also how do you draw curls

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Hey there!! I really love your art, and since I'm trying to learn how to draw myself, I was wondering if you had any tutorial laying about... Especially hair tutorials, because I love how you draw Sherlock's hair and I can't even draw Garnet's hair yet! If not tutorials by you, do you know any good ones? Thank you!! Have a very nice day!!

Hi, thanks for the question! For general hair tutorials there’s a lot of good ones on the internet. For example I recommend this one and this one.

Now more specifically for Sherlock’s hair I’ve put together some reference images and my process for drawing it which is hopefully helpful!! (apologies in advance for the really long post)

Notice how his hair always has a parting on his left side!! Also really often i see people drawing Sherlock’s hair practically straight. Gotta capture those voluminous gay curls!!!

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do you have any tips on how to draw hair >3<? (i really like your art, sorry for the notes spam XD)

hi! thank you for reblogging+liking my art so much i really appreciate it//// and u know i read all the tags soooo :3

but!! tips on drawing hair huh!! hair is one of my favourite things to draw so I’ll do my best to share any tips i have/// I’m not the best at explaining but here we gooo~ I hope this helps ^q^

Also, if you straighten hair that is curly/curled, it’ll be longer. So i add a little length~


Bentonite Clay Wash

I’ve done a bentonite clay wash on my hair a couple of times, and I love it each time that I do one. It leaves my hair very soft, has my curls and coils popping, and gets it super clean. Bentonite clay is known to draw impurities and toxins from the hair, skin, and body. It is also packed with many nutrients, such as silica which helps with hair growth. 

. The steps:

  1. Mix apple cider vinegar and bentonite clay together (the consistency depends on how thick or smooth you want the mixture to be and how much hair you have. I usually add a bit of water to thin it out for easier application). 
  2. Apply it to your strands, scalp, nape…and edges! I prefer to apply on damp hair. Again, for ease of application. 
  3. Let the clay sit for at least 30 mins. 
  4. Rinse out with warm water, and follow it up with a moisturizing deep conditioner. 

It’s really that simple! I do this 1x a month. When I feel that it’s time for me to get back on YouTube, I’ll film the process! 

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besides wearing pinupcurl hair, how else does Trish like to style it?

Trish isn’t my character so I don’t know ALL the ways she styles it but here are some styles based on descriptions from me and @goblinqueenbluebie‘s old rps! Trish has really thick curly long wild hair naturally like the bottom right drawing so you can imagine how much work goes into the pin curl look she usually wears. That drawing also shows a side of Trish I don’t draw often she sometimes goes through these moods where see gets really sad, quite(er) even more closed off and won’t tell Olly why or what he can do to make her feel better. he can be a real pesk when she doesn’t answer him “ TELLL MEEEEEEE D:” but he means well lol also his dumb ass would put foil in the microwave 

A New Path - Chapter 4

Enjoy reading this~! >w< This one is longer than normal and I hope it’s also a good one. ;w;

C.1 | C.2 | C.3 |

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Tha get to know ya: 48, 53, 96, 82, ,13, 10, and... 6

6. What’s your lucky number?

13. Lol! I am so unlucky, everyone else’s unlucky is the luckiest I get. ;D It’s also my whole family’s lucky number. The un-luck is genetic. -_-

10. What shoe size are you?

10.5… I can never find shoes my size. *crie*

13. What talents do you have?

I draw. I am trained in Tae Kwon Do. I can sing? Kinda? …. and apparently I’m a really good listener. Oh! And I’ve got a really good sense for telling when my friend’s aren’t okay.

48. Can you curl your tongue?

Yes. Both ways. ;)

53. Favorite foreign food?

Suuuuushi. Also do chips and salsa count?

82. How fast can you type?

Over 100 wpm.

96. How did you get your name?

Ada (my mom’s idea, it’s her middle name) + Delia (because my granny didn’t want my mom to subject me to the name Ada, lol!) = Adelia

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Do you have a tutorial on how to draw hair? I keep getting stuck :/

Good day Anon!

