also i adore the dancing in the video

When you want to make Uncharted 4 dance taunt videos but don’t have the game:

When you want to make an Uncharted edit but have no skills in the arts:

When you want to make fanart but can’t draw:

When you realize you’re an idiot:

When your hand actually gets taken off so now you have to go hook shopping:



each character has their own style and personality applied to them SO IMPECCABLY i honestly cant get enough of this video

also the song AND video take me back to those bart simpson music videos that got super popular in the early 90′s w great dancing animation and bright colors

not in a copycat way AT ALL but in a lovely, nostalgic and totally unique way that i adore ;u;


kidmon is so important and great and like hes been dancing since he was a kid like in one of the best dance crews in korea like you can find videos of 11/12 year old kidmon in dance battles and he was great and the crowds loved him. but even with his high caliber in dancing he also sings and raps for hotshot like he really just tries so hard and does anything he can and he’s great at all of those and he really loves his fans so much hes so adorable and sweet and just overall a great person i wish more people bothered with him and hotshot and gave them a chance so they could see this for themselves. love kidmon love hotshot

I Really Like You

Author: Mikala

Characters: Clint Barton x Reader

Word Count: 960

Warnings: I honestly don’t think there’s any, but as always, please inform me of things you need tagged!

Author’s Note: Based on the song I Really Like You by Carly Rae Jepsen, the music video version of the song, it’s different from the radio version. (Also, watch the video because it’s adorable, it has Tom Hanks dancing.) I’d like to just apologize for being gone for so long. I had what basically amounted to the weirdest, most hectic, absolute worst month of my entire life, and I didn’t have any time for writing. But I’m back now, and I’ll be finishing these song drabbles before moving on to some one shots! (Oh, and while Y/N is your name, Y/N/N is your nickname.)

“Hey, Y/N/N,” Clint’s voice came from behind you. You turned away from the conversation you were having with Natasha, to face him as he approached you. “It’s our movie night tonight, right?” He asked, and you rolled your eyes at him. For the past few months, you’d spent every available Thursday night together, just you and him and a movie picked at random on Netflix (that is, every Thursday night both of you were home and not out on a mission somewhere).

“Yes, Katniss. Do you even have to ask anymore?” You retorted. Clint was your best friend. That was what you kept trying to remind yourself of, and it had actually been the topic of conversation between you and Natasha before Clint had interrupted you. You liked Clint. You really, really liked him. Part of you wanted to pull away from him, to stop the friendship before your heart decided to tell your mouth it couldn’t hold its feelings in any longer. You didn’t want to let it slip to him that you were interested. In your experience, you’d only ever known relationships to end badly, and you didn’t want the heartbreak.

The problem was, being with Clint was a breath of fresh air compared to the rest of your life. Being with him was so easy. He was always so sweet and thoughtful when it came to you, and you had to wonder if he liked you too. You’d gotten used to spending so much time with him; it’d hurt you both if you pulled away now.

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snowfalls3  asked:

I have a very bad (very funny and entertaining :D) image of Ana lipsyncing the song "Candy girl -cover by the Riverdale cast" to Kamilah who, like, tries really hard not to laugh because Ana looks pretty ridiculous, but also finds it adorable (and hot) and it makes her love the stupid sniper even more (pff like that's possible) Oh great, now I need something to wipe this stupid grin from my face, people are looking at me funny for being in such a good mood (it's your fault)

Ana receives an email days later with a video attached. She watches it and blanches at the HD recording of one of the many times she lip-synced and danced all over the living room furniture. (Cos let’s face it, Ana has a whole fuckin list of songs to embarrass herself to.) Then she reads the email, the first line of which is:

“Here are my demands…”

anonymous asked:

hi I really like Hayley too ❤️I am so happy that u met Katie n Hayley I am so jealous haha just kidding Would u share more about her concert thank u 😀like what she said or anything interesting😇

i’ll post some videos soon!! she talked a lot abt her personal experiences and she told the stories behind a couple songs (this side of paradise and palace, iirc). she was also just amazingly sweet and talented and her dancing is adorable

perkigothii-geekius  asked:

re-watching the official Zootopia 'Try Everything' video and not only am I convinced it's Efi's theme song, but imagining Orisa doing that 'I can't dance and I'm self-conscious about it, also I am Very Big, but I really want to dance!' awkward shuffle-chooga is adorable.

