also he's such a riot in interviews

TIME Magazine: A Star of His Own Making 

In person, John Boyega carries himself with an assuredness that could be mistaken for self-­importance. He’s one of those actors who look as tall and sturdy in real life as they do onscreen. He fills whatever room he happens to be in with inviting, boisterous chatter, thanks, no doubt, to years of voice training on the English stage. And he’s dead certain he’s going to be a big, big movie star.

I first meet Boyega in a cramped hallway at ABC Studios in Manhattan in July. We barely manage a hurried handshake as he proceeds in Aaron Sorkin–like strides toward a nearby stage. His publicist and his sister—who also acts as his assistant and is Googling where they can find British pub food in New York—are drafting in his wake. I watch off set as Boyega sits down with the hosts of Live With Kelly and Ryan, his first of three interviews for the day. Each sit-down requires the same thing of the 25-year-old Brit: promoting his latest film, Kathryn Bigelow’s Detroit, about the city’s 1967 riots, and expounding on the state of race relations in neat, 30-second sound bites. Naturally, interviewers also want to ask about his other new movie, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, coming out in December. 

If the challenge of figuring out how to discuss Black Lives Matter and lightsabers in the same breath weighs on him, Boyega doesn’t show it. “I see what I do in part as creating change through art,” he tells me. “Sometimes that responsibility can feel like a burden, but it’s not. It pushes you to find your purpose in the world.”

Most people know Boyega as Finn, the Storm­trooper who defects to the Rebels and helps an aspiring Jedi (Daisy Ridley) in 2015’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Boyega is confident that he can sidestep the quagmire of franchise fame that has kept some actors from ever eclipsing their first blockbuster roles. So when I finally sit down with him for lunch, I begin by asking if he’d rather follow the Denzel Washington/Harrison Ford path to stardom—­bringing the same charming swagger to every role—or if he’d prefer to go the Judi Dench/Idris Elba route of disappearing into parts. He grins at me and says, “I think to be a real star, you have to do both. I’m going to do both.”

Which might seem presumptuous if Boyega hadn’t been consistently checking off items on his superstardom to-do list. Since his breakout role two years ago, he has produced and starred in another franchise film, the upcoming Pacific Rim: Uprising (become a producer: check), played opposite Tom Hanks in the poorly reviewed The Circle (inevitable flop: check), returned to London to play a soldier with PTSD at the Old Vic (reaffirm acting chops onstage: check) and, with Detroit, become the face of an Academy Award winner’s latest gritty film (make an Oscar bid: check). And he’s working on writing and producing his own movies in hopes of leading a generation of artists who bring more diverse stories to the screen.

So, yes, John Boyega will be a big, big movie star. And he plans to get there his own way.

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CAN’T FEAR YOUR OWN WORLD Part 7 Full Translation

I’m super late but here it is, it’s going to be another long read (12.5k words) since this part consists of two chapters.

Chapter 5

(page 208)

Soul Society - Kizokugai

“…No matter how many times I come here, I’ll never get used to walking around Kizokugai.”

In the eastern end of the 6th sector, Kizokugai is lined with mansions belonging to noblemen, high class ryōtei*, and establishments catering exclusively to nobles. (*Fancy, traditional Japanese restaurant.)

At the heart of Kizokugai, Hisagi releases a small sigh whilst heading towards the central block where commoners cannot enter unless they obtain formal permission or an invitation from a noble.

Responding to Hisagi, Hanatarō posed a question.

“You’ve come here a few times then?”

“That Ōmaeda guy invited me to dine with him, along with Abarai. After all, it’s impossible for me to come here to a ryōtei street alone on my salary.”

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Rewatch Info and Guidelines

Hey guys! 

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Asuka breaks Goldburg’s undefeated streak

NXT Women’s Champion Asuka crossed an incredible threshold last weekend. With her victory last Saturday at TakeOver: Chicago, she reached a milestone of 174 wins. Beating Goldberg’s 155 match undefeated streak, making WWE History.

 Asuka acknowledged her incredible feat on Twitter, posting:

And Goldberg offered his own congratulations, posting:

Not only did Asuka topple Goldberg’s streak, but she did so emphatically. In her title defense at Takeover: Chicago, Asuka pinned not one, but two challengers at once: Ruby Riot and Nikki Cross. Her title reign stands at 419 days and counting.

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon also congratulated the NXT Women’s Champion on her major accomplishment:

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anonymous asked:

Do you have a source for Marsha saying Sylvia was passed out and not at the riot?

