also i am sorry for picking such a serious pic of her

SDR2 Girls & their s/o: Relationship with s/o who has trust issues Headcanons
(Here, your Mikan sprite) Don’t worry, Anon, this isn’t too complicated! I completely understand. Honestly, I can relate to these problems pretty well, so it wasn’t too hard to write that. I hope you aren’t going through such problems too, Anon. Thanks for requesting, though! – Mod Chiaki

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Fuck! BOOM! Auch.
  • Series: Overwatch
  • Pairing: Boombox (Junkrat x  Lúcio)
  • Chapters: 10/10
  • Words: 19.270
  • Subject: Soon after you are born, on the palm of your right hand a text will appear, a tattoo if you want to call it that way. That will be the first sentence your soulmate will tell you upon meeting you.
  • Check it also on AO3 + 2 bonus oneshots

It’s here! Finally finished the Soulmate AU! Ten chapters of… probably too much Junkrat’s point of view… you are warned for the stream of thoughts, now enjoy.

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The Reunion (Kellin Quinn~ Y/N)

Can I ask for a Kellin quinn imagine where you’re at a school reunion with your old mates and teachers at your school (your in a very well known band) and half way though, kellin comes and surprises you and everyone (even some of the teachers) sort of fangirl because ‘your so cute as a couple’ and they thought it was just rumours going around. Then he just messes with you and picks you up and keeps kissing you and just fluff? Thank you very muchkins x

Written By: Gwen

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Jared Leto Imagine 4 (part 1)

Imagine meeting Jared Leto through your older brother Josh.
Josh is an excellent photographer, and Jared shows up on one of Josh’s exhibits, and is fascinated by Josh’s art. Jared wants one of Josh’s photographs to appear on the next cover of 30 Seconds to Mars album. 


It’s Thursday evening. Your older brother Josh and you’re getting ready for his big exhibit. He’s a rising star in photography and this is his 5th exhibit, but the first one that’s going to be presented to the larger audience, since numerous reporters are coming.

You two have always been very close, and nothing like the usual siblings who’fight and pick on each other a lot. Sure Josh knew to tease you every once in a while, but it was always cute, and you could never get mad at him. He was always very protective of you and every boy you’ve dated had to meet Josh if you felt it could be a serious relationship. He always knew to estimate whether people were good or not, and you always trusted his opinion.

The same goes for his art. You were always the first person he’d show his photos to, and if you thought they were worth showing, you were always right, and they ended up being extremely popular with the audience. This was probably the case because you were in love with the photography as well, but you decided to pursue another one of our dreams and become a well recognized make-up artist. 

Your dream came true and you’ve worked on a couple of movies and TV shows. Your carrier is definitely on a rise. Josh and you’ve moved from home, and are currently living alone in a condo in LA, while your parents are living a couple of miles from you in LA as well.

“Y/N, are you ready?”, Josh knocks on your bedroom door nervously.

“I’m almost done. Give me 5 more minutes”

“I can’t believe you’re gonna make me be late on my own exhibit!”, Josh answers angrily.

“Don’t worry J, will be there on time”, you tr  to calm him down.

“Fine! But if I’m late you’re grounded for a month”

“Hahahah, very funny Josh. You’re forgetting I’m not 12 anymore. I’m 25, and you don’t get to ground me big bro.”, you start chuckling.

“But you can still push my buttons just as you could when you were 12”, he stands in front of your bedroom door walking back and forth.

You get out of your room wearing a navy lace cocktail dress with sleeves and a pair of navy velvet pumps. Your long hair is slightly curled so you have vintage loosen up curls sleek on side. He’s amazed by the way you look.

“But you certainly look much more beautiful than when you were twelve. Sis, you look gorgeous.”, he’s so proud to have such a beautiful sister.

“Thank you, you look very handsome as well. Shall we?”

“Yes please.”

“Are mom and dad meeting us there?”

“Yeah, mom said they may be a little late she couldn’t find anything to wear for tonight.”, Josh says and rolls his eyes.

“Oh my God, that woman must’ve bought more clothes than I could ever imagine in my life and she’s still complaining”, you say with disbelief.

“You’re the one to tell her. You have an entire room just for your wardrobe.”, Josh says and starts laughing.

“Well, I guess I am my mother’s daughter”, you start laughing and sit in the car with Josh.

You two drive away to the gallery.

As you arrive, you notice a large crowd in front of the gallery. Wow, the word spread out quite a lot. You all enter inside and Josh’s PR announces him and opens the exhibit. After Josh said his thanks, the people start looking around and you notice they’re all amazed by your brother’s work. You could not be more proud of him.

“Congratulations, J. The exhibit looks fascinating. You’re really the master of the craft”, you say and kiss him on the cheek.

“Thank you, Y/N. It means the world to me when you compliment it.”, he hugs you and squeezes you tight.

“Well son, you’ve finally made a breakthrough, didn’t you”, your father says.

“I always knew my little Josh would make his dreams come true”, your mom says and squeezes Josh’s cheek.

“Thank you mom, thank you dad. But please let’s not exaggerate with gestures. I’m not 12 anymore ”

You start chuckling, since you’ve remembered the talk you two had before you left for the exhibit.

“Yeah mom, dad, Josh’s a big boy and we should all treat him like that.”, you say as if you were talking to a little child, squeezing his cheek and talking in a funny voice.

You all start laughing.

“OK seriously, people are looking and coming to talk to me”, Josh straightens up his back and puts on a mild smile.

You start looking around to see if there’s someone you might know. Wow, it’s such a big crowd, there’re a lot of young people, but also a large number of people that’re your parents age. As you look through the crown, you spot Andrew - one of Josh’s closest friends. He’s coming towards you with a guy but you can’t see who it is, because of all the people blocking your view.

“Hey Josh, Andrew’s here.”

