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sophie1973  asked:

Hi :) Since I like everything that you write and I follow you and, well, you asked, here's an AU prompt : Oliver & Felicity meet at a wedding. Line of dialogue : "Are you kidding me? We're not 'fine'!" - If you do it feel free to do whatever you want with it :)

Title:  Hit and Miss
Word Count:  8569
Rating:  T

Links:  FanFiction, AO3

Notes:  First of all, sophie1973, if you have an AO3, let me know about it, and I’ll set this up as a gift on your account.  If not, thanks for the prompt, anyway. ;)

I AM SO SORRY. This is what happens when you give me prompts: I change them and warp them and make them into something freakishly weird. :P

This should serve as a lesson to you all no to give me vague prompts. Because Ezra (my muse) takes “meet at a wedding” and writes it. And then he cackles afterward because he’s found a legal loophole of sorts. This one’s would be “Well, she said meet at a wedding–she didn’t say how they had to meet at the wedding.”

Felicity sits in the back row of the outdoor seating, watching the scene around her with a yawn, ever vigilant even if she appears otherwise.  Her eyes scan the scene as she determines where she’ll be in a few moments, even if she’s bored beyond belief.  It’s truly one of the most dry, dull affairs she’s ever been to, and that includes her weird cousin’s wedding held in the Nevada desert because his bride-to-be liked the atmosphere.  By the time they had finished, everything had been covered in sand, including the cake, which did not taste good to begin with because it had been one of Aunt Marge’s (Aunt Marge who uses way too much salt).  And that doesn’t even include the cactus needles—she swears up and down she found one in her skin yesterday, and that nightmare was three months ago.

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