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Lotor loves Kova and here’s why aka Lotor is a cat person

Kova was originally Haggar’s cat and he’s basically immortal, so we should have seen him chilling with Haggar season 1-2 right? Nope, we only see Kova when Lotor comes back with his generals. Lotor basically stole his mom’s cat and took Kova with him into exile. If that doesn’t spell dedication to you I don’t know what does.

As pointed out by this post , Lotor’s armor color scheme matches Kova’s color scheme. This man, when deciding to figure out how his custom armor should look like, based it off his cat. His fucking cat. Also, the cat existed way before Lotor did. It wasn’t like they made armor and then said “now let’s find a cat for Narti that matches our sick color scheme.” No, the armor is inspired by Kova. Kova armor fashion line, if you will.

Speaking of Narti, Lotor at some point gave him to her to help Narti see. This just goes to show how much Lotor trusts his generals to look after his cat. Also, giving your general your mom’s cat that you stole? Iconic.


Me and my girlfriend are dressing up as Fem!Mitjo from @smokeplanet ’s webcomic @longexposurecomic so here is my cosplay for Jo. She’s gonna be Mitch but we haven’t gotten all of the pieces she needs yet. I basically just stole a bunch of my dad’s clothes because he likes orange and stripes and has a lot of striped dress shirts. Also orange hat. But this is like one of my favorite webcomics (and my best cosplay so far) so I thought I would post these. Also since it’s Mitche’s birthday, (mines tomorrow).

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I know John Lennon is trash but I don't know much about Paul and the other 2. Any chance you could tell me what they've done? (Not being rude, just curious)

First of all, they all stuck with John for many years. Even after he beat one of their former bandmates nearly to death (and that guy died due to ‘complications’ a few years later and his relative believes that John’s beating may have been what caused those complications), after he beat a guy nearly to death after being asked if he was gay, after he was abusive and asked to include references to him being abusive in one of their songs. Like, they actively contributed to his career while knowing how shitty of a person he was, which is bad.

Run For Your Life, that entire song, they actually made that fucking song. That song describes the definition of an abusive relationship - to the point of death threats even - and all four of them happily took part in creating it.

Some of Ringo’s songs are borderline pedophiliac, with him singing about dating minors (which, sure, could be from the perspective of him when he was a minor, but…still, he was an adult when he wrote and sang those songs).

Many of their songs honestly just come across as problematic, in all honesty, like the already mentioned horrid Run For Your Life.

White people stole rock n roll from black people, the Beatles are basically the poster boys for that. There’s also causes of direct stealing riffs and stuff in Beatles music from black artists.

Towards  the end of the Beatles and afterwards they really got into appropriating Indian culture, too, and I’d say George alongside John was the most guilty of that.

The post I just reblogged about John includes a number of general Beatles things, with sources.

There’s probably more that I don’t know about.

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Okay but have you read the book cause there is so many Jay x Evie moments and I

Alright, funny story time: 

I watched Descendants when I saw it was available online and I fell in love with these 4 villain kids and I was like, I need ALL their backstories and how they became friends and all the friendship headcanons and GIMME EVERYTHING. My favorite were Jay, Evie & Carlos (useful information for the rest of this story).

And that’s when I saw it: The Isle of Lost. A book. The prequel of the film that ruined me. Of course, I got it right after and started reading it non-stop and I fell even more in love with my kids, read Jay, Evie and Carlos (fyi I don’t hate Mal, I just don’t love her as much, don’t ask why). I teared up at Evie & Carlos’ sibling relationship, at how protective Jay was with these three precious cinnamon rolls and I SCREAMED at all the Evie and Jay moments. 

Their relationship is so subtle in the movie but IN THE BOOK, damn. It grew up on me, soft and silently, this ship. I didn’t even admit I shipped them until I finished reading the book because I didn’t think they could be more shippable. 

Also, I took screenshots of my favorite moments as I was reading the book and I think they could illustrate this ask perfectly. 

