also i apologize for it being so long


at first i just wanted to practise expressions but then it got out of hand :D

Deeper [M]

Request:  Can I please request a Namjoon smut about he’s back home after being on tour for a long time and he makes it up to for being away for so long? Thanks!

Request:  Can I request a Namjoon smut about vanilla sex which is passionately making love? Thank you!

Warnings: smut, language

Note:  I mixed these two requests because I have so many for Namjoon, and I really thought these two would be cute together, so I hope its alright!! Also this is kinda super intimate i feel like,, very passionate, sweet in some parts?? also way too long probably and i apologize and probably not the best :)))))

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You sat at home staring at your phone, counting down the minutes until his plane was supposed to be landing. But a watched pot never boils, and time always stands still when you’re excited. Should you go to the airport and surprise him? Or wait…

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A Promise to Hold // Theo

Prompt #18: “Just promise me you’ll come back to us”

Author: Caitsy

Warnings: Possible swearing and fluff.

Disclaimer: I do not own Teen Wolf or the characters. I also do not own any gifs, images or songs involved either.

Summary: Theo came back to his family but Liam’s managed to convince him to help even if it means leaving his family. With a promise he intends to keep he leaves to help for the good side.

Requested: Yes. Anonymous.

A/N: Long awaited and I apologize! It’s been a busy time since beginning this blog and so Ash and I would like to thank you for being so supportive and remember to request things! It’s also admittedly terrible.

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You were a secret from everyone in Theo’s life because you were a weakness. Theo needed to be strong and while he wanted you to be a badass by his side, you had pushed him into agreeing to this. You couldn’t be at his side when you weren’t the only one involved.

Theo was the bad guy and you both knew that was true but you also knew he was loving and kind to both you and your guys son. Thomas was a miniature version of his father from the hair to the eyes while he had your smile and nose. He was the light of both Theo and your life even if he wasn’t planned whatsoever.

“Thomas!” You grinned picking up the toddler. He babbled before snuggling into your shoulder.

“Mama.” Thomas said curling his body into your arms like a cat, “Dada?”

“He’s coming home.” You said kissing his cheek, “He better be here before bedtime though.”

Theo had recently come back from the dead with a lot of changes. He wasn’t the same bloodthirsty chimera as he had been before, he no longer strived to be more than what that Scott McCall was. He was suffering in silence and not wanting to drag you into the fray.

“Y/N?” Theo asked walking into the house you had illegally rented, “Where’s Thomas?”


Thomas struggled in your arms before he waddled over to his crouching father. They curled into each others arms as you crossed yours. You were lucky to see Theo on the weekdays since he returned because you guys lived just in the outskirts of the neighboring town to Beacon Hills.

“Why are you home so early?” You questioned.

“I have some news to tell you.”

“And?” You questioned just as the front door opened to reveal a younger teenager. He was shorter than Theo by just a little but you recognized him somewhat, “Liam?”
“That’s me.” Liam awkwardly waved. You raised an eyebrow.

“You brought Theo back? Why? Aren’t your the enemy?”

“Kind of?” Liam trailed off watching the weird scene of Theo holding a child that looked like him, “You have a family?”

“What’s going on?”

“The Wild Hunt is in Beacon Hills. It’s taken everyone but the Sheriff, Scott, Lydia, Malia, Theo and I.” Liam explained shifting on his feet as the child turned his attention to him.


“I’m going to put a tv show on for Thomas.” Theo said bringing his son into the living room.

“What are we supposed to do?” You questioned, “You all made both Thomas and my life worse by taking Theo.”

“You help and I won’t sent him back.”

“Can’t do that without the sword.” Theo smirked putting one arm around me.

“I’ll find some-“

“Fine. I’ll help but that boy in that room stays out of this and NO ONE will know about his existence. Got it?” You stated.

“Stay here with Thomas. I’m going to help Liam and I’ll come back I promise.” Theo said before kissing you. You heard the clearing of a voice before you cast a glare at Liam earning a scoff in reply.

“Just promise me you’ll come back to us.” You said leaning your forehead against Theo’s earning a peck.

“Of course. I’ll always come back for you two.”

You watched as the two boys left the house and into the darkness where you wished Theo didn’t have to go to again and again. You weren’t even twenty and you already had a child that could very well grow up without a dad. If the Wild Hunt truly is in Beacon Hills than by tonight you may never even remember Theo.


You weren’t sure how much time passed but Theo hadn’t returned to see Thomas on his second birth and you knew he was gone. You just didn’t know if you should be happy to remember him or not because that’s not what the Wild Hunt did.

You were a human. You didn’t have claws or sharp teeth or anything supernatural. That didn’t mean you were helpless so when the door rattled you had a gun aimed there.


“Theo?” You questioned both confused and shocked.

“I’m home. For good.” Theo grinned as his son flew into the room screaming for him.

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Made For You (Part 3)

Summary: The team discusses what they’re going to do with the reader, and everyone finally finds out her name.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 3,734 (I am so sorry, holy shit)

Warnings: nightmares, definitely angst, BRUCE BANNER BEING A CUTIEPIE, language

A/N: Guys, I promise, action/shit hitting the fan will happen soon. This chapter is unfortunately sort of a getting-to-know-you chapter, but we’ll start seeing more of the reader and Bucky in part 4! There’s like barely any Bucky in this chapter and it’s super long so I really apologize, I just wasn’t sure where to cut this off before Part 4. I’m thinking this thing will be between 10-15 parts? Not sure. We’ll see! (also yes if you’re wondering, I ship Clintasha. This chapter makes it obvious.)

