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Do you know any barista au? Thank you!! Love the blog btw ❤️

Hey friends, thanks for asking! Sit down, get cozy, grab a cup of coffee, and get ready for some delicious fluff and amazing writing!

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Coffee Shop AU

#baristalife by fan_nerd, Mature, 9.6k
Victor, proud owner of Muse café and roastery, goes searching for a local bakery to buy sweets for his store. When he does, he finds Yutopia, a quaint little place tucked away in a small part of town. The good news is, he quickly becomes business partners with the lead patissier, Yuuri. This is an amazing fic, must read!

life and love by novocaine_sea, Gen, 12k
Twenty-two year old Yuuri Katsuki travels to Italy to study photography. One day, while going around the city taking photos he gets lost and ends up at a coffee shop, ultimately meeting one Victor Nikiforov who would take him all around Florence, showing him what life and love are really all about. Italian Victor… I mean?? I DIED AND WENT TO HEAVEN READING THIS

the view from the top. by realangeleren, Mature, 21k (WIP)
When Viktor gets hurt, he’s forced to take the season off. He ends up in a little town, finding himself very taken with the adorable barista in town. But the closer he gets with the cute little barista, he soon finds he might not be as far away from the ice as he thought. I love this fic so much!

Shoebox of Photographs by Yuzururu, Teen, 20k (WIP)
Unlucky culinary grad student, Katsuki Yuuri, comes to Tokyo in search of a future pursuing his cooking passions. Instead, he finds more adventure than he’s bargained for…in the form of a dog Cafe run by a certain Russian model. SO GOOD OMG

Assuming Makes An Ass Out of You and Me (or how not to find out someone is multi-lingual) by Stories_to_be_read, Gen, 2.6k
Yuuri learns to never assume that the cute guy you have a crush on doesn’t speak Japanese. LOVE!

Walls by pastelprince, Mature, 23k (WIP)
There are many walls in Victor Nikiforov’s life. After his sudden retirement, he has nothing, hears nothing, and is lonely, injured and traumatised. Nothing goes right. Until he meets a cute barista with long black hair and glasses who makes a sweet, sweet latte. Thumbs up!

Cherry Blossoms by HEClementine8, Teen, 7.6k (WIP)
“What would you like today?” A gentle, smooth voice interrupted his reading. Viktor closed his phone and opened his mouth to order as he looked up. The words died in his throat and he felt like he was just punched in the gut when all the air in his lungs suddenly deserted him. There was a goddamn angel in front of him. LOOOVEEE!!!

here’s to the fools by MissSpock, Teen, 3.9k
In which Victor is an actor with a 1000 watt smile and Yuuri is the cute barista of the cafe across the lot from the film company where he works. Highly recommend!

Iced Coffee by luciferwearsprada, Gen, 4.8k (WIP)
In which Yuuri and Phichit work at the Yu-topia coffee shop, Viktor loves Yuuri’s cookies (that’s not a euphemism), Guang Hong is a sweet cinnamon roll, JJ is that one hetero friend, and Otabek terrifies almost everyone. cAN YOU HEAR MY SCREAMS

matcha cookie monstrosity by lunaetude, Gen, 1.6k
Pretty Eyes pulls out an entire can of Monster Energy. ‘Could I get four shots of espresso, two pumps of matcha syrup, and this entire can.’
‘…Are you sure you want that, sir.’ Just read this, it’s so fluffy!

Coffee And Contemplation by TheGabbing, Teen, 15k (WIP)
Yuuri expected to be tired, deal with rude customers every day, and study every second of his free time but what he didn’t expect was his life-long idol to walk through the doors. Definitely recommend!

Just Ask Him Out Viktor by down_into_underland, Teen, 1.6k
Viktor is a business man who has just recently moved to America with his adoptive son, Yuri Plitsetsky. Everything is as normal as it could be for Viktor when he walks into a new coffee shop to see the man of his dreams. Amazing!

sugary sweet by kevincriesblood (The_Messenger_of_Olympus), Explicit, 5.8k (WIP)
Katsuki Yuuri works at a coffee shop. Unfortunately, it is a coffee shop that happens to be his idol’s favorite. He regularly sees the vlogger he has posters of, which he’s not sure if that’s good or bad. Yuuri also has a not safe for work blog that he updates, with a rather sweet, odd anon. Sweet!

Bitter Coffee by koukkai, Teen, 1k
In which Yuuri works at a coffee shop and Viktor scores a date with the cute barista. Cute!

Youtuber AU Masterlist

The Bells And The Beats -  nuclearchinchilla

Summary:  In which Leo and Guang-Hong become famous YouTubers, Yuuri and Viktor get married, and large nets are somewhat involved in all this.

Birds of A Feather -  nocturnal_wanderlust

Summary:  Katsuki Yuuri is a 20-year-old dance student at an arts college. He dreams of one day gracing the world stage with his unique dance style. However, he usually holds himself up in his room watching Youtube videos of his favorite dancer, Viktor Nikiforov. When Yuuri gets the opportunity of a lifetime he’s not sure how to respond. Follow Yuuri on his journey towards becoming a more confident dancer and winning Viktor’s heart.

Break Me Down, Down, Down legolifesaver

Summary: Yuri refused to let anyone call his videos “pointless”. He spent too much of his time on them and he wasn’t about to let some asshole question him.orYuri runs a fashion channel, Otabek makes covers, and they both meet in the middle.

Changing Seasons Soigne

Summary: Seasons come and go, mostly in the same fashion of obsessions and numerous phases. Nearly all of the greater bit of the population go through these small trifles and continue on with life without a second thought- but not Victor Nikiforov. He has an undying interest in a smaller YouTuber by the name of Katsuki Yuuri, and what makes it even worse, is the fact that he has no idea whatsoever as to why. He doesn’t even want anyone to find out about his seeming obsession, and still, he’s still watching his YouTube videos at four in the morning when he can’t sleep. Better yet- he can’t stop watching the younger male’s videos with great integrity and character being discovered within himself. Viktor can’t find himself becoming bored with whatever is drawing him to the other YouTuber, and he’s even becoming concerned for his own mentality at the same time. Of course, there’s no real harm, as he would never be able to meet the YouTuber in real life- that is, until he stumbles upon him at PlayList Live, and fangirls like a complete imbecile in front of thousands of his subscribers.Also, the fic in which all of the characters are absolute dorks, and Viktor is too gay and sassy to function.

Collab With Me? SindarDragonRider

Summary: After Phichit posts a video of Yuuri watching Viktor Nikiforov’s latest video, one thing leads to another and suddenly Viktor’s flying to Detroit to do a collaboration with Yuuri.Viktor, of course, is excited to get to know and befriend the beautiful vlogger he saw online and quickly became infatuated with. Yuuri’s freaking out because THE Viktor Nikiforov - one of the most successful YouTubers in the world - is talking to him and he has no idea what he’s doing (of course, he’s secretly just as excited as Viktor himself)aka the YouTube AU where Yuuri’s a cinnamon roll and Viktor loves him for it

Cook Cook Fall in Love -  Blackbeyond

Summary: Victor Nikiforov is the most decorated chef in the world.Yuuri is a YouTuber who happens to cook his recipes.There’s only so much Victor can resist when there’s a cute, Japanese boy complimenting him and correcting him and saying he’d be an amazing teacher.What else is he supposed to do but teach him?

Go for Tech -  HopeCloudsObservation

Summary: Yuuri and friends(?) volunteer as staff at a convention. Yuuri tries his best to keep himself together, but that hasn’t exactly gone well for him before. It’s one thing being manager; managing this department in particular is another challenge entirely.“I’m not sure how I survive it every year to be completely honest.”

Haute Watermelonsmellinfellon

Summary: Yuuri is a hot dancer and a dedicated fasionista. He doesn’t care what the haters have to say on the matter, he knows it and his subscribers know it. Shockingly, Victor Nikiforov seems to think so as well. And when Victor’s attention is focused on Yuuri, life begins to take an interesting twist.Has Victor always been so extra?

