also he's playing one of the only character on that show who isn't gay

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Can you do a famous malec couple au? Please

okay so full credit to @achilleanragnor​ for helping me get started on this because famous was too big a window for me and then this happened

  • okay so magnus is the troy baker of video games
  • honestly like, has there been a well acted game in the last eight years that didn’t feature a magnus bane voice line???
  • (the answer is probably no)
  • he’s had one or two small roles on tv, just on little shows and things but his home is voice acting, because that’s what he loves doing
  • he loves trying on new people, trying out new personalities, new faces
  • he also adores seeing all the production teams do their magic
  • anyway yeah magnus is super famous in the gaming community, been to awards shows, the whole works. nerds faint in his presence. especially at comic con
  • and then there’s alec
  • alec who his parents wanted to go to law school but he started acting in a theatre group instead and found he loved it so much more
  • alec who was at law school when he got the call for an audition for a superhero movie
  • alec who gave up law school when he got that dream call, much to his parents displeasure
  • (izzy and jace were proud as hell though)
  • he’s had a lot of pretty big roles - superhero movies, cult sci-fi, a fantasy show everyone seems to love
  • honestly alec doesn’t think he’s famous, no matter how many people sneak pictures of him on the subway
  • izzy and jace have to remind him of that alone because he’s always like “no, they’re not looking at me, are you crazy?”
  • especially when he’s out with jace, because jace is this crazy good musician and of course they’re looking at you
  • anyway alec got asked to do a little cameo role in a big rpg game and he kind of loved it??? which was a surprise because he really didn’t expect to
  • he goes to visit jace one day and jace is playing it because “dude, it’s your game of course i’m playing the shit out of this just to see what you look like”
  • jace is impressed, but alec ends up in bliss listening to the main character talk, who is played by, you guessed it, magnus bane
  • he doesn’t really think about it much though, and moves on until his agent asks if he liked the game thing
  • because this big epic adventure game is looking for some stage & tv actors to do their newest story
  • and alec reads the brief and damn it’s a good story
  • so he goes for it and he gets it
  • and it’s not until the production staff start talking to him that he realises it’s a full motion capture game
  • which is new but he’s still excited to get going, because it looks like a fun game, and there’s a full gay romance, which is really important for alec
  • he wants to do it right dammit!!!!!
  • anyway he gets to set the first day and surprise surprise, guess who alec’s love interest is?
  • anyway alec spends half his time being in awe of magnus’ amazing talent, and the rest trying to wipe the drool off his chin because the only person that can make the ridiculous motion capture outfits look sexy is magnus bane
  • so they spend the next few months filming this game, with alec falling a little bit more in love every single day
  • until finally they get to the end of the game, and the climax of the love plot, when in the heat of danger they share a passionate first kiss
  • and honestly alec forgets he’s acting until they get to that scene, when the production crew says they can kiss if they want but they don’t need to because the motion capture comes out weird anyway and the outfits will probably make it awkward
  • only just as magnus is about to pull away, alec leans in and kisses him for real
  • so when the game comes out and the two of them play it together on date nights, magnus is all “can you believe out first kiss has been immortalised in a video game?”
  • anyway they go out together and the fans all love them
  • their comic con panel involves so many “what happened on set” things it’s hilarious
  • they’re basically the power couple of video games and it’s beautiful
  • they get to accept a bunch of lgbt awards together and blow up the internet
  • and they all lived happily ever after
  • (including their video game characters)
naruto characters and planes because im writing this while im on a plane and very bored
  • naruto: fucking LOVES planes. he's so amped about the fact that he's in the fucking SKY, DUDE!!!!! orders a bunch of food because he heard 'complimentary' and thought that applied to everything. is a fool. in airports he keeps running down those conveyor belts like he's 5. he's like, 19
  • sasuke: would never talk about it but is real deep and moody about airplanes and that kind of extensive travel. he feels really freed by the transience of it all. he also wishes he had paid that extra ten dollars for a comfy bigger seat. somehow always gets the window seat, tho, and he doesnt actually care much about it but he refuses to switch with naruto.
  • sakura: the most prepared traveler. she has her carry-on packed with everything she could possibly need. everything charged and perfectly accessible. she's so well prepared bc on the off chance she isn't and something goes wrong in the airport you can catch her crying at the closest starbucks
  • gaara: loves to travel but thinks airplanes and airports are way too stressful and tedious and also he's dissociating like the whole time. wishes TSA could somehow do their job without acknowledging that he has a body and wears shoes
  • ino: honestly treats the airport like a fucking mall. she doesnt buy much but she goes through every single store and windowshops while comparing online with items so she doesnt spend 400x the online price. she DID spend the extra $10 for a comfy seat tho and sasuke is very jealous. she has a nightmask even tho this is a 2 hr flight, even if she spends most of the flight playing games on her phone
  • lee: jogs up and down the conveyor belts but like. the ones going the wrong way. its extra work out, or so he says. also is the guy who sits next to you on the plane and tries to make conversation with you and he's really nice but you wish he'd be quiet
  • neji: insists he's flown many times and is fine, but he's whiteknucklin the armrests the whole way. only manages to not puke from sheer force of will bc he'd rather die than walk in the aisles while the plane's moving
  • kakashi: also has a night mask like ino but he's asleep within like 30 seconds of boarding. when him and gai fly together he uses him as a headrest and its adorable. when he's with someone else he sleeps sitting perfectly straight up and its a little creepy
  • madara: grumpy grandpa. fights with TSA, will Not take off his shoes, thank you. also showed up way late for check-in. why didnt they just do a road trip
  • hashirama: happy grandpa who thinks planes are fun. buys a ridiculous amount of tourist shit, mostly keychains bc he thinks theyre cute. resolves every fight that madara starts, somehow
I honestly have no idea why all of tumblr isn't watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Guys, it’s basically the show you’ve been waiting for.

