also i am not a subtle person

MAJOR Prediction for ACOTAR

This prediction deals with that “certain something” about Feyre that is mentioned but is never focused on in the first book. It is also based on great personal fascination with the “Beauty and the Beast” tale type, with which I am very familiar. However, if you are not familiar with the tale type or the original de Villeneuve version, this predication could be super-spoilery for you, so I am going to put most of it beneath the cut. 

That “certain something” to which I am referring is mentioned at least twice that I have noticed, but it’s probably slipped in other places, too, because it is meant to be subtle. The first occurrence is on page 143 in my copy, and it takes place the day after the Suriel incident when Tamlin is offering to help Feyre write for the second time.

Passage 1 (P1)

“I’m not insulting you.” His quiet voice made it all the worse.

“I don’t need your help.”

“Clearly not,” he said with a half smile. But the smile faded. “A human who can take down a faerie in a wolf’s skin, who ensnared the Suriel and killed two naga on her own …” He choked on a laugh, and shook his head. The firelight danced along his mask. “They’re fools. Fools for not seeing it.” He winced. But his eyes held no mischief.

The second passage is at the very end of the book, during the final exchange between Feyre and Rhysand on page 415. Indeed, I felt the whole bargain between them was a bit strange, especially if the only reason Rhysand was interested in her had to do with making Tamlin angry. He would not go through so much trouble for someone he only lusted for, would he? There’s a particular moment during their final conversation that points again to this “certain something.”

Passage 2 (P2)

“Well, good-bye for now,” he said, rolling his neck as if we hadn’t been talking about anything important at all. He bowed at the waist, those wings vanishing entirely, and had begun to fade into the nearest shadow when he went rigid. 

His eyes locked on mine, wide and wild, and his nostrils flared. Shock–pure shock flashed across his features at whatever he saw on my face, and he stumbled back a step. Actually stumbled.

“What is–” I began.

He disappeared–simply disappeared, not a shadow in sight–into the crisp air.

I have two very good ideas about what this “certain something” is. In fact, the what is less of a question for me. It’s more to do with the who. If you’re interested in finding out what and who I think Feyre is based on close familiarity with the “Beauty and the Beast” tale type, read below the jump!

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Chewing Gum Magick

Yes, I am fully aware of how stupid that might sound. “Chewing gum magick? There’s no way that’s a thing” might be running through your head right now. But it can totally be a thing and a very easy way to work magick into everyday life in a subtle way.

Cinnamon: This is my personal favorite, and is very good for attraction (love), business, concentration, creativity, divination, healing, heartbreak, lust, general magick, purification, security, visions and wealth among other things.

I would chew cinnamon gum before a date, a creative project, a presentation, or at work. Also consider chewing it after dealing with a particularly stressful person or situation.

Grape: Grape gum can be chewed to encourage abundance, charity, fertility, inspiration, money, and prosperity.

This is another good gum to chew before a job interview or at work.

Lemon: Lemon gum always helps me feel awake, and is really good for things like anxiety relief, business, grief, healing (especially emotional), love (to be open to), money, stress relief, and success.

I would recommend enchanting a pack of lemon gum (ice breakers has some good lemon-flavored gum) for helping* combat anxiety disorders and even depression. This would also be very good after an especially rough heartbreak or going on a date after a bit of a “dry spell”.

Peppermint: Peppermint should be chewed to help awaken your senses, bring inner calm, overcome challenges, aid in concentration, encourage more energy, help with healing and purification, encouraging love, attracting money, releasing stress, and strength.

Ok, obviously every chewing gum is probably good for work or money. Peppermint gum is very similar to lemon, and a good substitute for it.

Raspberry: This is a really good chewing gum for somebody who wants to encourage love, work beauty magick, attract optimism, needs protective energy (especially in pregnancy, but I don’t know what is safe for pregnant people to have, so be careful?), security with yourself, and trust.

Yes yes yes. I am not a big fan of raspberry stuff but I love the beauty magick potential in raspberry chewing gum and just the feminine aspect. If you have a very girlie-thing to be up to or want to channel feminine energy (looking at you trans and non-binary pals), chew this gum!

Spearmint: spearmint is good for things such as aggression, inner calm, concentration, danger, healing, love, luck, money, mental power, protection, purification, and stimulation.

Chew spearmint gum if maybe you are a little too passive and have a tendency to get used like a doormat, or just need a boost with your luck.

Also, mint gum of any kind is good for traveling and protection while doing so. Keep and enchanted pack in your car or bag for some extra help.

Strawberry: Strawberry can be used for things like beauty, desire, friendship, harmony, attracting love, relationships, sensuality and relieving stress.

This is the perfect gum to chew while on a date or before! Or share a pack with your best friend after a quarrel to bring harmony back into the relationship.