Hello World! nocturnal_wanderlust

Summary:  Yuuri Katsuki is pushed into creating a YouTube channel by his best friend and roommate, Phichit. Through his channel Yuuri is able to gain a following and the attention of one of his favorite YouTubers.

helpless -   Barricadesatfleetstreet

Summary: The ‘they are small Youtubers who just happened to find eachother online’ au absolutely no one asked for.

How to save a life obtainjh

Summary:  Music AU in which Yuuri is a somewhat known musician who due to family issues had to leave music and focus in his studies but never quite left music and started a YouTube channel that got even more popular the moment Viktor Nikiforov, a reknown musician, watched one of Yuuri’s renditions of his songs.

How Would You Feel -  aypreal

Summary:  “I have a feeling that Mr Evil Hamster’s main goal was for me to announce my status quo to the world in guise of having to play an acoustic love song. Anyway, let’s get this over with. This one’s for you baby.”

I love you, my dear -  indianchai

Summary:  Musician au where famous YouTube singer Victor is practically in love with a famous singer/lyricist named Lilith (who has never revealed his true identity to the public). Victor feels compelled to go to Lilith’s first show of his world tour (even though he’s never met him) and on the flight there, he sits next to this guy named Yuuri, completely oblivious to the fact that Yuuri is his idol, Lilith.

ILYSB aypreal

Summary:  The excuse was; the last available flight from Kazakhstan to Moscow was three days before the main show, the 2017 Spring Fashion Week, the next flight was a day after the closing of the season. Someone must have played a joke and somehow misrouted all the planes for the Kazakhstan-Moscow route. Then of course, given that it was crowded for the Moscow Fashion week, all hotels were booked and Yuri was one of the higher staffs under Viktor that doesn’t have any partners nor family members staying with him. So as courtesy for the imported DJ, Yuri was tasked to host the man who will bring the music to Viktor’s schemes. Otabek Altin.

Intertwined -  FutabaYoshioka

Summary:  Phichit is a YouTuber and Yuuri has been harbouring a crush on Viktor for way too long. After Yuuri’s poor performance at the Grand Prix Final and the depression that followed him afterwards, Phichit decides it is time to bring them together.

On New Found Determination -  ReccoFanfiction

Summary:  A helpful stranger pointed out the high points of Yuuri’s performance at the Grand Prix and it causes a changes throughout Yuuri’s life and future.

Polyamory 101 -  Bassarid

Summary:  Based on a prompt by Lorienleylines: “an au where Phichit, Guang Hong, and Leo are all college students, Phichit is a semi-famous youtuber, and he invites Guang Hong and Leo to join him on his channel to answer submitted questions about polyamory. (Established relationship pls)”

Show Some Pinterest! Goggles_McGee

Summary: After a devastating defeat at a big cooking competition, Yuuri Katsuki is distraught but his friends come up with a way for him to continue cooking without that much pressure. And it’s just a great way to have run and share their interests with others. They start a YouTube channel called: Show Some Pinterest!They find pins on Pinterest to try, like recipes, DIY crafts, and workout plans.Yuuri loves it. He loves the comfort of working with his friends, he loves that he still gets to cook. Sure, he’s a but upset that he utterly failed at his favorite competition, not to mention, failed in front of his idol chef. But he tries to put that all behind him.But how can he do that when said idol tracks him down in Detroit and wants to coach him so he can redeem himself at the very competition he failed at?

sugary sweet kevincriesblood

Summary:  Katsuki Yuuri works at a coffee shop. Unfortunately, it is a coffee shop that happens to be his idol’s favorite. He regularly sees the vlogger he has posters of, which he’s not sure if that’s good or bad. Yuuri also has a not safe for work blog that he updates, with a rather sweet, odd anon.
It’s also an issue that he fantasizes that this anon is his idol. He’d never really date a guy like Yuuri, right?

You Have (1) Notification arzenpai, hosarin

Summary: Katsuki Yuuri wouldn’t call himself an internet sensation, no matter how many people followed them for their skating videos and Phichit’s prank vines. Despite the number of people who would recognize him and ask for a selfie on the street, his life is plain.On the other hand, Viktor Nikiforov is an internet sensation, but he needs inspiration.He finds it when Mila shows him a video from the channel Shall We Skate.

Yuri and The Science Experiment ushijimascacti

Summary:  Yuri Plisetsky is quick to become addicted to something, whether that “something” be breaking a world record held by his Japanese rival or learning about biology and the scientific world. The young 16 year-old is the secret face of the youtube channel “Как сделать”, or “How to Make”. This channel features a variety of videos from anti-aging potions to the creation of the Homunculus, one of Yuri’s greatest achievements (other than earning gold at the Grand Prix Final the year previous). He is very proud of this fascinating discovery and made it by entering a random donor’s sperm into the yolk of an egg. After this step, he covered the egg and left it to incubate for many weeks. Over time, he has created two successful organisms and in this story attempts to make one more. This time, though, he is too impatient and the outcome is a bit… annoying. (P.S. idk russian so pretend he’s talking in russian!!!!!)

Silken Pupdate

I actually have a little extra time today, so I wanted to put out an update about my new service dog in training (SDIT) Fawkes and answer a few questions I’m sure I’ll probably get at some point! :D 

This lil pupper is Clayborn’s Africa aka “Fawkes.” My husband and I drove from Virginia to Colorado to pick him up because I love his breeder and appreciate the type of temperament she breeds for (she has bred SD prospects previously). 

I’m self-training him to mitigate the symptoms of PTSD and panic disorder with some professional guidance. He will be trained in several tasks, primarily deep pressure therapy, blocking, interrupting stereotypic/harmful behaviors, medication retrieval, and guiding me to a safe place during dissociative episodes.

Although his main job will be working as a service dog, we will also participate in conformation events and hopefully will do at least one sport (though we still haven’t figured out what sport yet!). Assuming he matures well and clears his health tests, I will breed him at some point in the future, which is a very exciting prospect as it will be my first foray into dog breeding. :D

Those who have been following my blog for a while might be wondering why I got a service dog prospect so suddenly instead of going back to school after I left my job. The short version is, I’d been considering getting a SD for the past 2 years but didn’t think I qualified as disabled until after I had a conversation with my boss about applying for disability benefits because my mental and physical health became so poor that I had to leave my job much sooner than I originally intended. I had wanted to go back to school, but ended up in a psychiatric day treatment program instead due to my anxiety and bipolar disorder being very poorly controlled. After talking with my doctors and therapist, we decided that even though it would be a bit hectic having 3 dogs and a toddler at the same time in our tiny house, I would truly benefit from having a SD and it would help me regain my independence (and sanity) better than just therapy and medication could.

I ended up choosing a Silken Windhound after spending a lot of time with my friend Katie’s Silken SDIT, Sega, who won over my entire family. The breed is the perfect size for the type of work I was looking for (big enough for DPT but not too big for our little house ha), has the sighthound on-off switch, and is very affectionate, biddable, handler-focused, and intelligent. A couple months in and I couldn’t be happier with my choice. :)

I have to give a shout-out to @silkenagentsofcsbeck@doberbutts, @why-animals-do-the-thing, and @noodle-dragon in particular for giving me great advice which has been invaluable thus far. Rachel (of @why-animals-do-the-thing) actually stayed at my house for a week to improve my training technique which was amazing, and I highly recommend her as a trainer; she’s pretty much the only reason Fawkes has good leash skills now haha! I’ll write a longer review of her training services later, but I just had to give a big thank-you to all these folks for making my dream of having a SD come true. :)

Chocobro Sleeping Headcanons (with S/O)

Continuation of this post:

Chocobro Sleeping Headcanons


  • Noctis enjoys sleeping 100 times more when there is someone he can cuddle beside them
  • Well, someone that he’s used to cuddling…
  • He doesn’t need to completely dunk his head underneath the covers to stay cozy.
  • He simply buries his head in his s/o hair and he’s out like a light. 
  • Spooning. 
  • Noctis is the big spoon. 
  • Sleeps with his head on his s/o’s lap in the Regalia.
  • Noctis and his s/o must share a sleeping bag if they are forced to go camping.
  • Must.
  • Becomes very dependent on his s/o to sleep.
  • If he and s/o are separated during the night, Noctis won’t be able to sleep.
  • s/o has to leave one of their sweaters behind just so Noctis has something cling onto that smells like them.
  • It helps, but it’s not the real thing
  • Is able to stay up during the late hours of the night just to chat with his s/o
  • They always talk before trying to fall asleep.
  • They also play a few levels of King’s Knight before they chat. 
  • It’s Noctis’s favorite time of the day.
  • It’s just him and his s/o in is favorite place.
  • His bed.