“Finally, I almost didn’t think he’d make it”

Andrew approaches, and you spot Jared Leto standing next to him. Wow, is it possible that Andrew knows Jared? You were always admiring his work, both his movies and his music. You never thought this would be the way you’d get the chance to meet him.

“Hey man, congrats. The exhibit’s so successful. You did a great job, the pics are fascinating.”

“Thanks man, I’m glad you like it”

“I loved it. And since I knew you’ll do great job, I brought someone who’s a huge admirer of photography. Josh this is Jared, Jared Josh.”,

“Hi, nice to meet you.”, Josh is so surprised. “What did you think about the exhibit?”

“Well, I have to say I’m impressed.”, Jared answers while glancing at you. You stay there and smile to him. At this moment, Andrew realizes he didn’t introduce you to Jared.

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a-fangirls-den  asked:

AAAAAHHHHH, BLESS YOU!! I just read that double date SouRin-MakoHaru comic of yours and---I am so overcome with emotions, oh gawd. THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR THAT! IT WAS SO LOVELY, THANK YOU! BTW, do you have headcanons for SouRin family? (Because I love seeing these dorks as fathers.) /CRIES BECAUSE I'M MAKOHARU+SOURIN FAMILY TRASH

THANK YOU!!! I’m glad you enjoyed it!


loooooooooooong post under the cut :)))))

Teen warning for mentions of nsfw content lmao but nothing really explicit

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au where rapunzel accidentally sends a nude to the wrong number

It was nice meeting you last night. As promised, here I am.

She frowned and debated on whether or not it was appropriate to add a wink afterward because her text had sounded all but too formal for something so… cheeky. She bit her lip, her fingers grazing over the semi-colon and parentheses and cringed as she entered the emoticon in.

She was used to smiley faces and hearts. Winks, however, were not really her thing.

Rapunzel had never sent nudes before. Hell, she had never even taken nudes before and had no idea what the first steps in taking one were or how to even send something so ridiculous and supposedly sexy. She was sure she was doing everything wrong and had a feeling the other line would think of her as foolish and naïve. Which, she was–there was no denying it. At all.

For God’s sake–she hadn’t even taken a full on nude and had innocently settled for her lingerie instead. That was enough for a first timer… right? It felt wrong but even worse to consider sending her entire naked body.

But she had become so smitten with the boy from last night that she was desperate to earn his approval–even if that meant doing something she had always thought was a little stupid and way out of her comfort zone. He had whispered to her that he preferred girls who were willing to sext. So she could learn that, right?


She looked at the text again. Then decided to add a heart. Her thumb hovered over the green send button. She closed her eyes and inhaled deeply before forcing herself to try something new for once without freaking out. And then she hit send.

She threw her phone on the bed immediately, embarrassed at herself for even following through with it. She could feel her entire body grow hot, her face bright red. Then carefully, she picked the phone up.

The reply was immediate, but not one that she was expecting.

uh… who is this?

Haha, very funny, Flynn. It’s Rapunzel. We met last night. I have your number. You said you wanted nudes.’ She felt her heart rate increase as she watched the ellipsis bubble at the bottom, indicating that he was typing up another response. ‘Remember? I asked if we could see each other when we were sober, and you said sexting was the way to go…

definitely the wrong number. idk a Flynn.’ Then, after a moment. ‘not to intrude, but lingerie doesn’t necessarily translate to nudes in case you didn’t know. in case he was picky.

She suddenly felt like she was about to cry. No way. No way could she have messed up something so simple, much less, send a picture of herself to a complete stranger who could potentially now post it online for everyone to see. She pressed her phone against her forehead–this was why she never did stupid things like this.

Her phone buzzed again, and she jumped. She glanced down to see another message from the other person. ‘also, you look really uncomfortable. not trying to be a nude critic, but…’ She waited as he sent another text afterward and couldn’t help but feel so ashamed that the person was literally telling her how to take a nude because she had obviously done it wrong. ’if you didn’t want to take and send one, you shouldn’t have.

oh, god. was i that unfortunate to send it to a professional sexter…’ she typed furiously.

it’s not that,’ the person quickly typed back. ‘i’m just saying you shouldn’t have done something you didn’t want to do. and it’s obvious you didn’t want to send the nude.

idk. idkidkidk i swear i typed in the number correctly’ She embarrassedly pulled the scrap of paper out of her pocket and squinted at the numbers. Then blinked at one number a couple of times, unsure of it’s illegibility on whether it was a 2, a 5, or an 8. Or maybe even a 3. She looked at her phone. Well, she had typed in a 2, so maybe it could have been the other three digits. She screamed in frustration. Either way, it was far too late, and the picture had already been sent. ‘omg, can you delete that picture

i already did’ A pause. Then, ‘a guy who asks you to send nudes to him after just meeting sounds like an ass. also, he didn’t want to meet you when you were sober? hmmmm warning bells

he wasn’t an ass. he was nice. from what i remember, anyway. and he just said he wasn’t interested in anything serious, but he said he would be more inclined to consider it if we sexted first…’ She flushed. ‘either way, that’s none of your business

look, not saying that all guys are the same, but as a guy who has heard that line from other guys… i highly doubt he was ever really going to consider a relationship

you don’t know him

yeah, well, obviously, neither do you’ A pause, and then, ‘look, i’m just saying a lot of guys tend to think with their dicks first. not saying flynn is a bad guy, but he was a little tipsy and probably thinking with his dick at the time.

She didn’t know how to respond, really. Maybe he was right.

you seem like a nice girl. i just want you to know the truth before something stupid happens

idk if i should thank you bc that stupid thing already happened

well idk in case you’re still thinking about sending him a nude. just be careful.’ A pause. ‘and considering that you sent a picture of lingerie when he had asked for nudes, it seems you’re fairly new to the sexting game. so you know, be extra careful before you send something that could later on hurt you.

not that new

right…’ It was obvious he didn’t believe her. Hell, she wouldn’t believe her. She pulled up the picture she had sent of herself, and he was right. She did look terribly uncomfortable and way out of her comfort zone. Her phone buzzed again. ‘well, i deleted the pic. i didn’t look at it very long, i swear, so you have nothing to worry about. also, you should be careful about sending pics to strangers, whether or not you think they’re an ass. you never know if he or she is just going to upload it online…

A pause.

