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how would dating daniel be like pls ♡ ?

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- dating daniel is like dating a kid LOL

- aka two kids bc seongwoo would be every where w daniel 

- and somehow, u get pulled into the mess too 

- also

- walking his cat

- ‘’uhm,,,i don’t think ur cat likes this…’’

- ‘’nonsense!! she does!!’’

- cue the two of u looking back and his cat is just laying there and daniel is just dragging her 

- aka cue the second hand embarrassment u have LMFAO 

- ‘’why am i dating u again’’ 

- ‘’uhm bc u love me??” 

- ‘’listen,,,who the hell walks their cat?!?!?” 

- ‘’mE EXCUSE U’’

- also, cute goodmorning texts!! 

- and goodnight ones!! 

- even if he’s running late, he never fails to send u a goodmorning text and reminding u to have a good day

- and also making sure that u ate breakfast and slept well 

- whenever he knows u take the closing shift, he makes sure to always wait for u and to walk home w you no matter how tired he may be

- he couldn’t live with himself if something happened to u 

- even if he walked to ur house or apartment idk - he makes sure to see u get in the house or whatever to make sure ur safe!!

- if there happens to be a time where u have to walk home alone (which is rare) 

- he would send seongwoo or anyone that he trusts to walk u home 

- and tells u to send him texts on when u leave and when u get home so he knows ur safe

 - a true angel 

- cuddles!!

- lots and lots of it

- and expect a lot of skinship 

- hand holding like 25/8 

- even if his hands get sweaty or yours does idk he won’t let go lol 

- ‘’daniel,,,let go-’’

- ‘’no’’ 

- ‘’but-’’

- ‘’no now shh lets go look at cats’’ 

- loves to shower u in aegyo even if its cringy lol 

- ‘’jirit jirit jirit jirit’’ 

- doesn’t like to show off pda much in public because he believes it should be something intimate between the two of u if that makes sense lolol 

- but loves loves loves giving you forehead kisses 

- believes they show much more affection and sincerity 

- likes to take you out a lot

- like going to see cats at the pet store or animal shelter lol 

- cafe dates!! 

- likes to go cafe hunting to see who can find the best cafe 

- and also the best latte designs

- also likes to explore around seoul and what kind of things that it can offer

- also,,trying out some good bbq and street food

- dates can range from cooking at home to bowling to see whoever would win to fancy dates in nice restaurants

- likes to spend lots of stuff on u bc he thinks that u deserve the best!! 

- ‘’i got this for u bc it reminded me of u!!!” 

- ur personal photographer 

- loves loves taking pics of u - secretly to save or whenever u wanted

- likes taking lots of pics bc he wants to keep them as memories and to see them whenever he misses u 

- also, takes u out shopping a lot LOL 

- isn’t really big on couple items like shirts or sweaters or whatever

- but likes to have matching phone charms, bracelets, or socks idk 

- fights are also rare with daniel 

- most of the time, you two try to talk it out because a relationship is all about communication and trust so,, 

- u too love each other too much to fight lmao 

- but if you do, it would be because of miscommunication between the two of you or pent up frustrations 

- if it escalates to something serious, he would be the one to walk out the door first or lock himself inside the bedroom 

- because he would want to leave before he would say something he regretted and he rather leave than watch the relationship to fall apart

- of course, him leaving would either make you really mad or burst into tears because you would believe he was tired of you 

- comes back out or home (if he was out) after a few hours and calming down

- and wants to talk it out because he believes that its better to resolve stuff quicker than dragging it out 

- comes up to backhugs you and won’t let go until the two of u talk it out

- once u forgive each other, the two of u would spent it snuggling in bed 

- ‘’bc i miss ur touch and i don’t want us to fight again’’ 

- ok on the topic of this, if u were ever upset, he would do his best to find out why

- the type to not leave until u tell him why

- even if u don’t tell him right away, he would stay w u bc he cares about u sososo much and the thought of u being upset hurts him 

- eventually u do bc who can resist this angel?? 