  • Finds himself restless when he and his s/o start sleeping together.
  • Not in that way. 
  • This is a safe for work blog, silly goose. 
  • He doesn’t know what to do.
  • Does he wrap his arm around them?
  • Does he hold their hand while they sleep?
  • All of the above?
  • None of the above?
  • His s/o definitely has to tell Prompto that it’s okay to snuggle.
  • His s/o soon takes the place of his chocobo teddy bear.
  • Will definitely wake up his s/o in the middle of the night just to talk about a dream he just had
  • s/o will do the same
  • Often forgets to sleep once they are in a deep conversation
  • Prompto and his s/o sleep chest to chest.
  • His s/o tucks their head underneath his chin.
  • Pillow fights ensue often before bed.
  • Also tickle fights.
  • Sleeps better in the tent if his s/o is beside him.
  • Really loves listening to their deep breaths while they are sound asleep.
  • It’s basically a lullaby to him.
  • Loves when his s/o falls asleep on his lap 
  • Still sweats in his sleep.
  • He feels bad about it and hopes his s/o isn’t too grossed out about it.
  • His s/o really doesn’t care.
  • They still cling onto him during the night regardless


  • Sleeping next to this dude is a struggle
  • He snores.
  • Like a lot.
  • And very loudly too.
  • He really loves to cuddle.
  • If you’re cold… he’s the perfect heater. 
  • Definitely likes to spoon.
  • Prefers being the big spoon.
  • But if his s/o is cold during the night, they turn over and spoon him.
  • Has been asked several times to back away during the night because he’s just way too hot.
  • Really loves when his s/o falls asleep on his shoulder while in the Regalia.
  • He rests his head on top of theirs.
  • Tries Breath Right Strips to stop himself from snoring
  • He feels terrible about taking sleep away from his s/o
  • Holds hands with his s/o in his sleep if they are camping.
  • And if they are in separate sleeping bags.
  • If they are in the same sleeping bag, cuddles galore. 
  • Mostly spooning cuddles. 
  • Really likes feeling their presence in his sleep. 
  • He likes to know his s/o is perfectly safe and protected when they are with him. 
  • Even during the dangerous hours of Lucis’s night.
  • Is able to convince his s/o to stay in bed and cuddle for a few extra minutes in the morning.
  • His s/o is often late to work.


  • During the beginning of that stage in a relationship, he does not approach his s/o at all during the night.
  • No hand holding.
  • No cuddling.
  • No nothing.
  • Just having them sleep next to him is enough for now.
  • He still sleeps like a dead man, regardless of the body beside him. 
  • After a while, he lowers his hands from his chest and intertwines he and his s/o’s fingers during the night.
  • Hand holding is his thing.
  • Hand holding in his sleep is also his thing.
  • Occasionally, he’ll spoon his s/o.
  • Always the big spoon.
  • Prefers seeing his s/o’s face, thought.
  • Loves when they cuddle chest to chest.
  • When he wakes up in the early morning hours, he draws then close to his chest and presses light kisses to their face until they awaken.
  • Only reason why he likes not driving the Regalia: his s/o can fall asleep on his shoulder in the backseat. 
  • That’s as far as he’ll let the PDA go, though.
  • No sleeping on his lap.
  • That’s too much for this dude. 
  • Behind closed doors, however, he enjoys it. 
  • His favorite thing: when he’s reading on the couch and his s/o places their head on his lap.
  • He loves running his ungloved fingers through it.
  • It makes him so happy.
  • Really entranced with the sound of his s/o’s breathing while they sleep.
  • If he finds his s/o shivering during the night, he will get out of bed and retrieve an extra blanket for them.
  • Also cue the rare cuddling. 

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*inhales* oh goody, another au to be obsessed with. what are the squads powers?? does the squip take the role of ms. peregrine? do you think we'll need to read the book or watch the movie to fully understand this au?

YEP…it just never ends with me RIP

The others are telling me not to give it away lol but I can give a little information!

So yes, the Squip does take Miss Peregrine’s place, meaning he has control over time. It’s not the exact same as what she can do, but his main power is time control! And unlike my RPO AU you do not need to read the book to understand more! This is something that can stand by itself without any support from the book–it’s just based off the book/movie. My RPO AU is directly centered around the novel so yeah;; (I mean you can read the about section of that ask blog and get all the information you need, but I highly suggest reading RPO since it provides a lot of information I’d have to explain otherwise, while this AU does not need such things, if that makes sense;;)

All you need to know about this AU is that–all the BMC kids live together in one house, the Squip is their caretaker and protects them, they have special abilities which set them apart from normal humans, and they’re being hunted by people after their powers. That’s all! A much easier explanation than RPO lol

I already showed Michael so yes, his powers have to do with plants, he can basically manifest plants out of the ground with ease. He likes making flower crowns for everybody and flowers bloom out of him depending on what he’s feeling;; He’s not in full control of his powers yet so they tend to go out of control sometimes–he’ll wake up to see his room is covered in vines or something ridiculous like that lol! When he gets scared or doesn’t want anyone coming near him he’ll encase himself in prickly thorn bushes. Sometimes this happens against his will and he’ll be trapped inside until he can calm himself down enough to make them disappear (Michael in the thorn bush by himself~). Most times though Jeremy will brave the thorn bush and rescue Michael, and Michael always cries since Jeremy’s covered in scratches by the time he gets to him ;w; But yeah he’s always working on growing plants and flowers and manages his own flower garden in the back of the house. Everyone knows not to mess with him since he’s capable of filling their rooms with poison ivy and other dangerous plants lol;; Of course he’s got the biggest crush in the world on Jeremy, we’re not sure if they’re gonna be dating at the start of the blog or if that’ll be a part of our main story–Michael working up to dating Jeremy eventually. We’ll see!
Oh and also Michael grows weed too lolol he finds that aspect of his powers to be the best and the most hilarious because the Squip tells him to stop smoking it but Michael’s like “I have an infinite free supply nah man”

All of the kids are coming to terms with how to use their powers in a safe environment and they also have to be very careful since they’re being hunted which is why the Squip is protecting them all. But yeah it’s gonna be tons of fun and I’m really excited for the AU and the blog and running it with my friends ;w; They’re both super cool and I love them to death and I’m just!! Really pumped to do this with them it’s gonna be a good time!

Coffee Shop AU Masterlist

the view from the top. -  When Viktor gets hurt, he’s forced to take the season off. He decides to go have some him time, and decides to get on a plane that goes anywhere. He ends up in a little town, finding himself very taken with the adorable barista in town. But the closer he gets with the closer he gets with the cute little barista, he soon finds he might not be as far away from the ice as he thought.

Warm Like Milk and Honey -  Coffee shop AU where Viktor is a business man that does Russian translation through an English company. Chris is his best friend who introduces him to The Harmony Coffee Shop and his favorite Barista Yuuri! Yuuri is currently attending university, hating his life and only has one friend. He struggles with his depression and the overwhelming desire to be close to someone. But also fears rejection and the lies that people often tell.

Katsuki Coffee -  Viktor with a K. Honestly, how hard is it to understand that he meant his name was spelled with a k not a c?

Cherry Blossoms - What would you like today?” A gentle, smooth voice interrupted his reading. Viktor closed his phone and opened his mouth to order as he looked up.The words died in his throat and he felt like he was just punched in the gut when all the air in his lungs suddenly deserted him.There was a goddamn angel in front of him.