Then another buzz.

take care, rapunzel.

She buried her bright red face in her hands as she threw her phone on her bed. Then she tossed her entire body with it, flopping on the thick white blanket, and screaming into the cushion. The person was right, though. She barely–hardly–knew Flynn at all. She had met him at Merida’s party last night, and she remembered being slightly over-the-top tipsy. She could remember making out with him and asking if he’d be interested to meet up when they were both sober.

He had told her in response that he wasn’t really interested in a relationship. But sexting, he could do.

She remembered really wanting to impress him, so she agreed.

But what if he was an ass? What if he had posted her picture online?

She sighed. She guessed she was lucky that it went into kind hands.

Then the phone vibrated again, and she carefully picked it up, flipping over so that her back was resting against the mattress.

This time an image filled the screen, and it was a picture of a boy with a large black labrador. He was grinning, avoiding the dog’s heavy kisses. From what she could tell, he had a couple of piercings along his ear, a tattoo dancing down his arm, his hair pure white with bleach. But his eyes were kind, and his smile kinder.

A text soon followed after. ‘selfie for selfie, right? well, not the same kind. idk what good it would do if i sent you a nude, lol. but i thought it wouldn’t be fair that i got to see your face and know your name, and you didn’t even know mine.

Her lips trembled before she let out a small grin.

i’m jack, btw. this is toothiana–tooth for short. she has a twin named toothless. they’re both dumb sweethearts. but i love them both.

She watched as the ellipsis bubbled again before a series of texts were sent her way.

i’m not really into sexting, tbh. not that you seem like you are, either. but i am interested in texting.

so if you end up not pursuing the guy who wanted nudes

i promise i won’t ask you to do something that you’re uncomfortable with

but it’s not going to work if you don’t like dogs

She couldn’t help but burst into a small laugh. ‘I love dogs,’ she texted back.

good bc it wouldn’t work if you didn’t’ Then after a moment, ‘i’ll probably be at burgess park later with tooth if you want to stop by and make sure i’m not a psychopath or anything. and if you happen to decide i’m normal, we can go on a date. because people usually go on dates before they start sending each other nudes

Her fingers froze above the keyboard. He had said he wasn’t interested in sexting, but what if he was just expecting a date first and then–

i’m kidding, rapunzel, don’t freak out. swear to god, you never have to send me nudes, ok

i just thought you were cute. and nice. it’s why i’m asking you if you want to meet up

and so you can decide for yourself if you think i’m crazy

She blinked and then smiled. ‘what if you decide i’m the crazy one

n o way.

why so definite? i could be

nah, the nude said everything. girls who send nudes like that aren’t crazy.

way to rub it in my face

lol it wasn’t bad. it was a cute photo. to an extent

’ She paused, frowning. ‘cute?

what? is cute bad?

i was going for sexy

wow i literally lol’d. sorry to burst your bubble.’ Then before she could send a text to show her offense, ‘i swear, cute is good. cute is sane. i like cute. honestly, it was a good thing that it was cute. that’s how i know you’re not crazy.

She couldn’t help but smile. ‘pictures can lie, you know…

i do know. which is why we’ll meet in like two hours so that we can both check for each other’s sanity

She laughed before setting her phone down to the side. Then she picked it up and found herself texting, ‘thanks, jack. for, you know… making this situation a lot better than it could have been for me

There was a long pause for a moment, and she wondered if he’d ever respond. Then a series of texts came.

rapunzel, i hope you feel the same way when we meet later.

which, btw, i would prefer sooner than later bc i’m a little afraid you’re going to change your mind

also, you’re welcome

i’ll see you in a couple of hours, rapunzel. take care.

also, please don’t think i’m crazy bc i really enjoy talking to you

Rapunzel found a smile permanently painted on her lips.

me too, jack.

Chapter 16: Here It Goes


External image

I went up the stairs to me and Ty’s room. I plopped myself on the bed. I can’t believe everything that happened. Kae, Ty’s sister, hates the living shit out of me. It’s my fault. Why was I such a bitch to her? A bitch to everyone? In high school, it was required to be a bitch to avoid fake friends. I mostly hated Kae. Why?

I was jealous. People were used to mixed white and black girls. But Kae was an exotic mixed girl. She was mixed black and Asian. Everyone’s attention turned to the blasian and me, being the brat I am, got mad and treated her like shit. To be honest, It’s all stupid looking back at it.

I looked up to see Ty walking in and sitting on the bed beside me.

“We need to talk.” Ty said in a serious tone.

I turned and groaned. “Ty, just break up with me already stop beating around the bush.”

“What? Why would I break up with you?” He asked.

“Because I fucked your best friend, treated your sister like shit, and disrespected your dead father. Shit, I’d break up with me too.” I sighed.

“Kim, that’s all in the past. I’m still kinda disturbed that you and Chris fucked, but I’ll get over it. You didn’t know he was my dad.” Ty said.

“But…Kae hates me.” I stated.

Ty laughed. “Yeah, she does. But it’s not up to her. I just need to talk to her.”

“And I need to apologize again.” I sighed.

“No, you don’t.”

“Yes I do. And Ty, I’m sorry I didn’t tell you about me and Chris and talking shit about your dad.”

Ty smiled and kissed my cheek. “It’s ok, babe.”

I smiled too. Ty grabbed my feet causing me to lay on my back. He climbed on top of kissing my neck.

“Now you get to show me how sorry you really are.” Ty said.

“Ty, no. Your mom’s here.” I got up.

“Damn, well, I’m mad at her and she’s mad at me.” Ty sighed.

“I thought Kae was your sister.”

