also her 'like that' was the cutest thing :')

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I was telling my friend @nikki-nak-noos about this AU I like for IT where Pennywise is just trying to be friends with the Losers and Georgie, but it still does bad things. Her response was, “oh, so it’s Lilo and Stitch then”, so then I had to draw this.

So Trixie was the celebrity guest at a Pride event near me today. My friend, who is a local queen, shared a dressing room with her. She said that in the dressing room, Trixie was texting both Katya and Kim. My friend also told me that Trixie was wearing a necklace with Katya’s baby hands on it. When asked about it, Trixie says she always likes to keep a piece of Katya near her. If that’s not the cutest thing you’ve ever heard I don’t know what to tell you.

Bet On Me

Reggie x Reader

A/N: This is my first ever fic and I hope you all like it!! Requests for all other Riverdale characters are open!! (This is my first fic because Reggie is bae)

Word Count: 3369

Warnings: Swearing, slight angst, violence, heavy make-out session (is that even a warning?)

Summary: Reggie is dared to date Y/N, the sweet and popular untouched cheerleader. He does so, although not expecting to fall for her in the process.

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My input on the Stranger Things kids

Mike: best friend ever. He’s so understanding and supportive of Will and he was always right by his side. After everything he’s been through, he never wavers once and everyone can count on him. Also him waiting for Eleven, literally the sweetest boy ever.

Will: deserves none of what happened to him. It’s unbelievable how much that kid has been through and how strong he still is. Bless him.

Dustin: the sweetest boy. Just wanted a pet and to impress Max. Literally the purest character with a heart of gold. I could go on for ages about how precious he is and he deserves the entire world.

Lucas: my kickass son. All he wanted was for Max to like him and to keep her safe. His playful banter was iconic, he’s just so great. Him and Max with their pet names and their sweet kiss at the end, what cuties.

Eleven: poor baby that has the best intentions. Her relationship with Hopper is so pure, and now he legally adopted her. She had good intentions, even if they don’t work out. Loves her friends and is now back with Mike. God is real.

Max: what a badass. The coolest new character, shes a new fave. Takes no shit and when she stands up to Billy? Number one slay. She’s the iconic skater girl from California and I love her.

Billy: he makes me so mad. The way he treats Max, the boys, and Steve is infuriating. Even so, he doesn’t deserve to be slapped around by his dad the way he was. Reminded me of Henry Bowers from IT.

Steve: the kids new dad. I dig the “don’t care” attitude, but at the same time, he cares so deeply for Nancy and the kids. Best babysitter ever, who in an instant would give himself for them.

Jonathan: my brand new baby. He’s so much more confident. Like that conversation he had with Nancy in the hallway? Iconic. He has actually joking conversations now. Also, he cares about Will so much. Every time Will was in pain Jonathan was too, poor thing. Then when he finally made his move on Nancy, my life was fulfilled.

Nancy: my soft gf who I love lots. Also a major badass who can use a gun like an expert. He new hair is so cute and she is so strong. Although I feel bad for Steve, her and Jonathan are the cutest couple. I just love her with my whole heart.

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can we get some hcs for soft boy richie??


(thank you @eddiesbadbreak and @stanleyuriis for some of the HCs ily)

- God, Richie is such a hopeless romantic underneath all the bullshit he spews.

- Richie is starved for attention and affection at home, which often makes him question whether he deserves that at all. So he craves attention so much, especially from Eddie.

- When they’re not bickering or joking around, Richie is so sweet with Eddie. But he definitely has to be in that mood. When Eddie is affectionate with him, calls him pet names or says that he loves Richie, Richie pretty much crumbles.

- Tbh the first time Eddie says “I love you”, Richie almost tears up because like… no one says that to him. It means more than anything because someone actually loves him and he loves them back and it’s all so amazing.

- He’s pretty sensitive, especially when it comes to his insecurities and his family situation. He totally does not show it often though, and the only people that know the true extent of how he’s feeling inside are Eddie and Bev.

- Richie is SUCH a cuddler, and often likes to be the one cuddled. He loves being the little spoon or being the one to rest his head on Eddie’s chest instead of the other way around. He loves laying with his head on Eddie’s lap when they’re with the other Losers.

- If Eddie runs his fingers through his hair, he melts instantly. He loves that shit.

- In general, he loves being taken care of by Eddie. He’s never had anyone take care of him before, so if Eddie ever acts that way it makes Richie so happy. It makes Eddie happy too because he’s always the one being babied, so he loves being on the other side especially because he just… cares so much and has so much love to give to Richie?

- Like one time Eddie packs Richie lunch for school and Richie’s like !!! This is what true bliss is. He’s smiling all day from this small gesture.

- It’s so canon that Richie keeps a spare inhaler for Eddie.

- Any time anyone laughs at his jokes it makes him SO happy. He feels awesome if people actually think he’s funny.

- Also if anyone compliments him, he’ll brush it off or make a joke out of it but everyone can always see how happy and mushy that makes him as well. He feels so valid when he feels like the people he loves love him back.

- Secretly when no one’s there, Richie and Eddie are SO fucking cheesy with each other omg. They call each other pet names. Besides the typical “Eds” or “Eddie Spaghetti” that Richie calls Eddie, he also very often calls him “babe” (which Eddie loves), or he’ll get real creative and call him absurd things like “Snicker Doodle” or “Cuddle Muffin” (which Eddie hates)

- Eddie will often call Richie “Rich”, “Red” or “Sweetie” and Richie dies every time he always gets butterflies in his stomach

- They go on cheesy dates a lot of the time: Stargazing, Rollerblading, even sharing a milkshake with two straws. A lot of the time though, the two like spending the whole day being lazy and staying in bed and eating junk food.

