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yes, yes, i know, but i really could only watch this episode now because wifi sucks and i just had a lot to do!!! anyway!! 




anyway, simply put, i absolutely adore this episode and even tho my friend @canthandlefandomfeels and i already predicted Yuuri most likely wouldnt get gold, it was shocking to watch how Yuri took Yuuri’s place with like 0,12 points difference!!

other than that, im glad Chris didnt came like we also predicted he propably would XD and im still sad JJ didnt get his act straight which is completely understandable since this anime is fairly realistcci in some ways.


I just hit my next thousand (whee) so to celebrate, I thought I’d show my appreciation for the amazing writers of the bellarke fandom by compiling a list of my all-time favourite bellarke fics! Hope y’all enjoy, x. 

Like Ships In The Night (Passing Me By) by viansian [11k, one-shot, immortal au, historical au,]

This fic gets a special place in my heart because it was the very first fic I read for bellarke and I fell in love with it immediately. Basic premise? Bellamy is an immortal and Clarke isn’t, and he meets her seven times throughout his life. It’s heart-breaking and poignant and the characters are written with so much thought. (With an happy ending, to boot.)

First Impressions Often Lie by @antebellamy [9k, multi-chapter, completed modern au, boarding school au, enemies to friends to lovers] 

Listen, this fic is amazing. Mia writes like magic; it’s nostalgic and sweet and angsty all at once, and there are some lines in here that just make me shiver and cry and have a lot of feelings, okay. Overall, it’s engaging and fun and will stick with you for days after. 

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Love Me Again / Part 2 - Dan Howell.


Warnings - None. Just loads of Fluff and Cuteness.
Hey Guys, so I’m Back and This was not Requested, I just loved writing the first part so much, I wanted to keep it going. Also, just want to point out, this is the first thing I’ve written since having my surgery, so if it’s shit, I’m sorry.


7 months later and over 45 dates later, Dan and I were back on track to the relationship we once shared. Amelia absolutely loved him and in return, he adored her. Things in our life were looking up, but how long would it last.

“ Amelia, it’s time for your bath! ” I exclaimed chasing after the 4 almost 5 year old, her laughter filling the apartment. “ No, not until Dan gets here! ” she giggled while running into her room down the hall, “ When is he getting here? ”. I smiled slightly “ He should be here in 20 minutes, but you need to be bathed and dressed before hand okay ”, “ No! ” she exclaimed with a giggle. I walked into her room and folded my arms over my chest, “ Amelia Marie… You need to take a bath or, you can go into timeout and I’ll tell Dan to just forget about coming for the weekend ” I stated trying to be stern ( But, clearly it wasn’t working ). She giggled “ You couldn’t do that, you LOVE him too much ”, I sighed deeply while picking her up and walking into the bathroom “ You’re right, but Dan won’t want to play dress up with a smelly little girl ”. She dramatically gasped and started stripping down to her birthday suit “ Well, come on Mommy! We gotta hurry! ”. I chuckled as she jumped into the bathtub. Now Amelia hated baths, with a passion. But, she must’ve believed me when I told her Dan wouldn’t wanna play with her if she was smelly and boy, she’d do anything for Dan. He was like her favorite person, other then Snow White of course. [ 20 Minutes later ] After many giggles, a messy bathroom and a very clean child, Amelia and I were cuddled on the sofa, waiting for Dan to Arrive. “ Mommy? ” Amelia asked as she turned to me, “ Yeah babe? ” I smiled. “ When is Dan going to move in? ” she asked curiously, I sighed deeply while running my hand through my hair “ I don’t know hunny, we’ve only been dating for 7 months… ”. “ Yeah, but you love each other right? ” she asked, I smiled widely while nodding. “ Then he should move in, instead of coming every other week to stay with us… I miss him when he’s not here ” she stated sadly, I gave her a quick kiss on the cheek “ I’ll talk to him about it ”.  A large smile appeared on her face as we both heard the front door unlock and then open ( Of course I had given him a key ), “ Dan!! ” Amelia shouted as she took off towards him. “ Hey little bug ” Dan smiled as he quickly picked her up, “ How’s my favorite girl?… Any more boys bothering you in school? ”. Amelia smiled widely as she wrapped her tiny arms around his neck, “ Not really, but even if they do, I know how to handle them ” she then stated as she balled her fist, causing Dan and I both to laugh. “ Oh, and who taught you that? ” he asked her with one of his eyebrows raised, “ Mommy ” Amelia stated nonchalantly. He glanced at me with a sly smirk, making me shrug “ I was raising her alone for 4 years, what do you expect ”. “ Girl Power! ” Amelia shouted as she squirmed in Dan’s arms, clearly wanting to be let down. He laughed as he set her down, which only made her dash into her bedroom. Dan slowly made his way towards me and sat himself on the sofa, “ And how are you doing? ” he asked giving me a quick peck on the lips. I smiled widely “ I’m fine, tired mostly… Raising a 4 year old is tough… I miss those days when she wanted to nap ”, Dan chuckled while pulling me closer to him “ But, you’re doing a great job ”. I nodded as I let out a small sigh “ So, I was thinking the three of us could go out for dinner tonight ”, “ Oh really? Like a little family outing ” Dan teased slightly. I nodded slightly, but didn’t dare say anything. He smiled at me “ I like the sound of that ”, I rolled my eyes and groaned at the sappiness of this conversation. That only made Dan chuckle even more, moments later Amelia came running back into the room with her arms full of toys. “ Look Dan, Grandpa bought me this big Lego set and Mommy bought me some new dolly’s… Can you play with me? ” she asked bashfully, she was always worried he’d say no, but I knew better. “ Of course little bug, What shall we play first? ” he asked as he climbed off the sofa and sat on the floor beside her, “ Let’s make a huge house for my dolly’s ” Amelia giggled, making  Dan smile. “ Okay, let’s do it ” Dan cheered, I stared at the two of them with a large smile playing on my face. “ Well. if you two are okay for a while, I need to finish up some work before we go out for dinner ” I stated slowly standing up, “ Okay babe, I have everything under control ” Dan smirked as he sent me a quick wink. I rolled my eyes, but smiled widely at him as I walked out of the lounge and towards my bedroom.