Part 2

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I hate team meetings.

One hundred percent of the time, our “meetings” turn into Steve and Tony arguing with each other, with Natasha occasionally mediating. I’m glad that I’m not required to speak, but having to sit in the common room with the others and listen to the two bicker is possibly the biggest waste of my time. I’d almost rather be in prison than sitting here.

I try to distance myself from the rest of the team when we have to be together like this. I have no want nor need to talk to them; the only necessary communication we have is during a mission or during training, and that’s the way I like it.

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Peter Headcannons

Prompt: Can I request some headcanons of being pregnant with Peter’s child while being Charles’s daughter? I hope it isn’t too weird 😅thanks 💕

Editor: @fetus-twink-howell

A/N: You can thank my editor for the bit at the end. Also, I apologize for taking so long, something came up this weekend and I was unable to work on this! I hope it’s decent, I’ve never done headcannons before so I’m hoping to God this isn’t awful.

  • Omf so Peter was simultaneously excited as hell and scared as fuck when you told him you were pregnant
  • You’re Charles’ daughter and he was like “Oh God, I’m so dead”
  • He was too excited to think about it. His brain moves faster than most computers and his attention span isn’t any better
  • But Charles knew before you told him. And you knew he knew
  • He was glaring when you stepped into the room
  • “When were you going to tell me?”
  • “Right now.”
  • Apparently he knew three days ago
  • You knew he wasn’t happy, because you and peter weren’t married yet, but he hugged you anyway
  • “That child better not end up like it’s father”
  • Peter decides to make a dramatic entrance “DO YOU MEAN INCREDIBLY DASHING AND HILARIOUS
  • Charles is very done, but you’re laughing
  • Peter runs himself rampant making sure you’re taken care of the entire time
  • It’s almost like he and Charles are competing at who can take care of you better
  • You’d be annoyed if it wasn’t so damn hilarious watching them bicker
  • At one point they bickered over which chocolate you liked better
  • Both of them were wrong
  • “You’re both idiots”
  • “Yes but that’s why you love me, babe.”
  • Charles just glares
  • When it’s time to actually have the baby, you’re the calmest
  • “Guys just get me to the hospital, for fucks sake”
  • “BUT THE-”
  • “Hospital. Now.”
  • They both took you to the hospital without anymore argument
  • *Logan laughing in the background*
  • You still managed to be the calmest, even when you were giving birth
  • Peter wouldn’t stop moving and asking questions
  • Charles kept ordering around the doctors
  • “Both of you sHUT UP”
  • It’s a boy
  • And oh boy his powers have already surfaced
  • His crying shatters every damn window within 100 feet in all directions
  • Peter’s crying with pride, this is definitely his kid; a troublemaker already
  • Charles is groaning internally
  • You’re also crying with happiness holy fuck you’ve got a son
  • “Which one of you is paying for all this?”
  • You and Peter look at Charles
  • Que more internal groaning
  • “You two owe me.”
  • “Thanks daddy.”
  • “Babe not in front of your dad!”
  • “Peter, I will rip your dick off”

anonymous asked:

Hey. I was wondering if you had any books you've read that you'd recommend to others? Thanks in advance.

Oh yes, I always have many book recommendations! It depends on what your preferred genre or tastes are, so I’ll just list a bunch of my favorites for you. Also apologies for taking so long to respond to this - college is wrecking my time availability. ( & taking away from my reading time )

Classics : 

  • Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury 
  • Paradise Lost by John Milton 
  • The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald 
  • The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett
  • Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë
  • 1984 by George Orwell 

Contemporary : 

  • Aristotle and Dante discover the secrets of the universe by Benjamin Alire Sáenz
  • The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt
  • Heist society by Ally Carter
  • It ends with Us by Colleen Hoover 
  • November 9 by Colleen Hoover
  • The Foxhole Court by Nora Sakavic
  • This is where it ends by Marieke Nijkamp

Historical Fiction :

  • And I Darken by Kiersten White
  • Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein 
  • Deathless by Catherynne M. Valente 
  • Legacy of Kings by Eleanor Herman 
  • Salt to the Sea by Ruta Sepetys
  • The Book Thief by Markus Zusak
  • The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett
  • The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller 

Horror : 

  • Mara Dyer series by Michelle Hodkin
  • The Call by Peadar Ó Guilín
  • The Winter People by Jennifer McMahon

Fantasy/Young Adult : 

  • A book of spirits and thieves by Morgan Rhodes
  • A court of thorns and roses by Sarah J. Maas
  • A daughter of smoke and bone by Laini Taylor
  • A series of unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket
  • An Ember in the Ashes series by Sabaa Tahir 
  • Falling Kingdoms series by Morgan Rhodes
  • Hush Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick 
  • Incarcenon duology by Catherine Fisher 
  • Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare
  • Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard series by Rick Riordan
  • Night Angel Trilogy by Brent Weeks
  • Obsidian Blade by Morgan Rhodes
  • Red Queen series by Victoria Aveyard
  • Six Of Crows Duology by Leigh Bardugo 
  • The Diviners by Libba Bray
  • The False Prince series by Jennifer A. Nielsen 
  • The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare 
  • The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer
  • The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern 
  • The Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater
  • The Winner’s Trilogy by Marie Rutkoski
  • The wrath and the dawn by Renee Ahdieh
  • Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas

Mystery/Crime : 

  • Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn 
  • The Secret History by Donna Tartt

Plays : 

  • Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare
  • Medea by Euripides 
  • Anything by Euripides for that matter!
  • Sir gawain and the green knight

Romance : 

  • Bloodlines by Richelle Mead 
  • Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater
  • The Bronze Horseman by Paullina Simons 

Science Fiction/Dystopia : 

  • Insider duology by Maria V. Snyder 
  • Legend by Marie Lu 
  • Passenger by Alexandra Bracken 
  • Red Rising Trilogy by Pierce Brown 
  • Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi
  • The Darkest Minds series by Alexandra Bracken 
  • The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey

anonymous asked:

any advice for a lesbian who wants to start dressing a bit more (soft) butch but is having trouble being brave enough to start buying + wearing clothes intended for men? (also tbh a little confused by the process of shopping. which fitting room would I use as a woman shopping in the men's section? are people gonna judge me? how do I figure out sizes if I'd rather avoid that and shop online?)

hi ! yes absolutely. (this got super long so i apologize)

i used to be very nervous going into not only the boys clothing section, but even the boys toy area in places like target! i felt like i wasn’t supposed to be there, and that i was intruding and being a “bad girl” if that makes sense.

but when it comes to clothes, here’s the thing. nobody really cares. at least a majority don’t. my girlfriend and i go into the mens section at every store imaginable (major dept stores, specialty clothing stores, thrift shops, small owned businesses) and nobody questions us. i honestly haven’t even been glared at in awhile (as far as i’ve noticed).

think of it this way, tell yourself you’re shopping for a relative or sibling. because nobody knows exactly who you’re buying for when you’re buying something. so if YOU think youre buying for someone else, even though you’re not, it may be easier.

and in order to try those clothes on, just put a dress on top of your clothes you’re bringing into the changing room so it’s less nerve wracking. and i go into the womens, it’s no big deal. esp if you put a dress over the clothes you’re bringing in. 

when it comes to clothing sizes. shirts are almost always going to be the same size everywhere you go, VS. womens clothes where an XL at one store could be a M elsewhere. for example, I currently wear a womans XL, but a mens large. 

pants, however, are different entirely. i’m not sure how to explain it properly, but my pants size hovers around a 20. so IF my hips were smaller, i’d fit into a 40. my girlfriend wears a 14 in womens, and a 36 in mens. pantleg lengths don’t make sense to me, but id just go with the smaller (the second number is the pants leg length) number if youre on the shorter side, and the bigger number if you’re taller.

my shoe size in womens is an 11, and a 12 in mens. so basically a mens shoe size runs a size larger than a womans. 

so i would grab a few sizes around the one you think you are, try them on, and keep going from there. 

keep in mind, every butch has probably gone through this kind of thing. you’re not alone! let me know if you have any more questions.

Good Night (Joshua Faraday)

Anonymous asked: It’s not on the prompt list, but could I see just a really sappy tooth rottingly sweet shot with Faraday just holding and comforting the reader after they’ve gone through some hard times? If not that’s okay, thank you :)

A/N: So I didn’t really stay super on topic with the fluffiness :/ oops… I did however get really into writing this and I hope you enjoy it! Also I apologize for this being so late! Somehow I forgot to save it with the rest of my requests and I found it again going back through my blog >.< my bad.

      “How’re you doing, darlin’?” Faraday asked, sitting down next to you and leaning back to rest on one elbow as he took a long drag on his cigarette.

    You shrugged. “Could be better.”

    Faraday nodded, releasing the smoke in a steady stream. “Someone’ll let us stay soon.”

    The pair of you had been chased out of the last three towns you’d traveled through; apparently Faraday’s reputation proceeded him. Last time you’d been fired upon with no warning from the upper windows of a saloon almost as soon as you entered the city and though Faraday took out the shooter, you quickly left because the rest of the town was almost equally as hostile. “I’m not worried about finding a town to stay in,” you said. “I like camping out here. I’m just worried that what you’ve done is catching up to you. That something’s going to happen to you.”

    “Nothing’s gonna happen to me,” he said confidently. “You know how long I’ve been living like this? I just stay on the move. I’ll be fine.”

    “‘Course I can’t promise,” Faraday said. “What if Jack changes his mind about me and kicks me in the head? What if you smother me in my sleep and succeed this time?”

    “It was one time!” you protested.

    “Yeah, well, waking up lightheaded with your fur coat over my face one time is enough,” he said.

    “It was by accident,” you said, pouting.

    “It was by accident I shot my best friend when I was sixteen; that doesn’t make it better, does it?” Faraday said.

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Gabriel sighed softly, relaxing half atop Sam. “I’m sorry…I had no intention of being gone that long…I also had no idea how much time passed while I was there.” He kissed Sam softly. “But don’t ever apologize for hunting, I’m so proud of you & Dean & Castiel. You make a difference, all of you.”
He smiled sleepily, playing with the ends of Sam’s hair. “But it would be nice to have you to myself more often. I love you, you know.”

anonymous asked:

I thought the post was more about the problems with putting creators on a pedestal and thinking they're incapable of doing or saying anything wrong

Maybe? But also I dont think being excited about thefact that they try their best to do good and generally apologize when they dont/have learned a lot is bad??? Like I’m VERY multiply marginalized and they’re the first content creators ive been excited about in so long is it really that fucking bad that marginalized people just wanna be excited about someone trying? 