- Richie is super gentle with Eddie, but Eddie is also super gentle with Richie? Especially if Richie is upset, Eddie is so patient with him and will stay up comforting him all night if that’s what he wants. They’re just really careful with each other.

- Bev sometimes paints his nails and Richie really likes the way they look. He usually only lets her do one hand, though.

- Richie also loves when Bev puts hair clips in his hair to push his bangs back. She did it for the first time when making Richie do a face mask with her, but after Richie said he thought it looked really cute she continued.

- He even started doing it to keep his bangs out of his eyes when he was doing work at home. Eddie thinks it’s the cutest thing ever. Richie also loves headbands.


- In general, Richie is actually so caring with his friends? I mean of course, he’ll roast and make fun of them to the moon and back but in reality they’re the most important people in his life and he would die for any one of them any day.

- No one would expect it, but he always remembers birthdays and anniversaries. He writes such long cards for all the Losers whenever it’s their birthday, talking about why he thinks each of them individually is awesome and making long lists of all the inside jokes they have together.

- He also is the best gift giver. His gifts are so thoughtful even if they’re small. He remembers what people told him they wanted months ago, or he gives them gifts that have to do with inside jokes. Things that only he could gift.

- Richie always stands up for any of the Losers without even a second thought. After Henry and his gang are gone, it’s rare for them to get bullied, especially in High School. If they ever do, it’s all verbal. They don’t really get beat up anymore. But if anyone is being a dick to any of his friends, he ALWAYS stands up to them and isn’t afraid to cuss them out, even if it means him getting detention.

- He also comforts them after they get picked on. Even underclassmen he doesn’t know. If he sees a freshman getting picked on, he’ll tell the bully to fuck off and smile so wide at the kid, telling them they’re okay!

- Tbh everyone in High School LOVES him. They think he can be kinda annoying sometimes, but he’s a genuinely good guy and he’s super funny.

- Richie is that cheesy boyfriend that picks flowers to give to Eddie. They also put flowers in each other’s long hair and Richie takes a million pictures.

- Richie saves and pressed into a book the flowers that Eddie got him after the opening night of the school musical he was starring in. His heart skipped a beat when Eddie brought him flowers and told him how amazing he was.

- As adults, Richie is so caring about Eddie especially after dealing with losing his arm. He’s so accommodating and supporting and just loves Eddie so much. After he knows Eddie is okay, all he wants is to have a happy life with him.

- As an adult, Eddie also calls Richie “Reggie” because of one time where another radio host introduced him as “Reggie Tozier.” Like you don’t even know how funny this was to Eddie. It made him tear up from laughter for like a full week after it happened, so to tease him sometimes Eddie will call him that. Richie acts like it pisses him off but he thinks it’s pretty funny himself.

- Richie’s the type of husband that comes home with flowers and is like “BAAAABE I GOT YOU FLOWERS AREN’T I THE BEST HUSBAND EVER”

- Holy shit Richie is SUCH a softie when it comes to him marrying Eddie and later when they adopt/surrogate children. Richie cries for half the wedding and then after they get their kids he tears up like EVERY damn day about it.

- He’s just so happy to actually have a family? For once in his life? Like HE built this. It’s HIS family. He gets to come home every day to such happiness it’s like unreal to him it makes him get choked up.




- Even as adults Richie and Eddie always go on such nice dates. They never get sick of being together, especially since they feel like they have to make up for so much lost time. When they’re back together as adults it feels like falling in love all over again except this time they can actually be together and it makes Richie thank God for real.

- It’s so fucking important for Richie to be a good dad since he knows what it’s like to have horrible parents. He just wants to do what’s right.

- Overall Richie is such a sweetheart under all those dick jokes. He’s so fucking soft and good. That’s all.

My top 10 Magical Girl anime

Its no secret that I LOOVE Magical Girls. Heck, just look at my screen name. Here are my top 10 favourite Magical Girl anime.

10. Revolutionary Girl Utena

Lets start with one of the most unique and complex shojo anime and manga series ever. I myself am not sure if this qualifies as an MG anime but I’ve seen many people say it is so its on the list. Anyone who thinks all shojo is the same should watch this show. By the end, you’ll be left wondering if its even a shojo. It starts off fairly lighthearted but by episode 9, it gets serious and the plot starts picking up. Plus, it features some of the most complex characters ever and it touches on some serious subjects like incest and sexual abuse. I must warn you though, its not for everyone because of the reasons I just mentioned. If you’re someone who’s extremely uncomfortable with sexual abuse and incest, I’d recommend you skip this anime.

9. Princess Tutu

Just looking at the title of this anime is enough to send some people running away and judging it. But don’t let the cute name fool you. This is one of the most misleading anime ever. Like Utena, its a shojo but its fairly dark and has some tearjerking moments. But it also has its fairly lighthearted moments and that’s something I like about this anime. The ending is also bittersweet and will leave you wondering how an anime about a duck who becomes a ballerina managed to make you cry.

8. Tokyo Mew Mew

Looking back at this anime, maybe its not exactly the best. Its got its fair share of problems like how the main character, Ichigo, took most of the spotlight. But I still have a soft spot for this anime mainly because its really adorable to watch when you’re feeling sad. And the whole concept of these animal themed Magical Girls sounds interesting. What I love about this anime is how unlike the manga, it fleshed out the other girls as well. We found out a lot about Mint, Zakuro, Lettuce and Pudding and we loved them. I also loved how Ichigo DIDN’T choose the bad boy (Kisshu) over the nice guy (Masaya). In the end, she’s the one who chooses who’s best for her. So, even with all its problems, I have a soft spot for this anime.

