also holy hell what is that thing

anyone else still sometimes catch themselves thinking about how after all those years of idolizing dave strider and after all that time in the void session wondering and anticipating and nervously awaiting this theoretical possibility that he might get the chance to meet him, dirk finally fucking sits down with dave one on one hours from the final battle and like wow fucking surprise motherfucker

he gets to find out his literal worst fears were ACTUALLY true! the version of him that dave knew actually did, in fact, do his level best to ruin dave’s life and was an abusive, toxic influence from day one and throughout to the point where dave can’t even look at him without flinching! 

this coming at a time when dirk is already horrendously low on himself, his relationship with Jake literally just blew up like 3 hours ago and if the AR thing went down even remotely the same way there was also that and holy hell dude what a time to be informed about the existence of Bro Strider. Dirk is sitting there thinking he was a toxic influence to Jake from moment one and probably all of his friends the whole time and here Dave is confirming everything from a parallel perspective? 

you can just see this horrible gut clenching moment when this utterly defeated Dirk just meekly accepts that this other version of himself is reflective of his true innermost self and has justifiably ruined any chance he ever had of impressing or even knowing Dave

– and then you see Dave just immediately lift it off him, even get kinda angry at him for having the audacity to even try accepting it that way, you can FEEL Dave’s fucking confusion because he went in guns blazing expecting a confrontation with someone as impossible and inscrutable as Bro was. Dave went in expecting to punch a brick wall and get nowhere, and instead he got Dirk “you’re absolutely right and I’m so fucking sorry I ruined your life” Strider 

and from Dirk’s pov, listening to this, watching this, having this realization that this dave isn’t an untouchable, aloof, mysterious and mythical heroic figure of legend at all, but that only makes him MORE worthy of idolization in all the ways that genuinely matter – and simultaneously thinking that he’s already sabotaged himself out of the chance to know him at all.

It’s like, god, you know those hyperrealistic nightmares people have sometimes that are so fucking scary because they’re indistinguishable from real life, the ones where after you wake up it takes a long time for the understanding that it was actually just a dream to hit you and then you want to cry with relief? 

For Dirk this had to have been so much like that, the whiplash between being 100% sure that Dave was just going to say what he needed to say and then never speak to him again (and knowing Dirk would have considered it completely justified and never questioned his right to do so jesus christ) followed IMMEDIATELY by Dave just being like no you don’t get it, THIS you, this version of you, what I am looking for deep down in my fucking SOUL is for this you that you are right now to be a person that I can have in my life to tell me that I’m okay, that you’re okay, that WE’RE okay – and after fifteen minutes talking to you I can already immediately tell that you ARE that person. 

Dirk’s friends were always only interested in denying the possibility that Dirk could ever truly become a monster, they could never have possibly understood just how DARK Dirk is at his most self destructive, and that’s part of why their reassurances were always hollow for him – they didn’t GET IT, right, they never could have followed the rabbit hole all the way down, so what did they know? But this guy, Dave Strider, has literally seen Dirk at his worst, has lived through the actual reality of the worst things living inside the full-picture potential of Dirk Strider, has dealt with that to great personal detriment and is fucking STILL sitting here telling him “I can tell that you are different, I can tell that you are better, and I am willing to trust you and help you to become a better person than the guy I knew because at the end of the fucking day, you are too important to me to give up on”

like yeah confronting dirk with all of that was what dave needed absolutely but BEING confronted and ultimately forgiven by dave was what dirk needed too, just as much

in conclusion homestuck is good

in which jack and shitty accidentally date

based on a dream I had, I present: a short semi-fic about Jack and Shitty and their day-long, beautiful relationship.

Basically, this is what happens:

At a kegster during their freshmen year, in which Shitty is running around being the life of the party even though he’s a freshman, Jack is also in attendance– talking to Berger and Marsh in the kitchen. Jack is there, partly to keep an eye on Shitty, partly because he is surprised by how much he does like some of the guys on his team, mostly because they had won today and Jack is in quite a good mood. Not a good enough mood that he is going to risk going into the living room where music is blasting, but in a good enough mood that he is holding a solo cup of beer and chilling in the kitchen, chatting with Berger and Marsh. He is at ease as Jack ever is– laughing good naturedly as they tease both him and each other and of course, this is when the trouble starts.

The trouble is this: Marsh is drunk and excited that Jack has actually shown up to a Haus kegster and since Jack seems to be in a good mood, Marsh decides to take a risk and ask Jack a Question. More specifically, Marsh rams an friendly elbow into Jack’s ribs and goes:

“Yo, Zimmermann, you like anyone on campus yet?”

A few months prior, that question would have made Jack freeze up. But now, Jack smiles easily (because honestly, it is a rather respectful question– “like” instead of “fuck”; “anyone” instead of assuming “girl”) and he certainly doesn’t want to get into his romantic history or lack of crushes so he smiles, shrugs, and says

“Nah, love’s shitty,” It’s still friendly and he smiles and asks Berg about his crush that the whole team knows about and that should be that.

The problem, however, is that what Alex Berger and Carter Marsh heard was not “Nah, love’s shitty,” but “I’m in love with Shitty.”

Which, of course, is a much bigger deal. 

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Keith unintentionally spies on Lance in the training room  … (Part Two)

where the Blue Paladin is kicking ass. And Keith’s kind of mesmerized by it. Then he’s more than mesmerized — he’s freaking out because he’s actually kinda sorta into this brutally efficient soldier version of Lance. 

(Part One Here)

By the time Lance gets to the final staging area, Keith is holding his breath. He has no idea how long it’s been (it normally takes him between twenty to thirty minutes to complete this battle simulation himself). But Lance has been powerfully fast, and, even though his chest is heaving, seemingly indefatigable.

