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at first i just wanted to practise expressions but then it got out of hand :D

i wish i’d known sooner a lot of things. like you have no control over anyone’s actions or body except your own, and sometimes not even then. like if it’s not your secret to tell, it’s your secret to keep. like when your word is good people turn to you for truth. like lying is addictive. like compromise and peace are cousins, not twins. like never sign something without reading the full agreement and never sign anything you feel pressured not to read. like listen before you disagree. like taking a deep breath can save relationships.

i messed up so many times i stopped being able to count them. for a long time i thought that meant i was also a bad person; full of failure, full of times i’ve hurt others, sometimes even on purpose.

it took me a long time to realize that what makes a bad person is never admitting you did something wrong. i’ve messed up a lot. but i don’t defend myself against that. i apologize, learn from it, apply it to my personality. learn that sometimes being right isn’t the same thing as the right thing to do. learn that sometimes it’s okay not to be the most loved person in the room. it’s hard for me because i forget, like all people do.

but i think about the people who never learn. who choose time and time again to ignore what happens and instead continue in their pattern, regardless of what happens. that can never be wrong, that refuse to believe it. my mother used to say accidents happen, mistakes happen sometimes, and a choice you can mark your calendar by. 

you aren’t your mistakes. you’re the way you apologize, you’re how you admit you’ve been wrong, you’re how you move forwards. sometimes we can’t admit to ourselves we aren’t perfect. it’s a hard thing to be human. but expect less of who you are.

learn. move on. go far.

shades of wrong (m)

Summary: In which you’re sure you’ll hate Park Jimin with every fiber of your being for the rest of your existence, even after he is assigned your tutor for History of Magic.
Pairing: Jimin | Reader
Genre: Fluff/Smut; Harry Potter AU 
Word Count: 17,321
Author’s Note: This got insanely long, and I apologize but also not really. Inspired by @jeonbegins + her really dope HP Slytherin Jimin AU edit. I also had a little conversation with @minsvga about this and she helped me figured out the basic idea for what this story has become; and @chokemejimin has asked to be tagged in my HP work so here you go my dear!!!


No matter how hard you try, it seems as if you are always bested by Park Jimin in every aspect of life: from Quidditch to school to class popularity.

And you absolutely despise him for it.

Granted, it’s probably because he’s always simply excelled in everything while you could only manage the minimum requirement for things outside of the sport you’ve grown to be so passionate about—but that’s only deepened your dislike for the boy. It’s been like this since the pair of you were children, a rivalry already planted between you even before you knew what the term meant. Truthfully, it was pretty much written in the stars that you would develop some deep-rooted grudge against Jimin, for he was organized into Slytherin while you were put in the fiery red and gold of Gryffindor.

Beyond the clashing Houses that have officially formed your backgrounds, it doesn’t help that the boy has seemed to uphold a particular interest in doing whatever he could to see you fidget or watch you squirm or just catch you at your worst moments—although you humor yourself on the idea that these unfortunate incidents occur to you because of Park Jimin’s constant hovering. It’s a habit that’s grown since the first week of your admission into Hogwarts, in which your big mouth scored you your first detention with the infamous Professor Snape.

It’s a moment that marks the beginning of an unspoken battle between the pair of you—in which you would constantly attempt to prove yourself better than Park Jimin and Park Jimin doing everything he could to make sure you could never have that victory. During the first two years of school, this would mean beating you on every exam, knowing the answers to every question and teasing you for not knowing. Professors putting Jimin on a pedestal, marking him up as the ‘ideal student’ and unknowingly intensifying the dagger of hatred you wished to plunge deeper and deeper into his chest.

When you are twelve, you are told that there is certainly no way for you to truly despise of something (or someone)—for you are young and naive and not entirely capable to understand what it means to hate something with every fiber of your being.

But they’re wrong.

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Analyzing Joseph’s Character and Route

Many people (myself included) were dissatisfied with Joseph’s route. The unconfirmed “Cult Ending” only added to our panic. We were expecting a story about a religious LGBT man coming to terms with himself and finding happiness, and many of us were left disappointed. But what if that’s exactly what we got, just without the happy ending?

I feel like Joseph’s character is a lot more complex than anyone’s been giving him credit for. If there’s any truth to anything that I’m about to say, his writing is subtle. And while the endings we’ve uncovered so far have been less than satisfying, I’m beginning to think that there’s more to them than we think.

I might just be grasping at straws here, but it’ll help me sleep at night. So here goes.

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“You like it when I talk dirty to you, doll?”

A Bucky x Reader Teasing Drabble

#3. Bucky decides to play a game. You’re stuck in a meeting with Steve, Sam, and Tony while Bucky slips dirty comments into your ear through a com you had accidentally left in. You’re stuck squirming the entire meeting, close begging for him to stop and just come touch you.

Your entire body ached- a week long mission full of crouching in small spaces, eavesdropping, and intense fighting had you craving a massage. The sexual tension between you and Bucky definitely wasn’t helping either. The lingering touches, the faint whispers of luck before you’d head out into the field, the sounds of his grunting coming through the coms with each punch and kick he threw; he knew exactly what he was doing, and it was working.

You’d fallen asleep on the jet in your gear, too tired to care about changing. You stretched yourself out over a few seats, your blue Avenger catsuit tight against your curves. You pulled your front zipper down partway, exposing the curves of your breasts. You caught Bucky’s darkening gaze as your eyes drifted closed. 

You sat, still clad in your mission gear, in a windowed conference room with Sam, Steve, and Tony. You were going over the mission and discussing tactics for the next one. Bucky had dismissed himself to shower, Steve allowed it. 