7. Shugo Chara

Another anime that does have its fair share of problems but I enjoyed it nonetheless. What I loved most about it was the main character, Amu Hinamori. Some people may use the dreaded M word on her, but I think she’s a wonderfully complex character and one of the most unique Magical Girl leads. I also loved all the Magical Boys (Tadase, Ikuto etc). Though I will say, it didn’t need all that romance drama. I’m one of those people who doesn’t ship Amu with anyone and prefers her as a girl who tries to find herself before going into romance. 

6. Little Witch Academia

Ah yes, one of the most recent anime. I got into it via the OVAs and I watched the anime when the second season was still airing. It was very different from the OVAs but I still loved it. Its animation and art style are amazing and breathtaking to look at and overall, it just feels like a magical experience. The main character, while she might be a typical cheery MG protagonist, is charming in her own way and the amount of growth she undergoes is amazing. In a way,, she kinda reminds me of Doremi Harukaze. Speaking of which…

5. Ojamajo Doremi

This is one of the cutest anime I’ve ever seen . The character designs are all adorable and the transformation is short and simplistic rather than a long, flashy transformation. And while it remains a cute witch anime, it also handles some rather heavy topics like divorce, miscarrige and even cancer. Seriously, a character dies of cancer and she’s only 9! But it still remains a cute show, despite the tearjerking moments. 

4. Cardcaptor Sakura

I recently finished this anime and I loved every moment of it. It is a really cute anime with a simple art style, great animation and amazing characters. It also did a lot of things differently from other Magical Girl shows, like how Sakura doesn’t have a transformation scene and gets all her outfits made by Tomoyo and how there’s no antagonist. Eriol did come close but in the end, he had to do it for Sakura’s own good. What I loved about it most was how it didn’t forget its non magical characters. Tomoyo is obviously important, but Sakura’s other friends all have their own stories and personalities as well. Also, it features one of the cutest couples in anime history. I can’t wait for the new anime to come.

3. Puella Magi Madoka Magica and Yuki Yuna is a Hero

Yep, its a tie. I’ve seen people fight over which of these two is better. Madoka fans claim Yuki Yuna is a ripoff and Yuki Yuna fans list of a million reasons why its so much better than Madoka. Personally, I love both anime. They’re both good in their own rights. Besides they’re similar in a lot of ways. They both have great animation, amazing characters, an interesting and compelling story and many emotional moments. They both have their flaws but all in all, they’re both great. Why can’t people just see that instead of fighting over which is the better dark MG?

2. Pretty Cure

The big Magical Girl powerhouse in Japan. Pretty Cure may be a cash cow franchise made to sell toys but that doesn’t mean it isn’t good. Yes, it has 14 seasons now and that amounts to a lot of characters. But that’s what I like about it. It has a wide range of protagonists. You have sporty protagonists like Nagisa and Hibiki, shy ones like Tsubomi, determined ones like Haruka and smart ones like Mana (much as I don’t like her). They may not all be well developed but with all the wide range of characters, kids will surely find at least one character to relate to. Plus, the series has this special thing that makes me happy, no matter how sad I might be. It just inspires me to someday, make a Magical Girl show of my own. I find this happiness even in some of the weaker seasons like DokiDoki and Happiness Charge. The gif I used is from my favourite season, Go!Princess Pretty Cure. Princess Peach should take lessons in self defence from Cure Flora. 

1. Sailor Moon

I know, I know. Very obvious choice. But like many others, Sailor Moon got me into Magical Girls. Not only that, it got me into other anime as well. It may be cliched now but it still has a special place in my heart. With amazing and strong characters, great storylines and splendid transformation scenes, its no wonder this show had a big impact on the genre. Even with its problems, it is my favourite anime and manga series ever. And yes, that includes Sailor Moon Crystal.

Honourable mention

Mermaid Melody: Pichi Pichi Pitch

This is actually the second Magical Girl anime I’ve watched, after Sailor Moon. It has its problems and its a bit cheesy but I loved the concept of mermaids turning into idols. Its an amazing combination of the Magical Girl and Magical Idol genres.