At first, Keith thinks the heat spreading throughout his body is in empathy to seeing Lance so sweaty and disheveled. But a snarky, rather Blue Paladin–sounding voice is informing him that, Dude, you are deluding yourself right now, and it’s kinda sad. You know what this is.

And what really sucks is that Keith can’t deny it with the evidence right in front of him. 

Lance is at the penultimate set of barriers, and the reason why Keith usually starts charging with his sword at this point is because, soon enough, the gladiators will do the same — and that is exactly what starts to happen.

But Lance, Lance manages to fire off three more shots, taking down three more gladiators, before he volts himself over his cover and proceeds to beat the crap out of the robots with his rifle. Keith’s mouth is now open far down enough to probably hit his knees.

Lance is not bad when they’re out fighting the good fight. He’s quick, he’s a good shot, and when he’s not bragging about it, he’s a fairly decent pilot. Keith has even said these things out loud to the Blue Paladin, which somehow made Lance even more annoying — because now he tries to goad Keith into saying them all the time, and if Keith didn’t like him so much, it would be …

Ah, there it is, the snarky voice in his head sounds satisfied, and that is definitely Lance’s tone that his brain has chosen to use, and Keith is so a goner.

The point he was trying to reason out in his head (not the stupid crush thing, let that go for now, freak out later) was that Lance had never really had the opportunity to do something like this — not when Keith and Shiro were the upfront, close-combat fighters, with Pidge, Hunk, and Lance performing range and support roles. It worked best that way. 

(Except yesterday, when Keith hadn’t seen the Galra soldier creeping up on him until it was too late — until the sword stabbed into his back, aiming for his heart, but just missing.)

Lance smashes one gladiator in the face, bringing it down and stomping it into submission while he raises his rife and fires at two more. Then he ducks under the electrified baton of another that got too close — Keith hisses at the near miss, at the sinuous way Lance avoids the hit — and manages to bring his weapon up again, shooting rapidly.

The Blue Paladin makes it to the finish line by rolling beneath and between several robot gladiators, and he’s there, kneeling with his rifle up, gasping for air, when everything powers down and the Castle’s computer announces, “Simulation complete. Final time sixteen doboshes and forty-two ticks.”

Lance had beaten Keith’s best time by nearly four minutes. “Holy crap.” 

While he’d said it very quietly, he had also spoken into silence, so his voice carries, almost painfully loud.

Lance whips around, his eyes widening, and their gazes lock.

“Holy crap to you,” Lance says breathlessly. “Dude, what’re you doing? Aren’t you supposed to be sleeping? Keith, you just got out of the healing pod —”

Keith takes a hesitant step forward. Then another. “I’m fine. The healing pod did its job hours ago and — forget me, what the hell was that?”

Author’s Note: Okay, so yeah, this is a thing now. At some point I’ll finish and post on my AO3, but for now it’s rather fun to improvise on the fly and post here :) 

Author’s Edit: And now there’s Part Three Here.

My thoughts on SPN episode 12x12:

  • The waitress flirting with Cas awwwww.
  • LOL Dean calling the flirtation as a teachable moment.
  • Ummmm I’m gonna need Cas to NOT be bleeding out OKAY!?
  • Why oh why oh WHY IS CAS UNABLE TO FIGHT ANYMORE????? Week after week this continues to confuse me. 
  • Oooo a yellow eyed demon. 
  • Did Cas seriously just get harpooned by what appears to be Michael’s spear? Like what the damn hell???
  • What is Mary even doing??? Why is she pulling everyone into the Brit’s bullshit???? 
  • OMG what was that Dean head nod to Cas at the restaurant I can’t lol. 
  • This Cas telling Dean he’s dying scene is too much for my heart. 
  • YAASSSSS CROWLEY. I’ve missed him. 
  • Ah yes a casual history lesson while Cas dies in the background. 
  • Wait. So you’re telling me the only reason Crowley decided to take over hell was because of a pep talk? Yeah, right. Okay. 
  • “The things we’ve shared together. They have changed me.” OMGGGG
  • FOLLOWED BY “I LOVE YOU” !????!?????!!! 
  • Did Mary SERIOUSLY not give this dude his box of golden light back? Like what is WRONG with her? Those are your SONS. 
  • Cas is healed. I can stop having a goddamn panic attack. THAT WAS TOO CLOSE, SPN WRITERS. TOO. CLOSE.
  • Mary, you’re on my goddamn list. Not even the fact that you just called Cas “one of your boys” is redeeming you right now. I’m gonna need a minute.
  • The colt. Seriously? THAT’S what this was about? What is this, season 5?
  • Mark P? You’re back? As Lucifer? So he’s not in the egg? Or is Crowley just hallucinating? Wait. Is this ACTUALLY season 5? 

In conclusion: Cas IS devastatingly handsome, Dean, thank you for noticing. 

Lay it on me- Jughead Jones

Pairing: Jughead x Reader

Description: This is a continuation of “Wipe it off of me”, reader wants to try some stuff out with her boyfriend ;-D

(Read Part 1 )



The next day after what happened with Jughead, I immediately went to Veronica. She was my best friend, and I trusted her completely with my life, so I also trusted the fact that she would explain to me what the hell I should be doing when it comes to…..things like this.

“Veronica, I just, I’m not entirely sure how I feel about all this kinky stuff, but I know that if there’s somebody I’m comfortable enough with, it’s him, And Jughead, sometimes with the way he is, he, he…” I trailed off, crossing one leg over the other on Veronica’s mattress.

“Turns you on?” Veronica asked, a giggly tone in her voice as she spun around in her vanity chair to look at me.

“Yes.” I admitted, heat spreading across my cheeks quickly.

“Girl, I get what you mean, every time I see Betty in that cheer uniform-” Veronica dramatically draped herself over her chair, fanning herself with her hand. “ my gay ass heart just can’t handle it.” I rolled my eyes before standing up and swatting her in the arm.