Headcanon accepted.

I love that song to bits tbh and yes it’s so Efi. Trying and moving forward even if she fails and seizing every opportunity she gets to try new things

alicemadnessliddell  asked:

What would their favorite video games be?

Ayato: Devil May Cry, Metal Gear Solid, Tomb Raider and Grand Theft Auto. The first three are action-packed as hell which he certainly does adore and want from a video game. All the cheesy lines are what he thinks sound cool. He also looks up to Dante, Snake and Lara; he wants to be a badass like them. He likes GTA mainly because of the porn clubs… he visits them quite often for dem uncensored, private lap dances.

Kanato: The Evil Within, Fatal Frame and Lucius. Evil Within is just as psychotic as he is and definitely for his qrotesque tastes. In Fatal Frame he thought the sisters were cute, but so were all the ghosts. He laughed at all the jumpscares. He loves Lucius because he uses his telekinetic powers to brutally murder people, although he’s only 7 years old. And, Lucius is possessed by a demon– just like Kanato.

Laito: Catherine and Huniepop. He thinks the puzzles in Catherine are creative and he likes the thrill off escaping girls-gone-monsters in boss fights. Of course, he adores the sexually explicit content and Catherine; he would want to be in the place of Vincent honestly. As for Huniepop, even though it’s also a puzzle game, how could he not resist receiving dirty photos of the girls he dates and getting to fuck them in the end?

Shuu: Sakari’s Sweater Game (it is a Finnish game, but let’s pretend it’s in other languages too). The most easiest game on the planet: The instructions go “Put a sweater on Sakari.” With one click, you put the sweater on him. Sakari then says “Hehehe, it tickles.” Then the narrator of the game says “You won the game.” That’s it. That wasn’t all too troublesome for him.

Reiji: Tea Party Simulator. Although he does hate the wacky controls of the game, he is positively surprised such a game exists. But then again, the teddy bear that keeps scolding you everytime you mess something up reminds him of Teddy. He finds it uncomfortable.

Subaru: Red Faction Guerrilla. You can smash so much shit thin is game, and he just loves it. He does it for no reason because he finds everything crumbling before him so satisfying. But, he does take the game seriously as well and is actually pretty good at fighting.

Ruki: Hearthstone. A strategic card fighting game? That he does find intriguing indeed. He’s literally aced the game and is probably the toughest player of Japan’s rankings. Do not even think of challenging him in it.

Kou: Hatsune Miku: Project Diva, Kingdom Hearts and The Legend of Zelda. Well since he can be considered a fanboy of Vocaloid, a rhythm game of their songs is something he’d definitely find pleasing. For Kingdom Hearts, he finds the characters entertaining and he adores all the Disney characters and setting in it. In Legend of Zelda, he finds the hand console games the best since chibi Link is very adorable in his opinion, plus the worlds are more fun to explore.

Yuma: Harvest Moon. This game is his calling: you can have a farm to tend to and live a happy family life on the side. Although the game can be, let’s face it, very dumb and boring, he does enjoy it on occasions.

Azusa: Assassin’s Creed. He loves to climb up to dangerously high places and then do a leap of faith from them– oh wait, that wasn’t a leap of faith, it was a suicide. He giggles at how much it must hurt falling from ridiculous heights and then repeats it over and over again.

Carla: Fable. It’s a bit surprsing, but he does enjoy plowing through the vast world and kill the entities that get whisked to his way. He overuses magic in the game, for he truly admires its power.