A few hours later, I was still sitting on my bed, laptop and files sitting in front of me. I finally finished typing out the last document, when I heard a loud laugh erupt from Amelia’s room. I sighed slightly as I stood up and walked down the hall, opening her door and smiling at what I saw. Dan sat in a tiny blue chair, pink tiara with matching hair clips in his hair. Purple boa around his neck and some makeup smeared on his face, which I knew she had done it herself. “ And what are you two beautiful ladies doing? ” I asked with a smirk, making both of them look up at me. “ Having a tea party ” Amelia stated proudly, “ Are you two going to have room for dinner? ” I asked. “ Mommy… It’s make believe tea… Remember?! ” Amelia stated seriously, I smacked my forehead with my palm “ Sorry, I forgot… But, it’s time to start getting ready for dinner okay ”. She pouted for a second, but then nodded. “ Come on Ms. Daniel, let’s get you cleaned up ” I stated with a smile, he nodded as he followed me to the bathroom. I couldn’t stop smirking at him, he just looked so cute like this, but I couldn’t help but tease him slightly. “ You make one beautiful woman, you know ” I stated smiling up at him as he pulled the pink hair clips out of his hair, “ Well, Thank you babe ” he smiled. “ You know, I’m happy you and Amelia get along so well… You’re the only really father figure she’s ever had ” I stated with a small sigh, “ And I’m happy to be in that place, I love Amelia as it were she were my own… These past 7 months have been amazing and I would do anything for the two of you ” Dan stated confidently as he wiped the makeup off of his face. I smiled up at him and nodded quickly, pulling his face close to mine and kissing him deeply. “ Ew! ” I heard Amelia shout, I quickly pulled away and chuckled. “ Can we go eat now, I’m hungry ” Amelia muttered loudly as she gripped onto Dan’s leg, “ Yes, okay. Let’s go get changed and let Dan finish cleaning up okay ” I stated taking Amelia’s hand and walking towards her room. I quickly dressed her in a white sleeveless dress ( That was defiantly for summer ), a blue jacket and white sandles. I sent Amelia towards the lounge, where Dan was waiting and I quickly changed as well. Afterword, I joined Dan and Amelia in the lounge. “ Ready? ” I asked with a smirk, Dan smiled in return while Amelia cheered. The three of us got into the car and I drove us over to one of my favorite restaurants, it wasn’t to big, but also not to small. Amelia held tightly onto Dan’s hand as the three of us walked into the restaurant, “ Reservation for Y/L/N ” I stated to the man who stood by the door, he smiled and nodded “ Follow me this way please ”. The three of us did as we were told, quickly following him to our table. “ I wanna sit by Dan ” Amelia smiled, I nodded with a small chuckle. The three of us quickly sat down and looked at our menu’s, “ What’ll you be having, Miss Amelia? ” Dan asked her in a slightly posh accent. “ Pasta.. ” she stated with a sly smile, that was one of her favorite foods, other than waffles. “ Is that okay mommy? ” she then asked with a look of hope in her eyes, I groaned quietly “ Of course babe, but I wish I wouldn’t have dressed you in white now ”. Dan chuckled slightly as he continued looking through his menu, “ I promise I’ll be careful ” Amelia stated confidently. I smiled at her as I nodded, but I knew she’d make a mess. Moments later, the waiter quickly walked towards us. “ Hello, my names David and I’ll be your waiter tonight… ” he stated strongly, but unfortunately, I knew that voice ( I heard it in my nightmares sometimes ). “ Can I get you started with some drinks? ” he then asked, “ I’ll have water, You want milk right Amelia? ” Dan stated as Amelia nodded. I on the other hand, was to busy spacing out about the fact that someone I was hoping to never see again, was now standing in front of us. “ Babe? ” Dan asked making me snap out of it slightly, “ Water, I’ll have water ” I stated quickly without looking up, I just kept my eyes on the menu. “ Ok - ky, I’ll be right back with those ” David stated as he quickly walked away, “ Hey, are you okay? ” Dan asked curiously. I looked up at him with a small smile as I nodded, “ You sure ” he asked raising an eyebrow. I nodded once more, before looking away from him, I just didn’t want to talk about this in front of Amelia. Dan continued to stare at me with a concerned look on his face, I sighed deeply and looked at him with a small smile “ I’ll tell you later, okay ”. He nodded while looking over at Amelia, who was in her own little world, drawing pictures on a piece of paper.

