also how do i draw rabbits


hey, all! i keep seeing a bunch of people doing redraws of old art and i thought i’d join in! 

the original drawing was done in 2007 (i think i was 15 or 16?) with markers and the new one was drawn this week with photoshop!  the characters bonnet and ribbon were alice and the white rabbit respectively as part of this whole weird trippy alice-themed story i’d written. it’s really weird seeing how much my art (and my storytelling) has matured in the past 8 years, something that seemed weirdly impossible when i was 15, despite how long 8 years is.

this picture is also this month’s patreon process video! if you’d like to see the process for this and many more pieces, you can support my patreon for as little as $10 a month!

tfw u turn ur little stepbrother into a rabbit by accident bc u couldn’t shake off ur defensive habits from when u were a mafia boss and o god what do u say if dio comes in here has dio ever even seen a rabbit in his entire life how r u going to explain this whAT DID U DO–

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oh man i love your work, especially your animation. It's inspired me to start trying to animate things for myself. Do you have any tips on getting started?

Thank you~! My first animations were quite bad, very stiff and slow, but that was because I didn’t really study how to do animations. If you want to get into animation I recommend looking into tutorials, and lessons online. Animation is way different than just drawing a picture, you can know how to draw but making it move in a cool way is quite hard.  I learned from Richard Williams, the guy who animated Roger Rabbit, his videos were very helpful. So, my tips is study study and study some more! Also practice when you study. Good Luck!

i keep thinking about the alternate universe where feel was allowed to exist and so i decided i wanted to draw some kind of modern version of him and then it came out almost exactly the same just with some more red so i also made a riders thing based off some of the concept art from that game because i dont know it seemed like a cool idea

i was gonna do some kind of boom design too but then i realized i had no idea how to go about doing that so maybe some other time i dunno probably not actually

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Hi! I love your artwork! What do you use to color it? And, if you haven't done it, can we a baby/little kid Spot? He's my fav. Thank you!!

Lil bab Spot is still completely ready to fight everyone. Jack doesn’t know what to do with him. He’s so adorable but also… those teeth… O_O

Thank you <3 I use a range of media. Maybe I’ll make a set-by-set soon? Anyway, for this one; its ink and a marker (my fave color, ash rose). Sometimes I save the coloring for digital only, but my tablet is crapping out on me, so I’ve been doing it all traditional lately.

(someone name Spot’s stuffed bunny rabbit and tell me how he got it <3)


~click/open in new tab for better view!

Note: if you haven’t figured it out, i’m 18+ so for your own safety please be aware that this blog though it will never have nudity or full on nsfw there are adult themes sometimes (VERY rarerly, but it still happens)

anyways, my gf @scarecrane wanted me to draw the OTHER shade in lingerie since I already did the first one (flash shade, and shade the changing man…how many duplicates DC) so I decided to self indulge and do doctor fate too… i’m very happy with how they turned out :P

i swear this is the most scandalous art i’ll ever be comfortable sharing idk how anyone has the confidence otherwise… also if you’re a minor, please don’t reblog this; i’d rather not fall down that rabbit hole thanks

(please don’t repost or use w/o permission, and leave my description; thanks!)

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Hey I was wondering if you could help me draw bunnies? I need to practice for a band cover art I'm about to do

okay this is so late and probably not relevant and also the worst tutorial ever but

I super recommend checking out skinned rabbits if that doesn’t bother you, their musclestructure is beautiful and it helps show exactly how much power is hidden in all that cute fluffiness!

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How much diddle you think the average hare does? Now, apply this to Neamhni and what do you get? Grey: A challenge


(Edit: why do I always forget Gray’s tattoo orz)

Hehe, it’s been so long since I drew my moon rabbit, Jojooooo. I’m very happy with how this turned out~!

Also this outfit is really cute so I may actually draw a full version? 

“Some girls like girls, some boys got a boyfriend 

I like guys and they like me 

We hold hands, make out and do all the things that lovers do!”

-“Radio Friendly Pop Song” by Matt Fishel 

I was requested to do more Ectofeature so I did. I love the song above for his message, and also I could see in au where Billy and Spencer were around the same age, the man who  signed him for his first record deal told Billy not to let anyone know he was in love with a boy because of how taboo being gay is in Hollywood and in show business, so he’d write this song (or something like it) in protest since Spencer is the only person other than himself that he loves.


Since the contest is over, and I lost, I think it must be okay for me to share my design~

I thought about the whole “Alice in Wonderland”-theme and quickly understood that I wanted to make a design based of the Rabbit! I had loads of fun while coming up with ideas for this one, and I’m really happy with how things turned out uvu 
I also included some different versions of her for them to choose from~ Which one do you like the best? 

I have seen some truly amazing entries, so I understand now that I didn’t really stand a chance hehe! I did my best though n_n;


HEHEHE YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW EXCITED I WAS TO MAKE THIS FOR YOU spying on twitter i saw you mention that you particularly wanted your fresh friday gifter to draw yours and leslie’s rapper ocs, FAT RABBIT, and YOU WANTED PIXELS AND BOY HOWDY DO I EVER LOVE MAKING PIXELS SO i WAS LIKE ALRIGHT.  ALRIGHT HERE I GO.  THIS IS MY MOMENT!!!


and once again, thanks to the indomitable team of RACHAEL and SUPPI for putting this together for the fourth year in a row!  you guys are heroes, i love you both!!

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Since we're doing asks, I'm curious: how did you decide on a duck to be your author-avatar character?

Hey Rachel-franke, thanks for your question!

The tl;dr answer is: I like drawing ducks ;)

The long version goes like this: Previous to drawing Fowl Language I drew a comic called Chuck & Beans for about 7 years. The two main characters were a rabbit and a dog and after all that while I was ready to draw some different types of animals.

I was also ready for a change of tone. C&B was essentially an all-ages comic and there were rarely any bad words used. A few times I dabbled into more adult subject matter/ language and not-surprisingly it didn’t go over well with the fans. I had already set the tone of the comic and doing more adult content was out of character.

When I sat down to create a new comic I knew I wanted to do something more adult. When I thought up the pun/title “Fowl Language” it sort of sealed the deal that I would write something featuring birds. I also figured it would, perhaps-not-so-subtlety, indicate to the smattering of hold-over fans that there would be swearing and R-rated jokes this time around.

More information than you probably wanted, but there you go!


OC october day#2

You’re a cat you’re a bun you’re a cat you’re a bun

Today is smol buncat bc her sibling didn’t want to be drawn apparently

Extra info
-She is half Jade Rabbit half Mau
-Practices bun martial arts she will kick u
-Half siblings with Rico they do not get along
-She is also a little bit Japanese from her mother’s side (who i might draw this month idk)
-Bi but leaning towards girls