- the type to kiss away ur tears, no matter how cheesy he thinks it is bc all he is focused on is to make u feel better

- and will do what it takes to make u feel better

- please stan him he deserves it so much :(( 

Imagine #16 Charles Xavier (Request)

Requested by anon: Hiii! I was wondering if you could write a charles x reader where y/n doesn’t know that he is a mutant and he shows his powers for the first time?? fluff please thank you, have a nice day ❤❤❤ (sorry for the english, this is not my first language)

Originally posted by jmcavoy--fan

Not my gif

Words: 1362

Warnings: fem!reader, typos, cheesy af

A/N: So, this came out as a Valentine’s themed fic, because I’m trash and I couldn’t help myself. I hope it’s not too cheesy to read. (Also, yes, I am aware that I have just posted a fic like 10 minutes ago and before that, I hadn’t in two weeks, but again… I’m trash, what can I do?) Enjoy! xoxo

It was ten to five and you were really nervous. Something – maybe just a gut feeling, maybe the way Charles had been acting lately – told you that this date would definitely end with a bang of some sort. You hadn’t seen your boyfriend in almost two weeks, last at his presentation and the party afterwards. He had ringed you up once or twice, but other than that, there had been no contact, which wasn’t like Charles at all. You had always been the more diffident one out of the two of you He was Mr Make-a-move. And him pulling back like this made you feel more self-conscious than you wanted to admit. You had been dating for almost half a year and surely he wouldn’t break up with you on Valentine’s Day, you had told yourself. But the closer it got to 5 pm, the less sure you were about that.

You heard a knock at the door and forced yourself not to run. He hadn’t told you about his plans, but mentioned that you might want to put on something nice. He had also said that you looked beautiful in everything, but that hadn’t stopped you from going all out – well, your interpretation of it. Your dress was dark red and hugged your curves beautifully. And by the look in Charles’ eyes you could tell that you had made the right choice. He looked very handsome himself in his dark suit with the colourful tie.

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#20. Diet

Juice Ortiz/Reader

“Baby,” Juice protested, nervously watching as you threw a ton of different vegetables into the shopping cart. “You don’t—”

“Don’t you dare tell me what I need, Juan Carlos!” she snapped, tossing in another head of lettuce. “5 pounds. 5 pounds!


“I am not goint to let 5 fucking pounds get between me, and my weight goal for our wedding!” She growled, glaring at me dangerously. I backed up a little and held my hands up, praying she would take mercy on her own groom-to-be. “I have eaten salads for the last two weeks, don’t care if I have to eat lettuce and carrots for the next two as well; I will meet my goal. I have to! I can’t! I just—“

“Baby!” I yelled, finally grabbing her attention, as well as everyone else’s in the produce section. I slowly stepped closer and wrapped her up in my arms, pulling her into my chest so I could kiss her forehead. I had to try and calm her down enough to avoid a panic attack. “Listen to me, ok? Focus on my breathing.”

Her breaths were coming in shallow whimpers, a hiccup or two breaking her gasps every now and again.

“Baby, no diet—nuhuh! Let me finish—” I stopped her, looking into her watery eyes, “No diet is worth this! You have been angry, and irritable, you’ve been getting migraines like crazy, and you are stressing out so bad, you’ve been having more attacks in the last few days, than I’ve ever seen you have in the two years we’ve been together.

“Now, I know you’re just 5 pounds away, and I am so, so proud of you for all the hard work you’ve put into this. But I also know that you’ve been pushing yourself too hard lately. Water and salads for two weeks? That is wildly unhealthy, and that’s coming from the club Health Nut.” I said, smoothing her hair off of her forehead. “And Hap has told me just how gorgeous you look in your dress, baby. I promise, you don’t have to kill yourself just for this last little bit.”

“I know…” she whispered, burying her face into my shoulder, “I’m just so nervous though… So many charters are coming in, and we still have to get the club straightened up, get it stocked, and your sisters are flying in and—”

This time, I pulled her chin up and interrupted her with a kiss, pouring all my love and devotion for this girl into it. 

“Gem, Lyla, and Tara already have all of that covered, and we’ve had the guest rooms set up for almost a week now. And trust me, all my other brothers are going to adore you. But, please? I want you to enjoy these last few weeks of your bachelorette life, not stress over the small stuff. Ok?”

“So,” she drawled out, sniffling as smirking up at me, “What I’m hearing is that I should put on my skimpiest dress, and go out with the girls for a few more nights of freedom?”

