also he was gonna be crawling across the floor at the viewer

GOT7 reaction to you dabbing


Expecting a long day of practicing for their upcoming comeback, he would be surprised when JB said the boys could go home early. Nevertheless, he would be the first out the door to get home to spend the time with his girlfriend. Being as quiet as he could, he’d gently unlock the door and slip in, only to freeze upon seeing you dancing to one of GOT7′s songs while washing last night’s dishes. He would smile his iconic smile, you not realising he was watching. His grin dropped as soon as he saw you start to dab, and he quickly coughed, causing you to jump out of your skin and turn around brandishing a soapy pan. He chuckled and moved closer to wrap his arms around your waist.

“You’ve been spending too much time with Bambam. He’s gonna try and recruit you into dab7 next”

“Shut up Mark, I’ve seen your focuses, you’ve got the dabbing fever too”


You were curled up beside your boyfriend, with your head on his chest, when his cat crawled up and stood on Jaebum’s stomach looking up at both of you. Grinning, you quickly sat up and grabbed Nora’s legs, making her dab to the beat of the song playing gently in the background. You felt the rumbles of laughter erupting from Jaebum through his stomach and you couldn’t hold back your laugh. He sat up, giving you a quick chaste kiss on your lips before dabbing himself. Laughing at his antics, you also dab. Jaebum then jumps back as if you had shot him, simultaneously cringing and squealing at your dabbing.

“I would rather see you dabbing all day long than the boys”


You were watching the latest episode of Jackson’s show Fighting Man, where the mission was to have a dance battle and the winner would get the passcode to escape the room. You were laughing at Jackson and Wang Kai’s dance battle, which was essentially Jackson dabbing and KaiKai laughing at him, when you paused the TV. You turned to Jackson, not understanding why he found dabbing so fun, when it was just a movement of the arm and the head. This launched Jackson into a full fledged explanation, at the end asking you to dab for him. After getting a quick lesson, you then dabbed. Jackson pulled his hands up and squealed once you had done it, asking you to do it again. You roll your eyes, but smile at his aegyo.

“Do it again y/n that was more adorable than me”


Jinyoung would be hardcore judging you for your dabbing. While you two were snuggled up on the couch together watching some of GOT7′s Vlives, he would sigh as soon as Bambam started dabbing - which quickly spread through the group. You would then grin mischievously, stand up and start blasting some music from your phone. As soon as the chorus hits, you would start dabbing, laughing at his judging face. He would try to keep a straight face, but you were just too adorable, and his eyes would crinkle at the corners as a grin spread across his face and a laugh slipped out and his hand reached up to cover his mouth in the classic Jinyoung style. He’d then reach forward, grab your arm and pull you back down onto the couch and started gently playing with your hair.

“You’re too adorable to dab y/n, come here lets get back to cuddling”


This little sunshine would instantly start laughing. When you told him you were going to show him your interpretation of their latest comeback dance, he’s eagerly sit down at the kitchen table, and start playing their title track. Standing in front of him you then alternated between whipping and dabbing for the next 3 minutes and you looked over to Youngjae once you’d finished, breathing heavily. He was leaning back and laughing his precious laugh before jumping up, replaying the song and copying your moves and the rest of the night was spent you two dancing (or should I say dabbing) around your kitchen.

“honestly, y/n you should be our choreographer from now on”


Bambam would be extremely proud to see you dabbing. You had the day off work so you decided to surprise your boyfriend and his fellow members with some home cooked food. Walking up to the practice room where the GOT7 boys were practicing their dance, you’d peek in the little window in the door and see the maknae line engaging in a dabbing war. You’d then push the door open, drop the food next to Jinyoung knowing he’d fairly distribute it among the members and ran over to your boyfriend and his friends. You’d then start dabbing, while also changing between the whip and the nae nae, thoroughly wiping the floor with the Dab King, the Sunshine and the Dancing Machine. You turned around to a Kunpimook with a proud grin upon his face.

“That’s my girl, the future Mrs DabDab and Dab Queen!”
“Bam shut up”


You and the rest of the boys were having a movie night at the dorms, when Jackson decided to start a Vlive for IGOT7′s. You sat behind the camera while the boys greeted their fans and started to take requests and questions. Of course, one of the first requests was for the boys to dab, which made Bam and Yugyeom’s day. They were all laughing after dabbing, and you caught Yugyeom’s eyes. He smiled at you, silently challenging to dab yourself. Being hella competitive yourself, you instantly took the challenge and dabbed before curling up and falling back in embarrassment. This made this giant baby erupt into his little giggles rocking backwards and forwards laughing at your cuteness.

“I wish the viewers saw that y/n that was a golden moment”

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