Look into your eyes and the, sky’s the limit - Viktor didn’t believe in love at first sight until he saw Yuuri Katsuki and immidiately had his world view changed. Falling in love with someone so eager to protect their heart is an undertaking he had never thought himself up to - but somehow, when it’s Yuuri, every piece of effort is worth it.Viktor is a would be principal ballerina in his last year studying at the Royal Ballet School in London, and he meets Yuuri Katsuki, a part time barista and veterinary student, one rushed morning and proceeds to fall for him. And then its a process of him convincing Yuuri to love him back, all the while chasing his dream, juggling friendships and coping with the fast paced life of a student in their final year.

Can’t Wait For the Sun to Rise Again - Victor discovers a new café to study. The atmosphere is calm and propice to learning.But is it all there is to find in this quiet place?

Walls - There are many walls in Victor Nikiforov’s life. After his sudden retirement, he has nothing, hears nothing, and is lonely, injured and traumatised. Nothing goes right.Until he meets a cute barista with long black hair and glasses who makes a sweet, sweet latte.

Coffee And Contemplation -  Yuuko and Takeshi run a small café off the New York University campus and when Yuuri decided to go abroad to study how to be a doctor, they offered him a job. Yuuri expected to be tired, deal with rude customers every day, and study every second of his free time but what he didn’t expect was his life-long idol to walk through the doors.

here’s to the fools - “H-Hello. How may I help you today?”The Victor Nikiforov slid his sunglasses down his nose, and Yuuri was suddenly confronted with sparkling eyes so blue he could die. Maybe he did. Maybe he’s dead and his soul had ascended to heaven. He really couldn’t tell anymore.God, the Russian man was as devastatingly beautiful in real life as he was on film. Not fair. Not even remotely fair.(In which Victor is an actor with a 1000 watt smile and Yuuri is the cute barista of the cafe across the lot from the film company where he works.)

My little paradise - Victor Nikiforov is a painter suffering from a severe case of artists block, craving inspiration.But when his little brother Yuri forces him to take him to a job opening at a local cafe, Victor meets Yuri Katsuki, the cute barista from YuTopia and a dance major at the local collage, and he finds his block gone.

You’re warmer than the scent of a caffè latte - At the mention of his name, Victor’s face brightens up, “you remembered my name!”Of course I did, Yuuri thinks, you’re the guy that I’ve been hopelessly pining over for the past three months since I found this place.“Yeah,” is what Yuuri says instead.

Shoebox of Photographs -  Unlucky culinary grad student, Katsuki Yuuri, comes to Tokyo in search of a future pursuing his cooking passions. Instead, he finds more adventure than he’s bargained for…in the form of a dog Cafe run by a certain Russian model.

Fairy Kisses and Dandelion Wishes - Yuuri is fae-touched, a human so beloved and favored by the fairy race that he has gained some of their powers. When he’s not hanging out at the arboretum with his fairy friends, Yuuri is working at a coffee shop.Viktor is a famous actor who is smitten with Yuuri, unknowing of the man’s true nature. Unfortunately, Yuuri was never good at keeping a secret.

Café Latte -  Basically, barista Yuri is bad at budgeting and is forced to find alternative methods to make rent. He works at a coffee shop owned by Viktor. Otabek comes from a wealthy family, and is willing to help in exchange for a questionable agreement.

Hot Chocolate - They were supposed to meet on their stage. Yuuri was supposed to save for a coach, for competition fees and travel expenses, was supposed to worm his way into the big leagues and find Viktor there waiting.Viktor was not supposed to find him, sweating his ass off in this too-small too-hot coffee shop.

sugary sweet -  Katsuki Yuuri works at a coffee shop. Unfortunately, it is a coffee shop that happens to be his idol’s favorite. He regularly sees the vlogger he has posters of, which he’s not sure if that’s good or bad. Yuuri also has a not safe for work blog that he updates, with a rather sweet, odd anon.
It’s also an issue that he fantasizes that this anon is his idol. He’d never really date a guy like Yuuri, right?

Honey Bread -  Two years after retiring from figure skating, Viktor Nikiforov stumbles into an empty Starbucks and meets a very charming barista.

Cups of Coffee and Cats -  When Viktor offers Yuri a job at the cafe Bean Queen, Yuri decides to try out. While there, he finally recognizes a person who has been admiring him from afar for a long time.

maybe it’s fate -  Yuri Plisetsky doesn’t believe in love. He’s very adamant about his disbelief, going as far as to rant to his coworkers about how he feels.
It’s in the middle of one of these rants that something like fate brings a man through the door, a man in a leather jacket and holding a helmet asking for help with his broken down bike.

fuckthephantomthieves  asked:

RFA+Saeran+V keeping the MC safe in the nuclear apocalypse?

warning: cw/tw for guns, suicide, and blood mention

i straight up made this angst bc this blog needs some hehehehehe but also i hope these aren’t too cliche or unreasonable,,,

also suuuuuuuuuper long scenario post, just a fair warning i hope i did it justice! i worked so hard on this alfjlasjfljfa;f s


  • he’s not prepared for this at all
  • everything was out of control, there were so many dead bodies everywhere
  • Yoosung does his best to protect you while this is going on
  • if either of you got injured, he’d try and patch them up as best as possible
  • however, when you two were roaming around, Yoosung didn’t feel so good
  • “MC… let’s go look somewhere else. I’m not getting a good feeling right now.”
  • so you listen to him and follow close behind
  • it was hours and darkness was falling quickly
  • you two took shelter in an abandoned home, even though it probably wasn’t the best idea since none of you had any sort of protection
  • it was just a matter of relying on dodging bullets if you ever came across someone who had a gun
  • both of you had a difficult time falling asleep – neither of you were sure if it was because of being on edge or that you literally couldn’t just sleep
  • what you assumed to be the next day came, you told him that it probably wasn’t the best idea to stay in one area for too long
  • he agrees with you, but he first decides to rummage around to see if there was anything for protection
  • Yoosung does end up finding a gun in one of the closets, but with little ammo left in it and there weren’t anymore ammo boxes to be found
  • “We’ll just have to use it sparingly.” however both of you know that Yoosung’s never really fired a gun before
  • once finished, you guys head out and begin trekking to another place
  • dread was tugging at the bottom of your heart, though you couldn’t figure out why
  • stopping and taking a break at another house empty, your boyfriend disappeared for a bit before you started getting worried, but then he pulls you into a hug and tells you that everything will be okay
  • “Sorry for worrying. I wanted to make sure this house was safe first. Oh, by the way, MC, could you see if I left my bag of items outside?”
  • “Yes.” and then you went out the door and looked around and sure enough, his familiar bag that had the essentials was near the next door house
  • you figured that if it was that far away, he was doing some excessive checking
  • as soon as you picked up the bag, the most ear-deafening sound surrounded you and sent you flying backwards and knocking you unconscious
  • when you awoke, everything was muffled and there was a nasty burnt smell wafting around
  • as you sat up, confusion was replaced by despair as the house that Yoosung was in was completely demolished
  • “Yoosung… Yoosung!!!” you got up as fast as you could and ran towards the destroyed house, but deep down, you knew he was gone
  • your knees collapsed underneath your weight as you began weeping his name over and over again, however no amount of times you said his name would bring him back


