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Inktober Day….7???

Idk, I’ve lost track of how behind I am. Anyway, I know I’m basic and unoriginal, but tbh, Feel Good Inc. has been and probably always will be my favorite track. Closely followed by El Manana and like 10 others.

Didn’t bother inking this one and just slapped a few flat colors on it.


Also, wow the colors look truly awful on mobile. You can’t see his eyes rolling back at all on here. :’)


Today is Aster’s ‘gotcha’ day. The left is him as a little 1.7 pound kitten who was far too skinny. The right is him as an athletic 9.5 pound cat that enjoys playing in the tub, sneak attacks and marshmallows (really!)

Although too playful for his own good, he’s also very patient and tolerant, gentle on the hands and feet he pounces at, and a baby that drools when he gets comfy.

Happy gotcha day Aster, we love you.

Some people: my friends are such insane bunch!

Me, mass effect nerd:

Shepard’s best friends:

- 300 year old murderious krogan king/uncle material.

- Cute quarian girl with bad girl’s attitude.

- Badass female human soldier, who isn’t afraid to send you to fuck yourself. Loves poetry.

- Sweet male biotic sentinel, who can murder you in cold blood if he has a migraine.

- Asari, who is shy archeologist by day and badass leader of shady information market by night.

- Cat/bird guy, who so hates his work, he decides to leave with first rando encountered…


- Dangerous, unstable criminal chick. Likes to run naked.

- Cold blooded agent of shady organisation. Is major bitch to everyone, but a good friend if you get to know her.

- Idealistic gun for hire. Has daddy issues…

- Newborn murderious krogan

- Insane salarian scientist, who never shuts up and knows everything.

- A lamp robot, who can beatbox

- A kleptomaniac acrobat

- Old super angry merc

- A badass asari granny with sexiest body.

- Lizzard man, who can kill you in the blink of the eye. Likes to pray on freetime…

And also:

- human krogan equivalent with recless nature. Likes to make fun of people.

- angry last 50'000 old popsicle…

- A.I. with sexy voice and body and lots of questions about her existence. Can’t get answers from any male or female with attraction to women…

- Snarky british comm officer. Uses you because of your shower…

- Sweet shuttle pilot, who’s your best friend forever…

- dumbass skilled pilot, who also never shuts up and knows everything. Everyone wanted to strangle him at least once.. Literal bff, who works only for you because you have the best ship around…

Haircuts and Wedding Plans [Part 2]

Part 1

Characters/: Jensen Ackles, Felicia Day, Indiana (ofc), y/n
Pairing: Jensen Ackles x reader
Word count: .9K
Warnings: swearing, no beta
Series summary: Between work and being a single mom, you haven’t found a good date for your sister’s wedding, so when you meet Jensen, he might just be the guy for the wedding? And maybe more?
A/N: Nobody freak out. This is still pie-not-cake-you-assbutt. I just changed my url since it’s October!! Also, I still suck at summaries. A lot. lmao // And no disrespect towards Jensen, his family, or any of the cast. <3

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“Y/n?” He sounded kinda confused to me, which made perfect sense, considering the fact that I was literally just some random customer from that afternoon.

“Um, yeah.” My face was probably red and I kinda wanted to die, but I had to finish what I’d started. Dammit, I shouldn’t have done this over the phone. “I’ve got a really random question to ask. And it’s totally okay if you say no. Felicia and Indie are just kinda making me do this. And so- Guh, I’m sorry. I’m rambli-”

“Y/n.” His single word cut off my ridiculous, panicked rant. “Just ask. It’s okay.”

“What? Oh…” I mentally kicked myself and sighed, finally spitting it out. “You wanna go to my sister’s wedding with me?”

“Wedding? As in your date?”

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lol i spent 5 days on&off drawing it,, super tiring dont recommend. because i couldn’t render(detail) everything i def put more effort into certain parts only lmao (like his thigh) :”D


#ʜᴀᴘᴘʏᴄʜᴇɴᴅᴀʏ16 | ᴊᴏɴɢᴅᴀᴇ ᴀs ᴄᴏʟᴏᴜʀs ᴏғ ᴛʜᴇ ʀᴀɪɴʙᴏᴡ

  • My friend: So you have a thing for guys rolling up their sleeves, gloves, and suspenders?
  • Me: (thinking about Ignis) yeah
V Route Tips Day 1 - 11

I’ll make this one post. The whole deal is in one post… because I don’t want to put endless links in the Masterpost though. 