“Technically, she’s my half sister. My dad’s daughter not my mom’s.”

My mouth formed an O. “Oh. That explains a lot.”

“But she’s still my sister and that’s still my mom.”

“You gotta talk both of them, Ty.” I said.

“Yep. Now let’s go meet mama.” Ty grabbed my hand leading me out the room and to his mom.

“Mama, this is my girlfriend Kim.” Ty said.

His mom took me in a hug. “You’re so pretty.”

“Thank you so much.” I smiled.

“I’ll leave you guys alone. I gotta go get something.” Ty said.

“Ok.” I said turning to his mom.

I swallowed. Here it goes.


External image

Kae has been acting really weird lately. She’s more happy and fun. She’s high school Kae all over again. She’s the real her.

But she’s also acting secretive. Always smiling at her texts, having phone convos in private. If I don’t know any better, this bitch has a boyfriend or a crush.

Kae came down the stairs with a smile on her face.

“What’s her name?” I asked.

“Whose name?” She replied.

“The girl you were talking to.”

“Oh yeah. Her name’s Heather.” Kae said.

“Oh. So do you still wanna go to the mall?” I asked.

“LEGGO!” Kae grabbed her keys running out the door.

Did this bitch really say “Leggo?” Doesn’t Chris say that stupid shit? I shook my head walking out after her.

We went shopping for clothes and she kept asking me if I was a boy, would I like whatever piece of clothing she picked. Ok, she seriously has a crush. But on who?

We hit up the food court where we each ordered burgers and fries. Kae kept eating and texting on her phone. She’s always on her phone.

“Kae.” I called.

She wasn’t listening. Too busy taking a pic and sending it to someone.

“You’re sending this person pics?” I wiggled my eyebrows smirking as I took a sip of my drink.

“What? I’m posting a pic on Instagram. Seiko, if I was dating someone, you’ll be the first to know.” Kae replied.

“I better be.” I pushed at her.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah.” She said.

“Hey lil mama. We meet again.” A familiar guy spit game at Kae.

Now I remember. He’s the guy we met at the club way back. Like 4 weeks ago. Him and Kae really hit it off and she said he was cute.

“Bye.” Kae shut him down still looking on her phone.

What the fuck? Dude look hella surprised.

“Ma, you don’t remember me?” He asked.

“I do, I just don’t want you.” Kae replied going back to her phone.

“What? You know your fine ass wants all of this” he said feeling himself.

“Nigga are you deaf? Move your ass on.” Kae snapped and he walked away.

“Damn, Kae.” I said.

“What? He was bugging me! Not being able to take a hint!”

I raised my eyebrows. Ok then. We left the mall and bumped into Ty.

“You gotta be fucking kidding me.” Kae huffed.


External image

I left Kim and mama alone in the house while I go to the mall to get some food. I got 2 out of 3 women happy. Now the last one is Kae, which is probably going to be the hardest.

I walked up to the entrance where I bumped into Kae and Seiko.

“You gotta be fucking kidding me.” Kae huffed.

“Kae, we need to talk.” I commanded.

“We just need to talk about how you’re my damn brother and you should act like it.” Kae crossed her arms.

“Kae, lets just talk in my car.”


“Karrueche.” I said sternly.

“Oh shit. He got out the government.” Seiko muttered.

“Fine.” She climbed into my Lamborghini and Seiko walked away. I got inside and turned to her who was smiling at her phone.

I smirked. “Now who are you texting?”

Her smile dropped. “Don’t worry about it.”

“Well, you’re cheesing at your phone so I’m gonna worry.”

“Why do you care, Michael?” She spat.

“Because you’re my sister.” I said in a duh voice.

“Oh that’s right. I’m the same sister you chose that bitch over! I remember! I’m that sister.” She remarked.

She is such a smartass. Something she got from me.

“I didn’t choose anyone over you. Kae, I understand Kim treated you like shit, but come on. Let it go. She’s not that person anymore. She’s sweet, fun, and caring. Give her a chance. If you keep holding this grudge, you’re gonna be bitter as hell.” I said.

“What about your mother?” She spoke.

“She was out of line.” I admitted.

She nodded her head in agreement. “Hell yeah she is.”

“There’s so much I don’t know about you.” I stated.

She sighed. “The less you know, the better.”


“Bye Ty.” She kissed my cheek and got out the car.


External image

“So where have you been?” Stormi randomly asked me.

“What are you talking about? I’m usually in the studio.” I replied.

“What about when you’re not in the studio, huh?” She questioned.

“Come on, nigga. You can admit it.” Mijo said.

“Admit what?” I asked.

“Man, we still love you no matter what.” Braxton added.

“What the fuck are y’all talking about?” I responded.

They all sighed looking at each other.

“You’re gay!” All three of them announced.

I stood up quickly. “What?! What’s wrong with y’all! I ain’t gay!”

“Bro, you don’t have to deny it.” Braxton pat my back.

“We still love you, even through you like getting fucked in the ass.” Mijo stated causing Stormi to laugh. She cleared her throat and hit his chest.

“Guys, I’m not gay!”

“Come on, nigga. You’re secretive, you swerving all these fine ass girls and just wanna hang with the niggas!” Mijo put his hand on my shoulder. “Nigga, we know.”

“I’m not gay!” I argued.

What kind of bullshit is this? My friends think I’m gay! I’m not gay! I’m far from it! Especially when I’m dating Kae. But I can’t tell them that. The main reason Kae and I are keeping it from our friends is because according to the blogs, someone in my fam is spilling shit that goes around. Since a nigga don’t know who it is, we gotta keep everything on the low.

Speaking of Kae, I felt my phone and looked to see a text from her.

Kae: Still working? Haha :)

I smirked and started to text back.

Me: whatever. You know these niggas think I’m gay, right?

“This is why we think you’re gay! You’re over here texting and smiling at your phone!” Stormi said.

I put my phone in my pocket. “That does not mean I’m gay, Stormi.”

