also how are u guys doing tell me about ur days n lives n anything that u want to i miss u

BTS as the way they fell in love with you
  • Jungkook: starts noticing the small details, every spark you light against is skin is entirely visible to him. dumb guy tries to act slick like “oh, this is your favorite show? yeah that’s funny, mine too… it’s been my favorite show forever actually… ask me anything.” and yoongi’s on the couch smirkin cause he knows all about how jungkook didn’t know the show for shit before you. starts overthinking everything!!! every smile you send his way MUST mean something!?!? but what does it mean!??! help!! kinda juvenile confession tbh, either he confesses like a 4th grader or you have to pull the first move.
  • Jin: his dorkiness amplifies by a million!! really tries FUCKING hard to show you that he likes you, and the other guys are teasing the shit out of him. “no, taehyung, i made that for y/n!!!!! hands off the cake!!!!”, laughs at everything you say, but stays a little reserved in the physical department. gets hella nervous if you two touch somehow. isn’t too embarrassed about the fact that he likes you when you’re not around, but sighs dramatically at the thought of you not liking him back. doesn’t confess but one day you’ll be relaxing on his couch playing games and he’ll have laughed a little too much and you’ll start getting it and you’ll kiss him and flowers will bloom in every crevice of his heart.
  • Jimin: turns really kind, really clingy, teases a lot and is honestly such a cutie. becomes your best friend but… not platonic at all n he’s definitely not shy to be flirty. “ahhh y/n, you’re making me crazy!!”. hugs you from the back, smiles your way all the fucking time. takes hella care of you!? you know when you’re talking to someone and they’re looking at you intently and their features are so.. expressive? that’s jimin. His eyebrows skyrocket to the moon if your story has a twist, his smile widens by a million miles whenever you do something cute and just sometimes he loses himself a little in your eyes. he confesses in one of those moments with you, when you’re in the park with ice cream and you’re whining about your day and he realizes he lost himself in your lips for a second too long to exist without kissing them.
  • Yoongi: oh my god, does he freak out!! he’s honestly the fucking worst at this, he will be so quiet and so shy about his feelings that he’ll even turn a little cold initially. the thing is, mr. yoongs will be so nice and perfect all until he realizes JUST how much he likes you and when he realizes he wants to do more than just innocently flirt with you, he’ll cave in with these big ass feelings and be like “oh.. oh fuck. uh..” honestly don’t think that Yoongi is very good at this shit at all. he’ll distance himself cuz he won’t think that he’s adequate for you at all, and he wouldn’t want to hurt your feelings cuz oooh it’s complicated and he’s an idol and you’re too good to have to deal with that and bla blab la. he’ll freak out and try to deny that he likes you when you ask him about it and it isn’t until you kiss him he’ll come clean – but even then, he can’t find words to explain how you make him feel. only yoongi knows these things. what an intense guy.
  • Hoseok: honestly… sigh. having hobi fall in love w u is heaven, he makes it heaven. he’s easygoing and he’s fun and he’s charming and he’s somehow perfectly content with being in love with you, because how couldn’t he be? of course he fell for you, look at you!! y’all are out there wildin n flirtin innocently and you’re both quite open about it, but somehow neither of you have made that move and when one of you finally does, he freaks out a little. now, hobi is a good fucking time, but he’s also considerate. he knows that your relationship wouldn’t be easy nor typical, and he’d definitely think about it a lot n talk it over w u a million times to make sure you were comfortable. but honestly this guy is a sex machine n he wouldn’t be able to keep his hands off you once the word was out.
  • Namjoon: the type where every romantic thing happens over text. he’s a big pussy lemme tell ya, you guys could’ve hung out all day and he won’t show a living sign that he likes you until you leave his building and he texts you like “you looked really pretty today.”…. he’s so awkward. probably the type to be all “uh, you look pretty every day, uh, I just meant like… I noticed it today. I mean I notice it every day.” all stupid n shit. the confession is probably all cheesy too, you’ll be sappy about life for a moment and he’ll be too comforting and you’ll be all “uh?” and he’ll finally come clean n he’ll be nervous n u’ll blush w ur screen to ur face and it’ll be cute but honestly namjoon should man the fuck up n tell u these things in person and sweep you off your feet w his smooth, poetic words but honestly whenever your around he pukes in his mouth.
  • Taehyung: he is a big fucking kid when it comes down to it. he’ll tease you and he’ll be clingy and it won’t even occur to him that he’s fallen in love with you until jimin asks him about it and he realizes that the butterflies don’t happen with everyone. however, he’s also fearless and it doesn’t necessarily scare him that he feels the way he does about you. he’ll ask you out on a date pretty fast and he’ll kiss you pretty fast and there won’t be much to question about it. he won’t play games with you or let you wait for a text back, he’ll keep calling and coming over whenever he misses you and having taehyung fall in love with you feels safer than you ever thought puppy love could be.
BAD BOY! Junhui
  • team captain and also the captain of being the biggest flirt and cheese ball u’ve seen.. he used to be different.. u remember in middle school he was the cute little kid with the mushroom hair cut who was way too shy and awks but then highschool came and he changed so much it’s been three yrs since he’s been the most popular kid who every body wants to be friends with.
  • he was a good basket ball player no lie but at times he’d get all cocky about his fantastic skills but he’d never fail to say that the entire team worked hard and appreciate their hard-work aswell and that was the only thing u actually liked about him as he had some decency in him to appreciate others work.
  • he was always wearing his jersey jacket and walking around saying hello to all the girls nd sending a wink or two their way as he watched them fall and faint bc “jun the team captain” just noticed them and that he might go out with them shmm yeah right.. 