  • let’s just he’s glad that he exercised daily to be able to keep up with running away, lifting debris, and carrying you if you got too exhausted
  • he’s never had to pull a gun on someone, but if he needed to to keep you safe, then he would
  • many buildings are in complete ruins or blown to smithereens, so it was difficult looking for somewhere to hide
  • additionally, you both had to be careful that the area wasn’t too infected with leftover radiation
  • reminds you often that he’s here and that he’ll be here to protect you
  • sometimes a little too overprotective, but you know he means well
  • instead of roaming from house to house, he suggests that you two should just stay put
  • luckily, you were currently residing in a house that had a lot of unopened food and water bottles, so if you rationed the food properly, it would last for awhile
  • when you guys slept, he made sure you slept closer to the wall and him closer to the door just in case someone tried breaking in
  • while you slept against him, he just stared into the darkness, constantly worrying about you and keeping you safe
  • everything seemed peaceful and calm, until one night, Zen heard some banging noises around the house
  • he wakes you up and tells you to hide and then he grabs one of the guns and carefully makes his way to the front
  • when he peers out one of the windows, he catches a glimpse of a guy roaming around and it didn’t seem like he was up to any good
  • he mentally prepares himself and cracks the door open and a bullet whizzes past, just barely grazing his cheek
  • slamming the door shut, he crouches down and hastily searches for a good place to hide and shoot at the same time
  • shots are fired through the window creates a deafening sound
  • he moves over slightly to get a better view and he’s finally in Zen’s line of sight
  • he raises his gun and shoots a few times then crouches down and reloads the barrel quickly and as he’s about to shoot again, the guy was out of sight
  • he’s cursing and trying to figure out where he might have moved to next and as soon as he gets up to move to a different spot, an unseen bullet makes its way right through his heart
  • Zen immediately falls to the ground
  • you’re hiding in the closet and holding a hand over your mouth, hoping that it was your enemy who just fell to the ground
  • the door opens and there’s heavy and slow footsteps that seem to get closer, as if he were inspecting to see if anyone else was hiding in here
  • you couldn’t breathe; you body was frozen stiff and you didn’t dare start crying
  • they stop in place and then get quieter and the front door finally shut
  • listening to make sure he was gone, you opened the closet door and looked for Zen
  • and when you did, you gasp so loudly and stare down at his lifeless form; there was a pool of blood slowly expanding underneath of him
  • “Zen…”
  • you put a hand to your mouth as you sob uncontrollably, wondering how you were going to survive without your protector and love of your life


  • fairly fit to be in this kind of situation, but knows that her judo skills won’t provide any use
  • you both rely on running away from danger until a secluded place was discovered
  • you also picked up a few weapons here and there from dead bodies along with way, distributing them evenly amongst both of you
  • even though this was really happening, it still felt unreal… just the fact that at any point in time, either of you could end up dead
  • and that alone scared Jaehee
  • if anyone were to go first, she was going to make sure that it’s her
  • as of now, you two are hiding in an abandoned house, but luckily it was still filled with non-perishable foods and water
  • when night came, you’d take turns every other night keeping watch, and tonight was hers
  • while you were asleep, there were voices that could be heard from outside, so she grabbed a gun and tip-toed through the dark to see if was something she could ignore or had to take care of
  • there were a group of strangers roaming around and it looked as if they were going to enter the house
  • strangely, they knock and she has to mull over whether it’s worth telling them to find another place or hiding… but what if they just enter?
  • hiding the gun in the back of her waistband, she cracks to door open, asking them questions and curtly telling them that this house is occupied
  • but they weren’t having any of it; they kept going on about how it took them forever to find somewhere, but Jaehee was keeping her ground
  • finally her and the other groups came to an agreement – if she forked over some food and water, they’d leave
  • skeptical at first, she finally decides to go with it just so that they would leave
  • she’s about to shut the door and grab some food, but they others overpower the door and push it open, but she acts quickly and fires the gun twice, one bullet per person
  • this causes you to wake up quickly and grab yours as well and then examine the scene
  • there were two bodies on the ground and Jaehee was in a standoff between another person
  • you’re about to take another step forward quietly, but the floor creaks and jaehee looks over at you
  • “MC…!” but that was enough of a distraction for the enemy to shoot her in the chest, killing her immediately
  • your hand flies to your mouth
  • It was all your fault
  • but you quickly snapped back and shot him before he could even say another word and he slumps right to the ground
  • tossing your gun to the side, you rush over to her as she was lying face down, blood pouring from the bullet hole
  • you break down and cry into your hands, blaming yourself for slipping up and causing the death of your beloved


  • sure enough, he owns a bomb shelter and sees that you and Elizabeth the 3rd are securely in it
  • there’s bodyguards outside of the door 24/7 for your protection
  • you tell him that you don’t really think that you need bodyguards considering you’re way underground and safe from thieves and whatnot
  • still, he insists that they’re there for your protection
  • as much as you appreciated him protecting you in this dome, you missed having fresh every once in awhile and he lets you out with a few security guards
  • while you were sleeping, with Elizabeth the 3rd, he’d come in and stroke your hair and kiss your forehead
  • he really did hate keeping you holed up here, but since everything has escalated into something as serious as a nuclear apocalypse, he had to protect you at all costs
  • you played with Elizabeth the 3rd from time to time and played games
  • however, one day, Jumin had to meet with his father in a different location to discuss important matters regarding the future of C&R and other things
  • he told you this and you didn’t like the idea
  • “Jumin, it’s so dangerous out there… please don’t go!”
  • “I have to. I’m sorry, princess. If I don’t, and this war subsides, everything will be a mess. I must prepare for this.”
  • reluctantly, you let him, not that you really had a choice
  • there’s a knock onto door and one of the bodyguards comes in
  • “He’s here, sir.”
  • “Let him in.”
  • “Who…?” and then a familiar redhead comes in with several electronics
  • “Seven?” you gasp in surprise
  • “Seven Zero Seven at your service!”
  • “Jumin, what’s he doing here?”
  • “Just in case.”
  • “Just in case what?”
  • taking your face in his hands, he places his forehead onto yours and gazes into your eyes
  • “I love you, MC. I love you so much.”
  • you blink a few times in confusion before responding
  • “I love you too, Jumin.” and then he places a very gentle kiss on your lips before breaking away and petting Elizabeth the 3rd one last time
  • “Take care of MC of me while I’m gone, okay?”
  • she meows sadly in response and he sets her down beside you and heads towards the door, looking back once more at your beautiful face, and then finally taking his leave
  • on the other side of the spacious room, he’s setting up his hacking equipment
  • he does help cure your boredom by telling you funny stories and “”””playing”””””” with Elly, but even with the entertainment, you were missing Jumin
  • it’s been at least a week since his departure and there hasn’t been word from him
  • you’re about to go ask the security guards, but as soon as you open the door, Seven’s standing right there, dread covering his entire face
  • “Is there an update on Jumin?”
  • he looks away, unable to meet your expectant gaze
  • “Jumin… won’t be returning.”
  • your hopeful face falters, shock and disbelief replacing it
  • “No… he… that can’t be true…!”
  • Seven looks back at you; his eyes seemed dull and there were no signs of jokes
  • “I’m sorry.”
  • unable to hold it in, you burst into tears and flung yourself into Seven’s arms
  • he’s completely thrown off, but eventually wraps his arms around you as you’re bawling into his jacket
  • so this is what Jumin meant by just in case


