also i adore the dancing in the video

Okayyyyy, so I don’t really even know where to begin so i’ll just start with the basics….
The taping was basically described as the most elaborate, craziest show they’ve had to date which made me super excited and left my expectations crazy high and let me just say….Z and Tom DID NOT disappoint. The show is actually set to air next month before the mtv movie awards where I believe LL said tom and z will present an exclusive spiderman scene.

Can I just say I love Chrissy so damn much!? She’s hilarious and so down to earth. She literally walked to the stage to ask the audience if the bruise on her inner thigh was visible. Later saying it was all John’s fault lol.

I saw both Z and tom’s squad… Z had dej, one of her younger nieces, Zink, cubb, kamil and his brother, her dad, sis, darnell, Dom onstage, and a few others i didn’t recognize. Tom had Harrison and later on Jacob showed up.

So, first round….AMAZING! Z went first and she chose a very Z song…full of shade and sass. Tom went next and also did not disappoint, the boy has swag. First round involved hairwraps, gold chains, camo, and early 2000s’ll see.

Okay so inbetween stage setups was one of my favorite things ever. Zendaya looked towards the balcony where i was standing and smiled and waved and like, it was like time froze and I died cause she’s fucking zendaya and she’s literal perfection. Inbetween setup, z and tom lip synced to Don’t Stop Believing to entertain the audience a little. Tom lip synced while Z milly rocked lmao. You can totally see that they’re homies and super comfortable with each other. My friend fell in love with Tom just because the boy is damn gorgeous and he has a swag about him. He’s also super awkward and adorable lol

Second and final round….honestly, these performances will go down in lip sync battle history. You know how everyone and they mama saw JGL do Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation…well these are just as epic… or maybe i’m just biased. This round involved giant champagne bottles full of confetti, some black latexy outfits straight out of a missy elliot video, dancing in water, john legend, and spidey hanging upside down… just wait until you see it.

I won’t spoil the winner but if you REALLY want to know, private message me. To summarize Z was just Z and is legit such a chameleon. Tom was a pleasant surprise. I left the taping a total Tom fangirl lol. The experience as a whole was so much fun!

bonjour! since i started teaching myself french a few months ago, i thought it would be a good idea to immerse myself by listening to some french music. a lot of french music, actually. here are some of my favorites! (requested by @athenastudying)

cœur de pirate 

she’s canadian + my absolute favorite artist at the moment! her songs are more on the melancholy side, but they have a lovely vintage vibe. also her music videos are v creative so definitely check those out as well! faves: crier tout bas, adieu, ensemble


i’m not usually crazy about indie pop in english but I love indila’s music in french! her songs have a good beat and i often find myself belting out her songs during my solo dance parties. oops. faves: dernière danse, tourner dans le vide, sos


stromae’s music is actually one of the things that inspired me to start learning french!! his music is a blend of hip hop and electronic, which isn’t usually my thing, but i absolutely adore his music. faves: papaoutai, tous les memes, alors on danse


his songs are super catchy and upbeat! i listened to “boum boum boum” for the first time (w the music video) when i knew about four words of french and ended up thinking it was about guns? (spoiler alert: it’s about sex), but i still love it. p sure these are his only two songs in french but i have played them on repeat more times than i care to admit. faves: elle me dit, boum boum boum

fréro delavega

i only discovered their music recently (Fréro Delavega is a two-man duo), and it took me about 0.3 seconds to fall in love with their songs. their songs have a lot of great harmony, and they’re lighthearted and fun to listen to. faves: mon petit pays, ton visage 

joyce jonathan

another recent find! i like to play her music on my phone when i walk to school in the mornings because it’s p relaxing. faves: je ne sais pasça ira

édith piaf

i practically grew up on edith piaf, even before i started learning french properly. her music is wonderful and definitely classic. faves: la vie en rose, a l'enseigne de la fille sans coeur,  non, je ne regrette rien


i love these songs, but i have yet to listen to more music from these artists! they’re still fantastic

badaboum / buridane 
coups et blessures / bb brunes 
l’air de rien / margaux avril 
les jours electriques / jenifer 
on trace ma route / christophe maé 
on ira / zaz 
on ne vit qu'une fois /  sidoine 
sur ma route / black m 
tombé sous le charme / christophe mae

au revoir + shoutout @ciralism​ for recommending coeur de pirate to me in the first place!! xx

super-who-lock-fan asked:

32 with anthony ramos please 😀 ( 32. Do you like me? Check yes or no)
A/N: I hope you enjoy this ^u^

“Not Bold” = Thoughts
“–” = Speaking
(Y/N/N) = Your Nickname
(Y/N) = Your Name

You and Anthony had been friends since high school, you also have had a crush on him since you got to know the adorable man that is now your best friend. You two had gotten so close that you often teased each other to try and get responses from one another.

