also how great is my lipstick

(both sigils were created by @wlw-witch) Drew some sigils on my arm tonight. I wanted to carry confidence and affirmation in my identity for my school’s Gay-Straight Alliance booth, which I would be running at our student-led conference night.

Long story short, I am in a state of pure joy over how well tonight went. I spoke to parents and teachers about our club’s missions with ease, and in doing so, received a great deal of support.

I was also incredibly grounded and affirmed in my self-love for my identity as a lesbian. I almost felt myself become more visible to all of those who I felt to unconfident, to afraid to assert my true self to- which, as a lipstick, I find myself struggling with a lot. All in all, I was simply glowing!

Anyhow, sorry for gushing. I just couldn’t help but share how successful tonight was- I hope all of your evenings have been twice as lovely!


It’s Halloween with DILF!Eren and pining!Levi. cinnamonskull ;D

TW: for underage drinking and sex

“What are you supposed to be?” Eren asks, opening the door.

“Guess?” Levi asks in a purr, leaning on the doorframe and crossing his fishnet-clad legs, tossing his hair out of his eyes.

“A can-can dancer from the Moulin Rouge?” Eren tries, making a pained expression. He doesn’t understand fashion these days, it’s been years since he’s purchased anything new apart from jeans and tees.

“I’m Dr. Frank N Furter from The Rocky Horror Picture Show,” Levi sighs in annoyance.

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I look so different sometimes!!!! Only difference in makeup is the lipstick and MAYBE a little more contour, but it’s mostly the lighting that makes me look so different. My hair is also up in one picture.

It’s crazy how lighting and makeup can change how someone looks! I only changed two bigger things (hair and lipstick) and it did so much! Two different looks, but are both great!

I look soft and cute in one picture, but sexier in the other.

I’ve been feeling really shitty recently because I haven’t felt like I’ve been able to rep at all so and I don’t always feel like I’m doing a good job at that so I just want all my followers, mutual, everyone to know:

hey fellow nonbinary girls, boys, and people. good job, you’re doing great. you look exactly how a non binary person is supposed to look. you’re valid if you’re not pale and skinny with a colorful undercut. your dark skin is just as valid. your thin brows are shaped right. you’re not too short or too tall. if you wear a binder that’s perfectly fine. wearing a bra or padding on your chest or hips is also accurate to a nb person.

and to my fellow trans boys, your long hair is still boys hair. if you wear lipstick and eyeliner that’s the correct way to be a boy. if you wear gym shorts and sports tee shirts and jerseys, that’s the correct way to be a boy. if you like wearing bikinis tops and bottoms, that’s a boys swimsuit because you own it. your favorite dress is a boys dress because it belongs to you and you are a boy. and if you wear shorts and polos that’s correct too. you’re handsome, you’re beautiful and cute, you’re doing it right.

and trans girls. you’re a girl even if you’re not skinny. you’re a girl even if you’re big boned and have broad shoulders. you’re a girl if you have large muscles. you’re a girl if you’re lean muscle and lanky. you have the perfect girl’s body. your voice is the perfect regardless of its pitch. you’re wearing the right clothes, I pinky promise. you don’t need to wear makeup, or have stereotypically “feminine” clothing to be a girl, you already are a girl!

hey my agender friends. nice! don’t pay attention to those people who say you’re a girl or boy that day because you’re wearing what society sees as masculine or feminine clothing. wear that crop top because that’s clothing for an agender person. so are those 4 inch gold glittered high heels. and so are boxer and bras and so are jeans and shorts.

genderfluid people. you can use whatever pronouns you want anytime. you can switch pronouns when your gender starts to change. you can keep the same ones regardless of the gender you feel at the moment. your clothes don’t have to “designate” the gender you feel that day. some genderfluid people “feel cis” if their gender changes to the one were told they were at birth. and that’s okay.

you are a girl
you are a boy
you are nonbinary
you are agender
you are genderfluid

you’re doing your gender absolutely the right way. I’d you feel multiple genders at once you’re amazing. if you have no gender that’s valid no matter what. you’re doing great. you are representing your gender exactly as you should. you’re representation is amazing and perfect for you.
if you prefer stereotyped activities,
if you go to pride events or if you don’t
if you want top surgery or don’t
if you’re Jewish, Muslim, Christian, Buddhist
if you’re Columbian, Japanese, Canadian, Indian, Native American
if you’re gay, straight, bi, pan, ace

you’re valid.

when people mess up your pronouns you’re vaild. you’re even valid if you mess up your own pronouns. you’re valid even if someone’s never heard of your pronouns.