You crossed your legs and leaned back, looking between the three men while they argued. You didn’t care to participate, you were just there to make sure they didn’t tear each other apart. You rubbed your eyes and sighed, your body was begging you for relaxation and caffeine. 

“Little tired there, doll?” Bucky’s voice resonated in your ear and your body tensed. You glanced around the room and found him showered and sitting with a book just outside the conference area. He tapped his ear. “Looks like someone left their com in.”

You opened your mouth to speak before remembering where you were. A need formed between your legs and your thighs flexed instinctively. You had no idea what he was up to, but it had to be something devious.

“The meeting seems boring, mind if I spice it up a tad?” He turned a page of his book, eyes never leaving yours. You nodded, just enough for Bucky to notice, but not enough to draw attention to yourself. Bucky’s lips turned into a smirk. “That’s a good girl.”

Shivers shot down your spine and you crossed your arms, refusing to look at him anymore. If he was going to have his fun, you weren’t going to give him the satisfaction of your complete attention. 

“Let’s start with you uncrossing those pretty legs of yours, doll.” His voice sounded even raspier through the speaker in your ear. You listened. “What I’d give to be in between them…” A groan passed his lips. 

“Tony, we can’t keep going on missions without planning them out completely.” Steve sighed and plopped down into a chair. “(Y/N), do you have anything to add?”

“Fuck, doll.” Bucky moaned quietly. “Just thinking about stripping you of your soaked underwear and licking your dripping cunt-”

“(Y/N)?” Steve repeated your name. 

“Oh, I, uh…” You heard Bucky snicker on the other end. “Sorry, I kinda zoned out there for a second, I’m just tired from the mission, that’s all. Um, I think we should completely plan out for whatever scenarios we can and go from there.”

See.” Steve gestured towards you and returned his attention to Sam and Tony.

“Are my words distracting, doll?” You tossed a glare at Bucky. “Good to know that I have your undivided attention.”

Your stare hardened and you crossed your legs as a sign of defiance. It only seemed to amuse Bucky.

“You can’t even begin to imagine the things I’d do to you if you allowed me to touch you. My hands would never leave your body; I’d strip you naked and kiss every beautiful inch of your body. My fingertips tickling your skin as they graze over your breasts, my lips lowering and wrapping around your hardening nipples. Fuck, just thinking about even having you naked underneath me…” He sighed and adjusted himself in his pants. “Dropping my hand in between your legs, teasing your swollen clit until your begging me to just let you cum; dipping two fingers inside of you and abusing that aching g-spot until you’ve drenched my fingers; sliding my cock deep in-”

“(Y/N), can you please talk some sense into these men?” Tony pinched the bridge of his nose and stretched an arm out towards you.


“Pounding into you until you’re screaming my name, harshly rubbing your clit to draw orgasm after orgasm out of you-”

“I don’t really…”

“I wouldn’t stop, not until you’re pleading that it’s too much, that you can’t cum for me anymore-”


“I’d give you a rest, of course, before pulling you to straddle my face and tasting you. Licking that sore, throbbing clit, nibbling and sucking on it, drawing out yet another orgasm from you-”

You ripped the com out of your ear and smashed it on the table. You furrowed your brows and shot a cold glare at each of the men in the room before standing up.

“Listen, I get that you all think you’re right, but just take a fucking breath and get over your superiority complexes and work together. I don’t like playing mediator, I like playing the girl who’s leaving to go shower and get out of this damn catsuit.” 

You stormed out of the room and went the opposite direction of Bucky, heading to your room. With each step, you could feel your wetness seeping through your underwear. Bucky anticipated your movements and managed to beat you to your bedroom. You pushed past him and he remained in your doorway. You turned to slam your door shut, but stopped when you saw the massive tent in his pants. 

“Do you think that was funny, Barnes?” You spat the words at him.

“No.” He smirked and licked his lips. “I just think you like it when I talk dirty to you, doll, and that you’re too worked up to admit it.”

“Fuck you.” You reached for his hand, yanking him into your room and slamming the door closed behind you.

“Oh, I hope so.”

A/N: I hope you guys liked this! I apologize for it being so short, I’m just really into writing drabbles rn. I’m going to write another drabble soon ;)

(I’m also definitely going to write a long fic featuring much more detail and lots more dirty talk bc I really like this idea and I want to take time to plan out something much more amazing than this.)

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Warnings: Fluff? Seriously, it got out of control with this one

Word Count: 1.4k

Summary: Shawn doesn’t believe it when Brian tells him what your ringtone is. So, being the scientist that he is, he tests it out.

A/N: wrote this as an apology for how long it’s taking part 4 of tattoos to come out, please forgive me :) fyi it’s coming out on Sunday the 29th (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) (as you can see, I’m so not excited) 

Also, if you like this, send me ur fav Shawn quote whether it be lyric or some random shit he’s said


“Why don’t you believe me? It’s true!” Brian exclaimed, his voice slightly muffled to Shawn since it was a phone call.

“Cause I know her ringtone. It is not one of my songs.” He said, confident in his knowledge.

“Well, she changed it since you’ve started the tour. It’s an acoustic version too. Sometimes it sounds like you’re singing it right there. Probably why she has it. Since I’ve been staying at the apartment, it’s all I hear cause you keep calling her. If you don’t believe me, then come see for yourself. Aren’t you coming next week?” 

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Now I really want to see Loki interact with Wanda, mainly being completely unimpressed by her.

*Assuming Loki ends up fighting alongside the Avengers in Infinity War*

Loki: *motioning to Wanda* Why is this one here?

Bruce: *quietly in the background* That’s what I keep asking!

Tony: *pats Bruce on the shoulder* Welcome to my world.