He was tactic was quoting the romantic leads monologue from musicals (occasionally even belting out the love ballads and try to get you to do the duets) in public to get you to blush and fangirl.
You usually went to gushing over him. How cute he was and the adorable things he’d do for you, in front of random girls he’d be checking out at the mall to get payback, it wasn’t all that hard to make him blush actually.

You were re-watching 21 Chump St for the thousandth time singing along but also breaking out in giggles at Anthony’s adorkable dancing, you pause the YouTube video to go and get a drink. You then proceed to mumble-sing ‘What The Heck I Gotta Do’ on your way to your kitchen. “Naomi, you know me! Will you go to prom with me? I’ll think about it… YES!” you finish making your tea just how you like it and take a sip. “Hmm to be honest that would 100% totally work… even, or should i say especially, the dorky text part”.

As you sat back down your phone light up and your text tone, which was actually Daveed Singing the line “What did in miss”. ”Huh, i wonder who’s texting me during my chill day?” you look at the name to see it says Freckles which happens to be your contact name for Anthony. Smiling you open the message and see the lyrics that Justin Laboy texted to Naomi, lol’s included, you let out a soft chuckle before responding to him smiling the whole time.

(Y/N/N): Umm okay while i love the song (way to much tbqh) what’s the reason behind today’s random serenade? XD I’m giggling so much right now just fyi.

Freckles: Hahaha I don’t know what you mean(; I was just asking you a question(;

Your breath gets stuck in your throat for a second before you remember who you were talking to, your best friend who is known for being flirty as fuck.
(Y/N/N): Hahaha funny, but really why that song in particular?

He texts back with ‘seen at 2:00pm’ you stare at the text…… “Are you fucking kidding me? You asshole!!” you say giving the slightest chuckle at the end shaking your head.

“Well i thought it would’ve been rude to text while just hanging out with you” Anthony says from almost right behind you. You jump, turn around and halfheartedly slap his arm “You asshole! don’t scare me like that!”.

He laughs that infectious laugh of his and you join in, you both stop and you look into his beautiful brown eyes smilling, ‘Wow the way his eyes light up when he’s happy… so beautiful! Jeez louez! You are in deep, you need to stop fantasising about his soft lips on yours and pay attention!!!’ you give you head a quick shake and look back at him to contine your coversastion.

“So you are doing well in avoiding my question, why that song?” you ask giving him a soft smile, his cheeks starts to get pinker by the second “Oh… um well… okaydeepbreathAnthonyyoucandothis… Haha like i said i was asking you it, it wasn’t just lyrics haha..ha” he put on his flirty side at the end of his sentence.

You start to blush…hard. “Wha…What do you mean man?” you look right into his eyes not sure what you’re seeing back in them. He gives you a shy smile then fumbles around in his pocket for a little while pulling out a piece of paper handing it to you, you look at him confused but he’s looking anywhere but at you.

You open the paper and gasp before smiling and giggling a little, you walk up to be right in front of him and put a hand on his shoulder making him look at you. You give him a shy smile that he returns and then you give him a soft kiss on the lips pulling away to his shocked face before he grins and pulls you in for a proper kiss both of you smiling through the kiss.
Hey (Y/N),
Do you like me?
Check; Yes [   ]    No [   ]
HELL YES [   ]
Anthony X

EXO Reaction to You Fangirling Over Them

Anonymous asked - may i get a exo reaction to you fingerling super hard about them over like a cute photo or a performance they did thank youu ^^ (btw i just stalked you and im slowly dying because of your writing)

Oh, we don’t mind stalking. This is my first reaction, I hope you enjoy it! I’m doing ot12 if you don’t mind.

Xiumin - he might feel a little insulted, I mean, he’s right there in front of you! “Hi Hello. The boy you’re freaking out over, right here. Remember me?”

Originally posted by daenso

Luhan - as the great DJ Khaled said, ‘another one,’ he’s another one to be insulted. “You’re on the floor, rolling around like a fish out of water. WHY?! This is bull!”

Originally posted by crazykxl

Kris - I feel that he would get cocky, cause you just proved yourself that you wouldn’t look at another guy the way you look at him. “I’m the best, and I always will be the best.”

Originally posted by dazzlingkai

Suho - regret. That is all. “I’ve taught you better than this..I’ll let you buy whatever you want if you stop all of this.”

Originally posted by veriloquentmind

Lay - I think he would be very awkward to just find you, screaming into a pillow, because of a picture. “Your ovaries are exploding? My butt is cute? Jagiya, are you okay?” 