“I’m serious, Ronnie! Jughead does.. Things to me! Things I’m not used to feeling! Things I seriously don’t like-” I cut myself off, groaning loudly in sexual frustration, and flopping back down on to Veronica’s bed face up. My arms sprawled out across the duvet and I sighed, turning my head to look at my friend now looking down at me.

“ He’s going to be the death of me, Ronnie. He really is.”

“Cheer up sunshine. Let me show you a few things first.”


I had left Ronnie’s house with a lot of ideas, and I planned to use them this weekend. The knowledge she had given gave me somewhat a surge of confidence, and I was positive that the rain check I had made with Jughead would be worth it. It was the next weekend when I finally acted upon my ideas.

My mom was going away for the weekend, which meant I would have the house all to myself.The last bell had rang, signaling to the students that they had just been relinquished their freedom and were free to leave the torturous hell that was Riverdale High (ok, maybe it wasn’t that bad, but I’m a drama queen). I saw Jughead standing in front of his locker, rummaging through It while Archie leaned against the locker beside him, hands moving as he told Jughead something. I quickly moved from in between Betty and Veronica, quickly making my way to my boyfriend. I grabbed his shoulder as he stood facing away, pulling him down backwards so my lips brushed against his neck, and whispered.

“My house, tonight. I wanna make good use of that rain-check.” I let go of Jughead, my hand pushing him slightly and his body sprang back in to his previous position, his mouth open. I was halfway down the hall when he turned around, and I just giggled before winking and blowing him a kiss.


Instead of meeting Jughead at Pop’s, I went straight home, checking to make sure my mom had left for her trip. When I saw the empty driveway, I knew I was in the clear. I ran inside and up to my room, dropping my bag and trying to think of my next move. I figured taking a shower was good, so I took a quick one, making sure to shave even though I had done so a couple nights ago. I got out, towel-drying my hair and brushing my teeth before grabbing my nicest pair of bra and underwear. I wasn’t a huge lingerie person, but my mom had bought me a couple nice sets for my birthday, which I was now extremely thankful for.

I threw on a cami and a pair of (extremely short) shorts afterwards, before brushing my hair out and spraying a little perfume. When I was done, I went back down stairs.I occupied myself by getting a little something to drink, and messing around on my phone. I started to almost worry that Jughead wouldn’t show up, and my head started to get the best of me. What if he didn’t want this? What if I freaked him out and potentially ruined our relationship?

A knock at the door interrupted my thoughts, and I padded towards it, unlocking the bolt and swinging it open to see Jughead. He had his hands shoved in his pockets, his head raising to look at me. His eyebrows raised as he took in my appearance.

“Is your mom home?” He asked, stepping inside and locking the door behind him.

“No, she’s gone for the weekend. Business trip.”

“Good.” Jughead quickly had me pinned against the door, his hands wrapping around the back of my thighs and lifting me so my lower body was wrapped around his waist. His lips went to mine, kissing me roughly. My hands went around his neck, knocking his hat off when my fingers curled in to this hair. I tugged lightly and Jughead groaned against my lips. I broke apart from him, panting heavily.

“Do you uh, do you want something to eat?” I asked him, mentally face palming myself. Jughead laughed, his head falling in to the crook of my neck.

“Sure, what’s on the menu?” Jughead responded, lifting his head to look at me. I had an idea to fix the mood I just killed, bringing my lip between my teeth.

“Me.” Jughead looked taken aback for a second before a smug look took over his face.

“Hmm, dessert first. I like that idea.” Jughead leaned back down to kiss me, his lips on mine only for a second before trailing down my jaw and to my neck. Jughead began to litter my neck with dark, purple bruises, his body pressing in to mine. Jughead’s hands traveled down my body, his fingers slipping under my shirt. My breath hitched at the feeling of his warm hands on my cold skin, gripping at my waist firmly.

“M-maybe we should- we should go upstairs.” I panted, my breath heavy. Jughead adjusted his grip on my thighs before complying to my suggestion, stumbling a bit to find the stairs.

“You’re going to break your neck.” I giggled, clinging to his shoulders for dear life.

“Don’t undermine my masculinity.” Jughead pouted, climbing up the staircase with me still in his arms. I laughed at the clumsiness of my boyfriend as he actually managed to make it up the stairs, kicking my door open. Jughead dropped me down on to my bed, my back bouncing against the cool mattress. I sat up, reaching out and gripping Jughead’s jacket and tugging it off of him.

“Eager, are we?” Jughead taunted, helping me pull his jacket off. I rolled my eyes, my hands now going to the sweater underneath his jacket. I pulled it over his head to be met with another shirt.

“What is it with the layers?!” I groaned, my hands now working on getting the short sleeved shirt off. “Really, Forsythe, I thought when I invited you over, you would get the memo to wear less clothing.”

“Unless you wanted me to be a popsicle stick by the time I made it here, that wasn’t happening.” Jughead retorted, his hands going to my tank top.“ Although, I’m pretty sure I woulda been warm in a matter of moments anyways.” Jughead leaned down, his teeth biting gently at the skin on my neck, making my breath hitch in my throat. Jughead pulled my tank top off my body, his hands running down my sides and to my hips before gripping them tightly and pulling me closer to his body.

Jughead and I had had sex only a couple of times, the first time obviously being an awkward and romantic mess, and the second time almost being caught by Archie and Betty, who happened to live across the street from me.Jughead and I weren’t huge on sex, it wasn’t something we wanted to do 24/7 like a lot of the kids at our school, but the both of us had so much pent up sexual frustration lately that we were seconds away from creating tears in our remaining clothes.