I felt a buzz and unlocked my phone.

Kae: LMAOOO ;__; you probably are. Keeping me a secret.

I sucked my teeth and replied.

Me: You know I don’t want to keep you a secret.

Kae: I know :)

Me: Send me a pic, babe.


External image

Get back to work, Jake from State Farm. ;)

Damn, she’s looking fine.

Me: Beautiful and all mine. :)

Kae: See you tonight :)

Me: See you

I looked up to see Mijo, Stormi, and Braxton staring at me.


They just shook their heads. “We still love you, man.”

“Shut up! I’m not gay!”


I stayed in the corner of the movie theater waiting for Kae. I saw her walk in and grabbed her into the corner. She turned around to see it was me. She slapped my chest.

“You scared me.” Kae pouted.

I grabbed her face, leaned down, and smashed my lips against hers sneaking my tongue inside her mouth. She moaned and pulled away.

“Calm down, boy. We can’t have people seeing us.” Kae said.

“You’re right. We’ll do it when we’re watching the movie.” I said.

She glared at me.

“What? It’ll be dark!”

She smiled and went up to buy her ticket. I waited a couple seconds and until a few people got ahead before exiting the corner and going in line. The few people happened to be fans and let me go ahead, Landing me in back of Kae. I kept on a poker face as I grabbed her ass causing her to slap my hand away. I chuckled keeping my hands to myself. Kae bought her ticket stepping out of line. She stood waiting for me without making it obvious.

“Kae, what are you doing here?” Seiko walked up to her along with Mijo.

Oh Fuck.

Behind the Screen Part 1 -Requested (Michael)

Hi! Requested by Anon (Can you please do one where you play video games with Mikey and like you’re friends with him on the Xbox but you don’t know he’s Michael Clifford and when you exchange pictures he tells you you’re very pretty and you freak out bc Michael Clifford) ENJOY!!!

‘Dude okay I’m so pissed right now’ you moan as soon as Michael accepts your pairing offer, ‘What’s up?’ he asks and you breath out hearing his voice, ‘You know I was telling you about that guy who I was helping?’ you asks, ‘Yeah Gus’ he agrees and you smile, knowing that he knows his names makes you feel amazing that he listens enough to you. ‘Well you were right! He tried to make a move’ you rush, your breathing kinda heavy while you wait for his reply.

Michael starts laughing and you shake your head annoyed, ‘What the fuck man?’ you moan making him laugh a  little more, ‘Sorry but I told you, there is no guy that wants to spend that much time with you and doesn’t want to make a move’ he tells you and you roll your eyes. ‘I was awkward, I’m used to talking to guys like you’ you sigh picking up your can and opening it.

‘What? No guy has ever made a move over here?’ he chuckles and I swallow quickly, ‘Yeah but not many, plus when they get annoying I just block them’ you explain, ‘I thought I was annoying?’ he teases and you laugh, ‘You are but your also really easy to bet’ you joke. ‘Oh is that right, right I’m setting up’ he tells you making you laugh.

‘So how was college?’ you asks he hums as you check your phone, ‘Same old’ he tells you and you nod, ‘When is your trip to London?’ you asks, ‘Soon, a couple of weeks, are you still up for meeting?’ he asks and you nod, ‘Sure am, although I still think it would be easier if I knew what you looked like’ you tell him. ‘Nope, it’s a surprise’ he tells you and you sigh, ‘Fine whatever, well I’m sending you a pic to make you feel bad for not sending me one’ you tell him.

‘Oh nudes, I’ve been waiting’ he laughs, ‘You’re a perv, anyways how would you know you would like my nudes, you might not be attracted to me’ you ask, ‘Hey it’s not all looks, I think your amazing’ he tells you and although you would never admit it to him you get a slight flutter. ‘Always the charmer Mikey’ you laugh slightly, ‘Oh your request came through, let’s get this game going’ you sing. ‘WAIT! ‘ he yells, ‘Fucking hell Michael you’re in my head phone stop fucking yelling’ you moan, ‘Sorry’ he chuckles and you shake your head, ‘Your picture came through, it’s just loading’ he tells you, you sigh and pick up your can again.

‘Holy shit…is this actually you?’ he asks sounding slightly breathless, ‘Erm yeah’ you say worried, ‘I thought hot gamers were a lie’ he tells you making you laugh, ‘Shut up’ you chuckles a little, ‘I’m serious, your hot…I mean, fuck your gorgeous’ he tells you making you laugh, ‘Okay shut up and lets play’ you tell him.


-Michael can you see me?- you send the message looking around the crowded area; you agree to meet at the London Eye cause who can’t find the London Eye right?

-I’m here but I dint see you- he sends to you, you sigh and look around but shake your head not being able to see him, not knowing who you’re looking for. You see a small commotion not far away; a few girls getting excited and you roll your eyes expecting it to be some celeb of some sort. You stand up on the wall looking to see who it is and you see Michael Clifford surrounded by easily twenty people.

-Okay do you see the crowd of girls, I’m past them standing on the wall- you hit send and keep looking around, you get annoyed not knowing who to look for so let yourself watch Michael Clifford and his fans, more of the seem to be popping up everywhere. You’ve heard his stuff, have the album and would love to meet him but you’re not a crowd kinda fan and would only really speak to him if you bumped into him, which wouldn’t be impossible. You’re watching the back of his head when he turns and his eye land on you, you smile a little before frowning. No…it couldn’t be right? Dorky Michael isn’t Michael Clifford right? No…no your Michael is from Australia, he does IT at college. You tell yourself. He looks down and you expect he is taking a picture.

-I see you- your phone buzzes, you read it and shake your head.  -Are you Michael Clifford?- you ask, -Maybe- you shake your head when you see it and sit on the wall shaking your head.

-I’m leaving- you send.

-No, please wait. I will shake them off; just give me a couple of minutes- he tells you.