This post sums it up:

And also how Johnson called himself a man in an interview just days before his death (in answer to another anon). The link about Wicker and Stonewall historians confirming the story of Johnson finding Rivera on a park bench is broken but here’s another source from a book: [link]

As for Rivera claiming he was there… I don’t think he was necessarily lying, he only made the claim years later and, well, memories are like that. People often add or omit details in memories, no one does it on purpose. Over time just hearing about the riots could have morphed into believing the memory of the account that was told to him is a memory of having been there. 

So I don’t necessarily think there was anything malicious on Rivera’s part, but the point is no one can confirm he was there, according to Johnson he wasn’t there, and tumblrinas have just latched into Rivera because he’s the closest thing to a transwoman they could find (the concept didn’t even exist in 1969, kids) and they like to bludgeon gay people with this revisionist history to try and guilt us into being beholden to assholes like Bruce Jenner, Laverne Cox and Riley J. Dennis. To which I say: fuck that. 

anonymous asked:

Ever heard of Stonewall? Yes, a trans woc DID start the pride movement. Also I found some terf rhetoric on your blog. Figures.

Yeah I’ve heard of Stonewall. If you’re referring to Marsha P Johnson, he identified countless times through out his life (including in an interview 10 days before his death) that he was a GNC gay man and preferred masculine pronouns and names. As for Sylvia Rivera, whilst I no doubt agree she was trans, there are several people who said she wasn’t even there, including Marsha P Johnson.
Stormé DeLarverie, a black, butch lesbian, was actually widely reported and witnessed to be the person who incited the riots.

Danny Phantom

Fanfic idea: Danny makes a horrible mistake. Due to being exhausted from all the fights earlier that night he floats home without his invisibility. Worst he goes straight to his bedroom window instead of the door and crashes on his bed. That would have been harmless if it wasn’t for the fact someone saw him and now Danny Fenton must explain why Danny Phantom goes into his room at late hours unannounced as if though he owns it.

Fanfic elements :
*The person who spots Phantom is a fan and starts recording him with his phone. Following after the hero he films the ghost slip into Danny’s room. This video is passed around the city by morning.
*Danny gets a warning from Tucker but before they can plan on what to do Danny is cornered by other students. Panicked that his secret might be found out he blurts out the first thing that comes to mind when a teen sneaks into another’s room. He regrets it as soon at the words leave his mouth.
*People handle this information differently. Some think his lying and hiding the real reason. Others think that Fenton is the reason Phantom protects the city and the rest are in denial
*Sam, Tucker and Jazz thinks its funny how everyone believes Danny is dating himself. They constantly tease him about it while trying to find a way for the two to “break up” in a believable matter. Danny just really wishes this all a bad dream and he will wake up soon.
* Danny’s parents do not know what to do. On one hand they HATE that Danny is dating a ghost but on the other they want to support him and make sure the boy knows he is love. It doesn’t help that Danny didn’t tell them he was gay out of his own free will. They feel like Danny doesn’t trust them and it hurts.
* Danny is unhappy with all the attention his getting. Overnight he goes from background loser to being mobbed by reporters trying to interview “Phantom’s secret Human Boyfriend”. Not only that there are some really jealous people out to get him. Phantom also has to fight off protesters.
*Other ghosts are having a riot with this information. They know that Fenton and Phantom are one and the same but like to show up to make things worse. Jonny in particular enjoys yelling date suggestions as they battle. “Phantom you should take that little human out for a midnight flight! Just you, him and the stars! Romantic no?”
*Danny also has to find a way to explain why his “boyfriend” is never around while he is. He tries to use this as a reason why they break up but people think it’s because Phantom is shy. They are all convinced the two meet up at night.
*Danny’s parents put rules about him and his boyfriend. They give him The Talk as awkwardly as they can and make sure to put up anti-ghost shield in his room. Danny has to call Jazz to let him into his own room
*The biggest scandal to ever hit Amity Park and Danny’s secret in consent threat makes it Danny’s biggest hardship to date.
*Danny is dating himself. That is how low his come to.
*There are websites, and fans dedicated to support the pitch pearl couple and Danny just wants them to stop.

it’s also worth nothing (among many, many other things) that pete doherty was once at a gig in wales where he beat up some horrible rugby players for calling him homophobic slurs in what he called a ‘straightbashing’ 

and also the amazing time he demolished a homophobic radio interviewer for making derisive comments about the video for his song ‘last of the english roses’ (which ends in an explicit kiss between two men as pete recites jean genet over it) and you can literally see the interviewer regret ever having been born