, twitching slightly:
  • Eunwoo, whining: "I said, stop wiggling!!" 
  • Bin, pouting: 
  • Eunwoo, still looking at the shirt he’s fitting on Bin 
  • Bin, pouting some more: 
  • Eunwoo, finally looking up: 
  • Eunwoo: "oh alright, you big baby, fine" 
  • Reaching up to kiss Bin before leaning down again to adjust the shirt 
  • Bin, beaming to himself in a slight daze
  • Eunwoo, looking up and snorting because "Bin we’re dating you don’t have to wheedle me into kissing you”

Double bonus: 

  • MJ, slowly tapping his foot on the sewing machine: 
  • Jinjin, dubiously: “uh are u sure I need to be topless while ur fixing the shirt" 
  • MJ, looking at Jinjin like it’s the most obvious thing: "Uh yeS OF COURSE" 
  • Jinjin: "uh but you’re not going to be done with that any time soon so I don’t see why-" 
  • MJ: "for moral support, of course" 
  • Jinjin: 
  • Jinjin: 
  • Jinjin: ?????????????? 
  • MJ, mulling over it a while before finally tossing Jinjin a piece of cloth: "cover up" 
  • Jinjin, clutching the roll of fabric: "why the change?" 
  • MJ, grinning at Jinjin: "the faster I work the faster I can see you topless again!! it’s motivation!!!!" 
  • MJ watching as the blush works its way up from Jinjin’s chest all the way to his ears: :-)

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182. “If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were trying to seduce me.”-silverflint

               Your Hips, Your Lips, Your Skin On Mine

“I’m probably going to have to cancel my class.” Flint props his phone against his chin while he tries to balance his coffee and unlocking his front door at the same time. He nudges the package that had been waiting outside his apartment inside the door with his foot. At least it hadn’t been left in the snow this time. You’d think they’d know better than to leave art supplies outside in December, but nope.

“What, why?”

“Apparently Idelle is getting married and she has to fly to Belize to do it.” Flint rolls his eyes. He still can’t believe it’s happening. It had come out of nowhere. He hadn’t even realized she was engaged, which apparently she hadn’t been before yesterday. It was all a little rushed in his opinion. Who the fuck just gets engaged and married like that?

“Anyway, it’s a shame cause it’s the last class of the semester, but it’s too late to find a fucking replacement.” He sets his coffee down on the counter and sighs.

There’s a pause from Max’s end and then, “I could get you a model.”

“What? Really?”

“I mean.” Max hesitates. “Maybe.”

He can see her making her “considering shit from all angles” face even over the phone. “What’s the catch?”

“No catch except…some people are dicks.”


“He has a disability. Is that going to be a problem?”

“No.” Flint says promptly. “All I need is a body that my students can draw.”

“Well, when you say it like that.” Max says and laughs. “I’ll talk to him and let you know.”

“You would be a lifesaver. I’ll owe you forever.”

“Mmm, I’ll remember that.”

Flint ends the call and takes a sip of coffee. Jesus, if this works maybe his whole fucking day isn’t ruined after all. Usually he has backup models but it’s the end of the semester and no one has time for anything. And all because Idelle had to go get fucking engaged and fly to fucking Belize to get fucking married.

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#87 BBRae College or High school?

Disclaimer: Don’t own Teen Titans. Not making a profit.

A/N: OMG, are you in my head! I have been wanting to do a college AU! I can’t been able to decide if I wanted to make it a RobRae or BBRae, but you have given me chance to experiment!!!

Also, this is based on a true incident! Lol

One Hundred Ways to Say ‘I Love You’ #87: “I saved you a seat.”
OTP: Raven/Beast Boy - College AU



The lavender haired woman looked up, spotting the familiar green eyes across the room. “Gar?” She questioned, weaving between easels as she made her way toward her.

“I saved you a seat.” He grinned, gesturing to a stool and easel next to him.

Rachel placed her art board and box down, taking a seat. “What are you doing here?”

“I’m taking Art 134, too.”

“Aren’t you a Biology major?” She asked raising a delicate eyebrow. She took placed her art board to the easel, getting a piece of sketch paper ready.

“Yea.” Gar confirmed, resting his palms comfortably behind his head. “But, I need a fine art credit, so I figured I would take this one.”

“Normally, the non-art people take digital photography and edit photos with their Instagram filters.”

He chuckled. “Yea, but I figured it would be nice to do some drawing.” Also, Gar couldn’t think of a better way to get to know her. This class gave him three hours and fifty minutes every Wednesday evening to spend time with her. Maybe they could get dinner…

“I suppose.” She agreed. “You’re knowledge of all of the muscles and bones help with anatomical details.”

“Wait,” Gar paused. “Anatomical details?”

“Yea.” She placed a few pencils on her easel tray as the professor clapped his hands signaling the start of class.

“Alright, welcome to Art 134.” The professor announced stepping in the middle of the easels. “We’re going to get right to it. We’re going to see where everyone is, so we’re going to draw, place them up on the wall, do a quick critique, and go over the syllabus before you go.”