  • seven knows of a hidden, but safe bomb shelter-like place for the time being
  • the real challenge would be getting there with his hacking equipment safely
  • brings gas masks just in case you two have to walk where there’s high radiation
  • also brings extra guns and weapons for protection and gives some to you just in case you two get temporarily separated
  • he understands that any moment something drastic could happen, so he’d do everything in his power to make sure you won’t be hurt
  • you take one of his cars as transportation
  • on your way there, both of you are silent
  • he’s got a look of dread on his face and his knuckles white from clutching the wheel so tightly; you’re rigid like a statue
  • you tried not to think about when your last moment with each other could be
  • but as soon as you thought about that, an unexpected explosion went off nearby, causing the car to flip over multiple times
  • things are fuzzy and heavily muted, but there’s a muffled voice calling your name repeatedly
  • “MC!! MC!!!!”
  • was that seven…?
  • you felt a pair of hands dragging you across the ground and shaking you
  • “Sev…en?”
  • “MC! Can you hear me?”
  • you nod, but very weakly as you try to sit up
  • he helps you and you look around – his car was smashed all over
  • “If you don’t remember, there was an explosion that went off and the force caused the car to veer off and I lost control… Everything in the car, including my hacking equipment is unusable. I still have a few guns hidden in the waistband of my pants and in my pockets, though.”
  • “Are you hurt anywhere?”
  • “I’m fine. Let’s start walking and find somewhere to hide until we devise a different plan.”
  • so you two begin walking in a totally different direction trying to find shelter
  • what seems like hours after, there’s an abandon set of houses and you take refuge in one for the time being
  • both of you eat what’s available, talk about a new plan, then sleep
  • the next day, you two set out again. everything seemed calmer, but… you thought too soon once again
  • instantaneously, your boyfriend pulls out a gun and points it at an open window, shooting because he sensed someone watching from above
  • he missed at first and the other fired back, sending at least 3 bullets through the side of his stomach
  • he falls down while clutching the fresh wound and you’re staring in complete shock, but then snap out of it and pull out a gun hidden in your waistband of your pants, and aim before the opponent has a chance to re-aim at you
  • pulling the trigger, the gunshot echoes throughout the area and shoots right through his head
  • once you’re sure there’s no one else, you rush over to your dying boyfriend
  • he’s only hanging on by a thread…
  • tears form and you start crying, knowing that his life is nearing its end
  • “Seven…”
  • he struggles to reach his other hand up and wipe away your tears, giving you one of his signature smiles
  • “Looks like Defender–” he coughs up blood trying to speak, “of Justice… Seven Zero Seven, has been defeated…”
  • “No…” you didn’t want to accept that in a few minutes, you’d be all alone.
  • tears start falling from his eyes as well
  • “Let’s find each other… in the next… life… and we’ll definitely… marry in the space… station… okay?”
  • nodding your head vigorously, you hold his hand tightly
  • “I promise… I promise we’ll find each other… I love you, Saeyoung!”
  • “I love you the most, MC. Don’t… ever forget that…”
  • a moment later, his hand goes limp, and his breathing comes to a halt
  • you scream out in agony, wondering why everything had to come to an end like this
  • then an idea came to mind; your hand reaches for the gun in his hand
  • and you press the cold metal to your temple, squeezing your eyes shut while tears are still pouring from your eyes
  • I’ll find you in the next life, Saeyoung, so we can marry in the space station and live a better life.
  • you hesitate a slight moment before finally pulling the trigger
  • your body falls to the ground right by his and all you remember was a blinding white light enveloping you


  • with his limited sight, he’s basically… well, useless in this kind of situation
  • even with his heightened sense of hearing, it doesn’t provide much use
  • there’s constant explosions going off everywhere, but staying inside is your best option
  • however, you didn’t know when your last day would be…
  • even in areas with low radiation, you two didn’t have any sort of masks to filter out the dangerous particles, so they would fill your lungs over time
  • there were nights where you would constantly shake in fear, but V would hold you tightly in his arms
  • he’d try to calm you with his low and soothing voice
  • even if he was calmer on the outside, he was scared as hell – he was scared of losing you first
  • if either of you were to die, he’d want to be the one to go first because he knows that you have a higher chance of survival than him
  • so to make sure you don’t end up as the same fate as him, he does something while you’re asleep
  • what seems like it’s going to be another normal day, there’s a knock on the door
  • you’re confused because who just… knocks in this kind of situation?
  • “Ah. MC, would you get that?”
  • a million things are flying through your mind because V said that as if he knew something…
  • but you decided to trust him and open the door
  • there stood Jumin and at least 3 bodyguards with a car behind them
  • “MC. Good to see that you’re safe.”
  • your head whips around as V approaches from behind
  • “V… what… is this?”
  • “I’m sorry, MC. It’s the only way to keep you safe since I’m incapacitated.”
  • then it clicks – he’s sending you off with Jumin because he has the protection
  • “No… V, please come with me! You can’t stay here by yourself! You’ll… you’ll…”
  • “I know. But it’s too late for me anyway,” he moves closer and strokes your cheek gently, giving you a warm and loving smile, “I know you’ll be fine without me.”
  • “No…” tears begin to fall down your face
  • V concentrates his limited sight on Jumin’s form
  • “I know you’ll take good care of her, Jumin”
  • he nods and picks you up and slings you over his shoulder like it’s nothing
  • but before leaving, Jumin looks back one more time at his best friend
  • “V…”
  • “Goodbye, Jumin.” and he just smiles once more as Jumin makes his way to the car with you
  • “V!!!!!”
  • he just waves at you, and even behind those sunglasses he always wears, you could tell he was crying and that it was just as hard for him to say his final goodbyes to you as well


  • you’re his number one priority and he doesn’t care what he has to do to keep you safe – he’ll do anything and kill anyone to ensure that you’re living
  • once two are finally alone and in a safer place, he embraces you tightly
  • he doesn’t know if it’s comforting for you, but it’s the only thing he can think of to help
  • you end up falling asleep behind him and he stays up to make sure that nothing happens to you; however, someone manages to break in, startling you awake
  • the intruder managed to outwit Saeran and shot him in the stomach, falling to the ground, seemingly dead
  • your eyes were wide with shock as tears began forming, heart rate skyrocketing
  • the person stalked towards you and you reached for the knife in your back pocket, but you knew it was useless against someone with a gun 
  • as the enemy raises his arm and points the gun at you, finger on the trigger, you close your eyes, ready to accept your death along with Saeran’s
  • there was a loud fire, but you didn’t feel anything
  • when you opened your eyes, there was a bullet hole through the guy’s head and he dropped to the ground with a large thump
  • beside him, Saeran was sitting against the wall clutching his stomach, the gun still pointed up from shooting
  • “Saeran…!” you rush over to him and grab his face, “I thought you were dead!”
  • there was blood everywhere; his hand, shirt….
  • “I was not about to let him touch a single hair on you.” he said through gritted teeth
  • “Your stomach! Ah, let me see if there’s gauze around here…”
  • he didn’t didn’t stop you because, well… he just couldn’t tell you that he was bleeding too much
  • you came back with a small roll and tried your best to stop the bleeding and wrap him up
  • “You’re going to make it, okay? E-Everything will be fine…” you kept repeating to him, not sure if it was to comfort him or yourself
  • you lie down and gingerly place your head in his lap, wet eyes trying to make out his face
  • Saeran looks down and wipes the tears away and then gently caressing your cheek, silently giving you what you know will be his last smile forever
  • both of your hands hold onto his wrist tightly
  • as painful as it was for him, he does his best to lean down and place a kiss on your forehead
  • you and Saeran are enveloped in silence, enjoying each other’s presence while you could, but you end up falling asleep some time after
  • he stares at your sleeping face for as long as he can
  • “I guess this wasn’t the right world. Maybe… maybe in the next one, it won’t end in ruins like this. We can be happy again…”
  • Saeran hesitates at first, but then decides to do it anyway
  • “I love you.”
  • when you awoke, you instantly remembered everything that happened and see that he’s looking down at you… but… with duller eyes
  • his wrist that you were clutching was eerily cold as well
  • “No!!” you scrambled to your knees and put your ear to his mouth
  • Nothing.
  • immediately, tears burst from your eyes as you hugged him close to you
  • death had taken him, and you didn’t know how long it would take to catch you
  • but you hoped it was soon
  • brushing your hand over his eyes to close them, you place a hand on his cheek once more
  • he looked peaceful
  • but then you remembered
  • You didn’t get to tell him that you loved him.

anonymous asked:

Does selenite need cleansing/charging? Since it's so closely associated with the Moon, can I take other forms of energy (say sunlight) and convert into lunar energy? I heard somewhere it can do that. Also, is selenite sun-safe? Sorry for all the questions. I was just gifted a selenite palm stone and I would love to learn the proper care and use for it. I love your blog and really respect you and your craft. Much love to you! 😄

hi! i think that converting energy is totally possible but in my experiencing, harnessing lunar energy is pretty easy - the moon is a very forgiving energy, and easy to work with. selenite is sun safe! and, it’s a self cleansing stone, so you’re good there. best of luck!

cleversnail  asked:

Bad Cop from All You Xombies

send me a character!

