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Being a Libra moon can be infuriating.

The moon represents our emotions, our inner selves, our intuition, and some our most personal desires.

Libra is the only zodiac sign represented by an object. Objects are inherently lifeless, they do not have thoughts or feelings and cannot take action. All objects exist only to serve, to benefit others. Their purpose to be used. Objects are created by life forms and used by life forms. An object does not exist just to exist as the way people do. They cannot fulfill their purpose without other’s interactions and influence.

So, in combination, this sign does not feel the way other moon signs do. In the realm of emotion, a lifeless object such as the scales is uncomfortable under the moon’s position. Here, the celestial body that rules emotion has no natural life force to work with. The scales are born impartial, objective, and devoid of feeling.

This lack of feeling where there should be is what causes many Libra moons (and to a lesser extent Air moons) to feel hollow. There is an emptiness that rages inside. The emptiness may come and go the way the moon pulls the ocean tides back out to sea, but it is always there. Think of emotions as the sea, vast and ever changing. The Libra moon sails its small ship at night, alone. The water is dark and calm on the surface but underneath lies a turbulent current. The Libra always feels the nagging of the whirlpool underneath and struggles to sail against it. It is only when the Lunar Libra finds a match to sail with do they feel like they have a chance to conquer the undercurrent. It is only when the Libra has found companionship are they able to sail under the warmth of the sun, feel the spray of the sea, and enjoy what life has to offer.

Lunar Libras logically know they have the power to be independent, to sail their ship alone. But doing so would mean facing the sinister undercurrent by themselves. Having a partner fulfills their ancient need to be of service, of use. Others influence, create, and mold Libras: something they cannot do on their own. An object cannot create itself. It needs the touch of another.

A Libra without love is an object who’s creator has thrown them away. Libras need to be desires and loved in the same regard a sailor takes care of his ship. An unloved Libra is a ship forever docked, never taken out to see the world.

The moon in Libra needs other’s influence to develop themselves. They can learn how to behave, how to respond, how to feel, how to live. The Lunar Libra must always try harder to access their feelings than other signs. They must build their own personality from what they’ve learned along the way.

There are two parts to the Scales. Lunar Libras come into this world trying to keep them level and balanced by themselves, but always one side is heavier than the other. Having a partner means that Libras have help to keep the Scales even. They can finally lay down in a dish to rest, their partner in the other keeps them balanced and safe.

Please be patient with the Scales for they are still learning how to sail.

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mj/jinjin, fluffy things, excessive description of a notebook?

~300 words

Somewhere in his closet is a notebook, probably buried among a mishmash of papers, folders, and books that he intended to leave in the past.  Of course, it’s not a special notebook by any stretch of the imagination.  It has the same ink and paper and cardboard and wire-spiral binding it together that a thousand, a million, other notebooks have.  It has an entire year’s worth of history notes in it and duct tape keeping the flimsy cardboard cover from ripping.

However, if one day, Myungjun should happen upon this relic of his past, he would flip through the pages gently with a smile creeping across his face.  In the margins are doodles and symbols, little windows into his state of mind during the day or something like that.  Little hearts with arrows through them, a mini version of himself making heart eyes at someone off the page.

On the inside of the front cover are ten digits, neatly written, so deliberately penned to avoid any communications with a wrong number.  It is probably the only time ever that Park Jinwoo’s name is been remotely close to looking neat.

Odds are that Myungjun will never root around for that notebook.  He prefers to muse about the past over a glass of red wine with his legs on Jinwoo’s lap, giggling over how big of a crush he had on Jinwoo, how he had never wanted a partner project more in his life than he did in that history class.  And Jinwoo picks up his hand to kiss it, offering a quiet reassurance that he could hardly breathe when Myungjun looked his way.

And when Myungjun asks how Jinwoo’s breathing is now, Jinwoo will reply that his habit of holding his breath hasn’t changed.  Myungjun always takes his breath away.

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Life update:

I have less than two months left in my current contract. I’m so ready to leave my company. I’ve sacrificed my mental and physical health while working and I need to take a break for myself. I can’t even begin to describe some of the things I’ve done while working and I’m surprised that I’ve even made it this far. The amount of work I’ve done at this place is abnormal and I hope I never have to work like this again. There’s nothing healthy about being a workaholic and letting work take over your life. I’m worried about finding a job after September but I know I need to take a break for my health before I begin a new job.