Jughead grabbed the waistband of my shorts, slipping them down my thighs. I kicked them off before pushing Jughead over and down on to my bed. I unbuttoned the top of his skinny jeans, pulling them down his legs quickly before straddling Jughead, grinding down in to his hips. Jughead groaned, raising his hips to meet mine and I held them down with my hands, grinding my hips down harder on to him.

“Fuck.” Jughead moaned, his breath becoming heavier. I felt him get harder underneath me and I grinned, glad I was getting the reaction I wanted. I sat up, grabbing one of my scarves hanging off my bed frame and toying with it in my hands.

“You wanna try something?” I looked down at my boyfriend, his eyes wide and fixed upon the fabric slipping between my fingers.

“Lay it on me.” Jughead smirked and I grinned, taking his wrists in my hands. Jughead looked confused as I tied his hands to my bedpost, looking up at me.

“To be honest, I thought the roles would be reversed when you asked.” He chuckled, relaxing under my body.

“We’ve got the whole weekend, babe.” I reached behind my back, unclasping my bra and letting it fall off my shoulders. I flung it aside, my hands now traveling down my boyfriend’s body and running over his hard-on, hidden by the fabric of his boxers. I cupped it lightly before moving away.

“Do you really have to be a tea-ease.” Jughead groaned when my hand dipped under the elastic, wrapping my hand around him firmly. I slowly pumped my hand up and down, Jughead’s breathing becoming rapid. I pulled my hand down, my fingers pulling his boxers off and slipping my underwear off after. I leaned over Jughead’s body, grabbing a condom from the drawer of my nightstand.

I took the end of the foil package between my teeth, ripping it open. I was met with the gross taste of lube and a disgusted look swept across my face quickly.

“Why didn’t you just…. Open it with your hands??” Jughead tilted his head, stifling a laugh at my reaction to the flavorless substance.

“Veronica said it’d be sexier.” I scoffed, pulling the condom out of the package.“ Last time I take her advice.”

“Wait, you went to Veronica for advice on sex?” Jughead sat up a bit. I pushed him back down with my hand, looking shocked at my surprise burst of dominance.

“Jughead, I’m literally about to sit on your dick. Please don’t ruin the mood.” I pinched the tip of the condom, rolling it down Jughead’s penis. Jughead laid back down, eyes wide and looking at me. My knees went to either side of Jughead hips, my hand guiding him as I slowly sank down on to him. My hands went to my chest, my lower body feeling a bit tight and uncomfortable. When my thighs reached Jughead’s hips, I stopped, giving myself a moment to adjust before slowly beginning to rise up and sink back down on to him. I tried to keep a steady pace, my legs burning as I grinded down on to Jughead’s dick.

Jughead’s uneven breathing turned in to small groans and my hands went down his chest, my fingernails leaving scratch marks down his stomach. I began to go faster, already feeling worn out. Jughead’s hair was already starting to stick to his forehead, and my chest was glistening with a thin layer of sweat. I painted, picking up the pace even more and going as fast as I could.

Baby, baby untie me.” Jughead panted, wriggling his arms that were suspended over his head. I paused, leaning over and untying the knot of my scarf. When Jughead was free he immediately sat up, his arms wrapping around my body as he thrusted in to me. My head fell in to the crook of his shoulder, my nails dragging down the muscles in his back.

F-fuck, Forsythe, I-I’m-” my body tensed, the fuzzy feeling in my lower body and the twitching of my abdomen telling me I was close. Jughead flipped us over so I was on my back, his arms holding him up as he pounded in to me at a rapid pace.

My orgasm hit me like an oncoming train, my nails now digging deep in to Jughead’s skin and my back arching. My vision was blurry, colors and stars clouding my sight. Jughead came a few moments later, collapsing on top of my body. My arms went around his neck, my hands playing with the ends of his hair as I tried to calm my breathing.

Jughead eventually pulled out of me, his body leaving mine for a moment to discard the used condom before grabbing his sweater. He climbed back on to the bed, his hands pulling my body up in to a sitting position before pulling the sweater over my head.

“You know, I can dress myself. I’m not five.” I teased, pulling my arms through the sleeves of the long sweater. The end of the fabric went to my knees, reminding me of how tiny I was compared to my beanstalk of a boyfriend.

“I know.” Jughead was standing up, his boxers now on and his shirt slipping over his head. I raised my arms up, making grabby hands at him.

“Well if you’re going to treat me like I’m 5, then I demanded to be carried to the kitchen.” I pouted. Jughead turned to me, a grin on his face.

“As you wish.” Jughead’s arms went under my body, listing up like I was a feather. I squealed, clinging to him as he kicked my door open.

“So, why the kitchen?” Jughead asked, now carrying me back down the stairs he had carried me up about an hour ago.

“Well, I made dinner, and then after we ate, I thought we could test how sturdy the island in my kitchen is.” I bit my lip, looking at Jughead.

“I’m honestly convinced that I died and I have gone to heaven.” Jughead shook the fringe out of his face, dipping his head down and pressing his lips to mine.

i’m still feeling Emotions from all the stuff that was going on in nier automata like holy hell. but, i figured since i’ve been posting a lot about it, i also may as well give a warning list, as spoil free as possible, so folks know what they’re getting into.

nier automata discusses and involves themes such as:

• existentialism
• some vague unreality
• suicide
• genocide/racism (between androids and machines)
• theism (in a broad sense, no specific deity)
• there is a robot orgy but there’s no explicit things since no one has any bits?
• gender roles do come up but everyone is robots and they’re mostly confused about their purpose
• there are like two naked people who have no bits so it’s fine i guess
• vague child death?? death in general tbh.

the biggest warning i can think of is to be careful if you are sensitive to discussion and examples of suicide, suicidal ideation, and existential funk. there’s a lot of sad stuff, and it takes a bit for you to find more hopeful stuff in the game.

there are also a couple gameplay issues, the main ones being:

• platforming is hit and miss, climbable areas are missable and areas that look climbable often aren’t. it’s also common to just completely miss grabbing onto ledges and end up plummeting.
• the intro has no save points, you gotta do it all in one go, good luck.
• there are a couple sections of the game meant to evoke helplessness. their sudden difficulty and unpredictability can also evoke frustration. good luck.

jackbum + sexual tension

 soooo this pretty little anon requested it -also gonna include what this other person asked for ;)- i’ve been wanting to do it for SO FUCKING LONG so why dont we get our hands dirty (literally) already??? BRACE YOURSELVES


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kay what did i just watch? was my first reaction. what teaser trailer shows is not exactly what i imagined the movie to be like but I feel like I’m gonna enjoy it anyway.

ok 1. the fuck is going on in this entire video?? …..nevermind
2. Heimdall’s hair HELL YEAH Thor’s hair HELL NO!!! *crying shamelessly*

3. “He’s a friend from work” I LOVE THAT DORK SO MUCH

4. HELA?!!!!!! I don’t even remember the last time i was this sexually attracted to a woman, but I would get on my knees for her and she can do what she wants to me 

(he can also do what wants to me but ok no one asked)

now i’m waiting for your opinions! give me

jemchew  asked:

TORI MY BEAUTIFUL WISE SUNFLOWER QUEEN. 💕 I read your massive history post and OMG just blow me away already. Holy crap man. That was extensive as hell and so impressive and informative. Sorry I just left our discussion hanging, but you inspire me to think things through with concerted effort. LOL. Also, THIS NEW EVENT. It's still early, but hell would swallow my up while if I didn't come by and ask what your thoughts were. Whose story are you playing first?


I know I said I was going to bed but I figured I’d answer this real quick first LMAO

And hey, no worries about discussion stuff, fam–I’m at least glad you found the read informative! LOL. But tl;dr I know more than I ought to know about some Sengoku history and some of SLBP’s plotlines are REALLY OUT THERE

And hm… Well, I’m gonna start of by being totally honest and saying that I’m like. Just jaded right now about events? LMFAO. Like I just. The first six lords I see so much of, especially since we’ve had so many back to back events, and I want a break, man. AND LIKE. NO SHADE TO YOUR MAN SAIZO, BUT I’M KIND OF SICK OF HIS FACE HE’S HAD SPOTLIGHT FOR LIKE A WHOLE MONTH NOW AND I’M TIRED LMFAOOOO

My exhaustion about how many events there have been, like… I’m not sure I even feel motivated to play all of these ones? I’ll usually go for all six, but I don’t know if I can bring myself to based on the previews alone for this LOL

Nobunaga’s looks fairly okay–I like seeing him in a big brother role, and it’s always nice to see his siblings. Masamune’s has Kojirou in it so I can hardly complain, really… A;LSDKMFASDF Saizo’s will cover a bit of Hotaru, I guess, but I’m not sure how interested I am since we’re meeting him all over again. Mitsuhide is meeting MC’s family? Which I guess is okay, in retrospect. 

I’m actually on Kojuro’s route right now, and I’m very pleasantly surprised? There is a lot of focus on Yahiko and… Goddamn, I didn’t think I’d see the day where I’d be like, “Wow, Toshiie and Kojuro sure have a cool relationship!” LIKE WHAT THE HELL? How’d they get me invested in Toshiie seeing Kojuro as an older brother figure? And when Kojuro talks about MC’s family, he includes Toshiie in that? This is so good. Wtf. I’m crying.

I’ll go ahead and admit I… really don’t want to play Yukimura’s LMFAO. It looks like it’s trying to cover the caste issue, and ooooh that’s just. No. I can’t do this. I really, really can’t. Just think about it–Yukimura is about to introduce a peasant girl to his entire family, and for some reason, he is under no impression that nothing is going to go wrong with that. In the preview, he says, “Is this about her lineage, Father?!” and I’m like??? UM??? YEAH, YUKIMURA, IT IS??? IT’S ALWAYS BEEN ABOUT LINEAGE HOLY SHIT. Masayuki doesn’t approve of his son marrying someone below his station, and that makes sense! But like… y’all know it’s gonna end with something like Masayuki suddenly deciding that it’s okay and shit by the end. I just. Sighs. I’M TIRED. I’M TIRED OF MC BEING AN EXCEPTION TO THE CASTE RULE WHEN NOBODY ELSE IN THE GAME IS LMAO

I feel really bad since I’m complaining a lot, but I just can’t seem to get myself too excited for this event. I usually jump immediately at family themes, but I’ve got like no energy for this one. And again I’m just kind of. If we’re gonna do back to back events, can we see some new faces, maybe? HOW MANY EVENTS WITH THE FIRST SIX DO I HAVE TO PLAY IN A ROW GUYS… GIVE ME SOME TIME TO REST LMFAO

That kind of turned into me complaining a lot but yeah tl;dr I’m probably not gonna spend too much time on this event, even less so because I’m not a big fan of the fashion items, either. Kojuro’s has been very good thus far, but then again, Kojuro usually has the best writing of the lot of them LOL

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(This is so dirty im sorry omg)Kink shipss ahhh~ Im a sub and i really have a thing for being degraded/talked down to/dirty talk?? I like being choked too,, I have a thing for being called a slut when fucking and being asked/told to take more, like, "are you gonna take my cock like a good slut?" And like that, and just having everything be kinda rough. Im always do for trying out new things too. I hope this was enough!! *flings self into a bucket of holy water*

Omg you’re so cute what the hell. So my first thought was Namjoon but.. I think someone else fits the bill a little better..


