also henry winkler


So, how many of you knew this?

Jared Padalecki played Young MacGyver in a 2003 TV movie/pilot as MacGyver’s nephew.
“Angus Macgyver’s nephew quits school and joins The Phoenix Foundation. But he finds it difficult to follow in the shoes of his famous uncle. “

^ That was the official description given, and had it been picked up by WB(who had no interest it seems), that likely would’ve been our “new MacGyver”

I mainly found this amusing because of the amount of people I saw who were saying Lucas Till resembled Jared, and it made me wonder if they knew about this? Or maybe because there have been many mutual MacGyver/Supernatural fans.

Now, I’m 100% happy with Lucas Till as MacGyver, he’s a gorgeous guy, great actor, and his voice is amazing, I just found this interesting and kind of cool, especially since Henry Winkler also produced Young MacGyver.