-Fuck you, you lied to me. Your Michael Clifford, you travel and tour, your play music for a living, you lied, I don’t even know you- you send the message as you follow the flow of people away from the London Eye. Your head is pounding, you can’t get over what has happened, you know where you are going, heading over to the quitter area, through the smaller roads and coming out at the small café your Auntie owns. You sit down and stare at your phone, three messages from Michael but you don’t answer, don’t even read them.

'Hey darlin’ you auntie calls over, after speaking to one of the guys behind the counter. You smile up to her 'I thought you were meeting that b…’ She stops talking as your phone rings and you look down seeing 'Michael Video game’ on the screen.

You answer glancing up to your auntie as you do and she actions 'drunk’ and you nod.

’(Y/N) where have you gone? I’m sorry I didn’t tell you I didn’t know it would be a big deal’ he speaks, his voice seems different than before but it’s in your head. How had you not recognised his voice?

'A big deal? You’re an idiot! What you thought that because your Michael Clifford that I wouldn’t be upset that you lied to me? That I would look pat it because you’re better than me?’ You ask.

'What? No! That’s….that’s not it at all. I didn’t lie (Y/N), your amazing…I wouldn’t ruin anything with you’ he rushes by you shake your head.

'Never left Australia, studying IT at college? You let me go on about how hard money was, how much I hate seeing my mum struggling! And you sympathised, you made me feel like you understood!’ You can feel your voice rising a little and when your auntie put a glass of cola in front of you, you remember you’re in public.

’(Y/N) they weren’t huge lies, before the tour I didn’t leave Australia, so yeah I don’t go to college…I dropped out of school okay but I never lied to hurt you. And before that band we didn’t have money so I know what it’s like. You don’t know how many times I wanted to send you some money to help’

'Money? It’s not about money Michael’ you snap, you hear him sigh 'I know, I know. Just please tell me where you are, I really wanna see you’ he tells you, you sigh looking around 'Fine, I’m at a little cafe called Riffles’ you tell him.

'Okay, okay, I will find it’ he tells you, you nod a little and hang up, taking a sip of your drink.


’(Y/N)’ you look up and for some reason when you see Michael his green eyes boring into yours and you stand. 'Hey’ your voice isn’t very loud and he smiles a little and you swallow hard.

'I’m really sorry’ he tells you, it strange, you have been talking for nearly a year and you always thought there was a sexual tension but how could you be sure over the phone and Xbox chat. But now standing in front of him, you seem to easily forget your mad at him, the way his body is so close, his lips right there, his coloured hair working perfectly with his pale skin and slight stubble, but mainly it’s his eyes, like magnets pulling you in.

You bite your lip nodding 'What a drink?’

Part 2

From Chelsea


                                       Trip to Barcelona Part 7:


“Y/N…? Amor..?  Wake up”

You slowly opened your eyes that immediately met Neymar’s green ones.

“Bom Dia” he pronounced tucking your hair behind your ear

Everything was going well between you two since you told everything to Rafaella. She was happy for you two, so were you.

“You want to come with me at training today? Davi had his turn, today is yours” he suggested

You stretched: “Mmmh.. Ok, ok… Just, let me take a shower. I won’t be long”

He nodded, kissed you and left the bedroom. You took a quick shower, put on a grey Nike baggy pant with a simple white tank top and black sport shoes. You were ready. You grabbed your phone and ran downstairs where your boyfriend was waiting. Calling him boyfriend is new and weird, but you liked it.

You both got out, jumped in his car and headed to the Camp Nou.

“Ney..?” you said putting your hand on his

“Sim ?”

“You’re ready for today.. ? For your mother and Davi ” you asked him, knowing that he didn’t feel good since he had to say goodbye to them later

“Yeah… Don’t worry” he turned his head to you and smiled (trying to cover his sadness). You smiled back before looking back at the road.

                                                                                                 * * *

When you arrived, you sat on a bench, waiting for the players to come out. When they did, some of them recognized you thanks to the party Neymar had thrown a week ago. Here is Neymar who immediately came next to you, holding you by your waist:

“So.. Guys, I present you Y/N, my girlfriend” he announced looking at them

“How can a lovely girl like her be with a dumb like you ?” Dani Alves said making fun of him, as always apparently.

“Maybe if he didn’t hang out with you, he could be better..” Piqué added teasing Dani

“COME ON GUYS !” the coach screamed

They waved at you, and ran to the pitch. Neymar kissed you on the cheek and joined them.

It was the first time you attended one of his training sessions. You pretty liked what you saw. He was so sexy, playing with the ball as if he had magic in his feet.

After the training, he came to you:

“So.. You enjoyed it ?”  

“I did, yeah. You’re not that bad finally..” you joked

He brought you closer to him, ready to kiss you, but you abruptly stopped: “No way, you’re sweating” and you slightly pushed him away.

He rolled his eyes and followed the team to the showers.


*Few minutes later*

He didn’t come back. Did he forget you ? You got down the stairs, looking for him. The place was a real maze. You tried to identify where the locker rooms were. Here ! The door was a bit open.

“Hello…?” you said opening it slowly

Suddenly, a hand grabbed your arm to make you enter another room behind.

“You wanted to join me ?” Neymar’s voice sounded as his warm breath hit your neck

You rolled your eyes : “Omg Ney.. You fucking scared me !”

“I know.. I love it, because I know how to reassure you” he smirked

You bit your lip as you looked up and down at him. His wet hair, these water droplets rolling down his abs turned you on. He crashed your body on the wall to kiss you roughly. You put your hands around his neck, bringing him closer. How could he make you feel that way within a minute ?!

“Oops ! Sorry lovebirds !” Piqué said catching you in action before closing back the door  

You blushed like hell, covering your face with your hands. Neymar was laughing out loud !

« Stop it ! It’s not funny ! » you slapped his shoulder

You both got back in the car, and when he was about to start it, Gerard (Piqué) stopped in front of you, imitating what he saw. It was really awkward. Dani, appearing behind him, calmed him down by smacking his back.

