also i am not a furry artist


Hello!! Lukas here! I’m doing clean bust sketches for $2,50, and 3 for $6! which saves you $1,50!

I will draw both canon and oc, but I prefer if it’s from a cartoon/drawing already and not real life, as drawing from an irl image won’t turn out as good!! I’ll also draw furry/animal characters, along with characters with armor and weapons, as long as references are given!

I will draw pretty much anything, just no explicit nsfw!

If you have any questions, and/or wish to commission me, shoot me a message via the chat here on tumblr!!

Currently there is no limit to how many people can purchase these as I am in need of money.

If you can’t commission me for whatever reason, please reblog it anyways! Helps me get more noticed!! Thank you!


replied to your post

“celineakayjs replied to your post “what’s the fluffy fury clan…”

hmmm… what could someone who cant draw bring to the clan?? …im interested but am artistically challenged lollllll

No problem at all! Fluffy Furry Clan is for everyone.
Non-artist is also accepted!
Hmmmm… so u are a writer *v* (TBH I read ur fic aaaasdfasdfasdf*[]*<3)

Alright! I offer this magic Item to be a welcome gift if you come to the clan…

‘OT3 Floffy Pen’ Of course, It’s TodoBakuDeku!!! lol
When you write, you’ll feel the extremely softness between the fingers. And I also add some glitter for you ;) Blink blink blink.

We, Fluffy Furry Clan, produce every item with heart. Muahh<3


Here’s my commision sheets with their prices!

If im going to be honest, i currently live in a super stressful situation and i need to move out as soon as possible. I have a job but the pay is terrible and also my car needs repairs before i can even think about an apartment. I desperatly need any money i can get, so if you dont have enough for the above prices im definitly willing to bargain with you.

Im willing to do almost anything outside ns /// fw stuff. Any fandom or type of creature.

I only accept usd and all payments should go through paypal. Message me and ill give you my information ^-^

(Please please please reblog this so it can spread because i am honestly so scared that i wont have a place to sleep tomorrow)

                      ****SUMMER COMMISSIONS****


  • I have the right to declined any commissions that I feel uncomfortable doing.

  • It’s important to be patient with me when it comes to commissions, especially when it comes to my job outside of my art blog. I will, however, keep in touch with you on my progress. 
  • You must be able to pay 100% upfront.
  • I am willing to draw: Anime/Manga/Semi-realism style, Chibi, animals, suggestive content (softcore level), tasteful artistic nudity, fanart, or original characters.
  • I am not willing to draw: Hardcore Porn, abuse, gore, furry, photorealism, mecha, real life people, questionable fetish (i.e diaper fetish, inflation, etc).

  • You MUST be 18+ in order to get nudity or suggestive content (softcore level) commissions. NO EXCEPTIONS.

  • When requesting a commission drawing, please give me deep details on what you want. If any original characters or copyrighted characters is involved, you must provide me a clear reference.

  • I will also send you a WIP sketch to you in case if you need me to make any adjustments.

I want a commission from you. Now what?

Send me a note through submit box or by email

.****Do not send me commissions through ask or else it will be ignored.*****


Commission Form Sheet (Please send it through submit)

Name or Username:
Type of Commission:
Public commission or Private commission:
*What I mean is if you’re uncomfortable for me to post your commissioned piece on my page, then I will just email the finished piece to you. This is useful, especially when it comes to canon character x oc pieces*






Gale’s second in command, Claws of the Gentle Zephyr (Zephyr Claws) is prolly the biggest badass bitch in the tribe, and rightfully in her position of power.  Although she has plenty of suitors (despite the burns on her face, although not many cats know where she got them from) she shows little to no interest in taking a mate.

She and Gale have been best friends since they were cubbies.  She’s also good friends with Silent Strike, Gale’s brother, and Seed Flight, the stargazer that saved her life when she first got burnt.


hello all! it’s me again and i am in need of some financial aid regarding my medical expenses again. Earlier this year I got my wisdom teeth removed and paid the deposit ($450) out of pocket. I am currently working 3 days a week and looking for a second job. I am unable to take on more days at the moment of my current employers place of business. Commissions would be extremely appreciated! I will draw ships/ocs/self inserts/fanart/nsfw!!! I will not draw furries/ponies ( i am not confident in my abilities.)

