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Your hair is gorgeous. Who's tried to style it?

well, most of the avengers have at some time or another. steve, tony, thor, and clint are all surprisingly good hairstylists.  i used to be able to do basic braids for my sisters, but the asskicking robot hand makes it pretty hard. hair tends to get stuck in the plates.
also–and my memory is pretty spotty, so this could be wrong–i think a hydra tech gave me french braids once??? i dont know why.
fuckin nazis.


Jongin for Esquire Korea 2017 Feb issue


PERFECT COPY  ε= ε= ε= (◞ ò∀ó*)◞


my roommate had a photoshoot with my majestic princess, max. is he not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen ever?



Benedict - Bic pen on Strathmore Bristol smooth, 16-18 hours. Ref pic this lovely edit by cumberbum… thank you. open in new tab. [my art tag]


everything i read in 2017: deltora quest series by emily rodda

“the enemy is clever and sly, and to its anger and envy a thousand years is like the blink of an eye”

Now that we’ve actually seen the trailer for 2x18. And actually all remembered that Lena has an ex-boyfriend. And apparently they are actually going to make out to some degree (under mind control or no), let’s all remember that Rahul Kohli is an actual sweetheart, probably got on extremely well with Katie (because they’re both nerdy as fuck) and not send him hate via Twitter or Insta during the hiatus (or at any time at all really)? Because that’s rude. He’s nice. Leave him alone. Also remember he has gifted us pictures of actual cryptid Katie McGrath too.

Terrible AU where Dirk’s not lying to Todd and he really does have two jobs.

By day, he runs Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency.

By night, he drives for Dirk Gently’s Holistic Taxi Company (that gets people to the right destination maybe 50% of the time, doesn’t actually wait for calls but just sort-of abducts people on the street who look like they might need to go somewhere, has accumulated a frankly terrifying number of speeding tickets).

Legends family headcanons I have after 2x13: 

  • Rip does not know Nate’s name. Like, at all. Logically you can’t even blame him, because he was gone when Nate joined and then was brainwashed and probably wasn’t all too interested in knowing who Nate was, especially when Nate wasn’t really all that memorable in history.
    • He feels bad about not knowing but feels even worse asking so day after day goes by without Rip asking Nate’s name because he just feels so awkward and he’d rather go “hey…you…” rather than admitting he just doesn’t know. 
    • When he asks Jax & Sara they give him the wrong name and Nate ends up being too embarrassed to ever correct Rip so long story short Rip just calls Nate “Mark” for a year while Nate smiles and everyone else snickers in the background. 
  • Amaya is called the Dinosaur Whisperer after Nate and Ray tell everyone what she did with Gertrude. 
  • Gideon casually mentions that she and Rip made out in his mind. 
    • Mick: “I’ve thought about it.” 
    • Martin: “What?” 
    • Ray, Amaya, and Nate: “……………………” 
    • Jax and Sara are totally fine with it because they’ve seen Gideon and would 100% do the same - if anything, they’re confused about the fact that Mick hasn’t seen her and still wants to make out with an AI. 
    • Rip wants to crawl into the floor and die. 
      • “Gideon p l e a s e” 
  • Martin is super emotional about the fact that Jax will be left alone one day so Jax is forced to feel slightly sad and hear Martin sniffle whenever they’re in a room together. 
    • Whenever he looks up annoyed, Martin looks away really quickly and starts mumbling about allergies. 
  • Ray 100% keeps the dolls he made. They’re right next to his and Kendra’s lucky vase (which has definitely been glued down so they won’t break when the next ship crash happens). 
    • He also has a picture of Len’s cold gun (bc Mick def took it back when Ray got his suit back). He’s working on what he can have that reminds him of Nate & Amaya. 
  • Nate doesn’t know who Kendra is, and Ray denied dating Sara, and considering the first few things he said in that scene was about Ray trying to charm him? Yeah he definitely thinks Ray is bi now. 
    • He even mentions Sara being bi to lowkey feel out if Ray is bi or pan as well, and when Ray says he hasn’t dated Sara, Nate is convinced that Ray is bi too but just doesn’t want to expand on it. 
    • He respects Ray’s avoidance so he doesn’t ask but he wonders about it constantly
      • “He gave Mick a present at Christmas…but then again, he also gave Jax one…but I haven’t seen him around Rip…god I hope it’s not Stein….” poor guy keeps switching his answer every week. 

To cope with VLD s2′s gross lack of Hunk/Lance development, weird pacing, and overall plot holes, here are some episode ideas I thought would be cool to see next season

Garrison Flashbacks

-An ep comprised entirely of the four remaining Paladins reminiscing about their time/favorite or significant memories at the Garrison

-PIDGE/HUNK/LANCE talking about the moment they became the iconic trio we know and love + shenanigans they got up to as students while there (taking school vehicles out for test drives, lurking in the instructor’s lounge, raiding the commissary for snacks and sneaking out past curfew to look at stars, etc)

-Keith explaining exactly why he dropped out and possibly admitting that, contrary to popular belief, he enjoyed and/or valued his time there

-Also possible reveal as to how Keith and Shiro knew each other? (*chanting* BROGANES BROGANES BROGANES)

-Entire ep is very feel good, despite Shiro’s absence, with all the characters sharing smiles and getting along

-Towards the end, Lance and Keith finally address their Garrison and current “rivalry” and where on Earth it came from (more like Keith cornering Lance and asking him if they could put past animosity behind them and finally be friends)

-“You don’t have to ask me that Mullet, we already are. We bonded, remember?” Cue wink/smooth exit and Keith spontaneously combusting

-Episode ends with flashback of the two meeting for the first time/first impressions of each other (mutual admiration plain as day, that neither of them admit but that the audience can clearly see)

Diplomatic Mission

-Okay hear me out this is not just plot device to get them all to dress in formal Altean clothes (although that aesthetic would be beautiful)

-I’m fairly certain that despite Zarkon’s expansive empire, there are still pockets of space that have been relatively untouched

-The gang while looking for Shiro, could find an unconquered planet with an alien race that could serve as a powerful ally in the fight against the empire

-However said alien race is (intentionally) oblivious to the what’s going on immediately outside their sphere of influence and feel like they don’t need to get involved (think Ba Sing Se from ATLA)

-And the gang try various methods of coercion/bargaining, but its ultimately ya boy Lance whose natural wit, charm and knack for diplomacy that lead to said planet finally joining the alliance (because I need more confident Lance letting his talents shine dammit)


-This would focus solely on these two characters: Allura training and trying to understand her newly discovered powers while we the audience follow Haggar as she grapples with losing Zarkon/getting Lotor ready and witnessing her command in the Galra infrastructure

-Perhaps without Zarkon’s protection she’s not taken as seriously by the other commanders and their rude disregard for her provoke a demonstration of power (giving the audience a true gauge of her power and possibly alluding that this is also what Allura is capable of)

-This could be a great opportunity to include flashbacks of Altea from both Allura and Haggar (offering two different perspectives of life there; one in royalty and happiness while the other not so much)

Matt’s Lost Days

-Yes this is the Voltron version of “Appa’s Lost Days” except it features Kerberos sweetheart, Matt Holt

-Basically its Matt’s POV from the moment they were imprisoned by Zarkon until the moment Pidge sees him in “Escape from Beta Traz” on the security footage feed


-But seriously, after Shiro took his spot in the gladiator ring, Matt vowed to make it up to his best friend by undermining Galra facilities however he could (he is eternally grateful for Pidge’s lessons on computer hacking)

-He also has that picture of himself and Pidge he carries around with him

-Episode ends with him breaking out, and looking up into the vast emptiness of space with a determined face and a hopeful “I’m coming, Katie”

These are a few general ones I had in mind, while the others are more Klance centric and might follow up in a separate post 

Feel free to message me about these or even more ideas, I’m going to be stewing in Vld hell until s3 anyways

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chuxas chuxas chuxas

Anonymous said to livelivefastfree:  Can I put in a request/vote for chuxas on the compromise list?

Anonymous said to livelivefastfree:  Request drawing from your fic list huh? Hmmm, would be a crying shame if somebody requested some Chuxas to the list now wouldn’t it? *nudge nudge wink wink*

WELL OKAY THEN!  Some drama/angst and some cutes, since so many people asked!

Texas stares at it for a second, and then up at Chuck, and then back at the bruise.

“…you sure that was me?”

“Well seeing as how that’s where you ‘friend-punched’ me so hard I fell over, and then laughed at me…” Chuck pulls his shirt back up. “…yes.”

Texas settles back, looking distinctly unsettled.  “…It was just a buddy-punch,” he says, a little bit plaintively.

god chuck third person is HIS thing you can’t just STEAL A GUY’S THING

What the Chocobros (plus Ardyn) are like in bed headcanons

Because I never did proper sex HCs despite all the shit I’ve written thus far.  

Warning - Ardyn’s, not shockingly, has dubcon elements.  Because he’s such an asshole and I love it.



- Not so secretly into a bit of bondage. It’s not something he wants to do 24/7, but he can’t help but love the way that your lips form around that ball gag and how you can’t control the saliva dripping down your chin. Also a fan of binding your wrists together or to the bed, taking you any way he damn well pleases. 

 - Can have a little bit of a possessive/jealous streak. He isn’t afraid to pull you aside when someone is gawking or flirting with you to give you a rough and quick reminder of just who it is that you belong to. And the subsequent marks on your neck tell everyone else who you belong to. 

 - But regardless of those tendencies, he also has his fair share of vanilla moments too. Can be a very tender lover when he feels the need or you ask him. 

 - Also loves his lazy morning sex, and being woken up with you mouth around his cock and a cute smile as you milk every last drop out of him. 

 - Experimented and fooled around with Prompto in high school…and still does on occasion. They know each other’s bodies like nobody else. 

 - Is very receptive to touch and can be quite sensitive. Sucking/biting his lips/earlobes/neck/chest will drive him insane. Pairing that with your hand around his cock will have him whimpering and cumming onto your hand and his stomach in no time. 

 - Loves the way you look with his cum on you, especially on your face and ass. Moaning while licking the cum off around your mouth and swallowing it will possibly make him hard enough again that he might just fuck you a second time.


 - Is bisexual. The boy is a complete lover and I can’t see him wanting to restrict that nature of his to a single gender. 

- And with that being said, he is a complete size queen and has the most adorable expression of pure lust and determination when you give him a challenge. The blush that overwhelms his face and the cries that spill from his lips while trying to take on larger dicks/dildos is divine.

 - Kissing and making out is a big thing for him. He feels that kissing is one of the most intimate things you can do with another person and will do it whenever he gets the chance. Quite the fan of PDA. 

 - Loves giving oral. And will be completely down with cum swapping when you give him a blowjob and he finishes in your mouth. 

 - Is rather loud in bed. Usually ends up being louder than his S/O but does not mind if you use your hand or an article of clothing (underwear works great) to keep him subdued. 

 - Tends to be a bit more on the submissive side (it’s that need to please), but has his moments where he will exert his dominance. Especially if you manage to make him jealous, which is a rarity, but it occurs on occasion. 

 - Has a bit of a voyeur/exhibitionist kink. He’s used to watching and capturing people in their element…and of course this will also translate to the bedroom. He also loves taking rather naughty pictures of you in public areas; he has dozens of pictures of your flashing and touching yourself (or him) in semi-crowded areas. And that usually riles him up enough that he will take you to a bit more secluded area and slip you in a quick blowjob or fuck.


 - It’s already well-established that he likes to be rough - but if his lover asks, he is more than willing to give it to them as slow and loving as they want. 

 - Ass man. Ass man for days. He will not leave it alone in public, and he certainly won’t leave it alone when you two are fucking. And if you are into anal play just as much as he is, the Astrals have mercy on that behind. There’s almost nothing hotter to him than watching his S/O take in every inch of him and getting completely stretched to their limits.

 - Pretty much open to try any kink you bring to the table. But he hopes that you are just as receptive to his.

 - With that being said, definitely has a watersports kink, both giving and receiving. If you happen to be willing to be on the receiving end, he’ll make sure you won’t be walking for days after the hardcore fucking he will give you after (another huge turn-on is seeing his lover enjoying being just as dirty as he is.) 

 - Is more dominant, but if you ask him nicely enough (you know, that cute beg, pout, and butt wiggle you do that he just can’t resist), he might let you take control for a bit. But you know he is going to get you back tenfold for it…but you completely anticipate everything he’s going to do to you.

 - Makes it a personal contest to see how loud he can get you to be. Fucks you mercilessly…bites you…spanks you…teases you…likes to experiment and toss it up to see what makes you moan and cry the most for him. 

 - Big spoon forever. Good luck getting out of his arms once he has you pulled against him and falls asleep with his face buried in your neck/shoulder.


 - Easily can be a switch depending on the needs of his S/O or the mood he is in. Will be as rough as you need him to be or let you take complete charge over him. 

 - Pegging. He is into pegging although it would take a bit of convincing and trust to get him to admit it to you, knowing people have a tendency to judge others on it. But once he discloses to you that particular kink of his, you’ll never get over the fact how utterly gorgeous the man looks underneath you, flustered, moaning, and submitting to your every motion.

 - Glove kink for days. Loves to keep his gloves on as a part of foreplay even if it gets a bit messy. The scent of leather permanently turns you on now. 

 - Despite being a very organized and put together man, he likes to get a bit sloppy when it comes to sex…because that is one of the few times he gets to break role. It makes him rock hard to hear you gag on his dick and make a mess all over his cock and your chin when you deep throat him. And he loves it when you cum on him, whether it be on his face while giving oral, or he has you on his clothed lap and pleasures you to orgasm with those skilled fingers of his.

 - Listens and watches his lover carefully to see their reaction to various touches and stimulation. Keeps a mental notebook of everything you like or dislike so he can be the most attentive to your wants and needs. 

 - A massive fan of using toys in the bedroom (and outside at times too…much to your dismay sometimes as you’re trying to keep you composure in front of company with a vibrator inside of you). Loves to watch you use them on yourself…and also loves to use them on you while the two of you are fucking, especially if it leads to over-stimulation. 

 - Top of his game with aftercare. Will clean you up and cuddle to bring you down and lull you to sleep.


 - One sadistic motherfucker. Your pain is completely his pleasure and isn’t for the faint of heart. 

 - Definitely has a blood kink. The sight/smell/taste of blood excites him like nothing else. Usually prefers a knife to draw blood, licking it off your flesh as it begins to well up on your skin, sometimes gathering it in his mouth and making sure you get a taste of it as his roughly kisses you. 

 - Occasionally he gets a bit too carried away with the blood kink though and leaves you feeling quite light-headed and weak. But he loves fucking you when you are barely holding on to your consciousness. 

 - Tentacle sex. He will use his daemon abilities to restrain you, fuck, and fill up every hole of yours with his cum as he sees fit. 

 - Is a fan of the “destroyed” look. Eye makeup running, lipstick smeared, tears down the face…he finds the look on you quite beautiful and irresistible after a brutal face fucking and can’t resist kissing every inch of your face afterwards. 

 - Don’t even think for a second you’ll ever be anything but submissive towards him. He will quickly correct any behavior that might indicate you think you even have a smidgen of control, usually with a grip so tight to the neck it leaves marks. 

 - Likes to use various potions and spells on you. Sometimes uses aphrodisiacs to overwhelm you when he’s fucking you, mind-control spells to force you to succumb to his every whim, or posing as other people completely to really mess with your head.


My small army of cats… in order: Twig; Marlo and Meelo, the twins; Bartleby 1; Theodore Roosevelt (he’s the next too); Meatball; Carl Archimedes Theophilus, my first cat (he also has two pictures); Phillip Pirrip aka Pippin aka Pip; and Bartleby 2

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