Gar nodded. This was going to be an easy A to bring up his GPA, and he had all semester to get closer to Rachel. He wasn’t sure if his schedule would give him another opportunity like this, so he decided to take advantage now.

“Alright, Jason.” The professor gestured to the dark haired young man dressed in a t-shirt and loose fitting sweatpants standing by the desk tucked in the corner.

Jason walked in the center of the easels pulling his shirt over his head and dropping his pants to reveal taut naked flesh underneath. The young man twisted his body into a relaxed stance and stood frozen.

If Gar’s eyebrows rose any higher, they’d be sitting on the back of his neck. The room was filled with the sound of pencils, charcoal, and pastel sliding across paper. Everyone was acting like this was normal. He leaned over, looking at Rachel confused. “What’s going on?”

Rachel looked at him plainly, a piece of vine charcoal in hand. “He’s the model.”

“Model?” Gar’s whisper was strained.

“This is figure drawing.” She answered obviously.

Gar looked back at a naked Jason posing proudly in the center of the room. “Dude!!” He yelled, as the realization of what this class required hit him.

Everyone looked at him.

“Oh, erm…” Gar sheepishly rubbed the back of his head. “Thought I lost my pencil.” He explained, nervously looking around the room. He held up the “missing” instrument. “My bad! I got it.” He assured, pretending to focus back on his sketch pad.

“Alright, finish up your first sketch.” The professor announced, weaving around the room as he observed the student’s work.

Gar took a deep breath, looking at Rachel.

Her eyes were soft but focused as she looked from her art to the model.

She was worth it. He couldn’t deny she was the most beautiful, interesting, awesome woman he’d ever met- he could survive a semester. It was just a body. Perfectly natural.

“I’ll be okay.” Gar muttered. “I can do this.” He decided. “As long a he doesn’t point it at me, I can make it.”

“Alright, next pose!” The professor called.

Gar picked up his pencil, watching as Jason twisted his body into the next position. He watched as the model angled his hips to point at particular organ right at him. Gar’s eyes narrowed seeing the smirk grow on the model’s face.

That fucker.
Blending Blue and Red -- Sarumi Fest 2017
K Project ~ Sarumi ~ Sarumi Fest 2017
By Organization for Transformative Works

Title: Blending Blue and Red

AO3: Blackheart22
Word Count: 2498
Rating: General Audience 
Relationship: M/M; Sarumi
Chapter: 1/1
Tags: Fushimi Saruhiko, Yata Misaki, sarumi fest 2017, metaphorical, not much action but bleh, but it's still good, fluff, marriage
Summary: “Tearing my eyes away, I went to open up my binder when something caught my eye. Red stood out against the blue of the sky and when I squinted, the red had turned into a surfboard that was propped up in the white sand. The contrast in colors almost made me cringe, especially when red was not of my least favorite colors. It’s too bright, lively, fiery to be put into a calm drawing; it’s the complete opposite of my favorite color, which is incidentally blue, and fought against my forcefully maintained aesthetic. The color was just unwanted but there it was, standing out in the pale sand and against the surrounding blues.
Notes: This was originally intended to be called “5… 4…. 3… 2… 1…” because each section is based of random words (first section five words, etc) but I decided that “Blending Blue and Red” would be a better title. Constructive criticism is greatly appreciated due to the fact that I edited this myself. Also, this may be my only entry for SarumiFest 2017 but that might change, we just have to wait and see :) Enjoy!!

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The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel - Localization Blog #3

Greetings and salutations, true believers!

 Trails of Cold Steel has officially launched, and I’m excited! You may well be one of the pre-order platoon, leading the vanguard, or perhaps the game is making its way to you through all the holiday postal congestion at this very moment. Either way, you’ll soon know what we know: good things come to those who wait, and here at the tail end of 2015, one of the year’s finest RPG adventures stands ready to be unfurled (though let’s be honest…with the length of the game, you’ll probably have said “Happy New Year!” before you roll those credits). Work on Trails of Cold Steel II is already well underway, so worry not – you won’t have to wait too long to see more of what happens to Rean and friends.

Brittany wrote last time about all the effort that goes into the process of voice recording, and she was right on the money – it’s a lot of work. More than I’d predicted, actually. See, this was actually a big first for me. Sure, I’d written for voice work before, but Trails of Cold Steel marked the first time I went into the studio to help supervise the recording of an English dub. The whole process – which took about 20 working days for all the voice work – was like one long course in the particulars of going from script to a finished dub – hugely instructive and informational, but also harrying with how much new info about the process I was absorbing all the time.

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A Grandiose Analysis of Actors

I decided to change things up from my normal analysis style instead of a film as usual I’ve decided to discuss actors that I view to be influential/have influenced me personally I’ll try to keep the list as short as possible because honestly film is a very large part of my life and I could probably list hundreds upon hundreds of actors I view to be cultural icons. I would also like to say that these are in no particular order. I’m not in the business of rating actors I simply like watching movies. 

