also he looks really cute in this picture

Okay but imagine: JLA group chat

-Bruce had originally made it for emergency use only, in case comms were down or whatever would warrant using civilian methods of communication
Naturally, it didn’t work out like that

-Barry uses it to send the team really bad puns and memes, as well as occasional science facts

-Clark sends pictures of animals he sees on the street (“look at this cute puppy I saw at lunch today” “Clark, this is for emergencies only” “Aw but look at its face”). He also will send advice and stuff, like once Barry stained his shirt and Clark gave him a quick stain remover recipe he learned from his mom

-In response to Clark’s animal photos Arthur will send pictures of various fish that he sees and will give extensive details about said fish (“this is an Acantholiparis opercularis, very nice fish”)

-Hal, who was originally excluded by Bruce but allowed in by literally everyone else, communicates almost solely through emojis

-Diana has threatened Bruce several times in the group chat while the others just sit back and watch the show

-Victor, who is also in a Teen Titans chat, is the one person who just doesn’t really say anything but will sometimes message at like 4 am with some random thing

-Since they’re all in different time zones, it can get really confusing as to when people are awake or working (but Bruce is always likely to respond since he’s all “no sleep, only justice.”)

-Sometimes they (mainly Barry and Hal) send selfies (“Just beat Captain Cold! #winning” “Barry, you are in costume, be professional” “Chill out B, it’s no biggie” “Did you just unironically say #winning?” “Okay Victor, nobody’s perfect”)

-Someone totally would have named it “Super Friends” out of nostalgia or like “The Super Seven”. Something really lame and cringey but amusing nonetheless


Let me bless your dash really quick with some pictures of one of the most precious people on this earth. The Wang and only (see what i did there ;) ), my King, Jackson Wang. Grab a water bottle and take a seat because you’re going to need to quench that thirst soon. 

Are you ready? Ok, LET’S GO Im not ready myself

Jackson with glasses + suspenders combo OMFG kick me pls

My cute King ♥

Why does he look like Jonghyun from SHINee in this pic below? lol

Look at how smol he is!!!!! Puppy King

Jackson well fed is also my aesthetic

Brown hair + glasses + smile = ♥♥♥♥

Are you still alive? …No? Me neither! :D

haechan: if you think chenle’s teaser photos came out the best, raise your hand!
jisung: *raises hand immediately*
haechan: don’t just pick him because he picked you! (chenle had picked mark and jisung as his favorites earlier)
jisung: no, seriously! i really like them! in that photo, his nose *pointing to the picture* that one, i really like how it came out
haechan: oh, that’s right. that one is really cute.
jisung: let me get up. *goes to grab the picture of chenle*
jisung: honestly doesn’t he look younger (more like a dongsaeng) than me?
chenle: *off screen* hey, hey!
jisung: *smiles knowingly* ah, he’s seriously cute. wow, cute, cute.
chenle: you’re also cute!!
jisung: no i’m not
chenle: *grabs pictures of jisung* i like these two pictures of jisung the best, this one is really cute! *showing jisung* please do the pose!
jisung: no, it’ll be too different
chenle: please do it!
jisung: *does the pose*

babies calling each other cute💕

ten minutes into the first episode of 13 reasons why and wow i’m so into it. it’s pretty heavy just as the book is and so far the characters introduced fit very well. ugh brandon flynn is so cute but of course he has to be asshole justin foley. just seeing clay picturing hannah everywhere and flashing back to him complimenting her short hair, she really looks broken and he was sort of a light for her and he didnt even realize it at the time. this shit is rly no joke and im barely 10 minutes in im loving it so much also wtf that annoying boy from girl meets world and lane kims bitch ass from gilmore girls girl bye lmao ughhhh dylan minnette is so cute and sweet and the perfect clay jensen tbh i LOVE HIM and katherine langford is such a good hannah so far

anonymous asked:

I really enjoy reading your head canons 💖 this is my first time so could I request RFA V+Saeran reacting to an mc who's really into makeup and mc wanting to do their makeup? Thank you 💖


  • If MC asked if she could do his makeup, he’d probably be kind of reluctant
  • Just because he’s never worn makeup before, and he’s not sure if it’s appropriate for a guy to wear, even if it’s coming off right after
  • MC does up his makeup, and it’s so pretty, she has to take pictures
  • Then, she cleans it off of him (he kind of likes this part, despite himself) and whips out a completely different set of makeup, but refuses to explain
  • As she’s doing his makeup again, she keeps looking at a reference on her phone
  • When she’s done, she takes more pictures, then reveals to Yoosung she made him look like one of the top-tier bosses in LOLOL
  • He’s so excited by it that he willing posts the pictures and changes his profile picture online ^^


  • Even before they started dating, Jaehee noticed that, although MC never mentioned makeup, she never wore it the same way two days in a row
  • Like, it’s a different style or set of colors, and usually matches to MC’s outfits
  • Whenever Jaehee compliments or verbally acknowledges her makeup, MC smiles really big and Jaehee’s heart melts a little
  • Once they do start dating, Jaehee asks if MC will do her makeup and MC is just like, “My time has come!”
  • They set a day, MC brings more stuff that Jaehee thought she would, and MC makes a look for Jaehee that, when they do a selfie and post it to the Messenger, the guys almost don’t recognize her
  • Jaehee absolutely adores doing girly things like makeup with MC, and never quite gets into it the same way, but loves how enthusiastic MC is


  • He probably dotes on everything MC says, so when she starts talking make up, he talks brands used by the theater, and styles he’s seen for different shows
  • he totally has selfies of himself in some of those different styles, which makes MC freak out in excitement because it’s so cool
  • They swap some makeup tips, and when MC asks to do Zen’s makeup for fun, he agrees
  • After all, as an actor, he’s used to it (wouldn’t put it past him to wear makeup outside of the house, tbh, but nothing obvious)
  • So he just sits and waits patiently as she does his makeup, occasionally putting his hands on her hips or waist or something because she’s so close and he just wants to touch her
  • When she’s done, he’s very impressed and loves it
  • Maybe he even asks her to teach him so he can do it for her
  • MC is so enthusiastic, he can’t help but smile and gaze on adoringly


  • The moment he heard MC say, “I just love makeup” very casually, he was ready to buy MC a bunch
  • Jumin buys the best stuff, but also the colors that best go with MC’s features and coloring
  • He also gets her a ton of supplies so she can do it however she wants with any tool she could need
  • MC feels so spoiled and pampered, but she adores this and him
  • She’d probably ask if she could do his makeup when he had a day off so that could monopolize him and also do his makeup as wild as she wanted
  • He agrees out of curiosity, and is surprised by the end results
  • Then she tells him to close his eyes again, he does, she cleans some of the makeup off, then draws something, and when he checks the mirror again, she’s drawn cat whiskers and a little nose on him
  • He’s amused, pulls her into his lap and offers to draw whiskers on her as well


  • Oh please, the moment Saeyoung sees all her makeup, color varieties, etc, he asks her to do his makeup
  • Of course, he also wants to return the favor
  • So Saeyoung and MC end up sitting on the couch, doing each other’s makeup, little by little
  • And of course, Saeyoung thinks he looks adorable and loves what she did
  • They dress up to match their makeup and take a picture together, blowing kisses at the camera, then post it to the chats
  • They make it a regular thing to do makeup together or for each other, sometimes it’s ridiculous and fun, sometimes it’s down right sexy
    • One time they dressed up as nurses, and did really pretty, natural, cute makeup with highlights in pink and such
    • Another time they dragged Saeran in and did face paints, so Saeran was a tiger, Saeyoung a red panda, and MC a leopard (and they even had kitty ears and tails to match) (Saeran was so embarrassed and some candid shots from the photo shoot were of Saeran trying to smash the camera)
    • Clowns, they definitely dressed up as clowns
  • Usually, though, it’s just pretty stuff, contouring practice, etc