Dinner went on as normal as it could, no matter how uncomfortable I was, I tried not to show it to much. I didn’t eat much, because I had lost my appetite the moment I heard our waiters voice, I just hoped he didn’t recognize me because I really didn’t want to have any type of conversation with him. Once we were finished eating, Dan got up to use the restroom quickly, as I cleaned Amelia up. “ I think you might need another bath when we get home ” I stated with a smirk, she stared at me with a pout on her face. “ Don’t look at me like that little Petal, you got pasta sauce all over yourself ” I chuckled while wiping her face, “ I’m sorry Mommy ” she stated with a sigh. I smiled slightly and nodded “ It’s okay, you don’t have to take another bath tonight… But, you’ll be getting one tomorrow, Alright ”, she squealed loudly as she hugged me “ Deal ”. I chuckled at her craziness, until I heard someone clear their throat. I quickly glanced up at David, who I hadn’t looked at the entire time. “ Uh hi, I just wanted t drop off the receipt… ” he stated awkwardly. I nodded swiftly “ Thank You ”, “ You know… I remember you… ” he stated quietly, but I still heard him. I sighed quietly without looking directly at him, “ Yeah, from Uni… I remember seeing you around all the time and then you were just gone, after… ” he sighed rubbing the back of his neck ( Clearly he remember the Hell he put me through ). “ I just want to say, I’m sorry for what we did to you… I’m so sorry ” he muttered loud enough for me to hear, “ It looks like you have a happy  family now though… ”. I took in a deep breath and nodded “ Thanks… ” ( I didn’t know what else to say ), he sent me one more awkward smile before quickly walking away. I let out a shaky sigh, “ Mommy… ” I heard Amelia ask. I glanced down at her little worried face, “ Yeah… ” I asked quietly. “ Why are you crying? ” she questioned still looking at me concerned, I took in a deep breath wiping away a few stray tears that had fallen from my eyes ( I didn’t even realize I was crying ). “ Are you alright? ” Amelia then asked hugging me as tight as she could, “ Yeah, I’m okay ” I whispered to her as I placed a kiss on her forehead. Moments later Dan joined us back at the table, “ So, I was thinking we could go out for ice cream now… What happened? ” he questioned looking at me with a worried expression. I ran my hand through my hair “ I’ll tell you at home… For now, let’s enjoy the rest of our evening and get some ice cream ”, Dan only nodded as he picked Amelia up and placed her on his hip. Then he took my  hand and the three of us walked out, looking like a real family…. A real, happy family.

Later that night

Dan and I were cuddled up together in bed, we were quiet at first, but I knew I had to explain myself. “ I’m sorry for how I acted tonight… ” I sighed quietly resting my head on his chest, “ Yeah, what did happen tonight? I’ve never seen you like that ” he stated with a slight chuckle. “ The waiter, he was… One of the guys from Uni… You know, the ones who… ” I couldn’t even finish the sentence, “ You don’t have to say it babe…. I understand… ” Dan stated while rubbing my back. “ I just haven’t seen any of them since leaving Uni… It just brought me back to bad times ” I muttered quietly, but loud enough for him to hear. “ It’s okay babe ” he stated making my look at him, I sighed quietly “ I’m happy you’re so supportive, I’m glad you found me again ”. Dan chuckled placing a kiss on my nose “ Well, I’m happy you gave me another chance ”, I smiled while nodding “ Would you wanna maybe… Move in, with Amelia and I… It was her idea… Not mine! ”. Dan busted out in a deep continuous laugh “ So, does that mean you don’t want me to move in? ”, I rolled my eyes but smiled “ Of course I do, but Amelia was the one who brought it up first. Just sayin ”. Dan smiled widely “ Of course I’ll move in with my girls ”, I smiled at him then placed a kiss on his lips. The bedroom door quickly swung open and Amelia rushed into the room “ Is it true your moving in? ”, Dan and I chuckled while nodding. Amelia squealed happily as she jumped onto the bed, attacking Dan and I in hugs. This was just the next step in our relationship, and creating a happy little household together.