Brief analysis: not ‘pretty’, nor ‘beautiful’, he used gorgeous. It’s like he’s having this little crush on her but doesn’t want anyone to find out (hence the rest of his sentence and his teasing afterwards)

She’s flirting. It might be because they’re all scared shitless but she’s definitely flirting with him. And he’s flirting back.

Moment when I knew I shipped it, basically. He straight out offered her to steal something FOR her. I was a mess. Also it is the first and only time he willingly gives back something he stole. 

Update: I made a post just like this one for Return to the Isle of the Lost

alright i’m going to make a proper call-out because this is getting ridiculous. hit that “j” key if you want to skip past this.

bluemcclain does not have my permission to use my audio clip in this post, so please do not reblog it.

first of all, i had blocked her months earlier because i saw the toxic drama and didn’t want to get caught up in it at any point. i do this with a lot of discourse blogs as well. she knew this because when i unblocked her to ask her to take it down, i found that she had also blocked me. basically, she stole my audio while fully aware that i had blocked her and thus didn’t want her interacting with me or my posts. there was a reason why she couldn’t reblog the original audio post, but apparently that wasn’t enough of a hint. 

second of all (which is actually just me being touchy tbh but), she tagged it as: “#i also tried to fix the audio bc it sounded windy and i didnt like it”, which is just rude considering i took it at a convention. but hey, look, i fixed it too

third of all, which i didn’t realize until someone else pointed it out, she watermarked the video that used my audio without permission, and when that someone pointed it out, all she had to say was that she forgot to properly link back to my post and she worked hard on the video so she gets to watermark it. 

fourth of all, which is honestly why i’m mad, she’s being a giant hypocrite. on the same day, she made a callout post for people reposting her friend’s photo without permission, and then reblogged another callout post about it

So recently a friend of mine had her cosplay pictures edited and reposted without her permission.

this is exactly what she did–edit and repost my content without permission–but worse, because she knew i had her blocked.

so either it’s not okay to “edit and repost without permission” or it is okay to “edit and repost without permission.”

look, my post has 10k notes. i’ve provided four download links so that people can use it as their ringtone and whatever else. i want people to have fun with it. i called it a “present for you guys” because that’s what it is. i was so nervous to ask him but i thought it would make people laugh, so i went for it. i’m aware that it’s blown up and thus people will end up using it without permission. i’d appreciate credit, but i won’t get upset if it’s not there. it’s not as if i delivered the line myself.

but if you know that i blocked you, yet you repost and edit my content without my permission, after making a callout post criticizing exactly that behavior, then i’m going to say something. 

look, i’ve blocked a ton of discourse and drama blogs for a reason. i never wanted to need to make a callout post because i always just block people instead. but if blocking someone isn’t enough to get them off my posts, then i honestly don’t know what is. i just want to appreciate lance and make fun of 80′s lotor in peace.

don’t use my shit if i’ve blocked you. it’s that simple. 


thanks to someone for bringing this to her attention! the post has been deleted and she’ll be messaging people to delete their reblogs. i hope she practices what she preaches going forward and asks people before using their content.

Taylor posted on his blog that Yin was pathetic and useless with basically no power of his own, and Yang had the lion’s share of YY’s power but no control over his recklessness. Almost as if he stole his freedom from Yin. Yin was the one obsessed with staying together.

He also mentioned that Yin and Yang are part of the same entity. Two halves of a whole. Yanno, like Calliope and Caliborn. Okay, maybe Yin and Yang are the same gender and awake at the same time, but whatever.

Don’t cherubs (at least the one example we have) have direct opposite classpects?

tl;dr Yin-Yang is a cherub, combination Thief of Breath and Page of Blood.

annthus replied to your post “eternally grateful to taz for getting me into d&d”

I stole some old guy’s glasses. I gave him back the lenses I just wanted a cool new look. Same day we also spent a real time 2 hours trying to open a door which is still fucking shut.

