also her dress!!!

First Date Jitters || Belle & Benji

Set 1-29-2016

Belle sighed as she looked at the clock sitting on her bedside table. This was her first date with Benji, and she was just as nervous as when she asked him out back at the ski resort. It was her first date since her date with Hunter a month or so ago and then he left; so, not too much confidence there. She had to get in the shower and get ready if they were going to make their reservation at Vivere, a nice Italian place in downtown Chicago, on time. She laid out the red dress on her bed, grabbed her towel and headed into the bathroom to shower. After spending what felt like forever showering, Belle went to go get ready. She blow dried her hair, and slipped on her dress, smoothing it out before she did her makeup. After looking through her closet for the perfect pair of shoes, which, she decided on a pair of nude colored heels. She was so afraid she was going to mess this up; that she was going to do something or say something wrong. She grabbed her purse, jacket and keys and headed down to Benji’s apartment, which was only a short walk away. She took a deep breath as she knocked on the door, waiting for Benji to answer.

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Fit For A Queen // Elijah Mikaelson

 A/N: So I kinda made it so all the drama that went into this episode wasn’t prominent so it could be a hassle free night for the ball. The gif wouldn’t  work for this one for some unknown reason, ugh. But, I hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it! xx.
Requested? Yes. 
Reader: Female. 
Summary: Y/N was delivered an invitation to the Mikaelson Ball by her now not so secret admirer, Elijah Mikaelson. He also gifted her a lovely dress where you can see here: XX.
Warnings: None.  
Word Count: 1296.

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@thenegotiatcr ||  End of the War - Anniversary Ball

“Can you believe we’re not being parents tonight? I can’t believe we convinced Morri of looking after all four of them,” Padmé grinned widely at her husband, clicking her glass with his. Breha and Bail had just left them too see what the commotion by the door was and soon enough, Anakin had walked in with Ahsoka looking quite lovely. 

“Are you seeing what I’m seeing?” Pad’s smile broadened–if that were possible. 




Mr. Selfridge - 15/? times Harry and Mae are exactly what the other needs (4x05)


I have almost posted Natalie Dormer for the past couple of days.  Like, I keep finding myself thinking about her when I get up but then by the time the day gets going I have forgotten and it isn’t until the next day that I remember that oh yeah, I keep thinking about Natalie Dormer.  I don’t have a particular reason I can think of for her to keep popping up.  I haven’t seen a movie or a show or anything with her in it recently.  So I guess a non particular reason would be that she is very sexy.  That seems like a reason.  So when I saw her show up in pictures from a Zoolander screening I knew I was posting her.  I also really liked her dress.  Not because of the plunging neckline, though, I should point out I am not opposed to plunging necklines, but just the feel of it.  I think black works well for her and something about the cut and styling was vaguely sinister.  I think vaguely sinister works well with Natalie Dormer.  I don’t think she is a sinister person, I just think her sort of crooked smile where she might be up to something pairs well with potential secret Sith Lord or something.  My brain is a strange place.  I liked the dress.  I like her.  Today I want to fuck Natalie Dormer.

I hate my best friend because we went dress shopping and she ended up buying the first dress that she had picked out to try on and it was only a hundred dollars and she looked incredible in it

fuck her