Originally posted by histonguetaechnology

Tae would be the filthiest talker in the bedroom, and he’d love watching you come undone just by calling you his little slut. Also hi hello, have you seen those fingers? That boy wouldn’t be able to stop himself from lightly squeezing at your neck while he was fucking into you, and he’d never stop the string of curses that would fall from his lips. He’d always be praising you in the best of ways too, making sure to whisper things like, “Look at you, taking my cock like a good little slut.” or “Always such a good whore for me, aren’t you, sweetheart?”

He would love your adventurous side too, and you can bet he would always be trying something new, or bringing toys into the bedroom. You’d literally never know what to expect, besides the tremendous amount of aftercare that would come with it. (Because wow that boy is a cuddler and he’d be really into reminding you how much he loves you and how fantastic you really are.)

PSA: Aftercare is very important, yall.

Kink Ships are currently closed. Do not fear, they will reopen and we will finish up the ones already been submitted. However, please feel free to send in music ships, as we will be answering those.


Happy 34th Birthday Sebastian Stan! (August 13th,1982)

Films are an incredible medium where you get to talk to people. I have these great fans, they write me everyday, telling me about their lives getting better from watching my movies. To me that’s more important than anything else. And as a man in the world, you have to leave something behind, if not, what the hell am I doing while I’m here?

"But I want to tell my own story about a grizzled white male who’s irresistible to women!"

“I know X is over-represented in fiction, but I want to tell my own story about X.”

This has been an argument that has niggled at me for a while, because I couldn’t think of a simple way to counter it. Representation is a thing I think about a lot with fiction, how to do it right, when it’s important to think about it or when it should not be a concern. I think I’ve finally come up with a good metaphor for working through that issue.

Imagine you turn up to a party, and everyone’s been told to bring a dish. You turn up, expecting a nice meal with your friends and holy shit there are seven bowls of coleslaw on that table. Seven. There’s eight people in this room and seven of them brought coleslaw. What the fuck. Now coleslaw’s great, and with enough people hey maybe we could get through seven bowls of the stuff, but what the hell else are we going to eat? There’s no main courses, because everyone brought coleslaw. Also there’s mayonnaise in that shit and your mate Dave’s a vegan, he’s kind of fucked with things as they are.

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veradune replied to your post “That whole almost memory wipe scene, all I was thinking was holy shit …”

Clara literally just happened though? It was nice to have a five second acknowledgement after the last two specials completed ignored her death. Now the Doctor’s decision to gamble on the memory wipe in Hell Bent, THAT was the Donna reference/Moffat going ‘wow that was fucked’

I understand that. I also understand that my original post doesn’t really lead into any point. That’s because I just got frustrated and ranted until I ran out of steam.

What the point should have been was that while the scene was a very big reference to the Clara thing, it doesn’t make sense to talk about it without taking the time to acknowledge that the Clara thing was also reference to the Donna thing.

If Doctor Who follows it’s usual pattern we’re in for about half a season, maybe more of The Doctor adjusting to the fact that he has a new companion and that his time with his previous companion really is over. Which means we’ll be seeing plenty of head nods to Clara.

And they definitely seem to be following that pattern. If fact I’m pretty sure that they’ll weave it into the whole season.
Ignore all of the memory wipe talk in the middle for a second, and only focus on Bill suggesting that if they went out in the Tardis that maybe one day they could run into Heather, and how the Doctor says no and then changes his mind.

Heather the dead girl who can travel through time and space.
Different and yet the same as Clara.

And The Doctor is dismissive because if he hasn’t run into Clara why would he and Bill run into Heather?

But then he has time to think and he decides what the hell. Because maybe they won’t run into Clara or Heather, but they can still have a hell of a lot of fun while they’re out there increasing their chances that they will.

My theory is that this whole season will be The Doctor learning to let go of Clara, and that letting go of Clara will be some big metaphor for him realising his time with this face is ending. This whole season is letting go of the old and getting ready to welcome in the new. From the companion, to The Doctor, and to the gods damned show runner. ALL OF IT, is saying goodbye to the old, and getting us ready for something new.

But that’s something for another time, and me veering off track.

The point, is the memory thing. The memory thing that should definitely have a strong focus on being a reference to being a Clara thing, everything will be a Clara thing, but it was still also very much a Donna thing.

My rant didn’t illustrate it well but I wasn’t actually calling for the focus to fall solely on Donna, what I wanted was for Donna to be acknowledged for being the reason behind the Clara thing in the first place.

Kind of over simplifying it here but;

Bill’s memory almost memory wipe, was important because of Clara wiping The Doctors memory, which was important because The Doctor wiped Donna’s memory.

Bill was the Donna thing coming full circle.

We started with Donna.

Ordinary, normal Donna. And then he gave her a taste of the universe, and she blossomed into the incredible woman she never believed she could be, not because of him, but because of the experiences being around him enabled her to have. And then the timelord metacrisis happened and Donna was practically trancendant, but he had to take it away. Not just the metacrisis stuff but all of it, and that was fucked up.

Donna went back to being ordinary or close enough to it that she’d never quite be that incredible woman again. She’d be brilliant because she was still ultimately Donna, but it’d be a much more mundane brilliance, that’d probably never quite think she deserved.

Then we had Clara.

She was special from the begining. She was his impossible girl, thrown into his path as part of larger machination. She was smart, and wonderful, and human, and every bit as egotistical as The Doctor. They amplified everything about one another. Enabled one another. And as time went on they became more and more alike and more and more dependent.

Until The Doctor was willing to bend and break the laws of the universe to keep her alive. Until she was a human version of him.

This time it was The Doctor in danger from himself and what he knew he was capable of. Not the perfect mirror to what things had been like with Donna but near enough. And Clara? Clara was left to be him. To do what The Doctor would do, what The Doctor had done once before.

The Doctor didn’t go back to being ordinary. He’d never been ordinary. But that reckless abandon he’d had? His readiness to sacrifice everything to keep her? That went away along with all of his memories. That was the real Donna parrallel.