4 Months Later.

“ Happy birthday baby ” I whispered to Amelia, also placing a soft kiss on her cheek. She groaned deeply while pushing me away slightly, “ No mommy, sleepy ” she mumbled. “ But, Dan’s making you a big birthday breakfast… ” I stated with a slight chuckle, she quickly sat up and sighed “ Really? ”. “ Well, I made most of it, but he helped ” I stated with a smile. She giggled quietly as she threw off her duvet, I quickly picked her up and carried her into the kitchen. “ There’s the birthday girl! ” Dan smiled widely as he placed a kiss on her cheek, “ How’d you sleep last night? ”. She smiled bashfully “ Fine… What’s for breakfast? ”, I chuckled as I sat her down on her booster seat. Then walked to the kitchen to dish some food onto her frozen plate, I placed a #5 candle in her stack of waffles. Then I slowly walked over to the table, “ Happy birthday to you…. Happy birthday to you… ” Dan and I sang as I placed the plate down in front of her. “ Make a wish Little bug! ” Dan smiled widely, Amelia giggled quietly as she blew out the candle, causing both Dan and I to clap loudly. The three of us sat down to enjoy a nice breakfast, filled with laughs and lots of love. “ Are we still going to the Aquarium today? ” Amelia asked with a hopeful look o her face, I nodded smiling at her “ Yeah, around 11pm Jasmine and Erika’s mums are dropping them off and we’ll all be going around 12:30pm ”. “ And don’t forget, you have your big birthday party in 2 days ” Dan smirked, watching Amelia clap her hands happily. We continued chatting away as we ate breakfast, things we did normally anyway. Today though, Dan and I had a big surprise for Amelia today, something she’d been asking for for over a year now. After breakfast, Dan cleaned all the dishes us as I cleaned Amelia up and took her into her room. “ What would you like to wear today, birthday girl ” I smiled as I looked through her wardrobe, “ You mean I get to choose? ” she asked with a shocked look on her face. I chuckled quietly as I nodded, she smiled widely while glancing at everything she owned. “ I wanna wear my favorite purple t - shirt, with my black skinny jeans… So I can match Dan ” Amelia stated with a large smile, I chuckled as I nodded “ I’m sure he’ll love that ”. I then quickly got her changed and then joined Dan in the kitchen, “ I’ll dry! ” I shouted grabbing a dish towel. He smiled down at me “ Do you think she’s going to like her surprise? ”, I nodded quickly as I started drying the wet dishes. “ What did she ask for other than the puppy? ” he asked me, “ Nothing really, I think she’s just happy that you live with us now ” I stated with a small sigh. “ Well, she’s not the only one… I love living here with my favorite girls ” he grinned a cheeky little grin, I smiled slightly while rolling my eyes “ You’re a cheese ball ”. He chuckled “ But, you love it ”, I sighed deeply “ Unfortunately ”. He smiled as I lent over to him, quickly placing a kiss on his lips. “ Ew! Why are you guys always doing that when I walk into the room ” Amelia shouted, causing Dan and I to chuckle to each other. “ Sorry little petal, we just love each other to much ” I stated as I finished up the dishes just in time for a knock to sound at the front door, “ Jasmine, Erika! ” Amelia shouted as she ran into the lounge. I laughed as I followed her, to greet her two best friends.

[ Later that Night ]

Amelia and I sat comfortably on the sofa, watching Frozen for the billionth time, Dan had gone over to my parents house to get her surprise. I quickly paused the movie and smiled at her, “ So Amelia, you know how you’ve been asking for a puppy since… Well, you could talk ” I stated seriously. She nodded, but I think she was more concerned with the fact that I had paused the movie. “ Well, you’ve been such a good girl lately, Dan and I wanted to buy you something extra special for your 5th birthday ” I smiled at her, she just continued to stare at me confused. That is, until Dan walked through the front door holding a 6 week old, Corgi puppy. Amelia gasped loudly as she looked at me with wide eyes “ Really mommy?! ”, I nodded with a large smile. Dan placed the puppy on Amelia’s lap and then sat beside me “ What are going to name her little bug? ” Dan asked curiously. Amelia put her pointer finger to her chin, pretending to think ( But, she had the name picked out all along ). “ Luna! Her name will be Luna ” Amelia stated confidently, Dan and I smiled at her as we watched her cuddle with the small puppy. “ This is the best family ever! ” she then shouted happily, “ Family eh?… I love the sound of that ” Dan stated pulling me closer to him and resting his head on my shoulder. “ I love you ” I whispered to him, “ I love you too ” he whispered right back, giving me those butterflies in my stomach.

3 Years Later.

Lots of time had passed, even though it only felt like weeks. The three of us had relocated to a bigger home with 5 bedrooms, the reason why we got so many rooms, well, you’ll just have to find out a little later. Just so you know, everything’s been amazing in our life and with our family.

I glanced down at the little white stick in my hand, sighing deeply. “ What am I gonna do…? ” I whispered to myself, three minutes had gone by and the stick read positive. I wasn’t worried about Dan staying, I knew he’d never leave me with two kids. I knew he’d be ecstatic to have a baby, that’s just the type of guy he was now. I was more worried about how Amelia would react, she’s been my first priority for 8 years and now she’d have to share us with another baby. I was already starting to feel horrible about all this. “ Mommy! ” I heard Amelia shout as the front door shut, making me jump slightly and shove the pregnancy test int a drawer. I then headed down to the lounge where Amelia was already sat in front of the TV,  " How was school today babe? “ I asked her placing a quick kiss on the forehead. ” It was fine… “ she sighed sadly, ” What’s wrong? “ I asked with a concerned look on my face. ” It’s just that… Kyle was teasing me today because I had no dad “ she stated quietly, I looked at her confused ” Why would he start teasing you about that all of a sudden? “. She shrugged ” Mrs. Weltz announced that on Friday there’s going to be a daddy daughter dance and I can’t go “, I rubbed her back slightly ” And why’s that? “. She sighed deeply ” I told you already mom! “, ” No, you don’t have a biological father, but you do have Dan and he’s more of a Dad to you than anyone… He’s the best dad you could ever ask for “ I smiled slightly at her. She looked at me with a hopeful look in her eyes ” Do you think he’d wanna go? “, I smiled ” I think he’d love to go, but you’ll have to ask him yourself “. She smiled widely and hugged me tightly ” When are you guys going to get married, so he can really be my dad “, I sighed deeply as I shrugged ” Sorry petal, but it’s not my decision “. She groaned deeply as she fell back onto the sofa ” Girl power Mom! Why don’t you just tell him that you’re going to get married “, I chuckled as I shook my head ” It doesn’t work like that, but thanks for the idea… What do you want for dinner? “. She thought for a second, but then smiled ” Burgers… “. I nodded as I sighed quietly again ” Don’t forget to do your homework “, Amelia groaned deeply ” But Mom, it’s Friday… The weekend, I have 2 days to do it “. ” But you have two birthday parties to go to this weekend, so either do it tonight or miss one of those party’s “ I stated sternly, I was getting better at being stern ( This mother thing was getting easier, especially with Dan’s help… Even though he was totally whipped when it came to that little girl ). ” Fine “ Amelia pouted crossing her arms over her chest, I chuckled quietly while placing a kiss on the said of her head. I stood up and walked into the kitchen, to start dinner before Dan got home.