mj’s wisdom teeth removal
  • one day, mj sits down in front of ned and peter at lunch and stares at them both until they look up from their respective sandwiches and at the girl in front of them
  • “now that i’ve got your attention…”
  • she tells them that she’s going to get her wisdom teeth removed this weekend and she’s going to need someone to take care of her since basically her whole family is away and she needs a place to crash at for the weekend
  • peter offers, since they’ve already had like 9827702382189 sleepovers and it would be no big deal
  • but because ned is a little shit and would love to see mj on drugs, he decides to make it a sleepover
  • mj doesn’t think much of it because she honestly doesn’t think she’s one of those people
  • you know, the kind of people who basically embarass themselves
  • and she also needs a ride to peter’s house from the dentist
  • and peter becomes her designated driver because why not
  • anyway
  • when peter picks her up, she looks like hell but in a totally adorable way
  • she literally does not give peter any trouble at all until they get into the car
  • like literally when they get into the car,
  • she kicks her feet up on the dash and she’s like, “man, i thought that nurse was never going to leave.”
  • peter looks a little startled but he expected this because, it is mj after all
  • and then before he can start the car,
  • “so, let’s talk. woman to man.”
  • peter gulps
  • “how are you so fit!!!!”
  • “what?”
  • she imitates his voice, “what do you mean, ‘what’? you have like literally washboard abs.”
  • her hand hovers over his abs
  • peter is very confused
  • “that’s right, parker. i’m on to you, you hot piece of ass.”
  • peter is very surprised
  • he starts the car and tries very hard to focus on the road and not on what mj had just said but then,
  • “can you do a hundred push ups?”
  • “yes.”
  • “woah!!! a thousand?”
  • “maybe.”
  • she punches his arm, “what! that’s so cool!!”
  • but then she lowers her voice, “i mean, ‘do ya even lift brah?’
  • oh god this has to be the weirdest day of peter’s life
  • then, she makes this big ruckus and forces him to pull up on the side of the road.
  • and he very exasperatedly, asks her, “what?”
  • she asks him to feel the material of her shirt (which is obviously cotton, duh) and asks him what material is it
  • but before he can answer, “do you think it’s girlfriend material?”
  • and then she has the cheesiest look on her face and it’s the cutest thing and peter literally can’t stop smiling oh mY GOD
  • it’s a downward spiral from there, though
  • “peter, do you smoke?”
  • “what? mj, no!”
  • “because you’re smoking hot.”
  • somewhere along the way, peter takes out his phone and starts recording, because god, he really wants mj to watch this
  • “if you were a transformer, you’d definitely be a hot-o-bot.”
  • “are you copper and telirium? because you are cute.”
  • at one point, she even takes over recording and starts vlogging at really weird angles
  • and then peter makes the mistake of turning up the radio
  • because
  • and she’s not fucking around because she literally waves her middle finger in front of his face
  • oh and then he also discovers during that car ride, that mj can rap like hell
  • she’s also got them moves
  • and then finally stereo hearts comes on
  • and by the time they reach his apartment building, it feels like he’s been on an emotional rollercoaster
  • she surprisingly coorporates when he gets her up the lift
  • but the moment she sees may when she walks into the apartment, she hugs may and she’s like “you’re so pretty.”
  • may laughs it off but then looks at peter like
  • “:-) ?????”
  • peter explains everything and then ned gets there
  • mj goes on the biggest rant about pineapples on pizza
  • then they have a 20 minute long profound and meaningful conversation about fried chicken
  • but then she cries a lot after that
  • because
  • it takes them an hour to console her
  • and they rewatch the footage of the whole recording once she falls asleep on the reclining chair
  • they both look at her with the biggest grins on their faces on sunday as they shove peter’s phone in her face and play all the videos
BTS Most to Least Likely to Date a Chubby/Curvy Girl

Request:  bts mtl to date a chubby girl? like a not chubby but like curvy ? thank you !



I totally see Jin as the guy who would date a curvy girl in an instant. I actually believe I read something somewhere that stated he was into curvier/chubbier girls! I think he would be naturally drawn to curvier girls and would enjoy cooking with/for her!


I believe that Yoongi would date girls with all different sorts of body types - he’s a man of variation. I don’t doubt he would be into a girl with killer curves!


To me, Tae gives off the vibe that he would want to date someone super cuddly and squishy, and if she was curvy, that would just add onto his attraction to her.


This boy would totally be into curvy/chubby girls  ‎( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) and he’d love hugging her and running his fingers up and down her sides(in an innocent way pLS). I have a feeling he would also just admire her, no matter how her body looked, she’d always be beautiful in his eyes


I feel like Hoseok would love a girl with curves and/or was chubby. I totally think he would find her adorable and would love giving her piggy back rides if she ever felt insecure about herself and he’d think she would be the cutest thing ever~


Little Jungkookie wouldn’t mind his girlfriend’s weight, whether she was chubby or not, etc - as long as she has nice legs  ‎( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Jiminie seems like he would prefer a girl who is very active like him and honestly, he seems a tad bit strict on his ideal type’s height and weight, which makes me put him last bc he gives off the vibe that he really likes girls who are smaller than him in general. But that doesn’t make me doubt that he would date a curvy girl! I think he would really just like someone who could physically keep up with him and has a lot of energy.


I’ve been meaning to talk more about Pancake’s story since I started this tumblr back up. After seeing Heather’s post about “share your animal caretaking accomplishments”, it reminded me & seemed like a good time to write this up. :)

Pancake came to my partner’s hedgehog rescue seriously overweight at 800g. She was renamed from Petunia because…well. She did this -

Granted, I’m small & have short legs, but she was just massive! Her previous owner had loved her a lot, but hadn’t had the time to be very hands-on with her.

We had a lot of trouble enticing her to eat and she started to lose weight. She was very picky about food and was pretty resistant to being changed to anything healthier for her. Unfortunately, this all came to a tipping point around Easter, while I was hedgie-sitting her. She stopped eating completely and needed an emergency vet visit on Easter for sub-q fluids, and to be checked for a URI.

I’d fallen in love with Pancake pretty much the night we met her. I asked my partner if I could keep her & adopt her, because I was in a better position to spend the money on vet bills. So, Pancake was my Easter present!

Unfortunately, the next two months ended up being pretty stressful for everyone. She ended up with a ringworm infection on her feet and in her toenails. She didn’t start eating on her own again & I had to regularly syringe-feed her. Further vet visits showed that her liver values were very high and something was going on there. Further tests were inconclusive - the options were either liver cancer or hepatic lipidosis (fatty liver disease or FLD). The vet suggested exploratory surgery and a biopsy to figure out which one it was, since there was no way to tell otherwise. 

This was a later picture of her surgery incision, where it was getting more healed up! She came through surgery fine, though we had a rough first couple nights where she was having a little more trouble with pain than we’d expected. Lots of hedgie & hedgie-mama crying! She improved after that though and we waited for the biopsy results to come in. They confirmed that it was hepatic lipidosis, due to her not eating enough and losing weight too quickly. 