*I in no way encourage you to use magick as a substitute to actual medical care from a medical professional. If you need help, please contact your local mental health center or hospital.

since I’m still fairly confident we are eventually getting a DLC or expansion or sequel to Andromeda, I really hope for the following

  • More content with your twin because i loved my useless baby brother who overslept most of the drama
  • Have them be my mission control person, wheeze and snicker at all my stupid ass and snarky comments
  • Something to do with Dad or Mum Ryder because I refuse to believe Dad Ryder is dead because they were SO VAGUE ABOUT IT WHEN I ASKED ABOUT IT also Mum Ryder seems cool
  • More stuff involving SAM’s personality because I do love my little AI brother
  • Stuff about the ‘benefactor’ because I read the books and the mission in Andromeda made me like MORE PLEASE
  • More subtle nods at the Reapers and what happened 600 years ago in the Milky Way just because it makes me make a lot of noise
  • bisexual Tiran because I love him almost as much as I love Garrus and they gave me Garrus when we asked for him so there’s no excuse not to give us Tiran
  • bisexual Kallo because I love my pilot and am sad he’s not at least filtrable, like shoot me down, it’s okay, just let me tell you I love you
  • bisexual male quarian (seriously he’s been on my wishlist since ME2 and Kal’Reegar)
  • also a bisexual female drell if possible
  • or another male drell who is also bisexual
  • more content for the following romances that got shafted: Gil, Suvi, Vetra, Reyes
  • more casual romance options, and I mean real casual romances, like one night stands kind of deal, not these weird cheating style romances we got in the actual game
  • more flirt options with people who can’t necessarily be romanced just because I like telling people I think they’re amazing and dateable
  • More outposts 
  • actually getting to explore Meridian 
  • Getting to go back to Habitat 7 / Ryder-1
  • Finding a homeworld for the turians/quarians because they don’t have a dextro friendly planet and it’s causing me a lot of anxiety
  • Helping the other pathfinders find a homeworld because so far I feel like Ryder is the only one doing anything TBH
Monsta X Reaction to You Setting Them Up on a Date, But They Like You

This was anon requested so hope you liked it hon!!!


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He ended up just going on the date. He would hate to have conflict with you, but he really liked you. After the horrible date, he ended up calling you and confessing his feelings. it ended quite well for him.

~rest under cut~

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Always You Timeline

So earlier this year Louis tweeted this

followed by this post on instagram (nicely displaying that 28 tattoo) (27/02)

and then later mentions he has a song on his album called ‘Always You’ and says it’s really special and personal to him (20/07)


Louis gets pissed off by the industry on twitter (23/08)

then a few minutes later leaks this snippet of a song: 

I went to Amsterdam without you and all I could do was think about you

and goes on about if anyone has worked out the lyrics yet (x

so he not so subtly draws attention to the trip to Amsterdam he took the month before with you know who (you know, the one where he left her alone and went to a gay bar and was also probably missing and thinking about his real partner)

and the significance of that trip in this case being the aforementioned thing:

Louis recently at a Gay Bar in Amsterdam (16/07) (x)

Side note: Amsterdam is also one of his favourite cities 


so of course soon after everyone starts speculating if he wrote it about this particular trip. Well, not exactly:

(The not so subtle symbolic message still stands behind it, otherwise why draw attention to it in the first place.) But anyway that means he wrote it in February, right? So which ‘really really personal’ song could it be then? And what did he post coincidentally in February? Hmm

Obviously, duh, obviously. 

So in conclusion now we know the date of when ‘Always You’ was (likely) finished and also that Louis will make sure that we get the personal message behind it when the song finally comes out :)

a primer on pidge

Hi everyone! So I was talking to a couple of friends on a Voltron discord server about how to write different characters, and some of them mentioned struggling with how to write from Pidge’s perspective and how to get into her mind.

Now, I absolutely love writing Pidge, and I have a real easy time getting into her mind (because I think our minds work in similar ways, though she’s much more scientific than I am) and when I shared how I go about writing her, they asked if I could share my thoughts in a rebloggable post.

This post is not quite a meta, since I’m not doing a contextual analysis of her behavior within the actual episodes; nor is it a series of headcanons. It’s just how I approach her personality and point of view, and I hope it helps some of you figure out how to get inside her head!