Loki: *to Thor* Didn’t you tell me she was fighting alongside Ultron? And working with that one bad organization? What’s it called…?

Bucky: HYDRA?

Loki: Yeah that’s it!

Tony: Well our amazing leader thought it be a great idea to add her to the team.

Bucky: But she worked with Hydra?!

Bruce: Willingly.


Tony: *pats Bucky on the shoulder* Our dear friend Steve decided that her past actions could be overlooked.

Bucky: *to Steve* Are you serious?!

Steve: She’s not like that anymore! She’s good now like you Bucky-

Bucky: Like me?! She willingly joined Hydra, I didn’t!

Loki: Comparing your best friend to the witch? I expected better from you dear Captain.

Thor: Captain Rogers, you enlisted this woman onto our team even after what’s she done to us, to Dr. Banner?

Fury (because why the fuck not?): And her hand in creating Ultron?

Bucky: Dear God what did she do?

Bruce: Messed with all our heads causing me to lose control and Hulk out on a city full of innocent people, and triggering Tony’s PTSD which prompted him to take the scepter which eventually led to Ultron.

Tony: *to Bucky* And I’m sure you know from experience that having someone mess with your head is anything but fun.

Bucky: I can’t believe I’m hearing this.

Loki: Neither do I. I mean I’ve done some terrible things but I’ve lived long enough to understand accountability.

Thor: Loki is right. Why hasn’t she faced the consequences of her actions?

Steve: She’s just a kid!

Tony: Oh for god’s sake she’s 26 Rogers!

Bucky: Stevie I can’t believe this. *Leaves the room*

Steve: Bucky wait! *chases after him*

Bruce: *to Tony* I’m so sorry I left you to deal with this.

Tony: *sighs* It’s okay Brucie Bear, I wouldn’t want to be around her after everything either. Who can blame you for taking off?

Thor: Anthony I must also apologize for leaving so abruptly. I didn’t think the Captain would make such poor decisions.

Loki: Wow this is like one of those badly written television shows you Midgardians enjoy.  

paperweight | pcy

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park chanyeol. reader-insert. 5,2k words. fluff/angst. au

—it couldn’t hold onto those letters forever. Neither could he hold onto her.

this one is for Liv @xiuminsm

Dear Chanyeol, 

I’m not quite sure whether to classify you as dumb or cute. Seriously, Park Chanyeol? You sent a ring along with a letter with the words “will you marry me?”and a doodle of yourself kneeling, I can’t believe you!

Oh, and PS: Yes, I will.

Love, ____.

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When Jeremy was in the hospital after the squip, Michael came every day after school the check on him. One day, Michael just completely told unconscious Jeremy all of his feelings for him and how long he’s had a crush on him, all that stuff. Michael forgot Rich was in the room. Then Rich let Michael vent to him, they became friends, and that’s how Michael accidentally came out to Rich. Also, Rich took this time to try and apologize to Michael for being so mean to him and Jeremy. Michael totally forgives him and told him, “nice call on the back packs.” To which Rich said, “ha Gaaaaay,” and Michael said, “you know it dude.” I give me friendship between Rich and Michael, darn it. Also, they make so many gay and bi jokes.

In the Arms of Justice Pt. 16 (Cop!Bucky Drabble Series)

Characters: reader x Detective Barnes, Natasha, Rumlow. 

Summary: Reader is a witness to a crime, tying her to the investigation as well as the police involved. She never would have guessed how that one night would continue to change her life years later.

Warnings: Some anxiety, also blood, murder, weapon and death mentions (none of it graphic), violence against women, gritty police drama tv show kind of feel.

Word Count: 1054

Tags at the bottom 

A/N: I’M BACK, BABY. A thousand apologies that it took so long for me to find my groove and stop being afraid of this fic. heh. I finally tackled it and miraculously, I’m in love with it again! Detective Barnes is back and I’m so excited for what’s ahead. :D Part 17 will be posted Friday, May 19! 

<<<Part 15  Part 16   Part 17>>>  

In the Arms of Justice Series Masterlist

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Entering her office once again, Natasha stepped forward.

“Y/N, this is Mr. Kopecky. His aunt and uncle immigrated from the Czech Republic and he would like to keep them here legally.”

The man was facing away from you, reading the degrees and certificates adorning the esteemed lawyer’s office wall.

“Nice to meet you, Mr. Kope…”

As he turned your way, you lost all power of speech, ice freezing in your veins. 


You remained frozen in place, eyes transfixed on the man who held a knife at your throat two nights ago and now haunted your dreams. Although, if you had passed him on the street you might not have recognized him. Instead of the bleach-blond hair and a clean shaven face, he now wore a knitted cap over a bald head with a few days’ stubble dotting his chin. Horn-rimmed glasses were perched on his nose and he wore khaki trousers with a long-sleeved black sweater and dress shoes. If it weren’t for the cold eyes fixed on yours and the scar on his left cheek, you could have sworn it wasn’t the same man.

Light bruising was visible under his eyes, you noticed as he took a few steps forward. His nose might not have been broken by your head striking it, but you definitely left your mark. Seeing him approach from across the room, you finally thawed enough to stumble to Natasha’s side.

“H-how did he get in here?” you whispered to her, your eyes never leaving his face.

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j u n g s h o o k

Requested by @august-d-boy

I’m so sorry for being gone for so long!!!! I took a short hiatus bc I was feeling really overwhelmed with life. I’m back now but please note that edits won’t be produced like a machine. It’ll take some time lol. I want to apologize in advance to anyone that has requested for an edit, I’m sorry it’ll take some time! Also, current requests in my inbox will be cleared, slowly but surely.