  • B totally has a boring URL like michaeloneilsblog so everyone is VERY CLEAR what his blog is about                                                                       
  • He mostly takes cool cellphone pictures of softly lit planes after the museum is closed at night but there’s always a vaguely human-shaped blur in the corner of every one of them…                                                       Also gifsets of “CHiPS” (1977-1983) and Safety Tips made on MS Paint by bored new recruits at local police stations                                                      
  • The first person he followed was Bricksburg PD Play It Safe! tumblr (for the kids, you know).                                                                                            
  • The default theme! Because it’s perfectly serviceable why bother changing it.                                                                                                    
  • Pls enjoy this text post B would make at 2am when he’s supposed to be working:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                I played Ghostbusters through the museum speakers tonight to see what would happen and Ben got sore B)

Hi! Sorry in advance for this really long ask but I want to write my boy accurately! I’ve decided to rebuild one of my characters as autistic, and despite being allistic myself I am determined to do him justice and write him as realistically as possible. I’ve started doing research that will help me represent him well, but I’m having issues finding concise answers for my questions about special interests and this one hypersensitivity. For example:

-How broad/narrow can a topic of special interest be? I already have him written as liking computers, so I’m thinking on a scale of like “anything computer sciencey in general” to “late ‘90’s to mid 2000’s PC microchip repairs”, if that helps at all.

-I know some people have multiple special interests, but is there necessarily any overlap between them? Like, is it more likely that they would intersect with one another, or be completely unrelated to one another? Or maybe they seem unrelated to outsiders but are related from his perspective? I’m v confused on this point actually and would really appreciate any clarification you can give.

And for the hypersensitivity:

-From my reading and personal experience with autistic family members I’ve noticed that visual, auditory, and tactile sensitivities seem most common, but what about food sensitivities? I’ve read that hypersensitivities to foods exist, but what I’m not clear on is whether it’s a mouth-feel/taste thing or gastrointestinal thing or maybe a little of both?? A lot of the studies I found focused on how preservatives and dyes in foods can affect behavior, which is nice to know but not exactly what I’m looking for. This character happens to also be Jewish, so understanding how hypersensitivities to food work is going to be an integral part of whether I write him as keeping kosher or not. 

I know all autistic people are individuals and that the short answer to any of these is probably going to be that it varies from one person to the next, but I’d rather be safe and ask stupid questions than make assumptions and accidentally perpetuate harmful stereotypes! Thank you so much for your time and all the work you do <3 This blog is great!

Hi there! Thanks for your detailed ask. When you make your questions very specific, you make it easier for us to answer them. :)

Special interests can be broad or narrow. They can also be completely unrelated. Here’s a list of a few random special interests I’ve had over the years:

  • ants (how they live, what their nests look like, how they eat, all the different types, etc.)
  • the use of corn in American food (why it’s so cheap, how it’s subsidized, the process of turning it into chemicals, why it’s so unhealthy to eat it that way, etc.)
  • Czech sign language (I obsessively learned the language and became fluent in less than a year)
  • the band EELS
  • the game Dwarf Fortress

Special interests can be lifelong or they can change. For me, they tend to last a year or so, or until I feel I’ve learned all I can about them, then I slowly lose my passion and I feel kind of listless for a short period of time until something new sparks my interest. I usually have more than one at once, with one main one being the thing I think about most and one or two “lesser” ones which I can switch to when I’m blocked from the main one for some reason. However, I retain all the knowledge and experience from past interests, and I still enjoy talking about them given the chance. (I still get a super happy feeling when I see an ant farm, even though that was when I was a little kid.)

So your character’s interests are really up to you, and they definitely do not need to be related.

Regarding hypersensitivity, it is an incredibly individual thing. For food, it can be about taste, texture, smell, or there could be issues with an upset stomach after eating. Writer’s choice.

Keep up the good work, and good luck with your character and story!

-Mod Aira

anonymous asked:

Hi guys! Do you know about the girls sns? Also thank you all for the hard work and I wish that the admin traveling has a very nice and safe trip ✨

Hello! All their official SNS are posted on our blog, but if you still need it. 
Twitter and Instagram: @hf_dreamcatcher 
Weibo: Dreamcatcher_7
Facebook: /happyfacedreamcatcher

merrcolby  asked:

hi, i'm unknowledgeable so what do all o those words mean in your bio, nsfw/ kink/ littlespace/ cgl(re)/inclusionist ????

nsfw - not safe for work. basically, don’t reblog my stuff to a blog that also reblogs or posts po/rn and dont like my posts if your main is a nsfw blog

kink/littlespace/cgl(re) - a loose community of weirdos who think acting childishly during sex/sexual situations is fun and hot. they make me and my followers uncomfortable, which is why i ask them not to follow or interact

inclusionist - ace inclusionist, someone who thinks cis straight people can be lgbt/lgbtpn if they’re ace. this is the boundary ive gotten the most shit for having but  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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thank you so much for defending lesbians <3 tumblr is filled with lesbophobes and a lot of us are too scared to speak out. thank you for this blog, you are doing important work. sending lots of love your way.


Thank you so much for your support. We really want to keep doing this and we don’t plan on giving up any time soon. We also feel like it’s important that women speak up against the increasing lesbophobia in the LGBT community. 

We’re glad that we are doing what we strive to do. Our goal is to make lesbians feel safe again, and every message like this that we recieve really only fuels our fire. Thank you so much for this positive message. We love all of you. 

/ Mod A and Mod W

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Hello... it me. I was wondering if you could right a headcanon just for me (I am so sorry that i just did that, please forgive me XD) Anyways what about the RFA would react to MC being a school idol like from muse or aquors. dankeeee

I apologise, I have no knowledge on school idols, but I’ll do my best!!! (I did watch the videos you sent me! I swear!) 

Hope these are okay. 

Yoosung: He’d be in awe that MC was so famous and that they still liked him and talked to him all the time. He’d be absolutely in awe of the fact that somehow he, an ordinary university student who spent most of his time gaming, would be able to make someone like MC like him. 

He’d be super enthusiastic about their performances to the point that he’d happily to skip LOLOL for an evening to watch them perform. 

Jumin: He wouldn’t quite understand it at first.

He would think hat MC was basically a second Zen when they first appeared on the messenger and when he first figured out about their career and obviously that wouldn’t please him. 

As he started getting to know MC he’d realise that they weren’t the same as Zen. Instead that they were kind and genuine and that they, unlike Zen, wouldn’t deny his help.  

He would then do his very best to help them out, probably offering them a position as the face of C&R if they ever found themself in any sort of trouble.

Even if he wasn’t a huge fan of music, he’d see their performances and be cheering even louder than anyone else.   

Zen: Zen would be very intrigued. He’s already a musical theater kid as it is and would love to see MC preform more than anything. He’d be their biggest fan, not missing a single performance. 

He’d also be sure to let his followers know about how talented they were and would probably talk about it a lot (especially on social media). 

Jaehee: Everyone has seen how excited Jaehee gets about Zen’s performances. I have no doubt that she’d get just as excited about MC’s work as she would about Zens. 

She’d love to see every performance and would definitely run one (or many) fan blogs about MC and would be very active around the online fanbase as well to make sure that MC was safe. 

707: Seven would love it. He would have found out when doing the initial background search on them, and would have been completely on awe of the fact that they were so talented. 

He would listen to their music often, especially after he and MC grew closer and when he was working since he couldn’t concentrate very well without listening to MC’s voice. 

Welcome to the Autistic Community!

Hi there! My name is Liese, and this is a new blog aimed at being a safe place for people who are new to the autistic community to ask questions and explore, without having to be afraid of being wrong, or of being yelled at for not knowing things. Of course, older members of the community who are willing to be patient with those still learning are also welcome!

The blog is still a work in progress, so please bear with me! I am working on a resource page that will cover common topics such as Person First Language vs. Identity First Language, stimming, sensory processing, and other such topics.

The ask and submit are open, so feel free to ask or submit anything! If you have any feedback on the accessibility of the theme, please let me know. I have tried to pick a theme that is easy to read and navigate, but let me know if it’s causing you problems.

And since I am sure people will ask: Yes, you can follow us if you’re not autistic! I am not going to be checking people’s blogs. All I ask is that you respect the purpose of the blog.

I think that’s all! I look forward to trying to help and support the newcomers to our community!

You can find my personal blog here, too.

Thank you for reading!


