also i am so in love with her choice of words

ID #37236

Name: Senna
Age: 14
Country: The Netherlands

Hi, I’m Senna, I’m a girl who just loves books. Like, a lot. (Fangirl, The fault in Our Stars, Wonder, The Selection, Looking For Alaska, After, etc. etc.)
I can get really addicted to things really quickly. For instance, Phan.
My music taste includes My Chemical Romance, Twenty One Pilots, Melanie Martinez, Halsey, Troye Sivan, Fall Out Boy and Panic! at the Disco.
I would prefer people to contact me digitally, but snail mail is also fine.
Even though my mum and the family on her side are from England, my English isn’t always the best. So if I don’t know how to explain stuff or my word choice isn’t the best, have a little patience with me.
If it makes a difference, my sexuality is pansexual.

Preferences: Ages 13-17
Race, sexuality, religion or whatever doesn’t matter to me.

I’ve noticed that I’m not longer that sweet girl everyone use to think I was when I was with him… I see myself more harsh and rude almost I find myself using people to make myself feel better but soon feeling empty again… This post isn’t about him it’s about me I’m not that sweet passionate girl I was last year
I’m dark hatful and I even smoke to keep my mouth shut now. Because theses choice words I have for people like to make their way to the spot light more often now i will not admit that he made me a better person because he also made me into this heartless monster that is in front of everyone today… So I don’t want to give him credit for that girl and as much as he does deserve the credit for who I am now I won’t I’ll sit quietly smoking my cigarettes to calm my nerves and I’ll get back up and do what I have to do to get out of this place that I hate once again.
—  SRC