also i am ready for someone to kiss me

anonymous asked:

So out of pure curiosity what's your type?

i don’t really have a type? i think. i’d say i like girls a little bit taller than me but solidly because i like to get on my tippy toes to kiss them, idk why lmao. uhm i also like girls with dimples!! not a requirement of course but girls who have dimples kill me every single time… uh, personality wise i think i prefer girls that are a bit more outgoing than me so that they can be like “hey we’re doing this cool thing on the weekend, so be ready for it” because i am the worst at making plans and i really like it when someone else takes the initiative. also girls who have a sense of humor!! y’all have to watch my dumb vines and joke around with me it’s Tea. oh also i like girls who like to cuddle because i love to cuddle. and i mean, i guess that’d be it lmao.