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some halfblood q's
  • 1. Camp Half Blood or Camp Jupiter?
  • 2. Who would your godly parent/ancestor be?
  • 3. Would you have any special gifts thanks to your godly parent?
  • 4. How about any magic items from your godly parent?
  • 5. Would you get along with your cabin mates/fellow legionnaires?
  • 6. What would your favorite camp activity be?
  • 7. What is the coolest thing about your godly parent/ancestor?
  • 8. Would you get along with all the magical creatures at camp? (i.e. satyrs/fauns, nymphs, dryads, etc.)
  • 9. Would you go chariot racing?
  • 10. Do you think you would be any good at capture the flag?
  • 11. Would you want to lead a quest?
  • 12. Would you rather consult the Oracle or the Sibylline Books?
  • 13. What would your preferred weapon be?
  • 14. Would you enjoy riding pegasi?
  • 15. Would you stay at camp during the school year?
  • 16. If you went home, what would you bring to protect you from potential attacks?
  • 17. Would you have friends from other cabins/cohorts?
  • 18. What would you pack for camp?
  • 19. Do you think you could be a counselor at Camp Half Blood?
  • 20. Do you think you could be a high-ranking soldier at Camp Jupiter?
  • 21. If you went to Camp Jupiter, would you have any letters of recommendation?
  • 22. How well do you think you would train under Lupa?
  • 23. Do you think you would get kitchen duty often?
  • 24. Which cabin/s would be the best to ally with during capture the flag?
  • 25. Would you be able to live without a cell phone or internet connection?
  • 26. How often would you Iris Message?
  • 27. Would you want to visit Mount Olympus?
  • 28. What would the coolest part of Mount Olympus be?
  • 29. Where would your favorite part of camp be?
  • 30. Would you rather have kitchen duty with the harpies, or clean up duty with Hannibal the elephant?
  • 31. What would your worst activity at camp be?
  • 32. Would you follow curfew rules at camp?
  • 33. Which monster would be the easiest to fight?
  • 34. Which monster would be hardest to fight?
  • 35. Would you rather go off on your own like a grown-up Greek demigod, or would you want to live in New Rome and go to college and raise a family?
  • 36. What would be the scariest thing about being a demigod?
  • 37. What would be the greatest thing about being a demigod?
  • 38. What would ambrosia taste like for you?
  • 39. Would you ever join the Hunters of Artemis?
  • 40. Would you accept godhood if it was offered to you?
  • 42. Would you rather dine Greek or Roman style?
  • 43. What would be the hardest part about questing?
  • 44. Would you prefer training under Chiron or Lupa?
  • 45. Would you want to go to a Party Ponies convention?
  • 46. Who is your favorite god/dess?
  • 47. Would you sing and dance along at the campfires?
  • 48. What music would you want to be playing in the elevator to Mount Olympus?
  • 49. How much would you struggle when putting on a chiton or a toga?
  • 50. If you got a camp bead/burnt line for every year since you've started the Percy Jackson books, how many beads/lines would you have?

@roybiv why would u look at that its one cool rad awesome dude holy shixt

I wish i could find a stucky fic where the story lasts long enough for the passionate kisses to become more affectionate and less desperate to the point where they casually peck everytime they have to split up during a battle or something, and don’t even have to look at each other when they do. Or Steve mindlessly puckering his lips and tilting his head in bucky’s direction everytime bucky’s about to jump from a helicopter or something because Bucky never leaves without a kiss first.

I just need boring domesticity in the middle of battle. No desperation or ‘please come back alive’ crap. More in the lines of ‘don’t forget you have to drive claire to the dentist's’, and ‘-wait, i thought you were doing it’

Imagine Hinata and Kageyama attending a wedding and getting very competetive over catching the bouquet.


Elementary AU: Recast
Natalie Dormer as Joan Watson (requested by anonymous)

Random Sentence Starter Meme [Br& New Lyrics]
  • “I hope the next boy that you kiss has something terribly contagious on his lips.”
  • “When I’m talking to myself I’d always rather be talking to you.”
  • “I got a twenty-dollar bill that says no one’s ever seen you without makeup.”
  • “When I say let’s keep in touch, I hope you know I mean I wish that you’d grow up.”
  • “Every single second that I put it off, means another lonely night I gotta race the clock.”
  • “You told me you can’t wait to see me and then you didn’t bother to even show up.”
  • “It’s girls like you that make my think I’m better off at home on a Saturday night with all my doors locked up tight.”
  • “It’s only you, beautiful or I don’t want anyone.”
  • “How could I miscalculate… perfect lies from a perfect dame.”
  • “I remember I kept thinking that I know you never would, and now I know I want to kill you like only a best friend could.”
  • “I’ve seen more spine in jellyfish.”
  • “You’re as subtle as a brick in the small of my back.”
  • “I saw you staring through my TV last night.”
  • “I can’t see why I feel so lonely when you and me could be forever perfectly perfect together.”
  • “You don’t recover from a night like this.”
  • “Your friends are boring me to death.”
  • “There’s nothing new to talk about.”
  • “You can tell me how vile I already know that I am.”
  • “If it makes you less sad, I’ll move out of this state.”
  • “Some rules are made with all intentions to break .”
  • “If you’re coming home, just let me know. ”
  • “I’ve got desperate desires and unadmirable plans.”
  • “The best part of what has happened was the part I must have missed.”
  • “You constantly make it impossible to make conversation.”
  • “At least now I can say that I am trying.”
  • “I’m not scared to die, I’m a little bit scared of what comes after.”
  • “I love you so much that it hurts my head.”
  •  "You think I’ll let you down, well I won’t.“
  • "Don’t feed me scraps from your bed and I won’t be the stray coming back just to be fed.”
  •  Touch me or don’t. Just let me know where you’ve been.“
  • "Do you believe in anything?”
  • “I’d arrest you if I had handcuffs.”
  • “It’s hard to be the better man when you forget you’re trying.”
  • “I’d drive my car off of the bridge if I knew that you weren’t inside.”
  • “You’re still lying.”
  • “Those days are dead.”
  • “I don’t ever want to go to bed.”
  • “I know how you’ll die.”
  • “I wish we’d had a better goodbye.”
  • “We never are what we intend, or invent.”
  • “Think something dark’s living down in my heart.”
  • “You think that no one else is lonesome? You think that you’re the only one?”
  • “I wish that I was as good as you .”
  • “If I’m a liar and you’re a thief, at least we both know where the other one sleeps.”
  • “If you call then I’m coming to get you.”
  • “It’s taken me this long to learn that every dead is ate by worms and once they’re gone they don’t return.”
  • “I’m on my way to hell.”
  • “I think I’m crazy, baby, let you off the hook to easy .”
  • “You’re wasting time if you’re trying to impress me, I waste all my time just thinking of you.”
  • “The more I hang around you, the more hang-ups I get.”


get to know me meme: [1/5] female characters –> april kepner, grey’s anatomy.

“My-my name is April Kepner. I’m 28 years old. I-I was born on April 23rd in Ohi-Ohio. I’m from Columbus, Ohio…Please, I’m a person”