also he wears boots

a Baku shoes masterpost 

because that’s exactly the kind of person i am

to start off with, little Bakugou doesn’t really seem to have a preference for shoes. on the left, it looks like he’s wearing sneakers, and the middle also seems to be some kinda sneakers. on the right he’s wearing sandals.

in the series proper, these are the first shoes we see Bakugou wear

however, they’re likely just school issued shoewear because Izuku is wearing the same kind of shoes 

this is further evidenced later on, where both are wearing completely different shoes.

these seem to be their own personal shoes, since Izuku is wearing his signature red shoes here. we can’t get a clear image of them but, Bakugou it seems, favors loafer type shoes

this is once more shown in his two character pages, where he’s shown wearing casual clothes and on his UA character page, where he’s wearing his own shoes and not UA’s school regulated shoes.

next are Bakugou’s hero outfit boots.

Now, Bakugou actually didn’t design them. They’re an interpretation of his initial designs  that the hero company came up with

however, he clearly seems to really like them because he specifically wore them during the Sports Festival. either that, or he wore them because they’re specifically designed for battle and work better than any of his regular shoes

(interestingly, he wears them two different ways during the festival. during the Cavalry Battle, he wears his pants over the boots, while later on he tucks the pant legs into the boots)

later on, while at the training camp and when he was kidnapped, he was wearing shoes that seemed like some sort of sneakers?

it’s hard to make out, but they don’t look exactly like loafers, and there seems to be laces on them

in one of the colorspreads, he’s wearing what looks to be combat shoes. this is the only time we’ve ever seen him wear these kinds of shoes, if you exclude his hero shoes.

return of The Loafers: red colored formal wear edition

and here we have some pretty cool lookin’ snow boots on the 2nd popularity poll colorspread (also why is he wearing snow boots while being shirtless. child. this makes no sense)

and finally

more loafers

long story short Baku really seems to like loafers

and boots, sometimes

but mostly loafers

That nomad suit....

I was totally getting stuff done, and then the RBB Slack chat was its usual self, and this stupid thing was written…

Bucky wasn’t quite sure what he was looking at, and it turned out that staring wasn’t making the situation any clearer.  Sam noticed the blank look on Bucky’s face, and the distant gaze in his eyes, and came to stand next to him.

“You still with us, killer?”  Sam asked, pulling Bucky out of his head.

“Huh?” Bucky asked, turning his head quickly toward Sam,  “Yeah, i’m just… What is he even wearing?”  

Sam looked across the yard where Steve was painting some piece of furniture, and understood Bucky’s confusion.

As far as Sam could guess, he was in the tightest black button up shirt Sam had ever seen him in, which he had apparently only been able to close the bottom two buttons of, and seemed to be trying to hold them closed with a bright yellow belt.  That was just the beginning.   

Steve was also wearing yoga pants which hid exactly nothing, and that Sam was trying not to think about and failing at horribly.  He was also wearing bright yellow rain boots that came halfway to his knees, and the yellow rubber gloves that were normally near the kitchen sink.

“Yeah…  I can’t explain that either.”  Sam finally admitted, continuing to stare alongside Bucky.

“That ass though.”  Bucky said.

“And that chest.” Sam said.

“And the way the shirt makes a perfect window for his tits,” Bucky added.

Sam could only nod.

Sam pulled out is phone and snapped a picture, sending it to Nat.

‘How hard do you think it would be to get him into one of your old cat suits’, read the accompanying caption.

Her reply was immediate.

‘5 minutes. Just tell him it’s some new super stretchy fabric Tony designed and we’re wondering how stretchy it actually is.’

Fractured Ankle » Conor Maynard

Requests: 22 with Conor??

86 with conor please? x

85 for Conor please

For the Drabble challenge, can you do a Conor imagine with the number 42 please🙂💕

It was a normal Thursday afternoon spent waiting for your boyfriend of two years to come home whilst completing some paperwork for your boss when your phone rang. You saw the picture of you cuddled into Conor that you had set as his contact photo and immediately swiped across to answer.