  • Well, being mostly blind he doesn’t have to worry about anything getting too close to his eye
  • He doesn’t get to see her wear makeup , but he loves hearing her describe her makeup for the day
  • The first time she does his makeup (he thought it’d be fun) he almost had a sensation overload because she kept touching his face so gently
  • One or twice they go out with him wearing makeup because his glasses cover up the obvious stuff
  • When he gets his eyes fixed, he still asks her to describe her makeup before he sees it
  • He still enjoys her applying makeup to him, even if he doesn’t wear it out anymore, as it’s very soothing


  • he already steals MC’s eyeliner
  • Okay, but Saeran probably knows how much she spends on makeup
  • But for some reason, he actually finds it kind of soothing to watch MC do her makeup
  • Like, it’s so basic and routine for her, picking colors (once he starts observing her, she starts asking his opinions), switching between brushes and tools, and just applying everything
  • The monotony and simplicity is probably what does it
  • One day, she waits for him in the bathroom, a brush in hand, and says, “Your turn.”
  • She got some makeup specifically for him, and, after a little pushing and prodding, Saeran sits down and lets MC apply his makeup
  • She gave him a punk look with the dark eyeliner and mascara and all that
  • Saeran likes it more than he wants to admit, so he washes most of the makeup off, but leaves the eye stuff in tact claiming, “it’s hard to get off”
  • he’s not wrong, but MC sees right through him and says nothing
Six of Crows lock screens

Kaz: he wasn’t going to customize it much, because y’know, keep em guessing, but he wanted to get rid of the default screen, so he went to see if any of the pre-loaded options were a darker color. then he saw that one of them was a black bird’s wing and he was like “oh shit. that’s my #aesthetic” and it’s pretty much been that ever since

Inej: a group selfie of her, Nina, and Jesper doing Blue Steel-esque faces. in the corner of the photo is a fuzzy black blur that is Kaz, completely ignoring Jesper’s “Kaz!! selfie! look up!!” (it’s prior to Wylan and Matthias’s addition to the group but she loves that photo so much, it would be a bummer to change it.)

Nina: she changes it all the time. some favorites include: her and Inej wearing sunglasses and too-cool-for-you expressions; an unflattering photo of Matthias caught off guard; a cup of hot chocolate being held by hands engulfed in the cuffs of a bulky sweater; a flowery background with “i do what i want” in a digital speech bubble on top.

Matthias: it used to be that his lock screen and home screen were both a snowy mountain landscape view; Nina bugged him about being boring, and after a while he changed it so the lock screen was a sweet picture of her smiling (he did not show her for like a week)

Wylan: a picture of him making an exaggerated surprised/happy face when Jesper kisses his cheek. Inej sees it first and actually groans out loud because it’s so cute; the noise catches Jesper’s attention so he looks over at it and says “oh my god you’re so fucking gay.” 

Jesper: it used to be like a really good selfie of himself. like, the kind of selfie that is flattering and also shows of your personality, the kind you post to three different social media apps and reblog if it doesn’t get enough notes. (“oh my god, your lock screen is yourself?” inej scoffs.  “that’s so vain.”/“but look how good this selfie is.”/“damn. you’re right.”) but then one day he takes a photo of Wylan doing something that captures his full attention (flute? equation? something sciencey? idk), and he looks at it and is like “goddamnit, this is such a great photo.” he puts a bunch of heart eyes/heart/gay couple emojis on top and sets that as his lock screen instead.

Introduction to; GOT7!

Here’s another introduction post I’ve been working on! I hope you find it useful and if you don’t already know who GOT7 are, I hope it helps you get to know them a little better! {UPDATED ON: 2017.01.06}

Meet GOT7 / 갓세븐;

(Left to right; Jinyoung, Youngjae, Mark, Jaebum, Jackson, BamBam, Yugyeom)

GOT7 are a 7 member boy group under JYP Entertainment that contain not only Korean members, but Chinese, Thai and American members too. They first debuted on January 16th 2014 with their debut single “Girls, Girls, Girls” from their EP “Got It?” (we’ll get into all their singles and MV’s later!). GOT7′s fandom name is called “iGOT7″ or sometimes you will hear/see people say “ahgase” instead. This is a cute play on words or shortening of words in Korean.

I GOT7 =  아이 갓세븐
Ahgase = 아가새

Ahgase also means “baby bird” in Korean - and that just makes it even more cute ^^

So who are GOT7? Let’s meet the members below!

Keep reading

Aoi: thank you so much for feeling and experiencing our history. we were able to finish all the shows without any incidents. we’ll have some free time for a while but let’s meet again in the summer. until then, I’ll be polishing and improving my skills before showing myself to everyone again. thank you so much😌
Reita: Dainippon Itan Geisha Cherry Blossom of Imbecility
completed here in Osaka! thank you guys so much for a great show!
we howled till we lost our voices! I also felt really good about the amount of sweat. tonight we’re gonna get fucking wasted ! ! 💪🏻🖕🏻
Aoi: but you know, cause of that red thing on insta I can’t bask in the afterglow of the show. I gotta say though, cause of that app I was playing with I have nothing but suuuper cute pictures. even though I’m such a cool and handsome guy.*
*I guess, he means that snapchat filters tend to make everyone look really cute (instead of cool or attractive in a more manly way). 

Disneyland Date w/ Nct Dream

Nct Dream Scenario

Prompt: Could you pls do nct dream on an amusement park date with reader? I feel like that would be so cute :))

Genre: fluff; bullet point scenario

a/n: Sorry I haven’t been posting often, school has got me like 😵. I decided to do this about Disneyland instead of just an amusement park because I felt like I could right more about Disneyland. I also love Disneyland so ya know that was a bonus. Anyway, I hope you like it!


  • y’all arrive right when the park opens
  • determined to make the most out of you day since Mark is literally always busy and you won’t get a chance to do something like this again
  • y’all are pros at maneuvering around people because ain’t no one going to get in your way
  • ya gotta get to the rides before the lines get ridiculously long
  • but y’all are not just here for the rides y’all are here for the whole Disneyland experience
  • meaning you are here for the merch, the food, the characters, and the parades
  • speaking of characters the two of you stop Mickey while you are walking through the park and you are like we have to take a pic with Mickey because it’s Mickey, He is ICONIC
  • but you also have to keep your momentum going because y’all have places to be, things to see
  • so you quickly ask for a picture and once you have it y’all are like thx and quickly rush away leaving Mickey standing there like where is the love
  • Pictures! lots of pictures
  • gotta have them for your memory box
  • also dole whip 
  • y’all waited in a extremely long line to get dole whip because you were not leaving with out it
  • y’all watch the parade and fireworks and by the end of the day the two of you are dead
  • but all of it was worth it cause it was really fun


  • y’all’s mission is to get a picture with as many characters as you can
  • you guys still go on rides and all that Jazz but if you happen to see for instance goofy y’all are getting a picture with goofy
  • you made a list of all the possible characters you might see
  • and you checked off the list as you go
  • while you are walking  you see a booth that draws people as Disney princesses and princes
  • so y’all get a portrait of the two of you together and it is so adorable
  • you plan to frame it when you get back home
  • y’all decide to go on the Ferris wheel in one of the swinging gondolas 
  • and from the outside it didn’t look that bad
  • but inside of it was a different story
  • once you experienced the first swing you guys were freaking out
  • like y’all were clinging to each other like there was no tomorrow
  • and when the ride got stuck and you were stuck swinging back and fourth on the gondola you were like this is it, this is the end
  • you guys made it out alive and the whole experience gave you motivation to finish your goal
  • you and Renjun were determined to get at least 75% of the characters on your list
  • y’all achieved this goal and you were happy and proud


