also he probably needs to get off twitter

Hey have u ever thought about how yixuan, the guy who reads about confucius but also love stories, who educates himself on music, hip hop, fashion, who went out to not one but TWO foreign countries to pursue his dream as dancer and musician, who collects perfume, keeps a diary and writes really prettily in all languages he knows- ended up with four kids, back then they were 13,15 years old, but still his first reaction was “aw, they’re cute. I need to watch out for them. I am their mother now” and until today he always has a secure grip on them so they wont fall down face first every possible place and smiles and looks at them like they are the most precious and cutest things in the world bc to him they probably are and he always got their backs and i really need to lie down bc

Zhou yixuan

How All the Unanswered Questions will be Answered

So various people have been making long lists of all the mysteries yet to be explained/plot lines eluded to by Alex that never came true/all the confusion that still remains about the Stans’ past

But guys, we have more than 1 hour to learn all these secrets.

Alex has already said that the official Journal 3 that will be sold will answer a lot of the questions about Ford and Gravity Falls. All those questions about who Shermie is, why there were 3 keys to turn off the portal, etc. can be answered in the journal. Also, Dipper made additions to the journal, so we might find out about other adventures Dipper went on that never were made into episodes. This might explain where Robbie found his CD, what’s up with Gideon, etc.

Beyond the journal being sold, I think there’s a high probability for a spin-off in the future. Heck, even The Lion King just got a reboot aimed for toddlers (The Lion Guard). Disney often makes spin offs for their more popular movies/shows. It might take a while, and it might not include Alex (which would be a real shame) but I bet there will be more released on Gravity Falls, it’s too popular not to.

I get that Alex wanted this to be a mystery with a clear end, but I still don’t totally understand why he shortened the original 3 season plan to 2 seasons,  considering there was 0 pressure from Disney to end the show sooner. He could’ve moved up the reveal of Ford (which was supposed to end S2) by half a season without moving the finale up a whole season. It’s pretty disappointing, TBH. And sure, I understand that he didn’t want to add in new mysteries that had 0 foreshadowing in the beginning of the show, that’s not really fair to the whole mystery-solving theme of the show.

I think maybe Alex got sick of doing this. Producing an animated show takes a lot of time, and Alex put a lot of himself into this. Not only did he help write, produce, and voice characters, he also put energy into making fun clues for fans like or the Stan4Mayor twitter account. The show is based off an idealized childhood he would’ve loved to have. It’s an incredible piece of work, especially the continuity between episodes, life lessons, and humor/creepy balance. But it takes a lot to do that, and maybe Alex had enough. Maybe he needs a break from Gravity Falls and his childhood, and that’s ok. Maybe he’ll take some time off, and then later approach Disney to make a spin-off series.

While there’s enough unanswered questions to continue another season, we probably won’t get all our questions answered right away. Even Alex said that while he doesn’t want to leave any big plot holes when the series ends, he’s not going to be able to answer every question a fan could possibly have about the show.

But, knowing Disney’s history, it’s highly probably they’ll eventually do a reboot of the show that takes place at a different time, or does something else, in order to continue the mysteries. And if not a spin-off show or movie, they might release more things like an official journal 1 and 2, or Alex himself might make more websites to give more insight to the mysteries of the show.

Don’t freak out that we’ll be left with gaping plot holes forever, or certain story arcs that were eluded to never happened. There is more left to learn about the falls than can fit in 1 hour, and Alex already plans on giving us more.