PLEASE spread and consider commissioning me…I also have stickers available and am selling some misc anime stuff but haven’t had any luck as of yet. 


Hey guys! Commissions are now open with a wider selection then I used to offer! Reblogs are greatly appreciated! ovo/


[If you’re interested in WRITING commissions, I have them in a separate post HERE!!]

[I also have a Ko-fi page, should you wish to donate me a coffee instead!]


- Prices are in AUSTRALIAN DOLLARS (AUD). Payment through Paypal only, where I will send you an invoice for the commission.

- I will draw any kind of character; official/canon characters, any kind of oc, ships of any kind, furries, anthros, dragons, u name it!

- I will draw NSFW and nude characters, but nothing involving a fetish. If you’re unsure, just message me with your request and we can talk details! 

- I reserve the right to refuse any commission request, and also to give a refund if for some reason I am unable to complete your commission. 

- [On coloured pieces] If you would like to see the sketch before colour, please let me know at the payment stage!


Please e-mail me at or message me privately here on Tumblr for inquires! Thank you! 

Article: Timing and Pricing

The question comes up all too often, and I hope this article will help guide you with tips on how to achieve fair pricing for your art, fursuits, and more!


Obviously there are a lot of ways for any given person to answer the question of pricing, in this article I am going to address how I arrive at pricing my creative efforts. It is one among many ways to price creative work. Once you read this article, I am happy to hear if this method worked for you, or see suggestions on improving accuracy (as I am still open to personal improvement!), but I do find this to be a professional, very reliable, accurate way to do it, as well as being useful for other aspects of the creative processes well! 

For a little backstory, I have been involved in the furry fandom since 1999, and fursuit making has been my hobby since 2001 and now it is my profession. I’m also an artist, a tailor, I do costume refurbishing, create unique props, and make my own merchandise that I sell at events. I am only one person, and don’t outsource my work to other companies, so I don’t have one single thing I do that doesn’t need the effort I put into it figured out. Even personal items, prototyping, and practice – I try to think about how much effort I put in to achieve the item I have created.

How to figure out pricing!

I time myself! I use a dedicated timer (I’ll touch on why I use a dedicated timer below), it is this one to be exact: I ordered it in 2011, and have been timing everything I do ever since. I selected this timer specifically because it has a “count up” setting, so I can start and stop that as I work on my project, and set the other programmable preset buttons to count down to when I should stretch or take a break, (because I can totally work all day and forget to eat lunch), or even for when it is time to end work for the day.

I keep a log. You can organize your log however you wish, but I simply write my times down in a notepad each time I stop and switch tasks. I am careful to pause it when I need to take a break, or move away from my desk to end work for the day, if I didn’t do that then my times would not be accurate. In my log I write notes on what I accomplished within the timed span – this will help you generalize and find areas to improve in the future!

It is important to mention that I have decided to use a dedicated timer, rather than a timer app on my phone or a timing website on the computer, because I do not want the temptation of getting distracted from the task. You may have a different working style, that’s totally ok! Just be sure you are not approximating your times and are truly working towards accurate timing. How else will you know for sure? Part of being accurate about these times is being disciplined about starting and stopping the timer.

What does one of the timed project logs look like?

I recently worked on a fursuit prop skull for a client, a completely unique project that I had not made before. I couldn’t promise a flat price because of the possibility of undercharging, but I do work within a client’s specified budget so there are no surprises. 

Here is how my timed work on this project was written down in my log:
Planning: 30 min
Foamwork: 2 hour 50 min
Taping: 55 min
Pattern trace: 15 min
Cut fabric: 33 min
Sew: 1 hour 23 min
Glue: 25 min
Hand sew: 49 minutes
Teeth: 49 min
Paint: 37 min

546 minutes / 9.1 hours

I break down my times into minutes and then a decimal of the hours, this is so I can easily convert it into the agreed-upon rate. This timing process can even apply to illustrations or anything else you work on! Additionally I time all my prototypes and practice, even for things that are not as unique as this prop, this allows me to generalize future pricing to give an accurate quote on if I can work within someone’s budget or not.

