also he has to have black hair



Do y’all know what this means?? Like i was hyperventilating for 5 fucking minutes before my brother asked wtf was wrong with me.


First off, ASDFGHJKL OUR CHANGKYUN HAS BLACK HAIR. BLACK FUCKING HAIR. THIS IS PURE GOLD. The last time he had that hair colour, it was during the No.Mercy Era. AND THAT WAS 2 YEARS AGO.


When I saw those fan taken pictures of them at the airport, with their hair covered like that recent vlive they did, ik for sure this comeback is coming pretty soon.

Also, can we talk about the No Exit broadcast? We all know that they filmed Monsta X-ray recently, so do you think they filmed another show to stall the comeback? Because they said they were going to make a comeback in Feb, but the month is almost over now. I guess they didn’t want to make a comeback whilst BTS and TWICE are promoting. Which is reasonable. So I’m pretty sure after the show ends, their new song is going to come out.

Anyways, I’m looking forward to all the new things their putting out this and next month.

Monsta X and monbebes, fighting!!!

Things on Supernatural we don't talk about enough

• Dean had sex with a porn star.
• Dean had sex with a movie star.
•Sam spilled his guts about Amelia to Meg.
• Cas has seen Orange is the New Black
• Dean probably still thinks about Ben and Lisa.
• Sam probably still thinks about Jess.
• Sam was very concerned as to what his and Cas’s ship name is.
• Sam was also distraught at the fact that Destiel was a bigger ship than Sastiel.
• Dean knows about Destiel.
• Sam has a pink toothbrush, which Dean probably bought for him and teases him about.
• Crowley has a very large penis.
• Sam and Dean still have to do domestic things, like laundry and grocery shopping.
• Dean has worn woman’s panties. And he liked it.
• Sam’s pulled his hair back in a pony tail at least once.
• Sam and Dean know who Jensen and Jared are.
• Dean had a child with a monster.
• Sam, Dean, and Bobby have all banged the same woman before.
• Sam got an Ivy League, Harvard worthy LSAT score, and was going to become a lawyer.

Make Me Yours

Daryl x Reader Smut Warning! 18+ Only! NSFW

Request: I love your blog so much and I have a request I’ve asked several blogs and no one has taken it and I’d love very much to read your take on it. A heavy smut set in season 2 at the farm; the reader is kind of a loner, has black hair and a few tats and piercings; she likes to sing and dance to herself a lot, she (along with being half Daryl’s age, mid-twenties) also has some daddy issues.. and over time he falls in love with her and all of her “quirks” ;). I realllllyy hope you consider this.

Summary: Set in season 2, on Hershel’s farm. Rick’s group is just starting to settle into an easier life on the farm when Daryl and Glenn come across a woman in the woods (reader) and bring her to the farm. They hit it off. Smut ensues… of course. The rest of the request will be in there too! I hope you like it! (I did not get to the daddy issues, but I did give her major man issues… ;) )


Rick looked around the farm and smiled to himself as he took in the view. His people were safe, finally. He smiled as he watched Carl run around with his mother in the sunset glow. The group had been at the farm only a week or so, but things were finally starting to become put together. They scavenged and used all the camping supplies they could find to build a mini-city outside Hershel’s farmhouse, a ways down the road.

Rick watched as T-Dog and Dale laughed about something, both standing across from the small bonfire they had constructed in the middle area of the city. Andrea sat on top of the R.V. that blocked the city from the road, the brim of her hat hung low, and her eyes stalked the area ahead of her seriously. She was probably one of the best watchmen he had. He smiled a little, looking down at Shane who also could never just relax. He sat at a small picnic table and feverishly cleaned his guns over and over, staring over at who knows what.

Rick focused on the sun setting behind the RV and closed his eyes, tilting his head back, and enjoying the last rays of the sun. He was so grateful to be able to be stationary for once, he was so tired of running. He had to find a way to convince Hershel to let them stay. Rick’s smile turned to frustration as he opened his eyes and searched the ground below him, as if it had answers. Rick stood lost in his own thoughts for a moment, when he suddenly heard Daryl and Glenn’s voices entering the background, calling his name.

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I think ten-years-later (TYL) 25-year-old Deku would have a rather beefy body, but not as much as All Might (at least not yet). He’d also have shorter hair, I think, and much more tidy. Gotta keep up a clean and neat look as a pro.

He’d probably change color theme too, but I went with green-black-red like his usual because I like it. Pro heroes have different versions of costumes and this version has a cape (for non-combat purposes).