“They’re totally crazy” you chuckled

“I know. But they’re good friends.. Very good friends” he told you while laughing


*Few hours later*

Neymar has been enjoying the last few hours with his son and Nadine. Now, it was time to leave to the airport. Neymar was holding Davi in his arms, you could feel how sad he was. He kissed him on the cheek. The kid took his face between his cute little hands, and kissed him on the lips.

“Time to go guys” Nadine said taking hers and Davi Lucca’s luggage.

                                                                                                  * * *

You all stepped in the airport, checking at what time the flight was. It was in 20 minutes, they had to get in. Rafaella started crying:

“I can’t believe you can’t be here for my birthday.. I wanted you to stay”

Nadine hugged her, apologizing “I know my love, but I work and Davi has school..”

While Rafaella was saying goodbye to Davi, Nadine was talking to Neymar, holding him in her arms. He scratched his eyes and answered her: “I won’t mamai, I swear. Eu te amo ”

We could notice that she was holding back her tears, she is a strong woman. When she saw that Neymar was with his son, she came and hugged you:

“I trust you Y/N, you are a wonderful girl.. I consider you like my daughter now…”

Her words brought you tears in the eyes. You hugged her tight, thanking her for everything she had done for you the whole time she was here. You will really miss her.

Davi and her walked towards the corridor leading to the plane. You, Rafaella and Neymar waved to them before walking out the airport.

You noted that some people were taking pictures of the 3 of you. Some of them were random people, and the others were paparazzi. The fans still didn’t know about you two. Rumors were running, but he didn’t confirm anything.


*At home*

Neymar went straight upstairs to his bedroom while Rafaella stayed in the leaving room. You sat on the sofa, comforting her.

“Thank you so much Y/N for being here..” she declared “But you should go to see Neymar.. He needs you more than me right now.”

“You’re sure..?”

She nodded, showing a weak smile. When you got upstairs, Neymar’s door was closed. You knocked, and opened it slowly since he didn’t reply. He was lain on the bed, staring at the ceiling. When he saw you coming in, he smiled before spreading his arms. You laid down next to him, your head on his chest.

“Are you ok ?” you asked, taking his hand in yours

“I am when you’re here..” he answered interlocking your fingers

“I will always be here for you..”

You could feel his heart beating faster. He took a deep breath and spoke in a low voice: “I … I think I love you..”

You raised your head looking at him with wide eyes: “Wh-.. What did you say ?” you questioned, not really sure about what you heard.

He smiled, placing his hand on your cheek: “I said that I love you Y/N”

Your eyes shone with emotion. He said it, he finally said it ! You weren’t just a casual encounter. He felt something for you, love.

“I love you too” you pronounced, happily

He kissed your forehead, and you both lain back until you fell asleep.

                                                                                   * * *


A phone was vibrating. Wait, it was yours. You tapped on your pocket trying to pick it up:


The person on the phone was your best friend. She was yelling like crazy and Neymar was still asleep next to you. You tried to speak in a low voice:

“ I understand nothing of what you’re saying.. I’ll call you back later”

When you declined, there were a lot of notifications on your screen. Most of them were Instagram notifications. You opened one of them to discover that Rafaella had posted a photo of you and Neymar sleeping. The caption under the pic said: Happiness is falling asleep next to the person you love and waking up thinking you’re still dreaming…♥

In the picture we could clearly see Neymars face, yours was a bit hidden, but still apparent. That must be the reason why your best friend called you.

“Hey you” your boyfriend’s rough voice sounded next to your ear “What are you doing ?” he asked, peering at your phone’s screen

“I’m looking at the sweet photo your dear sister posted…”

You gave him the phone to make him see. He smirked:

“Well.. now everybody will know how happy you make me”

You giggled and kissed him. He always have the right words. After that, you both went downstairs to join Rafaella.

“Oi ! Did you see my little surprise ?” she asked with a big smile on her face

“Yes, it surprised me indeed” you laughed “But it’s better like that I think…?” you glanced at Neymar

“It’s perfect” he smiled


*In the evening*

While watching TV, you were going through the comments to see what people commented about the picture. Some of the comments were sweet: Beautiful ♥ , awww , they’re so cute ! *o*.

Some were least: Who the hell is she? , don’t touch him !, ew, she looks ugly .

And other ones confused you.. They were about someone that you didn’t know, maybe Rafaella knew more about it ?

“Rafa ? Uh… Who is Bruna?” you asked

She stopped what she was doing:

“Um… It’s a.. She’s a friend” she said a bit lost

“Ok, but why are people are talking about her in the photo ?”

“Because… She’s also.. Neymar’s ex girlfriend”

“But.. I thought he never had a serious relationship ?”

“He did.. actually”

You stood there, still. You didn’t know what to think of it. You’ve been with him for at least 3 weeks now and he already lied to you. You felt strange.

After a moment, Neymar joined you. You were thinking of asking him about this Bruna but.. What if it was too early?

“Y/N.. Are you ok? You’re quiet” he questioned, frowning

“Um… No, sorry it’s just…” you started, but he put his thumb on your chin to make you face him:

“Tell me”

You sighed: “I saw people commenting on the photo about a Bruna..  Rafaella told me that she was your ex and .. yeah.. I wondered when you broke up, that’s it..”

His face changed: “Bruna.. Yeah.. Uh.. We broke up maybe.. three months ago »

« Why ? » you questioned

"Oh.. You know.. Some problems.. and distance..”

Distance. That’s what you didn’t want to hear. In a week, you’d be confronted to it too.

“But don’t worry ! It will be different for us. I promess” he added trying to comfort you

Of course, it’ll be different. He hugged you tight and placed a kiss on your forehead.


Fuu ! Finally finished writing it xD it’s longer right? 