Like I can’t be miserable all the time just let me be excited about someone’s efforts let me be positive for two fucking seconds lolololololol

and even if thats what they meant im not the only person reading it that way, bc like all the comments on it are like subtly hateful towards female fans like, how ‘gross’ it is that ‘some girls only like them bc they wanna fuck them’,  and how fangirls ruin everything as if fanboy communities arent the literal armpit of the planet, etc etc


Title: Catfish

Pairing: Brohm

Word Count: 4496

Rating: T….?

A/N: I really didn’t plan on this being so long, buuuuuut, I didn’t want it to end too quickly or be a bit too rushed. I also planned on posting this earlier, but I was being a lazy asshole and didn’t finish it as quickly as I wanted. This was from a prompt given to me by @cranknewtwhodis and I actually had a lot of fun writing it. :) Anywho, I’m gonna stop babbling and just let you read this now. :/



“This is so stupid.” Ryan groaned, watching as Luke put the finishing touches on the fake profile.

He stretched, having been at the computer for a couple hours working on this and making it believable. Luke had been doing all the work, creating the profile, finding a picture, all that sort of stuff.

Ryan watched in silence as Luke pressed the enter button, solidifying the fake account into reality.

“Done!” Luke’s satisfied voice pierced through Ryan’s apartment, the look of pride and joy crossing his face.

Luke stood up, patting Ryan’s shoulder harshly and going to the fridge to grab something to drink.

“You are now the proud owner of  ‘Katie Winters” account!“

*end of flashback*

Ryan stared at the screen of his laptop as he went over the day him and Luke had made this damned account.

He had thought it was a bad idea from the beginning, but Luke had said it would be funny, and maybe he’d make a couple friends out of the whole thing.

Yeah. Because telling someone you’re not actually the person they think you are is definitely a friend making conversation.

But isn’t that exactly what had just happened?


"Who’s Bryce McQuaid?” Ryan asked, reading the name off of his suggestions box on the screen.

Luke turned to face him, looking down at the screen, squinting slightly so he could see the face along with the name.

Realization hit him and he rushed over, taking the mouse from Ryan and clicking “send request” instantly.

“Hey! What the fuck, Luke?!”

Luke chuckled, setting himself down next to the shorter male and clearing his throat before speaking.

“That’s a friend of Jonathan’s. He’s always open to meeting new people.”

Ryan stared at the profile picture, sighing as he did so.

For a month he had been doing this, mostly when Luke came over to chill, but other times when he was just bored.

The two had become experts on this, and had about 150 people thinking they were this Katie girl.

A message popped up on the screen, the person sending it? Bryce.

Ryan blinked, staring at the screen before him, hearing Luke’s amused chuckles in the backround.

He read the message to himself silently, resting his elbows on the table and leaning into his hands.

'Hey! Do I know you?’

Make that 151.

*end of flashback*

Ryan shook his head, exhaling quietly as he looked out the window, blinking a couple times to adjust to the sunlight streaming in.

He should’ve stopped right then and there. He should’ve shut the account down and never touched it again.

But he didn’t. And now he was supposed to be meeting Bryce.

Granted, he had told Bryce everything, but that still didn’t make it any easier.

He was going to meet up with the person he had been lying to for over four months.

Four months.

Another flashback hit Ryan as he scrolled through his messages with the blonde male.


'So, Katie, I was thinking about meeting up sometime..’ Ryan read the message from the screen, sadness going through him as he did so.

He would have to tell Bryce another lie. He hated lying. He hated this fake account.

He was tired of it, really.

Bryce was so sweet and innocent. He didn’t deserve all of this.

He didn’t deserve the manipulation Ryan was supplying him with.

For months, Bryce had shown “Katie” nothing but kindness. Not once asking for pictures or a phone call.

And yet here Ryan was, lying through his teeth to keep this little game going.

But he didn’t want to play this game anymore.

Ryan had a thought.

He could tell Bryce the truth. End things now before they got progressively worse.

Yes, that was the best thing to do.

Ryan swallowed the lump in his throat, his fingers on the keys, thinking of what to say.

The words came to him effortlessly. It’s not like he hadn’t thought about it before.

'Bryce, I need to tell you something…’ He typed into the chat, biting his lip, waiting for the response he knew would come.

He always responded.

'What’s up?:)’

Ryan sighed, his fingers typing away, wanting to get this over with as quickly as possible.

'I know you’re probably gonna hate me after this, but I want you to know that I really did enjoy talking to you for all this time.’

'Katie, what are you talking about?’

Ryan groaned inwardly, running a hand across his face, trying to find the words as best he could.

'I’m not Katie. I’ve never been Katie.’


'Bryce, I’m a catfish. I’m not even a girl. I’m sorry…’

Ryan sighed, setting his head against the table and getting ready to close his laptop. He wasn’t expecting a message back from Bryce. How could he? He was expecting to be blocked.

He stayed there for a few minutes, listening to his breathing and gaining up the courage to try to shut off the device.

A notification beep and he flinched.

A response and he nearly fell out of his chair.

'I still wanna meet you.’

*end of flashback*

That’s when he knew. That’s when Ryan knew he had fallen in like with Bryce McQuaid.

Fast forward to a month later, and here he was, setting up the final details with Bryce.

Bryce was in Chicago for the week, and had agreed to meet up at a coffeehouse with Ryan.