Honestly, I also think one of these days he’s going to lose his arms because he’s an absolute madman. He’d probably end up with mechanical arms or something ¯\_(ツ)_/¯



Am I the only one who was laughing while watching this one? I don’t know, but there’s something fun about this episode that made me laugh. Sure, it was not intended to be a comic episode. It was actually dark. Why do I have this feeling that when it comes to Sasuke, everything is on the dark side? Maybe because of his black hair. Lol! Or maybe, it’s because Sasuke has gone through the dark side, that’s why. But of course, we all know that he’s now atoning for his sins. And it seems he has been gone for quite too long, that even his friends are getting kind of tired of waiting.

We’re also wondering how long will you still go on, Sasuke. But if it means making you feel better about your self, then take all the time that you need.

But surely, it’s a breath of fresh air to see that Sasuke is now working for the Hidden Leaf again.

I love that exchange, though I must admit, I find Yamato a little creepy. Hihi! Am I the only one?

I still love you though, Captain Yamato. ;)

So this story (the whole arc, actually) is centered towards Sasuke. That is why I understand we get to see familiar faces from his side of the story.

I got to say, I kind of enjoy these three. Especially that “Sasuke Dear” part. Haha! Though, I’m not sure so sure about the Orochimaru part. 

Okay. Let’s not be blunt. Nice to see you again, Orochimaru!

I kind of figured out that Sasuke will be the bait for that Fuushin. And that coliseum scene, it kind of gave me a lot of anime memories. Like, for 90′s babies out there like me. Do you remember Ghost Fighter and Flame of Recca? It’s just very nostalgic.

And then, Sasuke arrived to fight with that Futsu guy.

But when they’re beggining the fight, another exploding human appeared. Argh! Talking about a major cliff hanger. So it means we have to wait for another week for the continuation. Like, what?

But maybe, it’s all worth it. Sasuke is always worth it. Agree, everyone?

And so, another week. Have to remind myself to be patient. But before I forgot, I just have to say. I laughed so much with this episode because of this child… err, girl. Haha! I sure know a lot of viewers also enjoyed her. And for my final screen shots, let’s indulge with this cutee but very wise Chino.


Beauty is Pain
  • Tae: Namjoon-hyung, why does Jin-hyung use that scary black face mask all the time?
  • Namjoonie: Oh that’s so that his face won’t show his real age. Legend has it that he’s actually 65.
  • Tae: Is that also why he chants every night over Kookie’s sleeping body “give your youth to me” 24 times and then plucks a hair off his head?
  • Kookie: IS THIS WHY I HAVE A BALD SPOT??!!!!

Hi my name is Aragorn son of Arathorn heir of Isildur descendent of Numenor King Elessar of the house Telcontar and I have long ebony black hair (almost as long as my name) and icy blue eyes like limpid tears and a lot of people tell me I look like Beren (AN: if u don’t know who he is get da hell out of here!). I’m a man but I live for over 100 years. I have pale white skin. I’m also a Dunedain ranger, and I go to the Prancing Pony Inn in Bree where I brood in the corner (I’m eighty-seven). I’m a goth (in case you couldn’t tell) and I wear mostly black.  For example today I was wearing a black cloak with black trim and black boots and black clothes and smoking a black pipe. I was brooding in my corner in the Prancing Pony. It was night-time and raining so there was no sun, which I was very happy about. A group of hobbits stared at me. I put up my middle finger at them.

Bad Boy!Taehyung

MY BBY, my squish, my loveliest lil love this got kinda long bc I l o v e Tae and I especially love bad boy!tae also did you guys see the pic of Jin that was posted bc I’m so ?!?!?!?! (also happy birthday Jinnie!) over it but onto bad boy!tae