With my own campaign I’m starting them in a normal, fantasy ass world with orcs and magic and gunk, then flinging them in what’s basically a delorean and transporting them to a parallel plane where they meet my version of Gary Gygax and they’ve got to get some nerd to comic con

God that sounds bad I swear there’s some congruency

No that sounds amazing omg :D

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[skin]: obviously colour, but also if they're inclined to run hot or cold, do they have any blemishes or unusual markings, are they inclined to blush, are they freckled, do they tan, what does their skin feel like, etc.

Physical Features Meme

Regulus has really good skin as a product of being a pampered pureblood who hasn’t done a hard day’s work in his life.

At least… mostly. During the war and post-Cave he acquired several scars, most of which are on his neck and shoulders courtesy of the inferi dragging and clawing at him. Save for a few more littered here and there on his back and legs, the rest of him is nearly pristine.

He doesn’t tan (and he’s not often in the sun as it is). He’s pale. Almost sickly so, but that’s his natural color. His skin is usually quite soft; he definitely moisturizes. 

Regulus’ skin is very warm, at a complete contrast to the way that he looks being that he is both thin and pale.

The skin on his face is not particularly inclined to blushing—if you want to see what he is feeling you’ll need to look at his eyes and mouth for that.

… Oh, and he has a terrible writhing tattoo associated with the greatest Dark Wizard of all time emblazoned on his left forearm, but that’s it.

From Mar 2012 to Aug 2012

–> Something shifts (again) in March 2012

Payzer : rumors about Danielle cheating on Liam and trying to hit on Zayn back during the XF and also about her cheating with another guy, Danielle answers loads and loads of hate messages on Twitter and Liam (finally) stands up for her against the hate she receives

After Zayn’s departure for a few days because of a death in his family in March 2012, something changes between him and Liam and they seem to be close again. 

It also seems like Zayn’s unrequited love isn’t unrequited anymore !! :

And Liam sports an interesting mark even though Danielle isn’t in the same country (they’re in Australia) :

Be honest, it’s a little bit too marked to be someone (like Louis) messing with him : we saw that most of the times, Liam pushes Louis away as soon as his lips make contact with his neck. And Harry would have let him ? At this point ? Don’t think so. It’s a real lovebite that just had been done. So they’re fooling around but I don’t think it’s official, or even dating, since Zayn posts this tweet in April (obvs about Liam since there is nothing “wrong” about falling for Perrie who seems to response quite happily to his advances) :

Awww, what happened ? I don’t know but I think maybe Zayn talked about feelings in the middle of one of their… sessions, and Liam wasn’t ready and pushed him away ? Or he was afraid ? Of what ? His own seuxality/identity ? For the future of the band ? Many possibilities.

So, at least, they’re fooling around, either because Liam realised Danielle was just with him for the promo after the cheating rumors popped up (depends on your opinion about Payzer : either he realised she was dating/hitting on him/friend with him just for the promo/his fame and money or he was growing sick of pretending/her) or because he missed Zayn too much, or because he wanted to give it a try now he’s a little wilder. Maybe a bit of all of that.

But these speculations get quickly shut down by these sudden Zerrie tweets :

See Zerrie 1.0 and 2.0 

It certainly and conveniently explained (barely, not really, let’s say, if you’re not paying attention : it doesn’t add up, time-wise) Zayn’s cryptic tweets.

Ok, the rest under the cut (to be dash-friendly ^^)

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ahhhhh thank you for liking the AU!! im so excited that u plan to cosplay black saint!! well this is my desgin for him its pretty simple ahah;; but theres also shinkamilyn’s desgin (this lovely drawing)! I basically just imagine black saint in anything that can be put on quickly??hes pretty fashionable when he wants to be tho!i hope you post pictures because id LOVE to see ur cosplay!!