This was supposed to be happening today, in an hour or so. Ryan was just giving Bryce the address of the place.

“Okay, so it’s 1462 North Milwaukee Ave.”

The two had resorted to calling each other after Ryan had told the truth. Bryce said he wanted to hear his voice. Ryan thought it was because he didn’t trust him.

Either way, it had worked out, and they called each other often. Well, more like Bryce called Ryan often.

Ryan liked to think Bryce was falling for him as much as he was falling for Bryce. There had been little indications here and there.

Like the time when Ryan asked why Bryce was still talking to him when he lied.

Bryce’s response?

“You’re still you. Just a different face.”

It had surprised Ryan, to say the least.

He waited for a response from the male on the other end of the phone, guessing he was writing the address down.

Ryan got up, holding the phone between his shoulder and his ear as he grabbed a glass and opened the fridge, pouring himself some lemonade.

“Okay, got it. 1462 North Milwaukee Ave?”

“Yeah, that’s it.”

“Alright. That’s about 20 minutes away from where I’m staying, so I’m gonna go get ready. I’ll text you when I leave?”

Ryan smiled nervously, glad Bryce couldn’t see him at the moment.

“Sounds good, I’ll see you then, Bryce.”

“Bye, Ryan.”

Ryan set down his cup, taking the phone from his ear and ending the call.

He was so nervous. And scared, and excited.

But mostly nervous.

What if Bryce didn’t like how he looked? Sure, he’d seen pictures, but what if seeing him in person changed something?

What if Bryce decided this was all a mistake and didn’t show up because he realized it wasn’t worth it?

Ryan shook his head, exhaling slowly and taking a couple sips of lemonade to try to calm his nerves.

He glanced over at the laptop before walking towards it and closing it. He still needed to get dressed and take Buddy out before he had to leave.

Ryan made his way to the bedroom, noticing the fur ball whom he was just thinking about in his little doggy bed.

He crouched down, giving the dog some love before turning towards his closet and trying to pick what to wear.

He went through the clothing for roughly ten minutes before deciding on a gray sweatshirt and some black jeans.

He stared at the combination, cocking his head to the side as he thought about the outfit.

Was it alright?

He nodded to himself, shrugging. It was just a trip to a coffeehouse. Nothing formal.

Ryan found himself in the bathroom, deciding on a short shower to help ease his nerves.

He thought about walking Buddy, showering quickly, humming along to a random tune that had popped into his head.

He thought about today, and the nervous feeling came back. As he washed his hair, he replaced nervous thoughts with excited ones.

He was going to meet Bryce. After four months of back and forth messages, calls, and texts, he was going to meet Bryce.

And the best part?

He didn’t have to lie about who he was anymore. He could be Ryan, not Katie.

A huge part of Ryan thought the whole catfish thing was stupid, and a big mistake. But at the same time, there was a small part of him that believed it was perfect. Because if Luke hadn’t have pressed “send request”, then Ryan wouldn’t be meeting Bryce right now.

It was a blessing and a curse.

Soon he was out of the shower, using a spare towel to clear up the mirror so he could see himself properly.

He changed quickly, brushing his teeth and fixing his hair while he did so. He found himself biting his lip, a nervous habit he had picked up since the beginning of the catfish fiasco.

He gave himself one last look over and smiled at his appearance.

“Not too bad, Ryan. Not too bad at all.”

Ryan walked out of the bathroom, closing the door and going towards the coat hangers in the hallway, reaching for Buddy’s leash and putting on his shoes.

At the sound of his leash hitting the door, Buddy came barreling into the hallway, tongue out, tail wagging.

Ryan chuckled, patting the dog’s back while he attached the leash to his collar.

He stood up, looking at Buddy and smiling before opening the door, the small dog dragging him out of the apartment, wasting no time.


Ryan unlocked his door, letting Buddy in first before walking in himself. It was a relatively short walk, but Ryan didn’t want to be late meeting Bryce.

He was sure Buddy didn’t mind too much. The little furball was walked often, so it’s not like he was missing out on much.

He removed the dog’s leash, watching as Buddy made his way to the water dish that was empty.

Ryan sighed, not bothering with taking his shoes off. He had to leave in a couple minutes, anyways.

He walked into the kitchen, picking up the water dish and taking it over to the sink.

Buddy waited beneath him as he filled it, jumping up a couple times, obviously impatient.

“Hold on, Buddy.” Ryan spoke to his pet, rolling his eyes but smiling as Buddy’s tail wagged happily.

When the bowl was full, Ryan placed it down for the dog, who lapped up the water quickly, tail still going.

Ryan watched, his hands in his hoodie, his back against the wall.

He sighed at the mess Buddy was making, the dog was a bit too excited, getting water on the floor.

He was about to clean it up when his phone dinged with a new message.

Ryan jumped, the notification catching him off guard. He set the dish towel down on the table as he reached into his pocket, pulling out his smartphone and smiling at the name on the screen.


'Hey! I left a little bit ago. See you in like, 10 min?’

Ryan responded quickly, his hands shaking slightly as he did so.

'Yeah, I’m only a few min. away from the area.’

He sent it with no hesitation, looking down at Buddy and chuckling as the dog stared back up at him.

“I’m really doing this, Buddy.”

He took a deep breath, exhaling slowly to calm himself and stop the many emotions currently flooding him.

He cleaned up Buddy’s water spillage, throwing the rag in the sink, deciding to once again go over his appearance.