  • Visuals first
  • Lip piercing (probably snake bites bc have you ever seen edits of tae with snake bites hell yes) definitely a tongue piercing, probably an eyebrow piercing
  • Has a sleeve on one of his arms probably has a reference tattoo to his favorite anime/manga character on there somewhere
  • His hair is forever a different color
  • He has purple for a few months then it’s blonde for a month then it’s black for a week then it’s back to brown and you can’t even keep up tbh
  • He’s always in his leather jacket and skinny ripped black jeans and these worn out boots
  • I’m sure everyone remembers War of Hormone!Tae bc that is bad boy!Tae is a 5 minute video
  • He’s a natural flirt, even when he doesn’t mean to be
  • Doesn’t help that anyone who catches his attention for more than just a passing gaze basically melts bc that boy is n i C e
  • He doesn’t really get into the fighting aspect but if any of his boys ever need some help he’s not gonna hold back
  • So he tends to use his voice to his advantage when it comes to scaring people off
  • He just gets this look in his eyes that’s basically daring anyone to try and start something and then he deepens his voice a bit
  • “Is there a problem?”
  • He’s always with either Jimin or Kook who are both the fighters of the group so if anyone does decide to say something he has immediate backup (not that he needs it bc Tae can handle himself but it’s nice to know)
  • Forever has a lollipop
  • You two meet really randomly tbh
  • You of course shared a few classes but he always sat in the back with Jimin and you always sat in the front
  • You were in the library to find a book for your upcoming project when you hear the door open and immediately two boys’ loud voices are echoing into the once silent library
  • The librarian immediately shushes them and you can hear them snickering but they do quiet down a bit
  • The only reason they’re bothering with the project is bc Jimin bet Taehyung that he could get a higher grade and Tae wasn’t one to back down from a challenge
  • They separate to find their books and Tae happens to choose the aisle you’re in
  • You’re minding your own business, curled up against the shelf with your earphones in and a book in your lap
  • He just takes the lollipop out of his mouth and crouches down next to you to see what you’re reading
  • He gives you a lil smirk when you look up and asks you for your help
  • He explains the bet and how he really wants that week worth of Jimin having to do whatever he tells him to 
  • At first you’re kinda rolling your eyes bc you actually cared about getting a good grade for the sake of passing but these boys just considered it a game but the more he talks, the more interested you are
  • He’s got this vibe that makes you want to know everything about him, why is his hair orange? why the lollipop? why the tattoos? and you figure now’s your chance to find all of that out
  • So you say yes and he gives you this wide grin that shouldn’t go along with the leather and piercings but somehow does
  • It all happens really quickly honestly
  • You two aren’t three study sessions in before he’s asking you on a date
  • You tell him you’ll only go out with him if he gets a good grade on the project and that just gives him another reason to work harder bc he actually really likes you
  • The day he gets his results back, he waits until you’re out of your last class for the day to hold the paper up with a proud look in his eyes bc 97% qualifies as a “good grade”
  • He takes you to this lil arcade for your first date
  • Turns out the "bad boy" is actually a large child
  • He’s louder than the actual machines and he’s running from game to game and vows to win enough tickets to get you one of the big prizes
  • At first you’re a bit confused bc when he showed up to pick you up, he was all cocky smirks and flirty lines but the second he stepped into the arcade it’s yells and jumping up and down in excitement
  • You decide to just go along with it and find yourself jumping along with him and getting just as competitive as he did
  • When you two were playing the basketball game, he comes up behind you and grabs your hands to guide you when you throw the ball and it’s really casual and smooth but you can feel his heartbeat against your shoulder and you feel it beat faster so you know it wasn’t as casual as he made it seem
  • You two end up deciding to ditch the idea of a huge prize and just get a bunch of little ones
  • You walk away with a bag full of goodies and a plastic tiara on your head
  • Halfway back to your house, you lean over and place the tiara onto his head 
  • He just gives you this look of “really?” but he’s actually holding back laughter and he ends up letting you get away with it
  • You two fall in love pretty quick tbh
  • He’s not hard to love to begin with but when you have him passing notes to you in class and getting you to sneak out with him and basically just making each and every day fun, it’s hard not to love him
  • He’s the type to carve both of your initials into a tree trunk and that’s where you two have your first kiss
  • He has a habit of letting himself into your home bc your parents absolutely adore him bc he was the politest lil bby whenever he was around them
  • You often wake up to find him asleep next to you and at first you’re so ??? bc when the hell did he get into your house but eventually you get used to it
  • He’s a total sleep cuddler
  • Whenever he stays over, you always somehow end up in his arms, you could be on the complete other side of the bed but when you woke up, you’d be tucked into his side
  • He also really likes being the lil spoon but he’d never admit that bc this is bad boy!tae
  • But whenever he’s around you, he’s not all that concerned about keeping his reputation up
  • Whenever he wakes up with you, he always take a moment to look at you and he’s basically just majorly in love
  • Wakes you up with kisses
  • G I G G L E S
  • So much giggling
  • Especially when it’s late at night
  • He’s such a pillow talker and most of the times he doesn’t even make sense bc one second he’s talking about penguins and the next he’s asking what the meaning of life is
  • His voice is lazy and his fingers are slowly trailing up and down your spine and he’s just staring up at the ceiling and letting anything and everything he thinks about out
  • You find out a lot about him in those moments bc that’s when it’s just true and there aren’t any walls up around either of you
  • He also loves playing with your hair while you two are just laying there talking about the future but also talking about puppies
  • It’s just basically the cutest relationship filled with smirks and lollipop sharing and giggles and s o many kisses and affection and I want bad boy!Tae tbh
  • Reaper: (Is named Gabriel Reyes. Has a Dia De Los Muertos MARIACHI skin THAT INCLUDES A SOMBRERO. Has an Origin's skin IN GAME that shows him with a dark skin tone and black hair. Is from Los Angeles, a city with a huge Latinx population. Is consistently drawn as having dark skin in the comics and other illustrations pre-experiment that turned him into Reaper.)
  • People: Are we sure he's Latino? I mean, can you site a source on that? I dunno, seems fishy to me.