(My “heroes” series will be superheroes that act on their own accord and do not belong on any team)

Valerie Jones aka “Spinneret”

Valerie “Val" Jones is currently a college student at NYU pioneering the university’s new library and information science program. Since she was a child, Val had always wanted to become a librarian to follow in her mother’s footsteps and wanted to pursue her secret passion of becoming a superhero. Val had always admired the actions of the now-retired superhero Spider-Man and was an avid collector of any type of Spider-Man collectable. She would frequently imagine herself as “Spider-Girl”, another spider-themed superhero that would continue the heroic legacy. During her teenage years, Val’s X-gene was activated, granting her the mutant powers of enhanced strength, agility, and durability. During this time, Miles Morales had donned the mantle and name of Spider-Man and had begun fighting crime. This inspired Val to create her own makeshift costume and fight as “Spider-Girl”. During a confrontation, Val ended up saving Spider-Man’s life and Miles rewarded her valiant efforts with meeting the original Spider-Man himself, Peter Parker. Peter then decided to gift Val with her own set of web shooters, as well as strength enhancing gauntlets to further amplify her strength.

With his blessing, Val decided to make her own name as a superhero and dropped the “Spider-Girl” name and went with “Spinneret”, which is the alias she currently goes by. She has been invited to many superhero teams but has refused all invitations though she is often called up as a reserve member of the Avengers. She currently fights crime with her fellow student and best friend Cindy Moon aka “Silk”.

Design Notes: So ever since superheroesincolor posted about the spin-off spiderwoman who was also a librarian, I have been creating my own reboot/revamp of that character. For her costume I basically stole the color pallet from Spider-Gwen but mixed up the levels of the colors on the costume. Also shout out to nostalgiacloud because she did an amazing job with her rendition of this character too and you should definitely check it out. 

Yo - witches! Really basic plagiarism and copyright info

All right witchy ones, listen up. Lately I’ve been seeing an increasing number of “someone stole my post/picture/art” posts in the witchy community. I’ve even received a message because I’d unknowingly reblogged some artwork that had been taken from the original blog and reposted rather than reblogging. And I’ve seen the “well, I gave the original person credit” responses. All of which made me think “witches really struggle to grasp copyright law.”

Now a disclaimer. I am not a lawyer, I am a writer. Also, I live in the US. Laws in other areas may vary somewhat but I’m going to keep this basic enough that it should work in most places. Also, I’m going to include a couple of personal stories so you can see - this is personal.

Plagiarism is taking someone else’s work and passing it off as your own. So if you write an informational post about witchcraft (or really if you write anything) and someone else reproduces that content in a way that does not significantly differ from your content, they could be considered to be plagiarizing your work. Now what comprises “significantly different” can be a matter for court battles, but if you have any doubts about whether something you are writing is really original writing or plagiarizing another writer, just don’t do it! For informational stuff, it helps to understand how to conduct and cite original research. 

Story: For years I was in a writing group with some friends and we would read each other’s work. I read the first few chapters of one particular story and told the writer “this reads a lot like Harry Potter fanfiction. If you want to sell it as original fiction, you must make sure this is your own work.”  She placed the work with a publisher. The book went up on Amazon, and the plagiarism accusations were immediate. Now, writing Harry Potter fanfiction is NOT plagiarism. Unfortunately, when a significant plotline in the novel is actually someone else’s work lifted from a fanfic site, that is plagiarism. She crashed and burned her writing career with that one bad decision. 

Essentially, when you create something, you have the right to decide how it is used and, well, copied. You do not have to register it or even place a copyright symbol on it. It is your work and you hold the copyright. When I sell my writing, I sell publishing rights, not the copyright. That I retain for life and 50 years after. (75 for corporate rights and Disney always wants to extend it because, well, Walt is dead.)

“But if I credit you…” Still violating copyright law unless I explicitly gave permission for you to use the work. 

“But I’m not doing it for profit.” Still violating copyright law. You are interfering with my potential profit from my work. 