Originally posted by getlayd

*let us ignore captions*

Baekhyun - he would fangirl right along with you. “I know! My butt is cute, I’ve been doing a lot more squats.”

Originally posted by sefuns

Chen - Chen would walk into the room and hear his high note being played. With a huge smile on his face, laughing, “why?”

Originally posted by achenlove

Chanyeol - he would just think you’re insanely adorable, “jagiya, why are you looking at pictures and videos when I’m right here?”

Originally posted by yeollovemebaek

Kyungsoo - he would get very blushy and shy. “Jagiya, I’m right here! Stop flopping like a fish out of water.”

Originally posted by smileysoo

Tao - walks in and sees you squirming over his martial arts. “Everytime I come over, you do this!”

Originally posted by j-miki

Kai - this koala would also be one of them to get offended, wanna know why? He always takes you to practices and you don’t do this when he’s dancing there. “You only do this here! Why not do it where people can see how much you love me?!”

Originally posted by fy-kimkai

Sehun - this maknae would do it 10x as worse, he’s going to show you what’s it’s like to deal with it. “WOW, look at G-Dragon from big bang. His tattoos are so hawt and don’t get me started on his hair!”

Originally posted by sehunnified

This was actually really fun to make, guys! I hope you enjoyed it, but it probably sucked, so I apologize. 

• Mordikai •

anonymous asked:

Hilary, I am crying over Lucifer Morningstar, actual devil and the smol human love of his life who will not fall for his bullshit and can basically make him dance with a single raise of her (perfect) eyebrows. I'll die once they date because I am one-thousand percent sure he'll be going for all of the boyfriend-of-the-year awards and be ADORABLE and bring her flowers and be even more heart-eyes over her and then turn around and put the fear of god into someone and I just CANNOT with this dork.




(let us not even mention Tom and Lauren recording a valentine’s day message and their “OHHHH!!!!!” when she figures out how to make hearts cascade over the screen and the girl emoji give a valentine to the guy emoji, for it hath slain me verily most dead.)

like, I’ve said it before, but I am a massive MASSIVE sucker for ships in which the guy is like really old (hundreds + years) and has crossed realms and done magical/supernatural things/is totally unimpressed by nearly everybody, AND THEN smol human walks into his life and he’s just… totally helplessly smitten? from day one?? GIVE ME ALL OF IT I WILL EAT IT UP WITH A SPOON???

aka, I never expected to be complete trash for the devil and his girlfriend and now it’s too late for me, run save yourselves

  • <p> <b>Antis:</b> muke hate eachother<p/><b>Me:</b> okay but honey michael literally made a poll about what he thinks of luke a.k.a his baby boy and asked us what do we even think about him and the polls were fucking adorable and he loves luke's rapunzel inspired hair okay? Also on that same day he even made a small video of them dancing to the friends theme song probably making out right after the camera shut off don't fuckin fight me on this hoe<p/></p>
STAN CHINALINE ( renjun ver. )

Chinaline needs more love and attention , i feel they deserve so much love oml . SO , here are some reasons why you should stan and support these precious babies because why not right ?


  • okay yet another precious and angelic human who doesn’t deserves to be underrated
  • can we talk about how nice and pure ans innocent he is ?
  • he just makes you want to cuddle him and take care of him even when he’s older than you_)
  • it’s the cutest thing ever
  • and sm better not make him wear braces or anything as he grows older cause imma smack their ass if they do
  • his visuals is on point
  • he just looks like an angel that has been sent to us to be taken care of somehow
  • his kind and sincere actions in trying to help chenle translate even when chenle didn’t ask
  • he’s always supporting chenle it’s so cute
  • he’s so dorky yet adorable at the same time
  • during my smt when he drank all of the milk and did the ’ beer ’ action
  • also when his magic trick failed but he still acted like nothing happened
  • his love for moomin is undescribable
  • go to nct dream’s interviews and in almost every of them he’d mention moomin
  • because truth is he’s still a smol kid
  • his vocals in chewing gum tbh
  • his pre debut dance video !!
  • when he mixes up both korean and chinese when he speaks
  • he’s too adorable we need to love him more
  • look at this kid
  • what is he doing
  • omg i think im dead my love for him is ahsjjsbwshsj

    Originally posted by taebreez

iris-sugary  asked:

A scenario where the GoM's respective gf is a die-hard-fan of a kpop group ((you can decide which group you want to write, but I personally fangirling over BTS and EXO ฅ'ω'ฅ)) and the boys being jealous when she's paying more attention to the group, especially they're having their comeback. Bonus if the GoM snapped and desperately ((yet successfully)) trying to revert her full attention back to them. Make it fluffy and funny, Author-san, thanks! (。・ω・。)ノ♡

Wahhh! I’m sorry if I got some things wrong.. I’m not really a fan of KPOP so I did my research on BTS and EXO! Uwaah I hope you like this dear! (✿ ♥‿♥)

Thank you for requesting! 💋


“Oh god, they’re so handsome.” she squealed, watching the performance they did not too long ago.