  • he always sat next to you and he’d be lost or just texting or looking at u but u ignored it bc it would be awkward to confront him like this but then u’d hide ur face with ur hair and purposely lean in so ur hair would hide ur face from his preying eyes.
  • at times he’d run his fingers through ur hair and u’d be like ?? “what u doing”? and he’d simply shurg and look at u with a small smile and keep doing it.. u started to let it be and allowed him to do it whenever he wanted to and other girls would send u weird and dirty looks bc they be jelly since he doesn’t play with their hair..and u had to just roll ur eyes to that bc it was so childish to be jelly about.
  • one day u decided to see why he was always taken as the star of the game and went to see his practice, u sat high up at the bleachers where u knew the ball wouldn’t hit u or anything and tbh u were amazed by his skills as whenever he had the ball he would move between players  swiftly and make the shot and score points and u didn’t know how much u were into the game until he bumped into a guy and fell and u screamed “foul”.
  • all the players looked at u as u just stood there pointing at the player who bumped into jun.. and jun watched u smiling big.. “you know it’s a practice game?” says one of his team players and u literally run down the steps and out of the court bc u’re super embarrassed to even go back or even got to the actual game that evening, so u go home and the next day u obvsly hear that ur school won.
  • but then u hear that jun had hurt himself?! and that he didn’t come to school and everybody was worried and so were u since how could he? “he should have been more careful” u think. so u decided after school u’ll go see him and ask if he’s alright bc u were kinda friends?? so u ask the his friends where he lives and they all tease u saying “ohh Y/N wants to see her boyfriend!” and u’re like “he’s not! plus we’re not even friends..” and they all look at u smirking ear to ear and one of them says “that’s not what he says about u”.
  • u ignore the statement and ask for his address and they gladly give it saying “be careful he likes it rough” and u literally burst into flames bc “WHT DO U MEAN HE LIKES IT ROUGH MATE??” but u walk off as u hear them mock ur reaction and laugh at u. u follow the address and reach the neighborhood where u live and u were like ?? “he lives here?”
  • so u walk over to a big house that looks all posh and high class and walk over to the front door and ring the bell and soon a pretty old lady opens the door and u greet her asking jun is home and she smiles and allows u to enter and says he’s in his room and u go up the stairs to his room,and knock on the first door.
  • few minutes later jun opens the door and there u see his face sightly beaten up and a small wrist bandage and he’s shocked too see u that he just stutters out “Y/N..wht..? how are u here?” and u say “well i heard u got hurt.. so i came by to see how u were..?” and withing seconds there’s his usual smirk and he tells u to come in and u do. and sit on his bed as he stands by the window and just looks at u and u’re dying bc y’all alone in the BedROOM.. ummHMMm
  • “so looks like miss quite girl does worry about me?” he says trying to hold back a smile which came to his lips anyways. and u try to hide ur red cheeks by he notices it and says “”aww u’re even blushing!” and comes forward and u get up saying “well now that i know that u’re doing good.. i’ll leave” but he grabs ur elbow and pulls u back into him and pushes u against the bed so he’s on top of u. 
  • and he just stares at u and then down to ur lips and moves a strand of hair out from ur face as he leans in to kiss u and at first ur still bc ??!!! wht happenin??! but then u kiss him back and it’s a slow make-out session until the knock on the door is heard and u push him off u and open the door to reveal the same lady that opened the door for u and u say ur goodbye to her and run out of the house.
  • as u were going out of his house he hear ur name being called but u don’t look back bc u know it’s jun.. but u can’t face him atm.. last few minutes were too much and u need to get ur mind straight so u go home and just scream into ur pillow and try to relax bc u were just kissed by jun and ndlnwnfnerlgemglwd!! noo it can’t be real.. u liked it but.. STILL HOW COULD HE JUST KISS U?! 
  • next few days u ignore him until he catches u as u were running away from him and he’s like “are u really that mad at me for kissing u..?!” he asks. his voice sounding sincere.. and u try to think wht u should say.. so u simply say “it’s not that i didn’t like it but there should have been a warning.!” and when u realize wht u said u cover ur mouth and he comes closer chuckling saying “oh i see… u liked it uh?”
  • and u start to stutter saying “no.. that’s not wht i meant, i meant to say..” u were cut off by his lips against ur once again and when he pulls back he brings u closer and says “ i was so happy when u came to see me..” and u’re like “well.. i’m glad i could make u feel better?” and he just pulls u into a hug and says “i guess u’re my medicine”.and y’all just stand there until his friends start to cheer and hoot at u guys and u once again try to run away but he pulls u back and takes u with him.
  • since they were going home u go with him and he says he’s always liked u but just never knew how he could approach u and u’re like..” u like me?? bruh u blind??” and he’s like “say whtever u want to u’re the best looking from all the girls in the class” and u blush even harder bc.. he just complimented u… wow
  • few days later everybody finds out that y’all a couple and it’s the trending gossip and he invites u to watch him play/ practice and u’re not gonna lie a sweaty and tired jun is very HOT..but ofc u concentrate on the game than on him.. sometimes. lol but u enjoy cheering him and whenever he makes  score he looks at u and sends u a flying kiss and u have to literally throw ur shoe at him bc he’s being a cheese ball when he should be concentrating on the game.
  • but even though he might be a total cheese ball he’s actually really good at maths and he helps u pass the class bc u were failing it.. and u help him in science where instead of the book he looks at u and doesn’t listen but he knows everything by the end of the lesson so that’s good and y’all become that smart and sporty couple of the school everybody is jelly of as well wishes to be..
Sam Wilkinson - First love