  • y’all arrive at Disneyland ready for a fun day
  • and that is what you are going to get
  • so you guys go on some rides and you are shook because Jeno is looking good in all of the photos from the ride
  • you know how on rides they always take photos of you out of no where and you either are unprepared or have this awkward smile because you had been smiling the whole ride because you didn’t know where the heck the camera was
  • well Jeno looked good in every single photo and you’re like wtf
  • but also impressed
  • anyways lets continue
  • so while you were walking you and Jeno decide to stop at the gift store
  • and you end up finding these really cute plushies of the little alien dudes of toy story
  • and you get it because Jeno likes it and it makes him happy
  • and a happy Jeno = a happy you
  • so you decide to collect more plushies
  • while you are walking around the park you occasionally take pictures of jeno at random times to see if he is always ready for photos
  • and he’s like what are you doing
  • and you’re like testing a theory
  • and he’s like okay then you do you
  • anyway by the end of the day y’all had a really fun time and now own a lot more plushies


  • fun! fun! fun!
  • get ready for a lot of fun because today is going to be amazing
  • Haechan will make you take his aesthetic photos
  • especially one where he is in front of the castle
  • that is a must
  • you will occasionally be in there too
  • long story short BE PREPARED TO TAKE A LOT OF PHOTOS
  • and you will probably have to take multiple pictures of the same place because you have to get the perfect one
  • anyways
  • y’all plan out different poses for the pictures during the rides
  • like y’all be coordinating
  • and the photos are turning out fabulously 
  • Haechan will also take a lot of pictures of you
  • when you are not looking of course
  • like he’ll take pictures of you when you are in Lin for a ride
  • or you are watching the parade or fireworks 
  • let’s just say by the end of the trip he has a lot more cute picture of you 
  • but honestly the whole day will be a lot of from
  • from picking different poses to do on the ride to all the photos you’ll take the day will be amazing


  • You and Jaemin wear matching outfits
  • you say it is so you can easily find each other but honestly y’all just wanted to be cute
  • and it’s working
  • you are wearing your Minnie Mouse ears and he is wearing his Mickey ears and matching t-shirts
  • it is adorable!
  • #relationship goals
  • so y’all decide to have a competition on who could win and get more points  on the shooting rides
  • like the rides that move and you have to shoot the targets that go by 
  • and what was a friendly competition turns into a war
  • like y’all are COMPETITIVE
  • you’re holding his arm to make it harder for him to shoot
  • and he steals your laser gun so you can’t shoot
  • and y’all are fighting in your little car thing and the people behind you don’t know whether to find it cut or to be concerned
  • but even with the competitiveness it was really fun


  • at the start of the day the two of you get hyped on sugar
  • and now both of you have a lot of energy
  • and you spend that energy running around the park going from ride to ride
  • you guys end up going to the Tomorrowland and end up making your own lightsabers
  •  then you guys make up a mini movie with a battle and y’all act it out
  • and in your opinion the movie was Oscar worthy 
  • like you are ready to film Star Wars 8 
  • LET’S GO!!!
  • whenever the sugar starts to where off you cure it with more sugar
  • you guys go on like every rollercoaster 
  • and the dolphin screams are present and it is adorable and you love it
  • but unfortunately by the end of the day the sugar is all worn out and no amount more sugar could cure your tiredness
  • but the rest of the day was awesome so it’s all good


  • There is no adult supervision so you and Jisung are ready to turn up
  • Churros for breakfast, cotton candy and ice cream for lunch and no one to stop you
  • y’all plan to go on as many rides as possible
  • so you will be doing a lot of walking
  • you get one of those bubble guns that you can use while walking because bubbles
  • BUBBLES sorry I really like bubbles I’m like a child I know but bubbles are amazing and I love them 
  • anyways
  • when you are in line for all the rides y’all play a lot of phone games and try to out do each other
  • and you also each a lot of sweets and all that jazz cause once again there ain’t no adults up in this vicinity 
  • so y’all snack while you’re walking from ride to ride
  • living the life of freedom
  • y’all get your drivers licenses at autotopia and you feel so accomplished
  • and the whole day was super fun.


Up next: Celebrating your birthday with Nct Dream

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dan and phil play faceapp: a summary


“any cardboard box can be turned into something beautiful”

how long before dan promos the merch

this definitely wasn’t scheduled beforehand

they stole the dvp board even though it technically belongs to their old landlord

discussing furnishings

if they still have cardboard boxes in the background in ten weeks time we can shout at them or let them know if you’re into that kind of thing

“i give this channel one week before we get evicted”


appropriate but weak phil

i’ll let you off because you’ve been moving and you’re tired

and cute

that helps


this is a video that phil basically said ‘dan can we do this’ and it’s proven dan is still wrapped around his little finger

“we have to do it while it’s still relevant” mate you’re not exactly plummeting in views bloody hell

i like the insight into his camera roll

why is the danieldreamx liveshow thumbnail there

throwback to the ladybird jumper selfie

dan stop dragging him

that attractive chin angle

“apparently phil can’t take a selfie” i fucking relate

apparently phil is slightly scared and startled all the time

and the first scream of the new dapg era is upon us

rip headphone users

someone needs to put that as a jumpscare in the comments

phil speaking about having straight teeth made me sadder than it should’ve

the old filter aka “six months into the future” according to dan

the fond look from phil

“it’s seven months into the future at least”

every old!phil trope needs to be rewritten

“if you keep your current hair you will be the coolest old guy” dan still rolling in the compliments

“let’s not be ageists”

shoutout to the over 65s watching

phil looks like his grandad apparently

“i look like me but younger but that’s not what i looked like when i was younger”

just got a full close up of dans crusty ass lips that’s another one to add to the jumpscare list

dan doesn’t like female phil

“it’s like a horrible alternate universe” someone’s gonna be scouring the au tag, have fun dan

“i’m a bit scarlett johannson-y”

“clearly your hairstyle is ready to go for the female app”

celestial glowing earrings

“i would avoid him in a dark alley” says phil about himself as a… man

“that is the phil that never got a myspace account and became a builder” now there’s an au dan is either going to write himself or search for

“normy phil”

“you look so average” dan pls we know you think he’s beautiful but we’re only five minutes into the video control yourself

dan’s turn on the weird app

'neutral face’

'dan with a soul’: “i look like a mouse person” // “you look like a rabbit person!”

phil the savage my one true love

“i like it. i wanna be friends with him instead of you” wow phil you absolute savage drag him more

“it’s like you put a hoover against your ear and sucked out your soul” phil looks legitimately scared i’m

“old dan! old danny! old danny slice” phil chants whilst looking over fondly

dan’s impersonation of his old self: “i’m old but you still would”

“derek has imploded”

“you’re like an anime child”

“let’s meet danielle!” phil is way too into this

“i look like louise! that is a picture of louise!” // “it is louise… or is it a bit of zoe as well?”

phil doesn’t know zoe and louise’s ship name

come on phil they had a shop back in the day where even were you in the old days

they both watched your videos

“do you even lesbian on wattpad?” dan revealing more of his plans for that night

okay he got the ship name in the end nice one philly

“i like to think that if i, as a female or just as dan now, embraced eye makeup, it would be a bit cooler than that, that’s a bit normal”

he’d do a smoky eye, phil was more than happy to help him draw that conclusion

calling all fic writers; this is your chance

“am i already the hunky dan i wish i was?”