At this point, I’d been syringe-feeding this little-big girl 3-4 times a day for over a month, I think. I was starting to think she was never going to eat on her own again. But just when the vet and I were discussing the feasibility of putting a feeding tube in a hedgehog…..

She decided that her syringe-feeding mix was the Best Thing Ever! She was climbing into the bowl to eat! I insisted on continuing to help some because she was better at getting the food all OVER her instead of inside her, but this was the point where we finally had hope for her again. The relief was overwhelming! And because it’s one of the cutest pictures I’ve taken of her, here she is waiting for Mom to get her for mealtime - 

It took at least another month to wean her off of the syringe-feeding mix and find a commercial wet food that she could be convinced to eat. But things were uphill from there!

Just over a year later, she is still one of my proudest accomplishments (though she did most of the work!) and she makes me smile constantly. I will never get tired of seeing how much she loves to eat now - she’ll come out of her sleeping spot and be waiting impatiently for me if I’m late with their dinner! She’s still very picky, but I’ve found a number of extra treats she’ll eat, like mealworms, superworms, dubia roaches, and raw meat grinds. 

With being a healthy weight and recovered from all of her major health issues, she’s become one of the most personable hedgies I’ve met. She loves to snuggle and sleep on me, totally out in the open.

We’d discovered during the months before her illness that she actually likes belly rubs and they’ll put her to sleep sometimes!

She still likes to dig in her food while she eats, and creates a horrible mess! So I gave up and just started giving her little fleece place mats that I can change out.  And on the plus side, she also likes to clean her own paws, which is the cutest thing I’ve EVER seen. At some point, I’ll have to get a video of it uploaded! For now, here’s a still from one of the videos.

I hope you enjoyed Pancake’s story! :) I think she’s really special and I love her a lot. She’s currently about 3.5 years old and I hope I get to have her around for at least a couple more years! ♥

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Hooray, requests are open! Can I ask this? Through a magic, an experimental food or just a dream RFA, V, Saeran became MC's pet. What kind of animal they be, what will be their funny habits and how MC treats them? From their POV if it's possible. Feel free to reject my idea. Anyway, I want to say that your writing is great, so funny and sweet! Thank you!

Thank you so much! Hope you like these~ 

Zen: (Hamster)

  • He knew he shouldn’t have eaten that take out last night
  • Now it was morning and he was a hamster lost in his own bedsheets
  • He goes to find you in the kitchen
  • You’re busy cooking breakfast so he tries to get your attention by nibbling on your heel
  • You get freaked out, not expecting a hamster in the house
  • You grab a broom and he bolts
  • After a long chase around the house, you realize he does kind of look like Zen
  • Finally the misunderstanding is cleared up and you both decide to wait it out
  • You were kind of gushing over him
  • You kept petting him while he ate and tugging his rat tail
  • One time he got really annoyed and bit you
  • You tapped his nose and he got really offended
  • He really wants to work out–even in hamster form–so he crawls into one of those hamster balls
  • He’s having a blast until he gets stuck between the couch and the wall
  • His pride dies a little when you get him out

Yoosung: (Rabbit) 

  • You had left the room for second
  • Something happened in that second, and before Yoosung knew it, he was small, fluffy and had huge ears
  • He was a little upset until you started showering him with affection
  • Petting his fur, hugging him gently, cradling him
  • He’s terrified he’s going to get stuck somewhere, so he’s following you around the house wherever you go
  • When he follows you to the kitchen, you get him some carrots and give it to him
  • You’re recording as he’s eating cuz his tiny mouth is just moving in such a cute way
  • You put him in a bunch of outfits
  • And he’s super upset, but he can’t say anything
  • One time, his angry bunniness gets the better of him and he nips at you
  • But he feels bad immediately and hops in your lap and nuzzles your stomach as an apology
  • Unfortunately, that’s also when he turns back into a human
  • Well, now he’s on top of you ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Jaehee: (Mouse)

  • She was just drinking her coffee when somehow she was as big as her mug
  • Lets out a loud squeak of disapproval
  • She knew if you came in and found a mouse on the table, you would freak and probably kill her or something
  • So, she started making letter shapes out of the crackers on the table
  • When you came home, the letters, “I am Jaehee” were spelled out so you were pretty updated
  • You were still squeamish about holding her
  • But you would slowly slid pieces of cheese across the table
  • She hated cheese, so she would just push it away politely
  • Instead, you ease up and give her a small spoon of jam or fruit
  • Somehow you started opening up about your day and troubles, and she was forced to listen because she was trapped on the table
  • You get a little courage and start stroking her head, and eventually she curls into a ball and gets the sleep she finally deserves

Jumin: (Corgi)

  • He wakes up in the morning and reaches out a hand to pet Elizabeth on the bed
  • Only, he sees a paw land on her head
  • She turns to him and freaks out
  • He calls after her, but only a “bork” comes out and he realizes what happened
  • Being a dog did not stop him from wearing a tie
  • This was the only way you also knew it was Jumin
  • You were expecting more, but he’s like a cat in a dog’s body to be honest
  • He starts scratching at the cabinet with wine, and you quickly put it out of his reach
  • “You already made wine for cats. You want wine for dogs now.”
  • You see his tail start wagging and you look into the distance, “I’m sorry, Jaehee.”
  • The cutest thing is when he waddles up the stairs
  • You really can’t help yourself and you pinch his fluffy, wiggling butt
  • He stops and turns his head and gives a disgruntled bark before running away
  • Really likes it when you rub his belly though 

Seven: (Parrot)