Hi my name is Eden Apoc’alypse Aideena Dew Dawnvalley and I have long black hair that falls to my back and purple eyes like limpid tears and everyone tells me I look like Sabine (if you don’t know who she is get da hell out of here!) I’m not related to Justin Moorland but I wish I was because he’s a major fucking hottie. I’m a goddess but my teeth are straight and white. I have pale white skin. I’m also a Soul Rider, and I ride in this place called Jorvik where I’m an advanced druid (I’m seventeen). I’m a goth (in case you couldn’t tell) and I wear mostly black. I love Jarla Crue and I buy all my clothes from there. For example I was wearing black breeches with knee-high black laced boots, a dark leather dress with a black jacket, and a black beanie and gloves and sunglasses. I was riding my black Friesian Darkobsidian (he’s goth too) and using a black saddle, bridle, and blood red blanket. I was riding outside Moorland. It was snowing and raining so there was no sun which I was very happy about. A lot of Bobcat preps stared at me. I put up my middle finger at them.

anonymous asked:

i saw some people on twitter talking about jonghyun having black hair. they said he hasn't for a long time... how long has it been? why isn't it ever dark?

the last time that he had black hair was around debut - so, sometime in 2008? he said once on blue night that he doesn’t like his natural hair color / he prefers it being brown to black so that’s probably why. (also, before anyone asks: he had black hair in some promotional photos for shilla duty free last year but that was spray in color.)

Okay so I have this weird Headcanon that Kevin is like Craig’s Gang’s “outside” friend. Like he’s not one of them, but he’s closer to them than everyone else is.

And they’re all really precious:

Craig?? Loves this kid. Has undoubtedly talked space facts and shit with him. Has also been spotted ruffling Kevin’s hair and playfully wrestling with him on numerous occasions.

Token?? Literally his mother. So overprotective. DO NOT TEASE TINY ASIAN BOY WHEN TOKEN IS IN THE VICINITY OKAY

Tweek?? Best friends. They discuss conspiracies about aliens and the government over some nice coffee from Tweek Bros

Jimmy?? Kevin loves his jokes. Literally laughs at all of them. Jimmy feels so fucking APPRECIATED WHENEVER HE’S AROUND


Talking about Magic Kaito 1412: The season finale was awesome, but can we just appreciate this:

This was the first Kaitou. But now look at this beautiful character development:

But now, he finally has a dream, something he really wants to do.

Is it just me or Kaito wants to become in the next king of magicians?

I was talking about it with haibara-senpai​ and we think A-1 is planning a second season but not focused in pandora, but in new enemies, that way they’ll give some time to Aoyama and the manga. I mean, if they made a second season of SAO, they have to do this because the MK1412 audience was good.

And never forget Aoko’s dream. Second season must happen.

Also, we have the theory that the magician who appears in the picture with Ran and Shinichi is James Hopper (Read tear chapter) In the picture he has black hair but I think they could change that if it becomes canon in the manga, you know, for a Shinichi’s childhood adventure second part.

Bad Boy!Jungkook

Who’s ready for bad boy!Jungkook bc I’m ready for this (I’m actually not at all but lol) also thank you s o much for 300 followers!