you’re not “basically straight” if you’re a gay trans boy or girl. you’re not “actually gay” if you’re a straight trans boy or girl. nonbinary bi kids are still bi. I know there’s the whole “sga” going around, but listen. you’re in charge or your orientation and, even if it’s fluid, it’s right, you’re right. if you’ve got a squish on someone or a crush. if you’re in a romantic relationship or a queer platonic one, you’re doing it right.

you’re valid if your gender or sexual orientation comes from your depression or your BPD or your ASD or a traumatic experience. it’s all valid no matter what.

you’re. I’m just.
I’m so proud of you. you’re all so cute and good. you’re doing good. more than good. you’re just doing so great.
you’re doing your gender right. it’s correct.
you are presenting the right way.
your way of being your gender will be different from someone else and that’s good too. I’m so happy for you. because you’re good, you’re brilliant and reverent and. you give me hope and courage to be me. I hope I can do the same for you.

10 FAQ’s | Answered <3

Hey everyone, this is my 250th post so I thought I’d take the time to answer 10 FAQ’s for you all. I can’t believe I’ve posted so much really, and to think that most of those posts are ten pictures each… that’s a lot of pictures, I’ll also start uploading the rest of the pictures from last time I dressed up tomorrow <3

1. Can we chat & be friends? Feel free to start a conversation with me at any time on Tumblr or on Kik (My username is: PinchedSlinky), friendship however must be earned and has been by many. Although I shall not participate in a conversation if the other is for example; a guy requesting nudes.

2. Do you consider yourself Transgender? No, however I have considered this many times as I know my personality is naturally feminine but I am aware that I do not feel the way that transgender guys and girls do. I enjoy CrossDressing occasionally but do not feel the need to one day become Lucy.

3. Do you ever want to stay dressed as Lucy? Yes, there have been many times when all I want to do is stay dressed up after taking pictures because I look and feel so great. Although I prefer to spend every minute I have dressed up taking pictures. It’s just a shame that sometimes I only stay dressed up for an hour or two and spend more time dressing up than I do dressed up. Occasionally I do stay dressed up a little longer but as I almost always dress up late at night I just want to sleep after I’m done.

4. How did you realise you wanted to CrossDress? A while ago I took the time to remember everything I could leading up to the creation of my blog, you can read all about it here: My Cross-Dressing Story

5. Are you aware and does it bother you that your pictures are re-blogged by a lot of NSFW Blogs? Yes I am aware that a lot of NSFW Blogs follow mine and re-blog my content, I am aware that many others do not appreciate their content being on these blogs. However as far as I’m concerned if my content is on one of these blogs, it’s because the host of that blog likes my content and wished to re-blog it. I do not feel that this associates me with them in any way, all I feel I’m associated with is what I post here on my blog.

6. Where do you buy your clothes, makeup etc? I buy most of my clothes on Amazon but I have started also looking on eBay recently. I buy my makeup on Amazon too but I do not have any brand preference, I buy items with good reviews and value for money. I buy wigs and heels on Amazon too, my favourite brand of heels currently are Viva Shoes as I have brought a few pairs from them and they’ve all been great. I buy all my wigs from MelodySusie on Amazon as the wigs they sell are great value at roughly £15 each and they are excellent quality.

7. How did you learn to do your makeup? I learnt my make-up very gradually, when I started dressing a year before I started this blog I used to just wear foundation and lipstick along with some girly sunglasses and a wig. This made me look fairly feminine but it was months until I tried eyeliner and my first attempt wasn’t too bad. Since then I have been practicing those basic makeup skills and over time improved. I also learnt to use a few other makeup items to give me a more feminine look, if I didn’t know how something was done I would find one or two YouTube videos explaining it and then practice until I got the result I was looking for. After learning all I needed to about the makeup I wanted to use I improved every time I dressed up and progressed to now. I’m using almost exactly the same makeup now as I was when I started my blog, so the difference you see is simply practice as I’m still using the same products. So for anyone out there who is looking to learn, start with the basics and once you’ve learnt those move onto the next makeup product you feel would help improve your look. Then when you feel your starting to look feminine, keep doing what you know and don’t try to learn more just yet. When you’ve gotten the best you believe you can with what you know, you may want to try another makeup product to make yourself look even more feminine. I can’t guarantee this will work for you but this is how I learnt and got to where I am now.

8. Do you ever go outside dressed as Lucy? I went outside for a short five minute walk around my block when I started my blog just to see what it would be like walking outside dressed up, this was a very memorable experience. Since then I haven’t been outside anywhere other than the garden dressed up, this is not something I aim to do more often either. I enjoy dressing up and taking pictures, going outside dressed up after spending all that time dressing up seems like a waste and I’d rather be taking pictures at home in various outfits. It would be nice to go out as Lucy one day so long as there’s a reason for it, for instance going out and taking pictures with a girl or another crossdresser, but for now I’m happy taking pictures dressed up at home.