Something I haven’t mentioned yet, but is an absolutely important part of pricing (especially if you are making physical things!) – Materials cost! Materials are also part of pricing, as is Overhead. If you are working for yourself, you should be keeping receipts of the things you buy for tax purposes. Looking back at the receipts for items you buy and use on your projects, you can more accurately estimate what you’ve used up for this project. If you bought extra material in the process, you can measure what you’ve used for your projects and figure out a fair materials price from there.

Here is another breakdown of my timed logs, this was for a Black Lab fursuit head I made. Is the time taken how long you expected? (Keep in mind I have been doing this for a lot of years, but I am also not a high producer. I make one or two fursuits a year, among other things. If you are new at this, or are a professional with a different working style, you will have a different experience from mine!) For this project, I also wrote a comprehensive materials list, shown below.

The time breakdown:
Foamwork: 4.85 hours
Head patterning: 2.39 hours
Liner: 1.43 hours
Furring: 15.83 hours
Nose: 1.56 hours
Ears: 1.43 hours
Eyes: 3.65 hours
Neck: 2.5 hours
Mouth detail: 2.4 hours

36.04 hours

Materials list:
Black fur (provided) - On forehead, upper brows, cheeks & back of head.
Beaver fur - on muzzle, lower brows & ears
2" (older lot) luxury shag - cheeks
2.5" (current lot) luxury shag - neck
Lycra, black - nose
Minky, pink - ears and tongue
Vinyl, black - eyelids
Anti-pill Fleece, black - Inner mouth & eyes
Whiskers (clear nylon) - face
Sculpy Ultralight - Nose, teeth
Upholstery foam - head structure
Quilted Broadcloth - liner for head & neck
Hot glue - various
E6000 glue - various
Paint, black/yellow/white - eyes
Plastic mesh - vision
Waterproofing sealant - eyes
Sandpaper - nose & eyes
Masking tape - patterning process

You can see that the amount of materials used adds up, even in small quantities! Think about the time it has taken to collect these items, running to the store to get them, ordering them online, going to the post office to deliver your finished project to your client, and so on. That should be included as part of your overhead. Overhead is your operating costs, and it is fair to think about to figure in to your pricing as well, especially if you are a digital artist who may have few materials costs yet have high equipment costs – or a fursuit maker, who also has high equipment costs, such as a sewing machine. I don’t have an exact figure on how I work in overhead in my pricing, but I absolutely think about it as part of pricing for something, especially if I need to buy a new piece of equipment to accomplish it!

What does this information do for you?

Okay, so I understand that the above may look like a lot to consider, but it truly is important to know. As a fellow businessperson I just can’t stress enough how important it is accurately knowing how long it takes you to make something! It is quite useful, not only for pricing but other aspects of crafting, such as deciding where you need to improve! I admit, it took a while to train myself to remember to start and stop the timer. I placed a few post-it notes around, stuck to my sewing machine that says “Start Timer” and another on my computer that says “Stop Timer,” little reminders definitely helped. Now it is second nature to use the timer and helps me get focused on working!

Using a timer also allows me to take into account if I need to shave off time to bring a price into an affordable range for my clients. I can think about it in the sense of “How can I pattern this more efficiently?” “Where can I design this to be simpler?” but still be stylistically good, and so on. It also allows me to see if something is not worth offering for commissions, because the price a client would likely pay does not match up with the amount of effort it takes me to create it.

Another important aspect that comes out of accurately timing your work is seeing how much effort you put into your pieces. It serves as a good marker to see if you are spending too much time on less-important parts of the task versus a very important part of the task. It allows you to quantitatively see where you can streamline or simplify your patterning process, or maybe just where to hone your practice more. When I started timing myself I found it incredibly easy to get distracted from the big picture while working on projects, in the past I have hyper-focused on details that just did not effect the end outcome, and timing has helped me recognize that. I’ve since thought of better ways to accomplish what needs to be done and use my time more efficiently. Some of these include rearranging the order I complete tasks, and even compiling a more efficient list to get started on future big projects. Setting yourself up to succeed is an important part of this!

