also he's missing his hat whoops


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  • we all know he’s like a clumsy big puppy and you’re gonna love it if you want it or not
  • okay so as you can guess he’s all up for bearhugs
  • also he’s into PDA like it’s almost a must for him
  • he loves being the big spoon no denying
  • he just loves wrapping his arms around you being a huge fluffball
  • he will tease you about your height shorter or taller even he will def make jokes about it
  • you’re never gonna have to worry about cooking or cleaning because this dude is just husband material
  • but be careful while he’s an amazing cook he can certainly fuck up when distracted
  • once you came in the kitchen wearing his shirt (pyjamas) and just flirting a bit with his and there went the dinner it all burnt
  • he blamed it on you being so distracting I mean how in the world could he do that when his perf lover was standing there just in his shirt?
  • he loved it tho because he got all blushy like bby ur wearing just that
  • and you’re like “silly I’m wearing underwear”
  • *blushing intensifies*
  • he looks so confident and tall but he’s just a giggly schoolgirl
  • you can expect piggy backrides because hellow tall bf coming through
  • I think you’d take turns into mothering eachother but if you were like pretty bad at it you’re gonna be smothered with love
  • just also remember he needs a lot of love
  • he will def give you his sweaters, shirts, hats, sweatpants,… anything he can give you 
  • he is also very into couple clothing I guess
  • and also he will never ever forget important days, he seems like someone that would remember all of the dates
  • first date, first kiss, first text, first phonecall, first i love you,…
  • talking about kisses
  • okay making out with this giant would be a lot of fun
  • he def seems like a clumsy kisser like whoops missed your mouth I’m kissing your jaw but imma make it look like i intended too, pls don’t notice
  • you notice
  • giggling but when you get into it it’s all ‘bout love
  • long kisses but you’d have to lead because he’s not gonna change anything unless you do
  • he’d def be someone to moan during making out idk why but he’s also not embarrassed with it and acts like everyone loudly moans during kissing
  • and you don’t really mind but nobody has to hear that you’re kissing in the next room so sometimes you ask him to tone it down
  • “but how can I when I’m kissing someone s beautiful as you?”
  • smack his ass as punishment kinky
  • I actually didn’t really sin that much? he’s just like not v sexual to me I’m sorry
  • okay so Imma be honest he isn’t that high up my bias list it’s hard writing something very long about him 
  • but I’ll try
  • so okay I think you wouldn’t be all that close with svt? Like I know but I think he’ll want his friends and love sort of separated? Like you’ll have to meet them yes of course but I don’t think he’d like if you became good friends with them
  • because partly jealousy 
  • partly because he’s afraid you won’t like them or they won’t like you
  • and also idk it would be weird to him I guess
  • but if the rest gets someone that’s close to the rest I feel like he’ll see the positive points of making you join in with group activities
  • like you’ll get a few close friends in svt but you gotta wait for it
  • probably for a pretty long time
  • on another note if you speak english (which i presume as you’re reading this) he will want to practice his English on you
  • making you crack up
  • but you’ll also be proud because English is very hard and he’s improving
  • treat this cinnamon bun right


Others in the Boyfriend!Series:
willgot headcanons
  • will stopped texting margot because she answers 4 days later so he either calls her or goes to her place immediately
  • however, whenever she texts him and he doesn’t answer quickly she floods him with messages like ‘why wont u answer me binch’
  • margot made will take the sorting hat pottermore quizz and he got gryffindor and she was thrilled because she’s also a gryffindor
  • floyd lawton and harley quinn weren’t supposed to have so much scenes together but the willgot chemistry was so obvious that david ayer decided to go with it
  • “we’re gonna talk about this later” and will knows margot’s gonna whoop his ass
  • margot loves to try new things all the time and will just sighs deeeply and follows her
  • they’re planning to make new movies
  • they don’t particularly miss each other but when they’re together, they feel really really happy and whole
  • they like to have each other’s opinions and approval for their movies or music or anything