I growled low, tightening my grip on her hips before playfully biting her lower lip, “Alright, missy, I think it’s time I take you home and spank that sass right out of that cute ass of yours.” I crouched down and threw her over my shoulder as I grabbed her bag and hauled her out of the store—abandoning the cart full of rabbit food.

“Juice,” she giggled, swatting my ass, “The food!”

“Forget the food. Shopping can wait.”

Yellow Lamborghini, Yellow Top Missing 😙😙

Been away for a while, just been caught up in my own life - started a new job, moved into a new house, working on getting my own shit together. Unbelievably excited to be attending What The Festival with my daddy in less than two weeks!! He paid to bring my two best friends (VIP of course) and it should be a blast. We also just picked up tickets to Kendrick Lamar, Pretty Lights, and The Shins 😍 should be an amazing summer full of live music! We are planning our trip to Tokyo for late September or early November. Daddy says he will pay for four friends to come too, that’s 9 days all expenses paid to Tokyo for me and my squad. How lucky am I ❤😚

Super Late Gajevy Love Week 2017: Warm-Up Prompt- AU

You can also find this floating around AO3. As per the notes there, I am getting my writing sea legs back by taking on the Gajevy Love Week challenge that happened like two months ago. (Wah, I’m literally always tardy to every party.) There will be smut eventually, but this one is smut free. 

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Soulmate!AU: Jack Morrison x Reader - Ineffable (Part 1/3)

ineffable - (adj) too great to be expressed in words

Summary: Please forgive us, summaries are really not one of our strengths. Just so you know, this is a soulmate!AU where the whole world is black and white until you look your soulmate into the eyes for the first time. 
Pairing: Jack MorrisonxReader
Warning: Mercy mains might get offended by the short mention of Genji needing healing. 
word count: 6,346

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Top 10 Bias List

I was tagged by my (evil, making-me-pick-out-my-top-biases-even-though-it’s-insanely-hard) love, @rudeboywonho (shockingly I also have a thing for rappers??? this is weird)

Imma tag @memecook (this one’s gonna be rough for you, sorry Julianne!!), @21stdopecenturygurl, @jeondulce, and @malikscofield if ya wanna do it!!

1. Kim Namjoon - my love and heart and soul. My sunshine. I about died at that vlive he did yesterday and the way he was smiling at the camera and singing Drake just fuckign fucked me UP hfdjhfbdfdk

2. Jackson Wang - ooooooo this boy has been doing some DAMAGE lately. I always think about Jackson too, like why?? I’ll just think about him at random points in the day and ugh I adore him he’s such a gentleman but also hilarious and is REALLY giving Namjoon a run for his money

ok I have to put two because there are two sides of Jackson Wang and I love them more than I love myself bye

3. Lee Jooheon - he is the literal embodiment of cuteness and I cannot handle it, how tf am I going to deal at the Monsta x concert in July??? plus like, his dimples ruin me

4. Moonbin - I CANNOT with this boy. He makes my heart flutter and his laugh. his fuckin LAUGH. I WILL ATTACH A COMPILATION OF HIM AND HIS LAUGH HERE BECAUSE HE IS SOMETHING EVERYONE NEEDS IN THEIR LIFE 

5. Kwon Jiyong - ask @memecook, I am LITERAL and UTTER trash for G-Dragon. That is all

6. Kim Taehyung - Now I UNDERSTANNND that I already have Namjoon on here but Taehyung has wrecked all of my bias wreckers…..knocked Jimin out of his spot, then threw Yoongi out the window so I think Tae deserves a spot here. There are a shit ton of reasons why Taehyung is the most beautiful soul on earth get it

7. Kim Yugyeom - Here’s another from Wreck7, who continuously wrecks my entire bias list on the daily. Yugyeom makes me feel some typa way and idk what it is, but I want to hug his giant maknae ass 24/7

8. Kim Byungjoo - ToppDogg is not really active, but B-Joo will always be active in my heart ok

9. Shin Hoseok - worming his way into my heart honestly and I find myself thirsting over his beauty and also his sincerity towards Monbebes threatens to rip my heart out

10. Chae Hyungwon - an awkward tall bean like me and I love how adorably sweet he actually is and I want to hug him??? so badly??? wow Monsta x is ruining me

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I been feeling quite empty lately, I don't longer care as much as I used to do for other people and im bother when someone shows me too much affection. It might sound mean but I have no words to express it, I get bored of people. I'm an infj and I love my personality but also hate it sometimes. A blessing and a curse at the same time. Am I transitioning to another personality or is this common among us?

