also i bought a bike


they’re still babies and their dad wants them to play with the big kids

(based on a real story)

The 6foot Siamese twin, a friend and I have been mountain biking together to get ready for triple threat. Every time I hit our trail, I try to do one thing I’ve never done before. It was finally time to conquer The Wall.

In the end it proved to be greater in my head than it was in real life. Since then, I’ve also bought pedals and shoes for the bike. I may or may not be feeling like a car accident since my first ride with clips.

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Steph!!! I've been a "junk food vegan" for 2 months and today I woke up CRAVING fruit. I just had the ripest juiciest mango EVER and feel so amazing! Just wanted to say you inspired me to embrace the junk food phase of recovery and move past it at my own pace. Also I bought a bike this week and feel like I'm flying when I'm riding ☺️ thank you so much for being a vegan positivity inspiration!!

YESSS THAT MAKES ME SO HAPPY TO HEAR! Just listen to your body always 🙏🏼🐒

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how bout some sheith with jealous!shiro

Thank you for the prompt! I’m sorry it took a while, writing can be difficult at times. 

Will I stop writing pining Shiro? Not today, apparently.

It’s something irrational, something dragged, through heavy earths and splinters, something that Shiro feels stir somewhere between his teeth and his mind, colouring with the meanest of shades; it’s like the fear of dying in the simulator, fear of the crash they’ve done week after week last year, engine failure, sounds, too loud, the ground, the embrace, the gasp of the impact stolen from his lungs, running from never there flames.

Irrational at best, escaping at worst and despite it all, he wants Keith to finds things he loves, he wants him to experience the world in ways he couldn’t before, even if there’s a cadet that takes Keith’s tips too seriously, a cadet that smiles shyly when Keith takes his elbows and changes the trajectory of his punch, when Keith grows into comfortable spaces, when he spends hours tutoring the younger ones, Shiro stuck doing reports, field exploration and not even their lunch breaks line up anymore; Keith’s already in his class when Shiro’s barely washing his hands.

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