Dinner went down smoothly, Amelia shyly brought up the daddy / Daughter dance. And Dan reacted the way I knew he would, Adorably. He accepted her invitation and then I had to listen about how excited they both were, for over an hour. Around 11pm, after I had finally gotten Amelia to sleep ( Sure she was 8, but on the weekends, she refused to go to sleep before 10:30pm ). I made my way into our bedroom and sighed, Dan was lying in bed with a play station controller in his hands, he glanced at me and chuckle. ” She’s going to kill me, I just know it “ I stated as I ran my hand through my hair, Dan smiled as he placed the controller on his lap ” She’s young, we went through the same thing… Remember the time we spent all night talking to each other on the phone, even though we were seeing each other the next day “. I smirked while walking to the bathroom, ” Oh, I remember “, I grabbed the little white stick out of the drawer. I let out a small sigh as I threw it on our bed next to Dan, he looked at me confused for a second. I sat down next to him, nervously. He stated at the pregnancy test for a few seconds, but then smiled at me. ” Is this real or a prank? “ he joked with a small cheeky smirk on his face, I scoffed slightly. ” Babe, this is Great. We’re having a baby… I’m gonna be a daddy… Holy fuck, I’m gonna be someone’s Father! “ Dan stated with a large smile and then pulling me over to him, ” I’m so excited babe “. He placed many kisses on my lips and on the rest of my face, ” Whoa boy, technically you’re already someone’s dad. Sure, you weren’t in Amelia’s life from the start, but you have been for the last 4 years. She see’s you as her dad, she’s just afraid to call you that “ I stated with a sigh. He looked at me confused ” Why? “, ” She just thinks you’ll be against it, or it’ll scare you away “ I stated honestly. ” Well, she should know better by now, I’m not going anywhere. I love you both too much “ he stated while kissing me again, ” And now, we’ll have another little life to love “. I smiled widely and nodded ” Let’s just wait a few weeks to tell her alright, I just don’t want to get her hopes up and then have something happen, you know “, Dan nodded with a small smile. As we sat there talking about the pregnancy for a few minutes, that’s when I heard Amelia’s little voice yell ” Mommy, Dad… I  mean Dan! “, I chuckled quietly as I glanced at Dan, who just wore a large / happy smile. ” I’ll go see what she needs, be right back Mommy “ he smirked as he walked out of our room, I groaned lying down in bed ” Don’t start calling me that now “. I heard him laugh from the corridor, on his way to Amelia’s room. I smiled to myself, knowing how lucky I was to have him in my life.

2 Months Later.

I groaned quietly as I flushed the toilet, morning sickness was a bitch. ” Babe… You okay? “ I heard Dan ask from behind the closed door, ” Yeah, I’ll be out in a minute “ I muttered loudly. I quickly washed my hands and glanced at myself in the mirror, seeing the small bump already forming. I slowly opened the door, only to see the concerned look on Dan’s face. ” You sure you’re okay? “ he asked giving me a loving hug, I nodded letting out a small sigh ” Yeah, just morning sickness “. He smiled and placed a kiss on the top of my head ” You know, we’re gonna have to tell Amelia soon. Babe, yesterday she asked me why you’re getting fatter “, I giggled quietly ” We’ll tell her today, might as well since it’s the weekend… Let’s just hope she’s not upset about it “. He nodded giving me another smile, I yawned as I walked away from him and down to the kitchen. ” Mommy! “ I heard Amelia shout from upstairs, ” Yeah? “ I yelled back. ” Where is my Frozen T - shit! “ she shouted again, ” in your top wardrobe drawer “ I stated loudly as U made myself a bowl of porridge. I sat down at the table and sighed deeply ( Damn, was I starving ). Not long after Dan and Amelia both joined me downstairs, ” Morning mommy “ Amelia stated with a large grin on her face. ” Morning baby, did you sleep well? “ I stated with a smile, she nodded as Dan poured her a bowl of cereal. ” Can dad and I take Luna to the dog park today? “ she asked joining me at the table, yeah she was calling Dan Dad now and every time she did, it made Dan glow with happiness. ” Of course Hunny… But, later we need to have a talk with you okay “ I stated seriously, she looked at me wide eyed. ” I didn’t do it! I’ve done nothing wrong “ she exclaimed, Dan and I chuckled. ” No no hunny, we know you’ve done nothing wrong. We just have to tell you something “ I stated with a reassuring smile, ” Oh no, are you two breaking up? “ she then asked with a sad look on her face. ” Never, we just have some big news to share with you little bug “ Dan stated with a large smile, making her sigh quietly but nod, as she finished eating her cereal. After breakfast, I cleaned up the kitchen and the rest of the house, as Dan took Amelia and Luna to the dog park.

