also i apologize for the shittiness of this graphic

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Could I request some Reiji Akaba words? Here are some words that describe him: leader, lancers, calculating, logical, crosses dimensions, defies his father, the ends justify the means, rich, CEO, isolated, level-headed, strong-willed. He also uses a D/D/D (Different Dimension Demon) yugioh deck.

Guess whose shitty copy of photoshop definitely did not glitch out and corrupt every open word graphic? Not mine, defintely not. In no way did that happen and infuriate me a bunch :/ I’m super apologize for the wait anon, here they are finally omg!

xo, Connie


i know you’re all seeing hella of these around but i thought i’d chuck it here bc why not? this follow forever is both for the new year, christmas + the fact i’ve reached over 600 followers. ALSO i’m going to japan and disappearing for ten days soon so i ought to thank u lot. who would have thought that more than even one person out there would want to follow me bc tbh half the time my tags are a mess as are my posts, so thank you. but here’s to the good stuff :~)


@foxeswrites - hey nerd. thanks for converting me to ur dark kpop side + dealing with me 10/10. i don’t need to tell u how much i luv u bc i do that too much already. even tho you’re a lil messy, i’ll love u all the same and continue to be super gay about selena sorry. i hate u for getting me into kpop so hard but it’s only fair bc we were in the 5sos trashcan together and now we are drowning in exo trash. if i didn’t talk to u i know my day would be a lil bit darker bc tbh can’t remember the last day that i didn’t? *shudders* the dark ages, obviously. thanks for our skype bants and the wise words <3 ur future is v bright and worse comes to worse u can come down to RADELAIDE and bunk with me. i’m skyping with u rn and u just said “i’ve never eaten salad more passionately in my life” and i hate u for it so bye. our ships almost make me wanna kms, good hc times but i’m v happy that our friendship has advanced beyond the messes that are colyssa & lolexa tbh ok ilysm. probably ily2much, i’m clingy. #LoveBread #Yehet #Kkaebsong 

@milestellerswife - even tho i literally hate you, i think that you’re pretty tolerable 2/10 which is a good percentage if you ask me. our ships mean more to me than life and i almost love them as much as i love you, miss texas. i talk to u far too much tbh and i’m sorry if i’m annoying but it’s ok bc you’re super annoying too ;* #warflashbacks to the times we used to send each other shit to wake up to wow we are officially #couplegoals. tbh i’m super happy that you’re in my life even tho you’re super far away, you give me life and good bants and let me rant to you. you’re super funny and 10/10 the golden child (in my eyes as well).

@rena1x1s - serena bae, when was the last day that i didn’t talk to u? even tho mellie is dead (rip rip rip rip) fOR NOW i love ur sarcasm and ur jokes, you’re honestly too funny for life and ilysm? 

@acrps - you get a spot here because you’re not that bad…. I GUESS. THAT BAD. tbh ily and thanks for dealing with me? i’ll make u shitty graphics until i die <3 


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me is sorry for u having to deal with me rip but thank u for doing so <3 probably missing some bc YOU ALL KEEP CHANGING UR URLS but that’s chill bc you’re all cute


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some of you are past 1x1 partners, some of you have been in rps with me, i’m starting to plot with some of you already and some of you i just admire from afar but i do love my pretty, pretty dash. dankya for making it special. feel free to IM me tbh bc you’re all super cool and i’d love to be best friends tbh?


also if you’re seeing this you follow me so a massive thank you to you as well. i hope you’re never afraid to message me and don’t mind my crazy ass tags. xx

 every you, every me 

madking!au. a mix describing mogar, his mad king, and their very dark and very complex relationship. listen here.

i. madness in me - skillet ♔ ii. hate fuck - the bravery ♔ iii. animal i have become - three days grace ♔ iv. don’t mess with me - temposhark ♔ v. undisclosed desires - muse ♔ vi. every you, every me - placebo ♔ vii. black black heart 2.0 - david usher ♔ viii. bang - armchair cynics ♔ ix. harsh realm - widowspeak

in a little under a month i’ll have had this blog for a year, which may not seem like a long time for some of you but for me this is kinda a big deal. to both celebrate and thank all you lovely dumplings for sticking with me this long, i’m doing another giveaway. so without further ado, here’s the rules and prizes:


  • must be following me   ( and don’t just follow for the giveaway and then unfollow right when it’s over, that’s just rude)
  • both likes and reblogs count
  • you can reblog as many as you want, but please keep your followers in mind and don’t spam them
  • it will probably take me a while to get the winners their icons
  • the giveaway will end december 24


i will choose four winners. all four of you will get 70 icons each. you can choose from the following things:

  • square, round, or rectangular icons   ( please note that i’ve never made the last one before,so they may take me even longer. however, they shouldn’t be too hard to figure out)
  • base icons or ones with a psd
    • if you want a psd you already have, you’ll have to give it to me.
    • if you want a psd and don’t already have one, i’ll make one for you and include it with your icons


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Hi guys so I have been meaning to do this for a while now but just haven’t gotten around to it. But here, I finally present you with my second follow forever! I just reached 700 followers, plus it’s the holiday season so I figured it was the perfect time to get this done. I just want to say thank you, especially considering I haven’t been the most active on here as of late. You are all amazing, and I want to kiss all of your cute little faces. Also, I apologize if there are any duplicates and for the shitty graphic bc i suck. Please forgive me :~))


These are some of the amazing people I follow. You guys make my dash amazing, and are always brightening up my day. If you’re on here ((or if i’m following you at all really)) then I probably low key stalk you and would love to talk, or get closer if we’ve spoken before. I’d basically love to be close pals with all you beautiful people, because you’re all amazing and I am so not worthy omfg. Also check out my blog roll right here bc they are all babes.

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I am including all the little letters written to my 4 baes (adrian, roza, jessie, and christopher) under a cut because I wrote way too much and I don’t want to be /that person/ on the dash. But basically, these people are amazing, beautiful, funny, and have all made an impact on my life. You guys are such great people and I am very thankful to have you in my life.

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