Request:  Can u write a fanfic about how y/n was in the Omaha group and the boys knew u really well but u and the boys went ur own ways after high school and you’ve always had big crush on Sam and he has too and all the boys knew about it …. And that y/n was a famous viner so they finally saw u at some red carpet award and that’s where u and Sam started to hit it off


“It’s funny, guys, to think back to this time. To answer the question, yes, I know Nate, Sam and the Jacks. Or what you prefer to say, I used to be part of the Omaha squad. I was more likely to be around Nate and Sam, but the thing is, that we haven’t talked in a while,” I said looking into the camera.

I was doing my usual, weekly YouNow, and the fans were asking about the guys since a few days ago an old photo got out to the internet.

I was good friends with them but then I had to move to my dad a few years ago and it was hard to stay in touch. We kinda became famous in the same time, but after I moved we lost contact so it happened to us separately. I missed them, especially Sam. I may had had a crush on him since like, eighth grade, but since we hadn’t met in ages, I didn’t even have the chance to see him so it kinda started to fade. But I was sure if I had the chance to see him I would feel the same.

I focused back on the questions.

“So you guys are curious if I want to reunite with them. Of course I want to, and I may know that they will be at the TCA tomorrow, so I guess I will see them. It would be funny if they didn’t recognize me,” I said laughing at myself. I changed a lot since we last met, I dyed my hair and it was now shorter, and I also had a nose ring.

I talked a bit more, but I didn’t answer more questions about the guys. People were asking me about who I liked the most and things like this, it was a bit awkward.

“Okay, guys, I’ll see you tomorrow at the TCA, be good, goodnight!”

I loved talking to my fans. When I started Vining I didn’t know I would be this popular, but then people were interested in my Vines, and I quickly became one of the most popular viners. It was my first red carpet thing, and I was very excited. And the fact that the boys will be there added more to my mixed feelings.

My beauty squad made sure that I looked perfect. I had a gorgeous dress on and my makeup was amazing. When I sat into the taxi I started to feel a knot in my stomach. I didn’t realize it was because of the guys until I arrived and I first saw them. They were already on the carpet posing for the cameras, looking hot and perfect. Sam got so handsome, my knees started to shake as I was watching him while I waited for the car door to open.

