also how does one draw hair

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Tbh, cross! Charas and x-tale! Frisks hair are just,, hair goals. Also how the hell does one draw hair like Jesus on a cracker

They have the best hair in the multiverse because they ate fruits and vegetables…Ok no, I like to draw curves all the time, so that’s how I designed their hair.

(Animating their hair is a nightmareeeeee)


My gorgeous poet son

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How does one draw Yanya's hair???? I'm planning on drawing him for you (also cuz he has curly hair and I'm trying to learn how to draw curly hair so) but? Just? Howw??


honestly its just a matter of..

stacking a bunch of curvy lines on top of each other..?? i gUESS??

or you could cheap it out like i sometimes do and just kinda

like, draw a cloud ..!!

the only trick i guess is to know where to put the little pointy bits that represent the ends of his hair..


various be more chill doodles bc like. i never draw things on the same page eveR. anyways. the hillary clinton might be weird but also shes what christines squip looked like in the musical and i think its adorable. speaking of squips how does one draw eric william morris bc. holy hell dude????


I feel bad for not supporting the authors by reading free English translations, so I’m trying to compensate with this small promotion ^ ^ ; 

ALERT: These two works are BL but they are 0% NSFW and have (at least right now) absolutely no sex in them. This, personally, is my preference as 1) I am ace af and 2) really dislike how sexualized homosexual relationships are in literature. SO if you want yaoi, it ain’t going be in these two works, BUT if you want a genuinely good love story (where the main characters happen to be two guys?) then you’re in the right place!


PLOT: Hasegawa Yuiji accidentally finds out that his classmate Yoshinaga Yamato is gay. Yoshinaga is struggling with his sexuality and with the support and friendship from Hasegawa, Yoshinaga is starting to slowly overcome his insecurities. 

GENERAL REVIEW: Koimonogatari is insanely realistic and the first volume doesn’t even touch on any romantic development. It’s all about the growing friendship between Hasegawa and Yoshinaga, and that platonic development is, personally, really touching. The setting is slice-of-life to the point of being incredibly refreshing. If I had to describe this work with one word, it would be “refreshing”. It’s such a breath of fresh air and so relatable (even to those not struggling with homosexuality).

CHARACTERS: I cannot tell you how much I love these characters. Yoshinaga Yamato is not that entirely creative of a character, but he’s very relatable. Also, it’s interesting to learn more of his flaws and layers as a character as you keep reading. Hasegawa Yuiji, on the other hand, I feel is a really unique character. On first glance, he’s actually not that interesting. He’s seemingly your typical dark-haired, apathetic, stoic character, but there’s so much more to him. He’s incredibly perceptive and has a really unique and interesting way of encouraging and comforting Yoshinaga.   

ART: OKAY THE ART. THE ART IS ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS. I love how Tagura Tohru draws hands, hair, lays out screentones, and storyboards. Her people are REALLY well-proportioned and she draws emotions AMAZINGLY well. Some of the scenes wouldn’t work with sub-par art because the emotions are depicted with such delicateness. If anything else, read this manga for the art. Honestly, it’s that good. (And can I say that Hasegawa’s expressions are life.) One of my favorite pages: 

STORY: The development is EXTREMELY slow and at this point (5 chapters), I can’t really say how well the story is written, but I’ve definitely enjoyed what I’ve read so far. (Also, Tagura Tohru does have some BL stories in her repertoire with sex, so Koimonogatari (as it only has a few chapters right now) might have sex later, but I really, really hope that it doesn’t. Not just for personal preference, I feel that it just wouldn’t fit with the story.)  



PLOT: Constantly hungry and trying to find a job, college student Sagawa Taichi accidentally crash lands (long story) next to a fellow student Sugihara Kouhei. Taichi later learns that Kouhei is hearing impaired. 

GENERAL REVIEW: Hidamari ga Kikoeru is also extremely, extremely realistic. One reason I love this manga so much is that even though it heavily focuses on Kouhei’s struggle with his hearing impairment, there is absolutely no romanticizing his disability. It really fleshes out his struggles with it. The story is really, really cute and touching. 