  • This will contain spoilers. I’ve done my best to not spoil the plot. 
  • This is how I personally played through this. I’ve gotten the normal ending. But I assume it’s like the other routes, depending on guests. But I can not 100% confirm this will work for everyone.
  • I am not entirely sure how many guests you need to get the good ending. Someone told me you need 15 Guests in order to get it, instead of 9 or 10 in the other routes. I’ve had 13 Guests iirc… So yeah that’s not enough.

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captain swan + 93? hope you have a good day!

a bit of canon fluff for you, love, with a little nod to Killian’s dialogue on the horizon being calming. I hope you like it <3

93. “You have the most amazing eyes.”

“You have the most amazing eyes.”

The sentence drops unbidden from Emma’s lips, a soft string of words that breaks the comfortable silence between them and causes Killian to halt his caressing fingers.

He pulls back a little to look at her, equal parts confused and amused.

They’d been sitting pressed against each other at the balcony of their bedroom for what felt like hours. After the griffin attacked Storybrooke last week, she’d only finished with handling repairs and complaints late last night. Her dad had insisted (in what she assumed was his Royal Voice) that she stay at home for the next few days. Killian had agreed, texting David sporadically throughout the day to ensure him that she was, in fact, relaxing.

(She’ll never understand their relationship.)

Killian’s insistence is how they ended up cuddled together, watching the perfect view of the sea, with mugs of hot chocolate to keep the chill away. Emma doesn’t know when she stopped mapping the horizon and instead started mapping the planes of Killian’s face, just that she didn’t really want to stop. And then the evening started approaching, and in the light of the golden hour, well, she just couldn’t help but make her judgment out loud.

“Have you only noticed them now, love? You sure know how to wound a man,” he chuckles, voice as quiet as hers was.

Emma smirks. “Please. I was just making an observation,” she taps once at his chest with her hand that’s resting there.

He hums, resumes running his fingers up and down her arm but doesn’t break eye contact. “I’d say it was more of an opinion, Swan. Which could only mean you’re trying to seduce me with your words, and although I am a man of honour, I do accept.”

He says it with such propriety that Emma can’t help but laugh. When he breaks out into a full grin, she knows that’s what he was going for.

Emma reaches up and runs a thumb under the curve of his eye. It makes his expression soften, his eyelashes flutter. (And yeah, he’s got amazing eyelashes, too.) He doesn’t wear as much kohl anymore, only a little, and sometimes he forgoes it completely. It used to make his eyes brighter, but she finds his eyes are already a colour she can’t quite describe. It’s as though someone mixed all the oceans together to create the most striking blue.

“Your brother’s were a different shade,” she muses, knitting her brows in concentration to make sure she’s remembering Liam correctly.

Killian nods, leaning into her palm. “I took after my mother in that regard, or so Liam told me.” He smiles, and she can’t help but mirror it. When she leans into him, he doesn’t hesitate to respond with a lingering kiss that she can feel down to her toes.

“If you keep staring at me, you’re going to miss the sunset,” he says with a smirk when he pulls back. He raises an eyebrow for good measure when she doesn’t look away from him.

“I think I like this view better,” she hums.

Killian looks down and then back at the water, an adorable rosy hue tinting his cheeks and the tips of his ears. She wonders just how long he had to go without someone offering him a genuine compliment based on a simple observation. She thumbs at his cheeks for a moment before dropping her hand back to his chest, the other playing with the tuft of hair at the nape of his neck.

She wants to tell him about all the amazing things he is, and she promises herself to do just that.

Killian presses her a little closer to him. They fall back into silence, and Emma watches his gentle expression as he watches the water, his eyes like the ocean calming her like no other thing can.

The Celebrity Magazine; Fall 2017 Issue
Chanyeol’s Interview

Question: You have a very strong image of optimism. Haven’t you ever wanted to break from that?
Chanyeol: When i was younger i thought my bright and optimistic image would create certain preconceptions for the music i wanted to compose, so i wanted to break away from the image, but these days i compose without thinking about that kind of thing. Because there is bound to be someone who enjoys that kind of music too. I’m living comfortably with that thought.