  • Pidge’s mind is going a thousand miles per hour. It’s like she’s flipping channels constantly, going from one to the next to the next without ever once getting exhausted. It’s just how she is; it’s not tiring, and slowing down is just not in her DNA.
  • This is also why she rambles. While talking, her mind jumps three steps forward, but her mouth hasn’t quite caught up yet, so she keeps on rambling until she hits the point where her mouth and her mind have caught up. Sometimes this doesn’t happen, and everyone else continues to remain ??? about whatever it is she’s trying to say.
  • It’s usually at this point where she’s like “fuck it” if nobody understands what she’s trying to say and moves onto the next topic
  • This is because Pidge gets things, really fast, and she waits for people to catch up to her. Most of the time, she will assume you’re on the same page as her. And if it turns out you’re not? She’s not going to waste time trying to explain anything to you. She’s just going to keep going, and you better catch up.
  • Because her mind is usually focused on a large number of things all at once, the way you can tell she’s upset is when she hyperfixates on one thing. Hyperfixation is her coping mechanism of choice, and if you ever see her just super focused on one thing and shutting everything else and everyone else out, it’s a sure sign that trouble is brewing.
  • Pidge does not like ambiguity. She wants to know the why behind everything. If you don’t have an answer for her, she will figure out a way to get one without you, because she never just takes things at face value. That’s just not what she does.
  • Pidge is incredibly perceptive. Though she’s not much of a people person herself, she is very quick on the uptake when it comes to the subtle relationships between people and she will often notice vibes and dynamics between people before they even realize what’s going on. However, she won’t always comment on it. If it’s not her business or if there’s no reason for her to say something, she won’t.
  • Connected to this, Pidge is a very very private person when it comes to her own emotions. She keeps things close to her chest, and even though she can ramble and talk at you for hours, all of that rambling will be about things and people that are unrelated to her own emotional state of mind.
  • You could talk to her for 3 hours about a project she’s working on and how all the parts work and how she started on it, but at the end of the conversation? You still will not have learned the deeper motivations behind why she’s doing the project in the first place.
  • Pidge doesn’t dislike being feminine or girly, she’s just more focused on efficiency and focusing on the task and situation at hand. I get the impression that given the chance, she would totally be fine with wearing girly tops, growing her hair out again, and/or wearing dresses. In fact, I think she might even enjoy it! The only reason she hasn’t thus far is because a) she didn’t bring any girly clothes with her to space and b) as someone focused on the rather larger task of finding her missing family and saving the universe, she’s shifted her priorities a little bit. But something tells me that given the opportunity, she would have strong opinions and a fairly developed aesthetic (esp considering she seemed to be consciously rocking those pastels during her life as Katie Holt)
  • Pidge also seems to be a fairly unemotional person, but as those who are close to her know, once you’re in her inner circle, she latches onto you and does not let go. She shows this in the most subtle ways; the trash dolls, the glasses (which she does not need, and which I am convinced once belonged to Matt).  She will literally go to the ends of the earth for someone she loves, and she will raise hell if you try and get in her way. So don’t make that mistake, unless you want to face the consequences.


My segment will be broadcasted at around 6:50am after Kaishain!!

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astrollusion  asked:

Hi! Would you mind explaining Harmonic Charts and how we should interpret them? I find it a little tricky to get my head around but maybe that's just the way some websites are explaining it, take your time, I know you get quite detailed asks, thank you 💖

Well Harmonic charts are VERY complicated.  The basis behind them is that we multiply degrees times fixed numbers to blow up the degrees in harmonic charts.  What we end up getting is each Harmonic chart we go into sees how the planets interact at deeper levels.  

The best way to describe this is if we see the natal birth horoscope as our physical plane existence. Each time you look into a Harmonic chart number that is higher, we are looking deeper into the persons soul.  Think of Harmonics as a case study of seeing into someones soul.  On the birth level
we see an aspect that might need more exploration.  Perhaps on the birth horoscope we see they are an artist.  Now Harmonics can see what kind of art they do.

I have seen certain people go as much as harmonic chart 128.  But for learning, and sanity purpose I encourage people who are really into this to start small.

First off how do we calculate it if we are not massive scientists and mathematicians?  Well we use  once you have an account there, you can save your information and quickly draw up harmonics of any number you imagine.

You can do this easily in as they have a drop down for harmonic charts.  it even tells you on the site how to do it.  Here take a Look. I will show you a quick example of Harmonics in action.  Below I am showing where on to find the harmonics selection, and what I will do is show you a few harmonic charts, what the layers represent and how to read aspects within.

As you can see, we are in the extended chart selection of  "under please select the type of chart you want", scroll down to “other charts”, then “harmonic charts (please enter harmonic chart in day field.”)  Once your mouse selects that option, under date the first text field says “start date for charts marked with” and then in that box, in the day field you put the harmonic number you want to look at.

When you look at a harmonic chart, conjunctions take a priority because they are the most powerful.  What we also look for is ties to the ascendant, because those parts of the soul because a major part in their self expressions.  Youll find hidden parts of a personality that are subtle in expression that you wont find from a birth horoscope.  We can also look for planets tieing to conjnctions to make a major aspect.  If they don’t tie to the ascendant, then these parts are internalized but still present.

Another important thing to look at is the midheaven.  Why?  because harmonic aspects that tie to the midheaven through conjunction or major aspect can come before the public or be used in the career.

What am I going to do is a really basic small case study of Famous Singer Johnny Cash.  What am I going to do is show you his birth chart, and give you a brief explanation as to why we use harmonics and their importance into showing our soul and the way we subtly acts and thinks.  You might be
surprised as to how it reveals things about how a person acts when these aspects can’t be seen in
the birth horoscope.