CHARACTERS: Sagawa Taichi is a character we’ve all seen before - bottomless stomach, outgoing, reckless, and oblivious. However, the reason I think his “stereotypical”ness is fine in this story is because HIS CHARACTER TOTALLY WORKS. In the context of the story, his character’s presence makes a lot of sense and it’s exactly his kind of personality that Kouhei needs to overcome his insecurities. Taichi, in my opinion, wasn’t made from lazy characterization, but out of necessity for this story to work. On the other hand, Sugihara Kouhei is, I feel, a really unique character. He’s sort of your typical ikemen - multi-talented, popular, attractive - but his hearing impairment has influenced him really strongly. It’s tough and spoiler-y to explain, SO READ IF YOU WANT TO KNOW. 

ART: Not exemplary, but it’s completely unproblematic. Everyone is well-proportioned, and even though there’s nothing that particularly stands out in the art, there’s nothing wrong with it either. And the art does get better as the story goes on, which is nice to see.

STORY: //cracks knuckles Let me tell you a thing about Hidamari ga Kikoeru. It means “I Hear the Sunspot”, or something like that, and the symbolism of light vs dark is carried throughout the story. The way the author depicts Kouhei initially in the dark and then finding his light through Taichi is, I feel, really well done. There are so many hints at this symbol that I missed out on my first read. The development for Hidamari is also REALLY slow, but I think it works with how cute the story is. It’s been a pretty fluffy story so far, but it has had little hints that it might turn really sad soon. (With how ridiculously fluffy it’s been so far, I’m about 99.99987% sure that Hidamari won’t have any sex. EDIT: It’s complete, and yup, no sex, and THE ENDING WAS BEAUTIFUL.)

IF YOU’VE GOTTEN THIS FAR: If you’ve read either of these, please message me. I’m desperate to talk about these characters with people. 

Tyler Down General Headcanons

Request: Can you do like, general Tyler Down Headcanons? I definitely think this fandom needs more tyler down fans.


A/N: It definitely does, or at least Devin fans. I hope you like this :) And I’m sorry for the wait.


Warnings: None.


Tyler Down General Headcanons…

  • He obsesses over camera lenses, and they’re all perfectly ordered in a draw in his room

  • He’s very particular about the positioning of every photo in the house
  • He cannot stand when things are dusty

  • He’s slightly sassy
  • But sometimes sarcastic comments fly right over his head

  • He truly doesn’t realise how good looking he is
  • He rolls his eyes when his grandma calls him handsome, but he blushes because at least that’s one person, right?

  • His hair is always a mess
  • Probably because he hates having it cut

  • But he actually does often wash it
  • He makes scrapbooks with his pictures

  • He can also draw
  • Unlike most teenagers, he actually just fantasises about cuddles

  • He’s a teddy bear
  • He actually loves to be given flowers

  • He’s full in to social media even though he doesn’t have many followers
  • Okay but Tyler in long plaid pyjama pants

  • He doesn’t like coffee
  • He sucks at running but is good at any sport he can calculate

  • His music taste is all over the place

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I lowkey promised myself I wouldn’t do any humanizations but you know what? Self indulgence is fun.

SO! Here is my first pass of some human/bio engineered Wheatley designs! (I say bioengineered because I have this Portal AU I made up for fun where aperture’s first focus was on robots and later they predominantly do bio engineering but that’s it’s own beast to talk about.)

I had to think a while about what kind of person I imagined Wheatley to be based on his voice and how he is as a core. I like how past people have done humanizations where he has glasses and his hair is the colour of wheat. So I did the same~ He’s fairly short (GLaDOS and Chell tower over him) and I gave him half moon glasses because I associate him with the moon symbolically.

Much like he does in Portal 2 he gets pretty beaten up at some point but I also think he’s a bit clumsy, reckless and accident prone, hense the bandages. It’s also possible that GLaDOS manages to damage one of his eyes during a confrontation.

I couldn’t really help myself from drawing a chassis version of him either. To mimic the way he is able to flail out in his original design I gave him a massive high collar. It evokes a kind of space age style as well as a regal air. Not pictured but the boots he’s wearing make him a little taller with thick platforms and heels. Actually, I’m thinking of making the train of his coat a lot longer because it would be elegant and kind of elude to the fact that he isn’t ‘fit’ for his role. (might lengthen his sleeves too.)

But yeah! It was a lot of fun to draw these and frankly, I might draw some more just to get some good refs of him done.

I’ll be honest I don’t know what this guy does or whatever literally all I know is he’s the protag transfer student, hella cute, and he’s the Joker or something like that. 

