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Romeo And Juliet (Cole Sprouse Imagine)

College Cole Sprouse Imagine ;) Requested by @ateliefloresdaprimavera A/N : sorry it took so long! Hope you like it 💓 ————

“Yes! OK, I will call you after Y/BF/N, my tour is here,” you rushed down the phone, aware that a teacher was walking in your direction.

“Ok Y/N, good luck babe!” She cheered from the other end of the line.
Without another word to each other, you hung up. Today was the day that was going to shape your future. You were starting college.

Your family had only just moved to North Carolina from London, and you were starting your new school. Ever since you were little, you have wanted to act. It has been your life ambition and finally, it was coming true. Your parents new how much this meant to you, so when you got accepted into The Royal Academy of Performing Arts in North Carolina, you moved out here. It was hard saying goodbye to all your best friends; Y/BF/N had cried so hard and given you a beautiful photo of the two of you taken at your 16th birthday, two years ago. It was even harder getting on the plane and watching the home you knew so well just fade away, and eventually turn to nothing.

But the hardest thing was how you stuck out like a sore thumb by wearing a woolly jumper and jeans in one of the hottest states in America, on one of the hottest days of the year. It wasn’t your fault you had packed wrong, your clothes were suited to the rain and wind of England, not the sun and sea of North Carolina. Now you had to suffer.
Excited as you were, there was a small downside; you were joining in the middle of a term. People would already have partners for their projects, and you would be lonely at the back of the classroom.

But there was no point in complaining – your dream was coming true at last.

“Y/N Y/L/N?” The teacher asked in a strong American accent as he eventually arrived in front of you, a clipboard and pen in hand.

You smiled shyly, unsure how to react to a new person in a new place, “Hi.”

The man gave you a reassuring look, “I’m Professor Warren, your drama teacher. The receptionist told me you would be here, and,” he continued, handing you a colourful piece of paper, “this is your time table.”

You looked down at the busy schedule in your hands.

“As you will notice,” Professor Warren kept going, “you actually do have two periods of drama now, so we’ll get going, shall we?” He finished, and before you could reply, he started to walk.

Grabbing your bag off the bench and shoving both your timetable and phone into it, you started to walk into the colleges main building. It was a relief to be out of the sun with your thick jumper on, and you were already looking forward to arriving to the classroom when you could take it off for good.

After a couple of minutes of walking in silence, Professor Warren slowed down in front of a classroom with a fully black painted door.

“This,” he indicated towards the door behind him, “is a sound-proof room where magic happens. It’s also your drama room for the next two years so I would make yourself at home. Are you ready?” He asked nicely.

You took a deep breath inwards, and nodded firmly, trying to convince yourself more than anything.

You were an actor – even if you weren’t ready for a new step in your life, you could at least pretend it. But there was no need.

Because Professor Warren opened the door, and a whirlwind of noise was released like a dragon awakening.

Brightly coloured posters littered the walls, and rails and rails of handmade-costumes stood proudly at the sides, each stitch holding someone’s blood, sweat and tears. The graffiti covered desks were pushed into circle around the outside of the brightly lit room, and in the middle, there was a performance taking place. It seemed quite extravagant, with the use of a mannequin and a feather boa, but everyone seemed to be enjoying it due to the roars of laughter erupting every five seconds. The actors were tall, both boys. You could only see the back of the their heads, but when their audience looked in your direction and silenced, they stopped abruptly and turned.

Automatically, your heart stopped. The two boys were most definitely twins, the only difference being one had blonde hair, whereas the other had raven-coloured and bluer eyes that were looking directly at you. His gaze made you shiver slightly and react in such a way that was unusual – it was almost like you loved the attention, but hated his eyes directly upon you. Conscious of you standing awkwardly, you tucked your hair behind your ear and broke contact with the cute boy.

“Guys, I would like to introduce Y/N Y/L/N,” Professor Warren announced, answering the stares of the onlookers whose thoughts you could all hear judging you, “she’s new, just moved from England. Please make her feel welcome.” He gave a stern look to a particular girl at the back of the class who had her feet on the desk and was chewing gum quite obnoxiously. You made a mental note to keep away from her.

You stole a quick glance at the tall, dark and mysterious boy in the middle of the room and took in his appearance: white shirt, blue flannel over the top with black skinny jeans. He was tall enough too be attractive, not too tall to be weird. His fair skin contrasted elegantly with his ocean blue eyes…which happened to still be directly staring at you. A tingle went down your spine like lightning at the thought of someone finding you remotely interesting to look at - you never thought your looks were of such a high quality standard.

But obviously, he thought otherwise.

“Ok so the groups you were in yesterday, I want you to rejoin and I will give you your new assignment. Y/N, you can join Dylan’s group,” Professor Warren instructed.

You didn’t have to ask who Cole was, because at the sound of his name, someone whooped. Glancing backwards, you saw that it was the blonde twin who looked highly excited to have you joining his group. Someone was making sure everything was going effect for you today, and you made a note to thank them if you ever got to meet them.

Turning on your heels, both hesitantly and eagerly, you started to make your way to the centre of the room. Nobody was paying an interest to you anymore as they were all focused on their own groups and trying to swap so they could be with their friends like they were back in high school.

As you silently walked towards the group, Professor Warren started writing on the board at the front of the room.

“Your assignment in your groups is to re-enact a scene of Romeo and Juliet. It will go towards your final semester grade so make sure you work on it properly,” he justified.

The blonde twin stuck his hand out to you, “Hey, I’m Dylan.”

You smiled graciously, thankful someone was making an effort to get to know you.

He was definitely nice on the eye, but he wasn’t the one catching your interest.

The tall blonde boy on his left spoke next - “I’m Luke.”

You smiled at them both, and a feeling in your stomach told you that you were going to be friends for a long time.

The girl who had previously had her feet on the desk was in your group, but she just stared at you in disgust. There was always one girl who was judgemental so you weren’t particularly fussed.

“Emma, don’t be rude,” Dylan told her, his American accent sounding particularly good on him.

She huffed, “well you’ve just said my name, so there’s no point in me saying it then.” And with that she started to bite at her perfectly-precise-hot-pink nails.

The one person you wanted to speak still hasn’t. He was staring intently at you, as if you were some sort of puzzle he was trying to decode.

“Dude, say something!” Luke hit him playfully, following his gaze and seeing the intense eye contact you two were inducing.

The mystery guy was snapped back to reality, clearing his throat and looking at you once again with his soft eyes that melted your soul.

He smiled at you, and you returned it.

“I’m Cole.”


“And that is our story!” You proudly told the group of people in front of you.

They were in awe at you and your boyfriend holding hands at the table.

Camilas eyes were full of longing, “So you honestly just met in college two years ago?”

You nodded at looked at the smitten boy perched on the arm of your chair. Cole smiled back down at you, a simple action making your heart erupt.

“No, I don’t believe that’s the end. What about Romeo and Juliet?” Lili questioned, her ears not fully satisfied until they had been exposed to the cuteness of the ending.

“I can explain this part,” Cole told you, his eyes lighting up like stars when they looked straight at you.
“So we worked on the Romeo and Juliet play, and Professor Warren wanted to see what Y/N could do, so she was given the part of Juliet. Dylan was originally given the part of Romeo, but when he found out that I had started to like Y/N, he swapped for Mercutio. It just went on from there - we had to spend so much time together to work ok out parts and eventually we became best friends. Something just clicked and we just had a laugh. Trouble is, I was more than friends. Honestly, I would be lying if I said I didn’t love her at first sight. And little did I know, Y/N liked me back. Remember the other girl Emma? Well turns out she had had some sort of thing for me, so on the day of the performance she tried to sabotage it by ruining Y/N’s costume. The security cameras told the truth though when she tried to lie her way out of it. In the end, the show went on and she was given detention. The show was amazing, one of the best I’ve ever done, but that might be because I had a good partner.”

You blushed.

Cole continued, “so many people congratulated us afterwards and asked if we were dating in real life. Y/N here was about to answer no, but I managed to say yes before she could. She just looked at me and smiled, held my hand and that was it. We started dating there and then.”

You smiled up at Cole, your heart longing to hold onto this moment forever.

Lili and Cami stared the connection you had lighting up between you two. It was magical.

“ALL ACTORS FOR SCENE 7 PLEASE MAKE YOUR WAY TO THE STUDIO,” a voice over the loud speaker announced.

You had managed to snatch a last minute starring role on Riverdale, which was incredible as you got to do your favourite thing in the world with your favourite person in the universe.

Your entire table stood up, Cole taking a hold of your hand. The scene would only be quick, it was a shot of the gang on the school field.

Before you had chance to follow Lili out of the room, Coles grabbed your arm gently, keeping you rooted to the spot. You waited until the girls had left and turned around to face a sincere looking boyfriend.

“Y/N?” Cole spoke quietly, his eyes not leaving yours.


He gave you such a small smile that it was almost missed, but his eyes lit up like fireworks. The lingered on your face, taking every inch of your presence into his mind, body and soul.

He leaned forward and pressed his lips against your own, the invisible shield between you shimmering away and melting into his arms that were resting carefully on your waist. Your own entangled themselves into his soft raven hair, keeping you connected at all costs.
It just felt right with him. It was cliché, but the truth when you said - you were falling deeper in love with Cole Sprouse every day.

And little did you know, he was feeling the exact same way.

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Twisted Desires Chapter Nineteen

A/N - There’s a lot of stuff coming up that is dark. It’s just the path the story took. All chapters will have specific warnings when needed.

Quick Info - JJ’s birthday party. Jensen brings someone home
Word Count - 1763
Warnings - language, angst, mention of smut

Part nineteen of twenty five. Hope you enjoy this series as much as i enjoyed writing it.

This is my first Jensen series. I mean no disrespect toward Jensen or Danneel. This is purely a fictitious story that I tried with Dean but it didn’t work as well. Thank you to @leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid, @tankcupcakes and @atc74 for their beta and encouragement with this series.

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Twisted Desires Chapter Nineteen

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