Akashi looked up from his book to catch sight of her, who was madly fangirling over other guys.

God, he loved her so much, but wow, was he jealous. Especially since she went to his house to spend time with him. Not use his giant flat screen TV to pay attention to other boys.

“(Name), do you want anything to eat?” he stood up from his chair and made his way over to her, placing a hand on her shoulder.

“Nah.” she replied quickly. “You can go eat if you want. Let me stay here. Like wow.. seriously.. look at that move!”

Akashi sighed and glanced at what she was watching. A performance by this KPOP group named EXO. They were talented and handsome and all that, but he didn’t really get why she was that interested.

“You can watch it later.” the red head reasoned with a small smile, hoping she would give in. But she didn’t even look at him. She had her eyes glued on the performance.

“But it’s live!” she smiled widely. “Sei, if you’re that hungry, tell me you’re off to eat and I’ll follow. Right after this.”

“Oh my god, Chanyeol’s so handsome!” she exclaimed, as the camera focused on this one guy that sang and danced with expertise.

Akashi sighed and sat down next to her. He tried attempts like hold her hand, smile at her, or convince her to do something else.

God.. anything. He just wanted her to direct her attention to him. He placed a hand on her cheek.

“(Name)..” he said, his voice cold and low out of a sudden. Astonished, she turned her head and glanced at him with furrowed eyebrows.

“What do you want me to do for you to notice me?” he asked softly, combing her hair with his fingers. She blushed.

“God, Sei, stop acting like we’re not together.” she laughed awkwardly, then directed her gaze towards the screen again.

Akashi placed a hand behind her nape and without any warning, pulled her in for a kiss.

After a few seconds, she pulled away, panting. “Wow.. why did you have to do that so suddenly?” she breathed out.

Akashi stood up and pulled her wrist. “You’re going to eat with me. Now.”

“And when did you get so demanding?” she smiled playfully, but followed after him.

“I’m better than them.” he said simply.

“I never said anything about that.” she smirked, realising he was jealous. “Come on, you are better.”

“Yes. Let me show you later that I am.” he gave her a knowing look.

“Well..” she laughed.

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 David Tennant & Catherine Tate laughing - Big Questions Edition

Whenever the two of them are together there’s always so much laughing.

Link to the first one of many Big Questions videos [x]

See also:  David and Catherine laughing on the set of Doctor Who - Part 1 and Part 3, and also:

[ David making faces ]  [ Laughing with Billie ]
[ Dancing with David ]   [Silly on Set 1 & 2 ]
[ Fun with Daleks in Manhattan ]  [Laughs with the Next Doctor
[ Laughing with the cast & crew ]

anonymous asked:

hi! I'm new to the B.A.P fandom and I'm still choosing a bias. I'm leaning towards Youngjae...but I was wondering if you could give me some reasons to choose him? Thank you <3

Hiiii~ First of all, welcome to the fandom. Second of all, I’m surprised yet happy that you gave me this question. Thank you ^_^. Anyway, here are just a few reasons to stan the glorious Yoo Youngjae

-his visuals are A+
-and his vocals are amazing
-he doesn’t usually sing in his natural voice in B.A.P songs, so when you hear it, it’s like the gates to heaven have been opened
-he is the cutest fluff in existence
-he was cute from the day he war born. seriously, go look at pictures of him as a kid because he’s adorable
-pre-debut youngjae is everything
-seriously, watch this video. natural voice + cute pre-debut youngjae.
-he’s cute but can also be sexy af
-this bad girl, good girl performance had me shook
-he’s the ‘brains’ of B.A.P 
-he talks his way out of doing things which his hilarious
-have i mentioned SASS
-he is so sassy, i love it
-his aegyo is to die for
-but even when he isn’t doing aegyo he’s just adorable
-sometimes he looks like he’s high when he freestyle dances did someone say dance master youngjae
-he may come off as cold sometimes, but he’s actually so sweet
-he really loves and cares for the fans
-and loves his members a lot too
-he can pull of any hairstyle; he looks great 24/7
-speaking of which, when you can see his forehead its amazing and those moments need to be cherished 
-he has so much energy
-more energy than the members that are younger than him, i swear
-he gets excited easily and its so cute because he smiles really bright and jumps around
-he reminds me of the energizer bunny tbh 
-also, whenever he’s happy its contagious
-he has this habbit of hitting people’s shoulders when he’s really happy or when he’s laughing its usually jongup poor kid
-like really good; they need to put glasses on him more often
-his laugh is so cute
-just listening to him talk is really nice because his voice is beautiful
-he could be talking about anything and I wouldn’t mind because listening to him talk makes me feel happy
-he puts his best effort into every B.A.P performance
-he always tries his best
-his apple cheeks are so cute
-he’s just pretty in general
-he has such a fun personality
-he’s really good at learning words or phrases in other languages. especially in japanese
-also, he also sounds really good in japanese, just sayin
-no, but really. he speaks japanese so well that sometimes he tries to speak japanese for hour long interviews
-and he does all this for the fans because he loves BABYz so much
-his ‘blank’ face is also insanely cute
-also those eye smoulders he gives during performances are the best
-his imitations are hilarious
-and his acting skills are really good ts when is his acting debut?
-don’t ever look at photos of him wearing flower crowns because you will feel personally attacked
-he looks so precious in flower crowns; i love the fans that give him flower crowns at fansigns
-he takes care of both his dongsaengs and hyungs because he is sweeter than honey 
-he’s an angel; just call him jaeonsa
-his motto is “Starting is half the battle”
-he is meticulous about everything
-although, sometimes he’s clusmy but its so cute when he is
-he speaks really well too
-he likes taking photos and he takes really nice photos
-really though, he’s such a precious floof