  • He was chilling at your apartment on his computer
  • You had stepped out for a second, and a lot of time had passed
  • He got up to get a snack and realized he was actually in the air…and had feathers
  • You returned from the store and freaked out when you saw him
  • You had left the window open, so you assumed something got in
  • He started flying around her, chirping “707”
  • He almost got swatted a few times before you understood
  • He tries to get some HBC, but you keep shooing him away
  • You weren’t sure if parrots could have them or not, so you only gave him crackers
  • He was salty eating his salty crackers, “Saeyoung doesn’t want a cracker.”
  • He doesn’t like you touching his feathers, so he flies away
  • He accidentally lands on a remote and music starts playing on the speakers
  • Cue cute birb head bopping
  • Honestly, he was such an annoying twerp the whole time, and you were so glad when he turned back normal

Saeran: (Kitten)

  • He was taking the most glorious nap, and when he woke up he was literally trapped in blankets
  • He tries to groan as he untangles himself, but instead he hears a meow
  • When he stretches he sees a paw, and he knows what happened
  • The first thing he does is find building blocks and spell out what happened
  • By the time you find him, you’re already informed
  • He wishes you hadn’t
  • You keep trying to do cute stuff with him, and he’s not having it
  • He hides most of the time…unless you’re feeding him a small little bowl of ice cream
  • At one point, you settle on the couch and pet him
  • He’s about to run away, but you hit just the right spot and he’s purring
  • He’s also freaking out inside his head, “Am I purring?”
  • Lets out yet another purr
  • Freaked out even more when he switched back to being human and was still purring
  • There was a side effect where he kept meowing at random times of the day
  • You adored it, but Saeran was so done with this

V: (Fish)

  • He was lucky you were there the moment he turned into a fish
  • You hurriedly put him in a bowl of water
  • Poor guy can’t see well even as a fish so he keeps bumping into the glass
  • He has trouble eating the food you give, but sometimes you’ll put it in a net so he can find it better
  • He’s loving the aesthetics you keep putting in the tank though
  • He would blow out happy bubbles every time something was added
  • He loved when you gave his head a gentle pat once in awhile
  • But he was bored with being a fish after a while, and was glad when he turned back
  • But…he did have a strange craving for seaweed after the incident

Check out our other headcanons~ Masterlist

anyway heres some allurance headcanons no one asked for bc i cant stop thinking abt these two

  • allura kissed lance first and he almost passed out
  • they wear matching/complementary outfits all the time bc theyre That couple. they also wear each others colours a lot (lance in pink and allura in blue) and lance somehow makes them custom tshirts?? they have cheesy shirts that embrace the whole ‘mr and mrs blue lion’ thing and …”are u guys wearing tshirts with each others faces on them?” “yes”
  • no offense but theyre lowkey obsessed w each other n love all the little things abt each other. like allura thinks lance makes the cutest/dopiest expression when hes surprised so sometimes she’ll randomly grab his cheeks, pull her face close to his with an urgent “lance” just to startle him and then laugh and kiss him all over his cute surprised face 
  • lance traces her altean markings when theyre soft n sleepy
  • they fall asleep on each other in a heap after long missions
  • also lance falls asleep in random places in the castle and sometimes allura will find him and carry him to his bed (and sometimes she’ll climb in w him)
  • they have a bunch of inside jokes n sometimes all they’ll have to do is look at each other to burst out laughing and the others will be like ?? whats the joke ?? n lance crosses his arms still holding back laughter n is like “sorry. blue paladins only”
  • lance teaches allura how to play video games n she loves them !! it takes her a lil while to get the hang of them at first but then she gets rlly good and one time she beats this boss that lance has been trying to beat for ages and for a moment its just…lance.exe has stopped working but then he launches himself at her and covers her w kisses before bolting out of the room n shouting “guys allura beat that fuckin boss!! in like three tries!! guys!!! allura ur amazing!! guys shes amaziNG!!!!”
  • (there’s a chorus of ‘we know’. allura is smiling so hard it hurts)
Spoilers for Spiderman: Homecoming

Overall I really enjoyed Homecoming. Tom Holland’s Peter Parker was a lot of fun to watch in Civil War and really comes to life here. He’s just a giant dork who wants to do the right thing! (sound familiar?) The supporting cast was quite lovely too, especially Liz and the Vulture. The relationship he has with Peter has to be one of the most fun and dynamic ones we’ve seen in a really long time.

That said, I need to vent about Tony’s “mentor” role to Peter. Tony doesn’t have nearly as much screen time as the promotional material would suggest, but they keep advertising his role and involvement with Peter as super important. I’m pretty anti-Tony tbh, so I won’t be kind here. That said if he is your fave, and you don’t feel like reading any negativity, you’ll probably want to skip this.


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Papa Winchester - Jeffrey Dean Morgan x Reader

Title: Papa Winchester

Pairing: Jeffrey Dean Morgan x Reader

Word Count: 3,529

Warnings: None really

Prompt: YN and Jeffrey met on season 1 of SPn where she played his daughter(the middle Winchester sister) and have been together ever since,they'r married with kids by now, and the fans (specially the cast who’s her family) always makes fun of that during interviews and pannels,but it’s always cute because Jeffrey likes to surprise them ,specially when the fans are involved,and they all love and are very supportive of their relationship

A/N: Thanks RLS for proofreading this!

“Oh and your husband totally got married to your daughter a couple years later, but no big deal!” Jensen said with a shrug and wave of his hand.

Jared chuckled next to him “I seriously thought he was gonna say this, and you know what would be even more creepy? Him being completely in character!”