The purpose of this case study is to prove the effectiveness of Harmonic charts in show casing a persons artistic expression if the natal birth horoscope prove artistic talent.  In this case I am using Famous Singer Johnny Cash as the subject.  I will start by using the Natal Birth Horoscope as a means to set the stage of the Harmonics Charts used later to explain Cash’s Soul and subtle
behaviors we don’t see at the physical Birth Chart Level.

(Natal Birth Horoscope)

Let us start by painting a picture of Johnny Cash on the physical plane.  We can see in the first house he has a conjunction aspect of less then 1 degree of Venus and Uranus.  This aspect makes who is very artistic eccentric in expression it.  They are rebels of their times and certainly love to go
against the grain of society in their expression.  

This is more so powerful for Cash because it happens in the first house that represents unconscious behavior expression and mannerisms.  It doesn’t show his musical talent per say, but it certainly sets the stage.  It exists in flowing aspects in many musicians charts who go against the grain in the their

Cash has a conjunction of sun, mercury, and mars.  All three of these planets were in the 12 house which is famous for having two sides, a spiritual side and a self undoing side.  Cash was lost at points and did drugs in his life because the ego struggled to establish itself.  It the Pisces concept of being lost that can lead to the self undoing that shows itself in the 12th house sun often.

In one interview johnny cash mentioned that his father worked very hard in fields and he was of a family of 7 children.  He never mentioned it directly but I believe the typical 12th house sun protocol may of been present.  His father was described as a decent guy, but may of been to busy and preoccupied trying to support and raise a large family to focus on Cash’s individuality from child hood.

Having Mars in the 12th tends to internalize anger, and with sun there I believe this set the stage for his drug problems.  With no healthy way to express his anger, he interalized it and it helped lead to his early “self undoings.”

As he got older, he became more spiritual he slowly unlocked the power of that 12th stellium with mercury, mars and sun there.  He used the suns creative drive in the Pisces house to write music.  Alot of it had spiritual overtones, which can be seen in the birth horoscope quiet easily.

When people with sun in 12 transcend, they can use the artistic side of Pisces to help form their ego and what they are about.  In this case, he used that Neptune energy of Pisces to be put into music and writing songs.

Cash had pluto in the 5th which i believed added depth to his creative nature being in the house of self and self expression.  He really loved to express himself, but I believe the pluto energy added the depth to his song writing because Leo loves to be creative.

Last on the Birth chart we see Sagittarius on the 10th house cusp with it’s ruler Jupiter in the 5th house.  This Lordship sets the stage for someone whose career and public reputation is influenced by their creative Leo side.  So his Career of being a singing came because of this.  He brought his Leo side of self expression and creating music to his career.  And since Lord Jupiter was the planet
in the 5th ruling the 10th, he had an expanded interest in being creative.

The birth horoscope doesn’t show everything about Johnny Cash’s desire to sing or be artistic, but it certainly set the stage.  So let’s cut his chart open using the 5th, 7th, 11th, and 32nd harmonic to see more of what made him the way he was.

(5th Harmonic)

First Let’s look at his 5th Harmonic.  The 5th Harmonic horoscope shoes hidden talents.  In this Harmonic we see his Ascendant trines a conjunction of Venus and Uranus.  So he had a hidden talent of bringing his love of being a rebel out in self expression behavior.  Not necessarily a wild find as Venus and Uranus were conjunct in the birth horoscope, but the Harmonic confirms it further.

In this harmonic he has a conjunction of Neptune and Saturn which I believe made him have take spirituality and music seriously.  It opposes a major conjunction directly opposite.  The midheaven has chiron sun and mercury siting in a conjunction.  This conjunction I believe indicates he had a
hidden talent for creatively (the sun) communicating (mercury) about pain (Chiron) in his career (midheaven.)  Alot of his music certainly did showcase about painful expediences people had.

All of this in an opposition tied his career/ midheaven to music and spirituality. I believe this is also why he had a serious (Saturn) hidden talent for expressing himself through music (Neptune, creativity, music.) in his career.

(7th Harmonic)

Now on deeper we go to the 7th Harmonic.  The 7th Harmonic represents Inspiration and how we inspire others.  In his 7th Harmonic Cash has sun and Mercury conjuncted tight part of an aspect pattern that opposes Neptune.  I translate this has he is creatively inspired (the sun) to communicate (mercury) through music and spirituality (opposite neptune.)  The opposition just ties it together.  More important parts of his music.

(11th Harmonic)

On to the 11th Harmonic we see a persons imagination, fantasy and dream world.  Imagination is very important to a singer and music writer.  The first thing I notice immediate is his Ascendant has Neptune conjunct exact.  This would indicate he has mannerisms of expressing his imagination through his self expression and mannerisms and behaviors.