In Summary

With your timing information and materials costs figured out, you now have a baseline for how you can price! This may not be the exact cost for the object or art that you charge in the end. However, it is absolutely a good start for beginning auctions, a low-end price for taking offers, or setting base commission prices by! Deciding your own rates are entirely up to you, I cannot tell you how much to charge, but I do need to stress DO NOT PRICE BELOW MINIMUM WAGE. You are worth more than that!!! You’re not doing yourself, your clients, or your colleagues any favors. Fandom work is very niche work, and it takes an immeasurable amount of practice and honed skill that should not be dismissed. You are a crafts-person who is skilled at your craft, and skilled labor has a value!

Old school fandom advice on pricing is incredibly varied, and sometimes involves the soul-crushing advice of looking at others’ work that you think matches your skill level and copying their price strategies. This doesn’t help you. I always thought it was really hard and demoralizing to try to research other makers I thought were in my skill range and ballpark pricing that way. I came up to a wall when I couldn’t find people making things like I was making, I was at a loss. I had to break away from that thought process and since I felt it was really unhealthy, and I really hate creative competition, timing myself has saved me the stress. Comparing yourself to others is a fast path to feeling discouraged – I’ve been there, grasping for pricing advice and feeling lost on how I should price a con badge or a sketch. Timing myself has thoroughly solved this! I can feel very good about pricing and the direction my work is going because I can quantitatively see the improvement as I practice a pattern and my times get better. I never feel like I am undercharging, additionally I never feel like I am overcharging either because I can see how much work it took! It is the one thing that has helped me get by confidently, without looking at what anyone else is doing, and still get a satisfying price for my work. A price that I am happy with and that clients are happy with.


  • Time yourself
  • Pause the timer for breaks and distractions, to keep your times accurate
  • Log your times with a few details on what you accomplished in that period
  • Keep track of expenses and overhead to figure in to pricing
  • Identify areas where you can practice more to improve
  • Use past timed work to generalize pricing for future work and have more accurate quotes!
  • Decide a fair rate, never go below minimum wage! 
  • You don’t have to compare yourself to others! 

I do commissions possibly a bit different than some of the other fandom content creators, but I do hope timing work becomes more a standard practice among the creative folks in the fandom. This style of pricing has really been what works for me, especially with all of the unique and varied things I do. 

Keep up the good work and keep moving forward. I hope these tips help, happy crafting! 


Hello Everyone, It is me again with my now corrected prices for Commissions. Alot of you probably know by now that I am homeless and unable to work and I really need commissions to like…. survive.

Those up there are my prices. If something’s not listed there, feel free to ask me about it. I’ll draw almost anything, furry, partial nudity, romantic/pda art. I won’t draw nsfw things and I won’t draw mecha (I don’t know how) I also won’t draw hateful or disturbing things either.

Payment is via paypal. Please email me at if you’re interested. Thank you for considering me and I would really appreciate it if you reblogged this post!

I drew this seven years ago I’m fucking sobbing

A signal boost would be highly appreciated!

Note that I have the most experience with mentioned species, but I am willing to try plenty of others so long I have good references to go by!

If you want me to design your character (headshot only) I can do that for an additional fee of 6 USD (making that 17 USD in total).

PS. I also do humans and humanesque creatures (furries/anthros not included) that does not belong in the Star Wars Universe!


And here I am again-
Im opening emergency commissions again because I dont have money for food and meds
If someone is interested in ordering commission just send me a message!
I can draw almost everything besides furries since im not so good at those.
I can also draw nsfw, ships, oc’s etc
Im desperate for money

savagecreaturescrucible  asked:

I was wondering and I hope you won't take offense I am really curious, as I currently hate my own lifestyle; but you seem to be a very talented and prolific artist and I was wondering how you fund yourself? Do you have part time or full time work or do you create art for your bread? I'm trying to get a sense of how to change my own into a more creative one. Thank you. :-)

Aw, thank you so much!  Art is my full time job, I’m a freelance illustrator.  The bulk of my work comes from furry commissions (thank you furry community!), but I also do book cover designs when they drift my way, and I run a patreon.  In addition, I sell prints and stickers through etsy printed at home (I have a high quality art printer), designs through redbubble, and I occasionally sell at conventions. 

