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Tricks and Confessions

Merlin x Reader

Warnings: none, just fluff
Word Count: 1891
A/N: Yeah, I’ve definitely written better some time, but still, I love Merlin, I love Colin Morgan, and here’s your story love! Finally!
Request: Can you do a Merlinx Reader where the reader works in the castle and is really shy, and she likes Merlin so she tries to avoid him, but it’s hard because he is always just trying to talk to her because he likes her? Thanks Love ya

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You grabbed the bucket of laundry tighter and quickened your step.
“(Y/n), wait!”

Quickly you turned around the next corner, trying to escape the boy the well-known voice belonged to, but he must have run, for he had reached you shortly after, a wide grin on his face. 
Smiling back weakly you looked up at him. “Hey, Merlin.” 

Oh god, you just wanted to get away. 

After all you needed to do the laundry, then clean up the guest chambers, and then… you needed to continue avoiding Merlin. 

You weren’t sure how obvious your crush on him was, but you knew the longer time you’d spent with him, the more nervous you’d get, the more hopes you’d make yourself, and you just couldn’t afford that right now.
He maybe was a servant, just like you, but he was Prince Arthur’s personal manservant. You were the kind of girl that was basically responsible for everything, that no-one else wanted to do.

You had probably seen more dirty latrines than anyone ever needed to see in a lifetime.

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I sometimes wonder if the reason we suddenly see merlin get a new purple shirt in later seasons is because one day Arthur was like “goddamnit merlin you wear the same two shirts over and over time for a change” so my headcanon is that he decides to buy merlin a new tunic, but not just any tunic, a bright purple one. purple was a much harder color to create and far more expensive so it was often the color of royalty.

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Do you know any fics where there at camp?

Here’s a few :)

Knights should never play with dragons by thecheekydragon
Merlin hated Arthur Pendragon. He really, really did. Now he was going to have to spend three weeks as a camp leader at a summer youth camp with him?

Just another camping story by miss-chevalier
Merlin’s class goes on a camping trip and of course Merlin’s secret crush Arthur Pendragon is going, too.

Magical by obstreperouscharacters
Merlin and Arthur are the two fastest runners on the Camelot High School cross country team, and the fact that they hate each other is not exactly helping the team’s work ethic. So, when the group takes its annual trip to an out of state meet, Leon, their coach, decides that Merlin and Arthur are going to become friends. The rest of the team is hoping they’ll become a little more than that.

Come Around by andiwould
When Merlin finds himself rooming with Arthur on a high school field trip and the cold forces them to share a bed for warmth, the last thing he’s expecting is to end up hooking up with his prattish classmate.

Amid the Pines that Stood by Emjayelle
On their day off from working at Camelot Camping, Merlin and Arthur escape to the other side of the lake for some much needed alone time.

The Scout who came to Camelot by maidentashincamelot
Merlin, Will and Mordred are Senior Scouts who go to their club in Ealdor. But when their scout group closes up due to a lack of members, their former leader Tom transfers them to the Camelot division, already having his son Elyan in the group. Tom also transfers his daughter Gwen and her friend Elena to the Camelot Girl Guides, as their pack have also discontinued. Joining the Camelot group, he is placed under the supervision of Arthur Pendragon, who ‘supposedly’ tries to make him feel at home. One accident to Merlin, and Arthur’s feelings change for the lad though.