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Carry On Book 1 Summary
  • Simon: hello my name is Simon and I love magic
  • Simon: my roommate is Baz he's evil and nOT HERE WHERE IS HE
  • Simon: also I'm dating Agatha I guess
  • Simon: anyway where's Baz
  • Simon: he is Evil and a Vampire and probably plotting
  • Penny: hey
  • Simon: pennY WHERES BAZ
  • Penny: idk
  • Simon: k cool
  • Simon: I'm going to eat my sorrows away
  • Simon: Niall where's baz
  • Niall: fuck off
  • Simon: k
  • Penny: hey Simon!!! Dead people are coming back now the vEIl iS LIfTeD
  • Simon: what
  • Natasha: hey sup
  • Simon: sup
  • Natasha: ur not my son
  • Simon: yea
  • Natasha: o well if you see him tell him to avenge me
  • Simon: k

#hello i’m having mulan feels bye

there’s been many a night that turn from a let’s all chill to a jonas and mahdi waiting around and eating chips and pulling up another youtube video when isak and even cancel and magnus finds himself sucking face with vilde again. sometimes those nights become man i’ve got homework i’ll see you tomorrow. sometimes they become FIFA best out of 5 buys beer for the other next week- ah fuck! best out of 9 then. one time that night turns into jonas huffing fuck this, let’s get out of here and grabbing his skateboard.

jonas hadn’t been to the skatepark in a while. with winter and school and new relationships and drama abound, it had kind of slipped by. the sun was almost completely set and they’d been trading jonas’s board back and forth, cracking jokes at each other and playing music off mahdi’s phone. mahdi was good. they both were, both with a clear ease on the board that came like a habit. but jonas was better. they were 20 minutes into jonas trying to teach mahdi a trick and 2 minutes into jonas laughing his ass off as mahdi fell on his butt again

fuck you, mahdi said from the ground as jonas’s laughter finally died down

it’s fine if you can’t do it

no fuck you, i’m landing that tonight. just give me a second

alright, alright, jonas chuckled with his hands up, backing away from the boy on the ground and going over to sit on the bowl’s edge where mahdi’s phone was. he sat skipping through songs until mahdi jumped up next to him and grabbed his phone away


you’re skipping all the good ones

pssh “good ones”

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The signs as Game Grumps quotes
  • Aries: Motherfucking Jesse Eisenberg Jesus Christ fuck dude motherfucking Facebook movie bullshit Jesus can you fucking believe this shit
  • Taurus: Susie?! I need an adult!
  • Gemini: You gotta make a statement. You gotta look inside yourself and say, "What am I willing to put up with today?" NOT FUCKING THIS!!!
  • Cancer: That's the thing, everyone is like, "Dan's my favorite," and I'm like, "I agree."
  • Virgo: I would fuck everything on this screen including the animals and the bicycle.
  • Libra: You'd make weed cookies or weed brownies, those were fucking delicious, and then you'd get stupid high... Was there a point to this? I can't remember.
  • Scorpio: Caught a big ol case of the Fuck You's.
  • Sagittarius: Hello and welcome back to Janeane Garofolo's expediction to Mt. Everest starring me, Arin Hanson and I GUESS also starring Dan.
  • Capricorn: You're always secretly hoping: MAYBE I WILL BE THE GUY WHO WILL BE INVITED INTO THE THREESOME.
  • Aquarius: This calls for... MORE WOLFJOB!
  • Pisces: The D Club is not gay... It's informative.

hello friends! my name is althea, and i’m astro trash. now that’s out of the way, i’m so, so sorry for taking a whole year to get this intro up. ;v; thank you so much for all the lovely welcome messages, i’ll get back to all of you after i’m done following everyone on the masterlist! <3 for those interested in plotting with bin, please leave a like and i’ll hop into your ims. there are some facts listed under the cut as well. you can also find me on twitter (@sunshine_kmj), if that works better for any of you. thanks for reading, and have a nice day!

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blossoming-optimism  asked:

Hello!! Several fun questions: Are you excited for 2017's The Mummy including Jekyll/Hyde? What would you wanna see from the character in that film? Also, whaddaya reckon about the casting??? I'm skeptical but I'm not a big Russell Crowe fan so I'm biased I guess. Ooh! Who would your ideal fancast be for a Hollywood Jekyll?

WHOA BACK UP, WHAT IS THIS? A movie?! With Jekyll and Hyde? I gotta look into this!

My ideal fancast for a Hollywood Jekyll would be Adrien Brody just because he’s strikes a large resemblance to Arythusa’s Jekyll I MEAN LOOK AT THIS:

anonymous asked:

Sorry, I'm new to your blog and I was curious as to whether the person you are using as an icon is your own original character, and if they were I was wondering if you might tell me their name? Sorry this is such an awkward question I was just really curious. I also think you're really talented. And uh yeah, bye.

Hello! Welcome to my blog! My icon pic is of my gemsona! It was drawn a while back. I really should update it. The better pic is here—

Look who’s trying to start arting again! Yes yes, it’s me and I even picked up my dusty watercolours and got messy. Screwups happened, but oh man, feels so good.

2016 forecast for the signs
  • Aries: don't let them see you sweat this year. don't let them see you cry. don't show anyone any sort of bodily fluids. vomiting in public is a weakness that others will try to exploit.
  • Taurus: 2016 will bring a major shift in your family life. and i'm sorry. i'm so, so sorry. alternatively, congratulations!
  • Gemini: creativity doesn't flow this year like it has before. sometimes you gotta hunt for inspiration like- did you ever read that book. the island of doctor something? starts with an m? monroe? thats not it. anyway. sometimes you gotta do some fucked up shit in the name of art.
  • Cancer: resolutions cant help you. theres no helping some people. so just open the door and let the bad things in. good things will come too.
  • Leo: 2016 will be the year of reliving past intimate relationships to try and figure out what went wrong. the only common factor is you. but that doesn't make things hopeless and it doesn't mean you should change.
  • Virgo: all those good feelings that follow vengeance are short lived when considered against the immense, unfeeling universe. so do whatever, i guess. everything is dying.
  • Libra: your will power is especially strong in the coming year. make decisions and follow through. 2016 is a good year to be proactive but don't get lazy. we are all living on a knife edge. there is no room to falter
  • Scorpio: i know you thought that 2015 was going to be the year and i'm sorry. but 2016 is it for sure! this will be THE year. just. just stay positive. there are people who have your back. there are also people actively working against you. but most people are neutral so 2016 for sure is /the year/
  • Sagittarius: goodbye 2015 and hello sadness! not for the whole year. not even most for of the year. but sadness always seems bigger than it is. sadness is transformative though. idk if that makes it worth it
  • Capricorn: good things only come to those who wait because good things sometimes happen regardless of action. things happen whether you deserve them or not and some of those things are bound to be good. i guess i'm talking about luck. whatever. buy a lotto ticket this year.
  • Aquarius: this is the year you learn an important lesson about fire safety. i'd be more specific but it's not something i know either,
  • Pisces: i wouldn't offer second chances this year if i were you. but you wouldn't be you if i were you. youre a goddamn wreck