I’ll occasionally go through a day or two when I feel like that. I can’t explain why I feel like that; I just do. It’s a fairly common thing for me at least. I don’t think it’s a personality-transition, either.

One thing I’ve noticed with us INFJs is that we idealize practically everything, and then when reality doesn’t match our preconceived notions of what it “should” be, we become disappointed and a little resentful toward the world in general and the people within it, even ourselves sometimes. It’s taken me a long time and several rather harsh wake up-calls to realize that expecting something of everything will lead to major dissatisfaction. I’ve taken to merely taking life as it comes, not expecting anything of anything, and when something nice comes along I’m thankful for it.

Thank you for the ask, Anon! :) I hope this helps you in some way. I wish you a wonderful life!

12 Days of Sabriel – Day 1

Title: 12 Days of Sabriel – Day 1
‘Showing up late to class with a Starbucks’ is not Sam’s style at all. Not showing up to class at all because the guy working at Starbucks is confusingly handsome is totally Sam’s style.
Underage Drinking (< 21 years)

Sabriel || Fluff || Height Difference || Coffee Shop AU || College AU || Sam is a Starbucks virgin || OC: Bagel || Advent Calendar Fic

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mcry  asked:

Hey ! I just saw your post about not fetishising gay men. I most definitely understand and also despise that, but as I am not a gay man (I am a mere bisexual lady), I was wondering if that applies to just shipping two men in a relationship? I've seen a lot of posts on tumblr lately implying that fetishising men and shipping men is the same thing and I'm a little worried because I definitely have a few gay ships that I read about and support. (along with lesbian/bi/straight ships too). Thanks!

(Also I’m aware you’re not a gay man but I thought if you made the post you or your followers might have more insight than me). Have a rad day :)

Shipping gay fictional characters doesn’t mean inherently fetishizing them!! There’s nothing wrong with appreciating a particular gay ship, especially when coming from other gay people (with some exceptions, sadly).
The problem stands with the way cishet women see gay ships as something that exists solely for their personal enjoyment: calling them their “sinful babies” and writing gay sex based on porn or even just on their personal fantasies with no regard to safety or common sense, recurring to bad homophobic tropes (abuse, cheating, forcing the partner to come out etc.) to “spice things up” in the ship, using transphobic tropes for the sake of “angst”, excusing incest, abuse and pedophilia for the sake of seeing two male characters together. The problem also stands with how they tend to put aside male characters of color and/or make them “evil” to make some other ship happen. Fandom culture as I’ve known it since I was a kid is deeply rooted in homophobia, transphobia and racism, and that is what I am against. But no, shipping per se is nothing bad.

louezem  asked:

Mamihlapinatapei - The look between two people in which each loves the other but is too afraid to make the first move. I am loving your firefighter!Peeta / teacher!Katniss drabbles. ;)

I am so sorry, @louezem​. I was trying to get this done in time for your birthday, but that didn’t happen. Hope you don’t mind this being a few days late. :-)

Also, I wrote a canon compliant piece for this word already, you can find it HERE if you’re interested. But it fit so well with the direction the firefighter story was headed I figured what the hey! I can write for the same word twice.

My thanks to @peetabreadgirl for pre-reading and not gloating too much.

Send me a word and I’ll write a drabble

Come On Baby, Light My Fire (Part 6)

Part 1 - Grapholagnia

Part 2 - Neighbors/We Meet Again

Part 3 - Callipygian

Part 4 - Apodyopis

Part 5 - Gymnophoria

Part 6 - Mamihlapinatapei: The look between two people in which each loves the other but is too afraid to make the first move.

Field one is like another planet. Extra bleachers have been set up, and although I spot Rue and a large group of her friends as well as a handful of other students and teachers, there are so many more in the full to bursting stands who are complete strangers to me. Unlike at the other fields, the small announcer’s booth is full and in use, music playing through the speakers. There’s a tent set up behind the firefighter’s dugout, selling the calendars and promoting volunteer work at the Twelfth and Oak Soup Kitchen, the charity group that receives the proceeds from the sales this year. As I watch, a woman who’s just purchased a calendar calls out to Mr. July and screams that she loves him. He blows her a kiss through the wire fencing of the dugout while her friends fan themselves.