Opposite that is a conjunction of mercury and sun, which makes ties Neptune to make an ability to creatively communicate his imagination that we can’t see on the birth horoscope level.  A key ingredient i believe for a country/pop folk singer which his music is more word driven.

Also he has a conjunction in this harmonic between Venus Uranus and chiron. His artistic side (Venus) met with his rebellious and innovated side (Uranus) and included painful experiences together.  All key ingratiation in his imagination used to write music He was very artistic about expressing and creating art (music) that was about painful experience, all born from the imagination in his 11th harmonic.

Last but not least his midheaven has another strong conjunction.  Mars and Jupiter conjuncted the midheaven.  Mars the imagination an unconscious desire to appear before the public.  Jupiter expands this ability for the imagination to come, and may even add some luck in the public being receptive to putting his imagination on display.  He did become famous after all.

(32nd Harmonic)

Last but not least the 32nd harmonic.  Kind of a dark horse to use in case study as the 32nd harmonic represents inner drive, talent and motivation.  This will show why Cash was motivated to bring it all to a surface level.  

First let’s look at the chiron, ascendant, moon conjunction in this harmonic.  He had an inner drive to express his emotions and pain through his self mannerisms and expression.  A key ingredient I believe important to putting his feelings behind his music.

Another vital conjunction exists in the 32nd harmonic.  Mercury, Neptune and sun make a wide conjunction, but still vital for his inner drive.  He was motivated to express his creative nature ( Sun) by communicating (mercury) his spiritual, creative and musical side from Neptune energies (neptune.)

This conjunction also makes a strong aspect opposition to mars, which makes for tieing these energies together.  That part of his inner drive and motivation became an “unconscious war path” and had tension but added more power inside himself to expression his creative musical nature.  He really wanted to do it more or less.

pour up (body party)

pairing: jikook, yoontaeseok, namjin

rating: nc17

genre: alpha/beta/omega (abo) au, smut, fluff

warnings: switching, self-lubrication, praise kink, humiliation kink, knotting, chokers, morning sex, multiple orgasms, nipple play, biting/marking, blowjobs, top jungkook, top jimin, vibrators, thigh highs/stockings, lingerie/lace panties, barebacking, rimming, porn with plot, crossposted to ao3

a/n: aaaaand it’s up!!! sorry for the delay hehe I fell sick last night and also had to make some minor edits to the scenes ;; for @inarsics aka the sweetest person I’ve ever written a fic for ❤️ #stannar2k17!!!! this basically served as an excuse for me to write like preposterous amounts of fluff and smut (it literally starts with smut what am i doing somebody pls) oops but I loved the prompt so much I almost died squealing when I got it adkndjahdf

the prompt is tweaked a lil bit but jikook are both alphas (I lov alpha/alpha) and jimin’s basically the more laidback, subtle dom while kook is the on-the-surface alpha aka he fusses a lot over his mate and would literally do anything to protect jimin but is more of a sub in bed than chimchim!!! if you’re reading this, thank u sm & all reblogs/comments/likes are all super appreciated ♡♡♡♡♡♡

summary: “Jungkook and Jimin are spending their first Christmas together as mates. Thinking that they would have the whole day to themselves, Jungkook and Jimin are surprised when the boys drop by their apartment. Though Jimin is welcoming, Jungkook is disgruntled that he can’t spend any time alone with Jimin, and he does all he can to get some quality time with him whilst the boys are around.”

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About avilero, the interpretation of the show where it’s canon and the references pointing at it

I put together a train of thought, a little essay, if you will. 

First warning: Please don’t read it if you’re irked by this ship, you’ll just do yourself damage.

Second warning: Long post. Very long post. Extremely long post; as in 5000+ words.

[Updated on: 2017 August 22]

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White people need to get over ourselves

Repeat after me:

I, (your name) a white person (based on arbitrary phenotypical definitions) do solemnly swear that I will do my best to listen, learn, and implement changes to my speech and behavior when Non-white people (also based on arbitrary definitions) are speaking about the intrinsic, obvious, and subtle form of racism that exist in society. I will also not respond at any point with a defense of my own behavior, any version of, “Not all,” or perform any rejection of the assertion of marginalized Non-white peoples worth via, “All lives matter,” or a variation thereof. If I am made uncomfortable, I will query myself and not the person pointing things out that engender that discomfort. I will do my research on contemporary theory and historical experience, by seeking out sources via the Internet or a library. I will apologize if I do something that is racist and endeavor not to repeat it. I will not accept racism from my friends or family when I am reasonably safe in rejecting it. I will not use non-white people as shields for my thoughts or actions (i.e., selective quoting of MLK,) and I will use my privilege to deconstruct the systems which exist solely to grant that privilege. I will do this because I (your name) do not actually want to be a racist shithead who causes harm.