Sure, I’m gonna explain hair. Your request is quite vague because you didn’t specify the media, but because I’m a traditional artist I’ve drawn my tutorial on paper with a 2b-4b pencils.

First, always draw the lip and eye line. It will help you to draw hair ‘anatomy correctly’. The height of the forehead, from between the eyebrows to the hairline is (usually) the same as between the eye and lip line. 

Hair always have a parting (at the front at back) in drawings. 

There are also these things which I called ‘air vents’ (av). Basically they are the air intakes which make hair stick out. There can be small, large, or no intakes at all.

Sometimes with short hair, some of them stick out at the back where they part. With long hair it’s usually not the case, but depends on the hair type.

Not all hair have symmetrical av. In some cases (like mine) one side sticks up and curls whereas the other is completely av-free and flat. Also, if the parting is not in the middle but on the side, the larger part always have more volume (because it has more hair!)

Let’s talk about hair types. Depending on the type you’ll have to use parting and av differently. I put straight, wavy and curly here but I’m mainly going to be focusing on straight and wavy. 

With straight hair, think in shapes. I usually draw the parting and then draw the shape from top to bottom, narrowing to the ends. 

Wavy hair are more in lines. I use quick curved movements to draw wavy, ends curling and sticking out.

Curly hair are easy to draw because you just draw a circle around the head and fill it with curls!

But! The most important thing with hair is to 1) get the parting right and 2) decide on the hair quality because it will affect how you approach drawing the hair. Eg. straight hair can have or have none av (no.2, top) and it affects how they part, same with curls (no.2, bottom) because the smaller the av the more the hair will cover the sides of the face

Side view. Hair follow the curve of the head and part at the top of the forehead, starting to fall down.

When drawing a fringe it’s v important to remember where the hairline is because that’s where you draw your fringe from

Some hair and fringe styles. straight hair - think in this shape. Narrow the threads down at the ends. Back view can vary - depending on the cut. Wavy - curl the ends upwards. When drawings specific threads, give them different thickness to bring it out more. Note - some hair have a parting at the back of the head.

Now onto shading. When shading hair, you really have no specific way. Everyone does it differently, but the common (and the most powerfull really) way is to shade the ends. Even on light hair the ends must be dark, otherwise you’ll loose the sight of them. With curls, you can also shade the part where it twists, but try to leave white bits here and there, otherwise there whole point of shading will be gone.

This dude has a really weird hairstyle. I outlined it and coloured the ends in. (1,2) I’ve accented on his hair parting (3) and then joined the together by shading but left some white bits to make it look glossy, more in depth (4). This is v important that you don’t shade everything!

Finally, I’ve drawn some other people to show it more. When accenting on specific threads of hair, you can make it stand out by changing the direction of lines when you’re shading, and also shading the bit below the thread. You can also shade some threads completely to accent them.

Generally, to make hair look like hair, you need:

  1. draw the shape
  2. shade the ends
  3. shade the parting
  4. if you really wanna do the threads, shade their junction with other threads (like in the braid, shade the center were they meet)

That’s all I can comment on really. Here are the big pages with my drawings (there are more things there which I didn’t upload + explanation notes): page 1, 2, 3

Here are some of my drawings (hair specific):

Useful links:

hair tutorial

how to draw hair, 2

how to draw curls

for more tutorials it’s always worth going on deviantart and search for hair tutorials

Here you go anon, hope it was useful, any questions just ask

Oh, thank you. Uhm, I do try to experiment with different styles and effects, so they come out somewhat different each time. I spent my teenage years trying to zero in on one style that I could be known for, but now I just want to learn as much as I can about every style out there! Anything and everything can be inspiring in some way that it just feels silly to limit myself anymore.

