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Can you give a shout out to Ghost Getters? Her blog is hilarious, she posts like every day, she is fun to follow and she posts interesting things about SVTFOE! Also, she is criminally underrated!!

i am an actual @ghostgetters stan and whoever isnt following her has an empty and sad dashboard, literally if you want really interesting and well thought out analysis on the romance and lore aspects of svtfoe follow her, she knows what shes talking about. Ntm shes one of the only people in this fandom who can write good fanfiction.

The Wedding 

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My tips for learning hangul!

안녕하세요 여러분!
Hello everyone!

Let’s talk about the most crucial step towards learning the Korean language, which is learning how to read and write hangul! I know it seems scary and impossible at first glance. But did you know that the Korean alphabet was created with the purpose of being easy to learn? 

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Ok followers who don’t have an interest in Star Wars: I know you have been sticking it out for me for a long time…but you also know that I am a certified Star Wars Hoe™. And I truly mean this when I say that Star Wars: Episode VIII-The Last Jedi (2017) is my reason to inhale and exhale every damn day. It’s going to be a wild ride tomorrow, so I’m going to need y'all to buckle up! Because when that trailer drops it’s going to kill me instantly while raising me from the dead at the same time.

I am definitely not a langblr but I learned basic French and I am currently learning Korean starting with Hangul. There are a lot of things to be reminded whenever you are trying to learn a new language especially if you are new to the experience (like me lol).

1️⃣ It will take YEARS

Yes, believe me when I say that you will struggle. Those programs that claim that they will help you become fluent in a certain language in 3 months or less, they are probably over exaggerating. There is more in learning a language than just writing it and making sure you have proper spelling and it was translated correctly. You also need to understand it and be able to pronounce it properly with confidence. It’s just like learning your mother language, you were not able to be fluent in you mother language in just months or in just a year.

2️⃣ Starting with the characters is a must

If you are learning a language that requires you to use different characters, learn those characters first before the ‘translating game’. In learning Korean, you first need to learn Hangul, just like when you first learned English, you started with the Alphabet. After learning the characters, you can start forming words, and that is where the ‘translating game’ starts.

3️⃣ The struggle is real when learning the ‘accent’

This is the part where most struggle (including me lol). I struggled at pronouncing words in French mainly because I was not made to speak French (like how my the pitch of my voice gets higher whenever I speak English and drops down when I speak Filipino). It really does take time and many give up at this stage but since WE ARE STUDYBLRS, WE DON’T GIVE UP LIKE THAT.

4️⃣ The pressure is real when you try to use it IRL

I tried using French MANY times in real life when I have the opportunity to but then I just fail and make an embarrassment of myself and just go back to speaking Filipino or English and at the end, I will regret that I missed that opportunity. It will be hard to get yourself to confidently speak your new language especially if you don’t speak it enough (which is the reason for no. 3). But it is very important to have confidence in speaking it because if I hadn’t pushed myself to speak in front of many people in an unfamiliar language, then I wouldn’t be able to write and speak in English.

5️⃣ There will be times when you will lose motivation

For some people this is the first stage in giving up, but in terms of learning a language, this is completely normal. Yes you need to practice everyday in order to succeed but there will be days when you do not feel like it or it does not interest you anymore. Always remember to give yourself a rest because learning something out of your comfort zone can be tiring too. But there will also be days when you will wake up and feel motivated as if nothing can stand in your way and use that to your advantage and make up for lost time.

Idek if these actually help as I am not an expert and it no way can be labeled as a langblr or such but if it did, please like and reblog and follow my studygram (chrissiestudies) and tell me what other posts interest you because I am on summer vacation so I now have more time on Tumblr as opposed to before. 💕💕


Berena appreciation week: Day One (The Moment You Started to Ship Them) |  19x07 // 19x11 // 18x20


so hey guys i’m doing a giveaway!! because i’m not really that interested in haikyuu!! anymore and i’d rather these go to good homes where people can u know. enjoy them. also i don’t have the boxes for a lot of them because they either got thrown away or i lost them in the hellpit of my house or i left them because too big for luggage, though the buttons that aren’t the bigger lev button i just found on ebay so i’m not sure where those come from. basically the moral of the story is keep ur merch boxes my friends.

so there’s no point in me selling them. so i’m giving them away! 

i’ll just. u know. throw everybody’s name in a randomizer and pick two winners. woohoo.

1st prize winner gets to pick 3 figures, one mini figure, two straps, a choice of the oikawa squishable thing whose name i cant remember or the kenma plush pin, and 4 buttons!

2nd prize winner gets everything else!

i have some rules too! be sure to read them before entering the giveaway.

1. u have to reblog to be officially be entered in the giveaway. however, if u have reblogged, u can also like for an extra entry. reblogging a lot will not get u more entries. u can only have 2 entries so dont be greedy and try to get more!
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3. no giveaway blogs!
4. please get back to me if u are the winners within a week or i will pick a new winner.
5. uhh just be nice play fair and we’ll be all good i guess?
6. also ill cover shipping costs so dw about that this is about getting free stuff not paying for shipping and handling

i’ll pick the winners of this giveaway on april fools day because i am a fool for losing my boxes so have fun? hooray

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Hello there and pardon me, but I've seen you're very knowledgeable about plants and if I may would like to pick your brain for a second. I've been thinking of getting a plant to add some life to my room but I'm not sure what would be best. The big issue is I work as a pet sitter and am often not home because I do overnight work days at a time. I don't want to kill anything bc I'm not there. Do you have any suggestions of a good plant that might be okay with that in mind?

The good news about Plants is that they don’t get lonely if you’re away for a while.  They’re very content like that.  Also, you’re FAR more likely to kill a plant by over-watering it than letting it alone for a days. If you can give me some more information about the following, i can give you recommendations:

  • How much light does the room you’re intending to put the plant in? (even if it’s “none” we have options)
  • How hot/cold does it get in the place you’re putting the plant? There are more hot-and-cold-tolerant plants.
  • How much “grooming” are you willing to do? there are lots of blooming plants that do well indoors, but they tend to shed leaves and drop dead flowers, so they need to be picked up after.
  • Are there any animals in the house? lots of houseplants can be toxic to cats and dogs, and they WILL get into them, but there are nontoxic ones.
  • Did you want fruit? becuase that may be an option!
Happy 17 Million Subs, Markiplier!

Happy 17 Million Subs, Markiplier!


Sorry for the late post. I wanted to post it when we hit 17 mil, but you know I’m shy about my art and also I slaved over this for two days please be gentle

This was a pretty fun one to work on. My health is the same as always, so straight lines are absolutely still not a thing I can do, but I’ve been trying to embrace the messier aesthetic and I’m really quite pleased with how these turned out. 

I know it still leaves a lot to be desired, but comparing it to similar things I have done in the past, like the 7 Million Sub art (which also has a dog) or the unholy mess that was the 8 Million Sub art (which I’m trying to give myself a pass on since I was at the hospital that day, but c’mon guys, that was bad) I am definitely improving. 

If you’ve followed me for a while, you’ll notice that my art and myself dropped right off the face of the planet for a year, almost two. I had no confidence in myself or in my work, and I let that take me away from what I love to do. It was Mark who brought me back into it. As I mentioned in this post, a lot of things changed for me after I watched the video where Mark talks about how he is excited for failure, because it helps him to grow. Directly after that, simply because one of my roommates put it in the queue on the Chromecast, I watched Mark’s Draw My Life. Although our circumstances are very different, I saw myself in him. I saw myself in the lost person who switched college majors all the time and didn’t know what he wanted. As weird as it sounds, that gave me some hope, which is something I desperately needed. If he can pull himself out, why can’t I?

So here’s the truth: I am in school for advertising, but what I really want is to be a writer. It’s my dream, and my passion is art. I quit both for a very long time, because I couldn’t accept the fact that my illnesses are chronic. I couldn’t accept that I will never “get better”, and that made me stop trying, because why live a broken life, anyway? But just because I’m fractured doesn’t mean I have no value. My brain thinks some terribly sad things, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t write beautiful ones. My hands may be unable to draw straight lines, but that doesn’t mean they can’t draw pretty ones. 

So thanks for helping me learn that, Mark. I know you’ll never see this, of course. I’m not delusional. But I’d much rather have a thank-you unheard than a thank-you unsaid, y’know?

So thank you. 

Because of you, I’m trying again.


As always, you can find these pieces of art on my Redbubble here. (x) (x) (x)

If you made it this far, thank you for reading my ramble. I know it’s irrelevant to you guys, but it helps knowing that I might not just be shouting into the void.


Test, test. Today is a sunny day. *clears throat*

To the good, innocent people of this world. I am Dr. Eggman. A man with a miraculous brain who will become the new king of this planet. To the foolish Resistance or whatsoever. Stop any meaningless opposition and surrender now. 99% of this planet is already in my hand, and your admired hero Sonic was also defeated by my power. Put your weapons away and capitulate. You don’t have to follow the stupid echidna who can only think about fighting. If you come to my side now, I will promise you three meals a day with a nap time. And an underground prison… erm, *clears throat* I will be waiting with clean, warm dormitory. I am expecting a wise choice from you all. That is it. Ho-ho-ho-ho!

Nothing major revealed, just a confirmation that something has happened to Sonic.

(not related but I love the Eggman Empire logo, a bit too complex but it fits)

A question that plagued me

As a gay Christian, specifically a gay Catholic, I’ve been plagued with the same question for as long as I’ve even considered that I may be a lesbian. And ever since I came out, I’ve gotten this question more frequently than anything else:

Isn’t homosexuality a sin?

Aren’t you going to go to hell?

I spent years debating this. I never had an answer until recently, and I’m writing this post for the gay Christians that are scared, and for the straight Christians that give our church it’s bad reputation of blatant homophobia.

The most common argument I hear for homophobia is that in the book of Leviticus, “a man must not lie with a man as with a woman” and that in Genesis, God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. But does Christ not call us to love one another? Are we not called to “love one another as [Jesus] has loved [us]” regardless of gender? If your argument is that it’s wrong to be gay, so God hates you, you’re unfortunately very mistaken. God loves me and you and all the other people regardless of gender or sexuality; if God doesn’t make mistakes, then we are to love however we are made to by God.

Recall that familiar story in the Bible, where the centurion goes to Jesus and asks that Jesus heal his servant. You probably think of it as a touching story of a kind-hearted Roman soldier, but in reality, it’s a story of God healing a gay man’s boyfriend. In the original Greek version of that particular gospel, the Centurion refers to his servant as the Greek word that means a servant who’s duty is to be his/her master’s companion and lover. The man was, in essence, his master’s lover, and Jesus didn’t turn the centurion away because of this. He instead said “your faith has saved you”. Jesus didn’t reprimand the centurion or tell him he’d go to hell for having gay sex, he blessed that lovely gay biblical couple.

I had a conversation a few years ago, with one of my dad’s best friends. He is also Gay and Catholic, and when we spoke, he told me how important it is to love other, in all forms of love, whether filial or agape or eros love, regardless of gender, and that is why he doesn’t consider his sexuality a sin, and neither do I.

At the end of the day, faith, and its expression in the form of religion, is about our personal relationship with God. Or gender doesn’t determine our faith, nor does our sexuality, race, or age.
In the words of Pope Francis, “if a person is gay, and follows the Lord, who am I to judge?”

‘I Have A Professional Murderer Who Murders My Twitter Trolls’: 5 Questions With Chrissy Teigen

As if being one of the most beautiful women on the planet weren’t enough, Chrissy Teigen is also a wickedly funny social media personality and burgeoning entertainment mogul to boot. We sat down with her to talk about everything from modeling, dealing with Twitter trolls, and her marriage to John Legend.

1. You’re not only one of the world’s most famous models, but also a successful TV host, cookbook author, fashion designer, and mother. What’s the secret to your success?

Everything I am today is because of my grandmother. She’d get up every day at the crack of dawn to go work four high-profile entertainment jobs—swimsuit modeling, cookbook authoring, fashion designing, and hosting a TV show with LL Cool J—and she’d do it without complaining. She didn’t have much, but what she lacked in money she made up for in love for her family and her husband, Grammy-winning singer-songwriter John Legend. My whole life has just been following her example, and I owe all my success to her.

2. You’ve hosted Lip Sync Battleon Spike TV since 2015. Have there ever been any great moments on the show that didn’t make it to air?

Nope. We actually shoot less footage than the length of the show, so they just loop a clip of me doing that freaky double-jointed thing with my thumb for about 10 minutes at the tail end of every episode.

3. What’s one major misconception people have about being a swimsuit model?

People assume you’re just getting paid to go to the beach and look pretty, but it’s so much more difficult than that. You’re holding poses for hours at a time in intense sunlight, and so many stressful things are happening just outside the camera’s frame. For instance, when we took my cover photo for Sports Illustrated, municipal workers were detonating a beached whale just to my left, and a husky kid on a boogie board kept beefing it just to my right. And making things even more stressful, Osama bin Laden’s corpse kept drifting near shore and bonking into me, and a family of stingrays was aggressively sucking the toenail polish off of my toes. So, yeah, not as easy as it looks.

4. How did you meet your husband, John Legend?

It was 2007 and I was browsing around in a Guitar Center when I spotted John playing Pearl Jam’s “Jeremy” on a display piano. I went up to him and said, “That sounds incredible,” and he said, “Thanks, that’s one of my songs.” And I said, “I’m pretty sure that’s ‘Jeremy’ by Pearl Jam,” and he responded, “I am also Pearl Jam.” At that moment, I knew he was the perfect man for me.

5. You get trolled a lot on Twitter. How do you handle it?

I have a professional murderer who murders those people for me.


Thank you so much for 5.000 followers!

I am so happy I get to make this post, and very thankful to all of you for following me! A couple of days ago I reached this milestone, and now that I finally had the time, I decided to make this post to show my appreciation.

I am overwhelmed with all the support I’ve received since I created this blog, and really surprised by how fast it’s grown. It’s been less than three months since the blog was opened, and there’s already so many of you!

And today I am double celebrating, because the blog that runs parallel to this one, @ereri-x, has also just reached 4.000 followers!

Again, thank you so much to all of you for your trust and support. I will do my best to keep spreading the love for Eren and Levi for a long time ♡.

Roman’s Nicknames

I’m so sure I’ve forgotten some and that someone has done this before, but I hope this is useful for anyone who needs it for fics or whatever you might want to use them for haha I figured I’d put my memorization of the videos to good use.

PLEASE MESSAGE ME IF I FORGOT ONE. I’ll add it to this original list in case people want to link back to it. I’m also gonna update it with each new video.

FYI: I didn’t add ones like kiddo, teach, or ones that weren’t originally said by Roman. This list is just for ones Roman himself came up with.

Listed per character with the name followed by the episode it was said in.



- Emo Nightmare (A New Year of Lying to Myself)

- Hot Topic (Alone on Valentine’s Day)

- Sunshine (Losing My Motivation)

- My Chemically Imbalanced Romance (Am I Original)

- Jason Toddler (Am I Original)

- Negative Nancy (Am I Original)

- Jerky McJerkface (Am I Original)

- Surly Temple (Growing Up)

- J.D-elightful (Making Some Changes)

- Doctor Gloom (Becoming A Cartoon)

- Marilyn MonROSE/Morose (Becoming a Cartoon)

- Count Woe-laf (Accepting Anxiety Part 1)

- Creepy Cookie (Accepting Anxiety Part 2)

- Brad Pitiful (Accepting Anxiety Part 2)

- Panic at the Everywhere (Fitting In: Hogwarts Houses)

- Jack Smellington (Moving On: Nostalgia Part 1)



- Calculator Watch (Accepting Anxiety Part 2)

- Erlenmeyer Trash (Fitting In: Hogwarts Houses)

- Specs (Moving On: Nostalgia Part 1)

- Sub-astute Teacher (Moving On: Nostalgia Part 1)



- Noosy, hipster, theatre geek, Mark from Rent (Losing My Motivation)

- Pouty McSpecs (My Personality Q&A)

- Padre (Fitting In: Hogwarts Houses)

- Softest Little Puffball (Fitting In: Hogwarts Houses)

Hello! I didn’t actually expect that many people to request this and I was going to make this anyways soooo… Let’s get to it!

 Before we get started to actually making the spread, you first need to answer the following:

  • Do I want to follow a theme?
  • If so, what theme do I want? 
  • What are the things that motivate me?
  • Are there certain people that motivate me?
  • Do I want to plan my weekends? 

 My weekly spread isn’t the same every week and I change some things very often because I feel like it’s necessary to do so but I’m not one to change my over all color scheme very often although there are some studygrams who change theirs every week. It’s hard to keep on changing your theme if you are a studyblr so I suggest to stick to one for a long time. It’s not necessary to have one but it makes it more neat and pleasing in the eyes and makes it look more organized. I don’t know what they’re originally called, but I call them ‘space-fillers’ mainly because they fill up space (duh). To sum it up, these are basically little things you can add to your bujo to make it more handy and useful. (* - my favorites) Some examples are: 

  • Weekly Playlist*
  • Sleep Tracker
  • Water Count
  • Thought of The Day (TOTD)*
  • Quote of The Day (QOTD)
  • Daily Mood
  • Weekly Expenses 
  • What I Eat in a Day* 

 I want to make this clear, because I live in the Philippines, I don’t really have access to expensive stationeries that you could always see on tumblr and instagram such as Tombows, Muji pens, Artline Stix, and Mildliners. I know that there are some MUJI branches in Manila but it would mean climbing Mt. Everest, crossing the Han River, and spending your life savings. Not worth it (in my opinion because I’m like 14 who basically depends on her parents). So, learn to use what you have and supplies are just supplies. Expensive stationery don’t equal to immediately having beautiful lettering. I just use the Faber Castel ones but depending on where you live, these might not be available for you. I use it because it’s cheaper and does the job. Although the tips do fray overtime, you’re still getting more than what you paid for. So definitely a must-try.

 Before we start. Checklist (* - optional) 

  • Bujo
  • Markers 
  • Glue 
  • Ballpen 
  • Ruler 
  • Highlighter* 
  • Washi Tape*
  • Colored Paper*
  • Photos* 
  • Music 

(I didn’t list any specific brands because you can always substitute supplies)

 Okay and now we can finally start! 

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Recommended Reads of 2016

(in which I realize how horrible I am at describing books)

As 2016 draws to a close, I decided to make a list of ten of my favorite books I read this year (not necessarily books published in 2016 though).  I hope you all appreciate this, and I’d love to know what books you loved this year as well!

In no particular order:

1. The Start of Me and You by Emery Lord: This was one of the first books I read this year, and it was so adorable I just had to put it on this list.  It’s about a girl whose first and only boyfriend died, so she is now living her life with a lot more caution.  Basically, it just chronicles how she copes with this and lives her life (I’m so sorry that was a horrible synopsis haha).   By no means was the writing beautiful, and there were plenty of cringe-worthy moments, but it was just a nice and (mostly) fluffy read.  All the references to literature (specifically to Pride and Prejudice) made my nerdy heart happy.  Also, I am such a sucker for a cute nerdy guy (both in books and real life, haha–honestly, if you know of a good book with this kind of guy, let me know) so I understandably loved Max.

2. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen: The Start of Me and You was actually what convinced me to finally read this classic, and boy am I glad I did!!! Honestly, I’m so obsessed with this story (which I don’t think I need to summarize).  Like, this obsession is unhealthy.  I’ve only read the book once, but I’ve watched the miniseries like three times this year and the movie (from 2005, obviously) probably (and I am not even kidding) 20 or 30 times this year.  Keira Knightley and Matthew MacFadyen (if you’re as in love with him as I am, you HAVE to listen to him reading some of Pride and Prejudice – I want him to narrate my life omg) are literally my faves fajkldjgaoi I AM OBSESSED AAH.  But I digress, because this is about books.  Basically I love it.

3. First & Then by Emma Mills: Okay so this is a modern retelling of Pride and Prejudice (are you noticing a theme?? – I could literally read/watch nothing but P&P adaptations for the rest of my life and be perfectly content).  As the blurb on Goodreads said, it’s like Pride and Prejudice meets Friday Night Lights.  Basically, it follows this girl named Devon and the football star, Ezra.  I’m so obsessed that I completely ignored my complete and utter abomination for all sports in order to enjoy the P&P aspect and it was so cute I finished it in less than a day.  

4. Winter by Marissa Meyer: I loved the entire Lunar Chronicles series, but this one was my favorite.  Basically, the series is a sort of sci-fi/dystopian fairy tale retelling with cyborgs and space travel and I really enjoyed it .  Also, the cover??? Amazing.

5. Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury: This is a well-known classic, so I’ll spare you the details, but it was just so good (and it’s nice and short if that’s something that interests you) and so scarily accurate for a dystopian novel.

6. To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee: Again, a well-known classic about racism and basic human morality in a southern town during the Great Depression.  I have nothing to say that you haven’t heard before, so I’ll just say: it was absolutely wonderful.

7. Paperweight by Meg Haston: I want to preface this by saying it heavily discusses eating disorders, so that is something to be mindful of. It was such a raw and captivating story and I felt it handled the topic well.  I really felt for the characters.  The story was sad and disheartening (an intrinsic quality when it comes to mental illness) but I just felt Haston did a really amazing job with it.

8. Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon: This book is about a girl with an illness so severe she can’t leave her own home.  It follows her life as she becomes interested in her new neighbor (I am blowing myself away with my horrible synopses hahaha - if you really want to know, click the book titles to go to their respective Goodreads pages).  It was a really interesting story that I flew right through.

9. The Sun is Also a Star by Nicola Yoon: I know I’ve mentioned this one before, but I’ll do it again.  It’s about a Jamaican girl whose family is about to be deported and a Korean boy who doesn’t want to follow the plan his parents have set out for them.  They spend a day together in New York City and it’s pretty great.  I loved the little in-between perspectives we got and the blend of science and romance/fate/destiny kind of stuff.  I loved it!!

10. The Memory of Light by Francisco X. Stork: This is another book about mental illness – specifically depression, suicidal thoughts, and schizophrenia.  It’s about a girl who, after attempting suicide, gets to know three other kids with problems like hers.  It didn’t romanticize mental illness or sugarcoat anything, and it made me cry (and I don’t cry often at books) but it was a really captivating story.  

There you have it, folks! My top ten from 2016.  I sincerely wish you all a wonderful 2017 filled with happiness, love, and new memories!!! I love you all! 

Love in Attack on Titan

“There is no love in Attack on Titan….” 

I beg to differ. There are many kinds of love expressed in the Attack on Titan world. Here are a few examples I have found (and have been obsessed over).  Warning, spoilers ahead. 


Carla and Kuchel were such great, selfless mothers who wanted nothing more than their child’s safety. It may have been brief, but their willingness to sacrifice everything for their child is admirable. Also, I had to add Eren and Mikasa cause  look…

When Eren thought he had no one left in his family, he suddenly looked back and briefly looked at Mikasa. This was such a sweet moment for him to realize that he still has a family member left to protect. The love between them is undeniable. 


 Friendship could also be just as passionate as romantic love. 

Look at Eren and Armin

The two have been supporting and assuring each other nonstop. Eren whole heartedly trusts in Armin in many situation, and Armin believes in Eren’s strength/spirit. Also, both have sacrificed their lives for each other! They definitely do love each other. 

Reiner and Bertolt also are like Eren and Armin. Even though both have flaws, they still give each other their full support and love. 


Do I need to say anything for this one? It was satisfying and enjoyable to watch their love story in season 2. All their moments were so cute~


Sorry… There are so many of tragic love in this series… :( Three of these tragic love didn’t even get the chance to blossom into romantic love (Bertolt, Petra, and Marlowe). Bertolt didn’t even get the chance to save Annie or confess his feelings for her… I’m pretty sure Petra had a crush on Levi (or Oluo… Idk but most likely Levi) and never had a chance to experience marriage. And right before Marlowe’s death, he started to realize his hidden feelings/thoughts about Hitch. Ugh, my heart… 

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Thank you for all the nice messages guys but truthfully– I am not good with complements, like I appreciate it but I don’t know how to respond which ends up awkward or it would seem like I don’t care…but it’s hella nice reading all of your guys’ messages– it brighten my day so thanks. Also– the blog just recently hit over 1k followers so that’s pretty dope. Lets go for a ride yo, cya.


•10•8•17• This is my 20 | 100 days of productivity!

I tried updating my theme but it didn’t work that well for some reason the links are not coming up :(

Also I am 5 followers away from 600! I’m so happy ^^

I want to thank everyone so much!

Also I’m going to start a bullet journal very soon so look out for that :)


happy (slightly belated) birthday @merry-the-cookie!!!!!!! i drew this little con for u!! ur art is so so so amazing and i hope u had a totally terrific day and i cannot wait for the keychains!!!!