phil looks so excited to see 'male’ dan

“you look… very angry” i wonder if that’s code for if phil’s into it or not

“it’s really square-ified my face like let’s give this lad a chin that he doesn’t have”

oh nice dan would fuck himself

calling all fic writers; i’m begging you please please don’t

now the camera roll pictures make sense okay here we go

phil’s aesthetic twitter icon has a creepy ass filtered smile

“that’s phol. p-h-o-l. that’s your doot there” alright dan calm yourself lad

dans twitter icon’s turn

“i hate that profile picture… because i have curly hair now, i need to get a new icon that embraces the curls” finally he’s saying stuff i can get onboard with

phil stop trying to stop him from changing it

make it your lockscreen if you want to see it everyday but let the man change his damn icon

“rabbit dan is back”

pastel dan as an old guy: “he’s so cute!” says phil

phil’s selfie with the hair dye on okay dude

“i literally think that’s what i’d look like as a girl” why does he only have one set of eyelashes tho

“that is amazingphillipa”

“ah your really cringe selfie!” // “it wasn’t cringe!” dan is getting his revenge drags in

he nailed the caption according to dan

also contact i am all over that i definitely haven’t rewound it four times

the first american names they think of are kyle (phil) and cody (dan)

i ship it

what the fuck is this last picture

sideways dan

he has like three teeth i’m laughing so much what the

pirate!dan, he said so himself

what the fuck is the smile filter……. add it to the jumpscare list

also in case you’re curious we do say stuff like that in the north, philly ain’t lying to you

aaaaaaand here’s the merch promo

i feel sad that my moon head doesn’t suit hats rip

“good luck sleeping” i don’t think you’ll be sleeping dan sounds like you have a fic filled night ahead of you

oh god the photoshop make it stop right now i hate this endscreen why am i still here

i wonder what faces they’re pulling behind the photoshop

“don’t swap faces with people because it’s really demonic bye”



anonymous asked:

Hey how are you going? I wad wondering how the chocobros and Cor would react to an androgynous female S/O? I ask mostly because I'm very fluid with how I look and often dress masculinely as well as femininely depending on how I feel. It often got to the point that a lot of people thought I was a different person and a lot of guys didn't like it since it made them feel 'gay'. Whixh makes me feel a little sad cause I feel comfortable like this and a lot of them didnt want to date me afterwards...

Hey there! <3 Girl, I feel you… there are days where I love my loose baggy t-shirts and shapeless jeans, and then there are days I like wearing my cute skirts and stockings so this request is right up my alley! Hope short drabbles/headcanon paragraphs are okay! :D

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Noctis: Noctis Lucis Caelum… *sigh* this boy, really doesn’t care at all about how you dress. What he really likes about you is the way you seem comfortable in your own skin. He likes that you look equally as friendly and charming in his stolen clothes as well as your own cute little outfit ensembles. He likes that you own a countless amount of basketball jerseys and large sweaters. He adores the fact that you can wear a leather jacket and pull off the ‘stay the hell away from me’ look, as well as the ‘I am a sexy biker chick’ look depending on how you accessorise. But of course, this guy will not overtly tell you ANY of this. The clues lie in the way he smiles at you, that stupid little lop-sided smile he gives you whenever he sees you. You’re so used to it, you think that he doesn’t stay with you because he’s physically attracted to you, but because he’s got an attraction for the person inside. Now, while you think that’s all sweet and cute and amazingly deep, you can’t help but feel a little insecure about Noctis and his lack of reaction about the way you look and dress. Seriously though, DON’T WORRY! Noctis is really attracted to you- his midnight blue eyes always linger on you a second too long whenever you’re in close proximity to him, and his heart beat… gosh- it goes absolutely INSANE when he sees you walk into a room- because no matter what you wear or how you look, Noctis thinks you’re smoking hot!

Prompto: Prompto thinks it’s really cool that you have a really versatile fashion sense. There will be times that he tries to coordinate outfits with you, but he’s always complaining about how you’re always the ‘cooler looking’ one. Prompto adores going shopping with you because he knows that you’re not going to be caught up in all the ‘girly’ stores. He also loves to take pictures of you and all your super cool outfits. But gosh, when you dress up all fancy, pulling out the heels and the cute skirts and blouses, this boy’s freckles stand out as a stark contrast to his extremely red blush. Admittedly, you often like to dress femininely just to see your adorable boyfriend have mini heart attacks during your dates because he’s absolutely smitten with you. However, gosh, when you pull him close and wrap your arms tenderly around his shoulders while you’re dressed a little more on the masculine side, Prompto’s practically melting from the inside out. You’re seriously one of the coolest people he’s ever met and he can’t believe that you’re willing to be seen with HIM in public- being all lovely-dovey and couple-like out in the open for everyone to see. And that, in itself, is the thing that Prompto loves the most about you- you’re willing to be with him no matter what.

Gladio: Admittedly, Gladio was a little confused when he’d first seen you dress down in your ‘comfortable’ clothes. He’d asked you if you’d forgotten to do your laundry, and that had resulting in a terrible fight, which ended in both tears and guilt. Since that time, Gladio learned not to comment overtly on your rather versatile fashion sense. As a matter of fact, he began to appreciate the different sides of yourself that you tended to showcase with the different ways that you dressed. He’d drag you down to the gym when you were dressed down in casual, baggy sportswear, overtly excited that he had a gym buddy while you would pull and tug on his arm in protest, knowing full well that you would be sore for days after a ‘Gladiolus Amicitia Special’ workout. Honestly, the first time he mentioned that particular workout, you had thought you were in for some sweet lovin’. Damn it, were you wrong about that! On the contrary, whenever you dressed cutely in blouses, denim shorts and flats, Gladio preferred to take you out for walks. When you’d ask him why the two of you weren’t going to the gym like usual, Gladio would just smile down at you and shrug. “You’re not dressed for it babe.” Seriously, Gladio really doesn’t care about what you look like- as long as you can take his odd sense of humour and keep up even a little with his active lifestyle, then you are perfect to him!

Ignis: Ignis finds your versatility interesting. The first time you had met Ignis, you were dressed to the nines in a ball gown and fingerless black lace gloves. He could not take his eyes off you, and that was probably the reason why you and Ignis were together today. Ignis had always liked the way you were able to look both elegant and strong at the same time. He liked the way that you were able to command the attention of everyone in any particular room with a simple movement. Honestly, the man was smitten with you. Ignis absolutely fell in love with the way you were able to command his attention with you every movement, without even having to wear anything provocative. Seriously, you could be wearing a loosely fit male shirt and some baggy jeans, and Ignis would think you were the sexiest woman in the world. Ignis loves you for you and not for what you wear. He likes to see you comfortable and he wants nothing more than to see you happy- and if that versatile, comfortable fashion sense of yours made you look a little more masculine that usual, then that was absolutely fine with Ignis. Again, as long as you were happy, Ignis was happy.

Cor: Let’s be honest here- Cor doesn’t care about how you dress. Cor admires your dedication to yourself and others and is also incredibly impressed with your intelligence. Your laid back approach towards every problem you face makes Cor envious of you- and a little part of him practically screams out at him, asking him why on Eos you chose to be with HIM of all people on the planet. He’s envious of the fact that you seem incredibly comfortably in your own skin, as demonstrated by the versatile manner in which you express yourself creatively with your fashion. Cor can only wish to be as comfortable in his own skin as you are in yours. You usually catch Cor smiling slightly when you answer the door wearing edgy male clothing. Cor smiles because he actually likes the fact that your dress sense can make his job as your boyfriend easier sometimes… Cor usually dreads heading out with you when you dress up for him in skirts, stockings and Mary Jane heels. He doesn’t like the fact that other men start to ogle you when you’re with him. Cor Leonis, surprisingly, gets bitten by the jealousy bug quite often. As such, Cor is usually very smug as he walks around down with his arm casually slung over yours, freely moving through crowds and not paying people much mind when they point and whisper at the two of you for being ‘improper’. Cor usually smirks and presses gently kisses against your cheeks, letting people think what they want to think about himself and your androgynous appearance. As long as other men weren’t ogling you, Cor was fine with anything else society threw both your ways. And similarly, you held the same belief. As long as you were with Cor- you were absolutely fine.