He stared at his reflection in the mirror in his hallway, running a hand through his brown hair and swallowing harshly.

This was it. He was going to meet Bryce.

There was no backing out now.

He grabbed his keys from their spot in his jacket on the cot hanger, biting his lip before exiting the apartment, but not before calling out to Buddy.

“I gotta go now, Buddy. I’ll be back in a little bit, please behave!”

With that, Ryan walked out the door, making his way out of the apartment complex and to his car, ready to meet the man he had catfished. Ready to meet Bryce.


Ryan pulled up into the parking lot, parking his car in a space towards the left, turning the keys and pulling them from their slot.

He leaned back against the car seat, looking in his rear view mirror towards the coffeehouse, eyes searching for the blonde male.

When he didn’t see him, Ryan exhaled. He had wanted to be the first one there, it was something he did often. He liked being first. It made him feel more prepared.

“I’m not sure anything could prepare me much for this.” He mumbled to himself, playing with the keys in his hand for a moment.

He pulled his phone out of his pocket, getting ready to text Bryce when the male in question’s name popped up, along with a new message.

'I’m here!:)’

Ryan’s eyes widened, a part of him surprised that Bryce had actually showed up. There was a small part inside of him that was doubting this whole thing.

But the text had made him feel a lot better about it.

Ryan removed himself from his vehicle, locking the car up before shoving his keys in his pocket, deciding to text back while he was making his way towards the shop’s doors.

He was getting ready to type back when someone calling his name caught him off guard.


Ryan jumped a bit, his phone flying out of his hands as he did so, the voice surprising him enough to make him drop his device.

His hand flew out to catch his airborne communication device, and luckily, his fingers wrapped around the smartphone before it hit the ground.

He stood there, in the middle of the parking lot, clutching his phone to his chest, looking like a complete idiot, eyes searching the area for the body that belonged to the voice.

When a hand touched his shoulder, Ryan nearly jumped out of his skin. He whirled around, hand still clutching his phone, eyes wide.

When he realized who it was, he calmed down a little bit, but his emotions were now running rampant as he looked up at the person before him.

The blonde rubbed the back of his neck with his hand, smiling sheepishly and blushing a little bit.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to freak you out. I just got a little excited.”

Ryan nodded, unable to find his voice at the moment. Bryce was standing before him-above him, really-looking as amazing as he did in his pictures.

His blonde hair was slightly askew from the autumn wind that was blowing around them, but it only made him look even better.

He was tall, that was for sure. A lot taller than Ryan, at least. Of course, Ryan wasn’t really that talk to begin with, but either way, the guy was no small 21 year old.

His eyes were bluer in person, and Ryan found himself staring into them for a bit longer than he should’ve, but Bryce didn’t seem to mind. He stared right back, his smile and warm gaze sending a blush to Ryan’s cheeks.

Ryan shook his head, regaining his composure and clearing his throat, finding his voice.

“Not freaked out, just uh, surprised is all.” It didn’t come out as smooth as he had hoped, but Bryce just laughed it off, shrugging and pointing to the doors in front of them.

“So, should we head in?”

Ryan nodded slowly, willing his legs to move, his steps a bit clumsy, but he brushed it off, letting Bryce follow him into the coffee shop, holding the door open for him.

He could hear Bryce’s sharp intake of air as they entered, and Ryan guessed it was because of how the place looked.

He turned to see Bryce staring at the tables and walls, eyes wide and sparkling as he did so.

Ryan chuckled, waiting for the younger male to speak.

When he did, his voice was quiet yet amazed.

“It’s so cozy looking in here, like home.”

He motioned towards the walls, covered in posters that one might find in a teenage boy’s room.

“Is-is that a car?” His head turned towards the retro-looking silver car sitting atop a ledge in the shop, his mouth open with awe.

Ryan nodded, looking to where he was, smiling at the reaction.

“Yeah, it’s been there forever. Do you like it?”

Bryce rolled his eyes at Ryan, and the older male raised a brow, but his confusion faded as the blonde spoke up.

“Do I like it? It’s amazing, Ryan! How did they even get it up there? Where did they get it? Who’s was it?”

He babbled on and on, and Ryan shrugged, not able to answer any of his questions.

“I’m uh, not really sure. You’d have to ask one of the employees or something.”

Bryce nodded, gripping Ryan’s hand and dragging him towards a table by the car.

The sudden contact made Ryan shiver, the blush once again tinting his cheeks a pinkish color. He let himself be dragged towards the table for two, not at all mad.

Bryce sat down, his eyes scanning the area and Ryan watched patiently, waiting for the blue eyes man to take in his surroundings.

A waitress came over to their table, all smiles with a notepad in her hand, ready to serve the two.

Ryan smiled up at her, letting her take his order. She turned to Bryce, who froze, not sure of what to get.

“Um, I don’t know. Ryan, what did you get?”

“A small caramel latte.” He answered, smiling down at his hands as he did so, listening to Bryce repeat his order to the kind lady.

The woman disappeared behind the counter, leaving the two alone to talk.

Ryan swallowed the lump in his throat, looking out the window, not sure how to approach the conversation.

Luckily, he didn’t have to. Bryce was the first one to speak, his voice cutting through the silence.

“So, Ryan, how’d the whole catfish thing happen?”

Ryan stiffened, but exhaled slowly. He should’ve known the question would come up. It was probably the one big reason Bryce met him today. Or so he thought.

Ryan played with his fingers beneath the table, his eyes finding interest in the patterns on the wooden table before them.