About two hours later, after they had returned back home, Amelia, Dan and I were all snuggled up on the sofa. ” So, little bug, ready for that conversation we told you about? “ Dan questioned while looking at her little face, she sighed nervously, but nodded. ” Well, Do you know how Jasmine’s mummy and daddy just had a new baby? “ I asked with a small smile, she nodded ” Yeah, her baby sister does nothing but eat, cry and poop! “. Dan and I both laughed at her response, ” What would you think if Dan and I had a baby “ I stated as strong as possible. She looked between Dan and I with a confused look on her face ” Like, Together? “, Dan smiled and nodded ” Yeah, you’ll have a little brother or sister “. She sighed deeply ” If you guys have a baby, will you still love me? “, I wanted to bust out in tears as soon as I heard her ask that. I pulled her into my arms and squeezed her, ” Of course we will little Bug, no matter how many babies we have, we’ll always love you! You’ll always be our little bug “ Dan smiled widely. She smiled at us in return ” Then, I’ll be happy to have a little sibling… As long as I don’t have to change their diapers “, Dan and I chuckled. Well good, because one’s cooking now ” I stated as I patter the small baby bump. Her eyes went wide “ Is there really a baby in there? ”, Dan and I nodded in unison. “ When will they come out? ” she asked curiously, “ Not for a while hunny, you have to wait about 7 more months ” I stated with a giggle. “ That long, geez… ” Amelia sighed deeply, “ I hope it’s a boy though! ”. Dan and I both chuckled, “ Why I thought you didn’t like boys ” I stated with a smile. “ No, I like boys. I just don’t like Kyle, he’s still a poop head ” Amelia stated seriously, Dan laughed loudly “ Well, that makes sense ”. “ Can we give the baby a nickname like mine? ” she then asked placing her hand lightly on the bump, “ Sure, what should it be little bug? ” Dan asked with a large smile. “ Since we don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl, Can we call them Munchkin for now? ” she stated with a large grin, Dan and I both chuckled. “ Sure babe, that’s perfect ” I stated kissing her on the forehead, “ I can’t wait to be a big sister ” Amelia stated with a confident smile playing on her face. This was a pleasant surprise, I’m just happy this conversation went down so well.

3 Years Later.

“ Babe?… Babe! ” I shouted as I carried 2 ½ year old Mason into Dan’s game room ( Which was in the basement ), “ Huh? ” he asked not taking his eyes off the screen. “ Can you watch Mason while I take Amelia to the doctors? ” I asked him, “ Why can’t you just take him with you?… Or take him to your parents ” Dan stated as he continued playing his video game. “ Because Dan, I don’t want to take him because I don’t want him catching anything that could be lingering in the air and both of my parents are at work ” I stated in an angry tone, “ Well I’ve been working all week, so I want a break.. God ” Dan muttered. “ You don’t get a break from being a father Daniel, I just want you to spend time with your son, please ” I scoffed, he rolled his eyes ignoring me. “ What changed between us Dan, you were so happy when you found out I was pregnant with Mason, now your just not around anymore… Where’s the Dan who promised to help me whenever I needed it ” I stated with a sigh as the little boy on my hip laid his head on my shoulder, Dan scoffed finally pausing the game “ You’re being really dramatic, just because I don’t want to watch him one time -… ”. I quickly cut him off before he could finish, “ It’s all the time, ever since he turned one, you’ve been distancing yourself from all three of us. Which shouldn’t be happening Dan, we got married last year and even on our honeymoon I felt it… Yesterday Amelia asked if you still loved her, you know how heartbreaking it is to hear your eleven year old ask that… I know you’re not her biological father and all, but the least you could do is pay attention to her like you used to.. ” I stated as I walked out of the room and upstairs. I walked into Amelia’s room, seeing her sitting on her floor, with her nose in a book ( My little bookworm ). “ Hey hunny, can you watch your brother for a few minutes while I pack a few bags? ” I asked her, getting a confused look in response. “ Where are we going? ” she asked, “ Grandma and Grandpa’s, just for the night though… ” I stated placing Mason on the floor next the her, he quickly had to mess with everything in her room. “ Why? ” Amelia asked as I started grabbing some of her things into a backpack, “ Dad and I just need a night apart ” I stated walking across the hall to grab Mason’s things. “ You’re not getting a divorce right? ” she asked loudly, “ No… No! ” I stated as I then made my way to Dan and I’s room. Minutes later, Dan walked into the room groaning deeply “ Now you’re really being dramatic ”. “ I’m not Dan, I’m really not ” I stated seriously, he sighed deeply “ You can’t just leave because things have gotten harder ”. “ Don’t tell me what I can or can’t do, I’m taking the kids for the night to my parents and then you can see how I’ve felt for the last year ” I stated sternly, “ But, you haven’t been alone… ” Dan sighed. “ No, but I’ve felt alone ” I stated seriously, Dan sighed sadly finally getting it. “ Babe, you know I never meant to make you feel like that. The kids and you mean everything to me… I’m sorry…, so sorry ” Dan sighed quietly without looking at me, “ I know Dan, but I think we just need a night apart… Because if you’re not gonna help me anymore, we need to discuss what the next step is ” I stated zipping up my duffel bag. “ Can I at least give you a hug and say goodbye to the kids? ” he asked quietly, I smiled slightly “ Of course ”. He quickly stood up and embraced me tightly, I could tell he was saddened by this, but it needed to happen, I had to stand my ground. “ I love you… ” he whispered to me, “ I love you too… I’ve loved you for as long as I can remember, just know that won’t change ” I whispered to him as I rubbed his back. When we pulled away, he pulled me in for a deep, loving kiss ( Trust me, it was a long kiss ). “ Come on, every time I walk into a room, you two are like Making out!… Now your exposing my little brother to it! ” Amelia exclaimed, Dan and I pulled away from each other, chuckling slightly. Dan then walked over to them and knelt down in front of them, “ I just wanted to tell you both how sorry I am, I know I haven’t been around much, but that’s all going to change. I promise, I love you both so much ” he stated with a small smile. And right then and there, I knew he was telling the truth. “ Love you Daddy!! ” Mason shouted as he lunged toward Dan, wrapping his little arms around Dan’s neck, “ Yeah… I love you too Dad ” Amelia smiled hugging Dan as well. “ Aw, my little bug and Munchkin! ” Dan stated with a small chuckle ( Yeah, the nickname for Mason stuck ), “ I’ll see you tomorrow morning okay, be good for mummy and have a good night with Grandma and Grandpa ”. Both kids nodded, even though I don’t think Mason knew what was actually going on. No this wasn’t a perminet thing, but I needed help and a small break myself ( I knew my parents would be watching and keeping the kids entertained tonight ). After all the goodbyes I finally left, driving Amelia to the doctors first and then to my parents place, for the night, because clearly I couldn’t stay away from Dan for too long, I just loved him with every ounce in my body.