Requests are open! (PLEASE send me your desired pic so that I can complete more edits efficiently tysm)

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Callout for Luci @Lucisev

Luci has previously gone by the urls “terfs”, “makinishiqino”, “butterflymask”, “aetheir”, and most likely several others that I’m forgetting. Luci has had several callouts in the past, however most were over stuff like kin drama, with the last real valid callout being from over a year ago.

To start, I’d like to give a brief run down of my history with Luci. I’ve been mutuals with her since around summer 2015, however I knew nothing about her and only started talking to her in December. We spoke a few times, but didn’t become too close. Around the start of 2016 she left Tumblr and moved to twitter. In April, she came back, and after talking to her for only a few days, we rushed into a relationship. We dated from early April to mid December, with a temporary breakup in the middle of November. After we broke up, we stayed friends until I started dating someone else, just before new years, at which point things started going downhill. On January 14th I had decided it was best for me to cut all contact with Luci, so I did.

Because there’s a lot of stuff to go over, I will be posting screenshots that have several parts to a second blog, @lucicourse, to prevent this from getting overly cluttered. The link to a set of screenshots will be posted where it is relevant.

For reference, I would like to state that I’m referred to by 3 separate names throughout this, being Severa, Nico, and Weiss, as well as the nickname Sevvy. Me and Luci occasionally refer to Nowi as Ruby as well. 

Before we begin I feel that a few disclaimers are in place. To start, There are already several callout posts floating around for Luci. I do not want to be approached about those. Most attack her for petty stuff like kin drama, and I do not want people trying to compare stuff like that to the actual gross shit she’s done. I will not be addressing anything that has already been discussed in those callout posts.

As for the second disclaimer, I would like to note that I didn’t have any desire to stay in a relationship with Luci, or even really be friends with her, from around July onward. Any replies to her messages that I include in this callout are purely me trying to diffuse a situation with her, as admittedly having seen the way she acted towards others, she frightened me, and I also feared she would do serious harm to herself, so I felt obligated to stay with her.

The third disclaimer is that I do not want anyone making any jokes about the stuff Luci says in the sexual harassment section. I’m unsure whether Wander’s victims are alright with jokes about his stuff, because I’ve seen conflicting information. However. I do not want anyone turning the sexual things Luci has said to me into a joke. If I see you doing so, you will be blocked.

The final disclaimer is that, in the spirit of being entirely honest, I will be including the things that might put Nowi and I in a bad light. I want everyone to form a well developed, informed, opinion, and I don’t intend to bias this information.

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Request (Yes): Request for batsis getting in a fight with the batfam and her going off the radar ( lots of angst please!) thank you!

A/N: Sorry it took so long. Also, i don’t put “Read More” because on mobile sometimes it cuts off and i don’t want that to disturb anyone. Apologies! I changed the request a teeny bit.

Warnings: A N G S T, Blood, Gunshots, Death, Accidents

Tagging: @femdamian @protegoparacosm @queen-of-all-the-fandoms 

Message me if you would like to be tagged.

You were 12 when you were picked up by your (now) father, Bruce Wayne.
Your parents had died in a fire and you were left alone, no family or friends in the cold city known as Gotham. You were being harassed by two men on the streets and just before he started to jump from the ledge he stood on, you beat the thugs unconscious. He quickly swooped down after you dropped the block of wood you used to knock the second unconscious. His slim, 6'2 body stood tall and dark against your petite child form.

He’d asked you where your parents were and you hesitantly told him they died. He told you about a friend he knew and drove you to the manor. Soon after, you discovered he was said friend.

You begged him to train you for two weeks before he gave up and you became the first Batgirl.
You weren’t the only kid in the house anymore. Now you had a full family.
You were everyone’s precious sister. Even Damian respected you.

You were currently on patrol with Damian, keeping an eye on the streets. It was a quiet night, until a young man got attacked by three shaggy looking men.

Just as you were finishing up, the second man with yellowed teeth and greasy brown hair lifted his gun and shot Damian. You stared in shock before tazing the man and he joined his friends in unconsciousness.

You covered at  the red hole in Damian’s chest, desperately trying to stop blood flow. You called for immediate help, hoping someone would respond.

You sat in Damian’s hospital room, looking mournful as you looked down at your little brother. It was all your fault. You could’ve made sure they were actually unconscious, or even unarmed them. You were reckless.

You continued beating yourself up until your thoughts were interrupted by footsteps and the dragging of a chair. You didn’t need to look up to know it was Dick.

It was silent for a few moments before he broke it, “It’s your fault.”

You didn’t look up, only kept staring sadly down at Damian. “I know.”
“How could you be so careless?” Dick whispered, a mixture of grief and anger coating his voice.

Your heart was struck with a pang of sadness. “I know,“ You growled, a rough tone to your voice. "Dammit, Y/N,” Dick rose his voice. “I KNOW,” You shouted. “I KNOW I’M A FUCK UP, I know.” Your voice got quieter toward the end.

“How? Why? WHY WEREN’T YOU PAYING ATTENTION?” His voice rose even higher.

“DO YOU THINK I WANTED THIS TO HAPPEN?” You yelled back. You knew it was just a matter of time before a nurse came and escorted you both out.

“I KNEW YOU SHOULD’VE STOPPED. YOU WERE GETTING RUSTY. THIS IS YOUR FAULT!” He pointed at Damian but didn’t look. He was unable to.

“I’m sorry,” You whispered. Dick’s chest heaved from the volume he yelled from. “You shouldn’t have done even become apart of this. Get out.” His voice had a calmer, sharper tone and your eyes filled with tears even more. You looked at Damian once more before running out.

Your chest felt like it was on fire. You gasped and wheezed as you clutched at your chest.