Notice how all the curly/wavy haired men I draw look exactly the same I need to work on that 

hbbd @asterixer I know this is a sorry excuse for a present but please accept it 

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what about bucky's hairy chest? does he has hair on his chest now that the hydra guy ins't around to clean it? or does he shaves so it would not shit with his shoulder/arm? does steve likes him better with or without chest hair? did mini steve liked bucky's hairy chest? does gals liked it? dOES OTHER DUDES LIKED IT? DID STEVE HAD A THING FOR BUCKY'S CHEST HAIR LIKE ME?

Bucky “pecho peludo” Barnes is my fave thing ever, anon. This is the kind of stuff I want to find on my inbox every morning.

  • Bucky has always been a hairy man, he also has that line of black hairs on his abdomen that gets lost on his pelvis and beyond
  • So back in the days, he tried not to waste too much water and soap on cleaning his work clothes, so he usually didn’t wear a shirt while working at the docks or as a mechanic. His chest was always on display and one day Steve just stares at him for minutes and whe  he asked about it, Steve just answered “I like it?”
  • Time after that, Steve finally admits that he likes it because it makes him look more masculine. “DOES THAT MAKES ME COMPLETY A FAIRY?” “Calm down, you still likes gals, right? You just like masculine fellas, it’s okay” “Alright”. They were still a little young.
  • Steve liked to draw Bucky, so he always put attention to the details: the cleft on his chin, his thick muscles, the hair on his chest and over his belly button.
  • He also remember how sexy he thought Bucky looked when he didn’t put attention to his looks during the war. He used to put on very open shirts and he looked fine as hell while being all dirty with his cocky smile and all that jazz
  • And when Bucky comes back home, he asks one afternoon before they intimate again: “I used to have hair on my chest, right?” and Steve can’t help but laugh
  • “I’m serious Steve, godfuckingdammit”, “Awwn aww, yeah yeah, you used to have… wait, you don’t?” “uhmmm… guess it fucks up with the metal? I have… but not like before” “uhm” “Should I let it grown normal and see what happend?” “YES!! I mean, yeah why not?” and Bucky just lifts an eyebrow
  • One day, Clint is surfing the internet and laughs his ass off about a discusion some people have on twitter about Bruce’s and Tony’s hairy chest, and how the other doesn’t seem to have hair. “On our defense, man with hair are more masculine than others”, says Tony and Steve backs off red as fuck and Bucky lifts an eyebrow again
  • Bucky opening the bathroom door when Steve is in and “yOU USED TO LIKE MY CHEST HAIR!!!” and Sam screams from the kitchen: “IF YOU TWO ARE GONNA GET KINKY, I’M LEAVING AND THE CHILI GOES WITH ME”
  • When they finally do the do, Steve burries himself on Bucky’s chest and murmurs with a smile “you let it grown” and Bucky hugs him saying “yeah, whatever for my babydoll”
  • “Plus, I’m too lazy to shave that shit. Have you seen how thick it is? And how much it is? bye”, he hates shaving so he never does it again, ever.
  • Horrible teasing selfies of Bucky being a little shit while Steve is doing press, like “look how I wake up today” and it’s him on bed, without a shirt, and the sun making magic with his skin. “we miss you”, and he is rubbing his hairy chest in the picture. “Fuck you”, answers Steve. “Nah, I prefer to do you”, he says.
  • Imagine that chest wet.
  • This is not why Steve insist on shower together, nope, no-pe.
  • Steve caressing the hair on Bucky’s chest distractely while watching TV or just laying in bed during boring afternoons.

Good, good ~

Spotlight #22  - CasuallyBread (Bread)

Tell us a bit about yourself
I’m just a simple 18 year old loaf trying to survive through college while majoring in zoo science and minoring in art! I’m an avid fan of fantasy creatures and monsters of all sorts as well as video games, pizza rolls, and ice cream. I also own 4 feathered demons that like to scream every day which I quite enjoy.

1. When did you get into the fandom and how did you stumble upon it?     I’d say it was about 2-3 years ago when I first saw the Original post on my dash and immediately fell in love with the art and the characters. I decided to check out the blog and officially became apart of the fandom when I attended my first stream shortly after! I was reaalllyyy shy at first and didn’t talk much at all until I posted the first piece of fanart I’ve ever made for the fandom, and I was completely overwhelmed with the positive responses I got on it.