9. Who takes the pictures? The first pictures of me ever taken dressed as Lucy outside were taken by my mum. Other than that all pictures have been taken by me, to get most of the pictures outside I use a tripod and a 10 second timer on my camera.

10. Got any tips for a beginner? I do, however I would go on for far too long talking about them. Although another Tumblr CD, Jessica Blaise has put together a rather nice CrossDressing Compendium which is full of Tips/Tricks & Advice for beginners. I have also personally helped a little with this although it is not completely finished yet. If you like my content I also recommend you follow Jessica too and if you ever have any questions you can contact either of us on Kik anytime (Jessica’s username is: Jessica_Blaise).

splatterpainttrueloveandfate  asked:

I have really pigmented lips… Most lipsticks don’t show up on me properly and look different than they do in the tube. How can I make the colour appear more vibrant? I’ve heard you can put concealer on your lips to neutralize them, is that true?

Having pigmented lips can be a struggle at times, what may look like a pink actually looks like a purple on your lips and what may look like a bright red may look deep and vampy. Here are a few tips and tricks to help your lipsticks look true to colour.

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Why You Should Wear Dark Lipstick

I think whatever you want to put on your face and lips is good, your choice, and A+, but I am also going to make a plea for very dark lipstick now:

-because every time I hear it makes me look unflattering, I gain a very small part of my wings, but the wings are horns
-because oh any day ends in DAY I dress how I like and how I enjoy it, wouldn’t you know it
-because you can’t kiss anyone so it’s extra powerful
-like, I don’t need to kiss you, you fuck
-you don’t have to find me attractive, I just have to find me attractive, and I think I look great
-I get to look how I like
-I could be Maleficent, you don’t fucking know
-feeling positively evil makes my day go by quicker
-I can drink red wine all day and no one will know
-cuz it makes me feel pretty just for me, like some weird commercial slogan about tampons or perfume but not weird and gross
-cuz you hate it
-because maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s blood
-seriously, maybe it’s blood
-since eating hearts is a metaphor or an actual thing best left for Game of Thrones, but you get my drift here
-cuz ‘your lips but better’ lips are great and all, but my lips are fine and I just want to look dangerous
-because Taylor Swift is turning from Disney Princess to Evil Queen
-putting lipstick on in a small mirror is the ultimate power play, it seems like what an evil
-try being bold. It’s nuts and it feels weird at first but man, being bold feels good.
-you get to walk around like 'yeah, my lips are like the color of cranberry and stabbing’
-I am a force to be reckoned with
-there’s fangs under here

I suggest: MAC Diva, MAC Rebel, MAC Heroine, Wet'N'Wild Pagan Angel, Revlon ColorBurst Shameless, Makeup Forever Satin Black, Kat Von D Homegirl, Milani Black Cherry, Maybelline Divine Wine

8 Things We Should Stop Spend Less Time Complaining About

1. Your appearance

Complaining about your appearance is just a wasted opportunity for building your own self esteem and learning to understand your own beauty. I get that we all have days where we don’t feel so hot and that most of us have something we’d change about the way we look, but both of those decrease dramatically the more energy you focus on liking your appearance as opposed to harsh self-criticism.

2. Boys

I’ve kind of always been a brat, so I know how much not getting what you want sucks. It sucks not getting the morning text, the attention, or the relationship you think you deserve, but since we’re not middle schoolers in jean mini skirts and Hollister t shirts anymore, you’d think we’d stop blaming the opposite sex for all of our problems and disappointments. If there’s anything that my two decades on Earth have taught me, it’s that boys suck, and that girls suck just as much as them. We need to collectively grow up.

3. Society/The Media

As a communications major and political science minor, I know that there is plenty wrong with both society and the media, but it’s time to stop making generic, uninformed generalizations about society every time something bad happens and scapegoating the media for things we should be holding ourselves personally responsible for.

4. America

As someone who bleeds red, white and blue, I firmly believe that there’s nothing wrong with America that can’t be fixed by what is right with America in the words of Billy J. I don’t think that there is anything wrong with constructive criticism about American policies or that patriotism is believing that one’s country is incapable of wrongdoing, but I have a huge problem with my nation being defamed with ignorant, audacious statements by people that don’t know the Constitution from the Declaration of Independence. I also have a huge problem with people pretending that corruption or injustice are produced and manufactured exclusively by the United States. 