You started your car, wanting to go home and pack. You couldn’t face anyone after what happened.

You’d made it halfway home before a car swerved, avoiding a cat but crashing straight into you. Your car tumbled down a ditch and the other car drove away quickly. Your fuzzy had already been blurry from tears but now you were dizzy.
You moved your arm slowly and touched your head. You looked at the red substance pouring from it and your arm fell, feeling too heavy to hold up. You reached for your phone, pushing emergency dial. 

Back at the hospital, Dick felt guilty yet still angry. He hadn’t meant to say those things, his suffering and grief spilled out of him. What if he’d been there? He didn’t really blame you. It was Damian’s fault just as much as yours, but it was easier to blame the person who walked away rather than the one who didn’t.
His phone rang beside him and he looked over, seeing your name flashing across the screen. He felt it best to ignore the call, unaware of how much he would regret it.

You let out a shaky breath when his voicemail rang through the air and dropped the phone. Your body felt cold and heavy. You tried to breathe but your ribs hurt too much. Your eyes filled with tears as you looked at the sky before shutting them one final time.

I Need You…

So this is going to be long and rambly and I apologize in advance. I’ve talked weeks ago about how Dean and Cas don’t use the same language to talk about their love for each other in this post and there’s also this great post not by me about how Dean and Cas still have to find a relationship dynamic that makes both of them feel good (because neither family or friend have been able to keep them both satisfied and close together, something they both want).

And I was thinking… while we as a fandom have been (rightly so) completely freaking out and being happy about the “I need you” in 08x17, I feel as if the show has been trying to portray this particular kind of sentence as extremely negative in the last few episodes. Granted, this has been going on for longer than that, but this season with Sam “needing” Jack it has reached a new height.

The obvious but surface-level reading (which Dean has right now) says that Sam is just using Jack for his powers to get Mary back. And while that does factor in and yes, Sam really is hopeful that Jack could help, this is by no means the only reason he cares for Jack. We know that because we’ve seen the conversations between Jack and Sam: we’ve seen him spell out other motivations and we’ve seen him being kind and caring to Jack in the last episodes. It’s not just about needing him, it never was and it never will be.

But, here’s the thing, saying you need someone is safe. Which is why Sam chooses to use it multiple times when he talks to Dean.

Can you imagine Sam just opening up and telling Dean “yeah I want to help Jack because I see myself in him and I desperately want to prove myself that you are not inherently evil because of your powers and I also just can’t see him suffer the way I used to”? (Though I hope it does get said some time in the future.)

“I need him” is a cop-out because it’s true enough that you can say it convincingly but it doesn’t hold the emotional weight that others could use to mainpuate or hurt you. 

But it’s also the wrong thing to do because it leads to misunderstandings all around: first of all there’s Dean who can’t see past the lie and resents Sam for just working with Jack for - in his opinion - stupid motives. But more importantly there’s also Jack, the one who’s “needed”, who eaves-dropped on the conversation and now probably thinks that everything else Sam has said to him before was a lie to make him cooperate. 

And that brings us finally back to Destiel because the same thing happened to Dean and Cas: Cas is still convinced that Dean only NEEDS him for specific purposes because that’s all that Dean ever told him. Even after Cas told Dean that he loves him, one of Dean’s arguments when he was missing for a few episodes was “You weren’t there when we had a shot at Dagon!”.

Now we, the audience, know that this isn’t true, that Dean doesn’t just need him to be a good tool, he cares a lot about him. But “I need you” just doesn’t cut in anymore and the last episodes have made that abundantly clear.

If you lean back in your seat and sigh “Jesus, Sam, don’t say you need him to bring Mary back, HE’S NEVER GOING TO UNDERSTAND THIS” then you can probably see what I mean by that; we are supposed to do that because it’s framed as bad and not even close to explain all of Sam’s intentions. It’s missing half the picture and this half could be used to paint a way more harmonious picture, one where people know they care about each other equally (but then, that wouldn’t be Supernatural, would it).

But what I want to say in conclusion: when Cas comes back, Dean saying “I need you” just won’t cut in anymore. It’s not a good sentence, it leads to misunderstandings from all sides (Dean thinking Sam only needs Jack as a tool can also be the other way round: Sam not getting how much Cas truly means to Dean because he never expressed it) and it doesn’t solve anything.

It was a good sentence 5 seasons ago but now it’s time to move on. The question is what will Dean say instead?



Request: Can u do a salvatore brothers + child!salvatore!reader where she is their descendent? Her dad just commit murder-suicide but she got saved at last minute. Child service listed the brothers as her only relative. Damon reluctantly took her in, being pressured by stefan who doesnt want her to end up in foster care. Idk whatever happen next is up to you. Thanks in advance.  A/N: srry it took so long im rlly bad at getting imagines done quick. also Y/l/n = your last name. 

A/N: i suck ass i know. im sorry i havent posted in forever but dont worry, ive done a lot of writing over the past few days and i should be stocked up for the next few weeks. also, i know my transitions are shitty so i apologize for that but i am working on improving. love ya

Stefan’s POV:

“Come on Damon, you know that you don’t want this poor kid to go into foster care,” I exclaimed. “I don’t give a damn about that kid Stefan and you know it!” I let out a sigh, tired of fighting with Damon over this. “Damon she’s family, we have to take care of her,” I persuaded. “For all we know she could end up like her father and try to murder us,” Damon shot back. “Damon! Just because she came from a bad family doesn’t mean that she’s bad too, you of all people should know that. And I’m going to the Child Services Building and picking up Y/n whether you like it or not.“

Y/n’s POV:

“I’m sorry to say this Miss Y/l/n, but if Stefan and Damon Salvatore do not want to take you in you will have to be put in the foster care system,” the social worker told me. I felt my heart skip a beat in my chest, instantly speeding up rapidly. “W-what,” I whispered hoarsely, “I mean, do I really have no other living relatives?” “Yes, there are no other living relatives we know of,” she stated, exasperated. I nodded my head, my hands suddenly shaking. ‘Oh god, what if they don’t like me? Or worse, what if they hate me? Oh no, they’re going to hate me and I’m going to be stuck living with strangers who do drugs and don’t care about me at all-” My thoughts were interrupted by the front door of the Child Services Building opening. I saw two men, one with light brown hair and blue-green eyes and the other with raven hair and bright blue eyes. ‘What if that’s them?’ The social worker looked up and waved when she saw them. “Mr. and Mr. Salvatore,” she asked. “Yes,” the brown haired man answered. My heart started beating even faster, if that was even physically possible. As soon as this happened the raven haired man looked at me, his eyes narrowing as if he were annoyed by me already. “My name is Stefan, and this is my brother Damon. You must be Y/n,” the brown haired man I now know as Stefan introduced. “Uh, yeah I’m Y/n,” I confirmed. “Right, so we’re here to discuss the matter of you legally adopting and being the legal guardians of Y/n,” the social worker told Stefan and Damon. “Yes, yes, let’s get to it then,” Stefan replied. The social worker proceeded to ask them questions that would determine whether or not they were fit to be my legal guardians or not. After a brutal hour she finally found them fit to be my guardians. 

“Can we take Y/n home now,” Stefan asked. “Of course go ahead,” the social worker told him excitedly.  “Where are the rest of your bags,” Damon asked irritably. “This is all I have,” I told him quietly. “That tiny bag is everything you have,” Stefan asked, concerned. “Well yeah, I didn’t have much to begin with and a lot of my stuff the cops took for evidence,” I explained. “Well we’ll have to buy you some stuff then, right Damon,” Stefan said. “Yup,” Damon answered emotionless, popping the ‘p’. “You really don’t have to do that,” I protested. “No, We don’t mind,” Stefan replied. I decided to keep my mouth shut and then we continued to walk to the car in silence. 

 “This is our car up here,” Stefan said, pointing to a car in front of us. I looked up from the ground and saw an old red car and was instantly mesmerized by it. “She’s beautiful,” I muttered, practically gaping. Stefan smirked. “Yeah, she is isn’t she?” I got in the backseat of the car and leaned my head against the window. “So Y/n, are you excited to go to your new school next week,” Stefan asked, attempting to make small talk. I felt my heart rate pick up for at least the millionth time today. “I-I guess. I mean, at least I might finally make some friends,” I whispered. My eyes widened a little as I realized I just made myself seem like a weird loner girl in front of my new family. “You mean you didn’t have any friends at your other school? Makes sense,” Damon said. I felt my face drop and I looked down. “Damon!” Stefan hit the back of his head making me smile. “It’s fine. It does make sense that the daughter of a serial killer wouldn’t have good social skills,” I piped up, hoping that if I defended Damon he would hate me less. “You don’t have to defend him Y/n, he’s just being a jerk,” Stefan told me. “No, it’s fine. I really don’t care,” I replied. “You can’t just not care,” Stefan said. I shrugged my shoulders and looked out the window. While staring at the trees passing by I felt my eyes begin to droop. I leaned my head against the window and let myself asleep.

I woke up gasping for air. I looked around me, making sure I was safe. “Woah, Y/n are you okay,” I heard Stefan ask. I looked up at him and nodded my head. “I just had a bad dream,” I explained quietly. I saw both Damon and Stefan’s faces soften. I looked down, ashamed that they had witnessed me in such a weak state. “If it makes you feel any better, I have nightmares too,” Damon told me. I looked up at him in surprise. “Really?” “Really.” “Do you want to talk about it,” Stefan asked me gently. I shook my head quickly. “I’m fine,” I assured them. I saw Stefan give Damon a look of worry before looking back at the road. 

We got to their house, which might I mention was huge, in two hours. “Woah,” I whispered when I got out of the car. Stefan chuckled and opened the trunk, reaching for my bags. “It’s okay Stefan, I can get my bags,” I told him jogging over to get my bags. “It’s no problem, I need to show you where your room is anyway,” he replied. “Are you sure,” I asked. “Yes I am Y/n.” “Sweet Jesus, stop being so polite and one of you hold the damn bag,” Damon exclaimed. I flinched at the volume of his voice, instinctively stepping back. His eyes snapped towards me and he looked horrified. “Why did you- Did I scare you,” he asked me quietly. I shakily nodded my head yes. “I’m sorry,” he apologized. “It’s okay,” I whispered back, “it’s just that my dad used to yell a lot and it still freaks me out a little.” He looked even guiltier and I put my hand on his shoulder, silently assuring him that I was okay. Suddenly Damon pulled me into his chest. “Y/n I swear to god I will protect you from everything that comes your way, I promise you,” he told me. I felt Stefan join the hug too. “I’ll protect you too Y/n, I will do whatever it takes to make you feel safe.” I can tell I’m really going to like it here with my new family.

Natsume’s book of friends, season 6, ep 3

So, I know these Thoughts about episode 3 of Natsume 6 are late, but  I am just. so proud of how far Natsume has come and so amazed with the show’s character development. Sometimes you forget how much Natsume has grown, because it’s happened so slowly and naturally. But then something will happen that just starkly demonstrates how much more confident and comfortable with himself he’s gotten and episode 3 of this season where he sees Shibata again really really does that. 

The fact that Natsume is able to be so openly annoyed with Shibata and bicker with him and calls him on his bullshit and doesn’t just sit there and take it is HUGE. 