4 More Years Later.

Everything between Dan and I was now resolved, plus we added another little bundle of joy to the family. So, we have 15 year old Amelia, 6 year old Mason and 2 year old Dominic ( Dom or Domino for Short, but I called him peanut at times ). “ Hey Mason, put your brother down! ” I heard Dan shout from the lounge, I chuckled as I continued cooking dinner. “ No, no, no Dom.. Ow shit ” Dan exclaimed making me laugh even harder, but I would be talking to him later about cussing in front of the boys. “ Ow shit! ” I heard Mason yell, mixed with laughter. “ Shit ” Dom giggled quickly after, it only made me smile and even though I was mad that they were cussing, they could be saying a lot worse right. “ Shh… ” Dan hushed trying to stop them from saying the naughty words, “ Shit! ” Mason laughed again, “ Mason, that’s not a nice word… You can’t say it ” Dan stated sternly. “ Why? You said it ” Mason giggled, he had a point. “ Yes, but I’m an adult and your dad, so please stop saying it ” Dan stated trying to be stern, “ Why? ” mason asked curiously. “ Because if your mum hears you say it, she’ll be really sad… And she’ll be really really mad at Daddy ” Dan laughed quietly, making both of the boys and myself laugh as well. “ Okay dad, I won’t say it anymore ” Mason stated honestly, “ Thank You munchkin ” Dan chuckled probably ruffling his messy brown hair. Moments later Amelia walked into the kitchen, grabbing a glass out of the cupboard and then filling it with milk. Then she groaned deeply, I looked over at her with a confused look on my face “ What’s wrong with you? ”. She glanced at me slightly, but then sighed “ Can I bring a guy over for dinner, tonight? ”. I looked at her with wide eyes “ Uh sure hunny, but… Why? ”, “ Because I really like him and he wants me to be his girlfriend, but won’t ask me on a date until he gets to OK from dad ” Amelia stated as she rolled her eyes. I chuckled slightly “ Hey, dad asked grandpa if he could take me out on a date, before he asked me… It’s called respect ”, “ Yeah mom, but you and dad are old ” she groaned. I scoffed slightly “ Excuse me, I’ve had three kids and I still think I’ve got it goin’ on! I mean your dad does too ” I smirked as I did a little dance. “ Uh, gross mom! ” Amelia shouted, “ So, can he come tonight? ”. I smiled widely at her “ Of course my little petal, oh my babies first boyfriend, I’m going to cry! ”, she groaned again “ Mum stop, please… Can you tell dad… I don’t want him overeating ”. I nodded as I went back to cooking “ Don’t worry, everything will be fine, I’ll make sure of it. Promise ”. She gave me a tight hug “ Thanks ”. A loud bang came from the lounge seconds later, followed by Mason shouting “ Ow shit! ”. Amelia and I looked at each other and laughed quietly, “ When’s dinner gonna be ready? ” she then asked me. “ Around 5, you’d better warn the boy about this crazy family ” I stated seriously, because I was being completely serious. Amelia nodded as she pulled out her cell, she knew I wasn’t kidding either. 