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the shape of your words

summary: “Oh, you beautiful bastard,” she said, grinning. “You amazing, beautiful bastard.”
fandom: boku no hero academia
pairing(s): bakugou katsuki/uraraka ochako.
character(s): bakugou katsuki, uraraka ochako, midoriya izuku, iida tenya, kirishima eijirou, and todoroki shouto.
words: 3.7k
warning(s): things you said meme, time range: school years until mid-20s.
notes: in the midst of midoriya/uraraka, i made this. SORRY. (not sorry. well, probably because other things.) also posted on ao3

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Okay, I have read theories where people said that Seven and Jumin know that they’re in a game, but what about Jaehee?

On the 8th day of Jaehee’s route, she mentions about getting a gift from Zen. But before she left the chatroom, she said that I shouldn’t stay up too late to play smartphone games. I didn’t say anything about playing smartphone games in the chatroom, and I never bring up the topic “I play smartphone games”.

I also remembered when I picked “This game isn’t a visual novel, but it gives you more than two options” in a chatroom with 707 and Jaehee (On the 5th day of Jaehee’s route), Jaehee said that she didn’t understand what I am talking about. Which kinda confuses me. Does she know about her being in a game or not? Or maybe she is pretending not to know?

I don’t really know whether this theory is true or not, but that’s just my opinion orz


Day 1 of Astro August Challenge:

Who is your bias?

As you can already tell, my bias is Moon Bin. I made this small and simple (yet time consuming) gifset of him to show what I love about Bin. Also, to bring out my last point, his voice, here’s a link. Definitely check it out, if you haven’t already or have. There are a few more things but I didn’t know how to illustrate it with gifs (his laugh, his personality) or I was too lazy to look up new videos for it (his arms), so the last row only has two gifs (was supposed to make 9 gifs). I’ll stop my off topic rambling now. 

Have a pleasant day!  

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Can you share more happiness? I am so sad these days

I am sorry to hear that, anon. 

I am also currently looking for a house to BUY with my two gloriously wonderful roommates. We looked at a super cute place in our budget last week but it is too early and had structural issues. But we have a budget and a realtor and a lender and a move-by goal so that is all good!

I got a lot done today and I feel super accomplished. 

I am slowly building exactly the life I wished to live but never thought was possible. Pinch me, because lately I am so happy I swear I must be dreaming. Is this really my life?

My Dexcom G5 (continuous glucose monitor) arrived yesterday, but I got home from a day trip too late to deal with it last night.

Today, I have watched the training video and (successfully so far, I think?) inserted a sensor in my belly (hurts less than the mealtime insulin needles do, no problem), connected the transmitter to it, and charged the receiver as well as installing the receiver app on my phone. Now we wait two hour for sensor warmup before I can calibrate the blood glucose readings with a fingerstick. 

So I guess I am a diabetes cyborg now! (also slightly paranoid that this sensor is gonna fall out, although I think I did it right and the trial one the nurse inserted for me at the doctor’s office a few weeks ago never did fall out during my week wearing it…)


as an update for the deerper bipper gif i decided to make a month or two ago, i haven’t given up on it! i am still working on it. as you can see, it’s taking longer then i thought it would. I’ve been busy lately, but i finally have a schedule! every Wednesday, from 11 AM to 1 PM, i will be doing nothing but edit this gif. also, if i feel like it, on the weekends too. but weekends are my days off, so. :l

 i tested the five stills (approximately 10 frames long) and they look pretty good in motion, although the background looks shaky because of the way i cropped the frames. :l other then that, though, hey! i’m doing pretty good for my first moving image. also i’m using SAI to edit this, so

imagine this with dear parts. that’s what i am rooting for.

(hey, five stills edited out of 19. almost there!)

170 hours. 2 weeks: Trauma Surgery

Well, there are people who work 40 hours a week, have a social life and a whole weekend. On the other hand there are people, who work 84 hours a week, sleep 4-6 hours a night and still have to be concentrated during surgery. HOW DO THOSE PEOPLE SURVIVE? The doctors, nurses & the rest of the team earn my respect for their commitment. 