Especially when you contrast it to the last episode where he interacted with him, seasons ago. Shibata said ALL KINDS of shitty things to Natsume he first arrived and Natsume didn’t really defend himself much or act annoyed about it all that much. He was scared of him- scared of him revealing his secret to his friends, scared of being bullied again and he basically slipped back into having very little confidence with himself.

 It never even crossed his mind Shibata should talk to him in a nicer way because being treated that way was still the default for him, he didn’t even feel like he deserved more respect. There was no way he would have gone  “you know what you’re not showing me very much respect and it’s super annoying” to Shibata back then.. He also seemed to genuinely think if his friends interacted with Shibata too long, they’d start treating him like Shibata did when they were kids and everything would revert to how it was when he was a kid. He felt his friendships were that fragile. 

Of course, Shibata apologized at the end of this episode and showed some understanding towards Natsume, which is partly what’s responsible for Natsume feeling less threatened by him and more comfortable with him- he has changed since they were kids and he bullied Natsume.

But I really think a lot of Natsume’s behavior in ep 3 is a testament to how much more confident and comfortable with HIMSELF he’s gotten since that episode. He’s like “yeah Shibata isn’t very nice so. that’s why we don’t really get along”, like he’s explicitly acknowledging that it’s a problem on Shibata’s end that he isn’t nice. Natsume doesn’t assume, like in the past, that it’s his fault for being weird and that people will be “not nice” to him by default, because he’s now had enough friends and loved ones care for him to know that this is NOT TRUE and people SHOULD and CAN be nice to him. 

And for him to be like “Shibata I can’t see you I’m hanging out with a friend” “Haha YOU have friends?” “yeah i sure do also screw you and do you want me to hang up” “no waitwaitwait” like can you imagine Natsume having standing up for himself like that in early seasons? He would have agreed with Shibata that it was weird he had friends. instead he’s like “YEP SURE DO AND FUCK YOU FOR ACTING SURPRISED”.

He was also comfortable enough to take Tanuma to see Shibata. He wasn’t worried that Tanuma would have a magic “oh wait I should really be being a lot meaner to Natsume like this guy is” epiphany when he interacted with Shibata he trusts Tanuma enough at this point to know he’s better than that.  In fact, he’s worried about Shibata annoying Tanuma and is alll “HEY TANUMA i’M SO SORRY WE HAVE TO MEET WITH HIM HE’S PRETTY TACTLESS IF HE ANNOYS YOU EVEN A LITTLE BIT TELL ME AND WE’LL LEAVE IMMEDIATELY OKAY SERIOUSLY JUST TELL ME”. And there’s still a little insecurity in that- he’s nervous and overly solicitous there and worried about making Tanuma will be mad at him for having such an obnoxious friend, which is ridiculous considering how chill Tanuma is- so that shows Natsume is still not COMPLETELY confident in his relationships and has a lot of the anxiety and over-attentiveness still, he’s not magically over all the effects of his abuse. 

(And how friggin’ adorable was it when Shibata was like “you look like a beanpole” to both of them and both Tanuma and Natsume immediately yelled at him on the other one’s behalf”).

And then overall he was just basically able to comfortably bicker with Shibata, demand Shibata tell him what was going and even tease him and call him a scaredy-cat, which is wow, SUCH a big step to see Natsume confident enough to comfortably do things like that.

Speaking on Tanuma, it also shows how much Natsume has grown that he basically told Tanuma immediately what was going on and took relatively less convincing this time when Tanuma wanted to help. He’s still obviously pretty nervous about burdening people. but he’s come a long way.

And this show is so good about characters actually comminicating openly and honestly- that moment where Natsume apologized to Tanuma for asking for his help and Tanuma being like “I actually really prefer knowing what you’re dealing with to being kept in the dark because that makes me worry about you way more. I actually wish you’d let me help you more, but I know that freaks you out and sends you into a guilt spiral when I push it to hard. It makes me happy you’re trusting me and even relying on me even a little bit.” LIKE WOW. A PLUS COMMUNICATION, A PLUS FRIENDING. 

Basically this show has an end-goal of showing how much better it is when people communcate and are open with their feelings, but also acknowledges that it takes real work to get to that point, especially when you’re dealing with characters who are dealing with a lot of trauma like Natsume is. But Tanuma and Natsume and the rest of his friends DO put in the work and it’s beautiful to see how that is resulting in really healthy, honest relationships where they truly consider and understand each other’s feelings and that these relationships grow and get stronger with each passing episode.

I also have to praise the development on Shibata’s part too. I was very grumpy with him his debut episode for how he treated Natsume. (not because he didn’t feel like a realistic character or that his growth wasn’t good even in that episode, just. he spent most of it being a fuck so). He did apologize, but he didn’t seem to fully grasp exactly how much hell he put Natsume through. In this episode, though, he had a lot of growth. he fully gets all the scary shit Natsume has to deal with and is horrified and genuinely does his best to help and take responsibility for his part in it and lets Natsume know “hey I know I was shitty to you and I still am a little bit shitty but I really like seeing you and don’t want to hurt you”. LIKE YES EXACTLY THANK YOU. LET’S ALL JOIN THE “PROTECT NATSUME” SQUAD. It’s honestly one of the better “reformed bully” sidestories I’ve seen.

(And Natsume realizing that he gets what Tanuma’s talking about because it also makes him happy that Shibata reached out to him and relied on him!)



Whitewashing is not okay.
There are so many tutorials here on Tumblr for helping with drawing darker skin. If you look at the actor, who has dark skin, and make their skin so light that they aren’t recognizable, you need to change something.