So far I haven’t made any tutorials because I don’t have the strongest background in art, and I still flounder back and forth to get things right. I don’t want to confuse / mislead anyone, which could happen if I did make a tutorial. But I’m just going to try and answer some art-related asks here…

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Can I have a tutorial/an advice on how to sketch and draw hands? It's something I haven't been able to do for like 3 years and I think quarter of my linearting time comes from hands alone because... 'Hey man, this looks wierd. Try again.' [Repeat for the next 20 minutes]

So lol, Hands are definitely something that most artists struggle with. I don’t know why, maybe I’m a masochist, but I personally love drawings hands, even in the beginning when they looked like loose octopi. haha XD

But, member how I made that post about how important form and how it helps with shading and lighting? but I also mentioned that it helps with many other things?, well hands, or any anatomical part, is also one of them. :D

Because hands have so many appendages, they can often be very overwhelming to draw, and can also be very confusing about how to go about drawing them as well. But don’t get scared when it comes to hands, they are just like any other object, and going about drawing them is just as complex/simple. 

The best way to go about drawing a hand is, again, to help understand the form/shape of a hand, and you can go about doing this when breaking it down into it’s basic shapes, and then drawing over it as if the squires, lines and circles are a literal skeleton.  

When you draw a hand, or anything for that matter, you really want to know what makes up the shape of the hand, but also very importantly, how a hand works. Such as, how when you straighten your fingers they fan out a little bit, and when you begin to close your hand into a fist, the fingers curl inward. 

Fingers are also very flexible, and can make all sorts of strange shapes and positions if strained by tightening muscle, or up against a surface.  The best way to learn how hands work, and their form, and helping to understand their anatomy so you know how to go about drawing them, is by using references.  :D 


Looking at  real life references are always the best. Even if you’re making cartoons or hands like Steven’s from Steven Universe, even cartoons follow the same anatomical structure, as real life hands. 

So my suggestion to you, and anyone asking about hands cuz I’m getting a lot of that lol,–

is look at real life hands, or hand reference sheets, and study the reference. When you study the references, try to learn not only the form of the hands, but their construction, their bone structure the length of each finger and how the knuckles protrude, or make dimples depending on the hand. And one way to start learning the structure of the hand, is by breaking it down to simple shapes like my first visual example. :>

A lot of people don’t realize it, but anatomical structure, or even just understanding a lot of science goes into art. Such as literally anatomy, or when animating, you have to understand how physics work in order to animate something moving in a realistic way and so on. So once you start to learn how things work, how light passes through a drop of water, and why, or the bone and muscle structure of a hand, and how it works and it’s flexibility of tendons, or how it might shake etc. 

so yeah haha, try to learn the form by breaking it down into basic shapes, and study the crap out of references, even if it’s your own hand. :>

Here’s some quick sketches of Luximus’s fan character Sophia A. McLoughlin! I didn’t draw her normal curls because I suck at drawing them! I also added freckle to her and I like how it looks on her!
Hope you Like!

+Sophia A. McLoughlin belongs to Luximus
+Art belongs to me
+Please do not edit, trace, recolour, repost, or otherwise use this artwork without my permission.

One direction preference #9 Comforting him

A/N: I’ve just realized maybe no one will read these during the hiatus. Eh, there’s always the possibility to turn into a humor blog, right?

Louis and Harry’s reason for being upset are totally made up.

Plot: Comforting him

LIAM: Liam wasn’t the type to share his feelings, preferred to brood, really. At first, it confused you, left you wondering how to read him and what to do. But now, after years together, you knew. You could tell the signs when Liam was upset, how his eyebrows would furrow, his voice would get slightly raspier and his eyes would look dull. You also knew how to fix it. This time, after you called him out on his petty mood, he’d broken down. “It’s Zayn,” he said miserably, and yeah, you already knew about Zayn leaving, but sometimes it hit Liam in waves, that Zayn wasn’t around anymore. “Oh babe,” you sighed opening your arms as an invitation. Liam stepped forward willingly, curling his arms around your waist and nuzzling his face into the crook of your neck, quick breaths spilling out of his mouths and dampening your skin as he tried to hold back his tears. A few cold lines ran down your neck anyways, and you tightened your arms around Liam’s shoulders. “He’s only a phone call away,” you reminded your trembling boyfriend. Liam sniffled but seemed to slowly get a hold of himself, drawing back slightly so you could look him in the eye, but not so much that your arms would fall away. “I know, god, it’s just not the same without him,” Liam admitted with puffy eyes. “Of course it’s not. But he’ll always be your best friend, whether he’s in the band or not, right? Hey, what do you so we invite him over tonight?” Liam beamed, and you breathed a quiet sigh of relief when his eyes looked less glassy. “Thank you,” Liam said, so reverently you almost teared up yourself. With a searing kiss to his lips, you smiled at Liam. “You’re welcome. Though I want to make sure you’re 100 percent fine,” you said with a dirty smirk and a sultry voice. Liam perked up instantly. “G-good idea.”

