also holy shit we need to rp

Ha, I forgot this Tumblr Kingsman Fandom Meetup thing was a thing until like four people tagged me holy crap four people like me?! Crazy people <3 

Aaaaaanyway, I’m Krissie and I have zero chill over Kingsman. I’m sort of a writer, but I’ve sucked at it SO MUCH LATELY. I really need to get back to it; I have ideas but no drive. 

I have been in this fandom since before it technically existed (I saw the first movie at a screener like two months before wide release and there was nobody else in the fandom–nobody’d seen the movie!–so I was sad and alone BUT NOW I HAVE EVERYBODY!), and I’ve shipped Hartwin since that first day. You ever sit in a movie theatre with your dad and have to stifle the urge to yell “HOLY SHIT THEY NEED TO JUST FUCK ALREADY!!!”? Because I have. XD

I also ship Merwin, Merlahad, Merhartwin, Roxlin … I read lots of others as well but those are the ones I do most. I’ve written Michelle/Merlin (Michelin???) in RP with @machtaholic and I love that, too. 

I’m iffy on this Tilde/Eggsy thing, but only because until we see how it’s handled it feels awkward to me. I’m not against it in theory, per se–and I have an awesome headcanon about that that fits perfectly into my Hartwin world lol. Dunno if anyone’s interested in that.

Anyway, I love everything about this fandom. I’ve been doing fandomy stuff most of my life (and I’m older’n a good chunk of y’all, so obey your fandom grandmothers!), and Kingsman is easily one of the better ones, in terms of drama. I love that we collectively headcanon so many things–Harry being alive from the moment he was shot, for one. That’s rare, you guys. And mostly it’s just chill here. There’s a few bad apples (anon hate isn’t cool, guys–just live and let live ffs), but really, it’s nothing compared to HP drama lol. @mockingjaybeevicious and I’ve been friends since those days (still are here in Kingsman, all because of my fic!) and the stories we could tell you oh my god.

I dabble in other fandoms, of course, but Kingsman’s definitely my main fandom anymore.

I’ve made some awesome friends here, too:

@elletromil and I are legit spending three weeks together next month because of KGC. In London. It’s going to be amazing and I cannot wait, because even though she’s on the other side of our mutual continent from me we’re flying over an ocean to actually hang and that’s beautiful. (Psssst the shirt in the picture? That’s the one I’m wearing on the plane over!)

@trekkiepirate and I have our mutual Taron obsession that has been so much fun and I’m going to love her forever because nobody else will ever have the same experiences we have. Thrice we’ve seen him, and two of those times he acknowledged our existence!!!! This is along with @machtaholic and @thisbirdhadflown and @whatisanancy at various times, but only the two of us have all three. <3 Currently working on shoving her in a suitcase for London. She also understands that Welsh is just fucking with us what the fuck future-tense no.

@sherlockianonfire91 is my truest, dearest love and I cannot even begin to explain how perfect she is. I wish she lived closer so I could just spend every minute of my life with her. <3 We’d spend most of it sobbing over Taron’s stupid face.

@glorioussandwichwhispers is also gonna be in London and I cannot wait to meet up!!!!!!!!

I’ve also met … cripes, so many amazing people that I’ll certainly forget people here:

@annaofaza @dianyx @agentdagonet @colinfirthslutdrop (WHO IS ALSO GOING TO BE MET WITH IN LONDON JUST DEAL WITH IT BABE) @yourefullofsurprises (who I got to meet up with in Reno a while back–too long a while, tbh–and it was epic), @daishannigans@hepcatliz​ @tazcaliah @wingsstarsandatardis @hartwinorlose @liprouvaire @tastymoves @squishysuperheroes (because I still love Eggsy although I freaked out for a tic last night because his glasses came off and I was like WTF HOW DO I PUT THEM BACK ON but I got it sorted and now I know) @sententiousandbellicose @dwarfanonymice @freya-deathstalker

HOLY SHIT THIS GOT LONG and I know I forgot literally 96% of the awesome people I’ve met here because I suck and can’t remember tumblr names lol. Just know that I can’t even begin to thank y’all for making Tumblr a good place for me (I’m still old and cranky and miss LJ’s heyday, you kids get offa my lawn, etc etc).


So, I just surpassed 200 followers on this blog and while I’m mostly like, “Lol, why all I do is shitpost and take forever to reply to drafts you guys are all so much better.” But! Thank you guys so much! I’ve really enjoyed this past month here and I just love this roleplaying community to bits!

So, uh.

Time for me to awkwardly do a follow forever under the cut! Let’s go! (Assume that if one of your blogs was mentioned then your sideblogs/alts if I know of them were too)

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