I hope you like it guys, because next part will be interesting ! haha



So back in December, I received a Swiftmas package from Taylor herself full of presents from London and LA all handpicked by her. She included a personal polaroid and a card saying “ And I Can’t Wait To Meet You (Soon!)”. So I mentioned to her over Tumblr that my dad and I would be flying to Glendale to see her. She liked the posts. Back in May, the 28th to be exact Taylor Nation asked for my number and my concert date. I responded and they received my info. It was months and months of “Am I meeting her or did they just want my number? Like Taylor said she wants to meet me?” I was confused. Anyways… so about a week before we left, another Swiftmas girl named lily met Taylor and the same thing had happened to her. She got asked her show and all back in may. That got me thinking about how I might actually get to meet Taylor. So, we fly out to Glendale to see Taylor and so I could meet my Best friend, Alecksis. The day before, I literally had my phone beside me all day hoping and hoping that Taylor Nation would call me to tell me I was meeting taylor. (Most of the swiftmas people got contacted the night before) On Sunday, nothing happened. I really began to lose hope that I wouldn’t get called. That night my heart was racing and I just had never felt closer to meeting Taylor the thought of it not happening brought me to tears. Monday morning I woke up, we went to breakfast and nothing. My dad and I went back to the hotel and I started to plan a quick poster to make, Swiftmas related to maybe get noticed by her people. At 9:17, we were legit sitting in the hotel room planning poster ideas and my phone rang. It was from Nashville. I looked at my dad I said oh my God cause I knew it had to be them. I answered… and the conversation went like this…
Me: “ Hello?”
TN: “Hi Rachel this is Sierra from Taylor Nation… how are you doing today?”
Me: “I’m good”
Sierra" “So are you going to the show tonight?”
Me: “Yes I am. I’m very excited”
Sierra: “So are you ready to meet Taylor?”
Me: *BURSTS OUT CRYING* “Are you serious?! I’m sorry I’m crying”
Sierra: “Yes I am congratulations & it’s okay I understand”
Me: “ I can’t believe this”…
Then She asked us what time we planned on arriving at the show and we said whenever. She informed us that we needed to go to will call to pick up 2 M&G passes between 4-4:30. We also told her we had a gift for Taylor and she said Taylor would get it from security but she would get it. I couldnt post about it until after it happened. when the call was over… I sobbed so hard. My dad and I hugged and he even cried. It was happening. So I got ready and I called my mom to tell her and she was so so happy for me and so was my Grandma. Around 3, I met up with my Best friend of 2 years, Alecksis at the Arena and we waited together. My dad and I legit checked will call every few minutes because I was so stoked. Around a quarter after 4, we finally got the pass and we read it together. It was so dang hot out we went to a restaurant and they were playing nonstop Taylor videos and that made me so happy. Even the Love Story video came on and I cried bc that song started my obsession with Taylor. Doors opened at 6, & all the M&G people met under section 101/102 by 6:15 to meet Taylor. We went and sat and eventually got in line, showed our pass and they gave us neon yellow bracelets on our right hand. They put my dad and I right at the front of the line because I explained I was one of the swiftmas people. So.. we moved to near the backstage doors where we got instructions to put our bags on a table along with the gifts for taylor. We waited in that area for about 30 minutes and finally they took us to the loft 89 room. I was put in the very front of the line. I was going to be first to meet Taylor. Erica wrote down my name and we stood outside of this tent and a guy went in and I caught a glimpse of Taylor and said “oh my god” he opened the curtain and I walked into Taylor and said her name.
Taylor goes “Rachel, My Buddy!!!!” & we hug! She hugged me so tight. She gives the BEST hugs in the world. Taylor then told me she was glad I was there and that we were finally meeting. Then I said I liked her outfit and she said “ Thank you, it’s new & she told me she liked my plaid dress” Then I told her how pretty she is & she responded by saying “WHY Thank you!” Then I said “thank you so much for all the Christmas presents” and said “awww I’m so glad you liked them” I then said “ I even have my bracelet on” and I showed her & she touched and was like “aww”. She’s so adorable. Then Taylor noticed my fox earrings and she started playing with the one on my right ear and she was like “those are so cute” & I said haha yeah I promised you on tumblr I’d wear something fox related and she smiled. Then it was picture time. She asked to have one of just us and then a group one. Taylor and i hugged and my eye was twitching I was smiling so hard. When we took the group picture, we had to retake it. “ Were my eyes closed? Yeah? Let’s do another one” said Taylor. After the pic taking we hugged and I said “I flew out here to see my best friend. Her name is Alecksis and she met you at GMA and she’s in left pit” Taylor said to tell her hi and she goes “Left pit.” Like she was taking note in her head. Taylor held my hand and I said “by the way I’m very happy for you about Calvin” and I said it in a lower voice so it was a moment between us. And she smiled and said “Yeah, he’s a good one”. My dad mentioned to her that we brought her a picture that he took of NYC and she was like “aww thank you so much” and she put her hands over her heart as she talked to us both. I told I got her presents and she was just smiling at me so big. We hugged. I said I love you and that was the end of my dream come true. ❤ Taylor, I love you so much and you make me so so happy. I could’ve said so much more but I’m so grateful we got to meet finally. I love you. I always have your back babe. 😘 Thank you for wanting to meet me. My life= MADE.
xoxo, Rachel (YOUR BUDDY)

PRberto...Businessman or Babysitter

Okay guys, lots of comments from you all today regarding this…I’m gonna post them here respond as I see fit, as usual unless otherwise noted the comments are from anons…

This is it folks…

I’m serious buckle up cause I will not be surprised if he’s at last 4 European concerts.  I will not deal with this shit everyday. It is what it is…after this post all future comments regarding this will be deleted. 

I tweeted this out today and I still stand behind it!

I apologise for misinforming you that this was done.  I do trust my ppl and they had legit reason behind their information that they shared.  But business deals have a way of coming back to bite you in the ass.  What one gets you out of another puts you right back in the hot seat.  (take this however you want…)

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