  • Pierced up af tbh
  • We’ve got spectrum/nose, we’ve got spider bites, we’ve got eyebrow, probably tongue let’s be real
  • Also tattoos
  • He has a full sleeve on his right arm and a half sleeve on his left (he’s already making plans to finish it)
  • His hair is always black but he does dye it once or twice a year when he feels bored enough
  • Although Jimin is the appointed fighter of the group, Kook has had his fair share of blows
  • Most people tend to leave him alone bc he just gives off this vibe that says he could fuck someone up and he has
  • But also the less than wise people assume that since he’s the youngest, he’s the weakest but oh boy do I have news for you
  • We’ve all seen him carrying the boys around like it’s nothing (he was like 16 in nmd and he had to do the lift with Jimin that says something) so I’m not gonna mess with Kookie
  • He acts pretty cold around school tbh and he tends to have a permanent glare on his face but for some reason, people still try to talk to him
  • He, of course, ignores all of them but they still try
  • He doesn’t really flirt all that much, he may flirt with a couple people at a party if he’s got enough drinks in his system but he never really dates anyone
  • You happen to be one of the people that catch his attention at one of the parties Jimin had thrown, stood by the table instead of out on the dance floor
  • You weren’t crowded around the boys or any of the popular students there, you were simply off to the side with one of your friends, talking and laughing with them as if this was just a lunch date
  • He left the boys to walk over to you, wanting to know more about the only two people stood to the side of the party, particularly the one with the pretty eyes
  • If he had been mildly intrigued before, his interest heightened when you only rolled your eyes at him and turned away before he could even say hello
  • You weren’t a mean person, anyone who spoke to you for longer than a few seconds could back that up but you weren’t interested in his crowd or his type
  • You make that very clear to him when he tries to speak to you and for a moment, Kookie feels what it’s like to be on the other side of being turned away
  • He keeps his eyes on you for the rest of the party, glancing over every few minutes to check on you
  • He was a bit shocked you’d rejected him so easily, normally he was the one to ignore people but now he’d lost control of the situation and he had no clue how to regain it
  • He doesn’t see you again until he notices you in one of his classes, sat on the other side of the room of where he normally sits
  • He ditches his usual seat and sits next to you, immediately leaning over and saying hello
  • You don’t respond, not even bothering to look up from your reading
  • He peeks at the book cover and tries to start a conversation about it but you once again don’t budge
  • You’d think the kid would take a hint and leave you alone but he continues trying to talk to you everyday, for a week straight
  • At that point, it isn’t about romance, he’s just purely curious about you
  • Eventually, you snap and have to tell it to him straight
  • “Look, I don’t know what your problem is but can’t you see I don’t want anything to do with you? You’re the type of kid who finds fighting and breaking into stores entertaining and I just want to get through high school without getting arrested”
  • He just gives you this smirk that honestly makes your heart skip a beat bc bad boy or not you have to admit he’s n i c e
  • “What if we make a deal? Go on a date with me, just one, and if I don’t change your mind by the end of the night, I’ll never talk to you again and I’ll make sure none of my boys do either”
  • You tell yourself you’re just doing it bc you want him to leave you alone but honestly you’re starting to like how confident he is
  • He tells you he’ll pick you up that night but he never really says when so you just get ready once you get home
  • You wait for hours, distracting yourself with studying and playing on your phone but you give up once your clock hits ten
  • You’re honestly more disappointed than angry bc you were starting to like tolerate the kid and now he stood you up
  • It isn’t until your clock hits 12 that you hear something hit your window and a voice quietly calling your name
  • You look outside to see Jungkook underneath your window and even though you don’t want to admit it, you feel relieved that he came
  • He tells you to come down and you figure you might as well yell at him for ditching you so you go downstairs and meet him at your doorstep
  • Before you can say anything, he’s grabbing your hand and running towards his motorcycle
  • You’re too in shock to say anything and you’re literally still in pajama pants bc you weren’t planning on going anywhere since it was the middle of the night
  • He gives you his jacket to keep you warm and helps you put on the helmet and it finally clicks in that you should protest but he’s already revving up the bike
  • You find yourself grabbing onto him and you actually really like the feeling of the wind against the sleeves of your his jacket and you really don’t want to be enjoying this but you are
  • He stops in front of a gate with a bright “Do Not Enter” on it
  • The second he takes the helmet off of you, you use it to hit his arm but he only laughs and hoists himself up over the gate
  • He looks at you from the other side, giving you a challenging smirk and the look honestly makes you want to hit him again but it also makes you want to prove him wrong
  • You can almost hear him taunting you about not being brave enough so you grab onto the gate and swing yourself over
  • It’s an old abandoned building that’s definitely seen better days 
  • He tells you it used to be a library, that it shut down years ago but no one ever bought the property
  • He slides one of the windows open, helping you climb in
  • You have to take a moment to let the sight in front of you sink in tbh
  • He’d taken the time to set up candles all around the room, a few in one of larger aisles where he’d laid out a blanket and a few pillows, a single rose sitting on the blanket
  • He’s nervously watching your reaction and it’s honestly confusing to him because since when did the Jeon Jungkook get nervous???
  • He doesn’t even realize he’d been holding his breath until you grab his hand and turn to him with this bright smile and he just about melts which is even more confusing bc he doesn’t do melting he’s a bad boy
  • You two sit down on the blanket and he brought along a bag full of snacks that you two quickly dive into 
  • He shyly admits he’d set it all up by himself and you honestly have to hold back a coo at the lil red tint to his cheeks
  • You two just sit there, talking about anything and everything that comes to mind, the candles giving just enough light to see each other
  • You have to admit he looks really nice with the candles lighting up all of the right angles of his face 
  • You somehow find yourself with your head on his chest and his strong arms around you as you two watch the sunrise together
  • You have to give credit where credit is due so when he asks if he changed your mind, you say yes and his face lights up in the most sincere smile and his eyes are just so happy and he can’t help but give you a kiss goodbye
  • He’s the first to say I love you and he means to say it super casually but it comes out in a stuttered mumble and he just freezes up bc he’d planned it all out and he just ruined it within a single second
  • But you just smile and say it back and the precious smile that only you can bring out shows up again
  • The boys tease him relentlessly bc Kookie always went on and on about how he would never fall in love and yet here he is, a lovesick puppy
  • You two honestly balance each other out
  • He brings out the adventurous side you never knew you had and you help calm his overly wild ways down
  • But one day he gets into a fight with one of the boys that infamously hates all of the boys and although Kookie had held his own, he did walk away with a few scrapes
  • He shows up at your house at three in the morning with torn up knuckles and a cut lip and you don’t even have to ask bc you already know exactly what happened
  • You sneak him up to your bathroom and make him sit on the counter while you get the first aid kit
  • You help clean his wounds, starting with his hands first bc they’re more hurt than his lip is
  • His hands are always warm and they’re so much bigger than yours but you still hold onto them as delicately as you can bc one of your least favorite things is Kookie in pain
  • You move onto his lip and you can see him giving you the same adoring look he always gave you but you’re too focused on getting him healed up to give it much attention
  • He kisses you as a thank you
  • He has a habit of grabbing your face when he kisses you, his hands being quick to move your hair out of the way and his thumb rubbing soft, slow circles into your cheek
  • He normally leaves his forehead against yours long after you two have pulled away, just letting his eyes take in your features and he always whispers a quiet lil “I love you”
  • He’s actually a really sweet boyfriend tbh
  • You’re the only one to know him in and out, of course the boys know most of his secrets but there are things he’d never told a single other soul besides you and he knows you better than you know yourself
  • He lets himself be childish around you and he never has to worry about putting his guard down
  • Even if he did, you somehow always saw past it anyways so he doesn’t bother trying to keep it up
  • He just loves you full heartedly bc you’re his first and last love

