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Two Glee sorting thoughts

There’s not like a big sorting debate going on, and I don’t want to start one.  But I really like thinking about the conversations the kids would with the Sorting Hat that would make them get put where they go. And I have two that are very very clear in my mind. 


After “Pierce, Brittany” is called and she puts the Sorting Hat on, it isn’t quite sure what to make of her first. But before it can start really looking, Brittany starts asking questions. About how the hat can talk, and if it ever says anything else, and does it only work if you have magic? And will her cat Lord Tubbington be able to come with her? Or does he need to get sorted separately, or does he have to go to Gryffindor because lions are big cats? Will she be able to talk to other cats after she studies, and not just Lord Tubbington? When do classes start? Is there math? Is there a magic way to make math make more sense? Will she -

Before she can finish or ask anymore questions, because the hat can’t get a single word in between this crowd of thoughts and questions, the shout of “Ravenclaw” rings through the crowd. 


“Hummel, Kurt” is called out and a very, very small boy with a brightly colored scarf tucked under his robes steps out of line. His posture is straight and his head held high, but hat knows how scared he is, and why.

The hat sees a quick wit and a sharp mind, sees a kind and compassionate heart, but also the fear and asks, “What do you most want?”

Kurt answers, “To be safe.”

“If I put you in Gryffindor, lots of people would look out for you and protect for you. You’re very brave, and so are they.”

“No,” answers Kurt, in his head. “I don’t want other people to protect me. I want to protect myself.”

“Alright then,” the hat answers and shouts to the full room, “Slytherin!”

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Do you like Rachel and kurt's for good performance from s2?

BNOOO not reallY , especially after seeing the live versION LOL

idk i always felt like they over saturated the whole ‘wicked and hummelberry!!!’ stuff. also story wise it made nO sense? like how in the hell did rachel help kurt at all? all she did was self insert herself into his issues (Duet) and backstab him.. i dont raely see how she helped him change for good. same w kurt 2 rachel…like he hated the shit out of her except for 1 ep and suddenly they’re bffs!

idk it just felt like a scene was trying 2 manipulate the audience into thinking they actualyl had any important development between each otehr. i think the song fits kurt and mercedes so much more! they learned a lot from each other, episodes like Grilled Cheesus prove that. but u kno…’cedes cant sing bway~~~’

plus i think mercedes would have killed elphaba’s part * v *

Fic: As One

Kurt thinks Rachel’s plan for finally meeting her soulmate is terrible. But what does he know, really?

Soulmate AU in which you have two pulses - your actual heart, and the pulse of your soulmate in your wrist. Once you get in proximity to each other, the pulse speeds up until you finally meet, and then they synchronize.

Thanks to Caroline @thehouseofthebrave for the setting idea! PG-13, ~1400 words, fluff fluff fluff.

Kurt loved his best friend. Really. Honestly! But he also cursed the fact that somehow he had saddled himself with the only person on Earth who was more stubborn than he was.

“I don’t see why you’re being so unreasonable,” Rachel lectured as they strode down the hall to their next class - well, Kurt was striding. Rachel had wrapped one of her arms in his and was basically being pulled along like a very loud balloon. “It’s not like anything could go wrong with this plan!”

“Have you been to this school?” Kurt asked, incredulous. “It’s like an interactive exhibit on Murphy’s Law. Buses lose wheels mid-drive. The actual nutritious food they buy us somehow goes bad overnight, sticking us with mystery meat. Mr. Schue teaches every single one of our classes, yet is only certified in Spanish. From the Sesame Street online Spanish courses.

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Klaine, 22/24? Please!

22: two miserable people meeting at a wedding au

24: literally bumping into each other au

Fucking Rachel and her fucking extravagant wedding and her fucking petals getting everywhere and her fucking life.

Why does he even have to be here, anyway? Where was she when he got his first part as a backing dancer in an off-Broadway production, or when he sold his first jacket on etsy for over $200? Where was she when he went through the worst break-up of his life or when his band split up?

He sighs, and rubs the inner corners of his eyes. He does love Rachel, really. She can just get incredibly annoying sometimes, and it’s not much better being at a wedding where everything reminds him of what he could have had.

As soon as the reception is in swing, he heads over to the bar, determined to bury his misery in several units of alcohol—he’s booked a room in the hotel the reception is being held at, doesn’t need to drive anywhere. He decides to start classy with a glass of wine, and unwind as the evening is sure to.

He stands at the edge of the room, sipping his wine and scanning the crowd. At least the evening could brighten up a bit with a few single guys looking for someone to dance with, but no. Everybody has a partner to drink and dance with.

Huffing grumpily, he turns round to go and sit down at a table, and walks his glass of wine right into a very crisp, very white shirt.

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A Christmas related drabble based in my daddy!Klaine series. Burt and Carole find out about the baby in an interesting way (inspired by the thousands of pregnancy announcement vids I watched on youtube this morning!) Also includes some Hummelberry moments! Mentions Finn/Finchel. Surrogate!Rachel.

Other stories in this verse include: Big Sister, Where’s Annie?

“Happy Holidays, Rachel!”

Blaine’s voice traveled the hall and Kurt perked up a bit, the rolling feeling in his belly picking up as he thought about what was about to occur. A few feet away, his parents sat oblivious to the news that was going to change their lives forever and he couldn’t help but feel nervous at the thought of what he and his husband (and Rachel, by proxy) were about to reveal. Outside in the foyer, he could hear the rustle of Rachel’s coat sliding off of her form and he was sure that Blaine was probably rubbing her belly, quietly cooing at it before they came back into the living room and had to play nonchalant until after Christmas dinner was over. All week long, Blaine had been bursting at the seams with how excited he was to finally break the news that he and Kurt were going to be parents, and seeing as how they were only hours away from starting to tell everyone, Kurt was sure his husband was only seconds away from spontaneously combusting.

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