You should totally stan Yoo Youngjae. He doesn’t have enough stans. 

kidmon is so important and great and like hes been dancing since he was a kid like in one of the best dance crews in korea like you can find videos of 11/12 year old kidmon in dance battles and he was great and the crowds loved him. but even with his high caliber in dancing he also sings and raps for hotshot like he really just tries so hard and does anything he can and he’s great at all of those and he really loves his fans so much hes so adorable and sweet and just overall a great person i wish more people bothered with him and hotshot and gave them a chance so they could see this for themselves. love kidmon love hotshot

anonymous asked:

hi <3 please help me get into hotshot! i've been listening to their songs for a while but i realized i don't know a lot about the members... where do i start? :o

I did something like this before but I didn’t do  a really good job so here we go:-)( sorry this was all I could think of at the time  about each member :s)

Sorry this is really long , but I hope it helpes 

We’ll start with the members first :

  • This ray of sunshine and one of the most precious human beings  is Hoshot’s Leader and Dad Junhyuk(choi Junhyuk) ( and yes he refers to himself as dad
  • He was a former SM trainee 
  • His nickname is Choi Giraffe ( if you see hotshot stand together in pictures , you’ll see why that’s his nickname )
  • He calls  his fans loves and write all his fancafe post by hand ;__; and it’s the cutest thing in the world.
  • He also likes to compose his own songs X , X( he made this song for their 1 year anniversary :’)))))

Next is Hotshot’s mom Timoteo ( kim moonkyu)

  • To get this out of the way he was also an SM trainee and he was one of the original members EXO, but he left because of the stress he got from his parents and didn’t want to  wait anymore.
  • Also he knows a ton of people such as Taemin , Kai, Niel , Sehun , kyuhyun  the list goes on. The other members make  jokes about  when ever they go somewhere to perform Timoteo would already know someone there.
  • He is also Hotshot’s main dancer and sub vocal and rapper
  • he was baptized as Timothy,which is where his stage name comes from
  • he’s also a really good dancer some examples : X,X,X

Next is Hotshot adorable krumper Kid monster

  • He’s Hotshot’s main dancer , lead vocal and since I’m a hotshot ™ a rapper
  • He loves doing his joker impersonation and his throat talent 
  • He was a former YG trainee
  • was a part of a krump dance crew ( i forgot the name of it srry :/)
  • his nickname is Kimon (short for kid monster), which is why you’ll see people tag him as that rather than kid monster

Next is Hotshot’s happy virus Sungwoon

  • If i remember correctly his nickname is Real man , why ,I have no idea
  • He auditioned for JYP ( revently found his auditon video here 
  • Says he can impersonate the Korean version of spongebob and squidward  X 
  • He’s their main vocal and he really does have an amazing voice( X)
  • oh and he also was a feature in Chad No future’s MV (i’m not going to link it , i’m doing you a favor)( i never watched the mv but i already know sungwoon was the only good thing about that MV

Next is Hotshot’s adorable awkward rap San ( yoonsan)

  • Well he is Hotshot’s main rapper and literally spits fire (X) (X) (X)
  • need more proof here’s his soundcloud (X) ( might as well just download his mixtape now )
  • he lived in france for about 7/8 years
  • he can impersonate megatron’s voice
  • honestly if you need to know more about him  just remember that he said one of his supporting moments was when he eats cheese
  • oh and he really like cheese burgers :”) (x)