Repeat as needed in order to internalize it.


if you’re a Klance shipper and your response to kallura is anything like

- whelp guess Allura’s a lesbian and it can’t happen

- whelp Keith is 100% gay and so it can’t happen

i’m about to tell you something you’re not going to like hearing :

there’s an 85% chance that you’re being a bad person

here’s why: so many SO MANY klance blogs, or posts being anti-kallura, that i see reference keith “being gay” like it’s already canon, or say something to the nature of “well allura’s a lesbian so I guess klance is the only other option”. You’re not being subtle okay about your erasure of identities in order to support your otp. You’re also not being witty. 

It’s one thing if you’ve headcannoned Allura as lesbian and Keith as gay because you wanted actual representation - but here I am going to ask you to sit back and consider this. Because I know a lot of people who are lesbian or bi or gay did just this - but there are plenty of people who did it to fuel their personal otp’s. And you’re fine to headcanon their identities however you want, because we don’t have canon evidence for really any relationships other than possibly HunkxShay and the obvious attraction Lance has for Allura. 

But i’m seeing this knee jerk response skyrocket now that we know that Allura is around same age as the other paladins. She’s suddenly no longer old enough to be team mom so ppl are desperate to find a reason NOT to allow her to be shipped with any of the Paladins. You are really, really not being subtle about the fact that you’re shoving a woman out of the picture so you can fulfill your gay ship. Like, I won’t be surprised to see vitriol against Allura rising in the coming months because of this. We’ve seen it before! I hate to say it (like I am getting literally shudders right now) but we’ve seen it happen in Sh3rlock, when W@atson got a canon female love interest and the fandom frothed at the mouth at the fact that their precious gay ship wasn’t canon (obviously J and S could now never be together because only gay and het orienatations exist). I know this happens in fandom, but its not pretty. There’s a very dark side to the reason why so many fans (and many of them female) push for mlm ships so strongly and it’s very strongly rooted in the fetishization of gay men. 

Fancanoning a woman to be lesbian in order to get her out of the way of your gay ship is bad. It’s bad representation and it’s disrespectful to both the character and moreso to actual real life lesbian women. Lesbians don’t exist so you can use your identity to support your gay OTP.

Not to mention - erasure of identities other than lesbian and gay is a huge problem in really any fandom. Your denial of what may be an onscreen relationship developing (we have so little to go on the response to it is absolutely ridiculous!) between two people of different genders and your quick hc’ing of them as gay and lesbian to somehow try to ‘wish it away’ is a punch in the gut for any person who is bi, pan, and poly. Like, we exist? And sometimes - I know this is crazy but sometimes we actually have relationships with people of other genders than our own? Wild. 

Like, identities and orientations don’t exist for you to force your OTPs into existence. Don’t use orientations to ‘prove’ your ships. Like, I promise you, if you headcanon that Allura is straight, or bi or pan or poly, you can STILL find a way to continue believing in Klance and continue shipping it! And you can still put on your shipping glasses and see Klance moments. That’s not going to change.

Because at this point I don’t believe that for many Klance shippers the disappointment is the possible lack of representation for the queer community. It’s looking more and more like everyone is getting pissed their gay OTP won’t be canon, and that’s a whole different (and shittier) beast.

Taking a break from playing Destiny 2 to draw some Destiny 2!

Asher Mir has become one of my favorite NPCs in this universe. His disrespect for Zavala’s battle with his grief chafed me at first, but after learning a bit about him I’ve grown to understand and love this cantankerous old bastard. Characters that are grumpy on the outside to conceal a darker, more tormented personality are sort of my jam. I also really like the slow and subtle ways he opens up to the player throughout the course of the game… he makes visiting Io worth it!

So here he is being interrupted while trying to snag some rest. He probably doesn’t get much; his busy mind and the pull of Vex minds probably keeps him up more than he’d like. (Also I drew his Vex arm all wrong I am so sorry! An excuse to draw him more.)

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If you or another Dean fan gets a chance, could you please ask Jensen what he'd like to see for Dean next season? Season 12 was such a disappointment. A lot of Dean fans I know are struggling to find a reason to keep tuning in next season, esp if Dabb is still in charge. We miss our badass Dean who was part of the storylines, not relegated to the sidelines for episodes on end.

Hello dear anon!

I am sorry for only replying now after JIB. Even though I can’t recall anyone asking a similar question during one of Jensen’s panels, I personally think that Jensen let shine through quite a bit how he felt about S12 as I had the impression he was criticising the writing of the latest season quite a bit, but in very measured, subtle and polite manners.

For example I think with how highly he talked about “Regarding Dean” and how much he enjoyed being given the possibility to really breach out and challenge himself in that episode showed that he wishes to get more opportunities to stretch his legs creatively speaking.

And also, when he talked about reading the script for 12x22 and revealed his own “headcanon” about how he personally made sense of Amara’s “I am going to give you what you need most”  he also pointed out rather directly how much he struggled with large portions of the season as they didn’t make “sense” to him, because he couldn’t really pin point what they did with Mary, etc. and therefore had ~issues with the “portrayal” of the relationship between the brothers and their mom.