Romanticizing a mental illness is not okay.
If someone had a mental illness that caused them lain when they were alive, that caused them to be “crazy” (for lack of a better word), you can not make an ‘AU’ where that person is a 'p*ycho murderer’. Just because someone suffers from psychosis does NOT make them a murderer.

Being transphobic and homophobic is, guess what? NOT OKAY.
There is nothing wrong with hetero ships. But, if you take a ship with two members of the same sex and make it to where one is female and one is male (without including other identities), you need to change something.

This specific person needs to give a proper apology.

Also, their followers say that people that are shedding light onto this person’s wrongdoings are being hateful (while simultaneously sending hate to the people trying to point out wrong behavior). I will say it here: I do NOT hate AB. I personally love their art and their style. However, this behavior and the AU needed to be called out.

TL;DR: Don’t be a piece of shit.

One last thing: Thank you to @johnlaurensprotectionsquad @lauwurens @exadorlion and @ everyone else who I cannot think of rn for bringing this up!!! This has bothered me for so long. I’m glad someone stood up and pointed it out.

Being the daughter of Jim Gordon and dating Jerome would include:

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Request:  Please, Can you do a headcanon like… Be the daughter of James Gordon and be dating Jerome (you are good and very young compared to Jerome, your father doesn’t accept) Sorry my English by @stupendousrpgkawaii

Warning: Reader being younger than Jerome, violence and unheathly love. Not a very nice love story.

A/N: Sorry that I’m late! But I made it kinda long eheheh

[Y/F/N]= your full name


  • Meeting Jerome radomly on the street and finding out he works at the carnival.
    • Him inviting you to watch the show.
  • Jerome being super fun and making you laugh all the time. Playing some minor pranks with him to annoy his co-workers.
  • Adoring his laughter.
  • Meeting him all the time and your dad becoming suspicious with whom you’re ‘chilling’ all the time.
    • “So, who’s the guy, [Y/N]?”
    • “I already told you. His name’s Jerome and he works at the carnival. And he’s funny and my friend.” 
    • “Just don’t get to ‘funny’ together, okay?”
  • Fiding out you’re younger than Jerome.
    • “You’re 18? What the…?”
    • “You look older, you know.”
    • “This is awkward.”
    • “Have heard and seen worse.”
    • “Same.”
    • Jerome being the childish one.
  • Comforting Jerome when he’s sad or/and angry.
    • “Jerome, you’re always welcome to crash on my couch. I don’t think dad would mind.”
    • “Thank you, [Y/N]. You’re the bestest friend someone could ever have.” 
  • Meeting Jerome’s mother and disliking her the moment she started to nag.
  • Climbing out of the window to meet up with Jerome at night.
    • “I’ve never done this before.”
    • “Don’t feel so guilty. We’re not doing bad things. We’re just going for a walk.”
    • Talking about your life.
  • Jim not liking that you’re never home.
    • “You should bring Jerome home for dinner. I’d like to meet the boy who’s making you climb out of the bathroom window.”
    • “Um…”
    • You feeling super guilty, making youself apologize to your father and promising him you wouldn’t do it ever again.
    • “I was young, too, and I did anything to get into a girls pants-”
    • “Please no!”
  • Jim forcing Lee to give you the Talk again. It’s very awkward.
  • Jerome kissing you unexpectedly after a walk. 
    • Blushing and stuttering but kissing him back. 
  • Coming home, grinning brightly and Jim asking you what happened, only to find out that Jerome had kissed you.
    • Jim not being happy with it and him trying to keep you busy. 
    • Lee being on your side. “Jim, you can’t keep them apart forever. They will find a way to meet and she’s going to keep you in the dark until it’s too late.” 
    • Jim still not liking Jerome. He being sure that the boy’s a vagabond.
  • Jerome liking to hug you from behind and kissing the top of your head. 
    • He’s a cuddler, you realise.
    • He’s so much more happy with you than with everyone else. You feeling special. 
    • Him buying you souveniers.
  • You fiding out that Jerome’s mother was murdered and comforting him, staying with him all night.
    • Jim meets Jerome for the first time.
    • Him hating Jerome because he’s too old for you.
  • Your father telling you that Jerome had killed his mother and that the GCPD sends him away to Arkham.
  • Crying al lot.
  • Begging you’re father for a meeting with Jerome. You wanting answers for the things he did.
    • “Please, dad…”
    • “No. You’re not going to be near that boy ever again. Do you understand, [Y/F/N]?”
    • “Yes, dad.” 
  • Being lovesick and burrying yourself in school work.
  • Two days after the Maniax broke out, you’re being kidnapped by Jerome.
    • “You can’t just abduct me! Jerome, you have to let me go.” 
    • “Don’t you understand? I brought you here to be safe from the others. The city is going to blow up, soon.”
    • You being frightened to death. Everything about Jerome changed. His laughter became haunting, his smile your nightmare and the look in his eyes told you that your Jerome was long gone.
    • Crying alot and begging him to let you go.
  • Him confessing his love to you in despair.
    • “Oh, I fell so hard in love with you, love. I never thought my heart could skip so many beats. I love you.”
    • You being in love with him but also knowing that whatever is between the two of you would never work. “Jerome, I’m breaking up with you. I don’t want this. I don’t want your twisted love.”
    • Jerome getting angry and slapping you, but apologizing with many soft kisses afterwards.
  • Being torn apart. 
  • Finally escaping the day he left the door unlocked.
    • Running to the GCPD, crying and telling him about Jerome. 
    • Jim and Harvey comforting you. 
    • Even Ed tries to comfort you with riddles.
    • Jim being ready to kick Jerome’s ass for hurting your feelings.
  • Going to therapy after Jerome’s death to deal with everything that happenend to you.

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