Last but not least is Hotshot adorable maknae in charge of aegyo and imo hotshot’s 2nd selfie prince Hojung 

  • He’s Hotshot’s Lead vocal
  • Honestly he’s an adorable little dork , i mean come on one of his talents is dancing to my name’s  Just tell me
  • he used to be called K.HO
  • he also lived in Thailand
  • plus also there was that one time he had a rap battle against sungwoon  and got the title king of rap(x)


Finally here are some videos to get to know them a bit better (in case you haven’t seen them already)

Here are  some of their pre-debut stuff here 

Vol.1 / Vol.2 /Vol.3 / Vol.4 / Vol.5 (warning might just steal your soul) 

Then here are some interviews you can watch of them  and their 24 hours video:

Also recently Hotshot debuted in the Chinese market so here was the music battle they did against timez (x)

If you don’t have time to watch the whole thing here are some snippets i’ve linked :

  • Watch Out  Chinese performance (X)
  • Manuel of Youth cover (X)
  • Hotshot Vs Timez relay dance battle (SRSLY WATCH THIS ) (X)
  • Hotshot little apple cover (X)

Then to end it all here are some other videos of them (none of these are subbed , but pls still watch them !!!)

Alright I think this is everything , ENJOY GETTING INTO HOTSHOT :D !!

RFA and their favorite kpop groups

i have been wanting to do this for so long i know its been done but just hear me out because these are all facts

Yoosung: OH MY GIRL

  • favorite song: Liar Liar
  • he knows the entire dance i know he does
  • cries everyday over how cute his girls are
  • “queens of kpop”
  • bias is YooA

Zen: EXO

  • favorite song: Call Me Baby (who doesnt love the classics)
  • knows so many dances but especially Call Me Baby and Growl
  • also, he died over EXO-CBX 
  • owns all three album versions
  • bias is Baekhyun

Jaehee: BTS

  • favorite song: I Need U
  • has been a fan since FOREVER
  • she has consumed every and all BTS content available
  • the only sane ARMY
  • bias is the adorable Jungkook
  • when the wings videos were coming out she shared her conspiracy theories with MC

Jumin: Mamamoo

  • favorite song: Words Don’t Come Easy
  • loves them becasue they are the QUEENS of slow jams
  • bias is Solar because those velvety pipes
  • finds how hyper and silly they are to be amusing
  • he’ll never tell anyone but he also loves Um Oh Ah Yeah

707: Red Velvet

  • favorite song: Russian Roulette
  • their most recent comeback was his longest yeah boy EVER
  • he loves Russian Roulette so much
  • “my girls came back with a BOP”
  • learned the dance
  • bias is Wendy


  • favorite song: 1 of 1
  • he has loved SHINee since they first debuted
  • bias is Minho
  • he loves watching SHINee on SNL
  • he was so shook by their 2016 comeback
  • listens to 1 of 1 religiously
  • justice for Ring Ding Dong

Saeran: VIXX

  • favorite song: Voodoo Doll
  • he also loves that M/V so much
  • bias is Ravi (he tends to bias rappers)
  • will always dance to chained up
  • makes jokes about VIXX worshiping the devil

yeah, i just finished watching seventeen’s last vlive, and i have so many thoughts abt it. first of all, plenty of them kept coughing, and i honestly felt so bad for them, not being able to cure themselves because they are so busy. i wish they’d be healthy ♡

also, i kinda cried together with seokmin. and i laughed with him at the end when he was having problems, singing to ‘adore u’ lol my baby was adorable 😻

besides, there were so many moments with my three main ships: meanie, verkwan and jihan. i mean, not really many but meanie and jihan were hosting together and kept sitting beside each other, while verkwan were dancing together. i couldn’t concentrate fully on the video because i was taking those screenshots like crazy 😂 and i didn’t unterstand everything they talked about. unfortunately, there were no subtitles ㅠㅠ

and lastly, i don’t know if i’m being too worried but wonwoo seemed so 'out of it’ during karaoke. he was playing with the baloons at the back by himself and he didn’t even sing his parts in aju nice, so members glanced at him in surprise. ugh, i just wish him all the best in the world, and i feel my heart aching when he is not smiling. srry for this 🤗

Um, so, I dunno how obsessive you all are, but I’ve literally found every song Patrick Stump’s voice has ever been on (and there’s a lot). And I listed the ones that are particularly awesome, in case anyone wants to listen to something new