There are exceptions in place to protect the ability to do research and make library copies of works and the ability to use correctly cited material in things like academic papers and reviews. And even those can be challenged. For example, the music industry says you need permission to use even one line of a song in a book. I’ve had publishers ask me to rewrite when I’ve had a character singing so that I don’t use lyrics. 

And let’s tackle:
“But I only provide free versions of copyright free work on my website.”  How dead is the author? Because that’s who holds the copyright to the actual work, not the publisher. Unless that author is deader than Walt Disney, they or their heirs likely still hold the copyright.

“But that can’t all be right.” Well, you can dispute it, that can have lawyers after you.

Story: When I was younger, I worked in communications at Disney. As part of our job, we were always supposed to be vigilant in protecting the company’s assets, including copyrights. One day in the late 90s, someone emailed me “hey have you seen this website” with a link to a website that had scripts for all the Disney rides. No, I hadn’t seen it and didn’t really want to see it because that meant I now had to report the site because there it was - sitting in my company email. The result was a visit and interview with the legal department. The owner of the website was sent a take down notice. Even though he had credited Disney and was making no profit.

And one last one
“But what if my work is stolen?”  It will be. Unfortunately in today’s world, it’s nearly impossible to prevent. I’m a writer. The moment one of my books is published, it’ll show up on someone’s free download site. Because people think they aren’t hurting anyone when they do that. I’m fortunate enough to have a career that covers my bills so I don’t have to depend on royalties, but we’re losing authors because they can’t afford to write anymore. 

Now, if you want to posting yelling at me about any of the above, feel free. But I’ll probably ignore you because I’m old and tired. Old enough to have a friend crash a writing career through plagiarism. Old enough to have to had to explain websites to lawyers. Old enough to have seen my own books go from print to ebooks to “oh, look, anyone can download my work here without paying me.” (I’d insert Orlando Bloom saying “Old as balls” but that would be a copyright violation.)

maybe one day ( one-shot )

SUMMARY: It’s not planned. Or expected. It happens because they’re happy, and comfortable, and Robin stole her blankets.
NOTE: basically, an anon sent me an ask a while ago that i thought i saved to my drafts. i accidentally deleted it so, to that anon, i apologise. they asked if i would be doing anymore one-shots in my ‘maybe one day’ verse and the answer to that is, yes. if there’s something for me to write about, than i will write it. they also expressed an interest in reading robin and regina’s first time, so – i hope you didn’t mind the wait anon.

He steals the blankets.

It’s something she discovered prior to the change in their relationship, and it doesn’t go away once they’re together.

She’s fine with it most of the time, because it’s usually hot in her room regardless and Robin’s ridiculously possessive of his pillow, she doesn’t have the energy to fight for the sheets. But tonight is cold. Hug your knees and knock your teeth kind of cold. She braves it for a while, an hour, maybe. But eventually, she gives up and rolls over, glares at him as he sleeps, wrapped in her blankets.

Her eyes narrow, and she tries to shake him awake but Robin is a deep sleeper, and he barely even moves. She could try and roll him out of it, but that would require energy she just doesn’t have – and he’s bigger than she is, heavier. He probably wouldn’t move no matter how hard she pushes.

So she shoves him instead.


Her palm flat against his shoulder or his chest or his arm – whatever it is that rests below his chin underneath all that warmth. She shoves him twice, tugs on the blanket once and she even whines a little. “Robin?” He sleeps on, and she scowls harder. Regina’s almost tempted to slip in beside Henry. At least he shares the duvet.

But then he moves, and he’s still asleep, she can tell that much, but he turns over and maybe he’s not as tucked in as she’d thought because his arm darts out and slides over her waist. His hand presses against her back and he urges her closer. Regina is sorely tempted to snatch the blanket from him and turn away, because she is cold and tired and he’s been warm and asleep for hours now – and maybe she’s a little bitter at three o’clock in the morning…

She inches closer though. Slips in beneath the blanket and it is warmer than she’d thought, toasty even, and it’s probably because of him and his body heat but she’s not complaining. Not at all. Never. She cuddles in to his side and rests her head on his shoulder, falling asleep almost immediately, now that she’s warm.

