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Tony holding someone else's baby for the first time. (Rhodey's perhaps... someone he cares about, definitely.)

Cheers because I’ve gotten a lot of asks about Tony holding his or a baby over the last few months and finally got around to answering one! You guys have a lot of feelings about Tony and holding babies, don’t you?

Tony would be terrified. Scared out of his mind. Because he’s a multi-billionaire and this tiny little thing with the pruny skin and the three strands of fluffy hair is the most precious thing he’s ever laid eyes on.

It’s not a thing, Tones, it’s a person, Rhodey would probably say with an indulging smile if he could take his eyes off the tiny person for even a second. Not even when he’s holding it out for Tony to take.

Tony predictably panics. He’s never held a baby before, not one this small at least. And what if he breaks it? He can’t just build a new one and everyone should know better than to give Tony breakable things by now! It’s so tiny, how does one even hold it without squeezing too hard? No, this is a terrible, terrible idea, abort mission immediately, red lights are flashing–

Rhodey doesn’t appear to hear them though. He’s too busy beaming and handing Tony the tiny person, and adjusting Tony’s grip, and talking soothingly–to the baby, oh god a baby, not Tony, but Tony will take what he can get.

And then he’s holding a tiny person and sternly reminding himself to keep breathing. It’s harder than the movies make it look.

It looks even tinier in Tony’s arms, wiggling a little and gurgling, turning its tiny head and Tony doesn’t think he’s seen anything more fascinating in his life.

“Hey mini-Rhodey,” he murmurs softly because apparently all the harshness and ugly edges have been sucked out of him. Then, because it’s really hard to uphold a conversation with a newborn, “Did you know your grip is so strong you can hold up your whole bodyweight already? Rhodey says I’m not allowed to try it because he’s secretly the biggest party pooper but don’t worry, I think I can talk him into repulser shoes in the next four years or so.”

Tony continues babbling because mini-Rhodey is a surprisingly good listener–and hasn’t broken yet!–and tries not to think too hard about the soft, mushy feelings this tiny person is giving him.

Tony ends up not breaking mini-Rhodey. He also gets home and designs a tiny bodysuit with considerable more metal parts than standard baby clothes are supposed to have. Because if Tony hasn’t broken mini-Rhodey, no one else is going to either. 

Spoiler-y thoughts on the Defenders

- Matt Murdock is still my favourite marvel hero.
- I really should watch Jessica Jones
- I may be the only person on the planet but I really dislike Elektra. Did not care for her in season 2 and now I actively hate her. There was a tiny micro second were she went full on psycho and I was starting to like her as a villain but then her interactions with Matt made me cringe all the way and she also gave me heartattack when Matt literally almost died because of her dumb ass.
- I love Colleen Wing and I am convinced that she should have been the immortal iron fist. Not that I have anything against Danny Rand and unlike so many people I did enjoy Iron Fist even if it was a cheese fest, but Colleen is just next level awesome and I love her!
-not enough Karen and Foggy! I get it they are no “key” characters but I really love them and I felt like we got ZERO context of all the problems the we’re facing as well as the conflict with Matt not being daredevil anymore.
- I know the Netflix marvel shows are slower and then built up to a great ending BUT I just couldn’t with how slow it was. I kind of need led a bit more from this series, it just didn’t work that we’ll for me.
- tell me that Elektra is dead for good now.
- Jessica’s neighbor friend is the hottest thing I’ve seen on screen in ages.
- I really hated that they sidelined madam Gao. She is the most interesting of the villains and I don’t understand why we needed Angelica as a character when she wasn’t really interesting or compelling…
-Luke Cage is a very likeable guy and so good at being kind!
- I felt like the show had too much going on to really explore some character threads that were set up at the beginning of the season. I kind of felt like they weren’t resolved.
- I might have doubted for 5 seconds that Matt would be okay but it was also fairly obvious that he wasn’t dead.
- also had he died for reals I was prepared to never watch a Netflix marvel show ever again. I already did this with the walking dead so don’t tempt me Netflix

Not very coherent or thorough but I’m still processing.

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Could you do headcanons for how the GOM ( - Murasakibara) would react to losing their last game as third years?

Sure, love :) We hope you like it! Sorry for the delay and thank you for requesting. ~ Rin & Elle


- At first, he would keep a nonchalant mask and a smile on his face, although it’s obvious that his happy expression is forced.

- Tears would definitely start falling on Kise’s way to the locker room or after everyone has left. His team would insist on dragging him to a karaoke bar to lift his mood and celebrate despite their loss; Kaijou’s ace definitely earned it.