  • Everything is Alright by Motion City Soundtrack (2006). I literally adore this song, so much. Patrick sings backing vocals, and then a prominent bit right after the instrumental part towards the end. Also, Mark Hoppus is in the video.
  • Cupid’s Chokehold by Gym Class Heroes (2005/2007). This song is awesome, and Patrick does the chorus, and is in both of the vids. I think most of you guys have heard it, but it’s still a great song, even if you’re not a fan of hip hop.
  •  One and Only by Timbaland (2007). I fucking adore this song. It’s so good. It’s mostly Patrick singing, and he says ‘fucking’, and nghh, love this song. To be despised…
  • Clothes Off! by Gym Class Heroes (2007). Again, P. Steezy (Travie McCoy’s nickname for him, eheh) did the chorus. He’s not in the video :c But pre-split Panic! is! In animal suits! (Patrick is good friends with these guys, and he also did a cover of Billionaire with Travie before, as well as The Fighter and Stereo Hearts, all popular songs you probably heard on the radio at some point. Look those up if you want.)
  • Jock Powerviolence by Weekend Nachos (2011). Okay, so this is Soul Punk!Patrick screaming, and it’s fucking hot. Look it up. Please.
  • Second Chances by October Fall (2006). I honestly love this song; it’s really good and Patrick has his own part towards the end right before the awesome banjo part.
  • Don’t Wake Me Up by The Hush Sound (2006). Patrick produced this album. It’s really good - they’ve got a really unique sound that I really like. If you like it too, I suggest Lighthouse. Anyway, this is the only song Patrick’s on; his vocals are apparent right after the breakdown.
  • Everyday by Buddy Holly (cover) (2011). This was for some tribute album but the song is cute and Patrick is flawless and there’s a vid and yeah.
  • One of THOSE Nights (2008). This song is perfect. Brendon’s on it too. Pete’s in the video. It’s just kinda awesome. I listen to it all the time.
  • King of Wishful Thinking by New Found Glory (2007). This is like a duet, and it’s fabulous.
  • Bounce by The Cab (2008). Patrick’s in the video (oh my God, watch it right now; he’s so fabulous), and he does backing vocals, so.
  • I’m a Wonder by The Cab (2008). Patrick produced this album too. This song is swaggy, and Stumpman’s voice is distinct near the end. The backing vocals should never outshine the lead singer, but they kinda do. Really do.
  • Dancing With the Devil by Krewella (2013). This song is awesome, I love it. It’s techno-y and stuff.
  • I Stand Alone by Robert Glasper (2013). The piano on this is awesome, and I love the Common feature too. Patrick’s cute in the video and the making of. 
  • Open Happiness by -read description- (2009). This is for Pepsi or Coca-Cola or something, but it’s so catchy and happy, and the video is adorable, and Brendon and Travie are in it, and Janelle Monae and Cee-Lo Green, and yeahh, this song is cool. Patrick also did the famous Coca-Cola whistle; isn’t that cool?
  • Like, every song on ¡Viva La Cobra! by Cobra Starship (2007). Patrick produced the album, and did backing vocals on every track, and I literally love this album so much. I own it. I recommend Guilty Pleasure (Patrick’s voice is hella distinct and you can hear it near the end), Scandalous (he’s on the last chorus - s c a n d to the a to the l o u s), Smile for the Paparazzi (the gRUNTY PART IS PATRICK AND MY GOD IT’S EAR SEX AHH), and My Moves are White (the whole last minute is Patrick alone, and I love that last minute more than anything, ever). 

There’s other songs, but I don’t like them as much. I’ll put them anyway, ‘cause maybe you have slightly different taste than me.

  • One Day I’ll Stay Home by Misery Signals (2006). If you’re into that screamo shit, this is for you, and Pete’s on there too, I think. Patrick’s singing though.
  • You’re Not in on the Joke by Cobra Starship (2009). Apparently, all these bandom people are on this song, but I don’t hear them. I guess during the group singing part?
  • Feet Don’t Fail by Claude Kelly (2010). This is some pop shit I really don’t like. But eh. And y'know that one post that says ‘you can literally hear the sideburns when you listen to old fob’? Yeah, well, this is the last time you can hear the sideburns, I think. 'Trick does the hook.
  • The Last Hero by XV (2011). Some rapper I’ve never heard of, and I know most every rapper. Cute hobbit man does chorus. 
  • Bummed Out Blues by Murs (2011). I like the soul sound of this but idk. Rap again, guys. Patrick really liked hip hop in '11, I guess.
  • All Your Heart by Transit (2011). Yeah, I don’t like this. Patrick’s at the end. Pretty distinct.
  • If You Could Remember by Damnation A. D. (2007). More screamo shit, with Pete again. I love Patrick’s part in here though.
  • Birthday Girl by The Roots (2008). Not a big fan of this song, but 'Trick does the chorus.
  • Don’t Regret it Now by Tyga (2008). This fucker is a disgrace to rap - I had no idea he was signed to Pete’s label when he was a teenager until recently. Now he’s on Lil Wayne’s. But you-know-who produced his debut, and he did vocals on this song. The chorus is hella catchy, I’ll give it that, but only because it’s delivered by Patrick.
  • Est. (80’s Baby) by Tyga (2008). This shit’s annoying. Patrick’s on the last chorus but it’s kinda not worth it.
  • That’s What It Takes, Dear by Kristeen Young (2008). This song is a mess, but Patrick’s voice sounds so fucking smooth and soothing.
  • Blinded by the Sun by Gym Class Heroes (2008). This has a reggae feel, and I actually like it a little. Patrick’s in the last minute, doing backing vocals.
I Really Like You