2. Who are your favorite characters/pairings?
I love Natan as much as the next person, although Michaelie is probably the top ship I have at the moment. As for my favorite character, I love anything and everything to do with Zadkiel.

3. Favorite moment in the comic?
Well right now my favorite moment is an upcoming spoiler so I can’t really say LOL. Although the moment towards the end of the Run arc with Raphael’s “WHAT.” face will forever hold a special place in my heart.

4. What is your biggest inspiration as far as your art (and/or) writing goes?
Honestly pretty much everyone in the fandom who I’ve met has played a huge impact on my inspiration and motivation. If it weren’t for Orange’s amazing comic I probably would not have gotten to where I am today since creating fanart really started my internal drive to improve on my art and not give up!

5. What would you say is your favorite piece that you’ve done so far?
Hmmm, well a lot of my SaM art is months old since I’ve been taking a bit of a break with drawing, so I’d have to say overall my favorite pieces overall would be the most recent ones in my tag since there have been months of improvement. I guess if I had to pick a SaM picture it would have to be this one of Pax mainly because the wings were sooooo much fun to do (warning: SUPER OLD!!)

6. What would you say is one of your favorite things to draw/write?
Monsters are probably some of the most fun and creative things to draw in my opinion. Every design is unique in it’s own way since you don’t have to conform to one look or standard, all you gotta do is slap a bunch of teeth and eyes on some half horse-half dog body and there ya go! Wings, hair, horns, and faces are also some of my favorite bits to draw as well.

7. What do you think influences your art style?
I can’t really say I have a consistent style since my art postings are few and far between so I’m always improving and changing how I draw. I’ve been told my art does tend to be shiny so I guess that will always be an aspect of my art that won’t change LOL.

8. What are some of your hobbies you enjoy?
Video games of course, music, and binging shows every now and then to name a few.
I’ve really been lacking with drawing lately but I’m trying my best to get back in the groove!

9. Before joining SaM, what was a fandom you were part of and are there any fandoms you’re into outside of SaM?
Honestly I really wasn’t involved in many fandoms at all before SaM. I was really into homestuck from when I was 13-15 but SaM has been the first fandom I’ve become really invested in. Nowadays I’m EXTREMELY into Overwatch and a few shows here and there including Voltron and Game of Thrones. I’m also super obsessed with the manga The Ancient Magus Bride which seems to have only a very small fanbase on Tumblr.

Oh, and Here It Comes is another comic in development by Orangeplum that I love and I’d highly recommend checking it out if you haven’t already!!

10. Is there anything else you’d like the fandom to know about you or anything you’d like to say to the fandom as a whole?
I’d say mainly if you’re new and shy like I was just don’t to not be afraid to start talking to people in the streams or in the fandom in general. I made a lot of friends just by interacting and attending the streams so I quickly started to talk to the same people who I saw regularly. And if you’re an artist, writer, or cosplayer who’s nervous about posting content, I can assure you there are TONS of people in the fandom who will appreciate every second of effort you put into your works. I can say for a fact my first fanart was horrendous compared to how I draw now, so no one will judge you for skill but instead love you for the content you provide!

Check out Bread’s art tag and show her some love!


I haven’t used pens and markers in so long. And it really shows lmao. My scanner also wasn’t working so I had to take a picture with my phone, and THAT really shows too. 

Let’s see how long I can actually keep up with Inktober. We’re already off to a great start by not finishing yesterdays. I decided to do two today to make up for it though.

I’m not following any prompts, just doing whatever I’m in the mood to draw. And today it was Marinette with her hair down. Does anyone else think she has really thick, poofy hair? Her pigtails are all adorable and floofy so her hair has to be pretty thick one would think.

@poltergeistparade Eyyy here’s sparrowships… in suits!

“How does your hair even do that?”

“I couldn’t tell you if I wanted to”

I actually have no idea what’s happening haha.. It reminded me of an actor AU I’ve been thinking of for a while now but I’ll save that for another post one day…



tsuna: king penguin, perpetually ridiculous hair
reborn: anhinga, hair is only ridiculous post-swim

for my khr / fandom bingo ‘wingfic’ slot, except i’m starting out with pictures and concept stuff. no one ever does penguins!! i’m gonna pick the weirdest / uncommon birbs for my wingfic.. because i can…

also PLS anhinga basically means ‘snake bird’ or ‘devil bird’ how could i not