After Amelia ran upstairs, I walked out into the lounge. Seeing Dominic in only his diaper and Mason was in his little pair of boxers, I looked at Dan confused “ What happened? ”. He chuckled while rubbing his neck nervously “ They both just started stripping, It was like I was at a baby strip show. I had nothing to do with it ”, I smiled as I lent up against the wall “ It’s fine, just please make sure they’re dressed for dinner and in different clothes ”. “ Why? ” he asked me confused, “ Because we’re having a guest for dinner ” I stated with a smile as I sat down next to him. “ Who? ” Dan then asked, still looking at me confused. “ A boy Amelia likes, apparently he wants to date her, but wants to make sure it’s okay with you first ” I smirked happily, “ Wow, Amelia might actually  have a boyfriend… If he hurts her, I’ll beat him to a pulp ” Dan stated. I chuckled quietly as I nudged him slightly, “ Just be nice, all three of you… Especially you Mason ” I stated pointing my finger at the 6 year old. He looked at me with a sly smirk on his face, “ Melia has a boyfriend! Melia has a boyfriend! ” Mason teased. “ Shh!! Be a good boy tonight and I’ll take you two to the Zoo tomorrow ” Dan stated, bribing the boys ( Which was fine with me, because I was spending the whole day with Amelia anyways ). Mason gasped excitedly “ Okay, I’ll be good! ”, “ I be good too ” Dominic exclaimed minutes later. I smiled and kissed him on the forehead, “ Dinner’s at 5, so have them ready by 4:40, okay ” I instructed to Dan. Who nodded with a large grin on his face, “ And no more naughty words in front of the kids ” I smirked. Dan’s grin dropped quickly and a nervous smile took it’s place, I placed a kiss on his lips fast “ We’ll talk about it later ”. I stood up quickly and walked back into the kitchen, to finish up dinner. A few hours later, I quickly rushed around, setting the table, putting the finishing touches on dinner and getting myself dressed nicely. At 5pm sharp the door bell rang, Dan and I were the ones to answer the door, even though Amelia was completely against it. When the door opened, Dan and I were stunned at who stood on the other side. “ Kyle?.. ” I asked with my eyebrows furrowed, I was so confused. Amelia rushed to Kyle’s side, “ Mom, Dad… Invite him in ” she growled. “ Oh sorry, come on in Kyle ” I smiled widely as I pushed Dan out of the way, allowing Kyle to step inside with a nervous smile on his face. “ Thank you for inviting me, Mr. And Mrs. Howell… These are for you ” he stuttered nervously, handing me a bouquet of daisy’s. “ Oh thank you Kyle, I’ll just put these in some water… Make yourself at home ” I smiled walking towards the kitchen, quickly putting the flowers into a vase of water. When I walked back into the lounge, Kyle was still standing in the same spot, looking just as nervous. Dan had a slight glare on his face and Amelia looked embarrassed and pissed off. I let out an extra loud sigh, making it know that I was back in the room. I smiled widely at Kyle, who smiled a small smile right back at me. “ So.. This is your boyfriend ‘ey? ” I heard Mason ask as he walked into the room, “ Kyle is your boyfriend?… I thought you two hated each other ”. Well, Mason asked the question on all of our minds. Amelia groaned deeply “ Not anymore, we used to hate each other when we were kids, but when we got partnered up for a project in school. We found out that we had a lot in common, then we realized we had feelings for each other…. Now, can we move on ”, I smiled and nodded “ Yeah, let’s eat! ”. Dan chuckled quietly as he picked up Dominic, then placed him in his booster seat. We all sat at the kitchen table, dishing food onto our plates, silence taking over. “ So Kyle, I heard you got a job at the local radiostation ” I stated with a smile, he nodded slightly. “ Really?… Dan works at a radiostation too… He’s got his own Radioshow, Do you? ” Mason asked curiously, Kyle chuckled while shaking his head no “ I’m just an assistant right now, I get the mail and coffee, sometimes send out emails ”. Dan smiled Well you gotta start somewhere, at least you’re doing something with your life “, I chuckled quietly as Amelia groaned. The night went well, the tension was soon clear and everything was just… Right. Dan gave his blessing for Amelia to date Kyle, seeing as how Kyle was almost identical to Dan ( Personality wise ). 

Later that night, after all the three kids were tucked up in bed. Dan and I were cuddled up on the sofa, watching some cheesy film. I pulled out a package of papers, handing them over to Dan. ” Oh no, these aren’t divorce papers, are they? “ he asked with a chuckle, I rolled my eyes ” No, just open it “. He sighed while quickly pulling out all the papers. ” Adoption papers? “ he asked confused, I smiled ” I want you to adopt Amelia… I want you to be her legal parent… You’re already her dad, but know you’ll be her dad legally “. His face lit up with joy, he almost looked like he could cry. ” Really?.. “ he asked quietly, I nodded placing a kiss on his lips. He hugged me tight ” Thank You “, I smiled widely as I hugged him back ” I also have something else I need to tell you “. He pulled back and looked at me confused ” What? “, I ran my hand through my hair ” How would you feel about adding another member to the family? “. He thought for a second but then smiled widely, ” I’d love it… Why? “ he asked. I giggled softly ” Because, I’m pregnant…. Again “, he smiled widely embracing me once again  ” Our kids are gonna kill us… “. I chuckled, agreeing with him. ” I just wanna say Thank You “ Dan then stated, looking at me with a grin on his face. ” Thank you for giving me this perfect family, Thank You for supporting me. You’ve made me the happiest man “ Dan smiled placing a kiss on my lips, ” I’m glad you took the chance to Love Me Again “. 

[ End ]


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