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Ok so I stole it directly from your post (#plagiarism) but "Bellarke FWB, Clarke buys Bellamy a coupon book for his birthday and just assumes it has stuff like do dishes and make dinner but she accidentally got the couples one and it’s all sexual favors and they just go with it" sounds amazing?!? Any chance you might actually write it???

I got several requests for this, which I basically saw coming. Also on AO3!

It’s an impulse buy; Clarke is getting decorations for the party and sees the coupon display, a bunch of colorful little booklets called Everyday Favors. She flips through one, grins at the selection, and puts it back, carefully selects the one with the best color scheme. Aesthetics are important; it needs to match the wrapping paper she used. She figures it’ll make Bellamy smile, and she’s always good with random things that make her roommate smile.

She tapes it to the outside of his actual present (fancy booze, as usual) and, as she hoped, he smiles when he sees it.

“A coupon book? Really?”

“What, you don’t like it?”

He glances through the book, frowning a little. “You really want me to use these?” he asks, giving her a look she can’t read.

“It is your birthday.”

He clears his throat. “Yeah, uh–it is my birthday.” With another inscrutable look, he puts the booklet into his pocket, strangely careful, but she can see him checking it throughout the party, flipping through and glancing at her. She knew he thought her room needed to be cleaned, but she didn’t think he’d be that interested. He definitely likes it more than the booze, and it’s really fancy booze.

They send everyone home around midnight, and Clarke collapses onto the couch next to Bellamy with a groan. “I’m not doing that again for at least a year.”

“So we’re not having birthday parties for me every week? That’s a letdown. I have birthdays all the time.”

“Dick. You have fun?”

“Yeah.” He has the coupon book out again. “So, uh, when can I start cashing in on these?”

“When I’m conscious,” she says, yawning. “You cannot possibly want to make me–” He tears one out and hands it to her. This coupon good for one back rub. “You want a back rub?”

“It never says who’s giving the back rub.”

“You want to use a coupon to give me a back rub?”

“It looks like you need a back rub,” he says, shrugging. “Start small, right?”

“I’ll owe you one,” Clarke says, because a massage really does sound good. She’s tired, and Bellamy has the best hands ever.

“Yeah, uh, don’t worry,” he says, with a cryptic smile. “I’m pretty sure I’m going to come out ahead.”

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So basically Mae and I decieded it would be nice to create a network for Alex Kingston. We haven't seen any yet and we thought it was about time for one! I also basically stole the outline of this post from Bianca because I really like how she did her's. 
✘ Rules
  • mbf Mae and Molly
  • reblog this post once to enter, likes will not be counted
  • you must fill out this survey to be considered 
  • have to like Alex Kingston, whether it’s as a role model/actress/model/love interest
  • most post something including Alex (whether it be from ER, Doctor Who, celeb posts, ect.) It’s TOTALLY fine if you’re multifandom though, just if you post some things with Alex occasionally
  • have your ask open so i can contact you
✘ How do I get in?
  • answer the survey as best and as complete as you can
  • original contributions to the fandom (i.e. fanart, fanfics, headcanons, etc) are not required
  • be a nice and respectful blogger
  • this isnt a popularity contest, you don’t have to be a fabulous blogger or have a lot of followers
✘ When you get accepted
  • I’ll message you
  • track “thekingstonnetwork” for updates
  • you DO NOT have to follow everybody. i ask that you check everybody out, but you don’t need to follow
✘ Benefits
  • probable follows from people within the network
  • help in polls if you need it
  • share edits, fics, fanart, ect. and get advice on them too
  • group chats and fun stuff
  • new friends who love Alex as much as you do
✘ The Basics
  • We’ll be adding about ten people at first, and then possibly adding more as it goes along. 
  1. fill out the form
  2. reblog + follow
  3. I’ll let you know if you’ve been accepted!