“Hey baby.” You greeted.

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hey!!! so, idk if u've talked about this before, but i was curious about how you picked what sorts of clothes to draw on your characters. can u talk a bit about everyone's fashion sense?? and what (if anything) inspires the way u draw clothes?

I usually.. just make up the clothes. But sometimes I base them on cartoon characters and stuff I see online!
Malek- his clothes are based on this one outfit I saw on a doc martens ad. like, imagine punking up a smart casual outfit, I guess? Like a sweater over a dress shirt turns into a printed sweater over a flannel for Malek. He also wears boots? I mentioned once he either dresses dadcore, or an emo lumberjack, LOL.
Poppy- Poppy’s outfits are usually, but not limitedly inspired from Sam’s in Danny Phantom. I just use a lot of variations in color but the basics are still there. Crop top, flannel skirt, stockings, and then shoes. You just gotta know how to mix and match.
Dallas- Dallas is a sweater and ripped jeans guy. He just pulls on a sweater or a hoodie and then pants and he’s good. During the summer it gets hot, extra hot for Dallas ‘cause he’s got that binder underneath, so he switches to band shirts and.. jorts. Maybe a snapback.
I guess I just keep their clothes color coordinated, think of what sort of jacket would go with what kind of shirt. Usually if one article of clothing is printed, everything else I’ll make plain, like Malek’s camo jacket would go with a simple shirt, so the patterns won’t clash. For whatever is written on their shirts.. they’re just random phrases that pop into my mind.

HDL Future HC’s

Thought i’d contribute, let me know what you think!

Future Ducks ideas/hc’s

• When the triplets grew up, they all had different ideas of what they wanted to do with their lives and they couldn’t stay together due to conflicts. They went their separate ways.
• Huey is a family man, and he has two daughters. One is 7 and the other is a newborn. He works as a camp counselor and a survivalist guide. He adores nature and children. He’s a bit of a tree hugger, he’s responsible, mature, very smart, and he still has his sense of adventure. He takes after “smarter than the smarties” part of scrooge and his responsibility comes from Donald.
• Dewey is following in Scrooge’s footsteps. He is an adventurer full time. He has a whole group of friends that he adventures with, including Webby. He doesn’t have a wife or kids, but he’s had a few flings with Webby that he’d rather not talk about. He goes out and finds lost treasure and artifacts, and brings them back to his Uncle Scrooge. He’s slightly taller than his brothers and very fit and muscular.
• Louie is a bit of a freelancer most of the time, but he also works for a big company that he got through Scrooge. He is very witty, cunning, and charming, and he is very well respected around the office. He is in charge of the company’s income and sales rates, and DAMN is he good at it. He also makes art and music on his own time to make money, and some of his work has been featured in art shows around Duckburg.
• Huey’s daughters don’t know about their two uncles.
• They only ever see each other at family gatherings, and they always have a great time together.
• They don’t talk to each other as often as they’d like to, mostly because they’re always busy, but they still love each other dearly.
• Uncle Scrooge becomes bedridden, and when the triplets aren’t busy, they come to visit him with their uncle Donald.
• The triplets come to visit very often, but Dewey always stays longer than his brothers.
• Scrooge is extremely close to all three of them, but he and Dewey always had a closer bond.
• After Uncle Scrooge died, they were devastated. Dewey especially.
• Scrooge left the Mansion and all his money to Donald and the triplets, but they didn’t touch it and kept it locked away like Scrooge would have wanted. Donald stayed in the Mansion and offered the boys to live there, but they refused.
• Dewey took his top hat, Louie took his coat, and Huey took his cane.
• Dewey wears the top hat on all of his adventures.
• When Dewey and Louie meet Huey’s daughters for the first time, they almost started crying.
• Except Dewey actually cried.
• Like a lot.
• Donald talks to each one of them every day over the phone, and he sends them cute pictures he finds online.
• Huey wears polo shirts and flannels (sometimes both)
• Dewey wears almost safari gear, he also wears combat boots.
• When Louie isn’t working, he just wears a tank top or a hoodie.
• At some point, they have to share a bed together. At first they’re very reluctant, but they end up having the best sleep of their lives. They always shared a bed as kids or at least slept in the same room.
• Louie mixes monster and coffee
• Webby still talks to all of them, and she tells them about how much they miss each other.
• Donald and Mrs. Beakly take care of the mansion and the money bin, Launchpad is still a pilot.
• Huey loves snakes
• Huey and Dewey sometimes go hunting for Cryptids
• Louie is always in charge of babysitting his nieces, and he absolutely spoils them