5. The Drinking Age

It’s inconvenient that every other sovereign nation in the free world recognizes the drinking age as 18, and has a much more casual attitude towards alcohol. It’s ridiculous that an 18 year old American is legally capable of laying down his life for his country, but is deemed not responsible enough to handle a beer. It sucks. It’s dumb. But it’s also not that big of a deal. It would be great if that law was changed, but we’re all going to keep underaged drinking in the meantime, and if the drinking age is your legislative priority in amidst of everything happening in politics, you need to sort out your priorities.

6. How Expensive Makeup Is

Makeup is super expensive. Even cheap makeup is expensive. Drug store lipstick costs $8 that could be spent at my favorite pizza place for two slices, each the size of one of Nicki Minaj’s butt cheeks. But girls have imagined makeup into a basic living necessity, when it’s really not. If you want to wear it every day, you’re absolutely welcome to, but no one’s forcing you under penalty of law to spend your money on it.  It’s not even a basic aesthetic necessity for most people, but when people use it every day it becomes hard for them to see where the makeup ends and their beauty begins; in their minds, their beauty becomes synonymous with and dependent on makeup. 

7. Judgment

People are going to judge you until the day you die, and instead of being mad at people for having opinions, you should live your life in a way that makes other people’s opinions of you irrelevant. When you believe in yourself and what you’re doing, you’re not very concerned with what people are saying about you.

8. Condescending adults

Millennials need to stop embarrassing their generation with this whiny foot stomping and demand of respect when collectively we’ve only proven that we’re good at complaining and taking selfies. Adults treat us like we’re stupid because for the most part, we are. Contrary to popular belief, taking SOC101 doesn’t mean you’ve got it all figured out yet.


It has been quite a week. I was able to be myself for at least part of the day everyday for seven days straight. (Explained elsewhere.. but my kids are still getting used to my transition so I attempt an androgynous ‘boy mode’ when I am with them). There are so many pics I am splitting up this update post about everything that happened this week.

First, last Sunday, I was “sporting“ my new White Sox top from Old Navy (got it for 40% off!).

On Monday, I had an evaluation appointment with a gender therapist, so I took the afternoon off and did some shopping afterwards. She is great by the way, and will help me with letters or anything I need when I am ready for surgery.

Monday evening I went to the salon which I already posted about earlier this week. I included one more photo with my hair straightened above.

On Tuesday (pic with Gray top), I picked up my daughter and drove her to her choir practice wearing what you see there but with my purple coat. She has been more close to being ready to see the real me. I mean, she practically does anyway. The only thing missing when I see her is my makeup and my different glasses to be honest (I usually where jeans and a simple sweatshirt when I see them). It was night time so she did not get the best look at me, but I was just wearing very light makeup as you can see from the photo. She was perfectly comfortable as we talked and laughed on the drive. Baby steps!! :-) 

As if that wasn’t already enough for a wonderful night.. while my daughter was in her practice session, I drove over to a local Victoria’s Secret and got officially fitted for some bras. The verdict.. I am a 38B! I bought a couple of bras and could not be happier with the service and the shopping experience there. I did take a photo or two in the fitting room, but I think I will refrain from posting those. *blush*

On Wednesday night, it was the night for my Dungeons and Dragons gaming group (see earlier post). This time I went in my Star Wars Movie Poster top (Rock and Republic) and I was wearing a cool black with silver glitter nail polish (the galaxy of course!). Sorry about the yellowish photo, the lighting in the bathroom at the event location is awful. Our group took on and defeated a dragon that was two levels above us (apparently). I am still a novice so I was basically pew pew-ing it with arrows and positioning myself carefully to take as little damage as possible. Our Bard really saved the day by buffing the heck out of us. It was a blast. As we were walking out I even made some tentative plans with some of my new friends in the group to get together for a table-top gaming night. We still need to ask some of the others and figure out the best night for it.

On Thursday, I was washing my jeans from the night before and I washed AND DRIED my favorite MAC lipstick! :-( I had fixed my lipstick right before that photo and slipped it into my jeans pocket (intending to put it back in my purse, but forgot!).

On Friday, I went to see Zootopia in IMAX 3D with an LGBTQ+ group. (The two photos after the lipstick pic). I met some very cool people. We walked to a restaurant after the show in a blustery snow storm. My hair got a little crazy but it looked pretty darn good when I got home and took those pics. After getting home I even messaged back and forth with one of the girls that was there. She is awesome and has the same Star Wars PJs I have, lol! She was reading my blog. (if you are reading this, Hey! ;)  I also had an unexpected message from one of the other girls that attended whom I did not have much opportunity to talk to. She just wanted to say Hi and paid me a super nice compliment. It was a great night and I highly encourage anyone that is transitioning to visit and try to find a similar group in their area. I should have done that a long time ago!! By the way Zootopia is outstanding and filled with great messages. I took my kids to see it the very next night!