Shin: Grand Theft Auto. He can neglect his missions and kill anyone he wants, whenever he wants. That is a game he sure as heck loves. Whenever he’s done a bunch of mass murders and suicides for the laughs, a lap dance is always the ideal and relaxing reward.

Shatt + Singin’ In The Rain

so Shiro is a lamppost twirler

i mean he fuckin grew up w singing in the rain, he loves that movie, the first time they’re walking around and it starts raining he just runs up to the nearest lamppost and starts belting “I’M SINGING IN THE RAIN, JUST SINGING IN THE RAIN!”

matt is so embarrassed, the blush is literally reaching his ears
(also it’s the most adorable thing, holy crap, shiro is so cute when he’s smiling like that)

so matt does the logical thing
he teases shiro relentlessly
and spends like two weeks watching videos of “make ‘em laugh” 

and the next time Shiro brings up Singing in the Rain (bc it happens every so often)
(shiro may have screamed a little)

and then they dance and sing and collapse in a pile of laughter

thanks @lordwhatfools for the prompt ::)


Sometimes I just can’t decide whom I adore more BANGTAN or ARMYS!!

I came to know about bts after a week they released the run mv.
I was really bored one fine day and decided to check some FBE videos and clicked on “YouTuber’s react to kpop#3(? )” and instantly fell in love with bangtan’s dance in dope mv when it came up!! As I was so impressed my the upbeat song and their awesome dancing skill (and also seokjins faceu) I searched them up…..
From that moment onwards…. my lifeue… changed (I guess its relatable for all the other ARMYs too?)
Ofc that was a life changing moment but then learning more about them and becoming so obsessed just started haunting me (true story I tell u) I wasn’t able to concentrate in my studies at all (and I’m applying for med)
I tried to leave the fandom so many times but I couldn’t(bc they are so freaking cute and awesome and talented and pure and beautiful and adorable and everything!! )
Anyways that’s a completely diff scene….

Ofc they’re the most beautiful thing on earth and I can go on forever (but this post and my feelings are for sth else apparently)

After sometime when I realized I just can’t keep up with bts I decided to finally join tumblr. And let me tell you that was the second best thing that ever happened to me!! MEETING ARMYS

I never knew that a whole fandom could so cute and sweet and adorable same as bts (I was never really a fangirl kind of person but I’ve heard from some friends that it’s hard sometimes to tolerate the fandom)….. doesn’t matter where you from as long as you are ARMY!
Knowing all the awesome ppl in this fandom
-who are so easily willing to share their bought merchs by giveaways and uploading the dvds on the net for all the other broke ARMYs (like me…. and also the fancafe stuff… hehe c: )
-who upload trans asap so that the one’s who don’t understand the Korean language do not suffer
-who donate and spread love in behalf of bangtan to all the less privileged and send such expensive gifts to bangtan each time, provide us such beautiful and he pics that make me feel that I’m right beside bts(all the awesome fansites)
-who are equally as talented as bts: uploading dance covers, song covers, such BEAUTIFUL fanarts, hd gifs, creative writings, making memes that shows bangtan even more dorky then ever,who have such sharp eyes that spot literally EVERYTHING and coming up with such out of the world theories I could’ve nerve thought of(all the writer’s are just awesome) making such hilarious crack vids, sexy vids, vines, and everything to fulfill each other’s thirst (lol)
-who share their opinions openly, post some heart touching stuff sometimes
-who support bangtan no matter how much hard times they’re going through themselves
-who are strangers but still no strangers …
Who fangirl together… to whom I talk to everyday just like a friend I can rely on…
-who share each other’s problems and are there for each other even though technically they don’t know the other personally
-who are one of the sweetest and cutest ppl on earth
-who actually helped me through my problems
-who are freaking awesome and the coolest ppl

(Ahh I can go on forever… there is so much more but forgive me if I forgot sth… I’m not able organise my thoughts rn… just writing what pops up first in my mind)
Just makes my heart go swoosh~~~
But I feel like I’m just not able to give anything enough in return!!! I basically just wanted to let out my feelings if it makes any difference. I love all of u guys so much. I always want everyone to be happy. All I can do is maybe get a smile on ur face?