- “I’m sorry I didn’t do enough, you guys…”

- Kise would praise the team after the match, pointing out the positive aspects of their play and insist that they should keep trying their best. He’d say, “I’ll come see your next game, so don’t disappoint me, ne?” and wink at them, trying to cover up his disgruntled state.

- “I’ll definitely cheer you guys on next year, Kaijo will definitely win next time!”


- Frustration would well up inside him and torch through his entire body- he’d played his best, so why hadn’t that been enough? He would try to refrain from lashing out on others but he’d eventually let it out. The nagging dissatisfaction of his loss would drive him to play more basketball and practice harder.

- Aomine wouldn’t bring it over himself to congratulate the winning team. He would just look down, put his hands on his hips, and sigh in frustration.

- He would say something to his own team though. Actually, he would ‘mumble’ something. “You guys did a good job.” He’s too embarrassed to give a speech. But everyone knows; Aomine’s praise can’t be gained by just anyone.

- He would calm down by playing basketball until he’s completely worn out. Shooting hoop after hoop, he would vent his dejection until he can’t stand anymore. (And then he takes a long, steamy shower.)

- Wants to be left alone for a while which gives him the opportunity to thoroughly think about the past years and his future basketball career.


- Handles it in a mature way. He’d feel more upset for the team than for himself. He would praise his teammate’s excellent work as well and say that, “According to Oha Asa, Cancer is only ranked second today.”

- Midorima remains respectful towards the opponents and salutates them for their excellent play, quickly adding, “Next time our teams face each other, Shūtoku will be the winner.”

- He would be the most accepting of the situation and for one last time he’d try to be as constructive as possible for his team so they’d improve farther. He’d concentrate on what to improve instead of mourning. He looks forward, not back.

- His lucky item for that day would receive a special place in his room because despite losing, it was a special match for him and he doesn’t want to forget it.


- He’d congratulate the other team with complete sincerity, a shaky smile on his face.

“Congratulations on your team’s win. It was a fair game. I’m happy I could play my last game against a team like yours.”

- Kuroko’s tears would spill over when he faces his team and bows, thanking them for everything. Then he gets ‘suffocated’ in a group hug.

- Despite how down he is, he would smile, for his team and for himself. He would still be in the mood for a celebration since he’s very proud of Seirin.

- He’d still show up every now and then in Seirin’s gym to see how everyone is doing (and to nearly give all of them a heartattack). Would also watch all their important games.


- He’d be frustrated inwardly but he act mature about it, not showing how disappointed he is. He’s not disappointed in the team though, but in himself as a captain who was supposed to lead his team to victory.

- He would calmly congratulate the other team.

“It’s your team’s win. Congratulations. However, next time, Rakuzan will take the throne, so be prepared.”

- He’d want to be with his teammates afterwards and let himself be comforted by their company.

- He would be able to let loose around them and let his stony mask fall since he trusts them.

- Might drink a shot or two at the minibar once he’s residing back home. Playing the violin would ease Akashi’s mind and bring him peace.

A few more thoughts about the Mafia WinterIronWidow AU because  @dramaqueenofhell‘s ask about Tony’s tendency to get into trouble/hurt by mundane things instead of elaborate schemes got me thinking.

Let’s face it, Tony isn’t the only member of this trio with a messed up sense of self-preservation. Nobody can tell me that Bucky and Nat don’t get up to the most reckless stunts during missions. Sometimes just because they can. Because they get a kick out of it. 

So what if there was a perfectly useable emergency stairwell? Bungee jumping off the roof is so much more fun! Yeah, maybe they could have disappeared into the crowd of employees but why pass up on stealing the manager’s helicopter instead? So I guess all I’m saying is, Bucky and Nat are adrenaline junkies who love pulling insane stunts during their missions, always have. And you better believe Tony scolds them when they get back. Sometimes because he’s jealous he’s missed out on the fun. Sometimes because watching that particular move from afar has left him shaky and pale–that’s the only times when they ever feel genuinely bad about their recklessness by the way.

That’s also the times they get locked out of Tony’s private rooms. (But when they get hurt, Tony always takes care of them, no matter how much he may rant whilst doing so.)

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Apparently the news is that Tom could not make the fashion show. As bad as it sounds, it was for the better they would spontaneously combust from seeing him strut the catwalk. I don't think the world is ready for Supermodel Tom.

Fate has allowed us to live for another day! °˖ ✧◝(○ ヮ ○)◜✧˖ ° May he ruin our lives again at some later date!