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That was, hands down, one of the best Supernatural episodes in a long time. And I’m saying this as a genuine lover of the recent seasons (10 and 11).

Holy fuck.


I want to rewatch that ep a million times there were just so many awesome lines. Getting to explore Chuck’s character – GOD’s character – was so fucking awesome.

The reveal of Chuck as God, Chuck having a WORLD’S GREATEST DAD mug, pulling in Metatron to be his editor again but not making him an angel… FUCKING YES.

God runs a cat blog. Like that’s show canon now, God runs a cat blog and has a snapchat and is bisexual and started new books called Revolution. whatevenisthisareyouseriousrightnow

THE SAMULET. Of course God has it, of course Chuck saved it, of course it really works. OF COURSE.

Humanity’s greatest creation: music. And also nacho cheese!

“Last time I saw that look from an editor I’d just handed in Bugs. Safe Place.” CHUCK PLEASE.

Rob getting to sing and play the guitar yessssss.

Chuck saying Lucy wasn’t his fav, and that he wasn’t always the villain. Aw I love Lucifer too.

Inventing souls made him nauseous XD

Metatron: Why? Chuck: Can you be more specific, I get that question a lot. About everything. XDDDDDDD

Side note but Amara has such a huge ladyboner for Dean and I mean I get where she’s coming from but also DOUBLE OR NOTHING BABY why have one when you can make a delicious WINCHESTER SANDWICH.

Nature is divine, human nature is toxic. Humans blow stuff up in God’s name and then want him to fix it – look at supernatural dropping some truth bombs on us tonight fuck.

No one likes a helicopter parent. Dude, Chuck, honeybear…. everyone wants you back.

Winchesters? I love those guys! I rebuilt Cas more times than I could count! But the world would still be spinning with demon!Dean in it… But Sam couldn’t have that. …Chuck knows them SO WELL, he made them, he KNOWS they will always choose FAMILY – THAT’S THE MOST IMPORTANT THING REMEMBER CHUCK??!

Never thought I’d see Metatron have the balls to call God a coward.

Humans. Never. Give. Up. #AlwaysKeepFighting #YouAreNotAlone

Dean not getting infected and refusing to leave Sam and yelling at God to fix this already and God actually listening… 

Chuck saving everyone in town and giving Sam the Samulet back (!!!!) and even bringing back the people who died fuck yes this is what we need.

The brothers faces when they see Chuckkkkkkk oh god.


Welcome to the Autistic Community!

Hi there! My name is Liese, and this is a new blog aimed at being a safe place for people who are new to the autistic community to ask questions and explore, without having to be afraid of being wrong, or of being yelled at for not knowing things. Of course, older members of the community who are willing to be patient with those still learning are also welcome!

The blog is still a work in progress, so please bear with me! I am working on a resource page that will cover common topics such as Person First Language vs. Identity First Language, stimming, sensory processing, and other such topics.

The ask and submit are open, so feel free to ask or submit anything! If you have any feedback on the accessibility of the theme, please let me know. I have tried to pick a theme that is easy to read and navigate, but let me know if it’s causing you problems.

And since I am sure people will ask: Yes, you can follow us if you’re not autistic! I am not going to be checking people’s blogs. All I ask is that you respect the purpose of the blog.

I think that’s all! I look forward to trying to help and support the newcomers to our community!

You can find my personal blog here, too.

Thank you for reading!