There are 7 main characters, 4 men and 3 women.

Of the 4 men, 2 are black, 1 is Jewish. 1 of the black men is gay and married.  The other black man is big and buff, but worries about his safety because he has a wife and 2 little girls at home

Of the women, 1 is Cuban, 1 is mixed race and 1 is white (Jewish). All the women are good at their jobs (even if one is played as not caring, she has several moments were she proves to be incredibly useful and insightful). They are strong women and are also hilariousssss

So there are more awesome things beyond the diverse cast:

-Captain Holt’s sexuality gives him more depth rather than defining him. It makes his character more interesting to know that he was an out, black detective in the 70s. Also his flashbacks are awesome

-The cast has great chemistry and I love them

-This: “Cliche race and gender jokes should be so tired by now, but they are (unfortunately) fairly common on most prime time comedies and a staple on others. In favor of unfunny and offensive cliches, "Nine-Nine” opts for complex jokes that deal with both race and gender in a sensitive but biting manner" 

-The 2 black men are the highest ranking characters. The gay man is the captain

-The only “problematic” aspect that I’ve heard people complain about is actually turned on it’s head. Boyle is actively (and annoyingly) in love with Rosa, and keeps pursuing her despite her rejecting his advances. While I understand why this upsets some people, I’m actually intrigued by it because ROSA is the one with the power. Boyle is shown as goofy, and Rosa is shown as the one in the right

-The only people on the show that are bad at their jobs are background characters and they are both white men

-Andy Samberg’s character is a cop who “hates to play by the rules”, but he’s not an unethical rouge, he’s a huge goofball and it’s amazing

-Andre Braugher holding puppies

So basically, watch it. It’s really funny and awesome.

Just This Time (2)

Pairing(s): Joelay, side of Mavin, mentions of some irl relationships

Rating: T for swearing, passive suicidal thoughts/actions

Summary: Eighteen years isn’t a lot to a guy like Ray - if it’s about soulmates, a number is just a number, right? But Ray wasn’t there when Joel was eighteen, doesn’t know what it’s like to be branded with the name of a child, and doesn’t understand waiting forty years for a soulmate.

Word Count: 2912

Chapter: 1/2/3 

A/N: So this is about Ray, we see some Michael/Gavin, the AH/RT crew coming into play. The screwy timeline comes more into play in this chap: in the recap mentioned, I know Joel was there and Ray knew who he was and it’s likely Joel knew who the new recruit of AH was when Ray was hired but shhh shh let’s ignore that for the purposes of this fic they didn’t happen. Most of what I’ve got here I’ve learned from various podcasts or recaps, also Burnie and Ray playing Journey (which was amazing in so many ways if you haven’t watched it you absolutely must). My headcanon for Ray is that he was really shy and awkward and stuff during school and once he started working for AH he became a lot more awkward and more like the asshole we know now. Also, I lied, Ray and Joel actually meet in this chap. The consequences come next time, which’ll probably be Boxing Day woop. Enjoy?

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