And knowing his memories were gone. Being able to guess why. Knowing that whoever she’d been had done just what he’d done because it was right and it was supposedly kinder, but also learning just how empty that sentiment felt to be on the recieving end of? That was the big moment of ‘wow that was fucked.’

So then we finally get to Bill.

Ordinary, normal Bill.

Bill who got a taste of the extraordinary and looked like she would thrive in it.

Bill who held hands with a girl and saw EVERYTHING. Bill, who for one fleeting moment got to understand everything.

The Doctor was back in the role of Doctor and, Bill was her but she was also kind of Donna 2.0.

And for once this massive mind altering event didn’t result in some immediate life or death consequence. But knowing about how extraordinary the universe can be is it’s own danger, so the Doctor stepped forward to deal with it just as he had with Donna, just as had been done to him. Like it was his default setting. And Bill freaked.

Of course she did. She had just experienced the kind of thing that led to people redefining their entire live and he was about to take it away from her.

And that gave him a chance to reflect on what he was in the middle of trying to do. And then he stopped. He knew that there could end up being consequences for letting Bill remember her experience, but instead of taking the choice out of her hands like he’d done with Donna, and Clara had done with him, he respected her wish.

THAT was closure for the Donna thing, AND it was his first step towards reconciling everything he’d lost with Clara.

So yes talking about Clara more makes sense because that’ll be the focus going forward, but Donna was still important in that moment too and to leave her out of the conversation takes away from the entire scene.

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do you think that you guys could add fics to the cap!steve/modern!bucky tag in time? thanks!

I took a look at my recently read and:

Cronut by littleblackfox

Shit. He’s going to die. Aliens are pouring into New York city. Aliens and fucking sky-whales and he’s got one weird looking gun-thing that’s about ready to give out and he’s going to die.
Ma is going to be so pissed. He survived two tours of Afghanistan and made it back to New York only he’s going to get eaten by a fucking sky-whale and he is never going to try a fucking cronut.

If the Apocalypse comes, text me by relenafanel

AKA Bucky the Vampire Slayer

Captain America squinted against the sun, raising his arm to shield his eyes. He looked uncomfortable and angry as the camera zoomed in on his face. “I don’t have anything further to say,” he snapped at the reporter.

Bucky’s feet fell off his coffee table in shock. “Holy shit,” he said to the room at large. “Captain America is a vampire.”

Strictly Platonic by Remembered

So maybe sending out a text saying, “In the hospital, talk to you later” is not the best thing to send to someone out of context. But, to be fair, Bucky hadn’t had his coffee for the day so there isn’t a lot of higher brain function going on until that happens. This also explains why, when Captain America comes busting into his hospital room with wild eyes all Bucky says is, “What the hell do you want?”

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oooh I've seen your Nero and Dante headcannons, what about Vergil if you're still up for it?

Ahhh yes. The problematic fave. This is written a bit differently because Vergil is very different it’s also a lot longer because GUESS WHO’S THE NOT SO SECRET FAVOURITE OF MINE

Just Vergil falling for you things:

Originally posted by beauclair

  • So if DMC characters were in a dating sim, Vergil is that stupid hard secret character to get that has really specific requirements and event flags that you need to trigger with perfect stats to get. If you fuck up once or miss a flag, fuck, its game over man and you’ve missed your chance. Vergil is a very difficult person to be with because romance or any emotion that could even be slightly fluffy is like the very fucking last thing on his mind.

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I misread that ask as "I want TeruYama to be the biggest potheads ever" and I was like "Oh dear, Terushima's corrupted our little Yams". Now I'm imagining Yamaguchi as a total weed head and I'm laughing so hard, like imagine him showing up to practice stoned af after hanging out with Teru, and Tsukki has a conniption. "WHAT THE HELL YAMA?!" he screams. But Yams is just like "Lol Tsukki chill." "I WILL NOT CHILL, YOU'RE HIGH." "And you're a li'l bitch." The whole team is dead silent in shock.

I wasn’t the one who answered it tho, l only saw it later. Also, I was more like… What if Yama is actually the one who introduced Teru to weed? I can 100% see Tsukki as a drug dealer ok? He’s definitely chill and got his shit together enough for that, and what if he and Yams smoke often and like. Suga taught them how to make brownies and stuff?

And everyone will think that Teru is the bad influence but NOPE (also,,,,, you guys,,,,,,,, shotgunning is incredibly hot ok?)

I love your version too of course, it’s hilarious hhaaa

Amami First FT: text summary

“So I decided to be a bit a evil and watch some translated FTEs from a stream.. and holy hell, Amami’s first FTE with Kaede was the most adorable thing ever. He invited her for tea and they just talked. He asked about who stands out the most among everyone here and the streamer I was watching choose Kiibo. (Then Amami literally called Kaede racist). Any who, a little bit later she points out how calm he is and he proceeds to say being around her makes him calm.
Amami also mentions people think he’s a “frivolous lad”or something like that, the translator had no clue what it meant, based on his looks. He says he actually isn’t like that at all.
After the FTE ended an event with Tsumugi was triggered where she offered to paint Kaede’s nails. I thought that sounded cute as hell, so I stayed for a bit longer. The nails Tsumugi did for Kaede though wouldn’t work well with her playing the piano. Then Amami comes out of nowhere and talks about how he knows about nail art and tries to explain to Tsumugi what she should do. He then decided it’d be easier if just did it, and then the cutest scene ever Kaede pointed out it was basically like they were holding hands, and she proceeds to laugh and says the nail polish brush is ticklish. (Tsumugi’s face during the whole thing is literally the best thing ever though).
After it they talk about nails or something like that afterwards. The translator had no clue what they were saying because they were saying words relating to nail art that he didn’t know.
Tsumugi didn’t seem very happy and told Amami that she hopes he explodes forever or something like that. She also called him a “freaking normie” a lot.