@devilangel657 mentioned you in a post “*inspired by that Obi Wan’s false sense of superiority post* What we…”

What if Yoda just has all the blackmail… Aka photos of every jedis childhood or growing up. He loves the creche and is there a lot so … He has photos of every Jedi that passed through the creche and is going over them to the documentary.

*tiny sob* Oh my God this is actually precious though?? Like he’s sort of embarrassing them but he’s also just like a secretly SUPER PROUD GRANDPA LOOK AT HOW CUTE ALL HIS KIDS ARE AND NOW THEY’RE ALL SUPERHEROES. He doesn’t really know how to do feelings, but now suddenly all this stuff he’s never shared with them is coming out. 

Obi-Wan’s going to die when he realizes that Yoda saved a picture of him from his 6th birthday when he’d lost both his front teeth (”cute, and bright, he was…but a troublemaker, yes, always a troublemaker” Yoda says fondly to the camera) or something and Obi-Wan’s going to have to leave the room because he doesn’t want the show to catch him getting all misty. The fangirl squeeing over Baby-Wan’s photos is audible. It’s a highlight of the season.

The Jedi Order is going to be brought way closer as a result of all of this, because people are going to confess things to the camera that they’ve never told their colleagues to their faces.

…Goddamnit, now I just want this to be what actually happened. THEY ALL COULD HAVE BEEN A HAPPY DYSFUNCTIONAL SOCERER FAMILY. 

BTS reaction: their little sister is dating another member.


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Jin wouldn’t be too worried when he learns that you are dating Jimin, because he trusts his bandmate probably even more than he trusts you. The only thing that he would do is give you his own version of “the talk” to make sure that you’re safe and ask you not to do anything gross in front of him. 


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At first Suga would have a hard time excepting that you’re dating Taehyung thinking that he’s not good enough for you.

“But why him?” he would ask you before turning to Tae and saying “If you do not treat my baby sister correctly, I swear to god I will kill you!” 

He would be really angry the first few weeks after you tell him and every time you kiss or even hug in front of him he would give you an angry glare. But slowly his angry glares would change into smiles as he slowly starts to become more and more supportive of your relationship.


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Hobi would be very supportive of your relationship with Jin since the very beginning. We would actually be extremely happy that you’re dating one of his friends and would love to see both of you happy. He would be so supportive that he can actually get kind of annoying sometimes, every time he sees you kiss or hug in front of him he would make comments about how cute you are.

“Aww, you two are such a cute couple!!”


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Namjoon would be the most overprotective brother out of the entire group. When he learns that you’re dating Jhope he would give the poor boy an entire lecture about how important and amazing you are and that if he hurts you something really bad would happen… If he ever walks in on you making out  or you sitting on Hobi’s lap in the living room he would immediately pull you off of him and sit between the two of you trying to separate you. You would groan at Namjoon taking Hoseok’s hand and pulling him to your bedroom locking the door behind you making Namjoon even angrier. 

“Y/N don’t you dare lock that door!”


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Jimin wouldn’t really care that you’re dating Jungkook. If anything he would be really happy and find you two really cute. He would also constantly try to embarrass you in front of your boyfriend by telling stories and showing not very flattering pictures from your childhood. If he ever walks in on the two of you making out he would just walk quietly letting you do whatever you want. But if he ever walks in on you having sex he would start laughing and yell “I hope that at least you’re using protection!” before walking out still laughing and probably teasing you about it afterwards.


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Tae would know that you liked Yoongi long before you two started dating, because he is not only your brother but also your best friend. He would most likely be the one who sets you up with Yoongi, give you dating advice whether you want it or not and constantly help you pick out your clothes and do your make up whenever you’re going on a date. When you actually start dating Yoongi he would be really happy that two of the most important people in his life are together. Kind of like Hobi he would also find your relationship really cute, sometimes even going as far as taking pictures of only the two of you.

“I just want to look at it whenever I’m having a bad day. Seeing how much the two of you love each other makes me extremely happy.”


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Remember when I said that Namjoon is the most overprotective brother in the entire group? Well, that’s not true, because the most protective brother is definitely Jungkook. Even though he has a lot of respect of his hyungs he would immediately forget all of it when he learns that you’re dating Namjoon. He wouldn’t even let the two sit together on the same couch or even talk for each other for way too long. He would keep telling you how you’re way too young to be dating Namjoon and how he’s a pervert. It’s going to take him a really long time to finally except your relationship and even then he would have certain rules that he wants you to follow including: not kissing in public or whenever he’s around; not locking the door to your room whenever the two of you are alone in there and more…


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what do you think about minjoon?

Minjoon is a really interesting dynamic to me because I feel like even though Jimin is already the affectionate type, he has a very special relationship with Namjoon. The best aspect Minjoon has going for them is the kind of co-dependence they have for each other. I can think of so many times Jimin’s mood/happiness is directly related to Namjoon’s, like the time they were in Sweden and Namjoon had to go back to Korea without the others and Jimin kept saying how he would miss Namjoon or the time when Namjoon was crying after winning an award and Jimin didn’t even know what Namjoon was crying for but started crying just because he saw Namjoon cry. 

Namjoon has had heart eyes for Jimin from the start as well; on their first radio show for their anniversary Namjoon literally couldn’t stop giggling over how cute Jimin was and he spent the entire BST era falling over how good Jimin looked the whole time and saying it out loud a hundred times. Also, in interviews Namjoon has said that he and Jimin think very similarly and their personalities match more than people know even if it’s hard to believe. 

More than the heavy stuff, Minjoon really adore each other; they take pictures of each other and compliment each other and their skinship is next level, and they love and support each other. My favorite thing is how they’re always hyping each other up and making each other smile when the other is sad because they both know they have insecurities. 

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how about an mc who is into their guinea pig like jumin with elizabeth?

I’m sorry these are so short, I couldn’t think of that much for this request, sorry to disappoint Anon. 


  • He finds it cute 
  • And sweet
  • You’re such a good owner!!
  • He doesn’t find Jumin cute or     sweet even though you’re basically doing the same thing to different pets     but let’s move on
  • He’ll probably start loving the     Guinea pig as much as you before he even meets it 
  • Because you always send     pictures
  • And the little creature is so     cute!!
  • Also afraid to hold it when he     first gets to meet it     
  • Because what if he drops it and     kills it or it gets really hurt    
  • You’d hate him forever 


  • she never understood the     obsession with pets
  • She didn’t really have any     growing up
  • But at least you aren’t asking     her to look after it    
  • And at least it isn’t shedding     hair everywhere     
  • She could probably come to love     the little thing
  • So long as it’s clean and     somewhat house trained     


  • at least it isn’t a cat
  • That’s the first thing he     thinks
  • At least it isn’t a damn cat
  • Like Jaehee, he never saw the     obsession over pets
  • So he might fight it a little     strange
  • But he shrugs and lets it go,     because it’s you
  • He won’t admit it but he finds     the guinea pig cute     
  • You’re definitely caught him     talking to it before    
  • Haha busted 


  • finally! Someone sees the     importance of looking after your pet 
  • Although he prefers cats, he     can still respect the idea as a whole    
  • However, he questions if maybe     you’re doing the same thing to your pet as he did to Elizabeth
  • You’re not?
  • That’s good Jumin must be the     only one that projects his unrequited feelings on to animals 
  • You and him spoil your pets     together to make them look gorgeous 


  • “MC can I pet it?”
  • “MC can I hold it?”
  • “MC-” 
  • Calm the fuck down dude
  • He loves animals, more     specifically Cats, but Guinea pigs are still up there 
  • Honestly he’ll probably treat     the guinea pig the same way you do 
  • So soon the guinea pig is     surrounded by all this fancy stuff    
  • That it probably doesn’t     understand how to appreciate 
  • Saeran questions your guys’     sanity because it is a fucking animal    
  • What the hell guys

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Pairing: Jared x Reader 

Warnings: none (just fluff) Also- no disrespect to Gen and the kiddos-this is all fiction and actually can be connected to my series Heart Sutra-parts that have not been published/written yet.