This is really the happiest I have seen Min Yoongi on stage. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I felt a completely different vibe from Bangtan as a whole this comeback particularly from Yoongi.

Maybe finally releasing his mixtape with his whole heart poured into it was very therapeutic to him. I think that it paved the way for him to love himself more too now that he sees how much people still love and support him. Maybe it’s also the black hair that he seems to love so much. I have also noticed him being more chatty and hyped up during recent interviews and lives. I noticed that his smile has become brighter.

Even the rest of Bangtan seem happier now. Perhaps having the opportunity to release solos and to let their individual colors be showcased was uplifting for them. To me, the overall tone of the whole album was ‘hopeful’ and I loved it.

This is only my opinion. Obviously I don’t know them personally so I can only guess, but I am happy. I am happy that I see them look more happy and satisfied with themselves. I hope that they always do because to me they seem like such beautiful people.

Happy Bangtan makes me happy. :’)

modern american age accurate school au!

so i was talking with my friend and discovered that if Law was 15 and a sophomore in highschool, Kidd, who’s 3 years younger, would be 12 and in middle school and Luffy, who’s 4 years younger then Kidd, would be 8 and in elementary school

Kidd would totally be that one kid who goes through a goth/punk phase in middle school (that never, ever ends, but he gets better at it later in life) and he probably shops only at hot topic and dyes some of his hair black because it looks cool and also robots are awesome he probably loves transformers

and Law would totally be a hipster that always wears plaid and is always on his phone or something. and he’d also be the guy who draws his logos on EVERYTHING. especially his backpack. and he’d have personally designed clothing with his logos. because seriously all of Law’s clothes and den den mushi and crewmates and his submarine and his CHEST AND BACK and EVERYTHING HE OWNS IN CANON has his jolly roger on it, except his Dressrosa outfit, which has Corazon on the back, which is a reference to both the person and the fact that he’s the captain of he heart pirates so that one also counts. also that Bepo plush was a gift to him from his adopted dad Rocinante/Corazon and he takes it with him everywhere

and Luffy is that dumb kid that Law probably has to babysit and Kidd hangs around because why not. Luffy only has meat in his backpack. nothing else. his teacher (who my friend and i decided was a 35 year old Crocodile) is very very annoyed by this