On Saturday morning (last pic), I put on some light makeup and my pink lipstick (since my favorite one had died) and went to MAC to replace my beloved Captive lipstick. I also got a lip liner that will work with the pink color I am wearing in the pic. Saturday evening I took my kids to see Zootopia (in boy mode).

I had a fun outing today too, but will post about it later. I hope you all have a great week and I wish you all the best. I can’t tell you how great it is to be making some new friends out here that accept me for who I am. If you don’t have that where you are, it really is up to you to change that when you a ready (I know it took me time to feel ready for all of this). I believe you can do it!


youfoundkendall  asked:

What are some of your favorite liquid lipsticks/lip stains? I really love the idea, but since most of them are high end I'm not sure which ones are worth it? Please help!?

I’ve been obsessed with long wear lip products for quite a while now, and it’s very exciting for me to see so many brands (including drugstore brands!) coming out with liquid lipsticks and lip stains these days.  The color selections and quality standards have VASTLY improved over the past year for these kinds of lippies, and I’m happy to recommend a few of my favorites to you!

1.  Rimmel Provocalips - $6 

I love the balm-like sealing gloss!  It smells and feels lovely on the lips.  These are super long wearing and affordable, with very wearable colors.

2.  Kat Von D Everlasting Love Liquid Lipstick - $20

Kat Von D is one of my favorite brands all-around.  These lipsticks are VERY dry (which I love, personally) but they set so well that you can easily layer lip balm over top without disturbing the color.  

3.  Sephora Collection Cream Lip Stain - $13

These lip stains have great color payoff and aren’t overly dry on the lips.  

4.  L’Oreal Infallible Lip Stain - $8

These are practically impenetrable, and the lip balm attached makes them very comfortable on the lips.

I haven’t gotten to try the new Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipsticks, but I’m very excited to see how they shape up.  I also love the Lime Crime Velvetines that I own, but they don’t make my “top” list because they’re hard to find and get ahold of!

Hope this helps you!  :)

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i know i just posted a selfie a week ago but tbh i’m getting so much better at liking myself

ig: noxnoctus if you want to check it out!

I just got my tax return money so I have bought FIVE crop tops for confident fat girl summer fun times (including a weed leaf print one YESSS), a bright orange lipstick, and a long blonde ponytail extension…  sometimes you just gotta TREAT YOSELF!

this week has sucked because I fell over on the pavement whilst walking my dog and sprained my ankle :( it’s been getting a lot better since it happened, but the worst thing is that I also bought some super cute mint green platform sneakers and they just arrived but I can’t wear them because I’m on crutches and my big fat foot is so swollen that it won’t fit into any shoes! i am keeping myself going by imagining how great i will look when my shit arrives and I can finally wear the sneakers and a fake ponytail and my orange lipstick and a sweet crop top… watch OUT!!

Two Birds, One Stone

[This takes place sometime after 4x08]

“Oh you’ve got to be kidding me.”

“What?” Gail lowers the flute, no longer desiring to drink the beverage as she sweeps her eyes appreciatively over Holly’s frame. This night was turning out to be a lot smoother than originally thought; especially considering how she only received the request to this book launch only this morning.

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anonymous asked:

hello! i am in desperate need of some lipstick. i've been absolutely fawning over the kat von d studded kiss lipstick series, but at twenty one dollars a pop, i'll only be able to get two or three of them. i adore you and your face and all of your lippies!! so i was just wondering what some of your favorite drugstore lippies are?

oh yeah I totally feel you.  I have Wolvesmouth by Kat Von D and I LOVE it so much, but it was painful to buy because of the price lol.  drugstores..Wet n’ Wilds regular lipsticks are great and super cheap.  my favorite are Sugar Plum Fairy, Spiked With Rum, and Wine Room.
 NYX has a lot of beautiful lip products, too.  their butter lipsticks are really pretty and feel great on the lips.  the Soft Matte Lip Creams are also fabulous.  a lot of people adore Copenhagen.
Revlon has some of my favorite lip products.  the Colorburst lip butter’s feel super good on the lips and are easy to wear.  my favorites are Pink Truffle, Fig Jam, and Peach Parfait.  then there’s the Balm Stains/Matte Balms.  Crush is one of my favorite lipsticks of all time.  their Super Lustrous lipsticks have some really pretty shades, too.

I recommend watching some swatch videos on YT! that’s how I figure out which I want :3