I Ship Us

Summary: you and Cas are both high school teachers, and your feelings for one another are obvious to everyone else–especially your students–except the two of you. 

Pairing: Teacher!Castiel x Teacher!Reader

Word Count: 2.4K

Warnings: language, FLUFFY FLUFF, you and cas get interrupted a lot

Originally posted by i--could--go--with--you

You practically ran inside the building, your high heels clattering against the tile flooring and your purse swinging from your elbow as you desperately tried to hang onto the stack of graded papers and the cup of coffee in your hands. You were running late to your class—again—and the classroom you taught in was on the top level. Of course.

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What questionable fashion choices have the boys made?

2p France: He, for some odd reason, wore chokers a lot. Like all the time. It was weird and then he eventually didn’t like them anymore and stopped.

2p England: Bruh, he went through a punk rock phase. Complete with black leather bracelets with spikes and all that good shit.

2p America: He really liked wearing sweat pants all the time. Like he tried to go to a fancy dinner in sweats but Mathieu was like “Oh no. No no no no no.” And pushed him back into the room.

2p Canada: For a period of time he had his hair cut short. Looked god awful Hot too! But he didn’t like all the attention he was getting for looking hot and grew his hair back out.(Pfffff he still gets attention.)

2p China: Wearing black fingerless gloves with any and all clothing.

2p Russia: He put black eyeliner under his eyes. Like, just enough to make it noticeable but also question if he really wearing eyeliner.

2p Italy: High heel boots.

2p Germany: Since he doesn’t keep his hair slicked back he used to have it tied up in a little tail on top of his head and a hair band. It was cute but also kinda weird.

2p Japan: He cosplays all the time. So his clothing is always questionable. But most questionable would have to be when he dresses as a female anime character with wig, skirt, make up in all.

2p Romano: Believe it or not he did wear crocks often once.

2p Prussia: Too.many. big.sweaters.

2p Spain:He had a real bad habit of wearing shirt with the sleeves cut off or even ripped off.

A Sergeant (1st Class) of 2nd (Dutch) Troop, 10th (Inter-Allied) Commando, members of which were dropped with the British at Arnhem. He also wears British battledress and equipment (note the rubber boots) including a British Commando’s green beret with a black-backed ‘Lion badge, and the sleeve badge of British Combined Operations above the Dutch national badge. His shoulder titles are ‘10 Commando’ on the left side, and 'Commando’ on the right.

Photo & caption featured in Osprey Campaign • 24 Arnhem 1944 Operation 'Market Garden’ by Stephen Badsey

And of course Zah will smooch Davin! 
They’re bros and Zah loves his bro. Best bros <3


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for the teen beach movie au, you have any hcs for it?

i have a few actually! 

ok so chloe is butchy in the au and she carries brooke around all the time cuz she loves her small gf and showing off to the rest of the bikers 

rich also does this with jake lol

since rich is lela in the au fallin for ya is more of a rock ballad and he does sing to jake sometimes 

hes also wearing those heeled boots lmao 

jenna is rlly good at makeup?? she does christines sometimes and she makes sure its waterproof so itll stay when she surfs 

michael tries to teach the bikers how to dab as a joke but they all actually think its cool so the surfers catch on now the whole cast of west side story dabs ironically at random throughout the day much to michael and jeremy’s dismay

thats it for now ig