Word Count: 487 (I know it’s supposed to be 500, but honestly I don’t know where to flesh it out at the moment without it being repetitive and bad)

A/N: This is for @impalaimagining Taylor’s 2k Challenge and my word was proud! She also submitted this gif to me and I asked her permission to use it for her challenge. I’m like right up to the deadline on these lately!  Sorry to the challenge runners, but if you’ve been keeping up with me you know things a little wonky right now for me! Luckily, I’ve gotten a little of my groove back and have been able to put out some things that are actually worth your time to read ;)

There was no denying how Jared felt about his wife and kids whenever the subject came up. 

He was always happy to share stories during panels, pictures and videos on social media. 

He was proud

A proud husband to Y/N, who blew him away at all of the things she could accomplish while keeping on top of three children.

A proud father, he loved those kids more than his own life. There were so many things that they were already doing and that he pictured them doing in the future.

Most recently he couldn’t stop showing and telling everyone about the feature that their family had appeared in. As, one of their online class yoga teachers, Yoga Journal had requested a feature of what Y/N’s yoga practice was like at home with three children and traveling with both her and Jared’s work.

“You know it’s funny, I never realized how much her practice just filled our entire lives; it just fits seamlessly!” Jared smiled as he shared the experience at their latest panel. “I mean even the boys are getting into it. They’ll be a little silly about it sometimes, but they just follow right along with her.”

“JJ, does too.” Jensen chimed in. “Isn’t there a video she tried to film with all four of them just crawling all over the place and hanging on her?” He laughed.

“Yeah, I think she posted it somewhere. Probably her YouTube channel.” Jared pulled up his phone and started to look for it.

“Oh the picture though-not the one with you.” Jensen mock gagged, referencing the acroyoga picture Y/N and Jared had posed for in the feature.

“Now that one was fun!” Jared grinned. “She rarely lets me just pick her up and honestly I almost fell a couple of times.”

“No, I’m talking about the one with the kids, Dee loves that one!”

“Oh yeah! The meditation one was cute! I think she asked for a copy to have framed.”

“Ah here’s the video! Okay, I’m gonna share this for y’all to watch. She had a friend put music to it and stuff and it’s really cute. But it’s also what yoga really looks like at our house!” Jared laughed as he shared the link.

They moved on to some other questions, but right towards the end a fan asked about the pictures. 

“Uh yeah, actually I think the article is on Yoga Journal’s website. So yeah go read it, Y/N gave an awesome interview!”

Oh yeah, Jared was proud there was no doubt about it, but Y/N could say the same for her husband. He worked so hard for himself and others through good and bad. Truthfully, he was the motivation that kept her moving forward with what she loved!

Standing off to the side she couldn’t wipe the grin off her face as she watched his face light up as he continued to share the story.

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going through my screencaps and so far my Prompto photos mostly seem to fall into one of three categories:

1) pictures of Gladio looking ridiculously photogenic (Prompto also tends to make a frustrated little noise when these show up in the camping photo slideshow section. Boy is thirsty).

2) pictures of Noctis and Ignis together either being cute as heck or posing like TOTAL DORKS (sometimes both).

3) pictures of Noctis getting onto his chocobo with one leg outstretched. (He only does this to Noctis, no one else. I’m convinced this is a meme between the four of them. Something in the vein of the “sticks m legy out really far” cat meme. I’m not saying Prompto snapchats Noctis pictures of cats with the caption “it u”, but…)

Blush (Tyler X Reader)

Request- Can you lik write a cute tyler down imagine maybe were you are like the new girl and you love to take pictures but montgomary is bullying you and takes your camera and throws it on the ground and tyler comes and says to leave you alone and maybe he like gives you his camera of something just lots of fluff and cuteness

Ooooh my first Tyler imagine I shall try my best, in still new to writing imagines!

So today was your first day at a new school, you were extremely nervous. You obviously didn’t know anybody there so that made you even more nervous. You had never been the outgoing type, you tend to keep your friend circle small and you enjoy things such as reading or photography which you loved. You wanted to be a photographer so bad but you knew you had no chance at that. You wondered if your new school had any clubs that included photography, because if there was you would definitely join. As you walked in through the doors you immediately got even more nervous seeing how many people there was.

“Um excuse me—” You tried asking someone where the office was but they just pushed you away. You sighed, you spotted a lanky boy with a camera around his neck. He seemed kinda awkward but he was also kinda cute. You went up to him.

“Do you know where the office is?” You asked, he looked at you for a couple of seconds seeming like he didn’t know what to respond with.

“U-uh yeah, um I’ll walk you.” He said as he started walking, you soon following. You looked at his camera and smiled.

“You like photography?” You asked.

“Uh yeah, I’m in yearbook.” He stated while grabbing his camera and taking a picture of you, you laughed.

“I love photography! Is there still room for me to join yearbook?” You ask.

“There definitely is, and really you like photography?” He asked shocked.

“Yeah, why do you look so shocked?” You asked, he became tense and scratched the back of his neck.

“Pretty girls like you are never into stuff like that.” He said, his cheeks had turned into a light shade of red and so did yours. Before you knew it, you guys had arrived at the office.

“Thanks a lot, I’ll see you around.” He smiled and walked off. You said smiling. You entered the office, and got your schedule. You somehow made it to your first class without getting lost. You saw— crap you never got his name! You saw him smile when he saw you and he gestured for you to sit next to him.

“I never got your name, I’m sorry.” You said as you sat down next to him.

“Tyler, what’s yours?” He said while smiling. You never noticed how beautiful his eyes were. They were an ocean blue and you could get lost in them for hours.

“Y/N” You said he smiled.

“I like it, a pretty name for a pretty girl.” You could tell that he had gotten comfortable around you because now he was flirting with you, you blushed. Class soon began, you honestly weren’t paying attention you were too busy thinking about something, or maybe someone.

“Y/N!” You were snapped out of your thoughts and came back to reality. You saw Tyler waving his arm in front of your face.

“You seemed so focused, what were you thinking about?” He asked.

“Honestly I’m not even sure myself, shall we get to our next class.” You guys had two more classes, only one class was with each other the other wasn’t. Then was lunch. There was so many people you didn’t know, some of them looked at you and smiled while other just rolled their eyes and looked away. You sat down soon enough so did Tyler. You looked around a spotted a table that was filled with jocks and cheerleaders, basically what always happens. They’re probably the popular kids.

“There’s Bryce, Zach, Justin, Montgomery, Alex, Jessica, Courtney, there probably more but those are the only ones I know.” Tyler said following your gaze.

“Montgomery is always bothering me, he’s a dick.” You nodded. The rest of the day went by slow as ever. You met some other people who were nice. When school was over you saw Tyler and walked up to him.

“Hey.” You smiled while waving. He always seemed tense when you walk up to him. He nodded his head and you guys made small talk.

“Hey, um do you maybe wanna I don’t know hang out today like at 6pm?” He seemed so nervous.

