also hey i got a haircut

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Hey! This is for the last anon. So I'm ftm, but I'm still quite feminine. A lot of the time I wear dresses and makeup. However, I've also got a really short boyish haircut and I often dress male. Clothes don't define gender! Just because you want to put on a dress and wear make up, you're nothing less of a guy. I still do get dysphoria as well but I guess what I'm saying is do whatever makes you feel comfortable. No matter what you wear or want to wear, you are whatever you choose to identify as


It’s getting real over in Asia.

In news which is not at all terrifying Japan begins nuclear war drills in its schools in response to insane Bond villain with a haircut like a mushroom Kim Jung Un’s ballistic missile tests near her borders. Also in the news which definitely doesn’t make me pace the floor at night, Japan is rushing through new legislation permitting Japan to launch first strikes against North Korea. But hey, why worry, we’ve got Donald Trump to take care of us.

The alleged missile launch which I sincerely hope was Photoshopped.


18 year old trans guy, I got a haircut today in order to pass better! I’ll also be starting T within the next few months so hopefully that’ll help with my face and yeah do I pass as male basically

Hey there, you do pass as male but look alot younger than you are which I’m sure T will help with.