“It was a joke at first. Something a friend and I decided to do to pass the time. Luke said it would be fun, I wasn’t so sure.”

“Luke? As in Jonathan’s Luke?”

Ryan nodded awkwardly, his eyes trailing towards the window. He really didn’t want to see the look on Bryce’s face at the moment.

“Yeah….that one. He’s the one that sent the friend request.”

He glanced up to see Bryce nodding, but he looked back down quickly, not entirely liking the attention.

“Are you a friend of Jonathan’s?”

Ryan nodded, running a hand through his hair nervously, clearing his throat for the second time, his mouth set in a slim line.

“Yeah, I met him through Luke.”

“And I met Luke through him.”

He heard Bryce laugh his own nervous laugh, and Ryan thought it was cute. He didn’t seem mad at all, which was a relief, to say the least.

Ryan flinched inwardly as the cup was set down before him, having been completely unaware that the waitress had come back.

He looked up at her, thanking her while she set Bryce’s cup down. She smiled and asked if they needed anything else, to which Bryce shook his head and Ryan did the same.

Once again she left the two to drink their coffee and talk in peace.

For a few minutes it was quiet, the only sounds being the soft clink of a mug as it touched the small plate it was settled on, and the two sipping at the liquid in the mugs.

It was a calm, peaceful silence, though. Not at all awkward, and Ryan liked that.

He looked over to Bryce, who was staring out the window, his reflection showing on the surface. He looked lost in thought, and Ryan didn’t want to bother him, so he kept quiet.

Ryan himself was thinking again.

Mostly about how he was glad he had made this trip today, and how it had worked out pretty well.

Bryce seemed happy, he was happy. Things were looking up. Maybe he and Bryce could make an effort to see each other more after this meet up. Who knew, maybe they could even start something because of this.

“I’m hardly mad.”

Ryan’s head shot up at the words, and he blinked a couple of times, Bryce’s voice taking him out of his thoughts.

He cocked his head to the side, brows furrowed as he tried to figure out what Bryce was talking about.

“What?” He asked, unsure if he wanted to even know. But it was too late. He was going to get an answer whether he liked it or not.

Bryce turned to look at him, his eyes soft and voice light as he spoke again, a small smile gracing his features.

“I said I’m hardly mad. I mean about the whole Katie thing. One might say I’m actually happy about it.”

Ryan raised his brows. He expected Bryce to be somewhat upset over it. But here he was, saying he was happy about it?

“You’re not angry? Upset? Anything like that?”

Bryce chuckled, looking down at his latte, his hands wrapped around the mug, his smile never wavering.

“I mean, I was a little disappointed. But I got over that quickly. The fact that you even told me about it showed you weren’t a bad person. Caring, even.”

Ryan felt his face heat up with yet another blush and Bryce just laughed, which made the blush grow.

“I didn’t know a person could be so flustered over a few words.”

Ryan rolled his eyes at that, rubbing his hand over his face before looking Bryce in the eyes and responding.

“'Just a few words’ can send a person over the edge, Bryce.”

Now it was Bryce’s turn to raise a brow, as if challenging Ryan. He smiled slightly as he looked at the shorter male.

Ryan exhaled, accepting the silent challenge.

He leaned forward, motioning for Bryce to come closer, and Bryce hesitated for a moment, but complied, finding his ear next to Ryan’s mouth as the older male broke through the silence.

“You’d be surprised at what words can do to a person.”


“Mhm.” Ryan’s voice was smooth, and he thought it made up for all of his clumsy moments from before, at least he hoped so.

“I’m sure you’ve heard something someone has said, and have it affect you.”

“I don’t know. You know that saying? 'Sticks and stones may break your bones, but words will never hurt you’? I think that applies to me.” Bryce’s voice was slightly above a whisper, like he was telling a secret.

Ryan smirked. Bryce was really setting himself up here, and it was working in Ryan’s favor.

“Maybe not hurt you….”

He continued with the conversation, growing a bit impatient with his words, moving things along.

“You see, Bryce, there’s something I’ve been wanting to tell you for a while now,” He paused, adjusting his elbow on the table before continuing, “something I wanted to tell you in person.”

Bryce nodded, swallowing harshly, his voice a bit off as he responded, his face beginning to take on its own pinkish hue.

“And that something is?”

Ryan took this as an invitation to go further, and that he did.

He turned his head slightly so that his mouth was barely an inch away from Bryce’s, and with one swift motion, his lips caught the younger male’s in a small kiss.

Bryce’s eyes widened, but he couldn’t bring himself to pull away from the sudden contact.

He felt his heart flutter and warmth spread through his body, his eyes closing as the kiss continued.

Ryan was trying his best not to push things, so he settled with brushing a hand against Bryce’s cheek, pulling away gently and taking in a couple of deep breaths.

He could clearly see the growing blush on Bryce’s face, and as he spoke, it traveled to the younger’s nose and ears.

“I like you, Bryce.” He whispered against the blonde’s lips, his breath tickling Bryce’s cheek.

Bryce’s eyes popped open at this, and he licked his lips subconsciously, leaning back a bit to look into Ryan’s hazel eyes.

He stared at him for a minute, watching Ryan go from confident to nervous he held his gaze.

Bryce thought it was cute, how he could go from flustered to confident, back down to nervous within moments. It showed his flaws, and Bryce liked that.

After a few minutes of Ryan becoming more and more nervous, Bryce opened his mouth, his words short but sweet.