SPN has always been a show in which the audience or the actors need to fill in the gaps, but I personally think in arcs as big as this one the creatve writing team should be giving directions to the main characters on what’s to come and what’s the point, because apparently they failed to deliver making clear what the plan is quite drastically. Plus: While Jensen managed to make sense of the season for himself by putting 12x22 in relation to Amara deciding to bring Mary back, Jensen also made it pretty clear that when he shared his headcanon with Robert Berens, Berens didn’t really budge or confirm that any of that truly was his intention in writing. So…

As much as I actually liked 12x22 and Jensen’s acting in it and his headcanon and trying to make sense of the season, I personally think if indeed Jensen’s headcanon matches loosely with the intention of the writers they did a pretty horrible job at executing this storyline, because catharsis for Dean certainly looks different imo and healing as well. What this season achieved was killing the myth of Mary and making her a real life person with very real issues and horrible behaviour - and I have no problems with that, I have a great deal of issues with the fact that everything Dean suffered and did and fought for this season that in the end Mary didn’t even wrap Dean into a hug ffs!!!!!!, cause that’s just phew…. Let’s just say I am really really angry - because well, yeah Dean saves her (while the show in that moment also grossly ignores all of Dean’s own traumas, but only had him focus on Sam - seriously, fuck you Dabb! Dean didn’t suffer in Hell? Or in purgatory? Or the MoC? Only Sam had traumas and a bad life after Mary’s death?) and who gets hugged? Sam. Thank god he at least pulls Dean into a hug. But yeah Mary… Just grrrrrr, writers fail. But gladly I am able to just ignore that all for now when thinking back to my JIB 8 experiences. ;)

Ok tumblr, so I have this Fantastic Beasts headcanon…hear me out…
I just got back from seeing Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (which is an amazing movie btw but tw for victims of abuse) and I noticed some things about Newt while I was watching

-He seems to have a hard time making eye contact (and when he does its typically after a long period of looking down/away from the person he’s talking to)

-He is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about magical creatures, to the point where that seems to be all he does (he also stated that he works with dragons for as a job)

-He’s stated that typically people don’t like him because he annoys them and he didn’t fit in at school (possibly due to gushing/obsessing about magical creatures to people who would talk to him, that’s just speculation on my part though)

-He’s a very quirky individual with subtle habits and speech patterns that aren’t typical of the average person

So where am I going with this? I think that Newt may be on the autism spectrum with magical creatures being his special interest, this is just a theory and these character traits may be a coincidence, I haven’t done any research on Newt or how the actor wanted to portray him but I think it’d be really great if he, a popular main character, was on the autisim spectrum, I’m going to have my parents watch the movie and see what their input is (my mom is an elementary school teacher who has experience with special needs children and my dad worked as a special ed teacher for 15 years), but if anyone on here has any input I’d love to hear it!!! And if I got anything wrong or if I’m way off on my headcanon then please please correct me, and if this seems to be a plausible headcanon then spread this around! It’d be great to have representation for people who don’t seem to have very much in popular media like this

Does anyone else who identifies as trans and NB feel uncomfortable when you happen across the trans positivity posts that phrased as “trans girls are girls, trans boys are boys, non-binaries are non-binary”?

I understand why it’s phrased that way, because English isn’t good at encapsulating non-binary genders, gender identities and absences of gender. This phrasing feels to me, though, to be reinforcing the fact that being non-binary is increasingly seen as something separate to being trans–that being trans is a binary thing first and foremost, non-binary second. That I am not trans enough to be described as trans in a post about supporting trans people.

I’d love to see more than the occasional post that phrases this as “trans people are trans people” or “trans NBs are trans NBs”. Something that acknowledges that non-binary people aren’t binary but also doesn’t make trans non-binary people feel that their non-binary gender, genders or lack of gender is inherently a separate, non-trans identity.

I absolutely understand the need for positivity that doesn’t treat all non-binary people as though they are trans. (In other words: not all posts are for me, and they don’t have to be.) I’d also like to see, though, some positivity that doesn’t erase the trans identities from non-binary people who are also trans–because I’d like to have both parts of my identity celebrated together, as someone who cannot separate the two, more often than they are.

Because I am trans. Anyone who tells me I am not is exorsexist and cissexist. So why am I included in positivity posts as a non-binary person, not as a trans and non-binary person?

Why are we so often framing trans identities as though they are inherently binary?

Dear all of knitblr, please help me a bit

I seem to have irreparably screwed up my current knitting project, which is a very important and personal piece to me. It’s the sochi shawl (on ravalry for free) done in bisexual pride colors; I live in a very conservative area that doesn’t let me be as open as I wish about who i am, and i found the idea of wearing a subtle emblem of my identity, crafted by my own two hands, to be very comforting and validating. But I dropped a few stitches around a double center increase a few rows back and even though I tried to go back and fix it it’s really screwed up, and also one of the stitches seems to have dropped out of existence entirely. The sochi shawl pattern has lots of eyelets, double center decreases, and dropped stitches, so I have no idea how to frog it without screwing it up, and I’m not sure how to weave a lifeline through it. Its pretty far along and it would break my heart to start over from scratch. I don’t know many very experienced knitters, and the ones I do know can’t help me right now because I’m living away from home for a while.