I’m so glad to be a part of this family with bts the thread who bind us❤❤❤

things I want the girls to post on their YouTube Channels

Nia: how she keeps her hair and skin so healthy, contemporary or modern combos because I’m sick of seeing her do mediocre jazz, covers. I also feel like Nia could have her own little advice column, because she’s so mature and a great role model.

Chloe: More hair tutorials because her hair is always perfect, video of her in tumbling/acro class because I’d love to see how much she’s improved, book reviews because she reads some great books and I’d love to know what she thinks of them.

Kendall: a Q&A, Bro tag with Maddie because they’re adorable together, a closet tour (her outfits are usually so cute to me idk why), and some covers

Jojo:  dance videos, a “how to make bows out of duck tape” tutorial (has she done one of those?)

Mackenzie: some good contemporary or jazz combos WITH NO TRICKS!!!! Also some covers because I’d love to hear how her voice has matured.

Paige: More DIY stuff because those are always very cute, some more challenges with Chloe.

Maddie: START POSTING HAIR AND MAKEUP VIDEOS AGAIN!!!! Also BTS of her photoshoots and gigs and Q&A.


Me because Taylor Swift.

Hello Tay! I know that you’ve been following me since May (thank you!!) so im going to tell you a little bit about myself.
So first of all, my name is Aleia (weird name ik) and im 13.
I love YOU and your music and also cats (cause adorable)
I also really like making videos and taking pictures.
I usually live in the Philippines but moved here in Virginia so im basically a full filipino. (say hi to mark for me)
I also enjoy singing and dancing.
I really want to know how to play a guitar too so maybe you could teach me and just come over at my house? (lol maybe pls😂)
Your music has definitely helped me through tough times and made me feel less lonely. You’re really inspiring tay and im so thankful and happy that i chose you as my idol and role model.
When i discovered you like 2 years ago i was immediately obsessed with your music and was listening to it constantly. Thank you for making great and amazing music that made an impact to us, your fans. You are like my big sister that i wish i had. You’re such an incredible person. I’m so so proud of you and im happy for you! (u slay!!)
My dream is to meet you and to experience your magical concert live. I hope that will come true and i will never give up on dreaming that. Thank you again! I love you so much❤️❤️ taylorswift
(I know that this is too long sorry! I really hope taylor could see this so maybe reblog this? Thank you it means a lot! And thank you guys for following me too!!)

Taylor Swift's iPod edition.

Actually my iPod is taylorswift​ edition. 99.99% of the content is about her.

It includes: 

•All of her official videos (instagram included, of course)

•Stickers of Taylor all over it (specially in the home, power and volume buttons) so l can be proud everytime l hear the line “you always knew how to push my buttons”

•Gifs of her being adorable, sassy, cute, funny, sexy (don’t even try to say you aren’t Taylor), also crying, smiling, awkwardly dancing, sexy dancing, receiving awards, slaying the world, meet and greet hugs

•A special album of the Swift’s

•KAYLOR and TAYVIN moments (l swear my iPod gets hotter when l start typing those words)

•Meredith and Olivia appreciation album too.

•Notes from the advices and phrases she has said or given. It’s more like a bible of life, ya’ know what l mean. 

•Sweeran’s moments ( all their stuff ) 

•Her full albums in DLX edition, Japan edition, Karaoke edition, Platinum edition, Holiday edition, Limited edition, World Tour edition (ok not really, but mostly of them) 

•Tons of pictures that l wanted them to be categorized, but l got in trouble deciding wich one fitted better in “cute”, “adorable” “died dead” or “asdfghjkl” folder, so l just gave up and named the folder “cute adorable died dead asdfghjkl” bc it was so f*cking difficult to decide properly. And l think that name cleverly fits better. 