“Absolutely! Oh and let’s not forget the whole zombies thing!” Jensen added with a playful grin as both he and Jared burst into laughter.

“Hey mom, dad married our sister and she made you a grandmother in the meantime!” Jared said in a deep voice, mimicking Dean as they chuckled “That would be one hell of a blooper, how the hell did you miss that chance?” he asked the older man who just shrugged.

“Don’t know, I was a little into character I guess.” Jensen shrugged “But oh, with Jeffrey visiting the set so often to see (Y/n) we are so going to do something with Samantha for next season!” he wiggled his eyebrows as Jared shook his head.

“Well, you guys really seem to have fun on set, don’t you?” the interviewer chuckled “But I think we all can understand you, I don’t think there is a single person I have personally met that watches Supernatural and doesn’t love them as a couple!”

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anonymous asked:

Can you write something where Tony Stark has a daughter who pursues a music career and he has a studio set up at the compound for when she’s in town. She shows up with her band for a rehearsal and the team stand by and her music is more on the hard rock/metal side with a lot of vulgarities so Tony’s laughing at Steve’s horrified expression to the lyrics. She’s also dating Bucky cause bucky stark reader is the cutest thing. ❤️

I was listening to ‘The Pretty Reckless’ whilst coming up with this and I kinda had something like them in mind for it. Sorry if it’s not what you had in mind… Hope you enjoy.

I don’t own The Pretty Reckless - they’re pretty cool! Not so little girl!

Tony Stark was many things. A self proclaimed Genius, Billionaire, Playboy, Philanthropist being the most famous of all. But, the one that tops everything; he’s a proud father. In the late 80’s whilst he was living the wild lifestyle he had a small relationship with a woman at the time, he probably cared a lot about her but he was too selfish to notice. The only thing to come of it was you. When the woman found out she was pregnant she contacted Tony to let him know she was going to end the pregnancy because she couldn’t afford two mouths to feed. Tony begged her not to. He knew he wouldn’t get another chance to have a child and he wanted to have someone to share his love with. Nine months later he received the call from the hospital that he had a baby daughter but her mother had died during labour.

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Dating Bellamy Blake would include:


-Being in charge of camp when both he and Clarke are out

-Being really good friends with Octavia

-Feeling like you don’t deserve each other

-Telling him you don’t feel worthy of his love at the same time he tells you that you’re too good for him

-Both of you being super confused about why one person feels like they don’t desrve the other 

-”Why would you not deserve me, you’re perfect?”

-”Well why the hell do you not deserve me? You’re the most amazing person I’ve ever met.”

-Him calling you things like sweetheart, baby, or sometimes even ‘My Queen’

-You calling him ‘My King’

-Did I mention sex?

-Calming him down when he gets stressed about Grounders

-Being the first to volunteer for the search party when Octavia gets captured by the Grounders

-Supporting her relationship with Lincoln, but only after you get to know him

-Being dorks together, but only in the privacy of your shared tent

-Too many inside jokes to count

-Making funny faces at him when he’s giving a speech to the camp so he’ll laugh

-Him trying and failing to not laugh

-Him tickling you until you apologize afterwards

-Being the cutest couple in the camp, and being shipped by everyone

-Never actually saying ‘I love you’ but instead saying things like ‘I need you’ or ‘I would do absolutely anything for you’

-Also sex

Tears of the Goddess

Originally posted by worldstyles

This is part two to Nectar of the Goddess and it had really fucked me up writing it. Hopefully you like this smutty, angsty, sappy mess that is Tears of the Goddess. There will definitely be more to come. 

Y/N was following along with everything Harry said, finally understanding the name, until he got to the very end. “..a goddess fo’ me goddess.” Y/N couldn’t imagine why Harry would have gotten the puppy for her. Nyx was his and she needed to stay his. Y/N couldn’t take care of anything right now, she was barely keeping those cacti at her apartment alive.

“What do you mean H? Did you get Nyx because of me?”

“Not exactly… but… I mean ‘f wasn’t fo’ you then I may not ‘ve bought her in the first place.”

Harry was rubbing at the back of his neck with a weak smile on his lips. He thought that Y/N would be far happier than she was about the idea of a puppy. Y/N on the other hand was shaking her head rapidly.

“Harry, you shouldn’t have done that. I have to leave in a week. This is fun, but how are we supposed to make this work when I’m back home? You shouldn’t have gotten a puppy for me.”


Y/N is leaving, but Harry is going to do everything he can to make her stay.

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Brown Eyes ~ Hermione Granger x Female!Reader

Originally posted by hogwartsisthebest


Hi there! I really love your writing! I can’t remember if I already asked for this cause I don’t keep track of where I request things, so if you’ve already gotten this I’m so sorry! I’d like to request a Hermione x female! reader one shot where the reader and Hermione get caught kissing by Ron and Harry. And if the reader could be a Gryffindor that’s really super close with the trio that would be wonderful! Thanks and if this is a repeat I’m sorry again and don’t feel the need to rush! Love you!
Can I have an imagine with me and Hermione realising for the first time we like each other?


None! :)


~Brown Eyes~

It started off as little things; little moments where your eyes would lock, subtle hand brushing, hugs where one of you would hold on longer than the other…

But, for you, it became something bigger.

You were falling for her, but you didn’t completely realize it. You were confused, that’s for sure; you didn’t know whether you liked her or you were just happy to be friends with her.

You’ve known Hermione since your first year; you were both placed in Gryffindor, and your shared love for learning made you two the closest of friends, also making you good friends with Harry and Ron.

Now, you were in your 5th year, and Professor Umbridge was making everyone’s life a living hell.