Author: Mikala

Characters: Clint Barton x Reader

Word Count: 960

Warnings: I honestly don’t think there’s any, but as always, please inform me of things you need tagged!

Author’s Note: Based on the song I Really Like You by Carly Rae Jepsen, the music video version of the song, it’s different from the radio version. (Also, watch the video because it’s adorable, it has Tom Hanks dancing.) I’d like to just apologize for being gone for so long. I had what basically amounted to the weirdest, most hectic, absolute worst month of my entire life, and I didn’t have any time for writing. But I’m back now, and I’ll be finishing these song drabbles before moving on to some one shots! (Oh, and while Y/N is your name, Y/N/N is your nickname.)

“Hey, Y/N/N,” Clint’s voice came from behind you. You turned away from the conversation you were having with Natasha, to face him as he approached you. “It’s our movie night tonight, right?” He asked, and you rolled your eyes at him. For the past few months, you’d spent every available Thursday night together, just you and him and a movie picked at random on Netflix (that is, every Thursday night both of you were home and not out on a mission somewhere).

“Yes, Katniss. Do you even have to ask anymore?” You retorted. Clint was your best friend. That was what you kept trying to remind yourself of, and it had actually been the topic of conversation between you and Natasha before Clint had interrupted you. You liked Clint. You really, really liked him. Part of you wanted to pull away from him, to stop the friendship before your heart decided to tell your mouth it couldn’t hold its feelings in any longer. You didn’t want to let it slip to him that you were interested. In your experience, you’d only ever known relationships to end badly, and you didn’t want the heartbreak.

The problem was, being with Clint was a breath of fresh air compared to the rest of your life. Being with him was so easy. He was always so sweet and thoughtful when it came to you, and you had to wonder if he liked you too. You’d gotten used to spending so much time with him; it’d hurt you both if you pulled away now.

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Okay I’m posting from tumblr mobile and I can’t do cuts or text posts with images so I’ll make this short, but I wanted to just scream a little about Hamilton. It almost didn’t happen because today of all days we had a medical emergency in the family and we were scrambling all over New York for wound care (it was awful) but thankfully we got it taken care of, and then on top of that we didn’t realize the Hamilton tickets were for 7 instead of 8 and suddenly my mom looks at the tickets and screams that the show started in half an hour. But we got there on time and it was, as you can guess, amazing.

The original cast were all there, save for Daveed Diggs (Lafayette/Jefferson), but that’s alright because his understudy Andrew Chapelle was adorable and even rocks the same hair. Renee (Angelica) was amazing irl and Leslie Odom (Burr) blew me away. My favorite part was when Leslie was beginning the Adams Administration song after Groff (King George) sings I Know Him, and Groff stayed on stage and did a little cutesy wiggle-smile in his chair and made Leslie crack up while he was trying to sing, which was an adorable very real moment. Also, I didn’t know a lot about the staging going into it since I had only seen photos and not video clips and the way they incorporated the spinning stage into the dances and the duels was so damn cool, especially during The World Turned Upside Down and the very last duel. And I loved how they give a Reynolds pamphlet to the orchestra conductor (have you read this??) Lin-Manuel was incredible and I was lucky enough to be in the fourth row so not only did I get to be up close but I could actually see tears on his face in Its Quiet Uptown. In fact, Angelica, Eliza, Burr, and Hamilton all shed real tears during the emotional moments and I love how much heart the actors put into their characters. Phillipa (Eliza) had me in tears at the end, the whole last sequence is just devastating and inspiring and god I love this musical. I’m so thankful that I was lucky enough (lucky three times over on top of having tickets, what with the emergency and having the time wrong) to see it.

Thank you @linmanuel for your amazing talent and blessing the world with this musical. <3

When you want to make Uncharted 4 dance taunt videos but don’t have the game:

When you want to make an Uncharted edit but have no skills in the arts:

When you want to make fanart but can’t draw:

When you realize you’re an idiot:

When your hand actually gets taken off so now you have to go hook shopping: