also he looks like a bby angel in the middle one

(captain boomerang ) - ( his babydoll )


You’re a Behavioral Sciences Major who’s writing a thesis on the urge to steal ( Kleptomania ) and what drives thieves to do the things they do.. You’re granted access to the Solitary cell of Captain Boomerang…, who you’ve chosen (because he reminds you of a boy you loved from your native Australia, which he happens to be!!!), and you’re left alone with him.. He’s been locked away for a little over 3 months with no female contact.. flirting and smut happen.


Reader x Captain Boomerang


Mature obviously

Word Count:



Okay, look.. I’m obsessed with Captain Boomerang now, dammit. So I’m writing porn for him. I know 99.99 of my writings are about wrasslin but my thirst level is so god damn high for Boomerang and I have all these different HCS about sex with him swirling around in my brain.. Anyway, I know this scenario is highly unlikely, but… For smutty purposes, he pulled off prison sex.

@roleplayeroftheyear You made me do this bby!!! and ILYSM for it.

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tyler bate { spiders }

   NOTES: Okay, so this is the second incarnation of that idea I posted earlier and this time, I’m attempting to w rite Tyler Bate, who I barely know anything about. So I apologize now if he’s completely not IC. I tried. I wrote it based on my interpretation of the guy’s persona thus far. Also there’s a little bit of Trent and Pete antagonizing the poor bby at the end.. Fluffy & steamy fluff. A makeout.. 

I wanna do Baron, Finn and Pete too, so be on the lookout for those. I already sort of have parts of at least two of them written rn.. If I don’t redo them, lols.

  TAGGING: @alexablss and @believe-that-001 since you are both angels and i love you and neither of you mind! If anyone wants to be tagged in the future, let me know. I don’t/can’t do requests, so this is not a problem, i won’t mind tagging anyone in my stories.

  WARNINGS: Amber’s penchant for swearing, partial nudity, a steamy makeout. That’s pretty much all, boys and girls. 

– Love, Amber.

“What the actual fuck?” I woke up from a dead sleep to feel something moving up my bare leg. It took literally less than three seconds to throw the cover off of myself and onto the floor and for me to start screaming bloody murder in the middle of the night.

But when I saw that eight legged fucker slowly making it’s way across the hardwood bedroom floor, that’s when I completely lost my shit. It looked like the Godzilla of spiders, and in my sleepy state, it felt like it was too and I shivered and grimaced as immediately, I was reminded of the slow creepy crawl made up my leg a few seconds prior..

I didn’t realize that my banshee like screaming had woken up one of my room mates  until he was standing in my doorway, a cough alerting me to the fact that he was there as I launched one of my favorite Jimmy Choo heels across the room in the general direction I’d seen the spider crawling away in. And looking down, I realized then, that naturally, I’d been sleeping topless, again.

Tyler blushed a deep red, coughing a little, looking at me as I stood on the bed and pointed a shoe across the room. “When that little eight legged fuck comes back out, he’s dead. If I have to burn this entire damn apartment down, that spider will not try to molest my leg when I’m sleeping again, ever.”

He chuckled quietly, and keeping his eyes off of my body, he stepped into the room, grabbing one of my Victoria Secret catalogs, slamming it down, I’m assuming on top of the spider. I was shivering, rubbing my arms and I went for a t shirt just so I didn’t make things any more awkward than they already were. When Tyler turned around, we found ourselves body to body, because bet your sweet ass I was creeping over to make sure Tyler had actually killed the damn thing and he wasn’t just doing this to make me think that he had when he hadn’t.

This little bitch wanted to see a spider corpse.

He swallowed hard and so did I, because our torsos were brushing and suddenly, it hit me.. Everything about him that I’d sort of thought cute and been attracted to, it was kind of.. Amplified somehow. Like I couldn’t stop staring up at his eyes.. But then my eyes darted down to his lips and I found myself licking my lips, wondering what it would be like to close the distance between our mouths and give the shyer British male one hell of a thank you for his valiant efforts in slaying my night terror.

“ All of that.. For one little spider, love?” and his voice sent this jolt straight to my core. I could literally feel my thighs getting slippery and my heart starting to pound.

{ Does his cologne always smell good enough to eat? Kind of like gummy bears.}

And then it hit me, the term of endearment at the end of the sentence, – hell, the sentence itself is more than Tyler Bate has said to me in almost the entire four months I’ve been sharing an apartment with him and his two best friends, but that word had my entire body threatening to melt, right there, on the spot.

He was staring into my eyes.
I know enough about him to know that he’s definitely more quiet and shy, he’s easily the easiest flustered of my three room mates. I also know enough about him to know that if he were calling me that then it meant something.. Especially in that tone of voice, deep and gravelly.

But when his fingertip slowly blazed a trail across my lower lip, I admit, I damn near lost all composure. A gasp escaped my lips and I found myself moving even closer to him, pouting as I looked up at him. “When you say it like that, Tyler..” I trailed off, going silent as I eyed his lips and licked mine again, my mind still wondering what it’d be like to kiss those lips, to be crushed against that body… To hear him call me love again.

And then, it wasn’t imagination anymore. He groaned as his hands slid down my side, giving my ass a good firm squeeze through the soft cotton fabric of my panties.. And I only thought I was soaked before now.. I was literally flooded, there was wetness practically dripping from my core as he swiftly sat me on the edge of my vanity table after sweeping hair styling tools, makeup and quite a few perfume bottles off the surface. And he practically growled when my hands ventured up his bare chest, fingertips playing at firm muscles before going to rest in the hair at the nape of his neck. I closed the distance between our lip and he moaned into my mouth, nipping at my lip and then using his tongue to part my lips.

