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DO YOU EVER JUST WANT AN UPDATE EVEN THOUGH THERE WAS ONE YESTERDAY???????????? i just hope no one gets shot :(

and where is momma jian? maybe we’ll get a glimpse of mr jian. oR ZHAN. god give me zhan i have a feeling he’s having a panic attack. well he might be waiting in front of jian yi’s door?? nice timing for a romantic moment 😩👏

i wonder if he tian found out again like last time? if so, he’ll see his bro again. (FUCK IM STILL NOT OVER THE FLASHBACK WITH SMALL HE TIAN AND HIS COOL BRO) but if he comes he might get involved with this gun thing so idk if i’d want that… BUT seeing he tian with a gun wouldn’t be so bad 😳😳 (who am i kidding that’s hot)

EVERYTHING COULD HAPPEN. also that grey haired hottie could be related to she li???? 👌👌 NICE. what she li almost did to mo was a nasty trick and i wonder why he stalked jian yi/zhan in chapter 117. i also think he might’ve something to do with zhan getting into that fight with mo. mo doesn’t seem like the kinda person to start a fight without a solid reason??? he was probably threatened to fight jian yi. i want explanations. for everything. but knowing ox, that’ll take a while lol.

ok got a lil off topic there but anyway, jian yi is closer to safety and mr hottie appeared. NOW GIVE ME INFO. (and again, no hurt babies okay)

  • Noctis: *orders hot dogs*
  • Ignis: *scribbles down the recipe but renames it to some shit like el hottie doge*
‘Kong: Skull Island’ Cast Attends Film’s Japan Premiere

TOKYO, Japan – Hollywood stars Tom Hiddleston, Brie Larson and Samuel L. Jackson were in town last March 15 to attend the Japan premiere of their latest movie, “Kong: Skull Island.”

The cast gathered on stage in Kabukicho, Shinjuku to meet and greet Japanese fans.

“This is my first time in Japan and I’m so happy to meet the fans who come out tonight to say hello. Thanks for the warm welcome,” Hiddleston enthused who looked dapper in his elegant dotted suit.

“I’m also very excited to be standing beneath Godzilla,” he added.

The 36-year-old British hottie also shared his impressions of Japan and its people.

“Everyone is so kind and friendly, and the food is delicious –I’ve had some sushi and sashimi.”

Larson shared her excitement about bringing the movie to Japan as well.

“I’m so grateful to be here. Tokyo is my favorite city in the world,” she said.

Jackson also expressed his admiration for Japan.

“It’s awesome being here. We really love you. This is the place to be,” he said.

They were joined on stage by Japanese voice over actors Gackt and Nozomi Sasaki.

The Warner Bros. picture will be shown in Japan on March 25.

(Words by Florenda Corpuz)

(Photographed by Din Eugenio)

© Filipino-Japanese Journal 2017


The 6 selfies thing tagged by my tumblr crush (axintus)

I tag whinedad and dadgui cause they’re mah Montreal loves. And also haveitjoeway cause he’s a Qt, adapto porque spanish speakers we gotta stick together, and lastly oddishtea cause he looks damn good and he is also gonna be in Ottawa this summer.

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I really like how you portray Kars as a vain hottie, but also kind of a nice guy? Like he's not a polite, perfect gentleman by any means, but I always thought that he would be an okay guy to hang around. You know, aside from the crazy, murderous attitude. Kars is a beautiful good boy!

((ASDGHADF this is so nice!! Thank you so much! I’m glad you like how I portray him!! Sometimes I worry I’m making him too ooc but like I can’t see him being an outright asshole all the time. Like he’s still kind of rude, but as long as you’re not in his way or annoying him he’s probably pretty chill. That’s how I like to approach his character anyway! ))

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haha are you single?

last time i checked I’m dating this super cute hottie who also happens to be the best at literally everything. short answer, no. not single. love u anon