Then a suited man opened it for me and it was time to get out and, as my beauty squad says, shine!

It is hard to explain what exactly happened, because the next few minutes were a bit blurry. I carefully got out of the car, a woman helped me to fix my dress and then I saw the flashlights and I heard people shouting, but the next thing I knew was that Sam and Nate literally jumped on me.

“Y/N!” they screamed, while I was trying to catch my breath.

“Hey guys, didn’t see you in a while, huh?” I said as they pulled away. The cameras were flashing at us, making sure they didn’t miss anything from our reunion.

“You look gorgeous!” Sam said looking at me. He was so tall, I still had to look up at him even though I had high heels on.

But his comment instantly made me blush, and I knew I felt the same. Time couldn’t make me forget how amazing guy he was.

“You look good too, guys!” I said smiling at them and hoping they wouldn’t notice my red face.

“Where do you sit?” Nate asked me.

“Uhm, I think 21st line.”

“No way, we sit there too!” Sam said grinning at me.

“Come on, we should pose together!” Nate suggested and we did so.

The media loved our little reunion. Everyone wanted a photo of the three of us and It was so good that I didn’t have to stand there alone.

Also I was afraid I would do something awkward in front of Sammy, but fortunately I survived it and we got to our seats safely.

We still had some time until the show and slowly everyone arrived. The Jacks, Hayes, Nash and Cameron. I already knew some of them but it was good to see people I had heard so much of.

“So tell me, do you still have a crush on Sam?” Johnson asked me while everyone was chatting with someone. I looked at him with wide eyes.

“What? I don’t have a crush on him!” I said laughing awkwardly.

“Oh, don’t bullshit me, I always knew about it.”

“Damn it Johnson, you are too good,” I said rolling my eyes.

“How come you two have never dated?” he asked furrowing his eyebrows.

“Because I haven’t seen him for ages and maybe he is not into me?” I answered him with a rhetorical question.

“Are you kidding me? You were like his first love, Y/N, he wouldn’t shut up about you when you were living in Omaha.”

I couldn’t believe what he just told me. Was this true or was he just joking?

“Are you serious, Jack? Because it’s a stupid joke, it’s not funny.”

“I’m dead serious. Everyone knew it, he was just too chicken to ask you out, and then you moved. I don’t know if he feels the same though,” he said shrugging.

“You need to ask,” I said immediately. If there was a chance Sam still liked, or better, loved me, I had to know it.

“What? I’m not cupid, why don’t you ask him?”

“Because no! Johnson, please, do this for me! I will owe you one!” I said hoping he would change his mind.

“No, you are a grown up woman, you need to ask him!”

“Ask who and what?” I heard Sam. He was standing next to us smiling and then sat down next to me.

“See? Here is the opportunity. I’ll leave you two,” Johnson said and then turned away from us. Sam looked at me with a curious face. Johnson was right, it was a good time to clear things out.

“Sam, is that true that I… that I was your first love?” I asked a bit quieter so no one else would hear us. He gulped and keeping his eyes down nodded.

“Uh, yeah, why do you ask? And how do you know it?” he asked still avoiding my eyes.

“Johnson just told me. Why didn’t you ask me out when I was living in Omaha?”

“I don’t know, we were like, sixteen years old, you were so mature and everything, I thought you would never go out with me,” he said laughing bitterly.

“I would have,” I replied. He finally looked at me, surprised.


“Yeah. Can I ask you another question?”


“Do you… I mean, do you feel the same… like, now?” I felt like we were in high school again. I was so nervous that we were talking about that.

“It’s hard, because we haven’t met in a while, but to be honest, when I saw you tonight earlier, I still felt a knot in my stomach. So I would say yes.”

He looked up at me like a little boy, waiting for my reaction.

“I’m glad you said that,” I told him smiling. “Maybe we could meet sometimes after this. I’m staying here for a few more days.”

“Did you just ask me out?” he asked chuckling. “Because it’s a bit awkward, I thought I would do it myself sometime in the future.”

“Then do it!” I said suddenly.


“Ask me out! I promise I will say yes.”

“Alright,” he said taking a deep breath. “Would you go on a date with me, Y/N?” he asked solemnly.

“Yes, I would,” I said leaning closer to him and kissing his cheek. And he blushed! It was so adorable.

“Thank God, you really said yes,” he sighed.

“Of course I did. I was waiting for this since I was fourteen,” I admitted shyly.

“Then we have a lot to catch up on,” he said smiling at me and lacing his fingers together with mine.