Winter break had begun, meaning today was the final DA meeting until break was over.

You, Hermione, Harry, and Ron were all in the Gryffindor common room, sitting by the fire. Harry was talking about how he had just snogged Cho Chang.

“Well, how was it?” Ron asked.

“Wet. I-I mean, she was sort of crying,” Harry responded, looking up at the three of you.

“That bad at it, are you?” Ron joked, letting out a small laugh.

“I’m sure Harry’s kissing was more than satisfactory,” Hermione chimed in, furrowing her eyebrows.

As she was talking, you began to get distracted. You gazed at her features, watching the way she spoke and moved. Finally, you stopped at her eyes; her captivatingly bright brown eyes.

Before you met Hermione, you weren’t all that interested in brown eyes. But, now, her eyes seemed to be your new favorite color.

Suddenly, they all started laughing, and you quickly joined in to make it look like you were listening.

You looked over at Hermione once more, watching her laugh and smile, and then, it hit you square in the face.

You were in love with Hermione Granger.


It was late, and it seemed nearly everyone in the Gryffindor tower was sound asleep.

Except for you.

You quietly tip-toed downstairs towards the common room, but immediately stopped in your tracks when you saw Hermione sitting by the fire, reading one of her books.

She looked up at you and raised her eyebrow.

“(Y/N)? What are you doing up so late?” She asked, putting her book aside.

“I could ask you the same thing,” you answered, walking over to the fireplace and taking a seat next to Hermione.

She let out a soft giggle. “I couldn’t sleep,” she said, glancing over at you.

“Me neither.”

A silence began to linger as you stared into the dancing flames in the fireplace.

“What do I do?! Should I tell her? What if she doesn’t like me that way? What if she stops being friends with me because of my feelings?” millions of questions raced through your head.

“(Y/N)? Is everything alright? You look worried,” Hermione asked in a concerned tone. She placed a hand on your shoulder, sending sparks throughout your body.

You took in a breath. “Hermione, I have to-uh-tell you something,” you shifted your gaze from the fire to Hermione.

“Go ahead, I’m listening.”

Your eyes locked on hers, making your heart leap.

“Do it! Just come out and say it!” you thought. Your heart was pounding loudly, and you began to fear that Hermione could hear it.

“I love you,” you stated, not breaking your gaze on her.

Her eyes became wide. Hermione’s breath began to hitch as she searched her mind for the words to say.

“I-I-” she stuttered before you cut her off.

“It’s okay, I-I know you don’t like me that way; we’ve been friends for so many years, and you’ve always been there for me, and I don’t want to ruin that. I just… I needed to tell you how I felt and-” you spoke quickly, but then, out of the blue, you felt a pair of lips softly pressed against yours.

Your heart began pounding again, but you melted into the kiss, placing your arms around her waist while she cupped your face in her hands.

“Wow,” a sudden voice said.

You both quickly pulled away and snapped your heads over to the source of the noise.

There stood Harry and Ron.

“You two are together?!” Harry and Ron asked in unison, their eyes nearly popping out of their heads.

“Yes… I love her very much,” she smiled, turning to face you.

A smile began to grow on your face as well. “I hope this isn’t weird for you two,” you added, looking at them.

“Are you kidding? We were wondering when the two of you would stop ogling at each other and just get together already,” Ron laughed, nudging Harry.

“I was that obvious?” You asked, your cheeks beginning to get a rosy tint.

“Just a bit,” Hermione giggled, biting her lip before placing another kiss on yours.

~The End~
•Thank you for requesting!•

(I hope this was alright! I’m still a bit rusty with writing, but I hope you all enjoyed it!)

anonymous asked:

drv3 boys with a VERY SMALL s/o?

I can relate to this so much sense I am a short person
-Mod Kiibo

-He thinks his s/o is the cutest thing in the world
-He loves helping her out when she needs something from a cabinet
-Likes to surprise his s/o
-Piggyback rides are a must
-Also lets his s/o sleep in his arms as he cradles them

-Oh boy the teasing begins
-He’s atlas happy their is someone shorter than him other then Hoshi and Yumeno
-Perfect hight to kiss you
-Also loves surprise kisses receiving and giving
-Such a CUDLER , He also refuses to let you be the big spoon even though it doesn’t really matter

-He doesn’t mind people being taller then him his used to it by this point
-Adores it when you give him quick pecks and then run off embarrassed
-Loves accepting piggyback rides from you
-He’s just in love with you

-First time he sees you automatic PROTECTION MODE
-He thinks your so precious
-Loves watching you when you get on your tiptoes
-Too cute
-The first time he asked you out you jumped hugged him and he almost fainted from cuteness

-He doesn’t really mind his s/o being short too much
-Loves to hold their hands because there so tiny and soft unlike his
-Made a mistake of asking why are you so short
-Immediately apologizes after because he realized it was both dumb and rude to ask
-Most likely Hugs you and won’t let you go until you accept his apologies 

-First time you meet he honestly thought you were hoshi
-So embarrassed because of that moment
-Loves bending down to kiss them
-He can and will carry you everywhere
-Also he melts a little inside when you fall asleep as he carries you

-He won’t admit it but secretly ADORES you being short
-Loves to hold your hand
-Scoffs when you can’t reach anything from a a tall place
-most likely he was the one who put it up there
-Loves seeing you angry but Immediately apologises

-“Please stop using my head as a armrest”
-As much as he loves teasing you about your height he docent tolerate other people doing it
-Loves seeing you flustered and angry
-Mostly angry
-The way your cheeks puff out and how you pout is the cutest thing to him

Thank you for the request ^^ -Mod K