“Tyler, mmm.” I whimpered softly, clinging to his body as he just stared at me a few seconds, the kiss deepening, making it harder for both of us to breathe. The door slamming shut would have had us both springing apart if not for the fact that we were so lost in whatever came over us that neither of us were really paying attention. My legs dug into his hips, clenching his body closer to mine, causing the bulge in his sweats to rub against my already soaked and aching core and he sucked in a breath at the way it felt, gripping my thighs as he growled into my mouth again and his lips strayed from my lips, moving lower, settling on my neck.

It was Trent and Pete from the doorway, clearing their throats and making suggestive eyes at both of us that had us springing apart momentarily, struggling to get back our breath – and our composure, because naturally, every bit of that was gone too.

“I was killing a spider.”

“So that’s what you lot are callin it now, hmm?” Trent snarked, chuckling as Pete gave a wink to Tyler and then blurting out pointedly, “This mean you’re goin to tell her?”

“Tell me what?” I looked from Tyler to his friends, obviously confused by the whole exchange. I was missing it.

“Bugger off, assholes.” Tyler grumbled, his face turning a deep red as he stared at me intently, brown eyes darting down to my lips again. I slid off the vanity table and made my way to the bedroom door on weak legs. I’d just closed it when I felt his chest against my back. “Tell you that I want you to be mine.. That I possibly drive them insane when we’re on the road, talkin about you.” he muttered next to my neck and I whimpered, the feel of his lips against my skin was amazing.

“You.. You do?”
“I do.” he turned me around to face him, giving me that lopsided and slightly cocky grin as he chuckled and asked, “Feel better now? The spider is gone..”

“Actually, now that you mention it and you’re in here, Tyler.. Maybe you can stay? Just so we know that more don’t show up?” I looked up at him, biting my lip, giving my best begging eyes. He pulled me against him closer and muttered into my lips, “That sounds like a fantastic idea, actually.”



okAY well now it’s time for my lil love, the baby/puppy magnet, Kim Taehyung this is going to hurt someone plz hold me (tight hA get it)

  • All of the father related posts are here
  • Father of three, a lil boy and two girls
  • There’s already a fourth on the way bc this is Tae we’re talking about and the new bby will be a boy
  • His lil boy is his eldest and the two girls are twins (all the kids are like a year apart, including the newest addition that’s yet to be born)
  • He does have happy tears in his eyes when they’re born but he doesn’t cry bc he’s too busy staring at the angel in his arms
  • His son is basically an exact replica of him and his girls both look like him but they have a more balanced mix of their parents, though the scales are still tipped towards him
  • Once they’re born, he spends every second he possibly can with them
  • When his lil boy is still just a giggly bby, he spends hours upon hours making him laugh bc that’s easily one of his favorite sounds on the planet
  • He gets the entire Kim family (including you) matching onesies and they all just follow him around like lil ducklings in their onesies and they’re all giggling bc the hood keeps falling into their eyes
  • His son is too young with the other pregnancy to realize what’s happening so when his father tells them all they’re getting a new brother to play with, he asks the infamous question of “where do babies comes from?”
  • Tae blanks for a minute tbh bc he doesn’t know what to do
  • The girls just nod their heads bc now that they think about it where do babies come from???
  • “Well, you see, eomma and appa wish on a shooting star and then Santa Claus brings us a baby”
  • Since it’s around Christmas, they think every time they see a Santa Claus, he’s bringing them their new sibling and get so excited
  • And you just give him a look and tell him “I told you that you shouldn’t have used Santa Claus” and he just hisses back a “I panicked” and he has to make up some excuse about how Santa needs to bring everyone else their babies first
  • All the presents
  • Tae has a habit of spoiling the hell out of his loved ones and his kids are no exception
  • They run into the room at seven in the morning and just go straight for him bc he’s easier to wake up
  • Bby #2 is the one to wake him up by poking his cheek until his eyes finally open and then he has six lil hands grabbing his and pulling him out of bed
  • They all just patiently sit around the tree while he’s passing out presents and he helps bby #3 open hers bc she’s still lil
  • She’s honestly more fascinated by the wrapping paper and Tae has to remind her there’s a present underneath it and then she’s squealing in excitement
  • Snow days with them are the most fun version of chaos you can have
  • They get so excited to see snow and are just bouncing in their lil socks as they wait for Tae and you to dress them up in their winter jackets and gloves
  • Once they’re bundled up, they’re waddling out as quickly as their lil legs will take them
  • You’re busy giving Tae his good morning kiss (bc he will insist on one each and every morning and night and he won’t leave you alone until he gets his kiss) when Tae just feels something cold hit his back
  • He doesn’t know which one of the mini Kims threw the snowball so he decides to just get revenge on all of them
  • Tbh he’s just another child so they end up chasing each other around and yelling and throwing snowballs at each other
  • They definitely make snow angels and then bby #2 is shrieking bc snow got down her shirt and he can’t even hold in his laughter as he helps her get it out and she’s just pouting and huddles against him for warmth and he just hugs her so tightly and that somehow causes a group hug in the middle of the snow
  • Hugs are extremely often in the Kim household tbh
  • Bby #3 likes to be carried around by Tae bc she’s still working out the whole walking thing and his arms are so warm and strong and she feels safe when he holds her so she always asks him to carry her when they go out
  • She just lays her head on his shoulder and looks around at everyone at the new height and she somehow always ends up falling asleep against him and he has to be extra quiet so he doesn’t wake her up and he’s constantly shushing the boys bc “can’t you see my angel is sleeping?”
  • Uncle Chim and Hobi are constantly playing with them
  • They each have different favorite uncles though
  • Bby #1 likes Hobi the most bc he’s just as energetic as he is and he lets him play on his phone and he’s not afraid to be weird with him
  • Bby #2 likes Chim the most bc he dances with her and lets her dress him up and cuddles her if she asks him to
  • Bby #3 can’t choose between Jin and Kook bc Jin always feeds her whatever he’s eating and lets her sit on his lap and he has really broad shoulders that are great for napping on but Kooks also pretty broad and he always carries her around and he makes weird faces at her but she also lowkey really likes Yoongi bc he lets her nap with him and his chest is really comfortable and he always wears these huge scarves she can use as pillows so she just decides she’ll worry about favorites later on
  • All of the boys a d o r e them though
  • As if their father didn’t spoil them enough, they also have six uncles who are willing to buy or give them anything and everything they want
  • Tae’s forever singing to them
  • He sings them to sleep, he sings to them when he’s bathing them, he sings them when he’s helping them with their hair, he’s just always singing
  • He’s the only one that can get bby #1 to sleep and no one knows his secret bc bby #1 has s o much energy and just wants to jump on the bed all night but somehow Tae gets him to sleep within five minutes
  • His secret is actually just singing really soft songs to him and holding him against his chest and rubbing his back until he feels his lil boy’s breathing slow down and eventually feels him slump against him
  • Bby #2 and 3 aren’t that difficult to get to sleep since bby #3 really appreciates her sleep and bby #2 is just always exhausted after running around with appa all day long
  • He’s also really good at calming them down
  • Like bby #2 had gotten her first bruise and she was crying bc she had no idea what was happening and he just rocked her back and forth and kissed her lil bruise and just talked to her for a bit about how it’s just a bruise and he has one too and he shows it to her and she feels better bc even appa gets bruises
  • Like his hands literally engulf theirs and they’re always toying with his hands when they sit in his lap
  • That house is always, 24/7 filled with laughter
  • Whether it’s from one of the bbys or him or you, someone’s always laughing and he makes a point to keep it that way
  • He’s just such an ideal father sign mE UP

I haven’t actually watched Call the Midwife in so long ahh! The end of the semester has been kicking my ass but good news, this is my last week of class & I only have 2 finals next week! So I’ll be able to relax a bit and go back to being ctm trash™ later next week + I also convinced my mom to buy the books so I can read those when I get home too. Anyways, I have a break in between my second and last class & instead of being productive/working on all the assignments I have due this week I’m going to watch 4.06 (I closed my eyes and picked from the episode guide lol) because it’s been far too long! 😭👏🏼📺 ✨ here goes nothing, I’m officially back to annoying you all with my commentaries™ 💁🏼

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like, it’s impossible to hate any of the members.

We’ve got WonHOE who’s constantly taking off his shirt and calling himself sexy and killing all the fangirls, biting his lips and all that shit. AND U WANNA FIGHT HIM FOR IT.

But then again he’s the most precious angel that we don’t deserve. His laugh cures cancer, his smile makes world peace, and honestly he’s such a sweetheart. Like you want to hug and snuggle him and protect him.

Then we’ve got Jooheon, a hardcore rapper that makes you feel offended. Like HE PROBS STUCK HIS MIDDLE FINGER UP MORE THAN 5 TIMES IN A 1:30 MV! Plus he swears at least once in almost every rapping track he’s been on. 

But then Jooheony’s an aegyo-obsessed dork that’s scared of bugs and ghosts and can’t even use a fork properly smh. When he starts acting cute he has absolutely no chill. YOU JUST WANNA SQUISH HIS LIL FACE. (AND THOSE DIMPS OMFG).

There’s also Minhyuk that’s the most prettiest piece of eye candy you ever laid your eyes on. LIKE HOLY SHIT HE’S GORGEOUS. He’s so beautiful in like every photo he’s in. It’s so damn rude. AND THEN THOSE ABS HOLY SHIT WHERE THE FUCK DID THEY COME FROM

That is if he can stay still for like FIVE FUCKING SECONDS. This child is HAS WAY TOO MUCH ENERGY. Every minute he’s either screaming or jumping or dancing or doing some random ass shit. I DO NOT WANT TO SEE HIM ON CAFFEINE. AND HE’S ALWAYS SUCH A HAPPY AND POSITIVE LIL CHILD. He got so excited over “cute” coins. GEEZUS PEEZUS. and then saying hi to random ass strangers, he’s so pure. Ya just wanna protect him from all that’s wrong.

IM’S VOICE. nuff said. Like it’s so fucking deep wtf. That alone is so rude. Then he’s so handsome as well. He seems so quiet and mature like wtf.

BUT THEN HE’S A 4D LIL SHIT. Like he isn’t loud like Minhyuk, he’ll just randomaly start doing something quietly, and when you notice it’s like yo man wtf XD. AND THEN ALL THOSE PUNS HE MAKES LIKE I DONT GET MOST OF THEM CUZ ITS IN KOREAN BUT THEN HE MADE THAT ONE HAMSTA JOKE ON WEEKLY IDOL AND JUST FROM THAT I CAN TELL HOW BAD HE IS. Dont get me started on that bag from deokspatch. But then the way he clings to the other members is so cute too. Like IM CAN U STOP.

WHEN SHOWNU’S DANCING HE’S SO HOT. Like he’s so good at expressing with his body. AND THEN HE HAS LIKE NO SHAME LIFTING HIS SHIRT UP WHILE EVERYONE ELSE IS SHY OR WORRIED ABOUT ABS (probs cuz he was a swimmer). And a number of times he’s worn sleeveless shirts is offensive. Whenever Shownu performs I die.

But then he’s the most adorkable and awkward member there?  He looks so out of it most of them time poor bby. Even though he doesn’t say much his comedic timing is on point!? Like when he slammed his fist on the table and also when he threw the book to the ground out of frustration. Like Shownu’s just so precious. Please dont get me started on that time he ate a leaf. Like ugh what an awkwrd tol dork. I need to hug him.

OH GOD HYUNGWON. He’s got that model aethetic going for him. He’s so handsome and he’s got them HELLA RUDE ABS. He’s like such a good dancer too. like how. 

BUT HES A TOTAL FUCKING MEME. OMFG, he writes poetry what a cute little nerd. O GOD HE LOOKS LIKE HE WANTS TO BE ALSEEP ALL THE TIME. And even tho he’s a lead dancer he like trips every five seconds.Then that random thing he does when he stops moving for like a couple seconds, y? THEN WHENEVER HE SAYS HE’LL MODEL HE LIKE DOES THE WALK NORMAL BUT THEN HE DOES THE COMPASS THING AND LIKE POSES WEIRDLY.  and his lips are so fucking gigantic he got fucking confetti stuck on them.


He’s a sassy lil mother hen

but he’s a cute sassy lil mother hen with honey vocals.

whats else can I say.

Bad Boy

Another scenario!! Yey!! This one is for my amazing mom, holyjunhui ! You reached 1k!!! That is amazing bby I am so happy for you^^! You are amazing and I love you so much<333

This is actually inspired from vixx17andbtsimagines post! They are the ones that made the original post of badboy!seventeen. You should check their blog out, is amazing! Thank you for letting me use the idea^^

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Tokyo Ghoul Radio Show 02

Here’s the summary I made for 01! -> グルラジ

I’d like to thank everyone for their feedback from 01! I hope that the summary would somehow help you enjoy the radio show as much as I did haha. 02 and 03 will be a bit more detailed (not really) so if you’re listening to the radio show, I hope that this can somehow help you get a feel for the flow of the show.

Without further ado~

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Free! Eternal Summer thoughts anyone?

Hi there! I’ve been thinking a lot about what will happen in Free! Eternal Summer since Wednesday is still a few days away and I can’t wait for Episode 2! While waiting, I’m going to share my predictions about Free!ES based on what I’ve seen on Episode 1. I’m not good at putting my thoughts into words but I shall try! This post was inspired from watching the Ending Theme 1268124 times. xD

WARNING: This will contain lots of spoilers. I haven’t read High Speed yet so some of these might not be correct. And English isn’t my first language so there might be a lot of grammatical error.

So okay! I think this season would probably be focused on competitions– winning and winning and losing, dreams, falling out of friendships, as well as forming new ones and rebuilding old ones but mostly about the change in the main protagonist, Haruka.

In the Ending theme, the boys were shown in an AU of what they want to be in the future—judging from the last bits of the video which is this…

Makoto:  a fireman who helps people 

..take a bath? xD

Nagisa: an astronaut in space with the aliens~ looks fun!

(Hey look it’s the Spaceship pillow child!Rin was hugging)

Rei: a beautiful scientist who wants to make beautiful things happen

..yes, beautiful. (And that’s Nagisa’s spaceship he’s making)

Rin: a policeman who strips stops bad guys and bad things from happening

–with his sexy dance!

Haru was shown in two ways, a chef…

–and a

Mermaid wait wha-

Such fanservice! I know I might be reading too much into this but I think that this has some sort of an even deeper meaning than just plain fanservice. I’ve realized this after analyzing the first season’s OP-ED theme a few weeks prior to S2’s release. KyoAni has a habit of telling the whole story via an anime’s OP-ED (which is really awesome at how accurate it actually is).

We know that Haru likes to cook even tho everything he cooks is fish or fish or—so that explains it! But Haru is a mermaid too… Why? It’s because he’s like a fish who loves and needs water. According to folklore, mermaids are the fastest creature in the sea. So why show that now? Probably because it has something to do with what will happen… about being the fastest swimmer! Have you noticed that Ep1 Rin had been going on about Haruka having no drive about who’s fastest or improving his swim time? For example.

And this.

Notice how Haru reacted to Rin. And do you remember this?

This is the introduction of Free! Eternal Summer Ep1. This water has been tamed, very docile. It’s not enough for him anymore. He doesn’t know it himself but I think he’s yearning for a challenge… somewhere. Then KyoAni shows them this.

And so~

Look at that little blush? Maybe that little race fired something up in him.. finding the thing he’s been yearning for? Who knows.

Now we shall enter Sousuke.

Sousuke, like Rin, is also a Butterfly & Freestyle (in reference to the OP) swimmer and seems to be very very good at it. I think this will be a turning point for Haru? and maybe his will to go faster and be the fastest. But then…

The preview for Ep2. This looked like some sort of declaration of challenge. Maybe Sousuke decided to challenge Haruka? Settle a score? Or told Haruka something about Rin? Like maybe Rin can’t improve his time because of Haruka’s level? I don’t know. But they’ll end up racing one way or another. And then, Haruka


Look at frustrated Haruka. We’ve never seen him like this in S1. The thought of Haruka being competitive then losing resulting in this screenshot seems very likely. In my head, I think Haru really hates losing. I’m getting the feeling we’ll see a lot of aggressive, competitive Haruka this season. And soon, he realizes that he’s actually losing himself and his passion for water. Maybe he’ll want to stop. He’s changing. Just like how Rin was in S1. So this picture–

–might be Haruka losing sight of Haruka. After looking closer, the person reflected in Haru’s eyes is wearing a short swimwear. Only Haru and Nagisa wear shorts and I don’t think it’s Nagisa. So maybe it’s Haru looking at his own self alright.

With that, the five boys will have another dilemma. Haru is changing. Ofc, this affects everyone in the team since we all know that Haru really makes a big impact on everybody. Maybe they’ll have a fight, Rin and Haru fights caused by Sousuke(?) perhaps, and as usual they will be as stubborn as a turtle until everything ends up with their friendship hanging by the line (again).

Then, because of what’s happening, Nagisa tries his best to tie loose ends but he couldn’t, so he ends up feeling helpless about everything– feeling that the remaining thread will break and he’d be alone…. as if he’s alone in space and everything else floats in front of him but it’s hard to reach them. I can just see this happening and my heart aches for this baby since he’s the one who brought everyone together by forming the club. Despite Nagisa’s outgoingness, I think he’s the type who lacks confidence in himself and in order to not feel that lack of confidence, he needs people around him so he feels less alone.

And I’m guessing this is Makoto and Haru’s hands slowly drifting apart. In the AU, Makoto is shown as a fireman– very fitting for our angel! But what do firemen do? Put out the fire. In the future eps, I’m guessing Makoto will do a lot of that. Oh. Not literally putting out real fire but, the fire in friendships and arguments. He’ll try but he’ll sort of mess it up.

As for Rei, he was depicted as a scientist– megane and theories and all, of course! But I think this means that he’d also have that role in the actual plot– not as a scientist but as someone who invents solutions to solve problems (just like what he did last season). I think Rei and Makoto will have similar roles in this. Thus…

And so… This screenshot

–it really looks like Rei’s going after Rin. I dunno if he stops where he stands in this cap or if continues to follow Rin. If not, I’m sure that Rei will try to contact Rin (just like what he’s done before). I’m hoping for more RinRei friendship on screen plsplspls

For Rin, he was shown as a policeman. If you’ve watched the Ep1 of S2, you’d know that Rin has announced he’d like to go pro in swimming after graduation– but in the AU, he was shown as a policeman (doing le sexy dance)– that was probably a distraction. DISTRACTION FROM EVERYTHING. xD

OH. And since he’s a cop so he’s gonna do some chasing and bondage—I mean, catching, but yeah! I have a feeling he wants to catch Haru but Haru is now a different Haru (here it’s Iwatobi-chan, mermaid version!) I don’t know if this makes sense lol This is Haru reflected in Rin’s eyes, the Haru he sees.

On a more serious note

Rin clinging and crying so desperately intrigues me. I’m guessing everyone else too is intrigued by the reason but more intrigued about the person who he’s crying to. I can’t imagine Rei or Nagisa wearing those clothes. So that leaves, Makoto, Haru and Sousuke. But judging by the mysterious character’s built, he looks big. So it’s either Makoto or Sousuke. Though the color matches Sousuke best so I think it’s him.

If I follow the plot I’m thinking, maybe he’s blaming himself for Haru’s sudden change? Or he has something to do with it? That Haru’s starting to act the same way as him in the past? Coz I don’t think Rin will cry if he loses to Haru in a match anymore. He’s over that. Or…. maybe this screenshot is something entirely different! I’m excited to find out!

With that, let’s take a look at the ED’s pairings. (Haru’s left out from the Agent AU, he’s the mermaid princess)

Pair 1: Makoto & Nagisa.

Pair 2: Rei & Rin I’m still screaming about thisasbfaje

Something really might have happened between these guys.. Maybe they’re going to make it a mission to find out what’s happened lol Rei'sgoingtospyonRinagainthenbecomesbestfriendswithhim In the middle of those screenies was bby Sousuke (which I think is the one who started the dilemma) then the sequence was followed by Ai and the unknown boy– in short their tough competition, Samezuka. Then the sequence ends with Mermaid Haru. Well, anyway! I think we’ll see a lot of Makoto-Nagisa, Rei-Rin, Makoto-Rei and Nagisa-Rin interactions based on the ED. :D

Eye contact! (✿◠▽◠)(Θ‿ Θ✿)

Then we have this.

Rin clearly says his while Makoto and Haruka hasn’t thought about it. But the next day, during their cleanup, Haruka looks at the sky seemingly lost in thought..

This is probably a build up for Haruka’s drive to swim competitively in the future.

Well, anyway, these are just my thoughts on what might happen in the future episodes! I have no means of justifying everything aside from these screenshots and my brain. I’m thinking that my analysis might be too dramatic but I just can’t shake off this feeling of angstiness for this season… why brain why?? ಥ⌣ಥ

I’m not sure if I expressed my thoughts to you guys properly coz I can get very incoherent and just ramble on but I tried. My headcanons have a pretty linear direction since I don’t really like thinking hard but the anticipation is killing me so… yeah, I decided to work my brain hard this time. So that’s that! Whew! If you’re still reading this part, you have my utmost gratitude! Thank you so much for reading my random thoughts on Free! Eternal Summer! *bows*

In the end, we know it’ll end happily ever after! Everyone will be smiling and swimming together again, fulfilling their dreams, be gay and gayer! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Father!Jungkook Part Two

Guess who listened to fire literally all day long and still has it stuck in her head oh wait that’s me hi I’m in love 1000/10 boys but onto our lil bby maknae who’s actually not that much of a bby anymore but he’s still a bby at the same time bc he can be so why wouldn’t he be, Jeon Jungkook aka kookie aka seagull aka can we talk for a moment about how he killed that choreography like everyone was doing the most but when kookie was in the middle it was just like damn ight I see you chill a bit bc my heart is fragile rn bc I have orange haired tae breathing down my neck but this is fine thnx for that bts I’m great

  • All of the father related posts are here
  • For everyone that hasn’t read part one, he has two kids
  • A lil boy and a lil girl
  • They’re twins but they do have a few differences besides their genders of course
  • Lil boy looks a lot more like Jungkook
  • They both do of course but he has a lot more similarities than she does
  • She looks a bit more like you, your eyes, your hair color but his hair
  • Okay but have you ever seen kookie imagine a mini him like oh wow
  • His son would look v v similar to his dad, same eyes same nose same smile same jaw same everything
  • He would be tall and broad as fuck and it’s all just kookie
  • He's got a lot of people crushing on him but he’s not really one for dating
  • He ends up dating one of tae’s daughters actually
  • She’s his first (and last) girlfriend bc he never got past the first date 
  • He’s a very sweet boy and charming as fuck when he wants to be but he gets so shy in front of new people when it’s just one on one so most people he dates think he doesn’t like them bc he spends most of his time picking at his food
  • She’s the first person that actually knows him like they grew up together so she knows all of his quirks and he knows hers
  • They’re super cute together btw just gonna throw that out there
  • His daughter is actually the more outgoing one
  • She’s the one that sets up all of his dates
  • She favors Taehyung when it comes to her uncles and he was always the one to take her places when kookie was busy so he kinda shows her a different way of looking at things than kook does
  • She really likes being outgoing but she does have her shy moments when she’s around people she has crushes on
  • She loves experimenting with her hair like she comes home one day with purple hair
  • She and Jungkook have this staring contest where she’s trying to judge his reaction to see if she’s in trouble and he’s wondering if she should be
  • “…I fucking love it”
  • Also piercings are a thing he wants them to be able to express themselves so he lets them get a few
  • Not too many though it’s like only a couple type of thing bc he doesn’t want them to get too many and then regret it later on
  • She has a lil nose stud and a couple in her ear and bby kook has an eyebrow piercing as well as one on his lip
  • They both have lowkey similar styles
  • These kids are Jeons they love their black, their grays, the occasional white but it’s rare to see them in like bright or pastel colors
  • They both love their skinny jeans and boots and t-shirts and Jungkook is more than happy to buy them plenty of all of the above
  • They’re forever together
  • It’s honestly rare to see them apart unless they’re on a date, then they understand that’s alone time that’s not the time to be texting each other and being like wanna get some pizza or something
  • They’re in the same grade and the same classes so they’re always sat right next to each other bc they’re super protective of each other
  • She’s actually more openly protective of him but he does it in a lowkey way
  • Like when she’s talking to crushes he’s just right behind her shaking his head at the crush like mm mm no move along
  • They don’t get into many fights with the other kids but when they do, you can bet anything the other Jeon is gonna be right next to them like want me to fight them I can fight them for you hold my books
  • They still love messing with kookie though
  • They both have his mischievousness and ever since they were barely able to stand they’ve been a team
  • Once they get older he can prank them back and he has years and years of built up pranks that he’s ready to execute
  • Prank wars 24/7 tbh
  • “Hey dad want some jellybeans??”
  • “Last time you gave me a jellybean it tasted like baby wipes”
  • “I’m not dumb enough to do it twice, this one’s lawn clippings just try it”
  • They all love each other v v much though
  • They tease the fuck out of each other but they’re his lil rascals that’s what he calls them his troublemakers
  • Sometimes calls them his lil shits and they just give him that Jeon smile and he’s like ight you know I love you chill with the cuteness
  • He adores them beyond words
  • The first time he sees his children cry, his heart shatters
  • The first one he sees is his son, his lil mini
  • It’d been a hard day at school and he was stressed and tired and frustrated so he went up to room the second he got home
  • Jungkook knows something’s wrong when he won’t even let his sister in like that’s some top level shit
  • He goes in with a tray of brownies bc that’s the only way his son will let him in but once he sees his lil bby boy all teary eyed with the tears still fresh on his cheeks, the brownies are l on g forgotten
  • He just hugs him really really tight and honestly tears up a bit himself bc he never ever wants to see his angels sad
  • They have a really long serious talk and Jungkook makes sure he’s smiling by the end of it and he lets him rant about everything and it’s just a bonding moment for the both of them
  • They move out together
  • They get apartments by their college with their roommates (she rooms with joon’s daughter and he rooms with tae’s son for a while before his lil love moves in with him)
  • Jungkook doesn’t want to admit that he’s upset they’re leaving bc he’s the cool dad he’s the one they can boast about to their friends bc he lets them order pizza at like 3 in the morning
  • They can see straight through him though and they both hug him and are like “we’ll still be your bbys always”
  • That line kinda chokes him up and then he’s just holding onto them super tight and they let him bc honestly they need the hug as much as he does
  • Father!Jungkook is pretty chill and embraces all of their quirks and they’re all v v protective of each other and it’s just a very happy family that sticks together forever
Jensen and his Misha middle names~

Jensen has so many ‘Misha-related middle names and not exactly the one he was officially baptized with (sorry Ross 😁):

*Jensen ‘grabby hands’ Ackles 👐🏻

*Jensen 'it is like I have an angel on my shoulder’ Ackles 👼🏼

*Jensen 'don’t touch Misha he is mine (in their cockles ops) Ackles 😼

*Jensen 'he is so cute like one of those teddy bears you want to stuff in your pocket’ Ackles 🐻

*Jensen 'expresso Misha’ Ackles ☕️

*Jensen 'I love you from the bottom of my heart and it’s not stopping’ (blushes and tilts head and then says am joking) Ackles 💕

*Jensen 'blushes, tilts head, scratches the inside of his thigh, smiles like fool every time he talks or someone mentions Misha’ Ackles 🙊

*Jensen 'everyone wants to hold him gently and say oh Misha’ Ackles 😂

*Jensen 'I almost came in my pants while Misha was doing the pretend orgasm on stage’ Ackles 😆

*Jensen 'did you pay her to say that, thank you (to Misha at comic con when someone told him he was so handsome) Ackles 😁

*Jensen 'I support my bae’s charity, look at this cute t-shirt’ Ackles 🐒

*Jensen 'I don’t want to perform a kissing scene with a random person, but as soon as Misha comes on stage I hand him the script’ Ackles 😘

*Jensen 'I’m dancing but I’m also keeping an eye on my bby while he is dancing with someone else’ Ackles 😤

*Jensen 'whispering into each other’s ears, laughs and behaves like a kid when he is with misha’ Ackles ☺️

*Jensen 'I’m a giggling mess when Misha is around and even when he is not, but someone mentions him and I can’t stop’ Ackles 😄

*Jensen 'unicorn laugh’ Ackles 😃

*Jensen 'I throw my head back and laugh like a silly teenager when Misha says the silliest jokes’ Ackles 😝

*Jensen 'heart eyes motherfucker’ Ackles 😍

*Jensen 'Misha and I most of the time come late to cons, together’ Ackles 😗

*Jensen 'I have a kink for indiarussian accent and any other accents Misha throws my way’ Ackles 😌

*Jensen 'Mishka’ Ackles 😚

*Jensen 'is that you that smells? I like it (when Misha answered he was wearing a new cologne) Ackles 😎

*Jensen 'we prank you mercilessly because we like you the best’ Ackles 😳

*Jensen 'he is like a little puppy (Misha)’ Ackles 🐶

*Jensen 'Misha had to strip down to his googles’ Ackles 😅

*Jensen 'sunsets pics with my honeybee’ Ackles 😏

*Jensen 'very manly moment watching the sunset’ Ackles 😊

*Jensen 'Misha is in my head all the time and that’s why I mention him a thousand times in any conversation’ Ackles 😋

*Jensen 'bring it out Dmitri’ Ackles 😺

*Jensen 'Mish’ Ackles 😸

*Jensen 'pretend kiss but leans into the touch and surrenders himself completely’ Ackles 💘

*Jensen 'Misha is one of the funniest things that has ever happened to me’ Ackles 🔫

*Jensen 'SPN season 4 has been my favorite’ Ackles 😱

*Jensen 'I tell all the dirty jokes when I’m with misha’ Ackles 🔥

*Jensen 'cabin boy, nervous laughter’ Ackles 😲

*Jensen 'big boy face to Misha every time he wants to make him laugh and ruin his lines’ Ackles 😶

*Jensen 'you hit him too hard with that pie (to Jared when he pied Misha)’ Ackles 😾

*Jensen 'let’s make a cat video’ Ackles 😸

*Jensen 'I flirt on Twitter with Mish’ Ackles 😹

*Jensen 'I’m not that kind of girl’ Ackles 🙀

*Jensen 'bring it on Sally (to Misha on Twitter when they were bickering like a married couple. And the 'Sally’ is important because Misha’s was the character 'Sally’ when he did the fake orgasm. Bet Jensen hasn’t been able to forget that.’ Ackles 🙌🏼

*Jensen 'I smack Misha’s ass whenever I can’ Ackles ✋🏻

*Jensen 'I wrap my arms possesively around his waist’ Ackles 😉

*Jensen 'our chairs are far apart and gradually they get closer’ Ackles 😅

*Jensen 'I’m a jelly bae sometimes’ Ackles 👿

*Jensen 'I grab Misha’s hand on Matt’s shoulder, I’m so smooth’ Ackles 😂

*Jensen 'lol omg Misha is so funny’ Ackles 😆

Jensen 'an angel friend of mine’ Ackles 😇 Jensen 'dear friend’ Ackles 😜

I know I’m forgetting many more, but this list could take ages, so you can add your own if you want 😉

Werewolf!Hoseok Part Two

Before I start this, I just wanted to point out that this is gonna be my 500th post which is super cool just a random milestone but back to the post, it’s time for our hope, our angel, or as one of my friends called him, our smile child, Jung Hoseok aka J-Hope aka hobi aka you know what I need, I need more oh hobi just being happy like I don’t even care what he’s doing he can be eating, dancing, playing with a puppy, chilling out it doesn’t matter, as long as he’s a happy lil bean it’s all good bc happy!Hobi is super important and he deserves to be happy 25/8

  • Part one is here, werewolf!hobi as a father is here
  • For a more in depth explanation, you can go to Jin’s post (right here) but I’ll do a quick summary here
  • Dating a human isn’t against any laws or rules or anything like that, it just isn’t highly suggested
  • Bc some humans aren’t down for dating a werewolf so they break up with them and then the werewolf is utterly crushed and possibly never loves again bc werewolves tend to be a one love for life type of deal
  • It’s v v v hard for them to fall in love with anyone but their first love so for the most part, they stick to people they know won’t leave them bc they’re a werewolf
  • Hobi has always mingled with humans, since he was a lil bby toddler
  • His mother was always volunteering around the town and he was never too far from her
  • She wasn’t all that worried about humans since she’d already found her love in hobi’s father so she was constantly around them
  • Hobi never really saw the big deal about them??
  • Like some people (typically the ones who’d been left broken hearted) talked about humans as if they were evil but hobi thought they were just like him
  • They breathed the same air, they ate the same foods, they spoke the same language like why did some of the older pack mates fear them so much??
  • He’s the third to fall in love
  • He meets you when he’s just a lil goober bc your moms are best friends and are like hey I have a bby you have a bby why not have play dates
  • You two are really close your entire lives
  • He never tells you about the whole werewolf thing, even though he really really wants to bc he’s so not a secret type of person
  • Like hobi can keep secrets, even though his instinct is to be open with people, if there’s a secret someone wants him to keep, he’s keeping it
  • But it’s really hard for him to have someone he’s so close to and not tell them what he really is
  • He’s just an open book so to have to look you in the eyes and know he’s keeping such a huge secret is !!!
  • There are so many times where he goes to tell you and he has to hold himself back
  • “You’re a cute lil human bean aren’t you”
  • “Well actually fun fact for you”
  • The whole romance part of your relationship doesn’t happen until you two are both in college
  • It’s your first day there and you’re a bit nervous about it all so of course hobi comes to the rescue to help calm you down
  • He sneaks you out in the middle of the night and takes you over to the local park so you can talk it out
  • Side note I feel like hobi would be a really good person to talk to ??
  • Like he’s a sensitive lil bean and would just have a good sense of when to cheer you up and when to let you talk
  • His ultimate goal is to make you happy but he understands sometimes you need to let all of that shit off of your chest before he gets to see your smile again
  • And of course, some days, like that night, you just need him to hold you as tight as he can and not let go
  • He does exactly that
  • He would also be an amazing hugger
  • Like when you look at hobi, he just looks warm and cozy and cuddly
  • Tell me he doesn’t look like a great hugger, like you could just hold onto him all tight and he’d do the thing where he buries his face into your hair or your shoulder
  • But also if he’s tall enough, he’d do the thing where he puts his chin on top of your head but even if it isn’t tall enough he’s gonna try to do it bc cutie
  • But he hugs you all night and you can smell his cologne and it’s just really relaxing and nice
  • You two have kinda been hinting that your “platonic” love for each other isn’t actually all that platonic
  • So due to a lot of build up and a lot of testing the waters to see if the other feels the same, you two kinda just have a lil kiss
  • It’s super sweet and cute and it confirms that yes, he does actually love you in the same way you love him
  • Pretty soon, you’re calling him your boyfriend, your love, your babe whatever you’re in the mood for that day
  • His favorite thing to call you is his sunshine bc you make him happy but also in those sweet moments where it’s just you two and he isn’t so !!! he likes to call you his angel
  • He tells you fairly early on
  • He figures that if you two are gonna be together, he shouldn’t have such a huge secret
  • When he tells you, you’re just “oh ik that, I’ve known since we were like two”
  • He’s so ??!?!?!?!?!?! excuse me what was that do you know how many speeches I wrote for this moment
  • “Hobi you’re an actual puppy, you howl when you get too excited, you whimper when you get scared, you have conversations with dogs and you once told me when we were like five”
  • “Oops”
  • Tbh he’s kinda relieved though
  • Bc he’d been so worried about this moment but it’s actually really casual bc you already know bc lil bby hobi failed to preserve the memory of telling you he was a werewolf
  • It does make a lot of sense though bc now that he thinks about it, he has been pretty obvious about it
  • Plus it explains all of the times you tried to get him to eat dog treats and called him your lil pup friend

Before I start this I just wanna say a quick thank you for 2,800 followers!!! It’s mind blowing to even think about but thank you all s o so much !!! And now it is time for an actual angel, the first half of the Busan line, a smol pup with the cutest lil giggle like I honestly love his laugh so fucking much, Park Jimin aka chim

  • I’m s o ready for this rn
  • Visuals first bc this is s u ch a nice segment
  • Black hair!chim !!! I’m talking Fire era bc that shit was beautiful
  • He does do the other colors, he goes blonde for a good chunk of time, he does the orange hair and the red and brown for 0.2 seconds but for this part, he’s got the black hair, which he always goes back to
  • It just looks so good on him like he made blonde hair his bitch at this point and he looked s o beautiful with the red and then the orange but something about the black hair is just so ni ce
  • Okay but Jimin in jeans though the color doesn’t even matter he just makes jeans look so fucking amazing bc the th iGHS are golden
  • Especially when the jeans have rips in them like !!!
  • But also chim in hoodies now that is some good shit he just looks so cuddly and warm and wow I need it
  • Also those combat like boots I lo v e I need all of it I need to see the boys just all wearing them bc I love it so much
  • He would be a bassist 
  • Jimin honestly s c re ams bassist to me it fits him so well I can see this perfectly
  • Like just look at his arms and his hands and combine them with a bass combined with a smirking chim bc he fucking knows what he’s doing to the fans and tell me that doesn’t sound nice
  • Plus, there’s a voice to instrument contrast, unlike joon who has that voice that’s super deep like a bass, Jimin has his wonderful softer voice and it’d just be such a nice contrast
  • Like who would think the actual cutie who genuinely giggles at dad jokes and has the voice of an angel would be playing a bass and smirking and winking at a few fans bc he can be a lil bit flirty
  • I think that’s just Jimin in a statement tbh, a shy cutie with a smol giggle who needs cuddles and love and affection off stage but on stage, he’s controlling that entire stage even if he’s on one lil side, he’s just got that confidence and the hair thing that he does and it’s just like two different people
  • He’s the cutie of the band bc Jimin is cute as fuck, I don’t remember ever seeing anyone say Jimin isn’t cute bc he’s just the definition of it
  • Takes the cu t est pictures with the fans like he has no problem giving hugs or kissing cheeks or even letting his cheek be kissed
  • But he’s infamous among the fans for giving forehead kisses for pictures and it’s honestly so so cute
  • He actually stands there for like thirty seconds giving people hugs (and side note his arms do the thing) and you can just see that he still can’t believe that all of this is happening and that he’s so so grateful for every single fan and it’s just really endearing
  • Instagram king bc his face is some good shit
  • His page is mainly videos but there are a few selfies here and there and of course pictures of his pup
  • He does go on Twitter a lot too and he loves to be able to have actual conversations with all of the fans like the super casual conversations you have with friends type of shit like he’ll sit there and argue over whether tomatoes should be classified as a fruit or a vegetable
  • It’s more rare for him to be on Snapchat but it’s still not r a r e like it’s more of a weekly thing
  • It’s typically a video of him fucking around with filters or saying a thank you but he also randomly replies to people they don’t really get a warning he’s just suddenly sending them a selfie or a video replying to whatever they sent him
  • He meets you after the band becomes a thing
  • It’s just a random meeting, you two literally just meet in a cafe and things just go from there
  • Jimin is another one of those people that I think is right in the middle when it comes to privacy
  • He isn’t gonna be super open about it like tae or hobi but also not as quiet about it as yoongi but he does lean a lil bit more to the private side
  • He’s more of the type to just send out lil reminders or updates that he’s taken (and happily so)
  • Like of course, when fans don’t see pictures of you two for a while and they don’t hear him talk about you, they wonder if everything’s okay with you two
  • So every other week or so, sometimes monthly, he’ll put up a picture to confirm that you two are still going strong
  • Sometimes it’s just a picture of him walking with the caption of “seeing my love today” sometimes it’s a picture of you two cuddled up, sometimes it’s just your hand holding onto his it all depends on how he feels that day
  • He likes to keep things private for the most part so it’s rare for him to show your face but on the rare occasion he does like this one time, for your second anniversary, he puts up a picture of you two wearing identical snapbacks and just looking cute together and everyone loses their shit bc their bby is happy and they’re just so glad he is bc he deserves rainbows and sunshine and puppies and kittens and they’re all just v v happy that he has you to make him smile