also hes technically not dead


i watched how to get a way with murder this week and i had to keep track of whos actually a murderer somehow

welcome to the murder box asher

chinaderp  asked:

I just realized that in episode 8, Balloon dies but in the same episode MePhone4 is also technically dead and MePhone had stated that he couldn't bring back contestants who died while he was dead. So how was Balloon brought back to life? Sorry if this was answered in a live-stream but thank you for answering!

I think this has been addressed before(?), but here’s an easy way to clear it up.

MePhone4 was not dead in Episode 8. His system was shut down by his sickness, so he was more in an unconscious/unfunctional state - but not dead.

In S1 E18, MePhone4 literally explodes. This, my friends, is dead.

Trials of Apollo?

I have so many fucking questions? Is Apollo going to have a Jason Grace thing where he only remembers his name or something? Does he stay in the Zeus cabin with Jason or the Apollo cabin with his kids? Same goes for eating meals like what table does he sit at? Whose capture the flag team is he on? Isn’t he technically Thalia’s half brother? Also, is Leo still going to be “dead” technically? Or is Calypso going to be part of it? What about Rachel? Where is she? What is she doing? Is she getting enough water and vitamins? Has she predicted that Apollo will come? Is this going to be five books with another huge war? Is Apollo going to see that the kids of the gods get little to no attention from their godly parent and strive to change that or will he turn against the gods completely? Is Jason off fulfilling his promise to the gods or not? Is his Roman counterpart technically also fallen or did he not piss off Jupiter? Since he’s fallen is the art world falling into chaos since he no longer is patron of the muses? Is this what Ella meant when she predicted the fall of the sun in BoO? Speaking of Ella, we never really got closure about the destroyed books Octavian was after. Does Chiron know about this and is he expecting it? Is this going to be like PJO and span over years of time causing him to age as a teenager or will it be like HoO and just span over like, 1 year? If he’s in the Apollo cabin would he become counsellor? Does he still have his sports car? Is this taking place during the same time frame as Magnus Chase? Where’s Reyna? Is she happy and healthy and dating Thalia yet? What about Hazel? And Frank? Will we not see them due to them being at Camp Jupiter? And are Percy and Annabeth there at college? Or will this be mostly with the Lost Hero Trio? I have so many questions Rick. So many.