•Audios from the speech before her songs, specially “Clean”, so I can listen to it when l’m feeling down.

•Recipes from cookies l think she’d like and that one day l’d cook for her. 

•TUMBLR (yasss)


This has to be one the best videos they show at the Dome. It’s unfortunate they don’t show it more often. 

I have to say if I ever see Russell Martin on the the dance floor I may faint. Also Stro is pretty damn good. 

Sanchez as I mentioned before is so super awkward. It’s so awkward that it’s adorable. 

Also I love all the ‘shopped heads. Tulo dancing, if only. And why are we not getting Josh dancing. Doesn’t he think he’s an amazing dancer? Prove it Josh. Prove it. 

I am against those Sehun videos

Guys, most of you have probably seen those “funny” videos that tease Sehun. I’m sorry, I know this blog is supposed to be about funny stuff, but I just can’t stay calm and patient about this situation. 
Please notice, that SEHUN WAS DANCING AND RAPPING AT THE SAME TIME! HOW WAS HE SUPPOSED TO SOUND PERFECTLY!?!?!?!!? We all know that Sehun’s got a lisp, so it’s naturall that he may have some problems with pronunciation. Moreover, he’s extremely talented both in dancing and rapping. He’s caring, kind hearted, gentle, adorable, sensitive, wonderful person and we should treasure him. That’s why I don’t understand why there are some “fans” who make fun of him, while he’s working so hard for us?
Laughing at someone’s imperfections is disgusting. Doing this you’re harming not only him but also the rest of EXO members. This is not just “making fun”. This is bullying. 

I hope that those videos will be removed as soon as possible. Thank you for your attention.
                                                                                             - Beri

Things to Come

Happy Thursday all.  We’ve had a whirlwind three days on the Maksyl ship and so it is probably time to pull in the sails for at least a couple of days and rest because I think we are in for a blast next Tuesday night.  My thoughts on what we’ve seen (and heard):

If what tidbits we’ve heard from Jessica are to be believed (and we know they are since she is a major MnM shipper) they blew everyone off the stage with their dancing.   And it appears they did more than the individual dance and the dance off.  Jessica said they participated in other group dances throughout the evening - could we be so lucky?  That would also explain why Meryl’s feet looked like she ran a marathon in barefeet!

Sway 3.0!  I thought the promo video was adorable!  Who knew Alex was at the Gala venue filming and at the event that evening.  Yes, they were not as physical as we have seen but you could also see that they were at a loss not touching each other, which actually is more adorable.  In my mind, as soon as Alex turned the camera off, Meryl climbed in his lap and he snuggled her as close as he could get.  IMO you can easily see the love and adoration they have for each other in their eyes and their smiles.  I love the gentleness she shows towards her and her adorable teasing.  Perhaps the ending of this particular story line is not yet written. 

Maks made it clear that Meryl will be having a more expanded role in Sway and will be dancing in all sections.  Personally, I think she will dance with Maks and maybe rotate off with other dancers in each of the group numbers but Maks will be her primary partner.  Does this diminish Peta’s role?  Maybe in terms of dancing with Maks but probably not in general.  We’ll just have to wait and see.

Maks looks like the last several months have taken a toll on him.  To me he has aged, lost weight and he himself referenced he is “old and retired.”  I think the DWTS Anniversary Special will be his swan song on that stage and I have no doubt he did it for his princess and danced his heart out for her on Tuesday night.  I hope now he moves on to some wonderful projects in his future.

Lastly, I agree with whoever (maybe Jeff) said that it appears that Meryl and Maks may have more dancing in their future, particularly Sway and future projects.  There was just something about what Alex said that one more time, makes me thing these two have more up their sleeves than they are telling us.

Enjoy what little tidbits we get in the next several days - more Sway, Charlie and Tanith’s wedding, more “sneaks” from DWTS!