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You mentioned human/Gem parallels a while ago, specifically Peedee/Peridot and Jamie/Lapis; well, what about Ronaldo/Jasper and Dr. Maheswaran/Yellow Diamond? Regarding Ronaldo, he has light-colored messy hair and a heavy build, often wears dark red and orange, and sees himself as a guardian of society against evil, ignoring his explicit duties to do The Right Thing. Which makes him a foil to Peedee, who likes to do his job correctly but who still looks up to and grudgingly obeys Ronaldo.

(Continued) And Dr. Maheswaran’s similarity with Yellow Diamond: Both have hair that accentuates their forehead/crown, similar noses, and lines under their eyes in the same place. They even speak with a similar inflection, especially when upset, and have similar long coats. Dr. Maheswaran is a “leader” in a sense, and she feels she can’t lead well unless she is ominescent and omnipotent over her “subject.” And finally, Dr. M is not just a parent, but a doctor, which is to say, a scientist.

Believe it or not, something I’ve considered is that the Diamonds might parallel some of the parents around Beach City! I have to say, though, I disagree with you a bit about Dr. Maheswaran’s parallel (and the parallels I mentioned were actually Peedee/Peridot, Lars/Lapis, and Ronado/Jasper) but, let’s talk about the Diamonds and Gems they might parallel!

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That was, hands down, one of the best Supernatural episodes in a long time. And I’m saying this as a genuine lover of the recent seasons (10 and 11).

Holy fuck.


I want to rewatch that ep a million times there were just so many awesome lines. Getting to explore Chuck’s character – GOD’s character – was so fucking awesome.

The reveal of Chuck as God, Chuck having a WORLD’S GREATEST DAD mug, pulling in Metatron to be his editor again but not making him an angel… FUCKING YES.

God runs a cat blog. Like that’s show canon now, God runs a cat blog and has a snapchat and is bisexual and started new books called Revolution. whatevenisthisareyouseriousrightnow

THE SAMULET. Of course God has it, of course Chuck saved it, of course it really works. OF COURSE.

Humanity’s greatest creation: music. And also nacho cheese!

“Last time I saw that look from an editor I’d just handed in Bugs. Safe Place.” CHUCK PLEASE.

Rob getting to sing and play the guitar yessssss.

Chuck saying Lucy wasn’t his fav, and that he wasn’t always the villain. Aw I love Lucifer too.

Inventing souls made him nauseous XD

Metatron: Why? Chuck: Can you be more specific, I get that question a lot. About everything. XDDDDDDD

Side note but Amara has such a huge ladyboner for Dean and I mean I get where she’s coming from but also DOUBLE OR NOTHING BABY why have one when you can make a delicious WINCHESTER SANDWICH.

Nature is divine, human nature is toxic. Humans blow stuff up in God’s name and then want him to fix it – look at supernatural dropping some truth bombs on us tonight fuck.

No one likes a helicopter parent. Dude, Chuck, honeybear…. everyone wants you back.

Winchesters? I love those guys! I rebuilt Cas more times than I could count! But the world would still be spinning with demon!Dean in it… But Sam couldn’t have that. …Chuck knows them SO WELL, he made them, he KNOWS they will always choose FAMILY – THAT’S THE MOST IMPORTANT THING REMEMBER CHUCK??!

Never thought I’d see Metatron have the balls to call God a coward.

Humans. Never. Give. Up. #AlwaysKeepFighting #YouAreNotAlone

Dean not getting infected and refusing to leave Sam and yelling at God to fix this already and God actually listening… 

Chuck saving everyone in town and giving Sam the Samulet back (!!!!) and even bringing back the people who died fuck yes this is what we need.

The brothers faces when they see Chuckkkkkkk oh god.


Tom Hiddleston News - a new blog

Hey guys,

So I had this crazy idea, (once again…) I decided to put together an unofficial news source to collect any news related on Tom’s work in one place here on tumblr. It’s mostly a collection of links atm but I’m planning on creating also master posts of all of his movies, tv-series and any other work I can get my hands on. It would be a source specifically dedicated to his work, because there are plenty of gossip blogs dedicated to Tom and none really for his work - which I personally think is the more important and more interesting issue.

This is first and foremost a service I want to offer to the fandom without any expectations, just to share the information and news and secondly to make some real use of myself as it seems that I am spending time here more than I really should.

This way I also can continue as I see fit on my own blog which I want to keep as my own personal safe(crazy) haven.

Feel free to follow the blog which can be found here:


and reblog this post if you consider it worthy of it.

As this is a service I want to provide to the whole Hiddleston fandom I have a small request I’d like to ask of you. If you stumble upon any news regarding Tom, please tag me or twh-news into it. This way we get the news spread as quickly as possible.

I’m trying to avoid reblogging as much as possible but sometimes original posts of others include so much useful information, pictures and such that they work better than just plain link post.

If any fan art, fan edit and gif creators would be interested in contributing their work to be included in the posts to bring the blog alive better, I’d be more than happy to credit your work accordingly and to include a link to your blog with each of your piece. Also I was planning to make featured-posts for each of the contributing artists from time to time to showcase your work to help you promote your blog and gain more followers.

There’s only one rule for these works: they should be somehow connected with Tom’s work. So no manips, just edits or gifs made from the original movie material or original artwork. Also the work should always be submitted by the creator/artist themselves or clearly state that the creator/artist has given the rights to publish their work on the blog. This way the artist gets the credit of the work they deserve.

So once more, the blog to follow is twh-news

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hi, i was wondering if there was a list somewhere or if you could possibly post links to all the mods' gemsonas? i just really appreciate all the work you're doing on gemsona week and making sure the blogs/tags are a safe space and want to show my appreciation by drawing something for you guys! :>

AW thats cute, of course…

Angerfish’s gemsona Prehnite
Azerarhk’s gemsona Moldavite
Twodeadleg’s gemsona Brookite!
Nerdfaceangst’s gemsona Ōma!
Shikai’s gemsona Moon!
Our temp mods who saved the day: 
Lotus’s gemsona Hematite!
Also Appingo, though she’s not in the SU fandom. :’) What a pal.
My lil nerd is Dorey.

That’s so sweet, thank you!! And thank you to all the mods and people who helped this year!!!!!!! It would have literally been impossible for me to handle it all alone again, this year was wildly bigger. Thank you thank you!

Hi guys. This is an important public announcement for the BC fandom community:

I hate that this has happened to us, but there are some ‘people’ out there that have actually lost their minds since BC got married and is becoming a father. Something that the majority of the BC fandom celebrates with and for him.  But these ‘people’ are now trying to infiltrate our true fandom blogs.

They are taking our wonderful works of art and hijacking them for their own insidious use - to ridicule BC, and his true fans, and attempt to spread their poor misguided sickness.

So I urge you to be VERY careful from who it is you’re reblogging. Check out their blogs. And I mean check them out well. Because they will hide behind 100 seemingly innocent reblogs, except if you read the comments, you will notice that they have, MANY times, removed the original comments and added insulting, vile, nasty, rude and humiliating comments about BC - aimed at making fun of his fans - disguised as sexual innuendos. But if you keep digging deeper into their blogs, you will find the truth. They are hateful trolls. Spreading their HATE for BC and SH and their fans. They are using our good names to make you think it’s perfectly safe to reblog something from them, and not paying attention, they have added their awful comments, that you are then spreading throughout our respectful fandom. You will also notice they NEVER make their own works. NEVER. They use the creater fans and then turn their hard work against them. 

Now, I’m not saying that not creating original works is not being a fan, because there are lots of wonderful fans that just reblog. But they do it with love, adding good comments.Yes, they may even be gaudy, but they are not intended to insult or humiliate. They don’t change the original comments to something nasty to attempt to spread hate and ridicule.

Just please be careful. Don’t reblog something from someone you do not know. (especially now that I’ve posted this, they will be changing their URLs by the handful *laughs sadly*) PLEASE, go check out their blogs. And I mean go to their archives and randomly pick stuff from random times. And REALLY check out their text posts! You will then see them for what they really are - and you will be appalled! 

With fandom love & respect,