My self-esteem has taken a huge hit over the past year. It’s honestly gotten out of control. Today, I had to walk around Seoul without any make up on my face. All of my acne and red scars were exposed and visible for everyone to see. I know it might not sound like a big deal but for me, the state of my skin majorly affects my confidence. Living in Korea has only intensified these feelings because I feel judgement from strangers and it feels like I’ve committed a sin when I walk around with acne. That might sound like an exaggeration but I hear rude comments about my skin almost everyday and a lot of people think I don’t care about my skin. When in reality, I pour money into skincare products/treatments and think about my skin every single day. I couldn’t even lift my head properly or even look my friend in the eyes when we were talking today. I just wanted to go home. It was such a shitty feeling and it sucks that my skin condition plays such a huge part in how I feel everyday.

I also realized that one of the reasons I’m scared of dating is because of how my skin looks. If my friends were to say something like this to me, I would want to slap some sense into them. But I can’t do the same thing for myself. The thought of someone I like being too close to my face gives me anxiety and I feel like I would be a shitty girlfriend as well. Its kind of like when you like someone and you accept their “imperfections”. But the other person refuses to believe you and keeps rejecting your words. That would get tiring after awhile and I would feel terrible towards the person I was dating. Whenever a guy I’m talking to wants to meet up, I immediately want to distance myself from him. Even if I know that the guy would probably see past my skin, I know that I would feel like shit when meeting him. I realize how messed up my thinking is and I know that I would never judge someone solely based off what their skin looks like. But it’s so easy to be critical of myself.

Self love is so important but damn.. it’s not easy..

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His return to Central wasn’t what he expected.  Deciding to make the least amount of changes to the timeline he and Mick returned to what would be present day in their lives, in the fall of twenty-seventeen.  Captain Cold was excellent at dramatics and his return with Heatwave was spectacular, if he should say so himself, but the audience was different.  They missed a lot of things in their absence.  A lot of chaos and destruction.  The city having to be put back together and the Flash having gone missing only for someone even younger to take his place.  Just how many speedsters did there have to be, Leonard wondered with an roll of his eyes initially.

Kid Flash wasn’t bad, but he wasn’t the same.  Nothing was, not exactly.  Leonard himself was different. As was his partner.  And what he wanted was familiar.  Something he knew.  Something he missed.  They both needed it, him and his partner.  For as much as Leonard analyzed throughout life, the decision to bring Barry Allen back from the so-called speedforce was one he refused to look into any deeper than that.

Besides that, he could also blame the young man’s friends anyway.  He likely would shift all of the blame onto them in complete honesty.  The group was hopeful and desperate and when finding out that he had a way to bring their friend back it was hard to get away from the hopeful eyes and surprisingly desperate tones.

He wouldn’t do it around them, though.  They could all be surprised later.  For now it was just Leonard and the Oculus’ power beneath his skin.  Bright blue lights glowing, energy running through his veins growing more and more powerful until it was no less than overwhelming.  He could feel the pull of what he was reaching into.  Whatever exactly the speedforce was, it was was just as connected to the universe as the Oculus.  He wasn’t properly prepared for it.  There was no way for him to be even if he listened to all of Cisco’s explanation.  The power he possessed wasn’t one anyone could help him manipulate.  It was all his own, but at least the speedforce didn’t seem to mind his repairing the hole that Barry Allen was keeping shut by remaining inside.  Perhaps it would appreciate no longer needing a human speedster to keep things under control.

He doesn’t know how long it takes.  At a certain point his mind seemed to all but shut down as the Oculus tried to take over.  Leonard had enough of an influence to stay where he was, at least.  To pull the other man he was focused on directly to him.  The last thing he registered was the weight of another person stumbling into him before he collapsed.  Job done, mass of power still coursing through him with no where to go when cutting off access to the outside world his body shut down until it would pass.

I recently hit 50+ followers so I drew a little MakoHaru as a thank you :)

50 something may not seem like that many in the grand scheme of the internet, but to me, it’s a lot and I’m grateful that this many people have seen my art and thought they’d like to see more. 

Drawing and posting online is one of the most challenging but also rewarding thing I have ever done. I feel like I learn something new about how to do the art thing everyday but I also feel like I’ll forever be stuck in the ‘not completely hideous’ phase which is sometimes hard! However, you following is very encouraging and exciting for me so thank you so much~

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