Knitblr, you are my only hope right now. If anyone knows how to thread a lifeline through a complicated shawl or restitch a botched double center decrease, please send me a message and give me a few tips. Finishing this shawl is quite important to me.

anonymous asked:

Hi! How are you? Errrrrr... Why do you love KriSoo?

anon.. ANON… WHY YOU DO DIS TO MEEE ;____;

I love how non-existent they were. So subtle, yet just THERE. 
I like to believe that Kyungsoo takes no shit from anyone. I also believe Chanyeol is a cat who lost half of his 9 lives already thanks to this boy. 
Anyhow… Kyungsoo seems like this stoic person, but would allow Kris in for some reason. Going on a killing spree when people call him short and yet…

He allows Kris to tease him. I think Chanyeol would have lost another one of his lives if Kris hadn’t interfered… and this wouldnt be the first time…

Kyungsoo just… allows… Kris… why??


so longingly… whyyyy

Aside from the literally LOOKING UP to Kris, I think Kyungsoo really did look up to him as a team member. I think Kyungsoo kind of admired Kris for his ability to speak so many languages and for being M’s leader. And for whatever reason, he might have envied Kris, not only for his height haha

Well, Kris isnt bad at looking at Kyungsoo either…

Checking out them sexy suspenders

watching him sing

Just staring… because its totally necessary… right

Watching baby eat


Looking at each other… HOLDING HANDS

Kris cant keep his hands off Soo

Awkward armpit patting

legendary hug

sob worthy lap sitting

totally necessary to shove his hand into kyungsoo’s jacket.. yes

and I really do believe that Kris adored Kyungsoo, and also admired him back. For his chocolate voice, default squishy appearance, all that shit. Kris ADORED Kyungsoo… its obvious.

They shared this rare affection, that never failed to make me sob. Always touching each other ever so subtly 

Some affection

More affection


They have a strange addiction with whispering things to each other…

MORE addicted to holding hands WHENEVERRR

SEE HOW KYUNGSOO DOESNT WANT TO LET GO? even kris was surprised…

keeping his hand on his knee… totally necessary

Being playful with each other


They kissed each other during wolf era… AND THAT CLASPED HAND HOLDING WAS totally TOTALLY NECESSARY… righttt???

And let me tell you something… KYUNGSOO is not a clingy person, Do Kyungsoo DOES NOT cling…. AND YET…

Look at this koala attached to duizangs arm

And then there is Kyungsoo almost touching Kris’ D

They should just get a room… Wait… just a BED IS FINE TOO

and the moment of all truth… they already confessed on media…
Listen to it here sdfghjklkjhgfd

I’m so DONE, i’m going to sob in that corner, DONT TOUCH ME bye

thechristythings  asked:

God I love your blog! Thank you so much for all the Huma feels <3 I personally love the scene when Harry gives the stolen fish to Cook, like he's trying to provide for Uma's shop. What do you think of the scene and what's your favourite Huma scene from the movie or book?

(i actually haven’t read the book yet rip rip)

but i have a couple from the movie! One of my favorite Huma moments is when we first see Uma and Harry in Ursula’s shop, when Uma brings out Harry’s food without him even having to place an order - she taps him on the elbow to get to some food (to throw) and he’s so familiar with the motion that him moving a bit out of the way and returning to pick at the food is fluid for the both of them

it’s super super subtle, but it shows how familiar they are with each other’s space and presence and also that she knows when he’s going to come in and has his order ready for him already LOL

of course, I also love the moment when he calls for her to help him out of the water bc like - he’s not afraid to ask for help?? he knows she’ll come for him?? she turns back without hesitation? she’s the person he calls for when he needs someone and i honestly am deceased every time i see that moment bye

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Hiya. Whats the conversation between charity and bexs that came across as a dismiss of robs bisexuality?

hey anon!

now, i sort of tuned most of the dialogue out whenever rebecca is on screen and chose to appreciate the way debbie and bex smile at each other instead, so can i say this is accurate? no. am i gonna rewatch it to check? also no. but this is what i’m pretty sure happened:

CHARITY: something about a date 😌

DEBBIE AND REBECCA: *smile at each other like they’re having a secret affair and being the least subtle about it*

DEBBIE AND/OR REBECCA: something about a dude and a car and also rebecca knows how to business! now

CHARITY: did u have fun boning said dude

DEBBIE AND/OR REBECCA: no bc we’re gay- sorry wait HE is gay he is the gay one. he’s gay

CHARITY: rebecca would know all about sleeping with gay dudes look at robert


…so yea that’s p much it word for word