1. RDJ (Robert Downey Jr.)

Originally posted by stevie-pinkie-pie-rogers

Now to understand my love for Robert you’ll have to understand a little about me. I am mix raced and I had always been bullied for not fitting into “regular ethnicities”. I was convinced that people mixed raced or people who even appeared slightly mixed raced were unable to be successful. Keep in mind up up until this point I had always seen pale actors with crystal blue eyes portrayed as beautiful. RDJ was the first actor i ever saw who looked similar to me. He was olive skinned and dark haired and I latched onto him like a life preserver. It didn’t even matter what ethnicity he was all that mattered was that someone who looked similar to be was famous. i couldn’t believe it. I realized that if he could be successful so could I and by watching his movies I could drown out the people telling me that people who looked like me could not succeed. Anyway, for that reason RDJ will always hold a special place in my heart. I consider him one of my “first crushes” and he became a symbol of hope for me.He is a magnificently talented actor but he is even more of inspiration simply as a person.

2. Harrison Ford 

Originally posted by helltotheknope

Harrison Ford. Even the name sounds impressive. Harrison Ford was one of the first actors I ever adored. i didn’t stand much of a chance against it anyway. My father loved him and showed me all 3 of the Indiana Jones movies (we don’t mention the other one) as soon as he possibly could. I remember being transfixed. He was like an american James bond. He was both intelligent and strong. even better he was goofy. I had never come across someone who could be both suave and funny. I immediately fell head over heels involve with Dr. Jones. I still consider Harrison one of my “first crushes” ones I classify as leaving a lifetime imprint. Much time has passed since I have seen those films but you can bet on me writing love you on my eyelids if I ever come across him.

3.Marcello Mastroianni

Originally posted by cafeinevitable

I had to work to find my beloved marcello. Unlike Harrison Ford or Cary Grant my family did not know of him or Fellini for that matter. I was not raised with him so I had to search for him. I discovered him like many people did in a whirl wind of movies such as 8 ½. I was struck by the way he acted and moved. I had never seen anyone glide across the screen like marcello. like he owned it yet he was trying to remain modest about it. He was charming with a child like excitement to him that made you fall for him instantly. He had great presence about him and there was always something comforting about seeing his smiling face on the screen. 

4..Clark Gable

Originally posted by montygables

Oh Clark Gable. Clark was one of the few men I really wanted to sweep me of my feet. I remember seeing gone with the wind for the first time and being obsessed. The pencil mustache somehow fit him so perfectly. He was the best combination of cocky and  down to earth that he charmed me from his first scene even though he had no lines. Clark was my mother and I’s Cary Grant. He was our favorite old hollywood film star. Film has strange way of bonding people and nothing bonded us closer than our shared love for Clark gable. He was considered the king of old hollywood.The quiet and contemplative king that could steal your heart away with a single glance

5.Cary Grant

Originally posted by tracittt

I fell in love with Cary Grant the way most people fall in love with whiskey. Slowly but surely. I loved rugged men. How could I not? I was raised on a steady influx of Indiana Jones and James Bond.  For this reason I was wary of Cary Grant. My grandmother loved him but he always seemed a bit too proper for me. He was presented to me as the image of a ken doll, the perfect upstanding gentlemen.  This is why up until the first movie I watched with him I believed I would like him but he would never be my type. After North by Northwest I watched more and more of his movies and quickly realized this tall dark silly man was not at all what I had perceived him to be. Cary Grant managed to be both the aristocrat and the average man and I think there is something spectacular about that.

6.Colin Firth

Originally posted by subinnnnn

Colin Firth was my favorite in the only rom com I could ever sit through without throwing up when I was younger. There was something about those eyes. Those soft puppy dogs eyes and that slightly upperclass accent that drew you in. He was so easy to fall in love that you would barely even notice how much you liked him until you realized you were yelling at the tv for bridget to pick him for god sake’s he’s the better choice! Either way I feel is though I will never see another actor that can make so many weak just with his eyes.

7.Jean Reno

Originally posted by jdelgadoo

Jean Reno is one of those actors who is simultaneously a stone cold killer and the tender hearted companion. He has this kind of duality about him which I found fascinating. I include him on my list because he shaped my view of french cinema. My choices in cinema were limited when I was younger but I can still remember watching La Femme Nikkta and Leon back to back and being struck by him. There was something about him that stuck with you long after the movie was over. A certain je ne sais quoi 

8.Jack Nicholson 

Originally posted by haidaspicciare

Oh, jacky. Good old Jack. Not really reliable but a hell of a good time. I was introduced to Jack probably before I could even speak. From easy rider to Batman I’ve probably seen every notable film of his at some time or another on family movie night. The thing that was great about jack is what has defined how I judge most people’s character now. He was real. You never feel like you’re getting the “hollywood polished face”. He was simply himself and there’s something kind of magical about “just jack”.