Question: I’ve heard that you got in trouble from your mother when you told her you wanted to raise a mouse that got caught in a mouse trap. Do you like animals?
Chanyeol: Animals are like family to me. I’ve always had animals with me since i was a child. These days i have no time to raise a pet because i’m busy, but i play with the dog at my parents’ place whenever i visit. Unfortunately i’ve developed a cat fur allergy which i didn’t have when i was younger, so i have to be careful.

Question: Your low voice is so nice to listen to. I’m curious about which songs you enjoy singing.
Chanyeol: I like singing. I sing Jung Jun Il sunbae-nim’s “Hug Me” a lot. I’ve even uploaded myself singing it in my own style. There are people who are surprised when i sing because they only know me as a rapper. Before i wanted to gain recognition for my singing, but these days i don’t feel that it’s necessary to worry myself like that.

Question: Not feeling the need to worry yourself can be seen as a sign of maturity. Was there a moment that caused it?
Chanyeol: My personality is rather impatient. I feel the need to do things immediately and feel anxious when i don’t. When i look at it i think the moment that helped me was all the bowling i did when i found myself with time to spare. I got impatient that i couldn’t control the bowl properly so clung to it for two months bowling until early morning, but i actually bowled better after a two month break when i went back with an easier mind. I control myself with the thought of ‘If i get it it’s good and if i don’t get it i’ll make it eventually’. Maybe it’s because personalities don’t change but i’m still impatient.

Question: Any songs that you find touching?
Chanyeol: I couldn’t understand them when i was younger but these days i really love songs by Black Skirt and Lee Sora sunbaenim. I was looking up their songs and suddenly found myself overcome with emotion, almost as though something was flowing into me.

Question: I’m curious about your current playlist.
Chanyeol: Amy Winehouse, Migos, Aerosmith, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC and more. There are also songs from the OST of the animation <Your Name>, which i watched recently.

Question: What did you like about <Your Name>?
Chanyeol: I like the subtle emotions that you find in Japanese films. I think i get pulled in very easily by the hooks Shinkai Makoto sets up. Of course the visuals are beautiful, but i really enjoyed the introduction of fantasy elements in a still realistic setting. The fact that the main protagonist went through a great deal of events but couldn’t remember any of it was sad.

Question: You debuted in 2012. Do you have any aspirations for your music as an idol of 5 years?
Chanyeol: EXO has always shown a new, trendy and constantly changing side of us in our own unique colours. You could see each member growing obviously for each album. I have faith in the company, so i believe that we will continue to grow in the future. I have a lot of passion for music personally too. At the moment i just want to enjoy myself with the music as it comes, without feeling as though i have to do something. It isn’t a greed from impatience, i could call it more of a greed to do better.

Question: Is there anything that influences your music?
Chanyeol: My surroundings. When i see someone who’s talented in music i want to be talented like them. I get the same desire when i meet an artist i respect or see a good performance. These days i pray alot before composing too. Praying helps me go into composing by letting me collect my thoughts and putting me in a calmer state.

Question: I’m curious about the artists you like.
Chanyeol: I’m a fan of Jamie Cullum. I like his voice and the way he plays the piano. I’m also a fan of pianist Yoon Suk Chul’s works. He’s so talented to the point where i think ‘he must be the god of piano’. I learn a lot from composing with him. I listen to a variety of genres but jazz and rock are my constants.

Question: You contributed in writing the lyrics of a song in your 4th official album. Is it an autobiographical story?
Chanyeol: No. ‘Sweet Lies’ is a story very far from me. I thought alot about what i would be like if i was a bad boy, but the style doesn’t really fit with me so it was a little difficult (laughs). G. Soul composed and wrote the lyrics for the frame of the song and when i first heard the melody i thought that kind of story would suit it.

Question: You’ve been called a ‘face prodigy’. What do you think when you look into the mirror.
Chanyeol: I admit it (laughs) I feel proud occasionally when i look in the mirror. I usually wear black clothing without accessorising very much. I started off thinking ‘I’ll be okay even though i’m wearing this’ but i stick to it now because it’s so comfortable. Comfort is the most important for going to the studio and bowling alley, home and so on. So i don’t really have much of an interest for appearances but when there’s a schedule and i look in the mirror with makeup i think ‘as expected’ (both laugh)

Question: You were wearing the so-called three-lined slippers at London, you’re even wearing them now.
Chanyeol: That’s right. These are the shoes and pants i wore then. I wore them because they were comfortable but even the London people were surprised. I told them it was outerwear clothes.