NIALL: You sighed miserably as Niall curled into himself on the couch, cheek smushed to his scarred knee so he didn’t have to face you. “Niall,” you tried, but the only response you got was a shake of blond hair. “C’mon, Ni, everything is going to be just fine.” You sat down on the other end of the couch, reaching over to grasp Niall’s elbow so he wouldn’t get overwhelmed but could still feel you near. “How do you know?” he squeaked, face still tilted away from you. “Because I do. You guys have been friends all your life, of course management can’t separate Harry from you. They can try all they want, but they won’t succeed. Harry loves you, and the rest of the boys.” Slowly, Niall lowered his legs back to the ground and bloodshot eyes were meeting yours. “I’m so tired of all the bullshit. Why are they making it so fuckin’ tough? Why can’t we just be a band?” You scooted closer to Niall, wrapping your arms around his shoulders and pulling him into a tight embrace. Niall dragged you even closer so you were sat sideways on his lap, his face buried your neck. “I wish I could do something about it. But you’ve got a year now, to just be you lads, and see if any of that former happiness you felt for this is still somewhere in there. Because I think it is. But I also think it’s about time you all get to make your own decisions.” Niall wasn’t crying as hard anymore, only a few stray tears rolling down every now and again, quickly swiped away by your thumb. “We’ll be alright,” Niall said firmly, “won’t we?” You smiled into his hair, kissing him softly with a hum. “Of course you will. You’re best friends. Not even management can change that fact.”

LOUIS: When Louis was upset, he preferred to be distracted, until he was so calm and collected he could talk about whatever was bothering him without breaking down. It was a quality you rather admired in him, as it made sure every decision and solution was thoroughly, in a manner that was so unlike your boyfriend it always amazed you. This time was no different, as he came home with shining eyes and flushed cheeks. He’d been at a meeting with management, and they could be bad, but rarely this bad. “Lou?” you asked, even though you already knew it was a lost cause. Not a moment later, you were being pushed against the wall, hungry lips attacking your neck. You melted into it, letting Louis suck bruise after bruise into your skin until his breathing wasn’t as erratic. The kiss he placed on your lips afterwards was salty, but not nearly as bruising as you’d expected. Louis fell forward, crushing you between the wall and his body. Instead of complaining, you wrapped your arms around his waist and kissed his clothed shoulder repeatedly. “You’re okay, you’re okay,” you mumbled, squeezing him whenever a particularly nasty shiver ran down his spine. “Lottie can’t go on tour with me anymore,” Louis rasped into your temple, as fresh bout of tears rushing out of his eyes. You cursed management under your breath. “After the hiatus, I’m sure you can bring her again, sweetheart.” Louis went pliant in your grip when you started kneading at his scalp to help with the headache you knew was resting there. “I hadn’t thought about that,” he admitted in a soft tone. “What would I do without you?” You smiled into the kiss Louis gave to you. “Crash and burn.” And yeah, the snicker that earned you felt pretty damn good.