“I like you too, Ryan.”

Bryce closed the distance between the two, his lips soft against Ryan’s, the way Ryan responded with equal force sending a shiver down Bryce’s spine.

Bryce found his hand in Ryan’s hair, playing with the brown locks and smiling against his lips when he felt Ryan’s hand on his neck.

He pulled back hesitantly, deciding a full force make out was not ideal for a coffee shop filled with people. He sighed, setting himself back down in his seat, catching his breath and staring down at Ryan, who was doing the same.

Ryan closed his eyes for a moment, reveling in the feeling that was coursing through his body. His moth was slightly open as he took in air, and Bryce found it incredibly attractive.

When Ryan opened his eyes, the blue eyes male was staring down at him with half lidded eyes that filled Ryan with some dangerously lustful thoughts.

Ryan shook them off, smiling at Bryce for a second before looking out the window, his voice a bit husky from the heated moment.

“You know, I really thought the whole catfish thing was a bad idea,” he paused, turning to look at Bryce, his smile contagious, “but I’m starting to see its perks.”

Bryce chuckled, clearing his throat before he responded, the happiness apparent in his voice.

“Me too, Ryan. Me too.”

Okay (starter call)

I was not here for a long time. APOLOGIES. My muse kinda got on vacation since there was not much info on her anyway, just a few panels and a general character. Did not really know where to go with her! But now, after the latest chapter there is a possiblity of Hadou being involved in the story much more, along with other big three members, which i really like! So i am rebooting the blog! Dropping all the threads i had (since i kinda lost them) and THIS is also a new starter call. Please sorry for me being lazy and not wanting to find them again…though i might answer some staff after a little bit. NOW ICONING TIME

not even close, not even a little bit, not even at all

Summary: The proposition is simple: fake-date the single scariest human being on the planet so Todoroki Shouto can go out with his brother. The thing is, with Bakugou, Kirishima thinks he may have signed up for more than he’d bargained for. (A 10 Things I Hate About You AU.)

For the absolutely lovely anon who sent in this prompt, and also for @yasbeych because I miss ya babe.

Kirishima’s been approached about a lot of weird things in his day.

There was, for example, the incident where he ran messages between Denki and Jirou for weeks until they finally realized that the Game Boy was just out of batteries, not broken. There was the Catastrophe, as his classmates liked to refer to it as, involving Mineta, some Sharpie markers, and the upstairs girls’ bathroom. There was that time last year that he helped Sero bury thirty pounds of Gushers underneath the compost pile.

Kirishima’s used to weirdness. At this point, he sort of expects it, to be honest.

What he does not expect is for the words, “I need you to ask Bakugou Katsuki out on a date,” to come out of Todoroki Shouto’s mouth.

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anonymous asked:

Do you think the RFA were being too harsh on Jumin in Jaehee's route or do you think it's okay because Jumin was more harsh? I think they were being mean. I'n always Jumin biased lol. What do you think?

Hello, Nonny. Thank you for sending me this ask!

My apologies that it took me so long to reply ;^;

In this post, I will talk about:

1) Jumin & Jaehee’s slave owner/slave work relationship

2) RFA’s treatment towards Jumin during Jaehee’s Route

WARNING: Very long post; Possibly contains minor spoilers from Jaehee’s and Jumin’s Route. Also, you guys might hate me after this ^^;;; 

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y’all i dont know what im doing i never do honeslie. i apologize in advance for being the Trash that i am and for this intro being kinda long ?? anyways im nelly (17,she/her ) and i present to you my even trashier and messier child kim minho like i h8 them but i luv them and y’all probably will too ?? i also have a disc*rd (taeyongie#6610) if anyone wants to hmu there. but you can find some things about minho under the cut !! 

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like many other human beings, I’ve been dealing with some depression issues that i don’t need to go into detail with. Id consider myself far from emotionally stable, though, not unstable enough to know support when i see it. Deactivating social media for a minute has nothing at all to do with popstars or dubstep tryhards. It was a kneejerk reaction to something i saw coming a long time ago. Also, nobodies business but my own.

id like to apologize to my fans and supporters for fucking off so abruptly, and leaving them out of the loop in terms of developments in my career and some small glimpes into my personal life…. ill resume that program for you. It’s the holidays, so ill slow things down until the new year, and chill out with friends and loved ones on vacation till the 17th or so.  Then it’s back into the new studio, where ill just keep being me, and making music.  

Once again,  sorry for being a dick to those who are fans and supporters.

A theory on Raven Branwen’s semblance

Gonna put this under a cut because it’ll be kind of long. Also, I’m a history major, so I apologize if this sounds a bit “academic”.

I read somewhere that Raven could be compared to Cassandra, the seer that was cursed to tell the future, but have no one believe her. But what if that was partially true?

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Ivy League; Series (Part 5)

Summary: College is about experiencing life and learning. But when the two mix, it leads to a bit of trouble. Meeting a guy who’s definitely out of your league wasn’t on your uni to-do list.


Genre: Smut

Member: Xiumin (appearances by Sehun, Kai, Tao, Suho, and Lay)

Words: 1,628

(pt 1) (pt 2) (pt 3) (pt 4(pt 6(pt 7) (pt 8(final)

A/N: I’m so sorry this part took so long. School has kept me really busy. I also apologize for this part being so short. I’m not sure if I like what I’ve written in this one.

Originally posted by fyxiuhun

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