Thanks for one of Danganronpa fans from Amami’s forum.

I want know everything about Hera’s past. 

The general

Ok, so let’s do this Oikawa profile (cue fangirls going ‘Kyaaaa’ in the background). I’ll keep it spoiler free (for anyone up to date with the anime) until the cut.

Oikawa Tooru is a pretty, pretty bastard and he makes for such a great antagonist. Like Tsukki, he’s hot, smart and incredibly punchable, but he’s also so very human. It’s just really hard not to like him.

The obsessive

Oikawa works so hard, you guys. It is, quite frankly, heart breaking. It’s mentioned that he isn’t a genius. He gets told that he will not become better. He got to where is by practising. A lot. So it’s quite understandable for him to feel uncomfortable with his genius kouhai, because the kid just seems to be a natural. What Oikawa doesn’t see, is that Kageyama also works his ass off. The boy literally does not believe in resting days. 

Then again, the only reason Oikawa does rest, is Iwaizumi.

The kite

“He always goes to extremes.”

Oikawa has a tendency to work too hard. You see it again and again, with the night time volleyball watching, his girlfriend dumping him over his obsession and Iwaizumi just generally being worried about his well-being.

And Iwa-chan plays such a pivotal role for this part of Oikawa’s personality. The grump is quite literally his anchor. You see a similar dynamic in Akaashi and Bokuto, where one keeps the other grounded. Oikawa heavily depends on his best friend. Iwa-chan keeps Oikawa from hurting himself (admittedly, with more violence) and he’s the one that essentially gives him the advice that changes his life.

The people person

This is what ends up becoming Oikawa’s secret weapon, why he wins that 'best setter’ award: he pulls out the best in his teammates. Before that moment up there, Oikawa was only speaking about himself. Iwaizumi gave him this epiphany about the value of teamwork and because he doesn’t half-ass anything, he doubles down and makes it the core of his play style.

The great thing here is that Kageyama is rapidly going through the same growth in the show. He’s learning to step away from trying to do everything by himself, to doing what’s best for the spikers, and it’s Oikawa, his big bad nemesis, that teaches him that.

I’m going to put the last part under the cut, because it draws from the manga and I have a distinct feeling that it can ruin the season 2 finale for you. If you’re sticking to the anime, please know that you will miss out on a wild, highly emotional ride if you do click through before that.

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OKAY SO all of these episodes were released very suddenly and I would like to POINT SOME SHIT OUT. I’m sure I’m not the only one to notice any of this and if you can confirm any of this as incorrect, pls do. There’s too much for me to really like analyze and theorize individually, so I’m just gonna compile everything. 

  • HUMAN ZOO??? Didn’t Ronaldo warn us about this???
  • HOMEWORLD AMETHYSTS AND ALSO HOLLY BLUE?? Okay, so this is the first time we’ve ever been introduced to a “non-defective” Amethyst, or even a Homeworld Quartz other than Jasper and other common characters. That being said, they’re literally like bigger Amethysts and I LOVED them. What bothered me, however, was Holly Blue (Agate)’s attitude towards them. She referred to them as “hunks of Earth” and reacted to them as if they were animals or some sort of charity case of Blue Diamond’s who MERCIFULLY decided to TAKE THEM IN. I’m assuming that these are NOT the only Quartz that exist on Homeworld, even having previously come from Earthbound Kindergartens, being that our beloved Jasper was under Yellow Diamond’s command. And also, I do believe that agate is a type of Quartz.. More on Quartz later. 
  • HIDEOUS OFF-COLOR BETAS?? So, Beta gems are actually less liked than Prime Kindergarten gems? Jasper seemed to be VERY in control when we were first introduced to her.. But here, they seem to act only as “muscle”, guarding doors and being HW security.. They seem to be only slightly more respected than Pearls. If that’s the case, then why did Peridot tell Amethyst that she actually outranked the other Crystal Gems? Are YD’s Quartz soldiers treated the same as the ones guarding the Human Zoo? Are Quartz only produced on Earth Kindergartens?
  • CARNELIAN??? Why have we never seen this gem before I love her so much
  • “An army has a use, it can go and fight a war. A Sapphire has a use, she can tell you what it’s for. An Agate terrifies, a Lapis…?” Okay, this one really stuck with me. Mainly because I’m not quite sure what she said after Lapis, or if she even said Lapis for sure. I want to say she said ‘teleports’, but our Lapis doesn’t really teleport.. but she DOES have wings. There’s a theory I like that states that Lapis might be a messenger gem, thrown in the middle of a war at the wrong time.. I don’t know, if anyone knows exactly what YD said here, I’d love to know. (EDIT: I have been informed that Yellow Diamond said ‘a Lapis terraforms’.) 
  • “Why do you employ her subjects that destroy her?” Okay. So that was a room full of bubbled Rose Quartz gems. Blue Diamond said she wanted to preserve them because they were Pink Diamond’s.. Pink Diamond MADE them. I’m going to assume that Rose Quartz gems do not exist outside of this room. I’m going to assume that they were quickly bubbled and/or shattered after one SHATTERED A DIAMOND. That being said, they seemed to speak very lowly of Quartz gems as a whole.. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Quartz- in terms of ranking -were demoted after the whole incident. Were Rose Quartz special gems…? Were they Pink Diamond’s special Quartz gems? 
  • Do they NOT know that the Cluster situation was mitigated? I mean, I know, how COULD they know, but you’d think that they would have sent more gems to check on the Cluster’s progress.. especially after Peridot’s ‘rebellion’ and Jasper’s disappearance. And if they have.. are we worrying about a possible emergence soon? 

I’m sure that there’s more I’m forgetting about and I’ll probs make a part two, but I REALLY needed to vent lmao thank u