“Sure I would love too” you smiled sweetly. He smiled back. You guys exchanged numbers and soon departed and went your own ways.
Your parents asked how school was and you said the same answer as always. You told them how you were going to hangout with one of them today in the evening. They obviously bombarded you with questions but they were happy you made friends. You had gotten a text message from Tyler.

“Hey Y/N dress casual were going to a carnival if that’s okay with you?”

“Yeah it’s fine, I love carnivals.” You said. Soon enough it was 6 and you were nervous as hell. You never really hung out with guys like this on dates. Was this even considered a date?

“Honey, your friend is here.” You heard your mom yell from downstairs. You ran down the stairs before they attacked him with questions and before your dad gave him the “You Break My Daughters Heart I’ll Break You.”

“Okay bye mom, I’ll be back.” You said walking out the door. You and Tyler walked to his car, like a gentleman he opened the door for you. You thanked him and buckled up. He turned on the radio and you gasped. Your song was playing and in no way were you not going to sing. You burst out singing the lyrics that you knew from heart. Tyler just laughed, but soon enough he started singing the lyrics too. You let him sing some parts and you sang other parts. At the stop lights he would always look over to you and smile. You would always blush and try to hide it. You guys arrived and you acted like a child running and laughing. Tyler had brought his camera saying he was gonna try and get some pictures. You guys got your tickets and decided to not get on the roller coasters because of Tyler’s camera. So you guys went to the Tea Cups first. You started spinning it as fast as you could, with Tyler’s help of course. You guys kept on laughing while spinning it. Soon you stopped because you felt like you were gonna throw up. You guys got off and Tyler had to hold you because you were so dizzy. He bought you some lemonade. You guys decided to eat, you had gotten a pizza and he had just gotten cheese fries. Every now and then you would steal his fries when he wasn’t looking. As you reached for one he turned back to look at you.

“HEY THOSE ARE MY FRIES!” He said. You just shoved it into your mouth and smiled.

“You’re lucky you’re cute.” He whispered thinking you wouldn’t hear him but you could. You smiled and he smiled back. So he took a bite of your pizza you gasped.

“Nooooo not my pizza.” You fake cried. Which resulted in you guys bursting into laughter. You guys walked around until you begged him if you guys could get on the Ferris Wheel. He was okay with it and you guys got in line. You have the man your guys’ tickets and you guys went in and sat down. Each of you on one side. He took out his camera and pointed it towards you.

“What are you doing?” You asked.

“Taking a picture of this beautiful view.” He said, you blushed. Gosh this boy loves making you blush. The ride went on and once it was over you guys got cotton candy afterwards. You guys shared one and you kept feeding pieces to him. He had his arm around you and you honestly didn’t mind it. You smiled while looking at him and he did the same. You guys got to his car and once again he opened the door for you. The ride home was pretty calming. You guys got to know more about each other and every now and then he would make you blush. You guys arrived at your house, again he opened your door and walked you up to your door.

“I had fun.” You both said at the same time. You guys bursted into laughter which soon died down.

“Hush honey they’ll hear you.”
“Is that her boyfriend?”
“Are they gonna kiss?”
You guys quickly looked to see your parents peeping threw the curtains. As soon as you saw them they ducked down.

“Oh my gosh they’re gonna attack me with questions!” You laughed. He chuckled.

“I’ll see you tomorrow,” he smiled and walked back to his car. Sighing you walked in preparing for the questions. Questions flew from all directions as soon as you walked in. You laughed and told them everything and you went back to your room and got ready for bed. Tyler had texted you saying goodnight and that he had fun. That night you definitely fell asleep with a smile on your face.

The next day you woke up and did your morning routine. You grabbed a light snack and headed off to school. You had taken your camera today seeing as you were going to sign up for Yearbook today. You met up with Tyler at his locker and soon this boy came up to Tyler. He pushed him up against his locker. Was this the boy Tyler had mentioned who always bothers him? I believe his name was Montgomery.

“Leave him alone!” You yelled at him. He stopped in his tracks and looked over. He scoffed once he saw you,

“What are you gonna do about it?” He said. You stuttered and just looked up at him. He yanked your camera and threw it to the floor. You looked to the floor to see pieces of your camera scattered all over the floor. You felt like crying, this was your most prized possession. Montgomery just smirked and said,
“That’s what I thought.” While laughing and walking away.

“I’m so sorry this happened you shouldn’t have said anything.” You looked at him but then he became blurry because of the tears.

“No please don’t cry.” He said even more sad. He hugged you and obviously you hugged back. You wiped your tears on his shirt but then apologized. He looked at you with sympathy.

“It’s fine I guess I can always get a new one.” But you knew that would take a long time because your family doesn’t have a lot of money so you always have to save up for whatever you want. He just hugged you again. The rest of school time you just spent extremely sad and quiet. At the end of the day, once again you found Tyler he gave you a ride home. During the car ride he kept trying to cheer you up. You didn’t want him to feel bad so you pretended to laugh and smile.

“You’re so beautiful.” He said while looking over at you, you just smiled and blushed like always.

-A Couple Months Later-

You and Tyler were going out today for your birthday. He said he was going to take you out for dinner and then you guys were gonna go somewhere that was a surprise. Your mom called you down saying that Tyler was here. Your parents
loved Tyler now, they called him your boyfriend even though he wasn’t, but you wished he was. You greeted Tyler and like always he opened the door for you.

“Happy Birthday Princess” Tyler had began to always call you cute nicknames like that. You smiled back at him, he reached toward the back of the car and took out a cute bear.

“OMG ITS SO CUTE!” You said in utter awe.

“Like you;)” He said which made you turn crimson red. He laughed and started driving. You guys got to the restaurant and once again you thanked him for taking you out for your birthday. You guys are the food which was amazing. Next was the surprise Tyler didn’t want to tell you about. You guys got to the car and for like the millionth time Tyler opened the door for you.

“Such a gentleman since day one.” You said letting out a small laugh.

“Always for you princess.” He turned on the radio and for the rest of drive you guys were just singing lyrics. Treasure by Bruno Mars came on you got so excited, you loved this song so much.


“YOURE WONDERFUL, FLAWLESS, OOH YOURE A SEXY LADY!” Tyler sang back while looking at you the entire time. You just kept laughing and sang back more bits of the song.

“TREASURE THAT IS WHAT YOU ARE! HONEY YOURE MY GOLDEN STAR!” He sang to you during a red light so he was able to cup your cheeks while saying that.

“PRETTY GIRL, PRETTY GIRL, PRETTY GIRL, YOU SHOULD BE SMILING! A GIRL LIKE YOU SHOULD NEVER LOOK SO BLUE. YOU’RE EVERYTHING I SEE IN MY DREAMS! I WOULDN’T SAY THAT TO YOU IF IT WASN’T TRUE!” He sang back. You just laughed and smiled whenever he sang to you. He made you so happy. The song ended and you were pretty sure Tyler had lost his voice because of how much he was yelling. You guys arrived by the lake. You smiled, Tyler remembered your love for the lake. You guys got out of the car and before you guys began walking toward the water he got something out of his trunk. It was a box neatly wrapped, you wondered to yourself what it could be. You guys say down near the water an she handed the box to you.

“Open it,” he said smiling. You grabbed it and started unwrapping it. Once you opened it you gasped. He had gotten you a new camera.

“Tyler! This must’ve cost you so much!” You said while hugging him.

“Eh I had some money saved, and it kinda was my fault yours broke.” You could kiss him right now, you wanted to. You kept on saying thank you so many times until he said.

“But wait there’s more.” Like those guys in commercials that are showing products. He took out this book that was under all the wrapping paper. You opened it, inside were pictures of you. The first one being the one he first took of you on the first day of school, other photos were once you never noticed him take. You looked up at him with the biggest smile.