I’ve spent 2 weeks in a trauma surgery specialized clinic and after working 14 days straight I’ve burned all my energy. I laughed, I learnt a lot and sometimes there were moments when I just came home & cried, but I’m having no regrets about my decision. It was an intensive period but also one of the best two weeks in my life so far… 

The first day …

6.30 AM: Time to get up. I didn’t sleep well, I’m too nervous. What will happen? I hurry downstairs, drink my beloved coffee and try to eat something. I’m leaving at 7.30, because nobody wants to be late at the first day, right?

Since I’m way too early, I take my anatomy book & repeat some material.. Hopefully they won’t ask too many questions … 9 AM: I’m in the clinic with the chief himself. I watch him examining patients, help the nurses with bandages and stop by the radiology department. 11 AM: Time to get ready for surgery! I’m allowed to scrub in & I feel like in heaven, because it’s my first time. They give me the “Langenbeck” & I feel so happy … Midnight: I finally come home. I’m exhausted but happy about it. 

My first night shift …

Since it’s the influenza season & the clinic is having a lack of staff, they’ve asked me I’ve I could take over the assistance shift. I agreed, because you wan’t to prove them that you’re a busy bee, right?

7 AM: We’ve finally finished with the last surgery. After 18 hours of working & 13 operations later I immediately fall asleep. I was allowed to assist on ACL reconstruction, open shank fracture, IMC, Ligamys, other fractures & more. Trauma surgery is such a fascinating branch…

The worst fracture I’ve ever seen …

I’m running outside with MD B. to take over a patient, who arrived by helicopter. The person is having terrible pain, the RR is low but still awake. I’m heading over to the radiology department for the images …

Summing up …

I’m grateful that I did this voluntary internship. I’ve learnt a lot of new stuff (thanks to all the surgeons, nurses, anesthetists …) THANK YOU! 

but still, all is not gold that glitters: I made mistakes & got ranted but it’s normal: I’m at the beginning & I still have to learn. Moreover, one’s learning from mistakes. (but they were all really nice!!!!)

I’ve finished this internship two days ago & I’m already missing it. The surgeries, the funny moments, being busy all the time …

Show interest, ask questions, have a lot of perseverance & you’ll learn a lot.

dawnseternallight  asked:

You said I should ask and I am because all of a sudden I need Bruce, Dev, and Damian in the form of flash fic. Thank you dear. ❤️

mostly fluff for you, dawn, because i owe you :)

Scientific Study (AO3 Link)

Bruce Wayne came home from work too late to do anything other than head straight to the dining room. He found Alfred alone, putting a covered platter on the table and only two place settings arranged on the placemats.

“Where is everyone?” Bruce asked, meaning mostly Damian and Cass but also any of the nearly dozen people that were prone to showing up throughout the day and staying for dinner. He pulled his chair out and sat down.

Alfred served both of them before taking the other chair and answering with a question.

“Would you prefer the full report or the abbreviated version?”

“Abbreviated,” Bruce answered, wishing he’d taken the time to change out of his suit and tie.

“Busy,” Alfred said succinctly, with a straight face.

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carolyn003  asked:

Hi!Thanks for opening ur request again and congrats on getting 2500 followers!!!u totally deserve it.😊 Hope u don't mind doing a fanfic on kyohei breaking up with mc.when mc got a 2yr contract as a writer abroad and she can't decide if she'll take it or not,so he break up with her so she can go and achieve her dream as a writer. after her contract ended, she came back home got a chance to work with kyo again then they got back together?Then he propose and they got married afterwards? Thanks!

Thank you and hope this is okay for you.

Thing have been going on well for both you and Kyohei. You work are also getting more recognition and in fact you just received to two years contact to work in New Zealand. Not wanting to leave Kyohei alone here, you decide to reject the offer and stay with him in LA. Thus, you decide not to bring up this offer to him at all.

Your mentor, Mr Ena feels it is a waste for you to miss this opportunity and he understands what is holding you back. Thus, he invited Kyohei out to talk about it.

“If you really care about her, you should let her go. It is an opportunity for her. Think it through.” Fumito said before leaving Kyohei behind to let him think about it.