So I did Antisepticeye today and I wasn’t gunna sleep till I did darkiplier XD I love these two side by side! I know mark came out with the darkiplier recently and he has all black hair but for color and balance it was a lot nicer with his red hair. Also his suit is a big darker then in the video but I didn’t have ink for that grey :( oh well I’m really happy how this one turned out as well! Anti is definitely more animalistic and darkiplier is more human. Also mark was talking about how he invisions darkiplier is manipulative and cunning so I went for a sly mysterious look with his hand out like he’s making you choose. The glitches are also from Mark talking about how he’s bleeding into this world and is breaking because of that.

Avibang clone au

Myself & @avibang-bang made a clone au for avibang

We have

Bold Danny who wears a red kimono, he has long hair which almost reaches his back his more of the bold side to sexbang also looks out for shy.

Shy Danny who wears blue kimono but also wears so,e small old clothes of Dan’s. His the more quite one of the four of them, he clings to bold a lot but loves giving Dan’s hugs instead of having sex with him or the others. He loves talking and helping dan around the house. He has much more shorter hair and is the youngest 25

Clever Danny the one who wears a green kimono and has his hair in a bun then sometimes wears glasses while he works. He puts up with super sexual they are like an old married couple.

Super sexual Danny wears a black and red kimono or no clothes at all which he gets yelled at by clever and dan. He tries his hardest to get into bed with dan but gets annoyed when he finds out shy did it first. He tends to bully shy sometimes but bold steps in, he has the same hair length as Danny //sexbang.

I’m not sure if this is an unpopular opinion or not but does anyone else think that Percy would not have any mortal friends in high school?

Don’t get me wrong - I’m not saying that he would purposefully isolate himself or go out of his way to not make friends, but Percy kinda strikes me as the type of person where once he has close friends, he doesn’t have the dire need to make anymore. And there’s the fact I don’t think he would want to endanger anyone, particularly mortals, by associating with him.

Also, I heavily believe that Percy extremely unapproachable and intimidating without trying, so all these high school kids would see would be this tall kid with tousled black hair and piercing green eyes, his face stuck in this dark brood, ripped up clothing, scars, and when he finally does smile, it looks like he’s about to create a whole bunch of trouble just because he can. Would you go up to this kid trying to be friends? (Not to mention he’s extremely attractive, which can be intimidating for a lot of people)

I more imagine that Percy’s kinda seen as this enigma at school - a loner, the kid who doesn’t talk unless spoken to (unless you’re lucky enough to hear the occasional smart ass comment muttered under his breath.) The kid who has weird scars littering his body (There’s a rumor that he use to have an abusive step father, technically, they’re not wrong.) The kid who could have easily been in with the popular crowd but instead seems to stick up for the other misfits (bullying takes a steady drop while Percy’s enrolled at their school.) The kid whose friends would have to be considered the swim team, he does sit with them at lunch after all (But they really haven’t figured out much about him either, except for the fact that he’s the best swimmer in the entire state and his mom is the coolest.) The kid who will disappear for weeks on end and walks back in like no time has passed (doesn’t matter much anyway considering his grades weren’t too good to begin with. Did you hear he has ADHD and dyslexia?) The kid who ends up in detention on more than one occasion - it’s usually because he took care of a bully that didn’t take the hint when he told him to back off (The scary thing is the fact there’s not a scratch on him, while the other guy looks like he got into a car crash.)

The kid who’s known by everyone but no one really knows him at all.

Bad Boy!Jin

It’s time for the next series! This one is going to be a bad boys series (these could get long idek I really like the bad boy concept) I’m so excited, thank you to Hufflepuff anon for requesting this, starting off with our precious lil eomma Kim Seokjin (I’m also making this a high school AU so it’s like two for the price of one)