HARRY: Harry loved cuddles. Whenever he could, he’d curl himself around your smaller form, protecting you in the best way he knew how. Since he wasn’t fond of conflict, he tried to hide you from it instead by drawing you into an embrace. Therefore, you also knew how to deal with him when he was upset. He rarely was, happy and carefree spirit that he was, so whenever he was, it broke your heart. He’d been feeling stressed lately, so when Gemma had gotten into a car accident - though she escaped only with a few bruises - he broke down, mumbling about how he should’ve been there to help. “You’re being ridiculous, Harry,” you told him gently as you pried his hands away where they had been clutching at his face, trying to hide his tear-stained cheeks. “I wasn’t there,” he said, for the fifth time in the last minute. He was like a broken record, stuck on repeat, as if saying it enough could take him back in time and make everything okay again. “She’s back home, H, she’s not hurt at all,” you reminded him. Somehow, when you opened your arms to him, he managed to curl into you, rolled up in a ball on your bed, seeming impossibly small for his long limbs. You ran a hand through his curls over and over, pressing kisses to his forehead and muttering sweet nothing’s under your breath until he didn’t look as crazed. “You couldn’t have changed it, even if you had been in Holmes Chapel,” you told him, nudging his head up so he could look into your eyes, and see the sincerity there. “I know,” Harry said with a strained voice. You smiled sadly, kissing away the few tears still on his cheek. You went upwards, kissing his fluttering eyelids, catching the tears stuck in his lashes. “That’s my man.”

How To Draw Ashton Irwin

hi guys, Ashley here! so it was requested that i do a tutorial on Ashton, and since the old one i have is kinda outdated, i made a new one! Its pretty detailed so this is gonna be a long post (sorry)

step 1: ok the first thing you want to do is give yourself some guidelines to work with. Here is a few pointers on how to set that up: 

  • the legs should be slightly longer than the torso
  • shoulders should be at least as wide as the head
  • try not too make the head *too* big. keep in mind that once you add the hair the head will look bigger. 

here’s what mine looked like:

Step 2: now that you have a basic idea of what your figure will look like, its time to do the face. I always start with the eyes. I use the highlighter tool to achieve this (its the center icon in the toolbar)

also vy did this great tutorial on facial expressions

(here’s the finished face)

step 3: now its time to draw the hair i’ll show you how i do my ash hair, but duhmichael also did a nice hair tutorial 

also don’t forget his bandanna :p

the blue arrow indicates the part of the hair. at the part the curls start to flow the other direction

add some wisps below the ears and sweeping over the bandanna and you’re pretty much done.

step 4: OK so now that you have the head done its time to draw the shoulders and neck. use the guidelines you set to help you, but you don’t have to follow them exactly.

continue by drawing the arms

and finally the hands- mine are usually just little nibs at the end of the arms

 step 5: almost done! the legs and feet are basically just straigth lines with ovals at the end.


try and have the legs get thinner as you move towards the ankles. again, make use of the guidelines you set down. 

step 6: go back and clean up any mistakes you made or things that don’t look quite right. you can see here i cleaned the hair and face and also erased the guidelines

then just color is (i have a coloring tutorial here) and you are all done!

again sorry for the long post, but i hope it helps ^^

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This isn't an ask. But like...I remember this one time on my dashboard when you drew Denmark looking at one direction and then scrolled down to see another post of America looking at Denmark's direction and I was like squealing since that was the best coincidental OTP thing that has happened to me. Just curious, but is there a difference between curly-haired and straight-haired Amerca? Like, are they from different AUs? Or does America iron out his hair on occasion? Or curl it?

Oh my gosh I love it when anons share stuff like this with me haah <33 I ship AmeDen too, they’re  hella fuckin’ cute

Now onto your actual question;

Yes, I do draw 2 different versions of America and they are very different indeed! But not in a sense of au, it’s just that 1 is the canon design and 1 is a headcanon America ! Here, let me show you;

This is how I draw canon Alfred (turned out a bit funny here sorry, haha)
He has pretty much the typical design but also is obviously white, with a slimmer straight nose and a tad of a softer jaw, yet hes masculine and yet cuTE AF

And this baby right here is a headcanon America !! He is by my friend from dA, or on here she has an account based off of him (kinda haha); e-leutheromanic

This alfred has, you’re right, curly locks. They’re a tad longer than normal Alfredos due to the curls. He’s a mixed race kiddo. His brows are thicker, and he has full amazing kissable lips ♥ His colors are darker, and his nose (mainly the tip) is different/bigger. And dimplessss + different glasses frames. I forgot his scars + tats, but he has so much more stuff on him than regular Alf! Again; since he’s a headcanon version.

I love drawing both with my life !!! ♥ ♥ So I hope you guys like me drawing the headcanon baby too because he’s beautiful and adorable!