Question: As an artist, there are people who don’t hesitate on stage but are shy in front of a camera. Conversely, there are people who shine both on stage and enjoy themselves as a celebrity on variety shows or dramas. Which side do you lean towards?
Chanyeol: The former. There are lots of people that think i don’t talk when i go on variety shows and on top of that i’m very shy so it takes me a while to get comfortable. I still try though. I like seeing new sides of me so i always like a new challenge.

Question: I’m curious on how you feel about Seoul as someone who’s travelled all over the world.
Chanyeol: Even though i don’t feel particularly different when i’m overseas, the first thought i have when i come to Seoul is ‘Oh! I’m home’. When i come to Incheon airport and take my phone off airport mode, it’s convenient that the wifi works well. I don’t go around very much overseas.

Question: Last question. What gives you inspiration these days?
Chanyeol: Myself. Not because i’m particularly special but because i’m thinking a lot about myself. In the end i think all things conclude with yourself. So i find myself gaining inspiration for the types of music i really want to do.

Translation by fyeah-chanyeol
(Please take out with full credits)

4 O’Clock || pjm



Summary: Your roommate keeps bringing boys over and you have thin walls. but that gives you a good excuse to go nap in your crush’s dorm.

Genre: fluff, college au

Length: 0.9k

A/N: HAPPY BIRTHDAY JIMIN!! also i totally didnt write a thing because i knew this would be the perfect gif nope

Originally posted by herthealbum

Mornings were Jimin’s favourite time of the day, the morning chorus would begin with a few birds at first, always singing a new tune with a sky streaked with pinks and purples as a background. But all of it was broken when he heard the door to his dorm slam open, turning in alarm to watch you rush in with your cheeks a dark shade of red.

“To what do I owe this pleasure?” He asked turning on his balcony to face you with his arms crossed, the thin white curtains fluttered slightly in the wind and Jimin tried to suppress any feelings of happiness form showing on his face as he tried to make you explain the reason why you had barged into his dorm so early.

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Test, test. Today is a sunny day. *clears throat*

To the good, innocent people of this world. I am Dr. Eggman. A man with a miraculous brain who will become the new king of this planet. To the foolish Resistance or whatsoever. Stop any meaningless opposition and surrender now. 99% of this planet is already in my hand, and your admired hero Sonic was also defeated by my power. Put your weapons away and capitulate. You don’t have to follow the stupid echidna who can only think about fighting. If you come to my side now, I will promise you three meals a day with a nap time. And an underground prison… erm, *clears throat* I will be waiting with clean, warm dormitory. I am expecting a wise choice from you all. That is it. Ho-ho-ho-ho!

Nothing major revealed, just a confirmation that something has happened to Sonic.

(not related but I love the Eggman Empire logo, a bit too complex but it fits)


one piece anniversary

day 6 » relationships/interactions 

∟ luffy + his crew  

okay i was going to write an analysis but let’s be quick: luffy’s relationship with his crew is super important because he even though he has a different relationship with each of them, he treats them all equally and respectfully, which in turn makes their relationships that much more precious. please don’t tell me he values any crew member more than another, because he’s probably die the same way if any of them left. 

how each dad proposes to you
(tell me if you want me to stop with these ‘all dad’ things)

⛪Joseph: during a grill get together with all the neighbours around, before he fires up to start cooking, he calls everybody’s attention and thanks them all for coming before moving onto how grateful he is for the people in his life, and then how blessed he is to have you, etc. and proposes in front of all your close friends.

💪Craig: during an early morning jog, on your route down the main street, across the park and beside the lake. you both stop by the bench you do your mid run stretches, he knows your habit to stretch and stare across the lake with its still water, watching the sun start to kiss the surface and the dew on the grass, he gets on a knee behind you and calls softly to you ‘bro’.