“I love it!” You said, he just smiled back and looked at you with awe. You guys just say there enjoying each other’s company but soon it was time to return home. The drive back was more calm, you guys were both quiet but not to the point where it was awkward. Once you guys arrived to your house, he opened your door and handed you all the presents he had gotten you. You thanked him and he walked you to your door.

“Thank you so much for tonight, I had so much fun.” You smiled, and he said it wasn’t a big deal. You guys just stood there for a couple more seconds until he started leaning in. You leaned in as well and your guys’ lips connected. You had been wanting to do this for so long.

“HONEY LOOK THEYRE KISSING!” You heard your mom through the window, but you couldn’t care less. You guys disconnected your lips and looked at each other.

“I’ve been wanting to do that for so long.” Tyler said.

“Me too” you said.

“So what are we now?” Your asked wanting him to ask you out right there.

“Um do you maybe wanna I don’t know be my girlfriend?” He asked nervously while scratching the back of his neck.

“Yes!” You said so happy. You kissed him again. You sensed a flash go off and you turned to see your mom taking a picture. You blushed and looked back at Tyler who was waving at your mom. You both laughed and soon your parents opened the door bombarding both of you guys with questions. Tyler came in to help you put your presents away and before he left. Your dad gave him the talk, Tyler looked scared shitless but he promised not to break my heart. He looked at me while saying that and I just blushed like always.
I’m sorry if this was trash or too long I’m new to this!

Long Distance with Jimin

And now it is time for the first member of the maknae line, half of the Busan line, the other half of Yoonmin, our angel who looked s o fucking good with the pink hair cotton candy!chim was one of my faves it was so cute while it lasted, he always looks so good tbh, Park Jimin aka chim chim

  • So this series is gonna be about a long distance relationship (ldr for short) with the boys, this post is gonna more focused on the online relationship aspect but it’ll still be ldr!!
  • This is gonna involve youtuber!Jimin (here) to sum it up, he has a channel where he uploads anything he wants, covers, dances, vlogs, tags, just anything he’s in the mood for that day
  • So the story of how you two meet is that you meet over social media (youtube) you see one of his dance videos, mention how much you loved it in one of your videos, the subscribers tell Jimin and then shit just goes from there
  • He’d already been a fan of your channel and you loved his so the two of you start talking online and he’s s o friendly and sweet and you two get to know each other really well
  • The first two months of your relationship is long distance until you two can finally meet up
  • At first everything is platonic, you’re considering doing a collab together or just meeting up but you’re both too busy to fly out at first bc college and you’d need to figure out where you’d stay if you did fly out to see him
  • Like would you stay with him??? Is that okay with him?? Or should you find a good hotel nearby? Is that something you ask him, you don’t know what approach to take to it so you save it for when it comes up
  • But then things start getting more flirty bc chim can be a lil flirt when he wants to be, he’s shy and smol and cute but he goes from shy giggles and looking away to avoid people’s gazes to ripping his shirt off
  • So at first, he’s just being friendly, asking how your day’s going, what video you’re filming/editing, what your favorite movies are bc he wants to get to know you and you do the same with him
  • And slowly but surely, more flirty lines start up like he asks about your ideal first date, what you look for in a significant other and he starts telling you about his crush and it’s pretty obvious he’s trying to hint at you being the crush
  • “Actually, my crush kinda looks like you haha how ironic right??”
  • “Oh hey my crush has that same necklace what a small world”
  • He eventually gathers up the courage to Facetime/Skype you and ask you out and he has this whole date planned out in his head, he wants to fly out to see you and have the first date in person and he wants to explore your city with you
  • You say yes when he asks and he gets s o happy, you know that smile Jimin gets where it’s all teeth and most of the time he laughs and his eyes are so bright his entire face is just lit up and it’s so precious, that’s the smile he gets
  • You two were gonna meet up either way but the date is an extreme bonus
  • He sends you clips of his journey on snapchat, packing up his bag for the week he’ll be with you, heading to the airport with kook driving him, the both of them singing in the car on the way over, Jimin in the plane bc he plans to take a nap the entire time and wants to let you know that so you don’t text him and get !!! when he doesn’t respond
  • But he was lowkey up all night editing and packing and was way too excited to go to sleep how does one sleep when such exciting things are going on
  • You pick him up at the airport bc he obviously doesn’t have a car/ride in your city yet and he also doesn’t know his way around and you’re in awe at how handsome he is in person, cameras don’t do him justice tbh
  • He gives you a hug and it definitely lasts longer than a “friend” hug but he also doesn’t wanna make you feel uncomfortable bc you two had just met so he doesn’t stay in the hug as long as he would’ve liked to
  • It feels so comfortable with him like there is that first hour where you two are figuring each other like how close you can sit near each other without the other being uncomfortable, how affectionate you can be with each other, stuff like that
  • But Jimin’s a really affectionate person so it doesn’t take too long before he’s hugging you and laying his head or chin on your shoulder or leaning on you when he laughs and the relationship feels really natural, nothing is rushed or forced, everything happens at its own pace
  • You two spend the week together and he’s so much sweeter than you could’ve ever expected and he makes you laugh a lot and he’s always so giggly and smiley which makes you giggly and smiley and you both wish he could stay longer but he’s got school to go back to
  • The goodbye hug lasts a l o t longer than the first hug did and you can see how much more comfortable you two are with each other
  • My head canon is that Jimin is a nuzzler when he hugs people like you know how some people bury their face/nose in the other person’s hair or neck or shoulder, that’s Jimin all the way
  • His hugs are really tight and warm and just overall lovely and he would make such a great cuddler don’t even get me started on this shit
  • You promise to fly over to him in a couple weeks so it’s not gonna be too long until you two can see each other again but you’re in that honeymoon stage where you wanna talk to them and see them as often as you can so going long distance after you two just started to figure each other out is ouch
  • He leaves one of his favorite rings with you so you have something of his to wear and he gets one of your necklaces so you two have lowkey couple items
  • Jimin makes sure he calls/texts you everyday and he never ever (e v e r) forgets the good morning/night texts
  • There are so many nights where you two stay up way too late texting each other and you’re both smiling at your phones and Jungkook keeps teasing Jimin about it bc that’s the job of a best friend
  • He is a king of selfies, even his “ugly” selfies are cute like how he makes the weirdest angles that should not make anyone look good actually look really nice is beyond me I don’t get it I’m fully convinced he’s a secret model
  • He sends tons of selfies bc he wants you to know he’s thinking about you and he sends lots of pictures with Jungkook’s dog bc two puppies in one shot that’s a good deal
  • He also takes lots of pictures with the rabbit Tae gets and that’s equally as cute bc he keeps calling her his niece and he sends this one clip of her hopping around and you can hear his giggle in the background
  • Skype sessions with chim though, he’s in one of his really huge hoodies and he’s got a snack bc your Skype/Facetime sessions normally last a couple hours
  • The two of you will do anything from watching the same movie at the same time so you can watch it together to just talking to listening to music together to eating meals together, it’s always really chilled out but it’s nice to be able to spend that time together
  • He gets s o excited when you tell him you’re flying over, he just about cries bc he’s so so so happy
  • He makes sure his apartment looks cute before you get there bc the last he wants is for you to walk in and see a pair of his boxers on the bed
  • He’s just really excited and kook and tae are officially in charge of teasing him about it but they’re of course excited and happy for him
  • He buys a bouquet of your favorite flowers to greet you with and some sweets and he has this whole day planned for you bc he’s so ready to show you around Busan
  • “I’m on my way to the airport, I’ll be waiting!!!! I wore the shirt from my last video, you said it was cute, don’t worry I washed it”
  • “Jimin, my plane hasn’t even taken off yet”
  • “Well tell the pilot to hurry, I gotta hold my bby asap”