also how do i draw rabbits

jormugandur  asked:

Hey I was wondering if you could help me draw bunnies? I need to practice for a band cover art I'm about to do

okay this is so late and probably not relevant and also the worst tutorial ever but

I super recommend checking out skinned rabbits if that doesn’t bother you, their musclestructure is beautiful and it helps show exactly how much power is hidden in all that cute fluffiness!

OC october day#2

You’re a cat you’re a bun you’re a cat you’re a bun

Today is smol buncat bc her sibling didn’t want to be drawn apparently

Extra info
-She is half Jade Rabbit half Mau
-Practices bun martial arts she will kick u
-Half siblings with Rico they do not get along
-She is also a little bit Japanese from her mother’s side (who i might draw this month idk)
-Bi but leaning towards girls