🔪Robert: he’s a private man, he takes you out to the lookout, you whittle as per normal, he whittles a ring which you find odd but robert can be odd, you sneak a peak at his handiwork and can’t stop yourself before commenting how nice it is, he pauses, then with a voice gruffer than usual asks ‘how about this one’ and pulls a velvet box from out of his inner pocket, flipping it open with a thumb to show a simple silver band with a thin band of onyx running around the centre.

🎣Brian: he can be upfront about a LOT of things…basically ALL things if he wants, but this is something he got very bashful over. it was while you were both out for a walk at the park with Maxwell and Daisy, you had noticed he had been fiddling with Maxwell before you’d all left but had brushed it off until Maxwell is out running and Brian calls him back before making a random comment of ‘what does he have..’ and you noticed something dark dangling alongside his handkerchief, so he kneel to check and tell Brian it’s some sort of satin pouch with something hard inside?? He tells you to open it, where you find a box and the ring and through your stunned silence, he is stammering, all confidence blown away with the wind, asking if you’d be willing to marry lil’ ol’ him and you have to put him out of his misery with a kiss and a ‘yes’.

🦇Damien: he is traditional. you already know this. he writes a letter to Amanda at college, asking for her blessing which she eagerly gives. one day while you’re both at his house, he invites you to walk through his garden and you assume another flower is in full bloom, but it’s not a flower, it’s his affections for you reaching their utmost peak. the sun is setting and the sky is a canvas of streaked orange and pinks and purples on the horizon which is a very complimentary backdrop for the flowers. he takes your hands in his at the end of the walk among the most in season flowers, and recalls meeting you and every moment in between, how you have brought nothing but a sense of peace and love into his life and how he would like nothing more than for that to continue forever more.

☕Mat: he sure as hell wouldn’t be able to do this in front of a bunch of people. he’s had the ring for weeks, constantly waiting for the Right Moment and it comes after a gig you’d both attended of one of your favourite bands. You’d both just arrived back at his, the walk home having cooled off the sweat from the enclosed area and pressed bodies, these moments make you feel young until you both sit down and feel the relief in your feet and knees..but as you sit, Mat doesn’t join you..he gets on both knees in front of you, resting his chin on his crossed forearms on top of your knees and looks at you with a Soft Smile, asking if you had a good time, after you answer, he shuffles and grabs the box from his pocket and asks if you’d be up for having many more good times with him.

💯Hugo: he’s also a traditional man, gets Amanda’s blessing, takes you out to dinner to a small private restaurant you have been to once or twice before, you eat and drink and as you’re looking at the menu for dessert, he pushes out of his chair, comes around to you, dropping to a knee, takes your hand and says how much he appreciates you and loves you and Amanda and how he could not imagine a day without you by his side.

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Stenbrough HS!Stan is very beautiful jealous Bill because everyone wants to go out with Stan

I love this so much, you don’t even understand
I hope you like it because I loved writing these

- don’t even get Bill started on this, oh my god

- he’s not protective okay, he’s just taking precautions

- Stan is fucking gorgeous, puberty hit him hard and did a great fucking job

- He’s got them good cheekbones

- To say like half the school hit on him constantly is an understatement

- So Bill may or may not become an protective boyfriend in fear of Stan leaving him for someone who can say ‘I love you’ without stuttering

- it’s not just girls either! No, boy also flirt with him too

- it’s the boys that really grind Bill’s gears as well (the girls don’t bother him as in their later teenage years they found out Stan is a bottom™)

- for example, one day a boy was leaning again the lockers and talking to Stan as he held his books close

- Richie knows shits about to hit the damn fan as soon as they round the corner to the scene

- both him and Eddie (Richie dragging Eddie) quickly case Bill as he pretty much storms down the corridor towards his boyfriend

- Bill stands behind Stan, pretty much towering over him, as he glares at the other boy

- Stan sees the boy in front of him look up, in slight fear

- He knows it’s Bill right away and without even turning around he starts to talk to him

- ‘Hey babe. why’re you looming, you know that’s not attractive’

- Bill’s angry glare turns into a glinting smirk as he watches the boy’s face drop

- Bill puts his chin on Stan’s head and says 'don’t mind me, carry on with your conversation’ without even stuttering

- Stan tips his head back too look at Bill (he’s low-key proud of him for not stuttering) , Bill taking the opportunity to kiss Stan quickly