Kyohei’s POV
I slowly make my way home after meeting Fumito. I hate to admit that it is an opportunity for her. However, we have promise each other to growth together side by side. I have come to a point that I can’t live without her but I don’t want her to sacrifice her career because of me. What should I do? I flop down on my bed thinking whole night holding the diamond ring in my hand. I wanted to propose to her soon but it is the right time now? Will we be okay if we are a part? She could meet better guy than me and left me. Will I really be lonely without her? Many questions flow into my mind as the night ending soon. Eventually, I finally make up my mind.

On our next date, we spend a fun time together. I want to give her the best memory before I break the news to her. Parts of me wish that today will never end but I know that it is not possible. Finally, coming to our last stop, we ends up in a hotel room where we will spend our night there. I make love passionately with her, pouring all my feeling to her. I can’t remember how long we are over each other but it was 3am in the morning when we finally stop.

“Why didn’t you tell me about the contract?” I asked hesitantly while holding her in my arms. There was a silence from her.

“I see no point since I decide to turn down the offer.” She tries to reply cheerfully but avoiding looking at me. She really thinks that she can fool me with her expression.

“There is no reason for you to reject.” I replied coldly.

“What do you mean no reason? Don’t you understand why I am doing in this?” She exclaimed in shocked, looking up at me in tears.

“I know that we promise each other to growth together but there is no reason for you to sacrifice for me.” I closed my eyes and continue,“ Let’s break off for a while. I can’t be so selfish to hold you back.”

I say it out finally but I can feel thousands of knives stab into my heart. The pain I suffering was so painful but I can’t let her know. I want her to succeed. This is best for her.

“Do we really need to do this?” She cried and I can’t help but embraced her.

“If we are still meant to be together in two years, I will not going to let you go. You need to accept the contract.” I whispered loud enough for her and she nods her head in agreement. That night we say nothing else but just holding each other until it is time to let go.

Two weeks later, she left. I did not see her off. I am worried that I might change my mind if I see her right in front of me. The rest of the guys were telling me that she was crying when I am not there. It hurt my heart to hear that. I shut myself in the room that day, holding the diamond ring in my palm, repeatedly telling myself that everything will be alright.

2 years later
You finally make it through your career and were invited back to LA to write on a script. Coming back here brought back many memories and you can’t help but wonder how he has been doing. For the past two years, you still have been following closely on his new songs, concert etc. None of you keep in contact with each other and you wonder if he had totally forgotten you. Pushing back those memories, you make your way to the studio but to find out that the main actor in the movie is Kyohei.

Both of you make a casual greeting and soon work start to go crazy. All you can talk to him is about work and nothing else. You feel kind of disappointed that he makes no effort to ask you out. Eventually, it comes to the last day of the firming. You kind of feel sad that today will be the last day you will be seeing him. Maybe he no longer loves you anymore.

“Will you like to come over to my house? The guys miss you and would like to hang out together.” Kyohei asked suddenly.

“Sure.” You replied. You do miss the rests too. A catch up would be nice. Just like what you anticipate, the house is still as noisy as ever.

“_____, you know every night, Kyohei will hold something in his palm.” Iori voice out suddenly.

“And he will watch the movie you wrote the past two years many times.” Kota added.

“It has become like a daily routine for him.” Ryo continue.

“Shut up!” Kyohei blushed.

“I know where he keeps that thing. Want to see what it is?” Nagito smirked and drags you to Kyohei’s room. Kyohei tried to stop him but Nagi already take out the box from the drawer. He quickly snatches it away from Nagi.

“I think we should leave them alone.” Takashi said and led everyone out, leaving two of you there.

“Is what they said true?” You asked, can’t contain the happiness inside you.

“Well, I guess there is no point hiding. It is true and the thing I holding every night is this ring. I wanted to hug you tightly on the first day I meet you but we have to act professionally. I also worried that you might have found someone. That is why I hold back.” Kyohei sighed before taking the ring out of the box.

“I wanted to ask you two years ago before I know about the contract. I hope it is still not too late. Will you marry me? I am not going to let you go again.” Kyohei asked and kneel down in front of you.

“Yes.” You cried in happiness of tears while Kyohei slips the ring onto your ring finger. You jump into his arms and he embraces you tightly. Shout of joy can be heard at the corridor but you don’t care anymore. No way are you going to leave him again.