  • I’m just gonna give you a lil image to work with here
  • We all know Jin’s broad as a damn door so just picture him in that black leather jacket
  • He sometimes doesn’t even wear a leather one but it’s always black
  • His hair's black too and basically everything he wears is black bc have ever seen the Japanese version of Danger? That's bad boy!Jin’s look right there 
  • D e f i n i t e l y has a lip piercing, has a few in his ears as well   
  • At first people don’t take him seriously as a “bad boy” bc he’s so pretty
  • But he’s tall as hell and he like doesn’t even have to fight anyone, he just has to stand up and move to take his jacket off and they’d see how broad and tall he is and just be like lol jk man I don’t want to mess with you
  • He doesn’t really talk to anyone tbh
  • Like he has his group of friends but outside of them everyone just gets a glare instead of a response
  • Tbh he’s the calmest in the group but like one day he sees someone picking on Kookie and it’s all over
  • He’s just immediately got them against the locker
  • “What’d you say about my little brother?”
  • Tbh they all go everywhere together
  • If they’re not in class, they’re together
  • And sometimes some guys that are just looking to look tough try to corner one of them but it never ends well bc the other six just walk up behind them and they all bolt off so quick bc yeah maybe they can handle a few but seven??? nope no thnx
  • Doesn’t help that they’re all ripped
  • You’ve never said a single word to Jin before, you had a few classes together but you two sat far away from each other and like you’d never even thought to speak to him since he never spoke to anyone
  • You do think he’s cute though like you’ve never seen him do anything mean so you assume he’s not all that bad
  • But one day after school you decide you want to go to the bakery your mother always gets sweets from
  • It’s just this really cute lil bakery near your house but it has the most amazing sweets ever
  • You step in and it just smells so fantastic like they have fresh bread, they have cakes, they have cookies, they have everything
  • They’ll even make you something for lunch if you ask like you’ve come over from school just to ask the owner, Mrs. Kim, if she’d make you something and she always has like five plates for you
  • But what you don’t expect to see is Jin standing behind the counter, placing fresh cookies into the display case
  • He still has black clothes on but now he has this cute lil apron covering them and he actually looks like a typical teenager instead of one of the most intimidating boys in school
  • He does recognize you bc he has a huge crush on you
  • He doesn’t know what to do bc his instincts are saying to hide bc of all people to have to see him in this light pink apron holding a tray of cookies it has to be you
  • He listens to his instincts and just ducks behind the counter even though you’ve already seen him and he knows that very well but he figures it’s worth a try
  • He hears you laugh and he can’t help the lil smile that appears on his face and it’s just like no he refuses to have a crush on someone he’s never even said hello to 
  • You walk over to the counter and you have to lean over it a bit and you just see him crouched down using the tray as a shield to hide his face
  • “Do you think I could get one of those cookies?”
  • He’s kinda ??? bc he was expecting you to immediately start laughing at him or threaten to tell the entire school but you’re just more focused on the last cookie on the tray
  • But like he also kinda wanted it tbh and you can see his hesitation so you offer to share half of it
  • He gives you the bigger half
  • You’re just sitting there munching on your cookie but the reality of it is both of you are trying not to stare at the other bc you both find each other really attractive and it’s actually really hard to not just stare at his eyes bc they’re so pretty
  • You eventually decide on your order and the entire time you’re paying, he doesn’t say anything 
  • He finally speaks up when you’re putting your wallet away
  • “Hey…you won’t tell anyone about this right?”
  • His voice is so much softer than you expected
  • Like you just want to sit there and talk to him all day bc it’s so nice
  • You just hold up your half of the cookie and tell him that was the price of keeping the secret
  • He can’t help but smile bc he finds that adorable and you literally have to say wow out loud
  • You tell him his smile is beautiful and he’s just like what
  • His crush thought he had a beautiful smile this was the best day ever
  • He completely drops the bad boy thing and lets out this lil cheer and he’s just grinning to himself
  • You’re laughing again bc this can’t be the same Jin you knew from school
  • His smile only gets wider bc now you’re smiling at him and he doesn’t even remember giving his mouth permission to say it but the next thing he knows he’s asking if you want to eat your sweets with him
  • You have time to spare so you say yes and he comes out to sit with you at one of the tables
  • You split your sweets with him (he tells you he’ll refill your order for free before you leave)  
  • You pull out your notebook at one point to ask him a question about one of your classes together and he sees a Mario sticker on the cover of it and his eyes just light up s o bright
  • He’s immediately asking you if you play Mario and you two end up sitting there for an hour discussing how Princess Peach is constantly getting kidnapped
  • “Seriously, when are they getting her a guard? It happens every time”
  • He ends up walking you home and he can’t even snap back into badass mode bc you two somehow ended up holding hands and he's just really happy
  • He tries to be all casual when he asks you to get dinner with him on Friday but he ends up stuttering on the last word
  • You honestly just find it that much more endearing and give him your number so you two can plan it out
  • Before he leaves you grab his arm and lean up to kiss his cheek
  • “I like the real Jin a lot more than cool Jin”