- So pretty much any boy who has even tried to flirt with Stan has suffered the passive aggressive wrath of Bill

- Bill doesn’t stop there, oh no not at all

- You’ve heard of count Richie? Now get ready for count Bill

- After they turn 16, Stan can often be found wearing large marks on and around his neck

- The rest of the losers joke about Richie and Bill being pretty much vampires at this point

- One day Stan gets annoyed and gives Bill one day (he’s perfect height for this shit)

- he even writes 'Property of Bill, don’t touch’ in permanent marker on Stan’s arm one day

- Stan doesn’t mind at all


- one day a group of girls start flirting with Bill

- Stan is fuckin M A D

- Richie and Eddie start tapping each other violently and telling the other to shut the fuck up whilst they watch it play out

- Stan pushes past the girls, wraps his arms around Bill’s waist and pushes his face against Bills neck

- The girls squeal, tell them they’re cute and leave

Add more because I want you to add more - xo

It Wasn’t Real (part ten)

Summary: You’re part of the infamous Loser’s Club, and often asked, what are you afraid of? You reply, nothing, but what your friends don’t know is that your biggest fear is them.

prologue - one - two - three - four - five - six - seven - eight - nine - ten eleven - finale

A/N: We’re nearing the END GUYS!

I hope you all enjoy this chapter as much as I enjoyed writing it. Send me a little comment in the ask section or leave it below on what you thought of this chapter. It doesn’t have to be long, I appreciate every single comment I receive and telling me just helps inspire me to write it more frequently.

Pairing: Loser’s Club x Reader, slight Henry x Reader (you’ll see) Richie x Reader.

Warnings: force, bullying, depressing and sad tones, and sexual abuse (mild) plus Henry being a dick, like an extreme dick, so…. AND DEATH….

Tag’s List: @chalatea - @darlingimafangirl - @chalatea - @myfriendmagislit -@frozenhealswrites - @fl0werb0nes18 - @emotionallyenterprised - @alec-lighwccd - @bellasett - @starshininginthedark - @tastefulcaring - @impulsivesuperrobin - @newtandthediamonds - @huge-waste-of-time​ - @jess-sxcks​ - @theoraekensnotsosecretlover​ - @moonageharry​ - @nieligator​ - @sufferingstilinski​ - @the-fantastic-fandom-dork - @horsiesandstuff​ - @arianamichelle04​ - @alloffmyships​ - @darlingimawriter​ - @gcnnyweasleys​ - @redvelvet-cupcake​ - @almusanzug​ - @d0nt-g0-imagines​ - @brighter-thanthe-sky​ - @murphamy-minefeild​ - @celestesfairy​ - @fly-like-a-grayson​ - @emrysaaryn - @holy-minseok - @antiherojason - @multifandom-states - @mysticsthinking - @ladyfairenvale - @crazyinlovewithbatman - @shaniacboogara - @welcometoourcomputershow - @17marvelousfreak - @funtik2011 - @anon-leaning-against-a-trashbin - @terrashrone - @im-fandom-trash - @mrgrytyrll - @ponyboys-sunsets - @captainslugcat - @eachandeveryfandom - @queenylime - @catwoman2502 - @1enchantedfantasy1
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“I-I don’t understand…” Beverly mumbled, hugging herself as your words dawned on her. 

“Richie saw IT.” You announced, gesturing over to said boy who look liked he’d been caught doing something illegal. You hated to call him out like this, the Loser’s still talked to him whereas you’d only really recently started speaking to them. If he knew, they would question why he never said anything. But you ignored it, focusing on the task at hand. Stan. Stan was the task at hand. “I saw IT and it has Stan. I tried- tried to ignore it but I can’t anymore. Not when Stan needs us.”

“Richie?” Eddie asked softly, and all you could hear laced in his tone was fear. Your intense gaze fell on Richie, who looked back from you and your friends. You had faith in him; he’d promised he wasn’t going to abandon you on this. He’d been the one and you knew he’d pull through.

Sighing, Richie nodded. “I saw IT. It’s back.”

“H-How do you know it has Stan?” Bill asked.

“IT wrote the words “WHERE’S STAN?” in my bedroom.” You explained, hesitating before you finished. You felt everyones eyes on you and you were unsure if you should say the rest or not. But you reminded yourself that they needed to know. “In blood.”

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