There’s tons of ways to monetize your work these days, it pays to cast a wide net and have multiple sources of income.  That includes having a non-art job so that you can survive while you make art.  I have lots of freelancer friends who do their art on weekends, or supplement their art job with a small part time job elsewhere.  What is it that you hate about your lifestyle?  Maybe there’s a way to fit more art in there somewhere?

Let me start by saying thanks for taking some time to read this! As you could probably tell from the posted image, I am opening up small sketch commissions!

If you’re interested send an e-mail to I have also provided additional info on this post under a read more.

Recently, I’ve had to leave my job due to some issues pertaining to my race and gender identity and how my previous coworkers let those parts of me affect their attitudes and actions towards myself. Due to this, my boyfriend and I are in a bit of a tough spot right now as he has now become the sole provider for our household. 

While I’m in-between jobs I would like to ease some of that stress for him by, at least, having some money to purchase groceries and help cover some of our smaller expenses. So I would very greatly appreciate if you would considering commissioning me, or even just spreading my contact info around to anyone who might be interested if you yourself aren’t!

Anyways, sorry for the personal tangent. Here’s some important info for ya:

  • Commissioned pieces are of an individual character and are traditional sketches that cost $10 US each. All transactions are processed through PayPal.
  • I am open to drawing most anything as long as it isn’t 18+ .
  • Please make sure to send a couple of references my way so that I can provide the best product possible ^^ !
  • You are free to do whatever you please with your commission after it is complete.
  • If you’re interested I’ll send an invoice to your provided PayPal along with an initial rough draft of your piece. After receiving payment, I will continue to work on the piece to completion.

Hi! My name is Zahrah, and I’m in dire need of help! I was recently accepted into a summer program I’ve love to participate in, but I’m my family can’t afford everything in the program. I’m opening commissions to attempt helping my parents pay for the textbooks, tuition, housing, food plan, etc. I’m trying to raise $200.00 to pay a portion of what’s due, and I need it by July 1st. Please find the price information in the photos above!

Additional information about commissions:
If there’s something that you’re interested in me doing and it’s not shown, please contact me and I’ll get to you! I am more than willing to try new things for y'all! Also, I’ll draw for just about any fandom out there, but there are restrictions:


No Furries (characters with animal body parts, i.e tails, ears, etc are fine, but no complete furries! This can be negotiable)

No underage shipping art (Absolute and major no!)

No mecha art

My payment method is through PayPal. If you’re unable to use PayPal, I’m willing to negotiate a different form of payment!

To contact me, simply message me on Tumblr or slide in my DMs here.

Thank you for reading, and PLEASE spread the word!

the-fancy-cookie  asked:

Hello love, i am considering making a fursuit based off one of your many fuzzy ocs. Also, seeing as your an amazing artist, when death arrives i hope to see you in the after life, kisses! *A gentle boop to the snout is given from myself to you.*

What?? Idk if I’m comfortable you making a furry suit base off my oc without credit, my friend..

Edit: which oc?


💕💖 -Hey guess who’s taking commissions now it’s me- 💖💕

It’s my first time really officially opening up commissions, so things may not be the most coherent, but I’m willing to explain anything that doesn’t make sense if asked!  Paypal only btw

💖💖💖More examples of my art can be found here! 💖💖💖

My specialties include:

  • Furries
  • Gijinkas(Mainly Pokemon and Flight Rising, but I’m flexible)
  • general character design

I am also willing to draw fanart as well as original art!

I will NOT draw:

  • complex mecha(not well at least)
  • Intense gore
  • Offensive/hateful content
  • NSFW(I might be able to do suggestive, but you’re gonna have to message me privately if you want more info on what that entails)

For the time being, I think I’ll start with opening 5 slots and see where that takes me!

  1. -Open-
  2. -Open-
  3. -Open-
  4. -Open-
  5. -Open-